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Gender Male
Birthday 05/05/1945
In a relationship? married
Gender Pref Female
Regular Interests saxophone(s) - amateur musician
old cars - own mid 1930's Chrysler products
tinkering - lawn mowers - anything mechanical
Fetish Interests Amazon Combat
FavoriteFantasy point (or moment) of contact - be it bullet, arrow or other pointed object

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Country United States


Jeff Bloomfield
I'd love to see more of the "Titan" series that Peter Cohen created on your blog, if he would be willing to do it. You did a fine commentary on the one you put down.
Monday, 30 March 2015 11:51
Hi, Your Conversation on the Duel between Delphine and Cassandra in Your Amazon Altercation is wonderful.
Saturday, 05 April 2014 12:00
Peter Schmidt
Thank you uncle Buck,i will look in the near future for Olaf Winters homepage and titanea.
Thank you verymuch.
With regards ptrpschm
Thursday, 07 June 2012 14:58
Peter Schmidt
Whow!!!Very superb pictures i love them, weiter so, thank you for your creativity i love this. i am interestet of the photos,where are coming hopeless quick, good luck and with regards
peter schmidt
Sunday, 03 June 2012 15:46

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Uncle Buck created a new topic "Amazon Asylum" in the forums.
"Amazon Asylum"

Cassandra of Catharsis steps up to the plate in "Amazon Asylum" as the latest entry in Thrill Killer's Gallery.
These photos were "frozen in time" from one of the "Southpaw" videos. Now when you're saving stills from any video it gets hard to determine
which images to take. I'm inclined to save every "twitch" from a few favorite moments to savor at leisure and Thrill Killer does the same.
That being the case, I often find myself with more pictures than I can make use of readily. (Believe it or not, I do run short of words occasionally.)
So this time, I've initiated what make become a new practice of building a gallery of "Extras". Not "Out takes" but extras.
You'll find them at the close of the phototale. Now move on to Thrill Killer's Gallery and click on the latest offering ...

3 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Latest Video in the forums.
Olaf's Lethal Cowgirls

In Olaf's latest release, Antaris and Jane star in a Lethal Cowgirl episode
in which through the medium of modern photography, Jane has been multiplied (or duplicated) into a whole passle of indians ...
"Palefaces - On Foreign Ground" ... And a complete plot description is given in Olaf's ad posted as the latest of his messages.
11 days ago
jmat favorited 1 pics in the art gallery.
12 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "Dead Heat" in the forums.
"Dead Heat"

"Dead Heat" is the latest entry at Thrill Killer's Gallery.
Were you afforded the opportunity to run your knife into the bellies of a pair of lissome females,
the question becomes: Who Will Be The First To Die?
14 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's latest video in the forums.
Olaf's latest video ...

"The Evil Priestess - Vengeance" is the title of Olaf and his Amazon Warriors Team's latest video.
Averia and Talanis join Semira in a portrayal of what occurred when an Amazon Queen attempted to rid herself of a troublesome Priest.
Click on Olaf's Messages for a full plot description.
16 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Clone Spies 2 in the forums.
Olaf's Clone Spies 2

Olaf has posted an ad for the second segment of "Attack of the Clone Spies".
His description is most thorough so I will make no attempt to paraphrase it here ...
Proceed to Olaf's Messages to see his latest release in his series of 'Modern Amazons'
20 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "Gun Lovers" in the forums.
"Gun Lovers"

In "Amazon Escape" which was posted several weeks ago, Thrill Killer provided images of Delphine and Nikita taken from a Catharsis video.
"Gun Lovers" was something I wrote back when Necrobabes and the "Erotic Horror" site were still active, alive, and well.
Delphine and Nikita star once again, which just goes to show that there is just no way to keep a good Amazon down.
It would appear that they are in the same location and I would hazard that both sets were shot on the same day.
The girls tucked away the knives and picked up their guns - and away we go!
I had this set relatively intact and so this is posted to the Shooters' Gallery ...
24 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Clone Spies in the forums.
Olaf's Clone Spies

Olaf's latest custom is "Attack of the Clone Spies" in which our heroine is shot in his "gun-fun" style of animated blood effects.
Click on 'Olaf's Messages' to see his promotional pictures of Zenobia in her 'leather' outfit.
26 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "A Dahlia For Delphine" in the forums.
"A Dahlia For Delphine"

Delphine of Catharsis had (or has) quite a fan in Thrill Killer and "A Dahlia For Delphine" is another set of images that he sent me from his video collection. The captions I wrote are an attempt at a one-sided "conversation" with the "victim" as she gives us her redition of a "floor how". I've reworked Thrill Killer's index page to apply titles to the entries, but the only addtion is at the top of the list.
34 days ago
jmat favorited 1 pics in the art gallery.
35 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Death - Desire- Preparation" in the forums.
Olaf's "Death - Desire- Preparation"

Olaf has posted his ad for "Death - Desire & Preparation"
which stars Thyarmis and Averia as they enjoy each other's company
before joining a ritual death match which will be coming up as part 2 of this release.
I guess we are to enjoy a bit of vicarious "touching and feeling" but gosh how I'd like to be in on the act!
Click Olaf's Messages for his poster.
37 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Heroes Die Alone" in the forums.
Olaf's "Heroes Die Alone"

"Heroes Die Alone" is the title of the Amazon-Warriors Team's latest video.
The players are NEMESIS, SAPHYRA, RAVEN, and ZAHRAY with Nemesis in the lead role with the three other women as her opponents.
There are two versions of the closing scene: The heroic Nemesis dies with her eyes open in one and with them closed in the other.
I will leave it to you to read Olaf's description of the plot as the latest entry in "Olaf's Messages".
40 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Latest Project in the forums.
Olaf's Latest Project

Olaf is heading off in a slightly different direction as he begins to build a videogame
dedicated to those of us in the fetish community. The Amazon Fetish one can only hope since this isn't stated specifically.
His intention is to start off slowly and he is seeking assistance from 3D artists for their ideas as well as character contributions.
He has generated an area for you to look at but there´s no action yet as all figures on the screencaps are stationary at this point.
His poster is at "Olaf's Message's as is a link to a dedicated email address.
43 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Thrill Killer's "Short Subjects" in the forums.
Thrill Killer gets down to the business at hand - or should I say more to the point? - far more quickly than I. And so for that reason, I have compiled several of the vignettes he has sent me into a section of his pictures that I've dubbed "Short Subjects".
Click on Thrill-Killer on the Bill of Fare at my site and have a look if you will.
45 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Bleed Them To Death" in the forums.
Olaf has released "Bleed Them To Death" and here's the plot-line as quoted from Olaf's poster ad:
"A suspicous trader with 3 slaves appears at the gate of the queen´s stronghold.
She offers her goods and her slaves and asks for getting inside.
The guard is watchful, but eventually gets killed by one of the slaves.
More guards appear and take all the foreigners for prison.
The queen suspects a conspiracy and decides to get rid of the trader and her slaves.
Her personal bodyguards take this duty with gratification..."
AVERIA, RAVEN, SAPHYRA, SHEMINA, NEMESIS, TALANIS, SEMIRA are the players in this particular episode.
And I copied those names directly from the Amazon-Warriors site as I was confused and named Thyarmis incorrectly last time.
Click on Olaf's Messages at my site to view the poster ...
45 days ago
Mike B posted 1 pics in the art gallery.

47 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Double Feature in the forums.
<laf has released an Amazon Double Feature with a new MARTIN ERFLING video and another volume in the "FALLEN AMAZONS" series!
130 high res pics of brave amazons slain in battle - with a few of the modern amazons thrown in for good measure.
Now in the video "We Have a New Leader" the queen has been killed in battle,
so three warriors fight it out to determine the next Amazon "Queen For A Day" (so to speak).
Shooting from the hip on tis one as I haven't viewed it yet but it looks as though Thyarmis, Saphyra, and Raven are involved in the contest.
See Olaf's Messages for his poster and to verufy this ...
48 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Archers' War" in the forums.
Olaf's "Archers War"

Olaf has released "Archers' War". I'm not sure where the apostophe belongs but there was more than one archer so I guess I have it right.
Featured players are SAPHYRA, SAFO, THYARMIS, TALANIS, RUSSLANA, SHEMINA with the emphasis on Russlana and Shemina.
Features are Topless Amazons, firing arrows, weilding a knife (Russlana) stabbing the belly and breast of her opponents of which there are many. Talanis and Shemina and who did I miss?
Russlana demonstrates heroism in that she is saving the day for someone who does not appear on-screen ... Boots and Bare Feet put in an appearance toward the end.
I think that if I were to attempt a text to accompany this it might be "Make Every Shot Count" because they certainly did.
Congratulations to the cast who never appear to tire in their dashing about and the only rest they enjoy is when they are "killed".
Some Fun, 'ey kids? See Olaf's M
52 days ago
jmat favorited 1 pics in the art gallery.
53 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "Howie's Belly Blasters" in the forums.
Thrill-Killer sent me the pictures of Delphine and Cassandra in a gun duel from one of Peter Cohen's Catharsis videos.
It's taken me a while to put something together that makes use of every image that was sent to me.
But I figured that if Thrill Killer could take the time to save them from a video and then compress them in a folder and email them to me
that I ought to be able to reward his effort by making use of every image he sent. So I did.
I guess that Thrill Killer's idea was to have the girls duelling over which one was to be Peter's Favorite.
I spent the major portion of a restless night trying to work that out but I couldn't make a go of it.
So I hope that everyone will be more or less satisfied with this alternative ...
And, oh yes! The latest entry now resides at the Top of the List as do all the other "menus".
54 days ago
jmat favorited 2 pics in the art gallery.
56 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Dangerous Greed" in the forums.
Olaf's "Dangerous Greed"

Refer to Olaf's Messages in the Bill of Fare for his poster of "Dangerous Greed".
The barbarian, Averia plays on the Amazon, Thyarmis' sympathy to spare her life.
Thyarmis lets the barbarian 'off the hook', so to speak, and it just goes to show that Virtue is Its Own Punishment.
Some of you will be delighted to learn that Olaf's Infamous Gate plays a key role in this encounter.
Click on Olaf's Messages at my site for ad & access to his latest video.
58 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's "Greenscreen Technology" in the forums.
Olaf's "Greenscreen Technology"

In Olaf's latest message he informs us that he is venturing into "Greenscreen Technology".
Now some of you undoubtedly know what that is and what it entails. To an old guy like me who is pretty much stuck back in the days of still
photographs, it poses a mystery that will likely never be explained - at least not so that I can understand it.
But that being said, with no more than a casual glance, I went to his site and purchased the 'support' version.
You may ask why.
Because this technological innovation is how Olaf and the Amazon Team are going to bring us those Lovely Mass Battle Scenes that we who dote on
the Amazon Theme are so everlasting fond.
See if you can identify Avera, Saphyra, Thyarmis, Talanis, and Saramis. Olaf assures us that they all participated in his experiment.
And for Olaf's poster, click on his Olaf's Messages at my site ...

61 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Olaf's Messages

Olaf's Modern Amazons present themselves in Cabecas Brancas

Two scientists are out in the jungle looking for the mysterious whitehaired amazons.
They hired a guide who leads them to a place where they finally find one of the rare creatures.
They shoot her down with a stunning arrow and the girl drops down unconscious.
The scientists are enthusiastic and start to inspect the limp body, when they suddenly get surrounded by 3 more amazons...

And I'm glad that Saphyra took part in this episode.
I hadn't seen her lately and the way Olaf's Amazons have been dropping off lately - I was getting a tad nervous.
Now if I can manage to recognize her some how ...
Click on Olaf's Messages for his poster ...

62 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Thrill Killer's Latest Contribution in the forums.
"Amazon Escape"

Thrill Killer has been keeping me busier than a one-armed paper hanger lately.
Not that I'm complaining at all, mind you. This is material that I haven't seen in years - which is partly why I've "dedicated" a page to him.
Thrill Killer is an unabashed, unapologetic fan of Delphine - And of course no one needs to apologize for that!
This time she has been paired up with Nikita in what I guess was intended as a Lovers' Suicide Pact.
My twisted mind could not seem to generate the proper enthusiasm for a tale of that nature and so I sweat and strained a bit to put a slightly
different "spin" on it - which I hope meets with your approval ... If it doesn't ... Well, what can I say? Better Luck next time!
At the Blog, click on "Thrill-Killer's-Gallery" and select the latest entry.
63 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "Pipe Dream" - One More Time in the forums.
"Pipe Dream" - 'One More Time' -
Count Basie used to like to cue his band to repeat the closing phrase of the 'sock chorus' of several of the tunes they played. Brook Benton called out, "Hey Quincey, Let's Do That Again!" at the close of their rendition of "All of Me".
And here, Thrill Killer has been feeding me the images he saved from a Peter / Delphine video clip.
It's not quite like the "Friday the 13th" movies released by Paramount years back,
nor is it similar to yet another reincarnation of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" ...
But indeed it is "One More Time" ...
Click on the Thrill-Killer Gallery at my site to witness Delphine in her death throes ...
And need I say, "One More Time"?
64 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic "Pipe Dream" revisited in the forums.
Pipe Dream revisited ... Thrill Killer sent me another ten (I think?) photos to add to the closing of the "Pipe Dream".
So if you like Delphine and are of a fan of her style of "dying", then I invite you to go have another look ...
67 days ago
jmat favorited 3 pics in the art gallery.
68 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Olaf's Messages

Olaf posts "HUNTER´s COMPETITION" which has the Amazons first knife-fight in the water!
ZAHRAY and FANTINE are bounty hunters on the hunt for barbarians.
They gang up on SHEMINA, kill her, and then argue about who gets the reward.
The inevitable fight between the two partners ensues ...
Go to the "Blog" and click on Olaf's Messages for his poster ...
68 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: "Pipe Dream" in the forums.
Thrill Killer sent me these vid caps of Peter with Delphine as a Consenting Belly-Butt.
It taxes my credibility that anyone would consent to being brutalized and murdered ...
Which, I suppose is one of the reasons that I prefer girls running about in a simulated combat situation.
So I guess this skepticism of mine, if that is what it is, gave rise to the notion of a "pipe dream".
Delphine never fails to put on a fine act and give us all a good show irrespective of the context.
And before I get all tangled up in my underwear, let's get started, shall we?
At the Blog, Click on "Thrill-Killer's Gallery" in the Bill-of-Fare ...
70 days ago
jmat favorited 1 pics in the art gallery.
71 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Olaf has posted "Bloodthirsty Slayer - the synopsis is as follows:
"Averia visits Thyarmis´ hideout to demand her part of the prey from their last raid.
But Thyarmis is not going to share the loot!
Instead she knocks Averia down and starts to play a cruel game with her..."

At the Blog click on Olaf's Messages for the poster and access to his site.
71 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: "Amazon Slayer" in the forums.
Well, here it is the 10th of February already ...
It's 10 degrees F outside and there is about 15 inches of snow to be shovelled off the terrace at my back door.
I shall wait for the temperature to moderate a bit.
Today's entry is at the "Amazons! Gallery". Another of Peter Cohen's photo stories which I shall dedicate to Thrill Killer because it features Delphine - although I don't think that in this original that she was skewered quite the way the Killer would prefer. It amazes me how everlastingly particular we are in our preferences but so be it - that's just the way it is.
At my site click on the Amazons! Gallery for "Amazon Slayer" (for want of a better title). :o)
72 days ago

Thrill Killer sent me 19 photos of Cassandra that must have been taken from a video in his collection. Take a look at Thrill-Killer's Gallery for this latest entry.

Olaf's latest release nearly slipped by me! But I'm glad that I caught it. This is the sequel to a video that was released mid-December last year. It's the sequel to the "MASSACRE IN THE GREEN HELL"! And you can be fairly certain that another massacre is about to occur.
Refer to Olaf's Messages for his poster.
74 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: London's Blade in the forums.
As matters turned out, I guess that London was none to happy when she learned of Thrill Killer's reaction to her shower set.
So, It seems that she must have decided to take matters into her own hands ...
And the result you may witness as the 4th entry in the Thrill Killer Gallery at the "Blog".
75 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: London @ Thrill-Killer's Gallery in the forums.
I have just posted an addition to the Thrill-Killer Gallery.
The page featuring the model London is a Work in Progress - I hope.
The 'hope' is that Thrill-Killer picks up the last few frames and applies his photo manipulation techniques to them.
I don't know whether it will work out or not but I intend to use the page as our "Line of Communication".
London worked for Chris Brown at one time but these are from a shower scene and whether the girl intended to or not,
she looks as though she were ready to take a knife thrust or two.
76 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Olaf's latest movie is in his "Amazon-Warriors" section. There's another movie with the same title,
so to avoid confusion he called this one "HUNTED HUNTER 2016". It´s an entirely new movie, not a new version of the old one!
"Talanis is hunting on dangerous ground because Leandra has laid claim to the area and eagerly awaits the chance to hunt down her rival..."
Click on Olaf's Messages at my site for his publicity poster.
77 days ago
I received an email from Thrill-Killer a few days ago.And we got to going back and forth - stretching and varnishing a few truths as we all are inclined to do at times.
One thing lead to another and, as I am always looking for (free) material to post here, I persuaded him to do up a few pictures of Delphine that I had harvested from the internet recently. The result is that I have established a gallery for "Thrill-Killer" which you will find making an entry on the menu below.
I've done this gallery in a type of "Before and After" format - just to make it a bit different ...
And I believe that the man spells Thrill-Killer as a single word, but the spell checkers give me fits enough as it is.
So let us all welcome Thrill-Killer!

79 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
"Antaris is caught in a desperate fight against a bunch of bikini girls!
She tries to retreat, but once she realizes she´s surrounded by enemies, her only choice is to fight to the bitter end..."
Click on Olaf's Messages on my site to see his poster for this video.
81 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: "Amazon Competition" in the forums.
Today's addition is to the <i>Amazons!_Gallery</i> - A thing that I've called "Amazon Competition".
Two of my favorite (former) Necrobabes, Cassandra and Zoee, have oiled themselves up to go at one another upon Peter Cohen's stage area, which I have always suspected was set up at one end of his apartment. We won't see settings such as Olaf Winter has constructed, but the women look pretty good nonetheless ... Click in the menu at my site ...
84 days ago
Uncle Buck replied to the topic Re: BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Attention you Arrow Fantasy Fans out there!
This video is simply Not To Be Missed!
(And here I was going to pass on it because there is scarcely a bared breast in it ...)
The women all do excellent jobs in taking their arrows ...
I almost think that each one was trying to "outdo" the other with Raven setting the pace.
(Wouldn't that be fun? "I Bet I Can Die Better Than You!")
Olaf's camera work and "post-production" flying arrow effects are superlative.
The action is all "Up Close and Personal" without becoming those ridiculous close-ups you see all the time
where the director is doing his best to cover the fact that nothing is actually happening.
These poor girls weren't able to drink a beer for at least a week after this video was shot!
Do Not Miss It!

:bravo: :thumbup:

85 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Here's one of Olaf's rare outdoor videos shot during 2016:

"Queen Shemina has an amitious plan:
She´s going to build up an outpost deep within the barbarian´s territory.
She and her bodyguards are just scouting the area when Fantine notices they´re watched by the enemy.
She recommends to pull back and get reinforcements...
But the queen wants to make an example: She gives order to stay and to fight!"

See Olaf's poster for "Ambitious Plans" by clicking his Messages on the menu at my site ...
85 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Here´s the sequel of "ON ENEMY GROUND":

Raven has just survived an attack of barbarians and is on her way back to the castle...
But now she encounters a much more dangerous threat:

For Olaf's poster for "Never Feel Safe" click on his Messages on the list below ...
89 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog: Olaf's Messages in the forums.
This new update is the 1st movie by Martin Erfling!
Some of you may know Martin as he´s one of Olaf's editors since Mia left the Amazon Team in 2014.
This year they will expand their cooperation in that Martin will be doing some of his own productions under Olaf's license.
His style may be a bit different, but he knows the fetish and Olaf is sure you´ll like his work!
nd here´s the plot:
"A trader comes to the queen´s palace and offers her goods.
The queen is pleased, but she doesn´t want to pay, and demands the valuable furs as a present.
The trader refuses to give away her goods for free, and it comes to a bloody dispute!"

See Olaf's original promotion at Olaf's Messages ...
92 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic Bucks's Tale "One Thing Leads to Another" in the forums.
"One Thing Leads To Another" is the latest entry in the Slashers' Gallery.
These pictures go back quite a few years now but I thought that Killville's Raven put a lot of effort into this one and came out with an exceptionally fine performance.
So in tribute to Raven, this opus earns its place on the menu.
94 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog Olaf's Suri in "The Path to Glory" in the forums.
Some of you already asked me about the movie with SURI wearing a hot bodypaint and getting several arrows to chest and navel ... Well, here it is! The great SURI on "THE PATH OF GLORY":
Click on Olaf's Messages at the Blog for his poster ... This is apt to be the last we will see of that Fine Amazon Lady for quite some time ... So don't miss it!
100 days ago
"The Captive" is another release from Olaf's AMAZON-WARRIORS-world:
In "Tribal war 14" the barbarians tried to attack the amazon fortress, but they failed and their warriors were slaughtered like cattle...
Now they try another deceitful trick: Two barbarians drag a captive in front of the fortress and drop her as a decoy.
The amazons don´t hesitate to kill the barbarian warriors with well placed arrows...but that was part of the plan!
Check out "Olaf's Messages" at the Blog to view his poster; then access his site for more (and more & more ...)
102 days ago
jose thanks for the post BucksBlog 1/9/17 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
102 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog Jan 10,27 "Amazon Daggers" in the forums.
Check out the "Amazons! Gallery" for "Amazon Daggers" which I spun using the Catharsis photo set "Dagger Duel" as my source for pictures. (Ah, Nikita! How could I possibly resist?)
104 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 1/9/17 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Here´s another episode from Olaf Winter's "TALES OF BRAVERY":
This time it´s ANTARIS playing the brave amazon in a desperate situation:
She has to get through the lines of siege to run and call for reinforcements...otherwise her sisters won´t be able to defend the fortress and will be slaughtered by the enemy!
And as always her brave intentions are ending in a volley of arrows...

Also here´s another interesting offer for all our fans:
Olaf is going to sell a double-DVD with TRIBAL WAR parts 1-11 for just EUR 100.
It´s 11 movies with a total running time of around 110 minutes.
Playable on standard DVD-devices as well as on computers with DVD-player-software!

Please note that these are rather old movies, the latest one is from 2014, the first part is from 2011!
If you´re interested, just drop him a note at:

104 days ago
jmat wrote on kozirou44's Walls
I like Your thoughts ...
105 days ago
jmat favorited 1 pics in the art gallery.
105 days ago
Olaf has posted "Navel Game III"
The queen wants her best archer as her personal bodyguard.
2 amazons fighting it out in their own, gruesome way.
But this time they have much to lose, so one of them tries to cheat her comrade to get the job!
But her plan doesn´t work, and both warriors get into serious trouble...

Click on "Olaf's Messages" at my site for the original rendition of this promotion ...
107 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog "Amazon Sacrifice 2" (Update #3) in the forums.
Happy New Year to all who may read this! Carrie, she of Necrobabes fame, starts things off on the right foot by making a sacrifice of one of her girl friends. I don't know who her victim was, but she made a good one. Find this latest "Oldie" in the Amazons!_Gallery as "Amazon Sacrifice 2".
107 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog Olaf's New Year (Update #2) in the forums.
Olaf has posted a Happy New Year Message along with a collection of Amazons felled in battle. "Nothing special" is his rather low-key way of expressing it and, of course, there is nothing to be at all apologetic about. For my own part, I always think of Olaf's updates as being pretty "special". I have "edited" his message to some extent and will leave it to you to seek out the original. Click on Olaf's Messages on my site for his latest update.
107 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog Olaf's Messages (Update #1) in the forums.
Olaf is wrapping up the year of 2016 with a 9-girl extravaganza. The Amazon Teams' interpretation of Lady Bathory and a portion of her doings. Methinks that I shall perform an internet search on that particular Lady ... And in the meantime, might I suggest that you drift on over to Olaf's site to see whether this video may be just your cup of tea ...
Check out Lady Bloodhory at Olaf's Messages
107 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/22/16 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
You'd best read Olaf's message for yourselves to see what he is offering this time out ... My take on it is that he is in the midst of having printed 3-D figures (raised like some topographical maps?) in fixed settings. As I say, I'm rather stumped by this so have a look at his message. I've been hoping that he would come up with an Amazon Holograph or two but perhaps having his ladies printed in a kind of 'Braille' would be about as good
122 days ago
Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/21/16 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
Olaf has posted "Death to Rebels" an Amazonian Custom starring Averia, Saramis, and Talanis - and I hope that I have their names spelled correctly - it's been a rough night.
Have a look at his preview here
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Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/20/16 "Amazon Captives" in the forums.
It's been some time since I've added anything to the roster under Olaf's Amazons. That being the case, "Amazon Captives" comes to you in time for Christmas which puts it at a safe distance from when the video on which it is drawn was released. "No Confidants" is the Amazon_Warrior Team video which stars no fewer than five young women ... Zahray, Leandra, Semira, Saphyra, and Talanis. I have added it to the menu for Olaf's Amazons which you will find at:
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Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/17/16 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
"Tis the Season!" and Olaf must have got it into his system because he has put up a series of 'wallpaper' pictures which are free for the taking. See his preview at Olaf's Messages on the "blog" then make your way to his site for the full sized images. (And thank you, Olaf).
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Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/16/16 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
No fewer than seven (that's as in 7!) girls get themselves Killed For Christmas in this latest outing of the Modern Amazons from Olaf "Nuclear" Winter. I'll have to go look at this one just to see how he manages to choreograph it so that seven females are kept busy all the time. Raven leads the troop and from Olaf's description, I guess that she is the sole survivor. Does that mean that a sequel is in the offing? Check "Olaf's Messages on the menu for Olaf's Promo.
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Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/14/16 Olaf's Messages in the forums.
I've been waiting for Olaf's latest post and you will see in his message that he has been rather busy and so this comes a tad later than usual.
Talanis, a favorite Amazon Veteran, has been engaged once again as an "agent", and we all know what happens to any agent of Olaf's don't we? Click on Olaf's Messages below to see what "himself" has to say ...
Or ... what the heck? I'll make it simple ... Click Here for the same result.
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Uncle Buck created a new topic BucksBlog 12/10/16 "Amazon Figurehead" in the forums.
The addition this time around is to the Amazons! Gallery. "Amazon Figurehead" attempts to explain the origin of what was to become the tradition of mounting the figure of a female on the bow of early sailing vessels. In essence she was the embodiment of a "Good Luck" charm and from the tales I've read over the course of my life, I'd say that the seafarers of the day needed every bit of it that they could get.
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