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I'm back! :)
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Just looking for a bit of fun! Nothing serious. :)
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Death Fight Arena
Wednesday, 02 October 2013


Where Women Can Fight To The Death In A Arena

Where Audiences Can Cheer Them On And Comment While Watching Women Use Swords Or Knives Or Fists Or Any Form Of Weapons And Wearing Any Form Of Attire Or Lack Of Attire As Agreed On . Only One Person Will Leave The Arena Alive And The Loser Most Be Proved To Be Dead By The Stronger And Better Fighter .


Monday, 03 March 2014 by Wendy
Kirsten B
12:12 PM
I step out out of the saloon, green eyes glinting behind the thin rims of my glasses frames. The sun is warm and the dust of the old western town's main street swirls around the tall boots I wear as I step off of the boardwalk. The gun belt slung across the waist of my black daisy duke shorts is heavy, dragging the shorts down just enough to show off a strip of my light blue panties beneath. "Wendy?" I call out, "I got a pine box with your name on it, *****! Get out here!"
12:13 PM
i hear her calling
i get out of the saloon
wearing my brown cowgirl hat
my hair blowing in the wind
wearing my brown cowgirl boots
blue tight cut off daisy duke shorts
and gun belt on the right side
as i walk out into the dusty sand blowing street
my hips moving for all the guys
5ft 4 115lbs
i stop and stare over at my rival
12:19 PM
I roll my eyes at the dwarf in front of me. Pushing a few strands of my reddish hair from my face I smirk, twisting my body to let me reach the heavy pistol hanging off of my belt. "Whatever, ****. See all these people?" I ask, gesturing to the crowd forming, "I'm going to blow you away in front of them, then we're going to go have drinks while you lay out here with the rest of the garbage." I can't help but laugh at my own joke, bare breasts jostling slightly with the movement.
12:23 PM
i reach holding my gun with my right hand as i look out at u whiping my dark long hair from my face and then rubbing my left dangling breasts and pointy nipples as i look over at the guys and wiggle my ***
take a look guys ! \
im gonna show you who the best lady is and when its over drinks and kisses is on me
i move my thighs apart as i face her in a stance looking directly toward her trying not to blink
with my clinching brown eyes
my chest arched as i have my hand on my gun ready to draw
knowing that one of us is not going to make it
my heart beating fast
12:27 PM
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Luckily, there was no time
sure sure
12:28 PM
I get ready myself when I see Wendy suddenly get serious. Showing off moves from the forefront of my mind-- now it was all about survival. One of us was about to be reduced to dead meat in the middle of the street, and I wasn't going to let it be me! I drop my hand to a few inches above my gun, ready to pull it out and put a slug square into my opponent's belly. "Alright, *****" I call out, steeling myself, "Draw!" My hand drops and the gun slides easily from my holster, my heart pounding as I lift it and fire towards the **** standing opposite from me-- would I get her? Or would she blow me away!?
12:34 PM
i see her hand drawing as i drop my hand pulling out my gun as fast as i can as i start to pull the trigger i hear a loud bang as i feel like a hott rock plunging into my tummy just above my belly button as my mouth opens in surprize and i stagger back by the impact of thed bullet still holding my gun as blood squirts out of my tummy i hold my tummy with my left hand as my thighs get woobly as i raise my gun up to try to shoot back at her
12:36 PM
I sneer, got her! I step forward as she staggers back, the adrenaline in my veins pumping as I **** my gun and fire again. I laugh as my bullet slams into the ***** just below her bare tits, my nipples hard as I lift a hand to rub at them. "You're finished, Wendy!" I call out teasingly, "Take a good look boys, this town just got a lot less skanky!"
12:40 PM
your second shoot going under my right breasts as it sends my body flying to the ground as blood from my breasts sprays all over as i lay spread out on my back breathing hard and fast as blood flows from my belly and breasts i breath hard and fast
12:42 PM
I swagger over, my hips shifting seductively with each step. "Poor little girl" I call out playfully, lifting my gun to blow on the tip to clear the barrel of any lingering smoke. "Thought you could handle these?" I ask as I reach Wendy, my breasts perhaps not as big... but at least I wasn't full of bullet holes! Leaning over Wendy, I kick her gun away and smile, red hair dangling above her. "You want me to bury you **** up, ****?"
12:44 PM
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oh.. i stumbled into awesomeness..
12:45 PM
i look in a blurr with her body standing over me as i breath my last breath coughing as i stick out my tongue blood dripping out from the sides of my mouth as my eyes roll back and my last wetness flows from between my thighs as i go limp
12:47 PM
I pout a little, canting my head. "No answer..." I sigh, guess that meant she didn't want to be buried at all! Standing up, I slide my gun back into my holster and smile, feeling a delightful warmth in my panties as I relish taking out another cocky *****. Guess this meant more drinks for me! I turn back towards the saloon and start to walk away, leaving Wendy laying in the dust for either the buzzards or the mortician to clean up.
12:49 PM
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12:50 PM
Hehe *tough grrl!
12:51 PM
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well.. this explains why i couldnt get into chat because it was full.. it was full of awesome
12:52 PM
I didn't realize rooms had maxes!
Gotta run though, I'll be back in a few hours!
12:53 PM
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bye and thakn you very much
12:54 PM
My pleasure! Can never resist putting down some uppity ***** ;)
12:55 PM
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 by ProudWarrioress
Monday, 28 October 2013 by Wendy
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 by Wendy


i want a naked sword duel over a guy while he watches us !
Monday, 07 April 2014 08:04
that was a great fight I love how you dont spare the "c unt" my favorite target. After all you always hurt the one you love.
Thursday, 28 November 2013 09:03
Come out, come out Wendy! Your deathfight rematch is waiting!
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 18:36