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Hooker Wars 1: Bikini vs Booty


Bikini Bandits vs Booty Bandits. (#1 vs #9) The bikini-clad, gun-toting armed robbers who paralyze their prey with tiny bikinis vs huge assed gangsters that enjoy showing off their amazing assets! Booty bandits are known for sitting on their victims, smothering them while leaving smiles on their faces.

See instructions on the contest picture.

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Hooker Wars 3: Ninaz vs Sexataries


Ninjaz vs Sexataries: (#3 vs #11) The Ninjaz wear skimpy ninja outfits or simply enter battle naked. Known for their asian tattoos and legendary ninja weapons vs Sexataries a gang known for their snappy white blouses, tight skirts and long legs clothed in pantyhose or stockings.

See the instructions on the contest picture.

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Hooker Wars 2: Juggs vs Bikers


Juggettes vs Motorheads. (#2 vs #10) Huge breasted gangsters known for their deep cleavages and a propensity for ranking themselves by their breast size vs biker chicks! Tough, leather-clad hotties in studded bikinis, spiked collars and boots. Badhand wins.

See the instructions on the contest picture.

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Hooker Wars 4: Katholic Killaz vs Gangstaz


Katholic Killaz vs Gangstaz. (#4 vs #12) Katholic Killaz. Catholic school girls wearing skimpy schoolgirl attire and/or deadly nuns vs Gangstaz. Poor girls with vicious attitutdes in cheap, clothes wielding street weapons. Random wins.

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The Gangs


The Gangs: 9/2012
The Gangs participating in Hooker Wars! Photos included were not created for this series and I own none of them. They will be replaced with art as the artists are able to create the gangs. Clicking on a gang will be a vote for the gang to participate in the combat.

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Hooker Wars 5: Doms vs Suicide Girls


Doms vs Goth/Suicide Girls (#5 vs #13) Doms wearing skimpy/severe leather / vinyl vs Goth Girls dressed like vampires in black or Suicide Girls wearing only tattoos. See the instructions on the contest picture.

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Hooker Wars 6: Deaths Dancers vs Terrible Teenz


Death's Dancers vs Terrible Teens. (#6 vs #14) 3/2013
Beautiful strippers / dancers in super skimpy stripper costumes vs Teenage Girls (18+) in skimpy, teen attire like belly-baring shirts, little skirts and short shorts. See the instructions on the contest picture.

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Hooker Wars 7: Da Geekz vs Karate Killaz


Da Geekz vs Karate Killaz. (#7 vs #15)
Smart and cute girls in glasses, hair up, skimpy conservative clothes and maybe even a pocket protector vs a gang of tough, barefoot, barelegged unarmed combatants.

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