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  Author    Gaggle of Girls  (currently 18,413 views)
Posted: November 24th, 2006, 7:10pm Report to Moderator
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"Hello there..."

"Um, hi?  What can I do for you?"

"I've heard that you do de-breastings, is that true?"

*Cough* "Um, well yes I have been known to do a few, why?"

"My friends and I are wondering if you could do us?  We saw your performance at the show over the weekend and we can't keep our minds off of it.  Could you?  Please?"

"Certainly!  I can't deny my calling in life now can I?  Get in here and bring your breasts with you, heh heh."  Chuckling to himself he threw the door open to allow the gaggle of excited young ladies to enter his house.

"Oh thank you!"  Waiting till the door was shut behind them the young women doffed their long coats to reveal a sumptuous feast of barely clad female flesh.  Striking provocative poses that displayed their full breasts to the utmost they all stood in the entryway of his house grinning evilly at him.

"What do you think mister?  Quite the assemblage eh?  Um, what should we do now?"

"Why don't you all follow me downstairs to my workshop, it'll take me a minute to get the camera all set-up so you can take a look around and make yourselves comfortable while you wait."  He brushed past them to the stairwell leading down a set of dimly lit stairs to a solid oaken door.  Opening it revealed a room full of the most advanced breast removal equipment the young ladies had ever seen.  The excited pack of women fell silent as their gaze ran across the selection of tools that would in short order sever their feminine mounds of joy from their bodies.

"Oh wow!  Look at all this stuff, this'll be great!"  Amanda, the leader of the group shoved her way into the room and clicked her high-heeled way over to the classic breast-guillotine setup in the corner.  "Dibs!  So totally dibs on this beauty!  I love the classic tools and this one is gonna have me tonight.  Is that ok sir?"

"Certainly my dear, why don't you all pick something for yourselves while I get the camera's.  Remember, don't hold back, none of you are going to survive this so you might as well enjoy it while you can."

Rushing into the room the girls all started fondling and ooing the equipment.  Rhonda slinked her way over to the butcher shop severance bar and ran her fingers over it's clean smooth surface.  "Mmmmm..  This looks like my kind of toy.  How do you get strapped into this then?  AH!  I see."  Sliding out of her panties she pulled herself off of the ground and positioned the securing dildo beneath her moist pussy.  Wriggling her way down it's length positioned her fist-sized round breasts directly on top of the cutting bar, beneath the sharp blade.  "Um, can anyone tie me up over here?  I feel a bit out of place without the proper bondage."  Two girls broke away from their search for the device of their choosing, quickly manacled her ankles to the floor and bound her hands tightly behind her back.  As they left to resume their search they casually popped her tight black bra to let her soft breasts rest on the cool chopping board.  A pair of stiff nipples stared at their retreating backs.  "Mmmmmm thanks girls."

The twins Mandy and Mindy marched their bikini clad forms over to the Tug-O-War execution set.  Grinning at each other they picked up the breast severance collars and dressed one another.  Both girls hissed slightly as the collars anchored themselves to their full, firm tits with a set of sharp blades.  Simultaneously donning, and arming the Decap Collars the two girls giggled nervously and sat carefully in the chairs on each side of the magnetic activator on the floor.

After a brief glance around the room the darkly nippled Wanda strode over to the collection of razor thin wires hanging from the wall by a solid looking wooden apparatus.  "Oh this looks Gooooood!  Those wires should make this very interesting indeed."  Running her hands over the wires Wanda inspected them for sharpness, length, material and feel.  Selecting two of them she walked back to the wooden apparatus and placed the chosen wires on a tray in front of it.  Looking at the odd wooden device for a moment Wanda figured out the method of operation and assumed her place in the machine.   She kneeled into it and locked her feet into position.  Straightening up she felt her back settle in against a padded wooden bar, arching her shoulders back over the bar she was just able to reach the hand restraints to secure her arms.  Locked firmly into the device she looked down at her body and marveled at how prominently her breasts were thrust forward.  "Nice setup, this is going to be sooooo good!"

Red headed Rita grinned maniacally as she found her place in front of the burning brazier full of coals and metal rods.  Reaching down she anchored her high-heeled feet to the wide spreader bar below her then reached up and slid her hands into the manacles on the overhead bar.  A quick twist of the wrist snapped them shut and with a quick tug a winch pulled the overhead bar back until Rita was arched painfully tightly against a padded wooden bar.   A quick glance down showed her large red-nippled breasts to be thrusting straight out from her toned body.  Rita grinned and cackled to herself as the heat from the nearby fire warmed her front.

Huge breasted Megan looked around hoping that the device of her wildest fantasies would be present.  After an exhaustive search she found it, The Grinder.  Wheeling out the glass-cased metal monstrosity she popped off her overstressed bra and eagerly wiped it down.  Smiling happily at the clean machine Megan blew a loosened strand of curly brown hair out of her face and snugged up to the machine.  Locking her ankles to the bottom she leaned over and settled her large breasts into the two holes in the top.  Grinning cheerfully Megan slapped her wrists into the restraints on the sides of the machine and looked around to see how everyone else was progressing.

Dawn gazed vacantly around the room till her empty-headed gaze encountered a device in the corner with the simple title 'The Twist'.  "Hey.. I can do the twist.  I can do lots of dances.  I wonder what this one will be like..."  Drifting vacantly over to the curved metal throne beneath The Twist she sat down  in the padded seat and stayed there for a second before realizing that she had to settle back into it.  As she settled into the machine it locked her feet to the bottom, clamped her arms to the rests and at the shoulders.  Looking around wildly Dawn nearly panicked as a set of metal arms reached around and popped her bra off.  "Wha.. what's happening! Eeeek!  Oooh!  That felt sort of nice.  Hee hee, I think I'll just stay here for a while then."  As Dawns firm round mounds popped out of her bra a complex arrangement of slim metal wires dropped down in front of her ample chest.  The metal hands sprung into action and affixed each breast with one of the wire assemblages.  Once finished each of Dawn;s breasts had a slim wire wrapped around it's base, a series of wires extended from there to form a teepee and merge into one thicker wire just beyond her nipples.  The thick wire extended 5 feet to a small metal box mounted in front of Dawn.  As nothing happened immediately Dawn shrugged and soon fell into a shallow sleep.

Athletic Devon marched her leather clad way over to a gun rack in the corner.  Selecting a pair of shotguns she loaded them with salt buckshot and mounted them, vertically, in the stand in front of the wooden chair.  Ripping off her leather top she tossed it to one side and eyed the guns lustfully and sat her toned rear into the chair.  Reaching down she locked her feet apart in the manacles at the foot of the chair. Devon leaned forward and settled her full breasts over the twin barrels of the guns and grinned evilly to herself as she inserted her arms into the locking tubes on either side of the gun rack.  Suspending her firm breasts over the barrels of such cruelly loaded weapons she moaned slightly to herself and arched her back to get more of her fleshy tits over the lethal devices.

Trinity bounded eagerly over to the pair of mini guillotines atop the black magician's stand.  "OOohhhh!  These little darlings are perfect for these little darlings!"  Trinity shucked off her bra and slid her mid-sized small nippled breasts into the pair of bladed devices.  Grinning happily at the adorable setup she slid her feet and arms into the available restraints and gazed around cheerfully.

A handful of the girls crowded around a bloodied butchers block near the middle of the room, each of the ladies had chosen a knife and was trying to show off her breasts with more appeal than the others.

The last of the girls, a punk looking chick named Katie settled herself into a chair behind a glass blast barrier with a power drill, two sticks of dynamite and a lighter arrayed in front of her.  Giving her full pale breasts one last squeeze she locked herself into the chair and waited.

Once the last girl was settled in the door opened again and the man returned.  "Good to see you're all settled in ladies.  I'll assume you're all ready to go.  The camera's have been rolling since you entered this house, I like it when you set yourself up in these devices.  It shows the audience that you have incentive.  Ha ha ha!  Ok let's start with a good old fashioned guillotining to get things 'rolling'"  A couple of girls chuckled at his joke, most moaned, Dawn woke up with a sleepy yawn and looked around in a slight daze.

Walking over to the four girls arrayed by the breast guillotine he looked at Amanda.  "Not just yet Amanda?"

"No, I'll let them go first.  I like to watch as well so I don't mind if these beauts wait till later."

Nodding he turned to the first girl in line.  "Ready?"

"Damn right!  Strap me in and do me!  Oh I can hardly believe I get to go first!"  Pressing her full orbs through the guillotine holes the young lady watched excitedly as he strapped her in.  Locking up first her long smooth legs, tying her hands behind her back then tying her in tightly against the guillotine.  "Mmmm, yes!  Bye bye my babies!  Momma loves you!"  Grinning he reached up to the release lever and stared directly into her eyes, swallowing once she nodded at him and he pulled the lever.  The blade dropped swiftly, severing both of her breasts to a chorus of gasps and moans from the other girls.  Her large breasts tumbled down into the authentic wicker basket with a wet *slap* and lay there dripping slightly.  "Oohhhhhh!"  The first girl shuddered as an enormous orgasm rippled through her, a happy grin slid across her face as she was unbound and led to the middle of the room.  Collapsing to a bleeding heap she maoned contentedly as he turned to survey the room and select a new victim.  All the girls eagerly begged him to do them next, those that could move shook and wiggled their eager breasts  at him.

"You'll do."

Rita cackled to herself as he walked over to her bound form and gave her a quick inspection.  "You have nice nipples, I think I'll do them first."

"You do that big daddy, whatever you want just burn em off."  Rita started breathing heavily and her chest began to heave as he donned the protective glove and raised the first of the heated blades.  Touching the red-hot tip to her sensetive nipple caused her to arch her back stiffly and hiss in pain, as he sunk the knife into her sizzling breast she began to twitch almost uncontrollably.  The first nipple came off quickly and dropped to the floor where it lay smoking, it was soon joined by it's twin.  Returning the first blade to the coals he selected a larger weapon for the final assault.  Rita's gaze fixated on the glowing red blade as he brandished it and, with a sudden thrust, imbedded it into the flesh of her breast.  Rita twitched in sheer agony as he sawed off her first breast, giving her no time to rest he reached into the coals and drew out a white hot sickle.  With one swift stroke her remaining breast fell to the ground with a thud.  "Ahhhhhh!  Oh that was great!  I'm not gonna bleed to death with that amount of cauterization done, wanna snuff me yourself?"  Smiling slightly he returned the weapons to the coals and drew out a glowing hot knife, Rita stared at it as he waved it beneath her head.  He tapped her chin lightly with his spare hand and she tilted her head back, allowing him access to her vulnerable throat.  He slowly brought the tip of the knife up to beneath her chin and touched her soft skin with it.  She swallowed nervously then with a vicious lunge he drove the blade up into her skull.  A slight crack was heard as the tip broke through the top of her head and she emitted a keening noise as steam issued from her mouth and nose.  Seconds later her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped in death.

The girls all oooooed at the cruel death Rita had chosen for herself then he doffed the gloves and scanned the room for another victim.  Glancing over at Rhonda and the three girls assembled with her at the butcher shop severance machine he smirked as she did her best to shake her breasts at him.  Walking over in her direction she, and the girls with her, began talking excitedly.

"Oh he's gonna cut em right off."

"Ya gotta lean right into the blade so all of em get sliced off......"

"I wanna be second, do ya think if we crowded he could do two of us at once?"

"Hi Rhonda, how are you?"

"Oh SIR!  I'm terrific and I'm so glad you are going to do me today!  I can almost feel the blade already and it's making me sooo excited!"  Rhonda started sliding up and down on the restraining dildo as she talked to him, her juices coated it and dripped onto the floor beneath her.

"That's good to hear Rhonda, why don't you lean in just a little more and we'll get you done up properly."  Nodding hurriedly Rhonda leaned into the device as best as she could, her juicy breasts quivered with eagerness as he reached up and grasped the severance bar.  Rhonda held her breath with anticipation as he slammed the blade down, both her breasts popped off her chest and slid down onto the clean metal tray beneath the cutting board.  Two of the girls quickly removed Rhonda's quivering form from the device and the third stepped up and rested her full bosom on the board.  Looking over at the man she inhaled deeply and nodded.  With a quick motion of his arm he severed both her breasts as the other girls watched on excitedly.  Quivering in orgasm the girl dropped away from the machine to lay twitching on the floor next to Rhonda.  The next girl walked up and pressed her round breasts into the path of the blade.  Reaching around the board with her hands she grasped her nipples and pulled to ensure that as much of her breast as possible would be severed.  Nodding his approval the man pulled the blade down quickly and severed her breasts.  Squeaking in delight she dropped her own breasts onto the filling tray in front of herself then fell backwards with a happy grin on her face.  The last girl stepped up to the blade and rested her firm breasts on the board.  Locking her hands behind her she arched her back towards the blade, closed her eyes and nodded.  Waiting a few seconds to let the anticipation build he finally brought the blade down across her breasts and the two dropped to the tray with a slight slap.  Falling away with a contented sigh the last girl joined the heap of bleeding babes and began to expire contentedly.

Wiping the blood off his hands with a discarded bra he stepped away from the apparatus and looked for another victim.  His gaze swept the room and settled on the vacant stare of Dawn who was humming to herself.  Striding over to her he looked down at the gorgeous blonde and said.  "Hello there..."

"Hmm?  Oh!  Hi there mister!  Are you here to cut off my breasts?  Oooh, please do!  My perky mounds demand the treatment."  His face split into a grin as she squeaked eagerly at him.

"Ready for The Twist then are we?"

"Oh CERTAINLY, um, what's the twist?"

"This."  He slapped a button on the side of the chair and the small metal box with the wires coming out of it whirred to life and began winching them in.   Dawn began to squeak excitedly as the tension in the wires caused the rings around the base of her breasts to tighten as at the same time they pulled away from her.  Her large pale breasts quickly developed a ruddy shade as they were squeezed tighter and tighter by the strange machine, the teepee of wires leading from the ring to the winchbox began to tighten as well, cutting a series of lines into her swellling tits.  Seconds later Dawn gasped in amazement as the wires began to spiral slowly, twisting her breasts as they did, the skin of her chest began to stretch painfully till with a sudden lurch the skin of her breasts began to tear.  Dawn squealed in agony as her tits were ripped off in a bloody second.  Grinning up at him happily Dawn's already feeble mind collapsed and she drooled contentedly as her breasts trailed across the ground towards the winchbox.

Patting Dawn softly on the head he looked around the room and settled on Katie, walking around the far side of the blast shield he looked at the tools in front of her heaving bosom.  "Nice setup you've chosen, can you handle it?"

"Why don't you try me and we'll find out buddy."  Katie thrust her breasts towards him as he picked up the drill and revved it slightly.  "That's the ticket!  Now just aim better..."  Katie grinned malevolently at him as he rested the tip of the drill against the upper swell of her left breast.  Angling it downwards he pulled the trigger and bored a gory little hole deep into her tit.  Katie shook with pain as he finished drilling her first breast and licked her lips as he moved the drill to her other breast.  A quick thrust of the drill later and both of Katie's breasts had deep holes in them.  "Ahhhhh, that's good!  Now stick me."  Taken slightly aback at Katie's aggressive tone he raised one eyebrow as he slid the dynamite sticks into the holes.  Twisting the wicks together he raised the lighter in front of her face and lit it.  "Mmmm, looks like fun big guy, light me up and stand back!  Or I'll blow my top all over ya!"  Grinning he lit the wick and stepped back behind the blast shield.  Katie whooped enthusiastically as the wicks burned down to the sticks, at the end she inhaled deeply, thrust her chest forwards and closed her eyes.  KABOOM!  A sudden explosion blew little bits of her all over the blast shield, ceiling, floor, and rear wall.  Her breasts were totally gone and a great chunk of her chest hsd been blown to smithereens as well, still she grinned as she expired and slumped forwards.

Turning back to the rest of the girls he walked over to an excited Trinity.  "Hi there!  Is it my turn now?"  He nodded.  "Oooohhh!  Great!  Did ya hear that darlings?  It's time to say bye bye."  Looking up from her entrapped breasts she stared excitedly as he rested one strong hand on top of the blades for each mini-guillotine.

"Ready Trinity?"  She gnawed her lower lip and nodded nervously as she prepared for her de-breasting.  With a sudden grunt he shoved both guillotines down through her tits, severing both.  Trinity gasped in amazement as they rolled around on the black felt covered table like a pair of dropped oranges.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as she rocked in a sudden orgasm.  As she finished shuddering with pleasure he released her from her constraints and she stumbled into the middle of the room to join the first girl of the evening in the bloody pile.

Looking around the room at the dwindline selection of girls he noticed the striking figure of Devon strapped in over a pair of shotguns.  Making his way over to her he looked down at her buffed form.  "Well well, what have we here..  What ammunition are you using tonight my dear?"

"Rock Salt, not normally lethal but at this range it'll just be more painfull.  My kind of de-breasting, none of that sissy clean-cut blade stuff, if you don't feel it what's the point?  You gonna do me now?  Please?"  Devon pressed her breasts tightly up against the barrels of the guns as he crouched down in front of her and stuck one finger in each trigger.  She smiled him as he looked her straight in the eye.  "Do it."  He pulled the trigger on the first gun and the barrel erupted outwards shredding Devon's breast into a mess of chunks strewn over the ceiling.  "Ohhhhh... God that hurt!  Do the other one quick!  I'm going into shock here."  Blammo!  The second shotgun ripped into her breast and blew it's meaty contents all over the ceiling, her nipple flew into the air to land a ragged mess at his feet.  "Unhhh, God that was good!"  Devon was sweating and quivering in an intense orgasm as she raised herself up from the wooden chair and staggered towards the center of the room, she made it just in time to collapse in a bloody heap on top of Trinity.

Getting back to his feet he looked around the room again and settled his gaze on the quivering Wanda.  Walking over to her tightly restrained form he looked down at the two cords she'd chosen.  "Hmmm, you've picked some nice cords here Wanda, a good variety."

"I like variety sir, it's the spice of life, such as it is."  Wanda trembled excitedly as he cupped her breasts.  Shaking them gently he tweaked her nipples and grinned.  He turned around and fetched the two cords, the first one, the thin one, he snugged up beneath her left breast matching up the grips on the end he took firm hold of it with one hand.  Taking the second, thicker wire he snugged it up against her right breast and similarly linked up the grips and took firm hold of it.  Both wires firmly in hand he looked at Wanda and raised one eyebrow, licking her lips excitedly she took a deep breath and nodded.  Wanda whimpered in pain as he lunged upwards with the thicker cord, it began to slowly part the flesh of her breast and gouge it's way upwards, he patiently matched it's pace with the slimmer cord as it glided smoothly through Wanda's left breast.  Driving his fist up he dragged the cords through her breasts to the tune of her whimpering, moaning and twitching.  As he neared the last of the flesh in each breast he gave a sudden great heave and they both popped off simultaneously.  Wanda gasped and twitched in orgasm as her breasts plummetted to the floor, landing with a wet slap.  Moaning to herself as she lay there suspended in agony and exstacy she smiled contentedly as she was let down.  She dazedly walked to the center of the room and collapsed in the heap of dying girls.

Returning the two cords to the tray he took the waiting cloth and wiped his hands clean as he surveyed the remaining girls.  The excited group of six girls at the butchers block were all waving knives in the air and pointing at themselves, a sight he couldn't resist.  Stepping over to the block he surveyed the girls as they chattered excitedly.

"I betcha I'll bleed a LOT!" A large-breasted blonde confided in the girl next to her.

"Think he'll do me first?  I hope so."  The brunette next to her remarked as she stroked her perky breasts.

"Wanna go before me?  I wanna see your breasts get cut off."  The small breasted redhead asked.

"Sure thing!  I wanna go first!"  Replied the full figured blonde with the rock hard nipples.

"Hey mister, could you cut mine off in slices?"  Inquired a perky brunette with short hair, glasses, and a set of perfectly rounded breasts.

"OH that's a great idea babe!  Mine too!"  The girl at the end of the line exlaimed.

"Patience girls, one at a time now.  You first."  The blonde jumped up and down eagerly then rested her full breasts on the chopping block and passed over her chosen knife.  He picked up the knife and she licked her lips as he lined it up with her nipples.  His first slice made her gasp and inhale deeply as her rock hard nipples fell away from her breasts.  Her gasps continued as he diced her breasts into two stacks of flesh pancakes.  She staggered away from the chopping block rubbing herself and collapsed in orgasm as she joined the pile of expiring ladies in the middle of the room.

"Now you."  The small breasted redhead eagerly passed over her paring knife and thrust her chest torwards him.  A couple of swift slices later and her breasts and nipples were resting on the chopping block.  Moaning happily she walked over to the pile in the middle of the room and lay down on top.

"You.  Come here."  The girl at the end of the line looked pleasantly surprised as she presented her knife to him and rested her deeply tanned breasts on the chopping block.  She began to cry out in pain as he sliced her up.  As he finished slicing off her breasts she screamed in orgasm and smiled as she threw herself onto the body pile.

"Are you coming girl?"  The bespectacled brunette nodded eagerly and handed over her wickedly sharp knife to the man.  Clasping her hands behind her she leaned into the butcher's block and started panting eagerly.  Working one breast at a time he sliced off first the nipple then thin slivers of tender flesh.  Moaning in exstacy she twitched in orgasm so hard her glasses fell off.  He finished removing her second breast with a flourish and stacked both perfectly round spheres in the middle of the chopping block.  Smiling serenly she stumbled over to take her place on the body pile.

Curling his finger at the perky brunette she smiled, handed over her heavy cleaver and rested her breasts on the block.  "Just one slice please, I want them removed whole."  He shrugged and brought the cleaver down in one sudden chop that severed both her breasts even with her chest.  She twitched once then smiled as she walked steadily over to the growing pile in the middle of the room.  Sitting down she leaned back against the expiring ladies, smiled contentedly as she felt herself slipping away, and had one final silent orgasm.

"Wanna do these next?"  The busty blonde slapped her big breasts down on the chopping block in front of him and passed over her tiny knife.  He looked peculiarly at the small knife and then at her large breasts.  "Looks like you're gonna have to be vicious with em eh?  Heh heh, go get em tiger!"  She inhaled and thrust her breasts towards him as he began cutting.  Blood began flowing freely and she moaned steadily in intense pleasure as her breasts were sawed into little pieces.  "Oh yeah!  I told ya I'd bleed LOTS and damn was I right.  Unnhhhhh...."  Sweating slightly he finally sliced the last of her breasts away from her body.  Running one finger against his sweaty forehead she licked it clean as she slinked towards the pile of bodies.  Arriving she collapsed with a slight sigh and a contented smile.

"Time for another go at the classic, eh ladies?"  One of the ladies at the guillotine brightened up at this and had herself strapped in by the time he walked over.  He looked down at her protruding breasts and stroked her nipples gently.  "Ready to lose these and join that pile over there?"

"I'm ready sir!  Please do it I'm so eager I just can't wait any longer!"  Grinning to himself he cruelly toyed with the release lever then finally yanked it down.  The blade descended with a soft swish and severed both her breasts neatly at the base. "Ooooohhhh, Oh that was wonderful sir!  Thank you.."  Stumbling over to the pile of girls she giggled happily and fingered the bloody craters on her chest with pride.  She collapsed with a beautific smile on her lips.

Next he headed over to the patiently waiting Megan, seeing him coming she squirmed eagerly in her bondage.  "Hi there mister, is it finally my turn?"  He nodded and she quivered excitedly as he bent down and stroked her massive breasts.  Teasing her large nipples he gently rearranged her breasts to fit perfectly into the Grinder.  "They're gonna grind up real good aren't they mister?  They're real big so it'll take some time for em to get totally chewed up, I like that.  Hee hee!"  He smiled at her and reached over to the button to start the machine.  Megan inhaled and pressed herself firmly into the jaws of the Grinder's blades as he pressed the button.  The Grinder chugged to life and a mesh of tiny blades began working into Megan's soft breasts as she moaned and quivered in exstacy.  "Ohhhh, Ohhhh Ohhhh.."  Her nipples went first, sliced into little slivers of flesh and passed into a container at the bottom of the machine.  "Ohhhh!  This is GREAT!  I wish  I could do it more often!"  Megan moaned enthusiastically as the machine neared the last of her enourmous tits.  A final sweep from a large blade removed the last of Megan's once mighty breasts and she collapsed with a contented sigh.  "Oohhhh that was Soooooo goood!  Mmmm I loved it."  He unbound Megan and she staggered to the center of the room where she lay down with the rest of the ladies.

Returning to the guillotine he found another busty lady strapped into the path of the razor sharp blade.  "Ready to go girl?"  The young girl nodded nervously as she looked up at the blade and down at the tender flesh of her breasts.  "Don't worry honey, it'll be great.  Are you sure you want it?"  She swallowed once again and then nodded at him.  He smiled and pulled the lever.  She closed her eyes as the blade rushed down through her tits like a knife through butter.  Her eyes popped open as her tits fell away from her, they crinkled in confusion then softened as the sensation hit.  Smiling she backed away from the guillotine and walked dazedly over to the large pile of girls in the middle of the room.

"Hmmmm, time for a double I think."  The twins perked up at this and their nipples stiffened as he walked over to them.  "Are you two ready?"

"Yes sir!"  They chorused, eyes twinkling mischeviously as they grinned at him.

"Come on up here then girls."  The two of them bounded to their feet and stood  in front of him, one on each side of the deadly floor trigger.  Standing side-by-side was too much for them, they turned to face one another and started stroking each other breasts softly as they waited to be de-breasted and snuffed.  "Awww, that's so cute of you two!  Are you ready now?"

"Yes Sir!"

"C'mon now girls, you can convince me better than that."

"Yes Sir!  We're ready for you to sever our perky breasts and kill us!  Please De-Breast and Snuff us Sir!"  The twins leapt to attention and stood side-by-side, inches away from the floor trigger, their firm perky breasts bobbed slightly in their eagerness and they grinned mischevously at him.  Smiling he clicked a button and both twins gasped in amazement as their beautiful breasts dropped away from their bodies.  Turning to one another they were both orgasming at the sensation, they clasped one another closely, rubbing their bloody chests together and kissing fervently as a timer counted down from 30.  The pair maintained their liplock as they shuffled to the pile in the middle of the room.  They collapsed on top of one another and managed another quivering orgasm as the timer hit zero and their pretty, smiling heads dropped off of their necks.

"Well Amanda I think it's finally your turn to be de-breasted.  Are you ready for it?"

Amanda slinkily peeled off her tight black one-piece to reveal a pair of enourmous, firm, breasts with large sensitive nipples and a curvacious, sexy body.  "Do you mean am I ready to have these beautiful breasts sliced off my body?  Why yes I think I am."  Amanda turned to the guillotine and, keeping eye contact with the man, slid her breasts into the holes.  Maintaining eye contact she slid down the upper half of the stock, closing her eyes and biting her lip as it clicked into place.  "I think I'm more than ready, are you?"  Reaching around she stroked her breasts as he approached her from behind.  Overcome with lust he unzipped his fly and drew out his engorged cock.  "Oooh!  You are ready!"  He grunted as he slammed it into her tight wet pussy and started pounding away.  Amanda moaned with pleasure as he filled her, her eyes lit up even more as he reached around and grasped the release bar.  "Do it!  Snuff me!"  His pounding reached a climax and as he began spewing hot cum deep into her he pulled the bar.  The blade shot down the guillotine slicing through her breasts with ease.  Amanda gasped in orgasm as she fell away from the guillotine, her ravaged chest dripping blood as her quivering pussy shot love juice all over the man.  Pulling himself free he  tucked away his tool and relaxed as Amanda staggered to her feet and dragged her smiling self over to the pile of bodies.  Reaching it she collapsed, spent and happy.
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