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About Me

Basic Information

Gender Male
Birthday 30/03/1995
In a relationship? I love my girl Zara
Gender Pref Female
Ideal Man or Woman Zara is the love of my life. We're both into the same fetish stuff in my art I'll be doing she wants to be in it killing some of the enemys and having her way with them. Where as I am bulky armored and slower than her she will be quicker more monerverable were less armor but she'll have infinity invisibility cloaking.
Regular Interests Military, guns,knives, The Walking Dead,Video Games.
Fetish Interests Big Breasts, High Heel Boots, Reveling Armor, stabbing an enemy bimbo from behind and just straight up killing a board of sexy enemy bimbos but my number 1 would be having them surrender to me!

Contact Information

Country Canada

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Destroyer306881343 posted 2 pics in the art gallery.

Enemy Nazi Bimbo Cannon Fodder Clone A00001
3 days ago
Destroyer306881343 posted 10 pics in the art gallery.

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