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A Fight to the Death: Helena The Backstabber vs Justina The Smotheress!

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A Fight to the Death: Helena The Backstabber vs Justina The Smotheress!
Event Information
The Voluptuous Epic of Amadon and Mayazon
From : Tuesday, 09 May 2017 10:00
Until : Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:00
(UTC -08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Seats available:
1497 (1500 total)
Event Creator:

Event Details

These two fearsome ladies are two characters from our series The Sheelah Saga.

In that series, the Romonan Hoard is invading African Amadon, and Catherine the Conceited leads the hoard on a mission to prove that Greco-Romonan weapons are better than Amadonan weapons. She has her professional army, and a militia of Gladiatrixes with which she successfully invades Amadon.

The Amadonian Governess, Sheelah the Remarkable returns from a state trip, and she proceeds to kick out the Greco-Romonans, slaying scores of them and using military brilliance and tactics of trickery to expel them. Two of Catherine's most prided generals are Helena the Backstabber and Justina the Smotheress.

Normally Helena and Justina would be on the same side, but Matfighter has asked to see them in a fight to the death with one another, and so, in this alternate timeline, these two will face each other until one of these voluptuous beauties is dead.

Jerrie Lee LOVES Justina the Smotheress, and has even inspired a prequel series of Justina's exploits before the occurrences in The Sheelah Saga. Now, Jerrie supports Justina and Matt supports Helena in the arena!

Justina smothers most of her opponents to death in her big-assed breasts. Her nickname is pretty damn descriptive. As she holds their heads in her luscious titties, she often talks to them, filling their last moments with her words in their heads. Sometimes, she even sings to them as they pass beyond.

Helena is half Amadonan and half Greco-Romonan. Before war broke out because of Catherine the Conceited's stupid invasion, the two nations had peaceful relations. Helena sided with the Greco-Romonans, and so she is considered Helena the Backstabber by the Amadonans, though the Greco-Romonans consider her a great Heroine for choosing the right side in their eyes.

Stay tuned in The Voluptuous Epic of Amadon and Mayazon, both here and on Deviant Art, and see which of these big-breasted Greco-Romonan Ladies becomes a corpse!

And check out more gladiatrix encounters on our Patreon site: