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“Dear Hello Kittycat friend,
you've been chosen to participate in a new experience of the Hello Kittycat franchise.
This is a special offer, tailored just for you. There's no requirements, we know you're the right person for the job we're offering you.
Join us and become a member of our growing cat family and help spreading love and cuteness throughout the world.
Just visit us at the address you find at the bottom of this card. But don't wait too long, or else we will have to assume you're not such a big fan as we think you are!”

Upon opening the card, the little Hello Kittycat face at the bottom right corner had sprayed a special chemical drug into the air to make her more affectionate, but it had hardly been required.
Zoey's excitement had already peaked when she found the card in her mail. She read it on her bed, surrounded by dozens of Hello Kittycat plush figures, in all sizes, lots of default appearances as well as numerous Hello Kittycat figures in specific job outfits.
After reading the card three times, she turned to her plush friends with a broad smile, checked her clock and headed out. It was still early enough to get to the attached address.

At first she wasn't sure when she got closer to the address, the area was rather run down and not very appealing. But once she saw a friendly kitty face at one of the doors, she knew she was right.
Humming a cheerful tune she buzzed at the door and was instantly allowed inside.
After climbing a flight of stairs she entered a simple office, white walls, a window, a simple office desk with a computer and a closed wooden door leading out of it. And dozens of Hello Kittycat plush figures in two shelves as well as a almost man sized one on a sofa.
Zoey stared at them just for a second when she heard a faint bump from behind the wall.

“Hello? Hellooohoo?”
The young redhead nervously twirled a finger around one of her braids.
There was some shuffling behind the wall, then some clear steps, a clack and the door opened.
A man in his fifties, short brown hair and a nice suit with an Hello Kittycat patch on the left chest stepped out with a smile.
“Hi there! Zoey, right? I've been expecting you.”
“Yes, uhm, that's me. I got this card...” Zoey was confused for a moment, but the drug from the card showed it's effect. The man saw her dilated pupils.
“Perfect! Your timing couldn't be better. I've just finished interviewing another applicant. My name's Ed! Nice to meet you! How do you like my office? Would you like one of the plushes? You can pick one if you like. It's yours!”
Zoey blinked rapidly, then smiled broadly at the comment and immediately went to grab a Hello Kittycat plush dressed as soldier from a shelf.
“I like this one.” she said with her cheeks blushing.
“Little soldier, eh? Perfect, perfect. If you'd now follow me into the back room please? I know it said on the card that there's no requirements, but we have to make a simple and quick test to make sure everything's in order. Follow me.”
The girl nodded and followed the older man into the dimly lit back room. Several lockers filled one side of it, a mop leaning against them, and in the middle of the room was a single chair with a screen in front of it. A bright spotlight illuminated it.
“Wow, what is this?” Zoey asked with wide eyes.
“Oh, it's simple. Just sit on the chair and look at the screen. You'll see some images on it, and I'll monitor your reaction. We'll have your dream job determined within the Hello Kittycat family in no time.”
“Is it safe? It looks so strange.” the girl looked at Ed saucer-eyed.
“Perfectly! Just try not to blink too much, okay?”
Ed watched as the redhead, clutching to her plush, sat down and the sequence on the screen started. It only took a minute before the screen stopped flashing and the girl sank unconscious back into the chair.
Ed relaxed and slid the garotte he had previously taken out back into his jacket. This subject behaved perfectly.

“Cadets! Welcome to the Hello Kittycat group! My name's Roberta and next to me is Johanna.
You've been chosen based on your skills and recommendations, and are now part of the Hello Kittycat Task Force!”
Zoey felt like she just had snapped out of a daydream. In front of her stood two short women, one with short raven hair, the other with a blonde ponytail and glasses. The raven haired named Roberta was speaking again with a slight Italian accent.
“Look around you. These girls are your new sisters. You will all live together, train together, and serve together. Your life now belongs to the Master Kitty! And if you do well, you might get to meet the Master Kitty itself!”

Zoey blinked and noticed she held something in her hands and looked down. She held a huge beige and dark blue assault rifle in her hands. A sling was attached to it and hung over her shoulder. Suddenly it felt heavy.
She was wearing a light blue long sleeve shirt and a beige short sleeved shirt over it, with a wicked looking Hello Kittycat in a suit patch on her right sleeve. Her name “Zoey” was written on a small white patch over her left breast. Looking further down, she was wearing dark blue leggings and beige combat boots. Also a beige belt hung around her waist and attached to it and her right leg, a beige pistol holster. There was a gun in the holster as well!

Zoey couldn't remember how she got here or when she dressed up like this. Especially how she got those guns! But somehow it felt right to her.
Her view went to her left where she saw several other girls, all dressed the same as her, some taller, some a few years older, but all with the same slightly confused look on their faces.
The two women in front of her wore the same outfit, although instead of beige shirts they wore dark blue.
They were all standing in what looked like an underground barracks room, with beds and lockers all around them. Some Hello Kittycat posters hung on the walls, and on each bed sat a plush next to the pillow. Zoey spotted one wearing a soldiers uniform and felt like this was her bunk bed, although she wasn't sure why or how she knew it. Her attention went back to the other girls.
Immediately to her left stood a taller woman with an auburn braid over her shoulder and fierce green eyes. She looked down to Zoey, gave her a smile and extended a hand.
“Hi, I'm Chloe.”
For a moment, Zoey stared at her, then shook her hand. “I'm Zoey. Nice to meet you.”

Now the blonde girl with glasses, Johanna, was speaking. Roberta just nodded to her and left the room.
“Alright! You girls have time to get to know each other better in a bit! For now, eyes on me! You've all been issued with a FN SCAR assault rifle and a 9mm Glock pistol. Before we proceed any further, I want to go over the basics with you. I don't need any of you shooting one another!”

Roberta entered a command room. It looked rather run down, but it did it's job. After the last time failure they had to expand quickly and big to get back on track. This time, no secret infiltration.
The normal franchise production went on as usual, nothing bad to report on that end. But the secret branch with their micro chips and drugs that accompanied the normal franchise, produced at this secret facility now, had to spread quickly before any other organisations would get notice of their plans.
So the Master Kitty's orders had been clear.
Establish a base of operations. Recruit faithful people to guard it. Crank up the production of Hello Kittycat merchandise. Flood the world with it. Then take over the world. The usual.

“Roberta! How are you? And how are the new cadets doing?”
Ed stood next to a tall, dark haired woman. Grace, leader of this operation. He gave Roberta a kiss on both cheeks.
“Nice to meet you, Ed. They should do, although they appear rather dim-witted.”
“They better be.” Grace said. “We need some personal to guard this place, and we don't need people like you and me for it. We need someone who doesn't ask too many questions or demands money. This recruitment technique is perfect.”
Ed gave a slight bow. “Thank you Grace. I'm amazed what you can do these days with technology. Track the sales, pick out those customers fitting the required profile, study their social network activity and behaviour, make sure no one will miss them, give them the invitation and a little drug, some automated brainwashing by a series of fitting images, and done.”
“Well, they clearly fit the requirements we had. Although I was expecting one more on this group. What happened?” Roberta raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, you should read Ed's report on that. It's quite entertaining.”
Grace handed a folder to Roberta. She quickly read it.

“Subject Julia X had entered my office late afternoon. Brunette, early twenties, long straight hair. She held the invitation card in her hands. Was a little nervous.
I did the usual pep talk to lure her in. Drug seemed to be effective. Relaxed a lot once she picked up a plush wearing a police uniform. Told me about how the world needs to be more secure and loving for everyone.
Brought her to the chair. Everything's been fine up to this point. Started the projection.
Half-way through it, subject Julia screamed and jumped out of the chair. She seemed clearly confused and demanded an explanation why she was here and what I was doing. Apparently the subject was immune to the behavioural brainwashing through the monitor or something else had stopped it on her. She insisted on leaving and threw the plush at me, threatening to call the police.
I tried to calm her. Then slipped a garotte around her neck. She tried to scream and punch me but I had her good. Then the buzzer went off, indicating someone else was entering the office. I had to act quickly. Subject Julia was gurgling and gasping for air. I had to snap her neck. In the process her bladder emptied and she made a mess on the floor. I dragged her to one of the lockers and stuffed her inside. Then quickly moped up the puddle before greeting the next subject.
After the next screening, I went back to the locker. Fucked subject Julia long and hard. Both ways. Then I dumped her body a few streets away in a dumpster. Made sure she looked like a rape victim.
End of report on subject Julia X.”

Roberta looked up from the report and gave it back to Grace without a word. Her brown eyes stared at Ed.
“I think your report has some details missing which I think we should discuss. In private.”
Grace just grinned wickedly as Roberta left the room, pulling Ed after her.

A few weeks later at an unknown location.
Inside a dark room at the centre was a oval table, dimly lit. Around it several chairs, people sitting in them. Somewhere off a large screen showing the Hello Kittycat logo flickered off. Squeaking of chairs.
A man in his fifties stood up. His green eyes sparkled in the dim light as he took the word.
“Gentleman. Gentlebears.”
He nodded in general, then in the direction of a chair where a grey haired bear sat that looked more like a life-sized children's plush.
“I say it's time to strike. We have gathered enough intel on Hello Kittycat's new facility and we're certain that the Master Kitty itself is going to be there tomorrow. The Great Grey Bear wants this unwanted competitor out of the market rather now than later. The market's getting flooded with those Kittycat toys and children all over the world start to favour those evil things rather than the traditional teddy bear.
Gentlemen, you all have been called here because you the best on your fields. It's time you earn your money. Any questions?”

Some quick looks were exchanged across the five men who sat around the table. One of them leaned forward, a men in his thirties wearing a sharp, black suit.
“I just want to confirm something, Vern. All of us here, including you, are experts in infiltration and espionage. We certainly won't have too much trouble taking down the leadership of the operation, however as your intel showed, they're expanding their security daily. The Kittycat guard staff must be in the hundreds by now. We can't take all of them out ourselves without risk.”
The man who spoke before cleared his throat.
“Certainly, Mr. Quester. The Great Grey Bear will support the mission with loyal Bear Troops. There will also be a squad of Black Grizzly Bears to assist.”
“And what about the Osos Amorosos?” Carlos Quester asked.
Vern looked at the Great Grey Bear sitting at the head of the table. It shook his head very slightly.
“We don't know yet if they will get involved or not. Be prepared to proceed without them.
If there are no further questions, then I suggest all of you get packing. We'll strike at sunset!”

The sun was slowly sinking just above the tree line on the nearby forest surrounding the area the Kittycat facility was located at.
A 19 year old guard with short curly black hair named Alexandra was walking the grid fence around the compound. Like all the guards of Kittycat, she wore a light blue long sleeve shirt and a beige short sleeved shirt over it with the “Hello Kittycat” patch on her right sleeve, combined with dark blue leggings and beige combat boots.
Alexandra stopped her steps when she heard a snapping sound and some rustling of fence. She turned around towards the noise when two black gloved hands wrapped around her face. In one smooth move she was lifted off the ground and spun around. Her neck snapped violently, then the hands released her body again which slumped down on the ground like a sack of potatoes.
Vern pressed his hand on his earpiece and spoke with a hushed voice.
“Badger Den, this is Badger One. The infiltration has begun.”
Behind him four men, mostly clad in black fatigues, slipped through the split fence and ran off quietly in different directions.

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Starship Trooperoulette

It was the 23rd century and mankind was already colonising planets in other galaxies. During the colonisation another intelligent life form was discovered, big arachnoid's that looked like a mix between spiders and crabs up to 3 meters tall.
The Bugs, as they got called, appeared to be extremely hostile and once humans came too close to their planet they started to attack. Their technology couldn't match those of the humans, however due to their build a single Bug could take out ten men alone using it's massive size and sharp beaks and claws. And variations of the Bugs, creatures looking like scorpions, even had the ability to shoot glowing acid balls into outer space that melted through men and steel alike.

It was the first encounter with the Bugs that had cost the Federation first dozens of soldiers who got massacred on the ground while exploring the planet. Second had been two giant spaceships orbiting the planet and thousands of people on-board, as the Bugs shot them with their artillery from the planets surface.
The Federation marked the planet as hostile territory and it was classified as never to return there. Until four years ago, when Bugs started to appear on one of the colonised planets and massacred the entire population, mainly consisting of farmers.
It began the war with the Bugs. Since then they appeared on numerous colonised planets, neutral and military alike, causing chaos and destruction. Federation intelligence tried to figure out how the Bugs operate and it was assumed they had a Queen Bug, like with a queen bee in a hive.
Since then the Federation had increased it's recruitment program, recruiting everyone from old to young to fight in the war against the Bugs.
The goal was to push their expanding borders back and reach their original planet again, to find and terminate the supposed Queen Bug…

The Present
The year is 2345. The three friends Julia, Zoey and Ester had just finished high school together and where walking across a fair. News about an attack from the Bugs directly on Earth a few days ago was still all over the news and the Federation announced an all out attack on the home planet of the Bugs.
While the friends walked across the fair, a billboard behind them announced that everyone could join the Mobile Infantry and help the Federation in it's war against the Bugs, claiming the final attack to end this war was close.
They stopped and Julia, a French brunette with long hair, looked at Zoey.
“Zoey, honey, there is something I have to tell you.”
The redhead Zoey stopped and looked confused while Ester grinned slightly.
“What? Did I miss something?”
Julia touched Zoey's shoulder, turned slightly and pointed at the billboard with the other hand.
“I've enlisted with the Federation. They came to me! They said given my grades I would have a great future, piloting and maybe even commanding one of the Federation spaceships!”
Zoey's yaw dropped.
“I'm sorry chéri, I should have told you sooner, but I only know it myself since yesterday when they knocked on my door. And I also have to leave tomorrow already. But I feel it's the right thing to do.”
Zoey was stunned.
“But… But, I thought we would go and work for the company of my uncle together. He already arranged everything for us! Ester! Did you know about this already?”
Ester grinned more.
“Well, yes. She told me earlier today, because as you both know, I enlisted a while ago already.”
“I can't believe it! And what about us? Julia, we wanted to rent a flat together!”
Zoey bristled with anger, but Julia just looked at her, her eyes a mix of sorrow and happiness.
“How about you just come with us? Come with us tomorrow and we all sign up to join the Federation. Then we can explore Space together and help end the Bug invasion.”
“I… I don't know. Do you really think? I'm not a fighter like Ester.”
Ester still grinned and slapped Zoey playfully on her shoulder. She was almost as short as Zoey, had short black hair and her body looked well toned.
“Look over there, there's the tent of a Seer. Why don't we pop in there and you ask, how your future with the Federation would look like. You know they even employ Seers in the Federation by now.”
Zoey's face lightened up a bit.
“Okay, I will ask. But if she tells me that I'll be dead on my first mission, you can both do whatever you want, I will stay here!”
Ester and Julia nodded and pushed Zoey inside the tent and waited outside.

The interior of the tent was pretty gloomy, dark rugs with all sorts of golden symbols embroidered on them hang from the ceiling and covered the floor. There was only a small table in the middle of the room with a bowl and a glass ball inside, and two cushions on either side of the table.
On the far one an older woman with long white hair sat cross-legged. She smiled faintly at Zoey.
“Come in child and sit down. My name is Val, and yours is Zoey. What can I do for you?”
Zoey gasped and slowly sat down on the free cushion.
“How do you know my name?”
“Well, I'm a Seer, my child. Guessing people's names is the easiest thing.”
Zoey nodded. Although she wasn't happy to be called 'child', being 20 years old. But then again that woman could've been her grandmother she thought.
“I wish to know my future with the Federation. Would it be a bad idea for me to sign up?”
Val leaned slightly forward and closed her eyes, humming softly.
“Give me your hands.”
She took both of Zoey's hands in hers and twisted them back and forth, muttering softly.
“Yes… yes, I can see you… wearing a Federation Trooper's uniform. Hmmm… yes. Yes, you will be well known. Ohh… yes, you will be seen and known by millions of people. They will all get to know your name… Zoey…”
She went silent for a moment and mumbled to herself before she continued.
“But… I must warn you Zoey… there will be obstacles in your way. You will have to make sacrifices… but you must overcome them and be strong. Don't leave out any chances, for you must build your own path… don't be afraid. Face the challenges when they seem to take you forward. No matter what they are, you have to succeed. Then your time with the Federation will be well rewarded…”

As Val slowly opened her eyes again, she saw the girl sitting across her beaming with delight.
Zoey jumped on her feet.
“Thank you Madam Val. I know what I have to do now. Sign up with the Mobile Infantry! Watch out world, you will all know me soon!”
She turned around on her heels and strutted towards the tent entrance but stopped as she heard a loud cough behind her.
“I might be a Seer, but I also need to make a living. That'll be twenty dollars my dear.”
Zoey blushed and handed her the money before she went back outside the tent.

“Mon chéri, what happened to you? You look like she just told you that you will win the lottery!”
Zoey grinned at her friends.
“I have decided my friends, and I will come with you tomorrow to sign myself up. I'll join the Mobile Infantry and will do my share to get rid of those Bugs!”

The next day at the local Federation recruitment building the friends Ester, Julia and Zoey stood in line with hundreds of men and women, waiting to sign up to do their duty.
When they got to the recruitment desk an older man in Federation parade uniform looked up to them. The name tag on his counter said “Lt. Ed”.
“Next! What can I do for you?”
Julia stepped forward and did a sloppy salute.
“Ensign Julia reporting. I'm here to catch my flight for the pilot academy.”
Ed rolled his eyes and grunted.
“I need a little bit more than. Flight School, alright, what's your last name?”
“X. My name is Julia X.”
Ed tapped some keys on his keyboard.
“Good, I got you. I hope you make a better pilot than you do your time management. Your flight leaves in ten, so you better hurry up. Gate 5. Next!”
Julia stepped aside and ignored the time. She wanted to see her friends sign up as well.

Ester stepped forward and gave Ed a sharp salute.
“Ester Cat, Mobile Infantry, reporting for transport, Sir!”
Ed smirked and saluted her back and tapped some keys.
“Mobile Infantry, very good. We're the true heroes of this war, Trooper. Fighting eye to eye with those Bugs. Your squad will be regiment 632, Sergeant Fawn Lee. Your flight leaves at Gate 3. Good luck trooper. Next!”

Zoey stepped forward and looked over the counter at the man with the short brown hair that started to turn grey.
“My name's Zoey Chester, Sir. I'd like to sign up with the Mobile Infantry, like my friend.”
Ed looked at her and smiled.
“No problem Miss, just give me your ID and we'll have you signed up in no time.”
Zoey handed Ed her ID and waited while he worked on the keyboard.
A couple minutes later he looked back up.
“Okay Trooper, you're signed up. Regiment 674, Sergeant Jaegger. Your flight also leaves at Gate 3.”
It took a moment for Zoey to process the information.
“Wait, I'm not in the same group as Ester?”
“No, the computer assigned you to this group. Is that a problem Trooper?”
“No, yes. I mean, I would like to be in the same group as my friend… Can't you do anything about it?”
Ed leaned back in his chair and sighed.
“Look Trooper, we have a war to fight. If everyone wanted their special wishes addressed then the Bugs would've already overrun us!”
Then he sighed again as he saw the girl with the red braids in front of him looking sad.
“But maybe I can do something… if you're ready to do your duty right here.”
Zoey looked confused to her friends. Julia looked confused back but Ester just winked at her and nodded. Zoey turned back to Ed.
“Yes Sir, what do I…”
Ed rolled a little back with his chair, revealing his full body behind the counter. He pulled the legs of his suit up a bit, revealing artificial legs.
“While fighting the Bugs one of them snatched my legs. But I can assure you, everything else between those legs is still working just fine. It just needs some oiling from time to time.”
He stared at Zoey and waited.

Zoey turned to her friends again and blushed deeply. Ester tried to hide a chuckle behind her hand while Julia gestured with her finger in her mouth.
Slowly Zoey turned back again to Ed, who was still waiting. She walked around his desk then knelt under it and slowly opened his fly as Ed rolled forward again in his chair, trapping Zoey under his desk.
He sighed as he felt the girl taking his slowly hardening cock in her hands, and then between her lips.
Then the speakers in the hall went live.
“Last call for flight at Gate 5, leaving for the Flight Academy. Last call for flight at Gate 5!”
Julia twitched and gave Ester a hug. Then she blew a kiss towards Ed.
“I have to run, good bye chéri, I'll miss you!”
Zoey heard her, but she couldn't answer while sucking on Ed's cock. Ester continued to chuckle as Ed just handled the next recruit standing in front of him, calling 'Next' like nothing would happen.

He handled two more recruits until he gestured the third to wait, rolled his eyes back and let out a groan. Then he reached below his desk, something zipped and he slowly rolled back in his chair.
Zoey crawled out under it, a little bit of cum dripping from her lips.
She stood a little dazed beside Lt. Ed who punched a few keys on his keyboard, then turned to her.
“Good job, Trooper. Your regiment now is 632, Sergeant Fawn Lee. Gate 3. Good luck fighting the Bugs!”
Then he just turned back to his screen and shouted 'Next'.

Zoey slowly walked back to Ester who continued to laugh and slapped Zoey hard on her back as they went on towards Gate 3.

At the Academy Zoey and Ester met their new comrades, an all female squad. Except for one tall man named Sonny, who turned out to be a trans man. He looked like a man, muscular build and good looking, but still had been a woman.
During a hand-to-hand combat training class, the squad instructor Sergeant Fawn Lee, a small Asian woman with a black ponytail, fought everyone of her recruits herself and defeated every one of them, except Sonny.
This got everyone to respect him and soon it was clear that he became the Squad Leader, who directly reported to their instructor, Fawn Lee.

But not everyone was happy with Sonny as their group leader.
A few days into training the squad had to split into two groups and charge against each other with stun rifles. The Asian Trooper Theodora was in the opposite team and she wanted to become Squad Leader.
During the match she sneaked on top of a vantage point and took aim for Sonny, planning to take him out and then lead her team to victory. But Yzzy, a clear follower of Sonny, saw Theodora's sniper attempt and with a loud scream she charged against Theodora.
As she tackled into her, both girls fell down several meters off the vantage point and the tumbling ball of two troopers crashed with loud screams on the ground below.

The training was interrupted, but the medics could only diagnose the death of both troopers. Theodora had landed on Yzzy in a 69 position, both girls had their faces buried in the other girls crotch. Yzzy broke her back while Theodora broke her neck on the landing, and despite the shock of their deaths to everyone's amusement Theodora dripped wet on Yzzy's face when they got separated.

It was the last day of the only two week training before the squad was about to embark on their mission towards the Bug home planet.
During a group shower, Sonny entered the stall with a strap-on cock stripped around his waist and walked in the middle of the room while steaming hot shower water washed over his comrades all around him.
“Can I get everyone's attention please? I know that the recent death of Yzzy and Theodora made everyone wary, but I can assure you. I as your Squad Leader will lead you in the battle against the Bugs, and we will face the Queen Bug! As my prophesy told me! So who is with me?”
The room echoed with 'Hooaahh' as the troopers around Sonny shouted in union.
Then it went silent in an instant as Sonny dropped the soap on the floor. Only the sound of the water splashing on the girls could be heard.
Zoey sent out a silent prayer that it wouldn't be her to pick up the soap. She knew the Seer had said she would have to overcome obstacles but not this…

Suddenly a girl was pushed forward, with an auburn pixie haircut. She fell on her knees right in front of Sonny. Chloe looked up to Sonny, gulped and slowly picked up the soap. Sonny quickly grabbed her arm and shoved her back against the wall, then directly plunged his strap-on into her.
Chloe moaned as Sonny banged into her again and again, and everyone kept watching, getting randy themselves.
Eventually Chloe came in a shuddering orgasm. Sonny pulled out of her and she collapsed on the floor of the showers, the water continuing to splash down on her from above.
But it wasn't over yet.

Later that evening the troopers were in their barracks, most of them running around only wearing panties and tank-tops, preparing for their journey the next day. Some cuddled together in their bunk, some silently praying, others lively chatting.
Zoey was in her bunk, staring at her little notebook. The screen flashed and showed Julia's face who was aboard a spaceship. Zoey smiled as she saw Julia dressed in a Federation Pilot dress uniform.
“Hello, it's good to see you!”
“Hello chéri. Are you doing okay?”
“I'm good, except that we're going bug hunting tomorrow. I'm not as convinced anymore that this was a good idea.”
“Don't worry, I'm sure you will do your best and will be victorious… Zoey, there is something I have to tell you.”
“Of course I will do my best! But how about you? I bet you are already commanding one of the big spaceships! Will do command our ship tomorrow for the Bug planet? That would be awesome!”
“See, this is one thing I wanted to talk to you about, I've piloted a ship and...”
Julia saw a shadow approach behind Zoey. A man with short brown hair and playful sparking black eyes came up behind her, grabbed her by her shoulders and dragged her out of her bed. On second glance Julia noticed that it wasn't a man, but a manly looking woman with a strap-on cock. She heard several other troopers yell and cheer as the man forced Zoey down on all four and plunged into her, taking her doggy-style.
Julia watched, heard the cheering now mixed with intense moans, and her own hand slid under her uniform skirt. Just in time as a real man appeared in her room behind her, leaned down next to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.
“Wow, what are you watching there honey?”
“That's Zoey, I told you about her...”
The man next to her chuckled.
“It looks like quite a party.”
Then a face appeared close up on the screen. It was Ester who grinned wickedly.
“Hi Julia! Bye Julia!”
Esters face disappeared again and in view came an exposed crotch with a finger slipping in and out of her pussy. A few seconds later she came and squirted right on the camera, blurring the whole image.
Julia took a deep breath, disconnected the video session and turned to the man.
“Maybe we can have a party of our own…?”

The next day Zoey and the other members of her team embarked on the landing shuttle that brought them to the Bug's home planets surface. The shuttle was filled with female troopers only, except two man who sat down across Zoey. They also wore trooper combat armour, but one of them had a hand microphone and the other, a man in his fifties with stunning green eyes and short grey hair, shouldered a video camera.
The man noticed the little redhead staring at him.
“Hey there, trooper. I'm Vern.”
Zoey blinked for a second then smiled.
“Hello! I'm Zoey! What are you doing here?”
“What does it look like to you? We're here to record your landing and attack on the Queen Bug's lair. It's even going to be streamed live! Isn't that nuts? But Command said it would be the best propaganda to show the raw fight and the uncut victory of your mission. Live to millions at home watching!”
“Woooaahh… so you will film our attack?”
“I guess so. But mostly I will be filming Mike over here.”
He pointed at the man next to him with the microphone, who gave Zoey a sloppy two finger salute.
Zoey saluted him back properly and turned to Vern again, her mind racing.
Could this be her chance? The Seer had said she'd become known to millions of people. And this man could do a live broadcast of her heroic fight against the Bugs!
“Say Mr. Vern… is there a chance you could point that camera on me?”
Zoey ogled at him.
“Well, uhm...”
Vern was interrupted by the shuttles speaker coming to life.
“This is your shuttle captain Julia speaking. We're making our descend to the Bug planet, please make sure you're sitting and are strapped in for the entry. Thank you!”
Zoey looked at the speaker, then at Ester.
Ester shrugged and looked at the shuttle cabin door.
“It sounded like our Julia to me.”
“I have to check!”
Zoey jumped to her feet and approached the cabin door. She took a deep breath and stepped into the small cabin.

“Hey, no one allowed in here! Wait… Zoey?”
Julia stared at the trooper standing in the door.
“Hello! It's me!”
Zoey looked puzzled at the brunette girl, wearing a normal Federate Pilot uniform. Then she rushed forward and kissed her on the lips, but Julia didn't quite reply.
“Julia… what are you doing here? I thought you would be up there, commanding the spaceship?”
“I wanted to chéri, but I made a mistake. Crashed a ship slightly into a space station… they said I wouldn't be allowed a second chance for quite a while.”
“I'm so sorry to hear that! I really believed you would be perfect as Captain! I still do!”
Someone cleared his throat behind Zoey, who turned around and looked at a handsome young man, also dressed as Federate Pilot.
Julia took the word again.
“I'm sorry, where are my manners. Zoey, this is Lewis. He's my boyfriend.”
Zoey's jaw dropped.
“Wait, he's your what? I thought I am your...”
Lewis chuckled.
“I'm her boyfriend. The one who's been shagging her for the last few weeks. And now you better get back there, Trooper. We have a planet to land on. Julia, prepare for landing!”
“I'm sorry chéri, I really wanted to tell you sooner...”
Julia looked at the speechless Zoey for a moment, then turned to her controls.

Zoey was furious as she stepped out of the cabin and got back to the others. She stomped back to her place but instead of sitting down she faced Vern.
“What is it Trooper Zoey?”
Zoey's furious face turned red on her cheeks. The Seer said she'd become famous. But she had to overcome the obstacles in her path.
“As I asked before… Is there any chance you could… point the camera at me?”
“I, uhm, I should keep it on our reporter. But of course I could do some pans, was planning on doing so. Show some action! After all the world should see how you ladies get the Queen Bug. But I'm not planning on recording anyone in particular. Why should I do that?”
Zoey leaned down to him and whispered in his ear.
Vern's face brightened with a wicked grin.
“I make no promises Trooper, but you have to earn that a little first.”
He shifted a little in his seat, spreading his legs slightly more. Zoey's face blushed more, but without another word she dropped on her knees, put her helmet down, then with trembling fingers unzipped Vern's uniform trousers.
The other troopers began to cheer as she took out his erect cock and began to kiss it, then closed her lips around it and sucked. Vern leaned his head back and closed his eyes, letting out a sigh.
The reporter Mike next to him rolled his eyes, muttering.
“I'm the reporter! I should get the girls...”
The troopers continued to cheer for Zoey and Vern, as suddenly the ship was rocked by an explosion.
Then a female voice shouted on the speakers.
“We've been hit! Bug artillery! Hang on, we're crash landing!”
The ship was rocked by another explosion and Zoey fell on her back. The last thing she saw was Vern cuming, his cum raining down on her before she blacked out.

As Zoey woke up from Ester shaking her. Zoey croaked.
“Buhhh, what happened?”
Ester grinned at her.
“You put on quite a show. Then we got hit by that artillery and when we landed you spun around the room like a lifeless doll. Come on, get up! Time to be a hero!”
Zoey took Esters hand and got back on her feet. Ester dumped Zoey's helmet on her head and pushed her towards the big hatch.
“What about Julia?”
Ester shook her head.
“They're both dead. Cabin looks like a crushed can. Let's go!”

Zoey and Ester stepped out and blinked for a moment in the bright sun that illuminated a vast canyon area which they had crash landed inside, surrounded by high dry rock walls.
Vern and Mike stood by the side, Mike nervously reporting the situation to the camera.
Sonny had gone a few steps down the canyon and now waved to the others.
“Come on, the Queen Bug's this way!”
Chloe went to the far side of Sonny, yelling.
“Are you sure, oh fearless leader? Because I don't see a single stinking Bu--uuccgggkkk!”

The mighty claw of a Bug appeared out of the ground and impaled Chloe from below! Then it retracted it's claw and emerged as whole from the sandy ground. Chloe fell face first like a stiff plank on the ground.
“Bugs! Buuugs!”
Ester shouted and the others tuned in, then she rushed away from Zoey over to Chloe, firing her rifle at the Bug. It twitched and twisted from the impact of many bullets and finally cringed legs up on the floor.
As she reached Chloe, the trooper was already dead. Ester shook her head, then the air around her trembled and four more Bugs emerged from below, enclosing her.
She screamed and fired her rifle, the other troopers fired blindly at her as well but two bugs shielded her off with their massive bodies.
The next thing Zoey saw of Ester was her body being torn apart by the Bugs.
Sonny threw a grenade which landed perfectly between the Bugs and a second later they exploded into bits and pieces.

As the dust settled down it was silent for a moment. Shocked troopers stood scattered all around, everyone staring at the hole in the ground and the torn bug limbs around it.
Vern was filming the whole thing.
Then Sonny raised his voice.
“Let's go! The Queen Bug is still this way!”
“But… but what about Ester and Chloe? We have to check on them!”
Zoey stammered, still standing next to the shuttle. She noticed Vern now training his camera on her. That would be her line. She knew it. Her soft side showing, caring for the others!
“We have to check if they're still alive! We owe them!”
“Nonsense Trooper, they died for our mission, and our mission is to find the Queen-- woah, watch out!”
Before Zoey could turn around, the earth behind her trembled and another Bug appeared. She turned her head just in time to see a sharp claw coming at her. She felt a sharp pain as it pierced her back armour like wet paper and emerged out of her chest again.
The trooper with red braids was lifted off the ground and her whole body twitched, causing her finger to tighten around the trigger of her rifle. Unintentional she sprayed a hail of bullets at her fellow troopers, hitting several of them including the reporter. Then her trousers turned dark around her crotch and a stream of pee made it's way to the dusty ground.
Vern kept his camera trained on the scene, both the record and live icons blinking in the upper left corner of his viewfinder.
The troopers opened fire and quickly caused the bug holding Zoey to collapse, ending with her sitting on the floor, eyes wide open, legs spread, a Bug claw sticking out of her chest.

Then all hell broke loose. Dozens of Bugs appeared at the top of the canyon walls and began streaming down at the troopers, screeching loudly.
“This way! Run! Ruuun!”
Sonny began running down the canyon, away from the shuttle. The other troopers and Vern followed, shooting blindly left and right at the bugs. Many twisted, cringed and died, but the Bugs came closer, ripping trooper after trooper apart.
Suddenly something sharp hit Vern in his back and threw him in the air. He was dead when he landed with his face in front of the camera.
The camera shifted focus for a moment, showing Vern's horrified dead face before it shifted back again to show Sonny and the last few troopers fighting off waves after waves of Bugs, but one after another the troopers got ripped apart.

After a few moments only Sonny was left alive and the screen began to fill with Bugs.
Sonny was turning back and forth on his heels and stopped shooting.
“No! No, this can't be! This can't be the end! I was destined to find the Queen Bug! My prophecy said it! I must find the Queen Bug!”
The Bugs enclosed him but stopped about a meter away from him, hissing and screeching.
Then a massive Bug head appeared from the ridge behind Sonny, with a thousand eyes staring at him, followed by a massive mouth.
Sonny began to laugh hysterically as he saw the Queen Bug rise behind him. He got his grip again and raised his rifle.
“Time for you to die!”
But before he could fire, the Queen Bug opened her mouth and a big glowing blue ball appeared. She spat it out and hit Sonny, enclosed him and vaporised, leaving only Sonny's boots behind…

“Turn that off! Cut that live feed! Who's stupid idea was it to broadcast this directly?”
President Grace was furious. She sat at a round table in the War Council with the other Head Masters and Generals of the Federation.
A hand slowly raised.
“You said you wanted a new propaganda to promote more encouragement for the Federation. To recruit more new troopers for the war against the Bugs. So a live transmission of our final strike against the Queen Bug, to take them out once and for all, would've been the best propaganda to think of.”
“Only it turned out a disaster, you moron!”
Another voice came up.
“I think we should stop the ground attack immediately and turn to Plan B. Nuke the entire planet. Make sure no Bug gets out alive, so we end them once and for all!”
“Let's open the vote for Plan B!”

Later that day another live transmission took place, showing the Bug Home Planet from outer space. Dozens rockets appeared on screen, aimed for the planet. After they disappeared from view, multiple giant explosions appeared on the planets surface.
The citizens of Planet Earth celebrated the day the Bugs finally had been eliminated.

Seer Val had followed the events of the day on her television throughout the evening, until her doorbell rang.
She went for the door and found a saw a well known face. An older man stood in the door. Federation Dress uniform, brown short hair and hazel eyes.
“Lieutenant Ed, what a nice surprise. What brings you here?”
“The same as usual Madam Val.”
He handed her an envelope. A quick look inside showed hundreds of dollar.
“Your usual under-the-hand payment from the Federation, for convincing hundreds of young people to join the Federation. We owe you thanks for your services, especially now that the war is over.”
Val smiled weakly.
“You know I'm not doing anything special.”
“Of course you do. You're a Seer. But I always wonder. I know what you've told me when I was a young man, but what do you tell them nowadays? Promises of riches and fame? Because the Federation is very thrifty with both.”
“I don't make up what I tell them, Ed. I tell them what I see. What I see in their heads. And this is what I tell them. I tell them the things they expect, the things they want to hear. It's their wishes and desires, I don't make any of it up.”
Ed nodded thoughtful.
“So, Lieutenant Ed. You say you still remember what I told you a long time ago? Would you like th share that memory?”
“Indeed I remember. I was told, when the war is over, I will have a happy ending. And now the war is finally over.”
Val nodded and flashed a smile.
“Say, why don't you come in and close that door behind you…?”


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It was a usual rainy day in London but the heavy rain had just started. Thick clouds covered the sky and rain poured down on the small group that approached the London Eye.
The two young women, Julia and Heather, both daughters of rich business men, had been on a trip to London. While it officially was a business trip it was more for show. They met some important business partners of their fathers, signed some documents and spent most of their time shopping and sightseeing. For that they had hired a local guide to show them around and they already had a huge tip for her ready as she had produced two big umbrellas for them just as it started to rain, keeping them and their expensive business suits dry.
Julia was 26 and French, with brown eyes and long black hair that bobbed on her shoulders with every step. She wore a black collar jacket over a white blouse, combined with a short black skirt and tights and fitting black high heels.
Heather was twenty and from America. She had blue eyes and light brown hair done in a ponytail. She also wore a purple trouser suit, combined with a black blouse and black high heels.
They followed their guide Zoey, a redhead with braids. While the business girls outfits looked expensive yet rather leisure, their guide looked really business. She had a bright red jacket over a white blouse, red tie and red trouser. With her black wedge sneakers she tried to look taller than she actually was.

Thanks to the weather it was surprisingly empty and Julia and Heather only saw their guides bright red umbrella in front of them as she quickly walked past the gates, paid their fee and led them to the next empty cabin.
“What a bummer! I'm sorry for the rain my ladies, but at least in here you'll be safe from it. But I promise, once we went all the way round it should be alright again!”
Julia chuckled. Her guide kept calling them her ladies, as if they'd been some noble folk.
“It's okay Zoey, not your fault. We heard the weather here is tricky. And you just saved us with those.”
Julia lowered her umbrella.
“My pleasure my ladies.”
Zoey quickly grabbed both hers and Heathers from their hands and flapped them at the far side of the cabin before she dropped them on the floor and walked back to her guests.
“Now you'll see this ride takes a bit of time but you will have a wonderful view, despite the rain. And it looks like we have this cabin just for us... bummer!”
Two older men, Ed and Vern, in black trench coats and black fedoras entered the cabin. The rain was dripping down their coats and heads as they both tipped their hats.
“Good day, ladies.”
They both seemed to be in their fifties, but their hazel and green eyes looked sharp as they smiled at the other guests.
“Hello!” the British tour guide smiled at them cheerfully. The two business girls just nodded.
Just as the door was about to close another seemingly couple in their mid-thirties stepped in from the rain. A tall woman, Grace, with long black hair and, despite the weather, black sunglasses. She wore a long black coat, tights and black knee long high heel boots. Her companion was a handsome looking man with short brown hair and also black sunglasses. Sonny had a black leather jacket and dark blue denim jeans. He looked rather emotionless through the cabin while she gave everyone a smile showing her teeth.

The wheel started and the cabin slowly went up. Zoey explained to her guests what they saw as best as possible through the heavy rain. The other two groups seemed rather uninterested in it as they casually looked out and then continued to eye each other and the tourist group.
The two older men whispered to each other as the cabin came closer to the top and continuously glanced over to the couple with the sunglasses, as the man with the leather jacket suddenly pulled out a mobile phone and tapped some keys on it.
A second later the London Eye stood still and their cabin stopped moving on top of the circle.

The tour guide didn't seem to notice as she continued explaining facts about the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben to her guests.
Sonny walked up straight to her and leaned down.
“Excuse me Miss, could you tell me what time it is?”
With a smile Zoey pointed at the clock tower.
“Of course Sir, you can see the big clock even through the rain. Just have a look, it's -ACK!”
Sonny grabbed the redhead by her head and slammed her face first against the glass wall of the cabin. Zoey slowly slid down to the floor unconscious.
“Hey! What are you doing?!”
“Are you insane?!”
Both Heather and Julia started chatting angrily at Sonny, and the two men in suits moved towards him but stopped a second later in their movement and raised their hands.
“I wouldn't try anything funny if I were you.”
Grace held a small pistol with a silencer in her hand. As the girls saw her they both turned and their faces went pale.
“Sorry for that, but your ride ends here.”
Sonny chuckled as he also produced a pistol from his jacket and took a step backwards.

“Who are you? What do you want? This is madness!”
“Do you even know who we are? You're in deep trouble now!”
Julia and Heather got colour back in their faces and started complaining about the situation but Grace silenced them by waving her gun in front of them.
“Of course we know who you are. And it seems you made some people angry, so they hired us to make sure you won't leave this city again.”
“But... who would want that?” Julia was startled.
Sonny took the word.
“We don't know, and normally we really don't care either. There's a price on your both heads and we'll get it. But I'd really like to know who is mad at you now as well, because do you know who these two gentlemen here are? They're both hitman as well. Ed, Vern, it's so good to see you. Too bad we took the initiative. Now we can collect the money on your heads as well!”
Vern cleared his throat.
“I wouldn't be so sure about that yet, Sonny.”
“What do you mean old man? Don't try any tricks or I will shoot you first.” Grace hissed.
“No tricks. Look.”
He nudged towards the tour guide on the ground who started to move and groaned.
“Ouch... What the bloody hell is wrong with you people?!”

As Sonny and Grace turned their attention to the girl things happened really fast.
Ed jumped forward and slapped the gun out of Grace's hands, grabbed her other hand and spun her around until she fell against him. Then he produced a wire from his jacket and wrapped it around her throat.
Vern slid a knife out of his sleeve, grabbed Sonny from behind with one hand on his forehead and slit his throat with the knife. In his surprise Sonny fired his gun and a bullet hit Zoey right in her chest. The redhead groaned and slumped down again at Heather and Julia's feet.
Only moments later Sonny dropped the gun and tried to stop the blood from spurting out of his throat before he collapsed on the floor where he kicked for a moment before he went limp.
Grace struggled and kicked, trying to get Ed to release the wire but he held tight. She dropped her gun as well and tried to get her fingers under the wire but Eds grip was strong. He took another deep breath and pulled even harder. Grace's arms flailed around and her heels scratched over the floor before her body became limp and her tongue rolled out of her mouth, her eyes staring blank at the rain outside.
Ed released the wire and let Grace collapse on the floor.
Heather and Julia stood shocked at the other end, one dead girl at their feet.
“Look! Whatever they want to pay you, we will pay you more!”
Julia took a step back, away from the body at her feet. Ed chuckled.
“Oh, I like to hear that. But let me tell you, these amateurs here, using guns to kill you. We both have specific instructions how to kill you, and if we do, we get paid double already. How does that sound to you?”
Heather started to move along the wall slowly while speaking.
“I don't know! Name something! We'll make a generous offer then! You don't want to mess with our families!”
Vern turned to Ed and rolled his eyes. Ed chuckled again.
“What? Come on, at least give them a chance!”
Vern turned around again.
“Sorry girls, it's just business.”

With those words Heather dropped herself on her knees and leaped forward to Sonny's pistol on the ground. But Vern was prepared already and simply stepped over her and rammed his knife down into her back. The girl screamed and twitched under him before she went limp, unable to fire a single shot from the gun.
At the same time Julia charged forward at Ed, who just evaded her charge and pushed her further into the other wall. Julia smacked against the glass wall and while she was dazed Ed just slipped the wire around her throat. The business girl croaked for a while, clawing at Eds coat, but soon she lost her energy and became a lifeless puppet in his arms. Ed just dropped her as well.
Next they took Sonny's phone and used it to make a few snaps from their work. A little bit bloodier as they had planned but at least the actual targets had been removed as ordered.

Once their cabin reached the bottom again, both men left it in a hurry. When the cabin operator checked the cabin and found the bodies, the men had already vanished in the still pouring rain...

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Lord Santa and the Bad Elves

Starring: Dev, Ed, Fawn, Grace, Hitomi, Julia, Karin, Laura, Linda, Roberta, Stephy, Theodora, Val, Vern, Yzzy, Zoey

Christmas was only a few days away, and when the problem didn't seem to resolve itself, a task force was created to take car of it.
The executive part of said task force was now at the North Pole, hiding behind a frozen bush overlooking the valley from the other side where Santa's toy factory was. Instead of an army a selected few veterans had been chosen to deal with the situation quietly.
Ed was the leader of the group. He was in his fifties, had hazel eyes and short brown hair, and his body was well trained.
Next to him was Vern, another Veteran with green eyes and short hair that started to turn grey, but nevertheless his body was in best shape as well.
Both had countless years of combat experience and had successfully completed missions all over the world already. They were the right men for this job.
The third person lying on the platform behind the frozen bush was Dev, a young man in his early twenties, black eyes and black medium cut hair. He was a psychology major and an expert on hostage negotiations despite his young age. Ed first had refused to take him along as it was way too dangerous but the task force had insisted they would need him in case Santa Claus or any of his helpers would require psychological help. After all Christmas was in danger. And it would look good for the press if anyone should find out what had happened.

Intelligence had found out that Santa Claus had been kidnapped by his cousin Sonny. Sonny, who actually was a woman first but decided to become and live as a man, was always jealous of Santa, and this year he decided to become Santa himself and bring some chaos to the world.
With the help of Santa's rogue Bad Helpers he managed to kidnap Santa and without a leader the Good Helpers turned to him instead. Sonny called himself “Lord Santa”, equipped the Bad Helpers with guns for his protection, started to rule the North Pole and made plans to destroy Christmas.
When Dev first heard this story he had a hard time to believe that Santa Claus, his Helpers and Lord Santa could just be painted in black and white, good and bad. Nothing was that simple.
Yet the task force stated that it was, and the team he was part of had a simple mission. Remove all the Bad Helpers and Lord Santa, rescue Santa Claus and restore order to the toy factories so that Christmas would be as good as everyone expected it to be.

The three took out binoculars and scanned the other side of the valley with a huge frozen lake between their position and one of the toy factories as well as Santa's residence.
The residence had a huge glass front facing the lake and they could look right into it.
Sonny, as Lord Santa, dressed in a red coat and pants, black boots and a face white beard, sat on a wooden throne. Facing him, sitting on his lap with her legs spread around his waist, was a woman with long black hair. She wore red leather high heel boots that went over her knees and a green latex catsuit that was zipped down in front, all the way down to her crotch. Her exposed breasts jiggled with joy as she buckled up and down in Lord Santa's lap and her face, partly covered by black sunglasses, showed happiness while she seemed to shout in pleasure.
Behind them was a huge fireplace and a door, and next to it stood another girl. Her red hair was tied in little pigtails and she watched Lord Santa and the other Helper rather nervous, playing with the huge Uzi Machine Gun in her hands. She was dressed with a red bobble hat, a green tunic that showed a lot of cleavage and ended in a rather short skirt, green low cut boots whose tip was curled upwards and long red and white striped socks that went up above her knees.

Dev was confused.
Both girls looked rather small compared to Lord Santa and something was awkward about their ears as they looked rather pointy.
Ed saw the confusion on his face and couldn't contain himself as he burst into laughter.
“What's your problem kiddo? The fact that they're obviously having sex?”
“No! I mean, yes, but they look so... strange.”
“Of course they do! When you heard all the talk at the briefing about good and bad Helpers, what did you expect? They're elves of course! Santa's Helpers are elves!”
Ed laughed again and slapped Dev on his shoulder.
“We should go while they're distracted.”
Vern packed their stuff. They all wore white long coats, pants and boots, hats and gloves, keeping them warm in the freezing environment. Vern and Ed carried both M4 Assault Rifles with silencers attached. As they got up Vern put a M9 Beretta, also with a silencer, in Dev's hands.
“It's just a precaution. Don't worry Dev, we'll take care of all the bad elves for you, but just in case.”
Dev nodded and looked at the gun. He received some simple lessons at the shooting range prior to this mission but he was hoping he wouldn't need any of it.
The group began their descent down to the frozen lake and across.

Inside of Lord Santa's residence Grace was moaning on top of Lord Santa. He was moaning back at her, his fake white beard tickling her breasts. Grace arched her back and felt her orgasm coming.
At the same time Lord Santa's fake rubber cock squirted loads of cum into her.
Grace slowly reduced her humping speed until she just rested on Lord Santa, panting heavily. She leaned forward and planted a big kiss on Sonny's lips who smiled wickedly back at her.
“You're one evil elf, Grace!” Lord Santa remarked.
“At your service, Lord Santa.”
Grace slipped off his cock and stood down on the floor next to his throne. Her breasts and face glistered with sweat as she zipped the latex catsuit up again. Then her hands signed the redhead elf to step forward.
Zoey slowly stepped forward until she was next to Lord Santa who looked down at her.
“Come Zoey and sit in my lap.”
The little elf put her Uzi on the floor and with a quick motion yanked her panties down from under her skirt and over her boots. Then she climbed up his chair and carefully lowered herself on his exposed fake cock. Her eyes got bigger and she let out a small moan until she fully sank down on it.
“Now Zoey, I believe you came here to tell me you've been a really bad elf?”
Zoey nodded.
“I punched two of the good elves and gave them bloody noses, Lord Santa.”
Grace stepped forward and added to the explanation.
“They made a mess on the candy cane machine and she found it took them too long to fix it. Unfortunately her action just added to the repair time.”
Sonny nodded slowly and stared into Zoey's blue eyes.
“Ho Ho Ho! I like it when my Bad Elves try to be more mean, but messing up our tight schedule is something I don't want to see. You have to be punished for that!”
Zoey gulped. Lord Santa's big hands held her by her waist and he began to lift her up and down again, making his cock slide in and out of her pussy, spreading her tight lips. Zoey felt aroused yet it hurt as the big cock entered her over and over again. She began to moan despite the pain and pleasure as she was fucked by Lord Santa and she knew she was not to resist it.
Her head began to feel light and the pain diminished slowly. Zoey closed her eyes and began to enjoy the big rubber cock in her. She felt her own excitement taking over and her pussy lips became fully wet.
But suddenly she was lifted off the cock and flew across the room as Lord Santa threw her off. She landed hard on her back and before she fully realised what was going on Lord Santa stroked his fake cock once and spat cum in her direction, splashing it on her tunic.
Zoey looked confused at him as she slowly got back on her feet.
“You've been a really bad elf today, Zoey. But I want you to go back at your post, wearing my sign of embarrassment. It should teach you not to do something again that messes up my plans yet tell the others to obey you as well. Now go!”
“Yes Lord Santa! I'm your devoted servant.”
She didn't look up once as she walked past him, got her panties back on, grabbed the Uzi and left the residence to go back to the toy factory she was posted at.
On her way out she passed by another evil elf with short black hair that was dressed in the same green latex catsuit like Grace had. Roberta slapped Zoey on her bum and chuckled. Zoey kept on walking but turned her face once and saw that Roberta licked her lips and blew her a kiss.

The task force trio was close to the toy factory when they saw one of the bad elves walking patrol. She had long brown hair and wore a red bobble hat, green tunic and little green boots with long red and white striped socks, the same outfit the one elf had they saw inside Lord Santa's residence before. Dev figured those where his foot soldiers while the ones with the green catsuits would be his officers or something like that.
The bad elf guard didn't seem to notice them as she kept staring at the horizon seemingly absent-minded.
“I got this.” Ed said and sneaked up to her slowly.
He flung his M4 rifle around his shoulder so he had both hands free. Standing behind the little elf he positioned one hand between her legs and the other one over her shoulder. Those elves really had been small, she only reached to his belly.
Then he grabbed her. She weight almost nothing, just as Ed had suspected, and he easily lifted her up in the air. In her surprise Stephy could only yelp for a second before she was turned upside down and plunged head first into the snow.
She was stuck from head to waist in the snow, only her hands and her long legs sticking out. Her legs kicked helplessly as she tried to come free.
Ed slowly walked back to the others, a cheerful smile on his face.
“That was fun! Shouldn't take too long now. Let's go, unless you want to watch some more.”
They proceeded towards the factory and began to circle it. Dev stopped for a moment and looked back to Stephy's legs sticking out of the snow. Her kicks came to a halt and he saw a dark stain spreading on her exposed panties and her skirt down towards the snow. Then he turned to follow Ed and Vern.

Vern silently made a sign for them to stop. There was a little observation platform made of wooden logs, about ten feet tall. Two bad elves stood on it with black shoulder long hair. They had Asian facial features if you could say so about elves, and chatted with each other.
Vern took his M4 and aimed carefully.
He hit the rope that held the logs in place and as it snapped the whole construction began to wobble and fell apart. The one Asian bad elf, Hitomi, shoved Theodora away from her, climbed on the railing and jumped from the tower. On her way down her body twitched twice as Vern put two rounds in her and when she landed in the snow she didn't move anymore at all.
The other elf, Theodora, panicked on the tower and tried to hold onto the railing as the floor below her collapsed. She lost her grip and fell down but landed softly on the snow. For a moment she thought she was safe and began to crawl away, as the whole platform collapsed and dozens of heavy wooden logs crashed down on her.
Dev could see her face, upper body and arms crawling. Then she arched her back and her eyes almost popped out as the heavy logs hit her. Several seconds later the platform was destroyed and Theodora didn't move anymore either.
Vern turned to Ed and Dev and gave them a thumbs up.

The group entered the factory on the upper level. Vern and Ed turned on their laser pointers. Ed turned to Dev.
“Alright kiddo. We'll take care of the first guards, then we'll head straight for the residence. You stay here and look after the good elves. And don't worry about any remaining bad elves, they'll be taken care of for sure.”
“But... how? I thought the good elves don't fight?” Dev looked puzzled.
Vern made a funny face and continued Eds explanation.
“I know they told us at the briefing that there's good and bad elves, but believe me. It's not that simple.”
“I knew it!” Dev muttered.
“Once the good elves see their oppressors are taken out, they'll rebel. There might be some unfortunate killings but the good elves will be victorious, after all they outnumber the bad elves by far.” Ed finished.
Dev nodded slowly but tightened the grip around his Beretta pistol.
They proceeded carefully until they reached the big factory hall and looked down, seeing conveyors, little cranes and other machines, and lots of elves. And most of them where male. They looked almost like the bad elves they met outside with the difference that their hats had been green instead of red.

“It suits you Zoey!” Karin said with a laugh, pointing at the cum splash on Zoey's green tunic.
She and Zoey stood on a catwalk above the main hall. Unlike Zoey, Karin also wore red high heel boots and the green catsuit. Zoey blushed at Karin's words.
“I like it. And I like it even more if bad elves turn really bad. Do it a few times again and maybe Lord Santa will make you an evil elf like me as well.”
Karin laughed and her red curly hair waved around her head. Then she leaned forward and planted a kiss on Zoey's lips. Zoey blushed even more, her mouth agape.
“You're cute when you do that. I hope I'll see you tonight!”
Karin chuckled and turned around, starting to walk down the catwalk.
At that moment Zoey saw it. She raised her hand and shouted.
“Ma'am! There is a... a red dot on your forehead!”
Karin turned confused.
“A wha-”
There was a popping sound and Karin's body jerked, her feet getting lifted off the ground a few inch. Her body described an arch as she flew through the air and landed dead with a hole in her head at Zoey's feet.
Zoey looked puzzled for a moment before she snapped out of it.
“Alarm! We're being attacked!”
She fired her Uzi blindly at the stairs Karin was heading for without seeing anyone.

“Good shot!” Vern noted.
“Now the real fun begins!” Ed shouted.
The good elves in the hall below them looked around confused as the scream and gunfire sounded.
Ed spotted only a few bad elves in the hall, but one evil elf remained on the opposite of the hall, on a catwalk. Her green latex catsuit and blond hair was hard to miss. Laura saw them as well and holding her Uzi sideways she opened fire.
Dev and the others ducked as bullets banged into the walls around them but none hit. Laura emptied her whole clip and began reloading.
Ed took the chance to open counter-fire. With precise shots he hit Laura several times in her chest. The evil blonde elf held tight to her Uzi with one hand and fired a burst while she grabbed the railing with the other and fell over it, landing head first in a pile of already packed presents.

Below them Vern saw one of the good elves pushing a bad elf with brown curly hair who just began aiming at them.
Yzzy screamed as she tripped and fell down onto the conveyor, landing between various toy cars that slowly moved downwards. Lying on her back she looked up to the good elf that had pushed her. He smiled wickedly and just as Yzzy raised her Uzi to make him pay she heard the loud stomping.
Turning her head to her left she saw the packaging machine. Yzzy froze in panic and couldn't move anymore. The good elf watched as Yzzy entered the packaging machine. A loud stomp and crunching noise followed and out on the other side came a dead and slightly crunched Yzzy with a red bow on her forehead.
Several of the good elves began to cheer.
Ed and Vern looked at each other and nodded. Vern gave Dev a slight pat on his back and they both left the factory again, heading for the residence.

Dev watched from above as three more bad elves with their green tunics and Uzi's in hand ran around the factory.
Bad elf Julia had long brown hair and was sprinting towards the conveyor to check on Yzzy as one of the good elves stopped her midway by smacking a large candy cane in her belly. Her Uzi went flying as she toppled over the cane and landed face first on the ground. She rolled on her back and just escaped another blow with a cane that crashed right next to her into the ground.
Julia jumped back to her feet and spun around, her long leg kicking at the good elf. He ducked just in time and a second elf grabbed Julia's extended foot with another cane, pulled it hard. Julia lost her balance and went flying to the ground once more. Before she could get up again the first elf hammered his candy cane down on her, hitting Julia hard on her back. She grunted and arched her back in pain just to receive another blow against her head. The good elves continued to hit her even though she wasn't moving or screaming anymore.

Meanwhile bad elf Fawn was running towards Yzzy from the other side. As she reached the trench with the conveyor and looked down into it, one of the good elves quickly spun a red ribbon, hanging from the ceiling, around her neck and gave her a good shove.
Fawn stumbled and fell into the trench only to be caught by the ribbon around her neck that that straightened and by the quick motion hitched on a roll above, a security measure usually build in to avoid accidents. Fawn hung above the conveyor unable to reach the ground or the sides of the trench with her feet. She dangled helplessly, tried to release the ribbon around her neck but it was too tight. In her panic she lifted her Uzi and fired a burst into the direction with the good elves that had shoved her. But the good elves had made way already for another bad elf that ran for Fawn.
Linda was hit by a bullet in her left leg, screamed and fell to the ground. Fawn panicked from the scream and dropped her Uzi and went with both hands for the ribbon. In her struggle for air she watched as a dozen good elves jumped on the screaming Linda on the ground and the brown haired elf's body quickly vanished under a pile of good elves. Pinned down Linda was unable to move as one of the male good elves stepped up to her face and leaned down, pulled her red bobble hat off and stroked her long hair softly.
Without a word he then shoved several sweets into her gaping mouth. Linda knew they were poisoned and she tried to spit them out, but the good elf put his hand on her lips and forced her to chew on them. She immediately felt the effect has her vision began to blur and she felt hot. Her face turned blue and she arched her neck a last time to look towards the hanging Fawn. But Fawn was already dangling lifeless from the red ribbon.
Linda's body buckled up one last time and she too became a lifeless body. Her eyes rolled back and she lay motionless, her mouth agape with half chewed sweets in it, while a dozen male elves lay on top of her, keeping her down and watching how she died.

Dev watched the whole scenery unfold from above and almost felt pity for the bad elves getting killed like that. He now knew for certain that the simple good and bad elves idea was wrong, as those good elves clearly didn't even try to capture the bad elves.
Wondering about how he might use what he had just seen for his new study he suddenly heard a yelping pain cry from above the stairs. Dev held onto his pistol tightly and carefully went up the stairs.
He found a female bad elf, clearly indicated by the red bobble hat, with red pigtails sitting on her knees, rubbing her right wrist. Her Uzi lay a few feet away. She was surrounded by about ten good elves, one of them holding a large candy cane. Dev stepped in front of the bad elf and all the elves looked up to him.
“What's going on here?” Dev asked.
The elf with the candy cane was first to answer.
“This one here is with Lord Santa. She needs to be punished for all the evil things she has done, before she might do more harm.”
Dev stood in front of the redhead elf and looked down to her. She looked up to him, her blue eyes a little watery.
“Please good Sir! I'm sorry for all I have done. I've been bewitched by Lord Santa! I can change. Please take me with you. I could serve you. Become your personal servant, your house elf. Please take me with you, good Sir!”
Her begging voice was like a melody in Dev's ears. It filled his mind and he was unable to react as the elf reached her hands out and unzipped his pants.
“Let me show you how I can serve you best, good Sir.”
Dev couldn't argue. He wanted to deny but no words came out of his mouth. He just closed his eyes and felt the sensation as the elf licked his stiff cock and sucked on it with her sweet lips. Dev blinked a few times and saw the good elves standing around him, all of them just standing and watching. He was embarrassed yet at the same time he didn't care. The sensation grew and Dev felt that he'd cum any moment.
His clouded mind became crystal clear as someone shouted 'Watch out'. He looked down and saw the redhead elf pulling out a little knife from her boot and struck out to stab him. Dev fired his pistol and the elf's body in front of him jerked back. Dev fired again. And again.
Just as the elf's lips slipped off his cock, Dev came. The girl fell backwards and hit the floor, and a second later Dev's cum splashed on her face. Her blue-grey stared upwards without focus, her back arched a final time, then she collapsed entirely.
It took Dev a few moments to catch his breath as he realised what had just happened. The good elves around him where just standing there. Dev pulled his pants up again and looked around as the one with the candy cane spoke again.
“Thank you for your help, Mister. You should go and look after your friends. And don't worry, we'll take care of her and the others.”
Dev nodded slowly and began to walk to the next door. He noticed that all the elves that stood around him before had huge bulges in their pants. Nothing was just black and white, Dev thought.

Outside of Lord Santa's residence the two evil elves in their green catsuits, Grace and Roberta, embraced deeply in a passionate kiss. Despite the cold surrounding both obviously haven't been affected by the icy air as they got the zippers of their suits all the way down, exposing their breasts, bellies and crotches. Roberta's hand was on Grace's stiff breast while the other was between her legs. Grace's hands had been between Roberta's legs and the other behind her neck, keeping her close to Grace.
Both didn't notice Vern and Ed approaching until they had been close enough to hear the moaning of the evil elves. Roberta had her back to them but Grace saw movement and released her hand from Roberta's neck to reach for the Uzi leaned against the wall. Roberta felt something was wrong and pushed her finger deep inside of Grace's pussy while Grace did the same to her. Then she fired her Uzi at Vern and Ed who easily dodged the badly placed shots.
The men knelt and returned fire in single shots. Each of them hit Grace and Roberta in their heads. The moaning elves collapsed at the stairs to the residence on top of each other, their hands still stuck between the others legs. As Ed and Vern stepped closer they saw glistening fluids dripping on the white snow.

Lord Santa was awaiting the intruders already as they opened the door. Dressed in his red robe he stood with a wide stance, holding a M60 machine gun at his hip.
“Ho Ho Ho!”
He pulled the trigger and sprayed dozens of bullets at the door. Vern and Ed evaded by jumping behind some benches just in time before the door got perforated. Lord Santa ceased fire for a moment.
“I heard you've been naughty boys!”
Then he opened fire again and perforated the benches, splinters of wood raining down on the men. Then Lord Santa stopped again and took a step towards the bench.
Vern crouched and made a somersault forward to another bench, only to be followed by yet another hail of bullets that riddled the second bench as well.
“Fuck, we're pinned down!” Ed shouted towards Vern.
Then their earpieces came to live.
“Don't worry lads, I got your bums covered! But you really should have waited for me in first place.”
It was the female voice of Val. She lay behind the bush the others had first entered the valley, her M24 sniper rifle ready. She aimed carefully at the mad Lord Santa firing, exhaled and pulled the trigger.
The bullet pierced the window front of the Residence and hit Lord Santa right in his head. He stumbled to the side, turned towards the window and continued firing his M60, bursting the glass front. Then he dropped the gun and like a chicken without a head he stumbled forward and jumped out of the broken window.
Val watched as he crashed on the icy lake with his back and began to skid across it.
Vern and Ed walked to the window and looked down. Dev joined them just in time as Lord Santa stopped moving.
“Thanks Val.” Ed mumbled in his microphone.
“Any time lads!” Val responded cheerful.

After searching the residence they quickly found the real Santa locked up in a room and released him. Preparations for Christmas continued as normal and quickened by the recent events the good elves managed to produce all the toys needed by Santa Claus to make a Happy Christmas.
The actual events of course never went public and no one, not even his team members on the mission, believed Dev when he insisted that the motivations behind the events had not just been good and evil but shades of grey. But it didn't matter. The good ones won.

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The Safe
A girls only story and written in first person!
Featuring: Alyssa, Emma, Fawn, Grace, Heather, Julia, Karin, Laura, Miss Jones, Roberta, Sinaris, Stephy and myself :)

I feel hot. My panties are soaked wet and my hard nipples poke clearly visible against the soft cloth of the low cut chest area of my dress. It's a black maid dress with white laces, a white headpiece and a white apron. But the skirt of the dress and the apron are so short, from a low angle it doesn't keep anyone from seeing my white panties. The outfit is completed with black stockings and black high-heel pumps. Wearing bras had been forbidden.
I've tied my red hair in two pigtails, I found it looked even more cute combined with the already adorable outfit. And I wasn't alone with my opinion.

I was working for Miss Jones for only week now. It was an easy job, being a security guard for her company which deals with antiques or something. It was a ladies only office and me and the other guards had to dress as maids while the office ladies had to dress in fancy suits with very short skirts as well. I couldn't help but get randy all the time.
Miss Jones mostly dealt with male clients and she said the outfits helped to make good deals. Also every time some of the girls, both from the office and the guards, went with the clients into her own office to close the deals. I wasn't in there at such times yet, but I could hear through the door what went on inside.
The only downside was that heavy gun I had to carry, in case any bad people would try to steal something. It was a German Heckler & Koch UMP, the best you could buy for money I had been told. It didn't really matter to me how much this gun costs, but that in my first week I had already abused the butt of the gun three times to masturbate...

I'm standing in Miss Jones' office now. She wears a red latex dress with a big black belt, showing off every curve of her beautiful shaped body. She was only a couple of years older than me as well, in fact almost everyone working for Miss Jones was in her mid-twenties. Her blonde shoulder long hair partly hangs in her face as she talks angrily to me and Heather, who's standing next to me.
Heather's wearing the maid outfit like me, with her light brown hair in a ponytail. It's late and the office is already closed officially so we had some fun on one of the office desks. Unfortunately Miss Jones found us and wasn't amused as she dragged us back to her office, scolding us for our behaviour.
I can see that Heather is blushing like me and her eyes tell me that her mind is elsewhere, probably still thinking about me...

Miss Jones finishes her speech.
“... so get back on your posts. I expect some gentlemen in about an hour to make a very lucrative deal. And I want you to have a sharp eye on things until then. Get out!”
Heather and me turn around and head for the door.
“Zoey, wait!” Miss Jones calls me back.
I stand still and turn back around, hear as Heather closes the door behind her.
Miss Jones walks up to me, her hip shaking perfectly. She stands in front of me, close. I have to look up as she is a head taller than me.
Suddenly I feel her hand under my skirt, two fingers pushing against my wet panties. I bite my lower lip but let out a soft moan. Miss Jones chuckles.
“Zoey, I want you in here. When the gentlemen arrive to make the deal, make sure they're comfortable. Don't talk to them, just use your lovely lips. You understand me?”
I nod, hoping she might push her fingers deeper. But she just pulls them back.
“Good! Now get out of here and don't mess around until my clients arrive!”
I take a step backwards and notice how dry my throat is.
“Yes Miss Jones!”
I know she stares at me until I close the door to her office behind me. Then I exhale deeply.

Alyssa is in the security room. She's about my age but she's like a giant next to me, more than a head taller. But she has lovely red curls that fit perfectly with her maid uniform. As I enter she stares at the monitors of the observation cameras but looks up and smiles at me.
“Zoey honey, how lovely of you to join me. It's boring in here. But you and Heather gave me something good to look at, haha! Hey, do you want to see what Stephy is doing right now? You'll like it, here have a look at this screen.”
I blush again but walk over to her. As we both turn to watch the screen, Stephy isn't alone anymore.

Behind her stands a young woman with short black curly hair dressed in a black catsuit. She's holding a thin wire in her hands, wrapped around Stephy's throat. Stephy struggles, trying to get her fingers under the wire. Her movements get weaker, her head leaned back against the shoulder of her attacker, her eyes wide and her mouth wide opened.
While I stare at the screen, feeling a weird sensation of arousal, Alyssa looks surprised and picks up the radio. Everyone of us got a little receiver in our ear and I hear her voice through it as well.
“Emma! Emma, get to Stephy now, she's three rooms to your left. There's an assassin on her back. Help her, quick!”
I keep staring at the screen, my left hand slowly wandering between my legs. Close my eyes for a second. Imagine it is me being strangled and absurdly it arouses me even more. Slowly I rub my fingers against the fabric of my panties...
“There she is! Go get her Emma!” Alyssa shouts.
I open my eyes to see Emma with her brown long hair appear behind Sinaris, the girl with the black curly hair. Emma wraps her arms around Sinaris' neck who still has hers around Stephy. Now the girl in the dark catsuit is sandwiched between the two maids. She releases Stephy to dig her fingers into Emma's arms and Stephy slowly slides lifeless to the ground.
Emma and Sinaris dance around the room but Emma keeps her arms locked around Sinaris' neck who struggles in her hold but clearly begins to get weaker.
“Ohhh... my god...”
I try to conceal a moan as the fabric of my panties rubs over my clit. My thoughts race between pleasure and the idea of me being a psycho who masturbates while watching two girls fight for their lives.
I moan again quietly but it feels really loud. But Alyssa sitting on her chair in front of me doesn't seem to notice, she stares at the screen, her fingers digging into the radio in her hands from the tension. I look at the screen again and see how the black haired girl drops her arms limp at her sides, Emma still holding her. Stephy lying at her feet.
Then an even darker spot grows on her black catsuit at her crotch. My mind goes crazy. I close my eyes and moan.
“Ohhh... noooo....”
I squirt in my panties! I blush, feeling hot. Ashamed. I blink. But Alyssa didn't notice.
Instead she screams into the radio.
“Heather watch out! Behind you! Oh god, no!”

My mind clears up in a second as I see Heather in her maid costume on another screen. She just turns around to face another woman behind her, long black hair and also dressed in a black catsuit.
Heathers head jerks back, her face turns pale and her eyes roll up. The hilt of a knife sticks out of her chest, right between her breasts!
She grabs it with her hands but can't pull it out. Then she collapses on her back on the floor. The woman with the long brown hair leans down to her...
“Shit! Zoey, we have to help her!”
Alyssa jumps out of her seat, grabs her gun and rushes past me. I stare at the screen for a moment, seeing how the catsuit lady kneels over Heather, her hands moving over Heathers skin.
I shake my head, take my gun in both hands and run after Alyssa.

She arrives first and raises her gun, aiming at the intruder. The girl with the black hair still kneels over Heather's body, her black spandex catsuit covered butt pointing at us.
“Get away from her! Get away I said!”
Alyssa shouts at the girl as I stand next to her.
Suddenly the assassins head jerks around as well as her hand and before either of us can react Alyssa next to me let's out a deep groan.
I look over to her and see the knife sticking in her chest. Her eyes roll back and she collapses on the floor right behind Heather. Her hips point upwards and I see her white panties under her short skirt.
My view wanders back to the assassin, still kneeling over Heather, smiling wickedly at me.
Before I can think clearly I let out a scream and charge forward, smacking the back of her neck with the butt of my UMP rifle.
The catsuit lady drops on Heather and coughs. I position myself, standing above her, shouting confused:
“Give up or I will shoot you!”
The answer follows immediately as a swift kick from her heeled boots makes my gun fly away. Another kick follows into my stomach and I stumble backwards and hit the wall.
Catching my breath I see as the catsuit lady jumps on her feet, moving gracefully closer to me.
“I'm Mademoiselle Julia... or let's say your worst nightmare!”
Her right knee lifts up and hits me in my stomach again. I cringe and lean against the wall, gasping for air. Julia walks in a slow circle around Heather's body, shrugging.
“You little maids are no match for me. If you behave and lead me to your boss, I might just let you live.”
My right hand forms a fist and I step forward, throwing a punch right at her face, hitting her jaw. I see the confusion and pain on her face and claw my fingers into the fabric of her catsuit at her neck, trying to pull her past me and into the wall.
But instead the fabric rips apart and I tear her left arm and half the torso off her catsuit, exposing her naked skin and breasts underneath. While I stare at her half naked body she curses.
“Merde! Vous petite salope!”
Her right leg darts up and her leather boot hits me right in my face. I see stars and topple over, landing with my back right on top of Heather's soft body.
Julia jumps down on me, kneeling on my arms pinning me down. I see her breasts jiggling, then her angry face with her brown eyes. Then my air gets cut off as her hands wrap around my throat!
Helplessly I'm trying to push her off, but I can't get any leverage lying with my back on Heather and my arms pinned down.
I'm beginning to feel dizzy and see stars as suddenly Julia jerks aside and gets thrown off me.
Emma appeared and kicked her right in her stomach!
I gasp for air and cough, and by the time I manage to get up again Emma just handcuffs Julia with her hands behind her back. She looks at me as I get up.
“Zoey! Damn, are you okay? This bitch and her friend almost got us!”
I nod slowly, seeing how Julia still has a wicked smile on her face as Emma pulls her up by her arms.
“We should take her to Miss Jones immediately. I don't think this is the meeting she was talking about...”
Emma nods as well and we get moving, leaving the bodies of Heather and Alyssa behind. Julia turns her head around to me.
“Oh yes, let's meet your boss. This should be fun!”
I don't like that wicked smile on her face. Emma pushes Julia forward, down the hall.

The door to Miss Jones' office is closed but we hear muffled sounds coming from behind it. Emma quickly opens the door and we see Miss Jones behind her desk, a thin wire around her neck. She tries to get her fingers under it.
The woman holding the wire standing behind Miss Jones is in her early thirties and with a black ponytail. She's also dressed in a black catsuit like the other two assassins.
“Miss Jones!”
Emma screams and runs into the room. I push Julia inside as well and run past her but she trips me. I feel my feet lift off the ground as I fly across the room. Everything happens in slow motion.
In front of me, behind the large wooden desk stands Miss Jones. Her face strained as she struggles to keep the assassin Fawn behind her from strangling her. Emma stops next to the table, fumbling with her UMP rifle, obviously not sure what to do.
My head tilts back and I see the extended leg of Julia, her black heeled boot sticking out. A smirk on her face as she watches me fall.
Then I hit the floor but it's not too bad as I land on the soft carpet in front of the desk. I roll on my back, confused I search with my eyes and hands for my gun.
Suddenly Miss Jones throws Fawn over her back and Fawn crashes down on the large wooden desk. Several papers, pens and a glass of wine fall down around me, followed by Fawn's legs covered by her black high-heels that dangle over the edge of the desk.
Miss Jones draws her Beretta pistol and fires, hitting Fawn in her chest. Fawn's legs jerk up and fall back down, her heels clacking against the wooden desk.
Miss Jones waits a moment and I hear a groan from the desk.
The high-heel boots above my head jerk two more times up and down, then it gets silent for a moment.

I roll on my front and push myself up slowly.
Fawn lies dead on Miss Jones's table which looks like a mess. Miss Jones herself stands behind it, Beretta in her right hand. She pants heavily.
Emma is to my left, looking around confused and shocked with her UMP rifle in her hands. Julia is behind me, still cuffed, but her wicked smile has faded slightly. I see my own rifle a few feet to my right and stagger over to it and pick it up.
As I turn back around Emma still looks confused but Miss Jones has walked around her desk, staring at Julia. I try my best to be professional and go at Julia's left side, grabbing her arm.
Miss Jones arches her back and neck, a red stain showing where she just had been chocked. She tilts her head to the sides making cracking sounds, then puts her hands behind her back, still holding Beretta pistol, and stares annoyed at Julia.
“Care to explain to me who you and that bitch on my desk is, and why you try to kill me?”
Julia smirks and shrugs.
“We know of your little deal tonight and thought to take the things away from you. Looks like it didn't work out that way.”
Miss Jones frowns and shouts angry:
“How do you know about this deal?”
Julia shakes her head slowly and chuckles.
“What do you think? Your petit maid Zoey told us of course.”

I felt my jaw drop and all colour fading from my face. Julia winks at me.
“What? No! No no no, I have no idea what she is talking about! I never told anyone Miss Jones, she is lying, I don't-” BANG!
My ears ring. My head spins. A sharp pain in my belly. I press my left hand on it, pull it back... bloody! I look up. Miss Jones aims her Beretta at me, a small trail of smoke emerging the barrel.
My knees feel weak. I loose the grip on my UMP rifle and press both of my hands on my belly wound. Julia blows me a kiss with her lips and I stagger backwards and fall, landing hard on my butt. I drop back on the floor, hear myself panting hard as I look up to the others.
Julia looks back at Miss Jones and smiles mischievous.
“Oops! I was just joking! Sorry, you just shot one of your good petit maids.”
Miss Jones rolls her eyes and holsters the pistol in her belt and snorts.
“I don't give a flying fuck! Sluts like her I can always recruit! But what really annoys me are people who try to steal my stuff!”
She makes a step forward, lifts her hands up, one on Julia's chin, the other on her forehead. With one swift motion accompanied by a loud cracking sound she snaps Julia's neck.
Julia drops lifeless to the ground and doesn't move anymore. I close my eyes and try to breathe normally but it really hurts in my belly, but get interrupted right away as Miss Jones shouts angrily and points at me:
“Fuck! Emma! Get her out of here! She's bleeding on my carpet! Damn! Now the other bitch is leaving a stain as well!”
Furious she turns around and walks to her table. I see Emma's confused face as she tries to decide what to do.

The door to the office opens. I arch my neck and see two women enter, both dressed in black leather leotards, tights and boots. One of them, a redhead with curly hair carries a silenced MAC-10 while the other, a blonde, has a taser gun.
The redhead Karin laughs as she sees the scene.
“Laura, it looks like we missed the big party! Let's collect the remains, shall we?”
Miss Jones and Emma turn towards them, getting their guns up, but the newcomers are faster.
Karin fires her MAC-10 from her outstretched arm, putting several bullets into Emma who staggers backwards against the wall. Her finger cringes around the trigger of her UMP and she sprays her whole magazine into the ceiling before she drops dead on the ground.
Laura fires her taser at Miss Jones, hitting her right on her breasts. A buzzing sound appears as Miss Jones jerks around, but she had already drawn her Beretta pistol. Through her jerking she fires her gun several times and hits Laura who collapses on the floor as well, but her finger stays on the trigger of the taser. Miss Jones continues to jerk in front of her desk and it feels like an eternity for me until the batteries of the taser run dry and Miss Jones' body twitches a few last times before she slumps down against the desk, her back between the legs of Fawn.
Her eyes are open wide, her blond hair a spiky mess. Smoke comes from her gaping mouth.
Karin curses and checks Laura's pulse who's lying on her side, two gunshot wounds in her chest. It seems like she's already dead. I hear myself groan in pain as my body twitches and I roll my head back, looking up to the ceiling full of bullet holes from Emma's shooting.

Karin appears in my sight, kneeling next to me.
“You... don't die yet! Tell me where the safe is!”
My head spins and I have no idea what she is talking about. I only feel the warm blood on my belly and my maid uniform soaking it up.
“I... I don't know... I have never seen it... I swear!” I croak.
She slaps her hand on her leg and curses.
“Fuck! I knew it was a bad idea to come here without knowing all the details!”
She turns her head to look at Laura and curses again, then turns back to me and puts barrel of her MAC-10 against my head.
“She has a safe in this room! Tell me. I know you girls are in here with her clients all the time. Tell me now!”

I want to sob but I can't. I slowly shake my head and close just my eyes as suddenly another female voice speaks.
“I could tell you.”
I look up and see two more women standing in the door. Both dressed in black leather catsuits. One of them very tall with long black hair and sunglasses. The other one is smaller with short cropped raven hair.
Karin jerks around surprised.
“Grace! Roberta! What the hell are you doing here?”
Grace shakes her head slowly and adjusts her sunglasses with a gloved hand.
“Karin, what's with your language? Well I guess our both organisations got the same hint, only we gathered some more information than you. But I think I'm not going to tell you.”
Karin jumps to her feet, her MAC-10 hand going up but Grace is faster.
She pulls a silenced Beretta from the holster at her leg and fires a single shot, hitting Karin right between her eyes. The redhead rolls her eyes up and collapses dead at my feet.

Grace nudges towards Roberta.
“That painting behind her desk Roby. Hurry, we don't have much time left before Miss Jones' real meeting is supposed to happen.”
The woman with the short hair hurries across the room but careful not to step on one of the many bodies lying around. I see her taking the painting off the wall, a lone tree on a field, and behind it the door of a safe is hidden. From her bag Roberta takes out several small explosives and carefully places them on the door.
Meanwhile Grace walks over to me.
“Ohh, poor you. Did you get shot? That probably hurts a lot, doesn't it?”
She pokes my wound with the silencer of her gun and I yelp loudly just the second as the safe door explodes!

I feel really dizzy already and my vision starts to become blurry.
Roberta quickly puts several objects from the safe in her bag but I can't see what they are. Then she stalks back across the room around the bodies, but suddenly Grace raises her pistol.
One bullet right between Roberta's the eyes.
The Italian woman crosses her eyes, drops on her knees and falls face first on the carpet. Grace turns her head towards me and adjusts her sunglasses again.
“I really don't like sharing my loot. And another body won't stand out in this mess either. I know she would've done the same to me later. It's so hard to find good partners.”
With that she picks up the bag from Roberta and comes back to me.
Looking down at me from she smirks. I only see the barrel of her silencer pointed at my face.
“Sorry honey, but I also don't like witnesses who might survive this.”
I close my eyes as my vision fades anyway...

I feel no more pain. I only hear the loud sound of a gunshot. A loud one, not a silent one... something drops on my chest. Soft... I feel a warm exhaling breath on my skin... muffled voices...

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For my friend Ed. Since our birthdays are so close together, I mixed that a little bit. Karin had the main idea for this story. Here's how Ed actually saved my own birthday party!
Happy Birthday Ed! :)

Ed heard the noise from outside the apartment already. The shrieking of young girls. He looked from the illuminated windows to the sign on the door. It was the right address.
The sun was setting down, soon it would be dark. The sky was filled with dark clouds and the roads still wet from the rain earlier the day. It was true what they said. In London it was raining all the time.
He pulled his hands out of the pockets of his long trench coat and immediately felt the chilly air on his skin. Something around 10°C. He rang the doorbell.
The laughing from inside continued but after a moment a young girl opened the door. She had long brown hair and wore way too much make-up that made her look around 30. She looked up to Ed and raised an eyebrow.
“Are you Mr. Ed?”
Ed nodded slightly.
“That's me. Miss Amber I assume?”
“Neat! You look better then I imagined. Wait here for a minute, we're almost ready to go. Oh, and please keep yourself in the background. We don't want Zoey worry too much, 'right?”
“Of course, just as we discussed it on the phone.”
The door closed in front of him and Ed went back to wait on the walkway. It was an odd assignment for Ed. He was a private detective and had seen a lot of things in his years, but this one was somewhat different. A girl, Zoey, was threatened to be assassinated on her twentieth birthday. Apparently she had spent quite a lot of time on a website called FetNoir and after she didn't invite some of the members there, they threatened to have her removed. It all sounded very silly, but Zoey's friends got worried and had hired Ed to serve as a bodyguard for the night while they went out to party.
It all sounded like an internet joke and Ed didn't expect any trouble at all. But you never knew, and Ed had packed his .40 Sig Pistol, hidden inside the large pockets of his trench coat.

The door opened again and a group of seven girls got out. They all chattered loudly and got tarted up for the night. Some of them wore skirts! Ed wondered if they hadn't been affected by the chilly air, but he noticed they at least wore tights. One of them was his assignment. Zoey, a girl with red hair in a ponytail. She had a light blue rain jacket, easy to spot among her friends and already looked slightly tipsy.
As they passed him Zoey looked up to Ed.
“Hey... don't I know you from somewhere?”
“I doubt that we've met before. But Happy Birthday Miss Zoey.”
The girl Amber linked arms with Zoey and pulled her down the walkway.
“Amber, is the man coming with us to the party?”
“That's Mr. Ed, Zoey. Don't mind him, he's just here to watch out.”
The girls continued down the road. Ed slowly walked behind them in some distance, keeping a sharp eye on the roads and alleys.

But nothing happened at all until they reached their destination. It looked like a traditional British pub. The girls all hurried inside and began ordering all sorts of drinks. Ed sat down at the bar, ordered ale and took several sips. The shrieking of the girls was worse inside then outside. There was several other patrons here and some already looked annoyed, but none seemed threatening.
Time passed and it felt to Ed like the party girls got louder and more drunk with every minute. He already was annoyed of himself that he had accepted the job.

Then he caught a glimpse behind in a back room where a waiter prepared what looked like a birthday cake. And suddenly the waiter vanished and a moment later a woman in her mid-forties with short black hair appeared. She looked Italian.
Ed slowly got up from his bar stool and slowly walked over to the room. It was rather small, like a private back room with only a single table and some chairs around it. The cake was on the table and the woman had her back turned to Ed while she was preparing something. Ed closed the door behind him as he entered and the surprised woman jerked around. She wore black high heels, a pleated black skirt and a cream coloured wool sweater.
“Mamma mia! Tu chi sei? I mean, Sir, you startled me! Can I help you?”
Ed slowly stepped closer.
“That's a nice cake. Is it for the birthday girl outside?”
Roberta stared at him and tried to hide something behind her back.
“Cake? Yes, the cake. Yes, for the birthday. I need to finish decorating it. Would you excuse me signore?”
The cake looked quite finished to Ed. But the woman was really nervous because of his presence. And her Italian didn't fit in this English pub at all.
Roberta looked from Ed to the closed door, then behind the table and back at Ed, while she slowly lowered one of her hands, lifting her skirt.
Ed stepped forward and pushed Roberta's hand away, then grabbed the other hand from behind her back and pulled it in front of him. She held a tiny ampoule. Ed swiftly took it away from her.
“Now what do we have here? Is that the spice for the cake?”
“Accidenti! Give it back to me!”
Roberta took a step back and quickly pulled a silenced pistol from under her skirt. But Ed had already seen the shape of it pressed against the skirt before and was prepared. With his right hand he grabbed the pistol and held the hammer in position. With his left he popped the ampoule open and poured the content right into Roberta's gaping mouth.
She was coughing and tried to push Ed away who held her close to himself with his left arm wrapped around her back. Roberta got weaker in his hold, her face slowly turned blue as if she was choking. Finally her tongue rolled out of her mouth and her eyes stood wide open.
Ed sat her down on one of the chairs. Her upper body fell forward and her face landed on the table. Ed shrugged and looked around.
Behind the table lay the man he had seen before. Ed quickly checked his pulse and noticed the man was just unconscious. Then he saw a little knob inside Roberta's ear. He put it inside his own but heard nothing.

It was time to return to the party. He looked one last time at the Italian woman then picked up the cake from the table and left the room, closing the door behind him again.
The shrieking of the girls became even louder than before as Ed put the cake on a table between them.
Suddenly the radio in his ear came to life.
“Roberta? Roberta, what's wrong? Why's the old man bringing the cake and not you? Is it prepared?”
Ed looked around casually and spotted a tall woman with long black hair, a black dress and black boots standing on the edge of the stairs leading to the upper floor. She even wore black sunglasses, which looked even more suspicious in the low light of the pub. She was frantically speaking to her wrist watch.
Ed went towards her and the woman slowly went backwards up the stairs.
“Shit! Roberta? This guy's coming towards me. I think he knows. Roberta, are you still there? Fuck, I'll just cut him open!”
The stairs ended right next to the toilets on the upper floor. Grace was waiting on top of the stairs for Ed. Ed just went upstairs casually as if he didn't knew a thing.
Just as he was about to pass Grace, she bolted a large blade forward. Ed evaded and with a swift grip he twisted the knife from Grace's hands and rammed the blade right into her belly.
“Wha... fuck!...”
Grace coughed and cringed. Ed looked around the room but none of the other patrons seemed to care for them. He grabbed Grace under her arms and quickly pulled her inside the little girls room.
He propped her on the toilet seat inside one of the stalls. She was already dead as Ed closed and locked the door from the outside. Only her black high heels looked slightly out under the door as Ed left the room.

He went back downstairs to the shrieking girls who seemed to be already pretty drunk. Ed shook his head. Those British girls really got drunk early in the evening. He told Amber he'd be outside to catch some fresh air and the girl just nodded and continued giggling with her friends.
It was still chilly outside and the dark night sky looked like new rain could pour down any minute.
Then it crackled in Ed's ear. A female voice.
“Grace? Roberta? What's up with you? The target is still partying like there is no tomorrow. I know you've got it warm and cuddly in there, but out here the weather is really shit! I think it's going to rain again soon. I give you five more minutes to finish the job, or we'll take care of it from here! You got that?”
Ed looked around the buildings and suddenly spotted a reflection from the rooftop across the street. A faint red light was glowing up there as well and some movement, hardly visible against the dark and cloudy night sky.
It wasn't over yet. Ed quickly walked across the street and around the building. To his surprise he found a fire ladder on the backside and quietly climbed it. He crouched on the flat rooftop towards the front until he saw them. Two women lay on the edge, faintly illuminated by the street light below and some monitor with a glowing red screen.
One of them had long red curly hair and a full black leather catsuit. A DSR-1 sniper rifle with a silencer was propped on stocks in front of her. Next to Karin lay the blonde Laura, dressed in a black leather catsuit as well and with some binoculars in her hands. They watched the pub below and hadn't noticed Ed yet, so he cleared his throat loudly.

The women rolled around quickly. Laura's hand went to the silenced Beretta attached to her leg, Karin jumped to her feet and already had a silenced MAC-10 in her hands.
“Ladies, please. I'm just looking around.”
Laura got to her feet as well and both women slowly started to circle Ed. He raised his hands slowly but saw their itching trigger fingers. Karin fired a burst at him but Ed did a somersault behind a large chimney. Several bullets hit the cobble stone, debris flying around.
“Get him!” Laura hissed.
Karin slowly got closer. Ed waited for their next move, listened to their steps. As Karin seemed to be within reach, Ed took a deep breath and jumped out from behind the chimney.
He grabbed her stretched out arm with the pistol and yanked hard, making Karin spin around. Surprised she fired her gun and in the burst of bullets one hit Laura in her right breast. The blonde croaked, wiggled on her heels for a moment and then just collapsed backwards.
Karin screamed and kicked backwards but Ed evaded her long legs. She thrust her elbow backwards and hit Ed's chest slightly. He stumbled sideways and let go of her.
Karin went for another high kick, but Ed reacted instinctively and just grabbed her ankle, holding her tight under his armpit.
“Nice try...” Karin grinned and slowly raised her MAC-10.
Ed took the advantage of the woman's high-heels and pushed her leg to the side with full force, causing Karin to spin around on her heel. He jumped forward and caught her back, entwining his left arm around her neck and his right around her chest. Then he let himself fall backwards, pulling Karin with him.
She groaned as she landed on him, lost the grip of her gun which slid away. She noticed that he immediately began to choke her and she clawed her fingers into his coat. But Ed didn't let go.
He felt the warm body on top of him, the croaking woman that frantically tried to get off, her legs kicking wildly. Ed smelled her fear and sweat.
After a while the movements of struggling assassin became weaker and then a last few spasms twitched through her body before she went limp. But Ed's cock was stiff from all the bodily heat and movement of Karin's butt on his crotch.
He slowly pushed dead Karin off him and got to his knees. He rolled her body on her back again and saw her wide open brown eyes, her red curls scattered across her face. Her lips slightly parted. Ed kissed her softly on her forehead before his view wandered down her body. He saw the perfect shape of her body in her skin-tight suit, little poking dots on top of her breasts. He let his hands run down her body until he reached her crotch and felt a warm and wet feeling. The suit had a small zipper and Ed slid it down, exposing her naked pussy behind it. It was soaking wet.
Without further thinking Ed unbuckled his pants, leaned down and pushed his stiff cock inside Karin's wet pussy. He grunted in the rhythm of his thrusts, his hands groping her breasts through the suit while he kissed her exposed neck passionately.
It didn't take too long until he came inside of her and pulled out again. He zipped his own pants again and then the closed the little zipper on Karin's suit as well, before he gave her a last kiss on her lips.
Then it began to rain.

Ed made his way back down to the street and into the pub again. The girls where still laughing, giggling and making a hell of a noise. Then his view caught the redhead with her head down on the table. Ed's heartbeat increased rapidly and he rushed forward but got stopped by Amber.
“What happened? Is she alright?”
Amber laughed in his face, her cheeks puffed red.
“Don't worry Mr. Ed. She's fine, I guess. Until she wakes up tomorrow. Just had a drink too much. We already ordered a cab and are about to leave.”
Ed exhaled deeply and relaxed again.
“Say Mr. Ed, was there any trouble at all today? You missed the cake!”
Ed slowly shook his head.
“No Miss, no trouble at all.”


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“I want you home by eleven.” Ed said in a stern voice.
He was sitting in the front, driving his big SUV. Like most times he wore his blue uniform. His niece kept saying he looks like a badass cop but he wasn't. It clearly said “Neighbourhood patrol” on his arm badge. And Ed was proud about it. He kept this neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone. And he really didn't like the streets they drove down through now.
“But Uncle Ed! I'm not a kid anymore!”
Zoey sat in the back with her friends Heather and Katy. They were on their way to a Halloween party.
“But just look at what you're wearing!” Ed had to chuckle.
Being on a visit from the UK, at first Ed had thought Zoey was just wearing her old school uniform as Halloween costume. Grey sweater, white shirt, a red-and-yellow striped tie, a pleated grey skirt, long grey socks and black shoes. The skirt was a bit too short for his taste. But he had been corrected, this wasn't just a typical school uniform but one from the Harry Potter movies. A fantasy wizard school, and her colours matched those of the good characters of the movies, from House Gryffindor. And Zoey was a wizard tonight. You could tell by the wooden wand she carried around. Ed tried to remember it.
To Zoey's left sat Heather, and Ed didn't had much trouble to guess what her costume meant. Heather had her light-brown hair in cute pigtails and wore a typical American cheerleader uniform, but also with an extra short skirt. But parts of her clothes had been smeared with red colour and she wore a lot of make-up that made her look like she didn't sleep for 3 days. She was a zombie cheerleader, because zombie movies had been so popular lately.
“Don't worry Mr. Ed. I'll be watching Zoey and make sure your orders are followed!”
Ed rolled his eyes as Katy said that. He looked at her through the rear mirror.
She wore a police uniform. At least it was supposed to be. The top was more like a dark blue catsuit with a police badge on it. The zipper in front was going down far and showed a lot of her cleavage. Her legs were mostly bare, except for the ridiculous hot pants and those black high-heels that went over her knees. Her eyes were covered by huge sunglasses. Combined with a police hat, cuffs and a rubber baton she looked like she had just come out of a porn movie set.
Ed sighed. They all looked ridiculously slutty. But he knew those three girls in their early twenties wouldn't listen to him anyway.

They approached their destination, a two story house. It was decorated with all sorts of Halloween stuff. Pumpkins with all sorts of faces, fake spider web, various bones, a bat dangling from one of the windows, fake electric candles... and he heard loud techno music, very fitting for the scene.
When he had been their age around this time of the year he'd met with friends, sat around a camp fire and told each other spooky stories. But nowadays it was different.

As he pulled up in front of the house a girl in her mid-twenties stepped down from the porch to greet them. She had long dark brown hair wore a black dress with extra wide sleeves, black boots and on her head she had a black pointy hat. She was a witch, no doubt.
“There's Julia!”
Heather was the first to jump out of the car, the others followed and after they all had hugged each other, Zoey and Heather waved Ed goodbye. And Katy saluted him. Ed had to keep calm not to shake his head.
As he drove off slowly he decided not go back home yet but instead to make a few rounds around this to him unknown neighbourhood.

Julia lead the new arrivals inside the house where each of them instantly got little red plastic cups filled with unknown liquids put in their hands directly. Zoey took a quick sip. It tastes really sweet and she instantly felt great.

The party was already going well already and everyone, guys and girls, was dressed in different ways, including a mummy, a cowboy, Spiderman, a skeleton, a prisoner, a soda can, and many more.
Suddenly a bat flew in front of them and with a poof a cloud of smoke exploded and Dracula himself with black eyes and short brown hair stood in front of them. He held his arm over his face, then pulled it away with a rapid move, hissing and flashing his pointy teeth at the girls.
Zoey yelped and Heather had to giggle. Katy didn't show any emotion behind her dark sunglasses.
“Girls, meet Sonny, your host. Your Lordship, this is Heather, Zoey and Katy.”
Julia introduced them. Sonny the Dracula grinned and hugged each of the girls quickly.
“Welcome to our party. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the evening. Also, did Julia tell you about our little competition? The person who's playing his or her role according to their costume the best tonight will win a special prize. So play your role well and you might leave as the lucky winner. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a virgin!”
Sonny put his arm in front of his lips again and strutted off. But as he left another person emerged from a back room and went straight to the small group.

Her hair was long and black, her skin pretty pale and she wore black sunglasses. But her rest about her was bright red. A tight corset that covered her breasts just enough, panties, long high-heels. She had a pointy tail and red horns coming out of her head, and carried a plushy trident.
“Meet Grace the Devil Queen. If you need anything tonight, just ask her.”
Grace looked over the girls smiling, from one to the other until she stopped at Katy.
“Girls you look gorgeous. But you... I hope you're ready. Roberta! Roby, where are you?” Grace shouted as she looked around.
A small woman appeared to their right. She had short black hair and was dressed like a female version of the Godfather. A fancy black suit, a red rose attached to it and long black heels. In her hand she carried a Tommy Gun.
“You have called, Oh Devil Queen?”
Grace nudged her chin towards Katy.
“If you want to keep doing your business here tonight, you better get rid of that cop there right away.”
Roberta stared at Katy and blinked twice.
“I didn't expect them to send another one so soon. I just removed that other cop named Exal! Damn you!”
She lifted her gun up. Katy shook her head in surprise, stuttering a No-No-No and raised her hands quickly above her head. But Roberta just pulled the trigger and fired a burst right into her.
Katy staggered several feet backwards spilling her drink all over herself until she hit the wall. There she slowly dropped on her knees and then fell to her side, not moving anymore.
For a moment the group stood in silence while the loud techno music continued around them.
Then both Heather and Zoey cheered but only until a small puddle of pee formed under Katy's hot pants. Heather grinned and Zoey blushed deep red.
“Wow, she's doing a great performance! Take an example in her girls. And enjoy the party!”
Grace stomped her trident on the floor, turned around and left the room.
Roberta blew some smoke from the barrel of her Tommy Gun.
“You don't stick your nose into the business of The Family!”

In the kitchen Zoey saw a glass bowl on a table with apples swimming in it. The little redhead hooked Heather and Julia under their arms and pulled them to the room.
“Let's do apple bobbing! Do you know the game? It's easy, all you have to do is snatch an apple from the bowl, but only using your teeth!”
Several guys stood in the room as well, watching as the girls entered.
Julia wanted tried her luck first and one of the guys insisted that she got her hands tied behind her back, so she couldn't cheat. But it wasn't necessary, Julia was really good at snatching an apple from the bowl. After she dropped it and stepped back, Zoey rolled up her sleeves and got out her magic wand. Everyone was staring at her.
“Wingardium Leviosa!”
Zoey chanted and waved her wand. She actually meant it as a joke, but to her surprise one of the apples in the bowl slowly started to fly upwards, out of the bowl and then landed next to it. Everyone was cheering!
“You're a real witch!” one of the guys was pointing out.
“She is indeed.” replied another in a calm voice.
Zoey turned and saw a handsome young man who wore similar clothes to her own, but with pants instead of a skirt. And his tie was green-and-white striped. A wizard from the evil House Slytherin!
His hands in his pockets he slowly walked closer. Zoey watched his steps carefully.
“So young witch, would you care for a magic duel? You against me? Or are you a coward?”
Zoey glared at the other wizard, pointing her wand at him.
“Of course I'll accept!”
“Great, follow me upstairs where we got some more room.”
He strolled out of the room and up the stairs. Zoey followed him carefully, as if expecting an ambush at any moment.

Back at the kitchen Julia, still having her hands bound on her back, complained to the bystanders.
“Hey guys, I'm a witch as well!”
A large, muscular man with a beard dressed as a Viking warrior walked up to her.
“So you are saying. But usually it's the witches that deny it, rather than saying they are witches. But I guess tonight everything is a little bit odd.”
“There is nothing odd about it! I'm a witch and I can proof it to you. Just untie me and I will show you.”
The Viking shook his head.
“Of course, you'd like that. But as soon as I untie you, you're just going to curse us all and run away. No I think we can proof you're a witch on our own. As you probably know, being a witch yourself, witches are made of wood. I'd suggest we throw you in a river and see if you float. But there's no river near here.”
“We could see if she burns! I heard Grace's sister Val is building a bonfire for a ritual outside.” someone else commented but the Viking shook his head.
“I don't think she'd appreciate it if we use her bonfire to burn a witch. But I have another idea.”
He grabbed Julia's arm with one hand and put the other around her throat, flexing his muscles.
“If she's made of wood, I should be able to snap her like a twig.”
Without further words he lifted Julia up by her throat with one hand. The other one kept her body steady as he twisted her neck with one swift move. It snapped loudly and Julia's body twitched for a moment before her arms and legs just hung limp from her body.
The Viking let go of her and she dropped lifeless to the ground.
“I guess she was right about being a witch!”
He laughed hearty and left the room.

Zoey went into the bedroom where the other wizard was already waiting for her with a wand in his hand. He stood on the other side of a giant queen sized bed. Out of instinct Zoey kept the door to the room open in case she needed help she thought. She knew a lot could go wrong in a wizard duel.
“I guess the first one who hits the other with a Stupefy wins?”
Zoey aimed her wand at the other wizard. She felt ready for this.
“Of course my dear. Shall we start?”
He raised his want quickly and shouted 'Stupefy', firing a stun bolt at Zoey. She ducked and did the same, firing back at him. But the other wizard just evaded her easily. He took another shot at her and Zoey rolled over the floor to evade. Just as she got up again the other Wizard mumbled 'Avada Kedavra' and fired a green bolt.
Zoey's eyes widened in horror as she heard the words because she knew what they meant. But it was too late. The bolt hit her and she got thrown back against a book case. Zoey was dead before she hit the ground and books rained down on her.
The other wizard knew he had won. He slowly walked over to Zoey and with a swift notion of his wand the door to the bedroom closed.

Heather was still standing in the kitchen and felt slightly ignored.
“I want to try apple bobbing as well! Anyone would like to watch?”
A mummy and a werewolf stepped up to zombie cheerleader Heather got on her knees and dipped her head into the bowl and started to snatch for an apple. The mummy turned to the werewolf.
“Did you notice that in zombie movies the zombies can never swim? Couldn't they just float across the ocean until they hit land and go chase people again? Now I wonder, if they would swim, would they drown? Can zombies drown?”
The mummy approached Heather from behind, who still had her head dipped in the bowl. He pressed her head down into it, pushing her under water and used his body weight on her to keep her down.
Heather was panicking under water trying to get up again. The water bubbled heavily and Heather flailed her arms around. The mummy kept her in place even though her body twitched heavily as she tried to throw him off.
Finally her arms hung limp down her sides. The mummy stepped away from her. Heather's head was still in the water bowl with apples floating around her hair.
“I guess Zombies can drown.” the mummy remarked.
Werewolf chuckled and went to the window, looking at a huge fire burning outside.
“It looks like they managed to get the bonfire burning, but it looks rather small to me. Let's have a look and see if we can't make it bigger!”

Ed was still driving around when he saw a huge flame emerge into the sky in the distance. He stepped on the gas until he got to the place. Of course it was the party!
Several people dressed in all sorts of costumes ran around fleeing the house but also loud noises could be heard that sounded like gunfire to Ed. He opened the trunk of his car and got his Remington Shotgun out. Then he ran onto the porch and inside the house.
The back of the house was already on fire, but Ed saw an open door leading to a basement and heard noises from downstairs. He reached the stairs that lead around a corner. At the corner was a woman in a suit with short black hair. She held a Tommy Gun and was frantically speaking in another language that sounded Italian.
Ed shouted at her to drop her gun but the woman didn't comply and then turned towards him, the gun lifted up. Ed fired his shotgun once and hit the woman in her chest.
Roberta was thrown back from the impact and rolled down the stairs. Ed followed her and stopped at the bottom of the stairs, standing above Roberta's corpse.
The cellar was filled with the usual chaos you'd expect in a cellar, but at the far end was a large green portal on the floor. A light green smoke was in the air that twirled around the center of the portal.
In front of it was a woman dressed like a Devil and next to her stood a man that looked like Dracula. He held a shrieking girl in a french maid costume by her long brown hair.
Ed aimed his shotgun at them and shouted.
“Let go of that girl! I won't repeat myself!”
Sonny and Grace turned to Ed. Then Grace turned to Sonny and smiled wickedly.
“He's right honey. Let go of the girl. The time has come for him to rise. He will rise from the portal!”
Sonny nodded, let go of Stephy's hair and just gave her a little push. Stephy stumbled forward and with a long scream she fell into the portal at the ground.
Ed was dazed and didn't knew what to do. A lightning bolt emerged from the portal and left a scorch in the ceiling and both Sonny and Grace started to laugh maniacally.
Suddenly something that looked like tentacles emerged from the portal. They had sharp, pointy ending and wobbled around.
“It's too late Mister! The virgin has been offered and HE will rise now!”
Vampire Sonny laughed, flashing his pointy teeth. Then a jerk went through his body and he collapsed on the floor. The same happened to Grace. Behind both stood a bloody pointy tentacle.
Ed was still dazed. The tentacles started to slither across the floor towards him.
He fired his shotgun at them. Again and again until the gun was empty. Ed turned around and wanted to run upstairs but something tangled around his ankles. He fell hard on the floor and was slowly dragged towards the portal.
He tried to get a hold on anything but was merciless dragged away.
He heard a sweet voice call his name... Ed... Ed... Uncle Ed...

Ed blinked several times. Someone was shaking him.
He opened his eyes and when they focused he saw his niece Zoey. And behind her stood her friends Heather and Katy.
Zoey was dressed like a slutty schoolgirl. No, witch. From that magic school. With a magic wand and all.
“Come on Uncle Ed! We'll be late for the party. You promised to drive us there.”
Right. Ed remembered. Halloween party. He slowly got up.
“All right kiddo. Let's get you to your party...”

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“Now, Mr. Silencer, I'll give you the opportunity to see with your own eyes the effects of the machine that our genius Dr. Sonny and his lovely assistant Roberta have developed.”
Mr. Silencer watched General Grace without showing any emotions. He know she was slightly mad, and she loved to see the fear in her victims eyes when she killed. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction, and already worked on his escape plan while she talked like a good villain, explaining everything. They had taken his silenced Walther PPK, he saw it lying on the table behind Grace, as well as his cigarette holder. But he had some more tricks up the sleeves of his expensive tuxedo, literally.
He was seated in this large hall, away from the laboratories. White plaster walls, large lamps hanging from the ceiling, illuminating tables with tons of documents and typewriters on them, and uncomfortable wooden chairs like the one he was bound to. But no one was actually working here right now. The room was empty of people, except for a few.
There was General Grace. She wore a white uniform coat with lots of ribbons and medal stars on her chest. A white belt with a matching holster on her hips. It stood in great contrast to her black knee long high heel boots, her long black hair and the black shades she always wore. Intelligence didn't had a single photo of her without her shades on!
Behind her stood her bodyguards, Niki and Nikki. Both wore grey tight jumpsuits and black high heels boots like Grace, had long had shoulder long black hair and both carried a PPD-40 sub-machine gun. They could've been twins, except one of them was clearly Asian.
Next to Grace stood Major Karin, a rather short woman in her early forties with red shoulder long curls. She wore a khaki coat with a golden star embroidered on her right chest and black high heel boots that vanished under her coat. Her belt had the same brown colour as her eyes that laid on Mr. Silencer, watching him closely. She worked for the enemies Intelligence and he knew she was trouble.
But what he didn't understood who the officer was to his right. He was in his early thirties, short blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a khaki officer jacket, trousers and black shoes. His shoulder tabs told Mr. Silencer that he was a Lieutenant of Grace's army, and his name was Hans Muller.
He looked rather afraid and was kept in place by two young female soldiers, Jennifer and Kaitlyn, both looked around 19. One of them had long black hair and the other one was a short brunette. They had khaki soldier jackets with brown belts around their hips, pistol holsters attached with TT-30 pistols. Khaki trousers and black boots that covered their calves. On their heads they had khaki coloured side caps. The brunette had her jacket open to her belt, showing her white shirt under it.

“Mr. Silencer, I'm sure you're well acquainted with Mr. Muller. He surely was a great help for you to get inside our facility. Too bad my dear Major Karin caught him unlocking all those doors.” Grace looked at Karin who stood at attention, hands behind her hips.
“Actually, I don't know Mr. Muller at all. I got in here on my own.”
He was slightly confused. He really didn't knew the officer that was held captive.
“They threatened to kill me, unless I promised I would help them! I had no choice. They knew everything about me! Please General Grace, I'm a loyal officer!”
Hans tried to step forward, but the two soldiers held him in place.
“Of course you are, Hans. But you haven't just been naughty so a trip to Miss Terry would suffice. You helped Mr. Silencer and his people. I don't like this kind of treason. But don't worry too much, you'll proof to be useful to me until the end.”
Mr. Silencer wrinkled an eyebrow.
“As I said before, I don't know this man. He's not on our payroll, not that I know at least.”
“Shush Mr. Silencer! I'll give you a demonstration of our power, and soon your little friends will know that they can not stop me! Ah, there is Dr. Sonny!”

The double door to his right was opened and a large man with short brown hair and a white lab coat came in. He was followed by a small woman with short raven-black hair who also wore a white lab coat, tights and black high heel boots. He estimated them both to be in their forties.
The man was Dr. Sonny he assumed and the woman must've been his assistant Roberta who pushed a little cart with a device on it that looked like a computer.
They were followed by two young soldier girls, Zoey, a freckled redhead with pigtails and Heather, with a light brown ponytail. They looked like the two soldiers that held Mr. Muller captive, however they wore khaki coloured steel helmets and didn't had holsters on their belts but some ammo pouches and AVS-36 rifles that they carried with a sling over their shoulders.
In their midst they held an older man in a grey jumpsuit. He had green eyes and his short hair started to become grey like his jumpsuit. He looked slightly drugged and was half dragged by the soldiers. They all stopped next to Grace. Dr. Sonny started to work on the device, turning some dials, then he picked up a hand-held device with an antenna and held it close to the old prisoner. It emitted a strange noise for a moment. Dr. Sonny put the device on the table again and nodded towards Grace.
“You may give him orders now, General Grace!”
Grace turned and picked up the silenced Walther PPK from the table, an evil smile on her face as she looked at Mr. Silencer.
“Witness now a demonstration of my power, Mr. Silencer. See how I control this man, and soon will control all men once we transmit the signal around the world with our large satellite dish. They will all bow to me, and I will control the world!”
She laughed wickedly and turned to the prisoner, padded him on the shoulder and placed the pistol in his hands.
“Now, prisoner, shoot this traitorous officer for me!”

Hans closed his eyes, awaiting the impact of the bullet. Mr. Silencer watched as the prisoner slowly raised the pistol, his hands slightly shaking. Everyone was tense.
The prisoner fired the pistol and the silenced shot was followed by a female groan.
Jennifer let go of Hans and clutched her left breast, her eyes wide in terror. Blood soaked the cloth of her jacket under her hands and she dropped on her knees, then fell on her side. Her body twitched for a moment, then hands dropped on the ground and she laid still, her eyes and mouth wide opened.
“What the fuck was that?!” Grace shouted furious. “He's supposed to shoot the enemy, not my own people! Well, technically they both are, but shoot the damn traitor!”
Dr. Sonny raised his hands and stepped closer to the prisoner.
“It's just a small signal I used. I suppose it helps if we make it more personal.” He leaned to the prisoners ear. “Vern. I want you to shoot the man in front of you, in the uniform. He is a traitor and has to die. Shoot him!”
Vern slowly raised his pistol again, his hands still shaking. He slowly swung to the right and aimed higher. Hans felt the soldier to his left tighten her grip on his arm. Kaitlyn was scared to death. She pressed her thighs together and bit her lower lip, watching the slow movement of Vern as he aimed with the pistol. Hans closed his eyes again and awaited the deadly bullet.
Vern fired the pistol again and the shot was followed by the crackling of plaster as the bullet hit the wall behind Hans. It was silent for a moment, then followed by the sound of dripping water as Kaitlyn wet her pants, a dark stain flowing down her khaki pants. She was shaking with fear.
Grace's eyes grew big behind her sunglasses, her eyebrows went up then frowned.
“God damn it!”
She grabbed the pistol from Vern and fired several times, hitting Hans each time.
His body jerked in Kaitlyn's hold, he felt the stinging pain of every bullet until Grace stopped firing. He stared at her, then his blue eyes rolled back and his knees gave way. He slumped to the ground half-way, his left arm still clutched by Kaitlyn. Grace stared at her, her view wandering from her face where tears filled her eyes, down to her open jacket and finally to her trousers where a dark wet stain spread from her crotch down her legs into her boots.
“Ack, what the hell is that? You look like a slut, and now you wet yourself in front of me?! You're a disgrace to my army! Die like the traitor!”
Grace aimed the pistol at Kaitlyn and pulled the trigger.
The gun had no more bullets. Kaitlyn had her eyes closed and slowly opened them again. Grace cursed and tossed the gun aside, then stalked out of the hall through the double doors. Her bodyguards quickly followed her.
“I want that device fixed Sonny! I want to send the signal tonight!” She barked as she passed Sonny and Roberta.
Sonny shrugged and looked at his device.
“We probably have to adjust the frequency just a bit. Come on Roberta, we have work to do.”
Roberta nodded and both left the hall as well.

Mr. Silencer sat in his chair, a smile on his face.
“I'd applause, but unfortunately my hands are tied.”
Karin looked down on him and shook her head. Then she turned to Kaitlyn.
“You! Go and report yourself to Lieutenant Terry at once. I think your sorry ass needs some good whipping!”
Kaitlyn sniffled and ran out of the hall as well. Karin turned to Heather, Zoey and Vern.
“What are you two still doing here? As far as I know you two have guard duty at the prison. Bring this prisoner back to his cell and continue your shift! Move it!”
The girls hastily saluted and dragged Vern with them out of the hall. Karin's view went to dead Jennifer and Hans on the ground. She nudged the bodies with her boot, but neither moved.
“I'll send someone up to clean this up and have you transferred to a cell. Then we can have a... private talk.”
She winked at Mr. Silencer and swirled around on her heels, then walked out of the hall, shaking her hips with every step.

He was alone in the large hall, except for the two dead bodies to his right. Mr. Silencer reviewed his options.
His trusty PPK lay on the floor a few yards away. It was empty, but a spare magazine was on the table in front of him. Same as his cigarette holder and his cigarettes, together with the lighter that could be used as a small explosive. But first he had to get out of this chair. They didn't tie his legs, so he could've easily toppled the chair over and tried to break it, but in his early fifties he felt to old for those kind of things. Luckily he had his gadget clock. If he pressed it correctly against the chair, he might be able to turn on the small laser and burn through the cord that tied his hands. But it would take a while.
The double door opened again and a soldier stepped inside. She had brown eyes and brown shoulder long hair that framed her face. Jimima trudged towards the bodies, her side cap hanging sideways on her head. She didn't looked amused at all as she stood over the bodies of her comrades.
“Excuse me, Miss Soldier?” Mr. Silencer smiled as he turned his head to her.
“I'm not supposed to talk to you. There's someone else coming soon to get you. I'm just here to clean this up.” She rolled her eyes and shrugged.
“Don't mind me then, but I know they'll kill me soon like your friends there. Could you please just listen to my one wish?”
Jimima let go of Jennifer's arm and the dead girl slumped back on the ground. She walked over to Mr. Silencer and put her hands on her hips, slightly annoyed.
“Okay Mister Secret Agent. They told me you'd probably try some tricks to get out of here. I'm not game. So don't ask.”
“I'm sorry, I'd only like to have one last cigarette. It's right over there.” He nudged towards the table.
“All right, but then please stop talking to me and let me do my... ugh, my job.”
She paused and looked towards the bodies. At least the man was polite. She moved to the table with the cigarette holder and picked it up, turned around and stuck it between in Mr. Silencer's lips.
“And now I just put a cigarette in there and light it, yes?”
“Yes, please.” Mr. Silencer nodded.
The soldier turned around again to get a cigarette and lighter. Enough time for Mr. Silencer to press the hidden button on the shaft of the cigarette holder. As Jimima turned to him again and leaned down with the cigarette in her hand, he blew hard into the holder.
A small dart shot out of the cigarette holder and right into Jimima's throat. She winced and dropped the cigarette and lighter, putting her hands at her throat. It was just a quick sting, but her whole body got weak. She stumbled, then her eyes rolled back and everything turned dark.
She dropped on her knees and her face fell right on Mr. Silencer's crotch. The poison had killed her quick and painless. He enjoyed the sight of the dead girl between his legs for a moment, then activated the laser in his watch and began burning the cord around his hands.

He wasn't half way through as the double doors got kicked open and eight people ran into the room, two girls, six guys. They were a colourful group.
Mr. Silencer looked up surprised. They stared at him. The dead soldier still between his legs. One of the men was the first to speak.
“I think we're interrupting something here...”
Mr. Silencer quickly kicked the dead Jimima away that just flopped lifeless to the ground and yanked at the cord around his hands, ripping it apart. He stood up from the chair and brushed over his tuxedo, then leaned down, picked up the cigarette from the floor and lightened it. He blew a smoke circle into the air, then turned to face the group.
“Not at all, gentlemen and ladies. I was just freeing myself. May I introduce me? My name is Silencer. Hitman Silencer. Secret Agent. I'm here to stop the evil General Grace.”
Without another word the group started to move around, each of them taking a position in front of Mr. Silencer as if they staged for a photo shooting. As they finished a man named XJ began to introduce them.

To the very left stood a blonde girl with shoulder long open hair, named Ira. With 23 she was the youngest member. She wore a white tank top, blue washed out denim shorts and white running shoes. She held a Sterling sub-machine gun over her shoulder.
Next to her in the back stood a tall muscular man wearing a white tank shirt, wooden camouflage pants and black military boots. Juan had short brown hair and green eyes. In his hands he held a M1918 Browning automatic rifle.
In front of him kneed a man in a black jumpsuit with a harness. Ed was in his fifties, had hazel eyes and short brown hair. He looked fairly innocent in the face, yet his clothes and his M1 carbine rifle spoke another language and he seemed to move with a grace that didn't tell his age.
In the middle of the group stood Janus, a tall man in his mid-forties with short curly black hair. His face and appearance was that of a professional. He wore clothes similar to Juan's but wasn't as massive built and he had a Thompson sub-machine gun.
Next was Ron, a man in his thirties with blue eyes and brown hair. He wore khaki cargo pants, brown boots and a white shirt. Beside a Colt M1911 pistol he also had a satchel with a red cross on it.
Slightly smaller then him was the Asian girl to his left, Hitomi. She was also in her thirties and wore a black tank top and tight black jeans, black boots. Her face was framed by her black shoulder long hair. She had an M3 sub-machine gun and looked ready for anything.
Next in line was a rather short Latin man named Facundo. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes, a white shirt, brown leather pants and boots. He held a Lee-Enfield rifle.
The seventh member was Erich Jaegger, a large men who's brown hair started to turn grey. He wore a wooden camouflage uniform and pants, brown military boots and a red scarf. He also had a M1 carbine rifle.
The last member and leader of the mercenaries was XJ, a tall man in his fifties with black eyes and short black hair, was well built but had an eye patch over his left eye and many scars. He had a white shirt, khaki cargo pants and brown boots. On his belt was a holster with an old Colt 1862 Army revolver and a commando knife.

On a secret signal, all eight mercenaries posed and shouted in union.
“We're Teeeeeeeeam Troubleshooter!”
“If you have troubles, call us and we'll just shoot them for you.” XJ added with a smile.
Mr. Silencer stood in front of them, not saying a word. He wasn't sure if he should take these people were serious or not.
“We've been hired by the local women to infiltrate this facility and rescue their imprisoned men, then blow up this place of evil.” XJ continued. His view went to the dead soldiers on the ground.
“It looks like the threats against our friend Hans have worked. He disabled the alarm and several doors had been unlocked. Getting in here unseen was rather easy. But it seems like someone already did us the favour of removing him.”
Mr. Silencer nodded. He collected his PPK and reloaded it, then tucked it in his tuxedo. He checked his watch.
“General Grace wasn't amused. Gentlemen, and ladies, if you plan to rescue the prisoners I suggest you go on to it. I have a meeting with Grace. If you would be so kind to give me about thirty minutes for it before you blow this facility up, I would be most grateful.”
XJ smiled and nodded in response.
“All right team! It's time to kill some evil people and free innocents! Mr. Silencer, you don't happen to know where the prison is located?”
“I believe the fastest way is through the single door behind me. Although I'm not-”

The small door slowly opened, squeaking. Everyone readied their guns and aimed at the door.
Two silenced shots echoed into the hall, then a soldier with brown shoulder long hair fell into the room, landing on her front. Her side cap rolled over the floor.
“Thank you for your cooperation Kristin, I think I'll find my way from here. It shouldn't be diffi- Wow!”
A man in his thirties stepped over the dead soldier, short black hair and a black suit, a silenced Colt 1903 pistol in his hand. The surprise on his face quickly vanished and he just went to adjust his tie.
“Did I miss the party? Who are you people?”
Everyone eased up. Obviously they all seemed to be on the same side. Quickly introductions were exchanged.
The man in the suit was Carlos Questor, and his agency had assigned him to find and destroy the device Dr. Sonny had developed.
It seemed as if everyone in the hall had their own goals, yet all put together their combined forces would destroy this facility, rescue the innocent and eliminate everyone else. The mercenaries decided to split up while the two agents continued alone.

Kaitlyn knocked at the door to Lieutenant Terry's room. No one opened, but she thought she heard voices from inside. She leaned against the door and heard a muffled scream and something that sounded like a whip. Kaitlyn had heard stories about Lieutenant Terry, the correction officer who was in charge of the prisoners. Stories that she'd spank and torture the prisoners. And soldiers who got on Grace's bad side.
But Karin had ordered her to report to Terry. She stepped back and knocked again on the door. The sound of heels clacking over the floor. Then the door was opened. A tall woman stood inside the doorframe, brown shoulder long hair. She wore black leather high heel boots that went up over her thighs and a black corset. Kaitlyn stared at her bare breasts and crotch for a second. She opened her mouth to speak but Terry cut her off.
“What do you want soldier? I'm busy!”
“Miss Terry, I, um, I was told by Major Karin to report to you. I, um, General Grace, um, she tried to shoot me. But, um, didn't, and now Major Karin said I should be, um, disciplined.”
A voice shouted from inside the room.
“Mistress, who is this? Another bad girl? I thought I'm the only one today.”
Kaitlyn peeked inside the room and recognised the face of soldier Kathleen, a woman in her mid thirties with long blond hair. She was naked and only had her uniform boots on, bent over a wooden bar, her hands and feet tied to the legs of the construction.
Terry looked over her shoulder and hissed.
“Shush pet! You're only allowed to speak when I allow you to.”
Then she turned back to Kaitlyn and looked her over, clicking her tongue.
“Listen soldier, I'm busy right now. You can come back later. And when you do, make sure you wear clean clothes, I don't want to have a mess before we even started!”
She pointed at Kaitlyn's peed pants, then pushed her back with one hand and closed the door in front of her again.
Kaitlyn stood there for a moment and heard Terry's voice from inside.
“Don't you dare to speak again when I'm at the door!”
It was followed by a series of whip cracking and joyful groans. Kaitlyn turned around and headed for the locker rooms.

Erich Jaegger and Hitomi waited until the soldier went down the corridor and out of sight. The knew the door releases for the prison doors had been inside that room. Ron was already waiting at the corridor to take care of any wounded prisoners, should there be any.
Erich knocked on the door repeatedly. After a short moment a slightly annoyed Terry opened.
“Who the hell are yo-URK!”
Terry groaned as Erich rammed his knife in her belly. She staggered backwards into the room, then her eyes rolled back and she simply collapsed on the floor.
Hitomi rushed into the room. It was lit by dozens of candles and looked like an office, two tables in a corner with papers stacked on them. Beside them some control panels for the gate controls. Next to it a wooden construction where a woman was bent over. She was screaming but the gag in her mouth muffled it. Hitomi saw two uniforms draped over a couch in the other corner.
“She's one of them. They're playing kinky games!”
Erich nodded and handed his pistol to Hitomi, who quickly flipped a pillow from the couch and put it on Kathleens chest, pressed the pistol against it and fired twice. Kathleen's body jerked in her restrains, then her head dropped down and she didn't move any more. Hitomi threw the pistol back to Erich and walked to the door controls. Erich nodded again and Hitomi flipped the switches.

Zoey moaned as Heather kissed her neck again. She loved to make out in her uniform, she felt hot and was sweating in it and loved it. Her hands were groping Heather's butt while Heather was fondling Zoey's breasts through her uniform jacket. Her left thigh was stuck between Zoey's and the redhead slowly ground over it, back and forth, feeling her panties being all wet already. They embraced in a kiss, their steel helmets clacked as they bounced together, their tongues entwined and released again.
They did all this in front of a particular prison cell. Some weeks ago they had captured two boys, only a few years older then the 19 year old girls themselves. Foreign students doing research in the mountains. Heather and Zoey loved to make out in front of them, teasing them. They felt their eyes watching them, unable to touch them, and it aroused the two girls even more.

Dev and Exal couldn't do anything but watch. They knew the name of the two soldiers, Heather and Zoey. Had flirted with them already. But it didn't help them to get out of the prison at all.
Both in their early twenties they'd love to have some fun with the girls. Dev was from India and had black hair. Exal had a brown ponytail, and when he stood up he was more than a foot taller than Zoey.
They both sat on their bunk beds, wearing their grey prisoner jumpsuits and watched the girls in their khaki uniforms cuddle, trying to resist the urge to do more then just watching. Suddenly there was a metal clang. Both looked at each other. They knew this sound meant the door got unlocked, but they didn't know why. They slowly got up and walked towards the door.
The two soldiers had noticed it as well. They let go of each other and looked around confused. The iron of another door squeaked. Zoey looked confused to the left while Heather got the rifle from her back already. Suddenly she yelled at someone.
“Stop! Don't step outside your cell, or I'll shoot!”
Another door squeaked and steps followed. Heather fired her rifle and a man groaned, followed by a thud.
Dev and Exal yanked their cell door open and jumped the girls. Exal attacked Heather, grabbing her rifle. They started to dance around, each one trying to get a grip on the rifle. Dev punched Zoey in the chest. The girl groaned and charged him, slamming him into the metal poles of the cell. He was surprised that she was stronger then she looked. Her rifle still on her back she tried to strangle Dev with her hands. He kicked her in the belly with his knee and she stumbled backwards against the other wall. Dev caught his breath and attacked her again, only to get hit by her fist in his face. As he hold his nose Zoey jumped on his back and tried to choke him, clutching her legs around his waist and her hands on his neck.
Meanwhile Exal had wrestled the AVS-36 rifle from Heather and slammed the butt of it into Heather's stomach. The girl dropped to the ground, trying to catch her breath. Exal turned around and saw that Dev had trouble with the other soldier girl. He wanted to step towards him and almost tripped as Heather pulled on his leg. He turned to her and fired the rifle, hitting Heather right in her chest. The impact threw her body on her back, all limbs spread apart. Her eyes were wide in terror.
Exal let go of the rifle and turned to Dev who was croaking for help. The tall Exal yanked small Zoey from Dev's back and slammed her into the wall. While she staggered around stunned, Exal put his right arm around her neck and started choking her. Zoey tried helplessly to free herself from the hold, scratching her fingers on Exal's arm. Dev grabbed Zoey by her shoulders and thrust his knee in her belly.
Her whole body shook in Exal's hold, then her eyes rolled back, her arms hung limp at her side and her head dropped forward. Exal let go of her, took her rifle and watched as Zoey slumped to the ground, her limp arm just sliding out of the sling that she used to carry the rifle.
Both guys panted heavily and noticed several other men around them had gotten out of their cells. A man with a white shirt and khaki cargo pants had appeared at the end of the corridor and was waving people towards him.
“Finish her off!”
Exal handed the rifle to Dev and went towards the man, picking up Heather's rifle and stepping over her body.
Dev stood confused over Zoey. She was only unconscious, he could see her still breathing. She was helpless at his mercy. He knew that all the soldiers in this facility had been cruel and that it was expected of him to show no mercy either now, but it felt wrong to him to kill this girl as she was helpless.
He raised the rifle and aimed for her heart, his hands shaking. He hold his breath and pulled the trigger. The bullet dashed right into the concrete floor in front of Zoey. He couldn't do it.
As Dev looked up again he saw an older man, wearing the same grey jumpsuit as he did. Vern stepped over to Dev and yanked the rifle off his hands, then took a small knife out of his boots and placed it in Dev's hands.
“If you don't know how to shoot, son, better give me that rifle! If they come close to you, try to stab them with this. Otherwise, follow us and try not to get killed!”
With those words he passed Dev and followed the other prisoners towards freedom. Dev put a final view on the unconscious soldier girl on the floor, then ran after him.

“...all Personal! Attention all Personal! This is General Grace speaking! We have intruders in our base! Guards are advised to shoot on sight! I want them stopped now, do not let those intruders proceed!”
The voice from the speakers ringed in Zoey's ears as she rolled on her chest and slowly pushed herself up. Heather lay dead next to her. Both their rifles had been taken. Zoey cursed silently as a group of soldiers, lead by officer Vicky, rushed into the prison corridor. The older woman grabbed Zoey by her collar, pulled her to her feet and pressed her against the wall.
“What happened here? You let all the prisoners escape, you twat!”
Zoey didn't resist her superior officer while she was pinned on the wall.
“The gates just opened themselves Ma'am! We couldn't keep them contained as they attacked us!”
“And let them take your rifle? General Grace will execute you herself for this! But right now you'll come with me soldier! Those intruders must be stopped!”
Vicky glared on Zoey for a moment. Zoey snapped to attention and saluted the taller woman.
The brunette officer snorted with anger, turned around and strutted out of the prison, followed by the other soldiers. Zoey gulped, checked her uniform and helmet and ran after them.

Kaitlyn had taken off her boots, trousers and jacket as she stood in front of her locker. Only her khaki shirt, the side cap on her head and her panties remained. Unfortunately due to the alarm the locker room wasn't empty as she had hoped but she had waited until most of the soldiers had run out after dressing. She didn't want them to see that she had wet herself earlier.
As she finally had moved into the locker room she got surprised by Yzzy who looked pretty sleepy and as such dressed really slow.
Kaitlyn had told her the story with the execution and Yzzy had tried to cheer her up. She was chatting the whole time while she dressed herself and Kaitlyn took off her own clothes. Just as she slipped down her wet panties, Yzzy's head with her brown curls popped around one of the lockers again and grinned.
“Ewwh Katy, that's really nasty!”
Kaitlyn turned around and blushed deep red, hiding her crotch with her crossed arms.
“Would you please please turn around and stop talking until I'm dressed again!”
Yzzy shrugged with her shoulders as she slowly zipped her jacket up and vanished behind the lockers again.
“Whatever girl, I'll just be waiting here in the back until you're done.”
Kaitlyn sighed as she grabbed a fresh pair of panties from her locker and put them on.

The mercenaries Ed and Ira crawled through the ventilation shaft. Ed was first so he wouldn't have to listen to Ira complain that he was just watching her bum.
But it wasn't his concern anyway, as Ed had just watched a whole bunch of female soldiers dressing through the grille leading to the locker room. Now there was apparently just two of them left. He could only see one, the girl named Yzzy, who had just positioned herself below the grille. Luckily she didn't had her helmet on yet and Ed quickly opened the grille with a swift kick.
The falling metal grating hit the soldier right on her head. A thud and a groan and the girl collapsed under it. Before she could get up again Ed jumped out of the ventilation shaft and right on the grating and the girl. Yzzy groaned in pain, combined with the sound of breaking bones, she never got up again.
Ed stepped off the body and held his hand up towards Ira like a gentleman, whispering to her.
“Come on, it's a soft landing just for you.”
Ira smiled and slid out of the ventilation, landing softly on Yzzy's body.
“Yzzy? Yzzy are you okay?” Kaitlyn asked from the other side of the room.
The blonde mercenary put one finger on her lips and lifted her Sterling sub-machine gun. Ed shook his head and took out his knife, gesturing Ira to move towards the soldier while he sneaked around the lockers himself.

Kaitlyn, still only wearing her panties and shirt, saw the blonde girl with the white tank top and denim shorts coming around the corner.
“H-Hey! Who're you? And where's Yzzy?”
Ira smiled sweetly at Kaitlyn, put her Sterling to her hips and slowly walked towards the other girl.
“I'm afraid Yzzy won't be coming. She had an accident. I don't think she'll make it. You should be more careful around here. I just got in here, without any problems. Can you imagine? Now if you will put your hands up slowly now we'll- HEY!”
Ira stopped mid sentence as a knife flew from behind one of the lockers and right into Kaitlyn's chest. The girl staggered, then tripped backwards over one of the small benches in the room and crashed on her back, hips and legs up and over the bench. Her fresh white panties started to grow a wet spot again as her body twitched for a moment.
Ira was furious and turned towards where the knife had come from, where a grinning Ed was standing.
“Ed! That's not fair, I wanted to kill her myself!”
Ed walked over to Kaitlyn and kneeled beside her, taking his knife again and cleaned it up with her shirt.
“Oh come on kiddo, what was your plan? Talk her to death? You have to be quicker if you want to survive this game.”
Ira was about to respond as the door to the room was slammed open and a tall woman with a blonde bun and a khaki dress uniform stood in the door frame. She squinted her eyes as she quickly scanned the room, then flung her holster open and got her TT-30 pistol out.
“You! You're not supposed to be here! Die, scum!”
Ira turned around, the Sterling sub-machine gun at her hips. She pulled the trigger, spraying bullets right next to Ed in the lockers, in the wall and finally into officer Silvia.
The tall officer only jerked a bit as she got hit several times in her chest. She dropped on her knees but raised her arm and fired her own gun until the bolt jolted back. Ira staggered backwards with every impact until the last one pushed her right into an open locker where her arms got folded in front of her chest as she slowly sank down inside it.
“Bitch...” Silvia muttered before she collapsed face first on the floor as well.
Ed slowly stood up and walked in the middle of the room. A quick view told him that Ira was done already as well, her open eyes crossed her her shirt soaked in blood.
“Looks like you won't become a famous mercenary now. Sorry kiddo!”
With those words Ed stepped over Silvia's body and left the room.

They had come to a crossroad. The prisoners, led by the mercenaries Janus and Ron, ran into massive enemy troops and got stuck for now. They hid behind creates and corridor corners, fighting off the advancing soldiers. The corridor leading towards the facility exit and another deeper inside were littered with soldier corpses already, the air filled with flying bullets.
XJ crouched behind Janus and shouted in his ear.
“We're going to split up and head towards the reactor! You get those people out in time before we blow this thing up!”
“Yes Sir!” Janus replied and gave him a quick two-finger salute. Then he leaned around the corner again and fired his Thompson, hitting an advancing soldier, a young blonde girl, right in her chest, sending her flying on her back.

Just as the mercenary team, consisting of Facundo, Hitomi and XJ, was about to run down another corridor, a hand grabbed XJ by his shoulder.
XJ turned and looked into the eyes of one of the prisoners. A man in his early thirties with long black hair.
“I want to do my share and help bring down my oppressor! I know some about explosives, I can help you! Name's EG!”
XJ looked at the younger man for a moment. He didn't know if it was his courage or just the fact that he also had such a short name, but he instantly nodded and handed EG a M1911 pistol and gestured him to follow.

Meanwhile the prisoner group battled Grace's soldiers from two corridors. The mercenaries held the one leading towards the inner facility while the prisoners with guns, Exal and Vern, held off the soldiers from the corridor leading towards the exit.
Firing burst after burst, Exal ran out of bullets and retreated behind the corner where the other prisoners waited.
Vern on the other side was a veteran. He fired single shots, precisely hitting soldier after soldier. The death cries of the mostly young girls carried down the corridor towards them, a beautiful melody mixed with the loud bangs from the rifles.
But a young soldier changed the melody suddenly. Emma was sweat soaked under her khaki uniform from fear and adrenaline, her long red brown hair hanging in streaks from under her helmet. She had watched from her defence position how the old man had shot dozens of her comrades that now littered the floor, some still writhed in pain. Just as he shot her friend Maria, leaving her the last one alive, she managed to fire a burst that hit the target.
Vern grunted in pain as one of the bullets hit him in his lower abdomen and he dropped on his back behind the corner.
Emma knew that now was the time to charge and eliminate all the enemies, just as General Grace had ordered. She screamed as she ran down the corridor, jumping over all the dead bodies, blindly firing her AVS-36 to keep the enemies from firing back at her.

Dev didn't know what he did. He hadn't planned it. As the old man got hit, the one who had put courage into the prisoners hearts, Dev screamed. Everything happened so fast and without thinking. Time slowed down. From his crouching position Dev jumped to his feet, the knife that Vern had given him in his hand.
He made a quick glance around the corner, seeing the soldier charging. Just in the right moment he stepped into the corridor. The soldier Emma had a shocked expression on her face, her boots skidding over the floor trying to stop in front of him. Dev tripped her up. As she was about to fall face first, but he grabbed her jacked and twisted her around with one swift move, his arm going under her back to keep her from falling. Emma's eyes were wide open in terror as Dev's right arm raised up and then he buried the knife deep into the girls chest where her heart was.
Time returned to normal as Dev realised the soldier girl in his arm was coughing blood and her body shook violently. She dropped her rifle that landed on the floor with a clang, and a second later Dev just dropped her as well.
Not caring for the girl any more, Dev ran towards Vern.
“Medic! We need a medic, quick! Someone help him!”

Ron broke off his defensive position from the other corridor and ran to Vern. He dropped his medic bag next to him and quickly began to work on the wound while he spoke to the others.
“All right, I got this! You two boys, get the other prisoners and head down this corridor to the exit. Take some rifles from the bodies, but I doubt you'll have much resistance from here on out. Wait in the forest by the road for us! Move, get out of here now!”
He spoke fast and with harsh words. Dev and Exal remained for a moment before they and the other prisoners jumped to their feet and ran off.
Ron looked concerned at Vern.
“I'm sorry old man. I'll try my best but it looks bad. Stay with me okay?”
Vern smiled weak, but the grip around the rifle got tighter.
“Don't worry. I've killed my share of demons already! But until my time comes, just point me towards the right direction and I'll just continue to do so!”
Ron smiled back and pressed a compress on the wound.

Janus was at the other corner a few meters away and turned his head around to Ron.
“I hope our plans of this facility are correct, and Juan has flanked those soldiers! It seems like their attack gets weaker!”
Just as he did another soldier popped up. The blonde girl fired her rifle precisely and hit Janus with a full burst, who quickly fell back and was dead before his head hit the floor.
“Eat lead, sucker! Hahaha!”
Laura charged forward, around the corner and stopped as she saw Ron leaning over one of the prisoners. She loudly cocked her rifle as she slowly stepped towards them.
“All right, hands up! And slowly get up!”
Ron gulped but did as he was told. He looked down and saw that Vern had passed away already, but had his hands still tightly gripped around the rifle. Then he turned around slowly, facing the enemy soldier.
“I'm sorry...” Ron mumbled.
Then he stepped on Vern's arm with his right foot, pinching the nerves inside Vern's arm that caused his fingers to close around the trigger of the rifle. The rifle emptied it's remaining magazine and the recoil pushed the gun upwards. Several bullets penetrated Laura who couldn't react to this attack at all.
Her body jerked backwards from the impacts but she kept on her feet.
“You... bastard...”
Bleeding from several wounds she wiggled on her feet but still managed to fire her rifle, hitting Ron straight across his chest making him fly backwards. Laura kept on her feet a few seconds longer, staring down at her riddled body in disbelief before she dropped dead face first as well.

The alarm had been disabled a few minutes ago. Juan was glad about it, as he now heard the shots fired in the depths of the facility and the faint screams of Grace's soldiers as they got killed by his friends. But he only had shot two soldiers himself so far, both standing guard in front of an unimportant room. With great pleasure he had watched them both cringe in pain after they got a bullet in their bellies, slowly croaking on the floor.
He had used his M1911 pistol to kill them, but his M1918 Browning automatic rifle was thirsty for some action by now.
Suddenly Juan heard a heavy female voice barking orders and the sound of many boots approaching. He stood in a wide open corridor without any defence, but it didn't concern him at all. He'd seen how poorly trained these soldiers are, they'd probably wet their pants just by seeing him and his gun. Juan held it on his hips, ready to fire, as the stomping sound of boots got closer.
Then he saw them running around the corner. In front was a tall, busty officer in her khaki coat uniform and black high heel boots, blue eyes and brown shoulder long hair. Behind her followed about twenty soldiers, wearing the khaki uniforms and black boots, steel helmets. They all appeared to be only half the age of the officer at top. Some of them looked quite concerned, others determined, and they all carried heavy AVS-36 rifles while the officer had a TT-30 pistol.
They moved on as they saw Juan and only stopped about five yards in front of him. Officer Vicky was pointing her gun at Juan. The first row of five soldiers got on their knees and the next row behind aimed over their heads. Vicky cleared her throat and commanded with a raised chin.
“Drop your weapon now, intruder, and raise your hands above your head! You clearly see that we outnumber you by far! If you don't cooperate we'll shoot you right here!”
Juan had to chuckle.
“Okay.” He shrugged and pulled the trigger of his rifle.
In the next few seconds a lovely melody played in Juan's head as he began to mow down the soldiers, starting to the left and working his way to the right. His bullets shred through the girls uniforms right into the bodies of the ones in the next line. None of them could react in time, their screams deafening yet beautiful. Vicky's breasts jiggled as she got hit several times and thrown back on the soldiers behind her, who fell like dominoes.
In one swift movement Juan ejected the empty magazine and slammed a new one attached to his belt into the rifle and continued his fire until that magazine was empty as well. He continued with a third magazine, the confused and dazed soldiers in the last lines didn't even managed to aim their rifles properly at him.
The soldiers jolted and flew back one after another until they were only a pile of twitching, groaning uniformed khaki and bloody red female bodies.
Juan reloaded his rifle once more then flung it over his shoulder and got out his M1911 pistol. Walking down the pile with his pistol ready he enjoyed the sight of the bodies. Some even wetted themselves in front of his eyes. He looked at some of them closely and inspected one of the rifles while he went past the bodies. It looked to him as if he got them all and he slowly started walking down the corridor they had come from.

Zoey was still dazed as she lay below her comrades on the floor. She didn't feel any burning pain from a bullet wound! She heard the man who had just killed everyone except her walking away and decided to take her chance.
Slowly she crawled out from under the bodies, some still groaning as she did. The man didn't seem to notice her as he continued to slowly walk away. Zoey grabbed one of the rifles, aimed and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked but no shot fired. Zoey pulled the trigger again, multiple times, but it didn't fire.

Juan spun around. In front of the body pile stood a young soldier, a freckled redhead with pigtails that was about two heads shorter than himself. She aimed a rifle at him. Her blue grey eyes looked terrified at him, then the rifle and back to him as she continued to pull the trigger of the gun that only made dry clicks.
With three long steps he was in front of her, grabbed the rifle from her hands with his left, tossed it aside and pointed his own pistol against the girls helmet.
“I don't know who trained you, but walking into a battle with the safety of your rifle on will have you killed! Just look at your friends.”
Juan laughed and looked down at the soldier. He had a huge bulge in his pants. The girl slowly raised her hands above her head.
“I surrender! Please don't shoot me, Sir!”
Juan could smell her fear and it made him even more excited then the killing already had. He put his left hand on the khaki coloured steel helmet and pushed the girl down to her knees.
“You have to earn that girl.”
He positioned himself in front of her, legs slightly spread apart, the bulge of his pants right in front of her face. Zoey started to unbuckle his pants with shaking fingers and quickly Juan's large stiff cock pointed right at her.
From his point of view Juan only saw the khaki uniform and helmet, red pigtails sticking out to the sides, as the soldier girl slowly moved her head on his cock. He felt her warm lips embrace him, her sweet saliva moistening his hard member. Then her tongue slid over his cock, she released it again and licked the tip of it, before she slid it back in her mouth and started to suck.
Juan felt his cock become harder every second as Zoey moved her head in a rhythm over his cock, slowly gaining speed and sucking harder with every pass. He grunted in passion, feeling the hot breath released from the girls nose as she sucked him faster and faster, and he knew he would cum any second.
Zoey knew as well and when she noticed his cock twitching she quickly pulled her head away from it. But being on her knees she couldn't escape fast enough and Juan's hot cum splattered on her face and her uniform.
Both breathed hard for a moment and Juan's mind was racing what to do next, as steps approached from behind.
He turned and saw two more soldiers, both looking angry and cursing as they lifted their rifles up. Without any remorse he shot both down before they had a chance to fire a single shot.
As he turned back to Zoey he saw the redhead bending over the body pile, reaching for another rifle. Juan snapped his fingers and Zoey stared at him angry. Then he pulled the trigger of his M1911 and shot her in the back.
The young soldier screamed and arched her back, then rolled around until she lay still on top of the body pile. Her eyes looked terrified towards Juan, the helmet sunk deep in her face, cum smeared all over it and her uniform. Satisfied he saw a dark spot growing on the khaki pants between her thighs.
After a few calming breaths and a last view on the scene Juan buckled his pants up again and continued his way inside the facility.

Ed met with Hitomi, EG and XJ close to the reactor. Guard population was rather low down there but the group decided to split up and proceed on two levels to the generator room, Hitomi and Ed from the upper and EG and XJ from the floor level.
In front of the door to the reactor, XJ signalled EG to wait. There was a single soldier stationed in front of it, a young girl with long brown hair. XJ whistled once and the soldier looked around confused.
“Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? This isn't funny!”
Stephy took a few steps into the corridor, looking confused at the walls as if someone might hide inside them. XJ took his combat knife, weighed it in his hand and then threw it. The blade sunk deep into Stephy's chest. The girl dropped her rifle and clutched her hands around the knifes handle. Her whole body stiffened and her eyes went wide open, going cross-eyed. Then her pants started to get a growing dark spot as she wet herself and she fell backwards on the floor like a stiff plank.
XJ retrieved his knife, cleaning it on the girls uniform, before he got out his Colt 1862 Army revolver and went through the door, EG following him.
The reactor room was huge, a heavy machinery and long, big pipes leading all over the place. Above their heads were several levels with grate walkways and even more machinery. They heard shots being fired above.

Ed watched as Hitomi nailed another soldier with her M3 sub-machine gun. The girl with the long black hair had a wicked smile on her face the whole time, as if she was immensely enjoying to kill all those female soldiers, sluts as she called them.
But then another soldier popped up, black long hair, Asian look just like Hitomi. Theodora fired her AVS-36 rifle and hit Hitomi's hand, sending her sub-machine gun flying. But instead of retreating Hitomi clenched her teeth and charged fists up forward.
What's wrong with those girls? Ed thought to himself as he stepped onto the grate walkway as well, firing his M1 rifle at Theodora but the girl just stepped to the side and returned fire.
Her bullets first caught Hitomi in mid-run, making her stumble and fall on the grate floor. Then Ed felt a sharp pain in his chest as he got hit himself. He dropped to his knees, tried to get back up but couldn't.
“Haha, I bet you lousy mercenaries didn't expect to meet a soldier who knows how to use a gun! But you'll never win this battle! General Grace will rule the world! And for my help stopping you and saving the generator, I'll be her second in command soon!”
EG and XJ watched from below as Theodora slowly walked over the grates above them, lifting her rifle to give Ed a final shot.
They both aimed their pistols and fired twice, all bullets hitting Theodora who jerked with every impact. Then she collapsed on her side, her body twitching a few last times.
Ed managed to lift his head and right arm and made a thumbs up for EG and XJ.
“Thanks guys. Had a good time. Now please blow this place up!”
His arm and head dropped back down and he was done.
Without loosing any more time EG and XJ started to place explosives around the generator, setting the timers and made their way back up, hoping that the remaining teams would all make it out in time.

Karin stood in her office, holding up a small microfilm containing all the information about the “Man Eater” as they had named the device of Doctor Sonny, the one to control all men. Her plan was perfectly in motion.
First she had made this copy of all the information required to rebuild this device. Then she had destroyed the first prototype, an accident, throwing back General Grace's plans for world domination until Doctor Sonny had build another device. And of course it wasn't perfect yet, given the constant distraction from General Grace herself and Doctor Sonny's assistant Roberta. That Italian woman was perfect for the job. She had a very sketchy background and Karin knew something was not right about her. She knew that Roberta herself was planning to steal the device.
It all played perfectly into Karin's plans.
She had made the arrangements with the locals and their hired mercenaries. Opened them the doors so they could invade the base. Roberta and Doctor Sonny wouldn't manage to fire up the device in time. The mercenaries stop General Grace, the device gets destroyed. And she would escape unseen with the microfilm, hand it over to the agency she was secretly working for, get paid, become rich and never would have to bother with any work at all any more. And only surround herself with women, in case the agency would do something stupid with the device later.

She packed the few things she needed in a satchel and turned towards the door just as it got opened.
Erich Jaegger stepped inside the office, one of the mercenaries dressed in camouflage clothes. He casually held his M1 carbine rifle in one hand, aiming at Karin. Karin didn't notice her mouth gaped open.
“Hello Karin, it's good to see you as well. Although I'm not as surprised as you are to meet you here. You see, you don't just quit the agency after you hear about some madwoman who's building an army and plans to take over the world. It makes the agency suspicious of you. And rightly so I'd say. It appears your little sabotage here is only part of a bigger plan you have, and it doesn't involve your old agency. So they send me here to discuss it with you.”
While he talked Erich slowly stepped closer while Karin backed up until she hit the desk behind her. Her hand slowly started searching for her TT-30. Erich shook his head and threw a pair of cuffs in front of Karin's feet.
“Don't do anything you might regret later my dear. If you cuff yourself like a good girl we'll both walk out of here just fine. And I'm sure we can come to an agreement later. The agency really misses you.”
Karin's hand had found the pistol. In a swift move she pulled it up and fired while throwing herself backwards over her table. Erich dodged the bullet by making a somersault towards the wall lined with metal cabinets. He pulled one of the cabinets from the wall, crashing it on it's side on the floor. From behind it he popped his head and rifle up and fired several shots towards the table.
The bullets slammed into the wall above Karin, raining down dust and debris. She cursed.
“I'm not coming with you Erich! Neither you nor the agency can convince me. You'd still be a simple spy when I'm drinking champagne for breakfast!”
She returned fire before she got into defence again, but her bullets only hit the metal cabin.
“Alright, let's cut the chit-chat and discuss this like man and woman. You're cornered and I have plenty of ammunition. Sooner or later you'll run out of bullets!”
With that he fired again, making Karin duck behind the table once more.
They exchanged fire like that until the door opened and a confused looking brunette soldier stood in it.
“Ma'am, I heard shots from your office? What's going...”
“Shoot that man! Shoot him now!” Karin interrupted her.
But Erich was faster. Rolling backwards he reached the girl at the door and slammed the butt of his rifle in her stomach. The girl bent over groaning.
Karin saw her chance and got up but Erich was faster. He flung his arm around the soldier and held her in front of him. Karin's bullets hit the screaming girl several times. Erich fired back one handed and hit Karin in her chest which pushed her back against the wall where she slowly sank down against, leaving a bloody streak until she sat on the floor. Her mouth still wide open, just the way when he met her.
Erich let go of the soldier girl in his hands who just collapsed on the ground, then he tipped his imaginary hat.
“I'm glad I was able to discuss this situation with you. And I'm happy with our new agreement.”
He turned around and left the office.

“I want the device turned on now, Doctor! You said it would be ready! We're under attack, it must be turned on now!”
Grace's voice on the intercom was furious. Sonny stood in the lab and smiled wickedly as he looked at Roberta.
“Yes General Grace! Just give me five more minutes!”
He turned off the intercom and looked at Roberta. He reached into the cabinet next to the intercom and pulled out a TT-30 pistol. Roberta didn't seemed to be surprised at all.
“I'm sorry my dear assistant, but we'll part ways now. I thank you for all your help, but from now on I'll work alone. This device wasn't meant for General Grace. It's for me. And once I'll active it, I'll rule over all men alone!”
It's been General Grace's idea to transmit the signals of the device all over the world using the bases large satellite dish and a satellite in orbit, and with it turn all men into willing slaves for her. But Doctor Sonny didn't like this plan. Being a trans man, his plan was to use the device to enslave all men himself and build his own army instead of following Grace.
Roberta had known something was not right about Doctor Sonny's intentions, her own agency had warned her about it. But it was nothing she couldn't handle.
Sonny stepped backwards and grabbed the “Man Eater” device from the machine that would’ve transferred the signal to the satellite. He looked kind of mad as he stashed it in the pocket of his lab jacket. Like a mad scientist that he was.
“Don't try to follow me Roberta or I'll shoot you! I'm really sorry, but I can't trust you! Just tell the General that the device exploded!”
He hobbled towards the door while waving the pistol back and forth uneasy. As he almost had reached the door the turned his back towards Roberta.

Roberta used the chance to kneel down and pull a hidden Glisenti Model 1910 from one of her high heel boots.
“I'm sorry Doctor, but I can't let you escape with the device.”
Sonny turned around and Roberta fired her pistol once, hitting him in his stomach. Sonny dropped his own pistol and collapsed sitting against the wall, breathing heavily.
“What... what is going on?”
Roberta stepped closer to him, kicked the pistol away and pulled the device out of Sonny's jacket.
“Well, you might want to rule the world with this device. But I intend to sell it to the highest bidder, and I already have some really nice offers. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get out of here before this whole facility goes to hell. Addio!”
She placed her pistol against Sonny's chest and shot him once more, right into his heart.
Roberta sighed as she got up again. She had really liked Doctor Sonny. He knew what an Italian girl like Roberta enjoyed and she'd miss the fun they've had in the lab, aside from their work.

Suddenly the door flung open and a tall man dressed in a suit, sunglasses and short black hair stood in it. He immediately pointed his silenced Colt 1903 pistol at Roberta, fired and hit her own Glisenti who went flying. Roberta slowly backed away.
“Miss Roberta I assume?”
Roberta gulped. The man looked serious, not to be joked with. She slowly put her hands in her jacket pockets, feeling for the device. She knew that at close range she could influence him with it, if she got the chance.
“Yes... I'm Roberta. And who are you? You're not from General Grace's staff.”
The man adjusted his tie with his left hand while keeping his gun steadily pointed at Roberta.
“Ah, you're right about that. My name's Carlos Questor. I represent a group that is interested in the offer you placed, regarding a device called the 'Man Eater'. My clients are very interested to see this offer and the device removed. However instead of buying from you they decided it would be a lot cheaper for them to just hire me to take care of this... piccolo problema?”
He nudged his chin towards Roberta who was about a head smaller then him.
“Be so nice as to hand it over and maybe I'll forget I met you here. You might still seek your fortune in another line of business.”
Carlos chuckled. His right hand still pointing the pistol, he held out his flat left hand towards her.
Roberta slowly pulled the device from her pocket. With her little finger she flicked the switch and turned it on, then quickly held it up and towards Carlos' head.
“Listen to me! Hand over your gun. I command you!”
Carlos smiled and slowly let his arm with the pistol sink. Roberta smiled as well.
Then he raised it again quickly and fired a single shot. PHUT!
Roberta felt a sting in her left chest. She clutched it with her free hand, blood soaking through her white lab jacket.
“What... how... why?”
Then she collapsed on the floor.
Carlos went to the device and slammed his foot down, breaking it. Then he fired three shots into the remains.
“I'm not affected by cheap mind tricks, Miss Roberta. Also I'm getting paid to take you out. Now, where is that other...”
He turned and started searching the lab. His intel had confirmed the other device and the thought alone made him shake in excitement like a little kid in a candy store. After a short time he found what he was looking for and carried it over to the machine that would transmit to the satellite. He connected the other device and spoke on the intercom.

General Grace stood on the highest platform overlooking the huge satellite dish below. Only her bodyguards Niki and Nikki stood next to her, but a few steps down where the entrance to the facility was she had placed two more soldiers. The surrounding lower platforms also had dozens of soldiers positioned to cover her. She knew this attack on her facility wasn't a coincidence, she knew she'd been sabotaged. But it didn't matter any more.
If Doctor Sonny was unable to activate the device then she'd have to relocate herself for now and start again, so she had ordered a chopper to pick her up just in case.

The intercom of the platform activated and a male voice spoke. It wasn't Doctor Sonny!
“General Grace, my name's Carlos Questor. I'm sorry to inform you that your Doctor and her assistant had other plans than helping you. But myself, I'm a helping man. That device they've built for you is gone, but I found another one and I think you might like it if I turn this on instead. It's called 'Grace's Pleasure', I'm sure you're familiar with it. And from what I heard about you, it's quite intense. But it also has this intensity slider... I'll just put it to maximum and we'll see what happens, yes?”
Grace's face turned white as she listened. She started to unbutton her uniform jacket already as she knew what was going to happen.
“Don't do it Mister! I'll hire you, you hear me? Come up to the platform and we can discuss this further! You really don't want to use this device!”
The man on the intercom laughed.
“I'm sorry, but the idea is just too hilarious, I have to do it!”
The intercom went silent and a low humming sound appeared. The satellite dish was activated and started transmitting the signal...

Grace immediately felt the effect. She felt hot. Aroused. She bit her lower lip and looked around. Her bodyguards noticed something being wrong as well.
She started sweating. Her mind slowly went blank, she just felt the urge to touch herself. Her nipples got hard. Her pussy wet. Grace stepped back against the railing, tried to focus on something else. Usually it took her several minutes to get aroused like that from the device on the low settings. But not even a full minute had passed now!
Grace looked over the railing to the lower platforms. They all felt the effect! She saw some of her soldiers wildly embracing each other, some ripping their uniforms open, touching. Some leaned against the walls, their hands inside their pants, masturbating!
She tried to stay calm, breathing normally. It was difficult. Her pussy was pleading to be touched! Grace turned and saw Niki and Nikki in their grey jumpsuits. Both had sat down and rubbed themselves through the material of their suits, moaning loudly.
The two soldiers by the door lay on top of each other, their jackets open, breasts exposed. Their hands inside their pants furiously rubbing each other, their faces smacked together kissing.
The device was set to Grace's pleasure level... she could only imagine what it would do to normal women.
Her knees gave in. Grace leaned on the railing and looked down again. She saw one of her soldiers wetting her pants with pussy juices before she just collapsed. Then Grace saw her chopper approaching. It was swaying in the air as it approached. She knew what was wrong. The pilot was a girl as well and probably affected by the device's signal as well.
Grace's right hand was already inside her pants while she clung to the railing, watching the chopper. It buckled up and then went down in a spiral way until it crashed into the satellite dish and exploded in a huge fireball. The transmitted signal got interrupted but the effects of it continued to work.
Grace let herself sink down on the platform and gave into the intense feeling as she just masturbated herself...

Carlos listened to the moaning coming over the intercom for a while. It aroused him as well and he went over to Roberta's body.
“I'm sorry Miss Roberta that you can't experience this any more yourself.”
He picked her up under his arms and went over to one of the lab desks, put Roberta down on it with her feet dangling down. Then he just ripped her tights apart, flipped her lab coat open and soaked in the sight for a moment. She already looked wet.
Without further waiting he just unbuckled the trousers of his suit and began pounding his erected cock into Roberta's pussy. It didn't take him long until he filled her with his cum and as he pulled his cock out of her, some of it dribbled down her legs and on her expensive black boots.
It was time to leave now, if those had mercenaries managed to place their explosives.

Mr. Silencer quickly walked down the corridors leading to the satellite platform. He was followed by the mercenaries Facundo and Juan. Brutes, Mr. Silencer thought. He told them he was only working alone, but they insisted to accompany him and agreed to only take out Grace's soldiers but Grace herself was for Mr. Silencer alone.
As they got close to the satellite platform resistance from the soldiers became a steamy experience rather than hot fire fights. Several soldiers had passed out on their own while others didn't even react to the group any more as they just leaned against the wall or lay on the floor masturbating. Few managed to raise their rifles but the group quickly killed every one of them.

They split up as they got to the stairs leading to the different levels of the platform. Mr. Silencer went to the top level while Juan and Facundo went to the lower levels.
Juan kicked his door open and saw madness. Dozens of soldiers lay around, in various states of undressing, they fondled each other or just masturbating themselves. Facundo had the same view on his side of the platform. Some of the soldiers slowly managed to shake off the effect of the transmission and opened fire on the mercenaries, who in return started taking out girl after girl.
Mr. Silencer opened the door to the top platform and had to step over the unconscious bodies of the two soldiers that had been standing guard and now lay on top of each other.
He saw Grace on the platform. Her uniform was unbuttoned exposing her chest, her panties hanging on one of her black high heel boots and her right hand was still rubbing her pussy. As she spotted Mr. Silencer she tried to pull herself up on the railing and barked orders to her bodyguards Niki and Nikki.
The women in the grey jumpsuits went for their PPD-40 sub-machine guns but Mr. Silencer was ready. With two precise shots he hit each of them right in their hearts. They both fell back, arms and legs sprawled.
Grace managed to get on her feet, her left hand clung to the railing.
“You! How dare you and your crazy comrades come and destroy my facility! I'll kill you!”
With her right she opened the holster of her gun and took her TT-30 out. Her hand was all slippery from her pussy juices and she couldn't get a grip.
Mr. Silencer fired his pistol once more and hit Grace right in her heart as well. He still couldn't see her eyes as she was still wearing her shades, but the black haired woman was smiling wickedly as she dropped her pistol. Without a word she slowly bent back and fell over the railing until she landed with a thud on the satellite dish below.
Mr. Silencer blew away the smoke from his silencer.
“Those are not my comrades. I work alone. I'm Silencer. Hitman Silencer.”
A black chopper emerged from the forest and approached the platform. Mr. Silencer took a last view on the lower platforms where the mercenaries finished killing the remaining soldiers.
Then he stepped on the ladder that got rolled out of the chopper and the chopper took off with him.

On the lower platform Juan and Facundo watched as the chopper left.
“Fuck, he could've taken us with him! We have to get off this platform before the bombs go up.”
Juan looked around the platform, dozens of bodies around them. Then a man in a suit stepped out of the door, Carlos Questor. He adjusted his sunglasses and walked over to them.
“Gentlemen, you need a ride?”
Without further words another chopper approached the platform and took off with them.
Circling the satellite dish they saw the rescued prisoners and the remaining people from their mercenaries group heading towards the forest. Then huge explosions shook the mountain and the whole dish collapsed in a giant cloud of smoke...

On that day General Grace and her army got defeated.
But almost no one ever knew of the danger she had posed to the world.
However on that day a mysterious event took place as women all over the world had become aroused at the same time, causing the biggest sexual offensive the world had ever seen. Billions of women had dropped everything they did and made love to whoever was nearby or simply masturbated by themselves, causing chaos all over the world on that day.
The mystery behind it was never solved...

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“Bye bye! Have a nice evening!”

Zoey waved the last shift as they left the building. She straightened the skirt of her uniform. It was 11 pm. As she turned around to head back inside she saw Exal standing in the doorway, eyeing her. He smiled wickedly, his brown eyes laid on her.

“You like what you see?”

Zoey shook her hips and stepped closer to him.

Same as her, Exal wore the guards uniform of Walker Industries private estates. He had black shoes, black trousers made of fine cloth with a brown satin trim on the sides of the legs, leading up to his waist, continuing on his black jacket up until his armpits. The slim jacket showed off his muscular body under it. Another brown trim ran down from his collar over his arms to his wrists. On the left chest the golden logo of Walker Industries was embroidered.

Zoey wore the same clothes, except she had a skirt and black tights instead of trousers, and wore knee high black heeled boots. Her shoulder long red hair waved slightly as she walked up to Exal and past him, back inside the mansion.

It was one of the many private mansions, a luxury complex used by their employee only every few weeks when he was travelling in the area. Otherwise it was empty of people, except for the security and the occasional maid that kept the interior clean and tidy.

But the actual mansion was anything but empty. It was a luxury place, expensive carpets, marble floors, shelves made of mahogany, leather couches, oil paintings on the walls. When Zoey was assigned to his place three months ago, she was overwhelmed at first. She had night shift together with her partner Exal. It usually was a very quiet job, occasionally chasing a stray dog or a drunk from the lawn was the most excitement she got. Unless her employee was staying at the place, but then both Exal and Zoey got stuck in their security room, watching the cameras and making sure everything was in order from in there. But when no one was around, she enjoyed walking through the mansion, pretending it was hers.

Spending so much time together, Exal and Zoey became attracted to each other, and started dating soon. It was a lovely relationship, full of fun and passion they shared in their free time. But when Zoey revealed her kinky ideas to Exal, things really went off.

Exal knew all the security codes for the camera recordings and started to keep clean recording loops of the rooms. Once they had the system figured out they started to have sex inside the mansion. First they made love on the expensive leather couch, then on the tables, in the kitchen, later even inside the master bedroom. They tipped off the maid to clean up the mess they made and no one ever suspected anything.

The maid would arrive tomorrow morning again Zoey knew, which meant that they could have a hot steamy night. Exal didn't knew yet that she didn't wore any panties and her tights already had a cut-out for her private parts. Zoey planned to make love on the expensive couch tonight, just sitting on it, then leaning back, pulling her skirt up so Exal could see.

But Exal had different plans. Several weeks ago a woman had approached him in private. Her name was Grace. She had an intriguing offer for him. She knew a lot about that particular mansion and it's safe hidden behind one of the paintings in the master bedroom, containing various gemstones and several pounds of gold. Mr. Walker kept those belongings spread over his different mansions, but the content of this particular vault would be worth several million dollars.

Exal knew about the security system of the vault. It required a key code, as well as the fingerprints of two of the security personal, but only a matching group. Unless Mr. Walker was staying at a mansion the assigned security personal on duty was never a matching group.

But in their case Exal and Zoey had been a matching group. When Exal confronted Grace about this fact, she had just shrugged it off as if she knew nothing about it.

The only problem was the key code, but Exal had repositioned one of the cameras when Mr. Walker stayed at the mansion the last time and managed to get a recording of him entering the code.

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For my friend Dev. Enjoy! :)


The Soldier and the Clerk

She heard the howling of the owl. It wasn't a good imitation but maybe because it wasn't she knew exactly it was him. She leaned her L85A1 rifle against the sandbag wall and stared into the forest below. It was dawn on a monday, the sun was just rising at the horizon and long shadows covered the trees. When she spotted him she smiled and waved her arms.

Dev emerged from the trees and climbed up the small hill towards her fortification, which only consisted of three sandbag walls shaped as a U and a wooden roof above it. The actual facility grounds and buildings started about twenty yards up the hill, so the little outpost was pretty much out of sight.

Zoey smiled as Dev came around the sandbag walls and inside her little bunker. He was 21 and a junior clerk working at the facility. He was about a head taller then her, short black hair parting on his forehead, and wore sneakers, beige trousers and a white shirt. His dark brown eyes sparkled with joy as Zoey unclipped her helmet and put it on the sandbags, shaking her red pigtails.

Miss Zoey, how was your morning until now?” Dev asked with a smile.

Boring as hell, but now the sun comes up and it all looks brighter.”

She smiled, the freckles on her face glowing as she stepped closer to him, embraced him with her arms, leaned her neck upwards and kissed Dev on his lips. He answered with a hug and pushed his tongue between her lips, french kissing her.

Zoey was 19 and from the UK. She had joined the British Army and had been transferred to remote facility in India about three months ago, a joint project between the UK and Indian government. She didn't really knew what the facility was about, being only a Private her duties mainly consisted of boring guard duties in a country she didn't knew much about either. Until she met Dev.

Dev was a junior clerk at the facility. He knew the government was working on some secret project but details about it had been way beyond his paycheck as well and he didn't care much either.

One morning he was late for work and decided to take a shortcut through the nearby forest to save time instead of going around it. It all went well until he ran into one of the British soldiers guarding the facility. The young girl with red hair looked beautiful to Dev, although she tried her best to sound and look mean while she checked his ID. Dev explained his situation to her and Zoey was charmed by his appearance and let him go unreported.

Later that day Dev searched for Zoey after work and when he found her, he thanked her again and invited her for tea. That was two months ago.

Since then they regulary met when his work time and her off-duty time allowed it. He showed her the country and it's mysteries. Although they had been dating, not everyone around them accepted it. Some saw the foreign girl with the red hair as trouble while others envied Dev for his new girlfriend. But they didn't care and enjoyed their time together. About a month ago they rented a hotel room over the weekend, and after a lustful night Zoey suggested that Dev might visit her at her post on monday mornings, where they first met. The facility was usually deserted on weekends and when he came early enough they could spend time together before the morning shift started their work. So they did for the last three weeks.

Zoey jumped up into Dev's arms and crossed her legs behind his back. Dev coughed for a second as the girl hung at him. She wasn't that heavy but he was taken by surprise. He staggered forward and sat her down on the sandbag wall, then took one step back, looking down at her.

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The Bank Robbery

Starring: Grace, Hitomi, Ira, Karin, Kristin, Laura, Roberta, Stephy, Theodora, Zoey
Also starring: Dev and Ed

Enjoy! :)


It was 1:30 PM as Dev entered the Stonetown National Bank. Usually he only went there on Mondays, and today was Wednesday. But Dev wasn't following his usual routine.
He stood in the entrance. She wasn't at her usual spot, next to the door, but instead a girl with brown eyes and long brown hair. Her name was Stephy. She nodded friendly as he looked at her and he nodded back, then he let his view wander around the room.
To the left was the huge window front with some advertisement banners. In front of him the two counters with the staff only rooms behind. Both counters had been open, young ladies behind them and a row of four customers in front of it. To the right the room expanded further with a lounge, several settees with small tables, some flower pots. A billboard on the wall, next to it a corridor that lead to the toilets and staff only rooms...
There she stood. The reason he was here today. Zoey, a security guard for the bank. She wore her uniform, same as every time he saw her. Black military boots up to her ankles. Blue cargo pants, tucked into her boots. A black belt with her pistol holster and a radio. A black tie over her blue dress shirt, tucked in her pants, and a blue beret on her head. She looked cute in them. But more important to him was the girl that wore the clothes.
Zoey, a girl from the UK, 19 years old. She had long red hair that she wore as little pigtails, and freckles on her face surrounded her nose and blue eyes. Usually she stood by the door and always smiled when he entered and left the bank. Greeted him with a friendly   “Hello Sir!” in her British accent.
If she has noticed him entering the bank, she didn't show. Dev went to get in line for the counters. Usually on Mondays he got here to transfer some money back home to India, to pay back for his education and the opportunity to travel to the USA to work there. He didn't had any business here today and just wanted to check his bank account until he had figured out how to approach Zoey.

Every time he talked with his family at home, sooner or later the question came up if he had a girlfriend already, and Dev continued to deny it. He hadn't found that special girl yet he was looking for.
But he had been watching Zoey for weeks now. Every time he was at the bank she greeted him with that friendly smile of hers. He didn't know much about her, until last Monday, when he had the courage to ask her out. She seemed slightly surprised to be asked out by him, but quickly accepted.
Dev had been researching on the Internet what a British girl might like and invited her for tea instead of coffee. She was delighted.
When he picked her up after work she still wore her uniform. Dev thought he would see her in casual clothes, but it didn't matter to him and she looked way too cute in her uniform to bother. They spent the late afternoon drinking tea and talking about their home countries and ambitions in life.
Dev had offered to walk with her to her flat. After a few blocks she pulled him into a side street and started kissing him. Hesitant at first, then more eager. Dev was caught by surprise but enjoyed her smooth lips on his, and even more when she pushed her tongue in his mouth and french kissed him. Suddenly Zoey slid down the wall behind her and stopped with her head in front of his waist. She trembled slightly as she pulled down the zipper of his trousers and unbuttoned them, revealing his shorts. As he realised what was about to happen he put his hands on her shoulder and stopped her. He mumbled something about being sorry, zipped his pants in front of her again and quickly left the side street, leaving her behind.
It was all too fast for him, but now he felt sorry for his reaction.

Zoey saw Dev finishing his work at the counter and slowly moving over towards her direction. He wore black and white sneakers and beige trousers with a white and a striped tie. He looked handsome, dark eyes and short black hair, about a head taller then her. She loved his Indian accent, he was well educated and only a year or two older then she was. Her heart when slightly faster as he approached and she clutched her hands together behind her back.
“Hello Sir!”
Zoey greeted him and looked up with a smile as he walked to her.
“Miss Zoey! I'm glad to see you. I wanted to apologise for my behaviour the other day.”
“I wanted to apologise as well. It's just that I saw all these American movies with girls doing it as reward on their dates that I thought you would be expecting it.”
“I'm sorry, it's not that I think you're not attractive but I just would like to get to know you-”
As soon as Zoey heard the word sorry she decided to just give it another shot and put her right index finger on his lips. Her left hand wrapped around his tie and she tugged him towards the girls room. Dev followed her surprised.
As Zoey pushed open the door to the girls room and stopped for a second, looking over her shoulder towards the senior guard, Tara, who stood behind the counters. The older woman nodded slightly, grinned and put her hand above her eyes, shielding them, and looked away.

Zoey pulled Dev inside the girls room. She really liked him and would like to spent more time, but she also was anxious about a bet from the senior guard Tara. Stephy and Zoey had been the two new girls, and Tara had told them whoever got laid first wearing her guard uniform would get the first raise in her pay check. And Zoey was determined to win this.
She leaned against the wall next to a basin, white tiles covering the whole room. Dev stood in front of her, still slightly confused, as she pulled his tie lowering his head down to her and french kissed him again. Zoey let go of the tie and while continuing to kiss she took Dev's hands and placed them on her breasts. Through the fabric of her shirt Dev could feel Zoey's hard nipples, she obviously didn't wear any bra.

“All right girls, everyone ready to get rich?”
They stood in a side street, next to the bank. Grace looked at her three other gang members.
There was Karin, red curls framed her face, black sunglasses. Laura, wearing her blond hair in a ponytail, and Roberta, an Italian girl with short raven-black hair. Grace herself wore her black long hair open, her eyes concealed by large black sunglasses. They were all in their early to mid-forties, and all had been determined to improve their lifestyle a bit.
The fifth member was Vicky, with brown long hair and blue eyes, who just left with their escape vehicle. An old black van, full of dents and scratches but enough room for all five of them and their loot. Vicky's task was to pick them up as soon as they contacted her over radio.
The women all wore black high heel boots covering up to their knees, black tights and black leotards, as well as a harness with various utensils attached to it. Above them they all had long black trench coats, covering their equipment and guns.
Laura carried a M4A1, Karin a P-90, Grace brought two Uzi's and Roberta a Benelli M3 Shotgun, all well hidden under their long trench coats.

Standing next to the entrance Security Guard Stephy decided too late that the four women dressed in black that entered the bank at the same time could be a threat. They stood in a semi-circle in front of the counters and flipped their coats open, pulling out their guns at once.
Laura fired a burst of her assault rifle into the ceiling, shouting:
“Everyone get down, this is a robbery!”
Roberta flung around on her heels, shotgun in her hands, facing guard Stephy. The young girls eyes widened in terror as she looked at the shotgun barrel pointed at her. Roberta let Stephy flip her holster open before she pulled the trigger, hitting her right in the belly. The impact pushed Stephy several feet away until she hit the wall behind her. Her hands clutched her belly, blood quickly staining her shirt. She dropped on her knees, her face expressing terror and pain, then her eyes rolled back and she wet her pants before she simply dropped face first on the ground and didn't move any more.
Guard Tara fired her M1911 pistol from behind the counter, missing Karin's head only by inches, the bullet crashing through the big advertisement window. Karin responded quickly and fired a burst of her submachine gun, hitting the blonde woman several times in her chest. Her pistol flew across the room and she stumbled back against a copy machine where she collapsed on top of.
The three customers and two clerks behind the counters threw themselves on the ground. The thirty years old clerk Maggie reached for the silent alarm button under her desk before she put her hands behind her head.
Grace waved her two Uzi's around and strut among the customers lying on the floor, then leaned over the counter, pointing one of her guns casually at Maggie.
“Open the vault for me please?”
“I can't Ma'am! The vault is time controlled, I can't open it myself!”
Grace sighed.
“All right, Roberta you got the floor. Open the vault for us please.”
Roberta nodded and jumped over the counter. Grace sat on it and then slowly lifted her legs over it, smiling and always keeping her eye on Maggie.

“Uhhh... That sounds like shooting!” Zoey moaned and pushed Dev, who was kissing her neck, slowly away from her.
“I don't know, but it sounded brutal. We should have a look.”
Dev let go of Zoey and stepped back. Zoey went to the door and walked right out on the corridor. She saw Tara's bloody body laying on the copy machine and two armed women standing in front of the counters. Quickly she got her pistol out and aimed at Laura and Karin.
“You there! Don't move and drop your weapons!”
Laura and Karin looked at the young guard and almost burst in laughter as they noticed her tie hanging sideways and her shirt had been all crumbled but her nipples poking against it, and a young man stepping out of the bathroom behind her.
Zoey turned her head to Dev and hissed at him.
“Dev, stay back! I don't want you to- URGH!”
Laura had fired a single shot at Zoey, hitting her right in her navel. Zoey blinked and dropped her pistol, clutching her belly. She stumbled backwards against the corner of the wall. Her blue cargo pants turned dark around her crotch as she peed herself, groaning in pain. Laura and Karin began to laugh as the redhead wet herself.
“Zoey! Oh my god!”
Dev shouted and grabbed Zoey by her shoulders, slowly sitting her down.
Laura walked over to them, picked up Zoey's M1911 and aimed it right at her head. Dev turned to Laura and positioned himself in front of Zoey.
“What are you doing? She's already shot! Please don't kill her!”
Laura hesistated for a moment when Karin shouted from behind.
“Leave the lovebirds Laura! It's two more hostages we might need to trade later! Roberta, hurry up! That girl's staining the carpet!”
Dev got on his knees and put Zoey's head in his lap while she whimpered and groaned. He whispered in her ear.
“It will be all right! Help is on the way!”
Sirens wailed in the distance and quickly the bank got surrounded by police force. Grace knew this would happen and when one of the phones in the bank rang she answered it and started negotiations.
They had several hostages and demanded the backyard of the bank to stay free of police so their escape vehicle could pick them up. Otherwise they would simply kill all the hostages.ground
Meanwhile Roberta was rigging the vault door with explosives...

Ed was part of a special unit and on duty that day. He was a sniper, wore all black including a black cap. His M24 between his legs, he got his instructions while driving in the back of the transportation van. Armed bank robbery, multiple hostages, one wounded guard. A paramedic was allowed to enter the bank and provide medical assistance. His job would be to cover the scene from a rooftop. He wasn't allowed to fire unless the situation got out of hand.
In that case one assault team would charge the building to take out the robbers quickly. That team sat on the opposite of him in the van and he knew them well.
The two Asian girls with their black hair and black eyes, Theodora and Hitomi. Kirstin, with her brown hair and brown eyes, and the young Ira, a blonde girl with blue eyes. They all wore a black uniform like him but had light bullet proof vests and MP5 rifles.
When they arrived at the scene, the assault team readied themselves and waited behind the van. Ed saw one of the paramedics being instructed. A pretty young girl that wore her light brown hair in a ponytail and had a medic bag around her shoulder. She nodded a lot while Ed's boss talked to her, unease on her face. Ed was hoping she knew what she was going in for while he climbed one of the surrounding buildings, taking position.

After the explosion of the vault door Roberta had quickly collected what was inside the vault while the other three had kept the hostages in place. Now she dropped a bag full of money dropped in front of Grace's feet. Dust swirled around.
“That's all the money from the vault. I'm going to have a look at the strongboxes now.”
Roberta grinned as she saw the clerk Maggie cough from the dust.
“Sorry for the mess! If you'd just opened the door, I wouldn't have needed to blow things up.”
Grace nodded and watched the street through the big glass window.
“Hurry Roberta, we've got a lot of company outside. And I think we're getting a guest. Karin, would you let her in?”
A young girl in a bright green uniform and a bag around her shoulder slowly walked towards the entrance. Karin opened the door for her and bowed slightly, grinning.
“Welcome Miss!”
Heather was pretty nervous when she saw a woman with red curly hair in the door, wielding a submachine gun as she bowed to her. She took a deep breath and stepped inside. Carefully she stepped over the body of a dead guard who looked like someone tried to blow a hole in her chest. Her pants were soaked, she probably had peed herself after death. Nothing uncommon, Heather thought. Wide opened eyes, it meant she had been dead within seconds.
One dead at the door, Heather counted silently. Then she saw three female hostages lying on the floor in front of the counters. They looked scared but uninjured. Behind the counters was a tall woman with black hair and black sunglasses, holding two Uzi's. She couldn't see the woman's eyes, but she knew she was staring at her. Behind the woman was another blue uniformed woman sprawled over a copy machine. Heather was sure that guard was dead as well.
Then she saw another woman wearing a black trench coat and wielding a big assault rifle. The woman stepped aside and gave view to another guard lying on the floor on her back, her head propped in the lap of a young man. Heather could hear her whimper.
“Is that the only injured person in here or are there more behind the counter?”
Heather spoke loud and clear as she had been instructed to do. There was a small listening device hidden in her bag.
“Just the lass you see there.”
Grace answered with an impish smile on her face and waved one of her guns in Zoey and Dev's direction. Heather walked past Laura and kneeled next to Zoey. She could feel the eyes of the women behind her on her back. She put her bag next to her and looked at Zoey.
One stomach wound, heavy blood loss. Wet pants, uncontrolled bladder release, signs of stress and fear. Messy uniform, hard nipples, blushed cheeks, cute young man holding her. Signs of sexual arousal.
Heather opened her bag, her blue eyes laughing as she smiled and looked Zoey in the eyes.
“Hi, I'm Heather! I'm here to help. What's your name?”
“Z-Zoey.” the redhead croaked.
“Please help her!” Dev plead.
Heather poked with a finger against Zoey's navel wound.
“Does that hurt?”
Zoey cringed and cried out.
“Bloody hell! Uuugghh!”
“I thought so.”
She pulled out a syringe from her bag, rolled Zoey's left sleeve up and stung it in her arm. Zoey groaned but Heather just smiled. She turned to her bag and began searching in it.

Dev watched the young paramedic and for a second thought he glimpsed a small pistol in her bag. Was that girl some kind of undercover agent?
Heather tried to act as normal as she could while she got out adhesive tape and the small camera the special police man had given her. She turned her body quickly towards Zoey and tossed the small tube away from her, grabbing the tape with both hands.
Unfortunately Laura was watching and walked over, picking up the tube.
“What's that? Hey! Is that a camera? Are you trying to spy on us?”
Her face filled with fury as she tossed the tube down and cracked it with the heel of her boot.
“What? What do you mean? That's not mine! I don't know what that is!”
Heather was panicking. What should she do now? The tall blonde woman was furious. She blew it! It wasn't supposed to happen!
“Fuck you, bitch!”
Laura screamed, cocked her M4A1 rifle and pulled the trigger. She riddled Heather at close range, filling her body with bullets. Her body jerked for several seconds as her green shirt got ripped with holes, blood spraying from them. Laura's gun clicked dry and Heather slowly fell forward, landing with her face on Zoey's pee soaked crotch.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stupid bitch! Grace, they're setting us up!”
Laura shouted, reloaded her gun, then walked across the room and pulled one of the hostages, a blonde woman, up by her hair, pressed her back against her own chest and put the rifle against the woman's head.
“I agree, we better get out of here. Roberta dear, hurry up! We're leaving.”
Grace responded slow and calm. She leaned down to Maggie and whispered in her ear.
“Sorry Miss, it looks like we're not taking all your possessions.”
Karin took her radio and called for their driver Vicky.

“Shit! The medic girl blew it! We have a situation, I repeat! We have a situation. One of the robbers now has a gun pointed at a hostage. Requesting permission to fire!”
Ed had watched the whole scene and wanted to take out the blonde robber right now.
“Negative Ed! Wait for the Assault Team to breach in before you fire!”

Vicky had the escape van parked in a side street a couple of blocks away from the bank. Sitting leaned back in the drivers seat, she was listening to some smooth chilling music while a vibrator was stimulating her pussy and her hands rubbed her clit and breasts.
When Karin called her on radio, she started the engine but kept the vibrator in place. She drove down the street, softly moaning. It turned her incredibly on knowing that all the people she passed on the street didn't have a clue what she was doing in that van while she was driving.

Inside the bank Karin jumped over the counters on Grace's side to take cover. Four girls, special police units, approached the bank in a cluster formation but stopped close to the entrance.
“Ha-ha, they don't dare attack us! They know I have you with me!”
Laura felt the warm body of the girl she held hostage against her chest. Smelled her perfume mixed with the smell of fear. It aroused her. Her nipples got hard. She took the left hand of her hostage and directed it between her tights.
“You feel that girl? You're making me hot!”
But the girl Laura rubbed her breasts against didn't respond. Laura was horny and it made her angry. She pushed the blonde away from her and lifted her rifle, pointing at the blonde.
“Fuck it! I'll just shoot you anyway!”

Dev couldn't believe his eyes. The blonde bank robber was about to execute the other girl. He made a decision in a split second. Time seemed to slow down for him as he leaned forward, reached inside the medic bag and pulled out the hidden Beretta M9. He clutched it with both hands and aimed at Laura.
“Get away from her!”
Laura spun around on her heels, shouldered her gun and took aim at Dev. He pulled the trigger of his pistol and hit her right in her navel. Laura groaned and staggered, clutched her belly with her left and held her M4A1 rifle with her right. She fired a single shot, hitting Zoey right under her left breast. Zoey screamed, her whole body twitched, then her limbs fell back down limp.
Dev screamed and fired his pistol in rapid succession, emptying the whole magazine. Laura got hit multiple times, her body jerking around with each hit. She stared at Dev with wide eyes, then lost grip of her gun which fell on the ground. Her body shuddered and slowly she began falling backward, landing on the floor with a thud. Then her body twitched a few times, hips up in the air. As she stopped moving Dev could see right between her thighs, saw the thin strip of her black leotard that covered her pussy and glistering juice squirting out of her around it.

Something smashed through the big glass window and exploded in a smoking cloud, covering the whole front of the bank. Karin quickly decided for herself that the situation was messed up and ran past Grace, grabbed the bag with the money and headed for the back exit.
Grace also decided the situation was messed up and climbed on top of the counters, waving her Uzi's in front of her.
Four people appeared in the smoke cloud below her, the assault team from the special police. The two Asian girls in front and behind them a blonde girl and one with brown hair. As they noticed Grace standing above them on the counter, they all pointed their MP5's at her, but Grace shot first.
She fired both her Uzi's, the girls bullet proof vests useless against the hail of bullets, but they managed to fire several shots themselves.
Grace got hit several times but she continued to stand on the counter and fired until her magazine's been empty, unlike her attackers that got pushed back by the many bullets that hit them. They stumbled over one another. Ira dropped first, landing on her back and dead within seconds. Kirstin groaned and grabbed Hitomi by her shoulders, trying to keep on her feet but fell down nevertheless, pulling Hitomi back. The Asian girl smashed with her back against the big glass window and crashed through it, landing with her back on the street and her feet dangling over the window frame. Theodora got spun around by the immense amount of bullets that hit her and fell face first through the window as well, upper body on the side walk, hips against the wall and legs dangling to the sides.
Grace laughed like a maniac as she riddled the special police force but when her magazine's ran out of money she coughed blood and simply fell backwards off the counter. When she hit the ground she was dead already, but still had her shades on and a wicked smile on her face.

Ed was paralysed by the whole scene he had been watching and only snapped out of it as a woman with raven-black short hair showed up behind the counters, a bag around her shoulder and a shotgun in her hand. Ed didn't hesitate again and fired a single shot.
Roberta didn't knew what had happened as she ran out of the vault. She saw Grace's body on the floor, riddled with bullet holes. Before she could decide what to do she heard a loud bang from outside and something hitting her right between the eyes.
Ed watched satisfied as the woman crumbled to the ground.

Vicky entered the street leading to the backyard of the bank. To her surprise several female special forces stood in her way, but it had been planned they all would back away once she would arrive to pick the others up.
When they saw the approaching van, they raised their guns, aiming at the van. Vicky accelerated and drove down the street. Bullets penetrated the van, the wind shield shattered, Vicky got hit several times but she didn't notice any more. She had the orgasm of her life as she drove over the cops, hearing their screams and the dumb thuds as they got hit by her car.
She raced past the bank and crashed into a house wall, but at that point she was dead already. When the police opened the driver cabinet they saw the still running vibrator in her pussy with cum juices all over the seat.

Karin finally opened the lock of the door leading to the backyard. She could hear more special forces entering the bank behind her, but it didn't matter. She had a bag full of money and Vicky was waiting on the other side.
She kicked the door open and faced the barrels of ten rifles, all pointed at her. Karin flung her own rifle from her shoulder and immediately got fired upon. Her body got riddled with bullets, her body jerked around as the bullets also ripped the bag with money open and bank notes flew around her as she danced in the hail of bullets.
When the shooting stopped she simply fell forward and money rained down on her, covering her body.

Dev was still slightly confused. Zoey lay dead in his lap, he still had the gun in his hands he had used to shoot one of the robbers and didn't realise several special police forces aimed at him and been shouting at him to drop the gun.
Finally someone grabbed the gun from him and was about to cuff his hands as the blonde women that had been held hostage before jumped between him and the officer.
“Don't! He's a hero! He protected us all and he has saved my life!”
The woman flung her arms around Dev and kissed him on his cheek. Dev blinked.
She was right. He had tried his best to protect Zoey, but failed. But instead he had at least saved that blonde girls life!


Today was Freddy’s lucky day. A whole bunch of dead girls from a failed bank robbery.
He felt like a little kid in a sweets factory as he unwrapped all the bodies. He had been given access to the police photos of the bodies and had a hard on already just from looking at them.
Freddy decided to start with the young girls first. He had two young guards from the bank and one paramedic. From the photos he had seen that the paramedic had laid with her head at the crotch of the redhead guard. He propped them up together and partly undressed them, posing them in sexy positions together and took several photos with his smart phone. The internet would love these.
Then he turned his attention to the girl with the long brown hair, Stephy. He pulled down her pants and noticed her panties still being wet. He ripped them apart, quickly undressed himself and began to fuck her until he shot his cum deep inside her tight pussy.
Little did he know that with his action he had just made Stephy win the bet for the first post mortem pay check raise between her and Zoey...

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This story is based on JGNs beautiful female nazi images and inspired by JGNs and Capricorns fem-nazi story.

Please not that this story is supposed to be satire!

Starring (on the image):

Fulll size image here

From left to right: Hitomi, Heather (back), Zoey (front), Stephy, Roberta, Grace, Sonny, Terry, Niki, Karin, Vicky, Kristin, Nikki, Silvia, Theodora, Ira, Laura, Jennifer

Also starring: Ed and Juan

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write this story.
Special thanks to Juan for his images and Capricorn for his little german lesson!
Juan was so kind to create a wonderful image with the characters! Thank you so much!


Female Nazi story: Leadership meeting in the bunker

Today was a special day. At least Jennifer was told it is. But she wouldn't get to see any of it as she was assigned to guard the main power plant this morning. Several high ranking officers should arrive today to have a strategy meeting in this bunker complex, secure from espionage and any listening devices.
But being stuck in this side building of the complex, the only things she would see and hear all day was the huge generators and their humming noise. Jennifer yawned. No one would care if she took a little nap until changing of the guard. She walked into one of the old offices next to the main generator and pulled back the chair from one of the desks. She wondered what this office had been used for before they turned it into a power plant for the bunker.
Jennifer placed her rifle on the desk, straightened her white dress shirt and black skirt and sat down on the chair. Weariness overcame her and she yawned again. She fiddled with her black tie and wondered what the officers would look like that arrived today.
Frau Niki, the leader of this facility, had said that both Herrin Grace from the west division and Herrin Vicky from the east division would be here, accompanied by Frau Nikki who led a special training camp. Maybe her own records would qualify her for joining this special program soon, but right now she was stuck in this dusty boring facility. Fantasising about becoming an important officer and wearing one of those black coats soon, Jennifer dozed off.

Ed had watched the young nazi girl with the long black hair for a while who obviously had fallen asleep now. For a moment he thought about just setting the charges and blowing this place up together with her. But he couldn't take that risk, after all she might wake up before the assault began.
Ed checked his watch. He wore a black skin tight suit with a harness containing all sorts of equipment he required for this job, including his favourite silenced pistol and his combat knife. It's been a while since he did a job like this last, but the resistance paid good for his services. Being in his mid-forties by now he was surprised by himself how easily he had climbed the cliff side of the hill the complex was placed on. And although security was supposed to be tight today, he only had to kill two nazi sluts so far to get into the generator building. The first one he had dragged back through his hole in the fence and pushed down the cliff. The second body was tucked away in a small room in this building. He was just that good.
He checked his watch again. Time to get to work.

Ed leaned against the side of the open doorway, took out his knife and whistled.
The nazi girl budged in the chair, her head slowly looking around. Ed whistled again. The girl jumped up, knocking the chair over with a loud bang.
“Shit!”she cursed and looked around frantically.
“Is... is anyone there? Hello?”
Ed peeked around the corner and whistled a third time.
“Darn! Is this one of your jokes again? I wasn't sleeping!”
Jennifer just talked to herself. She quickly straightened her skirt again, picked up her rifle from the desk and slowly walked towards the doorway.
“You better not try to hide from me, or I might shoot you by- UGGH!”
Jennifer stumbled back, feeling sharp pain in her chest. She let her rifle fall to the ground. Looking down herself she saw the handle of a knife sticking out of her chest. Red colour started to stain her white dress shirt. She felt dizzy. Her view went to the doorway where she saw a huge man, wearing some sort of commando gear. His hazel eyes looked at her brown eyes with a slight hint of pity.
He walked over to her, grabbing the knife and pulled it out.
“Sorry girl, but I need that back!”he laughed.
Jennifer's mouth opened but she couldn't scream. Ed pushed her slightly against the shoulder with his hand and made Jennifer fall on her back. Everything went dark around her and her body twitched for a last time, then her arms and legs went limp.
Ed dragged her by her black boots behind one of the desks, left the room and went to the generators.
Quickly he had planted all the explosives around the power generator and took out his radio.
“Eagle Eye, this is Anaconda. Package is delivered. What's the status of the Queen?”
“Anaconda, this is Eagle Eye. Ant Hill is getting busy. The Queen Bee is about to enter the hive. Unwrap package and prepare our welcome gift.”
“Understood Eagle Eye.”
Ed set the timer on the explosives and walked back into the office, standing over Jennifer's body. He looked at his watch again.
“Shame. You might help pass the time, but I only want a good view, not the front row seats.”
Ed turned around and went down the hallway towards the exit.


The sun was starting to settle down. I felt my nipples poke clearly visible against my shirt. Uniform regulations made wearing bras and panties optional and most of us wore neither.
“Are you cold or do you just enjoy looking at my butt?”
Heather leaned against the railing next to me, her skirt showing off the curves of her butt. Her light brown ponytail dangled down her side as she looked at me, giggling.
“Bloody hell, I've been randy all day! Sorry, I can't help it. I just love seeing you in that uniform.”
I scanned her from bottom to top. Like me she wore the normal nazi soldier uniform, black knee long boots with heels, black tights, a short black skirt with a large black belt. The white dress shirt with a black tie. And like me she was 19 and joined the army not long ago, and I really liked her. Today she wore her hair in a ponytail while I had made myself two pigtails this morning. Heather looked at me and made a face.
“Herrin Grace and Vicky should be here any minute. Aren't you excited to see the Herrinnen? Look at all the others down there, standing straight awaiting their arrival. I'm just glad we got assigned on this tower so we can see everything from up here before they go inside.”
I looked at the gathering in the courtyard below. Dozens of Soldatinnen had mustered in lines in front of the bunker entrance. The facility itself was surrounded by a ten feet tall fence with barbed wire on top. The hill had a steep rock slope on three sides and thick forest below. The flat side had a clearing in front of the gates, only a small road leading down through the thick forest. We had two wooden guard towers on the edges of that side, us standing on one of them. The courtyard was mostly empty, except some MG nests towards the gate, a parking lot, an old office building and the bunker entrance. The office building housed the power generator while all the other facilities been located below ground in the bunker.
“I am, Heather... but it's only the parade thing, we trained it for days. I imagine the really exciting things are happening in the bunker and we won't be there. How about we just go to the far side of the tower and make out? No one will notice.”
“Damn it Zoey! We're supposed to be on guard here! You might have scored some good points with Unteroffizierin Roberta for running that obstacle course fastest, but I don't want to screw up!”
Heather yelled at me, but I knew she didn't mean it as she immediately leaned towards me and whispered in my ear.
“Listen, how about we crash in your bunk after duty?”
I smiled at her, feeling joyful, and gently nodded.

“Soldatin Zoey!”
Unteroffizierin Roberta yelled my name as she ran up the wooden stairs of the watchtower.
Heather and me quickly turned around, snapped to attention and saluted her.
The Italian looking woman was in her mid-forties and had short cropped black hair. She wasn't much bigger then me, but the way she build up in front of me she sure looked intimidating. Also she was in charge of our squad, reporting directly to Frau Niki.
“Come with me down in the courtyard. Frau Niki wants you behind her at the reception.”
“Bugger me! What did I do?”I asked surprised.
“She wants an exemplary soldier to present to Herrin Grace and Frau Nikki. She had a last minute look at the latest exercise results and your sorry ass was on top of one of them. Now stop asking stupid questions and get moving!”
Roberta glared at me with her brown eyes but I didn't notice. Frau Niki had chosen me as exemplary soldier! I knew I would become a great officer myself one day, but I didn't expect to have such a chance so quickly. Heather nudged me in the side and pulled me out of my daydreaming.
“Yes Ma'am!”
I shouted full of pride and couldn't hide a smile as I strut past Roberta and down the stairs.

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