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Blade The Vampire Killer

Blade The Vampire Killer

By the way Lucy The Vampire Huntress IS BACK IN BUSINESS... And she is not hunting Wabbits. :D

And the wait is pretty much over.

I am sorry for all those patiently waiting for an update on my comic series so tonight here are some good news and bad news.


Bad news. Part 2 first death scene is not quite finished yet and i will not upload it on SA til it's done.


Good news... For the impatient ones i have made a directors cut of the first half of part 2 and uploaded it to DEVIANT ART!. :D


Here are the links to 2 pages worth of story. Enjoy first half. (Just to prove i have not been lazying about all this time :D)


First page

Second page


There is a lot more after, but it will not be uploaded until the staking scene is complete. And the wait will be worth it guys and girls. :)

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Posted by on in General

I am happy to announce that I have made a lot of progress on episode 2 yesterday.

Half of episode 2 is complete now.... All rendered and captioned + Post work.
That's the intro fully out of the way. 12 pages of it. Now I got a soft-core lesbian porn scene to do before the first staking....Also I am picking out the outfit for Vanessa... She is still pretty nekkid. :D

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New characters an origins story announced and I am currently working hard on the conclusion to the current episode... It most likely will be in 2 parts..... The origin story too.

Granted that I have the most action planned for the current episode so the prequels will feature a more diverse storyline. lol That's what I get for doing the story beginning with the final battle :D

At least I am hoping to entertain.. The good thing is some characters from my current comic episode can easily be used again as I come up with new characters in part thanks to a certain someone who helped... :) You know who you are.

          Triumphs-One new death FX is currently out of beta and it's ready for action.
                         Background photography and pyro work is pretty much complete.
                         I am getting much better at posing and lighting... (In the club at least)

Not so triumph-Working with fine details is taking me some time. Considering I am making 2            versions of Lucy's battle it's going to take just a few more days. :D
                       One of my new characters... Namely The Nurse..... Stubborn bitch just does not want to look good under natural street light. I will have to tinker with her makeup or perhaps completely recast her. If I manage to get my hands on an Asian 3D model.. Jessica... You are in.

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

I m still working hard on my major action packed scene for Lucy the Vampire Huntress comic.

I got the strip club, now it's time to fill it with...... That's right sexy vampire strippers.

My cast is getting fuller and fuller... Rest assured for those who've been waiting you will not be disapointed. :D

On another note.... Nikky and Wendy now officially joined the cast.

Wendy is the short-haired sweet brunette that i now named.

Nikki.... Well we all know Nikki. She is a strong, big breasted and tatooed character with a very vicious way of looking at things.

Stay tuned for more cast updates... Perhaps more girls of Dark Peeps shall be joining the fight for the survival of Ariel's stripper coven.

For those of you who just can't wait i already posted a draft of Nikki's death scene in my Custom Artwork album.... Enjoy. :)

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