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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

The Amazonian Tribes are primitive, so easily came up with violent traditions to match their violent attitudes towards different clans and, at times, themselves. Fights to the death among Amazonian clan members is a centuries old tradition. Tradition has it that girls who take part in these three way fights are chosen by The Spirits want to cull the weak from the clans. But mostly these matches are a form of entertainment. Every girl looks forward to these matches, even the ones who are in the fights themselves because this increases their fame.

If they lose, however, they are discarded into a pile of bodies with their sisters, discarded like useless meat.

Enjoy ;)


It was my turn.

My turn to step in the circle.

My turn to fight one of my sisters.

My turn to be victorious.

…Or be thrown on to the pile of corpses that was on the side of the circular ring drawn in the sand. Five bodies made up the pile of my dead sisters, young, and old while three made up the periphery. Some of them were my friends (until they died because they were weak!), one of them was my Older Womb-sister* who foolishly turned her back on a wounded opponent and was struck with the dying enemy’s axe.

I was not going to die! I was going to win! Prove I was strongest! Prove I was a warrior!

Standing in a line with two of my sisters, soon to be my opponents, I shivered as I held my tomahawk in one hand and my knife in the other. My red hair shaved in a mowhawk had my hair swept to the right above my right eye.

Our entire clan of Fare Skins sat around the ring, eagerly waiting to see the three of us fight. From the corner of my eye one of my passion sisters* pocked at my older Womb Sister’s left leg with her finger while one of my Passion mothers* pulled her back from the pile.

I gulped, a lump in my throat.

Soon: The older women in our clan began to beat the drums. One by one each of us stepped into the ring, myself entering second.

We trotted around the sand circle three times before taking position evenly in the circle to give us space apart.

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Today was a good battle, thought Little Panther as she scavenged across the sight of the great battle that had occurred three hours ago.

The young Dark Skin warrior walked amongst the bodies of her fallen sisters and the dead red skinned amazons that littered the ground outside the walls of the abandoned fortress her sisters had occupied after the women from the Kingdom across the ocean had been all killed off.

Her sisters were once three hundred strong, but they had lost twenty good sisters today as they defended the fortress walls from their neighboring rivals from a red skin clans who wanted the fortress as well. But the red skin amazons lost four hundred of their sisters, just trying to scale the wall and break the wooden door.

Little Panther was one of three of her sisters scavenging the fields in front of the wall. The two sisters were much older than Little Panther, who was still young and foolish. The teenager's breasts were still small, but she was old enough to be a warrior. Her hair was tied into several smaller braids that went passed her shoulders. She wore a loincloth that barely covered her front side, making her a easy target for lustful amazons, her petite frame left her even more exposed.

The young dark skin walked aways a way from the wall, approaching a cluster of dead red skins who had been carrying a ladder, but none of them made it far. Little Panther saw one dead Red skin, her age, who was neither thin not heavy but still beautiful, laying on her side, clutching her stomach where an arrow struck her.

Little Panther pushed the arm of a red skin off of the younger red skin's shoulder and flipped the dead girl on her back, removing the arrow, allowing the young dark skin to examine the body that was adorned in red war paint.

Grinning at her find, the dark skin pulled her flint knife out, and cut the dead girl's loincloth off and proceeded to fling the girl over her shoulder, and walked quickly back to the fortress with her prize.

That night: Little Panther was on the wall, looking out at the night covered plains with her older sisters, who she laughed with. All the while she say on her prize, enjoying the feeling of the red skin's skin touching her butt. When it was time for bed: she lay on top of the body, feeling the girl's hair and imagining her when she was alive.


The next morning: Little Panther was awoken with one of her sister's shaking her shoulder urgently. Little Panther shook off her fatigue, grabbed her spear and stood up, looking over the wall that now had the bodies of some of the red skins and her sisters who died yesterday, acting as additional cover.

Standing beside her sister, who was heavy set and a year older than Little Panther: She saw a sight that made her, and all her sisters, blood run cold. Assembled before the fortress yards away were thousands of red skins. Little Panther swallowed as she flung her prize from the other day over the wall, stacking her on top of a red skin who had a mohawk.

When the chiefs of the thousand warriors signaled the warriors to attack: the sound of a large echoing war cry filled the air as the warriors, on foot and horse back, charged.

Little Panther and her heavy sister and their sisters on their wall stayed on their position on the walls, shooting arrows at the warriors that threatened to get close, knocking over ladders and women to the ground.

Eventually however Little Panther's heavy sister ran out of arrows, forcing the fat woman to drop her bow and go over to a near by spear rack and pickup a spear. Only for a red skin woman to manage to climb up the wall while Little Panther and the rest of her sisters on the wall were busy and run up behind her, and smash a hatchet into the back of the fat woman' shoulders. The fat woman screamed, alerting Little Panther, who sent an arrow into the red skin's throat. Both the fat woman and the red skin fell to the floor, the red skin laying on top of her victim.

With the death of their fat, but beautiful, sister: more dark skinned sisters began to die as they became overwhelmed. Even with the arrival of the chief to their wall was not enough. With only six sisters left on the wall, Little Panther became frightened, hiding behind the red skin's body she had collected yesterday, she felt a strong hand grab her, she looked to see it was her chief, a young and brash chief that had gotten all of her sisters into this mess. She was bald but wore a feather headdress.

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

It was a hot summer day in the plains of Amazonia. The sun was at it's highest in the clear blue sky and shined down upon the sandy plains of central Amazonia.

In one specific area of the plains: a tribe of Pale skinned Nomadic Amazons had recently set up camp for the day after traveling several miles during the early morning and up until noon.

Conical tents made of buffalo hide were set up, each tent had drawings on them, telling a different story of the inhabitant's brave, and beautiful, family all the way from their mothers, to grandmothers and great grandmothers.

The amazons of the tribe, like many Amazons, were almost naked. The warriors of the tribe either wore loincloths made of fabric or animal skins, or nothing at all. The woman who were not warriors or were wives who cared for the children, wore loin skirts made of animal skins or animal leather. Children were completely naked, only wearing loincloths when they reached seven, if they chose. A majority of the amazon women did not wear any shirts, walking around the camp with their wonderful breasts exposed to her sisters.

After camp had been set up for more than an hour: many of the tribe's inhabitants went to the center of the camp, sitting in the sand in a circle as a teenage red haired Amazon drug a stick in the sand, creating a large circle in the sand. When the circle was complete, three young blond Amazon women trotted into the circle, briefly trotting around the circle once, earning cheers from their Amazon sisters. They then stopped, forming a triangle in the circle.

The Chief of the tribe and her wife soon appeared and they both sat near the edge of the circle. The Chief, a brunette, with some silver in the mix, haired woman nearing her twilight years but still walked around camp showing her breasts proudly. Her loin cloth was red and it exposed her read end proudly. Over her head was a headdress made of buffalo fur and had horns on them.

Her wife was far younger than her, in her early twenties. The wife of the chief had beautiful golden blond hair that went down to the middle of her back. She wore a deer skin loin cloth. She leaned lovingly against her wife's side, resting her head on her shoulder.

The chief raised her hand, and coming into the circular ring were three teenage Amazons, carrying a weapon. Each girl approached one of the three blond's, giving her a weapon.

Eagle Swift, the oldest of the blond's in the ring at the age of twenty five, who had long blond hair and three feathers weaved in her hair and wore a wolf skinned loincloth, received a spear, which she took with a hard expression, she looked at the other two blond's as they received there weapons.

Fox was twenty three years old, her hair was tied into a single braid and the sides of her head were shaved completely. Her loincloth was blue in color and she were a feathered beaded necklace. She received a hatchet, which she took with almost a despairing sigh.

The youngest of the amazons was seventeen. Her blond hair was loose and curly. Unlike her to sisters: she had not received any feathers. She also wore no loincloth, proudly standing naked in the ring as she was given her weapon, a two handed stone axe. As the girl, the same age as the young one, who handed her the axe walked away, the young amazon reached out and grabbed the girl, and dug her hand through the girl's loincloth, stroking her rear end lovingly, earning a happy sigh from the girl as she shyly walked out of the ring and over towards a group of gossiping Amazon teens.

Now that the contestants of The Trial of Strength had acquired their weapons: the Chief held up her hand again, and gave a shot for the three amazons to begin. As soon as the shout went out: the three warriors turned to face each other...ready to kill their sisters.

Only one warrior leaves the ring alive, the challenge was made, now their lives were in the spirits hands now.

All three amazons circled each other while crouched down, weapons ready and waited for a flaw in her sister's stance. Half a minute later: Fox looked at the youngest warrior, and nodded. The youngest nodded back. They would work to kill Eagle Swift...but then they would turn their attention to each other.

Eagle Swift sensed the agreement, but held her stoic exterior. She had killed many dark skins and red skins during the war of red summer! She could kill these two easily.

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Posted by on in General

(This will be edited over time)

Amazonia: A world inhabited by only female humanoids.

in one region of Amazonia: the entire continent is largely inhabited by tribes of fierce and proud, and beautiful, Amazon women. These tribes of women wear mostly loin clothes made of animal fur or cloth. Likely this piece of clothing is the only clothing she will wear her entire life. Chieftesses of a tribe will wear headdresses of feathers, to symbolize their status As the one leader of her clan. But this status can be short lived: as any woman I the tribe can kill the Chieftess for the headdress and the role of Chieftess. When killed: the new Chieftess parades around her tribe, carrying the corpse of the past chief, and keeping her body as a trophy. 

Beauty is respected above all else in Amazonia. Both in life and in death. When a Amazon dies: likely an Amazon will lay the corpse down and indulge in a night of pleasures with the body, allowing the spirit to move on. A enemy warrior may take the body of her fallen for and use it for her own purposes: whether this is giving her her final rites, flipping the body over to use her butt as a cover or draping the body over her horse.

Warfare was common among tribes. But raids were likely to be weekly. A single tribe would raid their neighbors for non-warriors, the desire to scalp a warrior or the desire to count a coup. Before a raid or conflict: young unmarried non-warrior women stripped themselves of their loin clothes and wore beads around their waist and would dance in front of her warrior sisters hopefully leading to her first night of pleasure. The next morning: warriors adorned themselves in war paint and rode off to battle. In battle: amazons use their stone hatchets, bows and arrows and other tribal weapons. 

The hope of warriors young and old: was that if they were to die, they would lay dead beautifully.

Marriage between two women was not judged by age. A girl could marry a woman far older than her. Marriage regarding a Chieftess allowed her to take multiple wives. 

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