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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

I Found a Battlefield

I found the Cunt dying in the battlefield.

I came across the immense carnage on my way to Themiscyra. The battle had taken place many days earlier as I could see from the corpses that had started to shrivel up, though they still looked very beautiful in death, as one would expect with the Amazons, with all their lovely charms in full view, for it was most common for Amazons to die with their legs open as a natural reflex when suffering agony and experiencing sexual ecstasy as they lay screaming and dying.



I dismounted in order to gather up as many valuables as I could find. There was not much weaponry left behind but I did find a few nice daggers buried under piles of slaughtered Amazon flesh. I found many that had been planted passionately inside anuses, right up to hilts which was sticking out. I smiled; Greek warriors were indeed very passionate, and would often indulge in such twisted pleasures.  I grabbed the handles and plucked them out in turn, wiping the blood and the offal off the blades in their hair and the flesh of their firm round buttocks. I would take those fine daggers, but all the Amazon offal and the gore would remain with the slaughtered Amazons, thank you very much.

Scavengers had obviously already combed the entire field and there was not much left other than all the worthless meat, but though most had been stripped naked by the enemy, many of them still wore their fine gladiator sandals, so I set about stripping lots of the fine leather from the dead feet. At least these would fetch quite a decent price at the market, for Amazon sandals were by far the product of the best workmanship there was. They had to be, for Amazons marched for miles and miles and fought for hours in their sandals, which thus had to be up to the task. Furthermore the sluts of higher rank would have precious stones embedded in them. These served as their wealth that could be used as currency anywhere and at any time. Even Amazons of lowest rank, often referred to as arrow fodder for their role in the battlefield, had stone studded sandals, but with less valuable ones. But the higher ranking Amazons had been stripped entirely naked, even down to their feet, and taken away to line the battlement walls as trophies of war. But I came across a chariot filled with officer carcasses that had somehow been forgotten and left in the field. But the way they had been stacked up all I could see was their beautiful butts and legs, with all their naked feet just sticking out of the chariot. They had obviously been dumped that way to make it easier to strip their stone studded sandals. There was no dignity left for these hated officers who had orchestrated the battle, as their naked carcasses lay there on top of one another like pieces of meat waiting to be thrown to the dogs or fed to the lions in the arena. How their fortunes had changed, from proud and haughty Amazon Commanders to disposable pieces of meat. The sight of their carcasses brought a smile to my face. I was glad that such haughty Amazon filth had ended this way, like the warloving sluts that they were.  


As I went about taking slender, sandaled feet into my lap and stripping them of their valuables I heard soft moans a short distance away, coming from underneath a mound of flesh. I approached the mound, admiring all its beautiful contents, with lots of long legs draping downwards to leave sandaled feet dangling helplessly and motionlessly in the air. A couple of pairs of round buns adorned the top of the pile, one of them with the point of an arrow sticking out in erotic conquest of the warrior woman's most intimate chamber. I yanked the 2 heads up by the hair and shoved them off the pile to fall clumsily with their legs immodestly splayed. I pulled away the other carcasses, sensuously placing my fingers in the meaty cracks of round buttocks and using battle bulbs affixed to once proud chests as soft malleable handles to pull and tug away at the dead meat. I had always found the handling of flesh extremely arousing, and found myself getting rock hard in an instant.

I grabbed fresh fistfuls of hair to pull more heads out of the way, as corpses rolled off the heap, folding up awkwardly as limbs limply followed torsos to settle in their new positions. I found a writhing Amazon lying face down at the bottom of the pile with legs apart. I grabbed her sandaled feet and yanked her away from the pile, causing the flaps of her tunic to slip away from her moon shaped posterior meat presenting me with a fine view of her swollen pubic mounds which now brushed against the grass. She squealed and howled as the stretching of her entire body started to open up the wounds in her chest which also scraped along.

I dropped her sandaled feet back down to the ground and grabbed hold of a full head of her long golden brown hair. I tugged away at it somewhat viciously, and yanked her head up by the fistful of hair, causing her to squeal again. I looked into her pale green eyes and suffering face. She had those half closed eyes and vacant expression, with tongue hanging out stupidly from her open mouth that were the signs of exhaustion and long hours suffering. I found that the mere thought of her suffering somehow brought me a strange, twisted pleasure. I found her suffering face enjoyable to behold.

Pieces of meat that were once a fine perky breast just dangled from her chest, covered in dried blood and what seemed like dried milk. It had no doubt been passionately minced by a lusty Greek blade. But her other bulb was in a way still intact although it had been sliced wide open, and the yanking of her hair now caused its meaty gland with all its intricate tubing to spill and dangle out of its fleshy erotic housing. It had been a hard ride and I was both hungry and thirsty, so I instinctively grabbed hold of the gland and ripped it out by its roots with a tearing, sloshing sound. She let out a huge gasp followed by a rasp guttural sound, while begging and pleading in her barbarian Amazon tongue. I stuffed it wolf like into my mouth and started chewing, making sounds of approval as I chewed away at the delicious piece of meat that was still fresh, and remembering how immensely delicious Amazon meat was.

She continued to moan and cry and mutter and beg something in Amazonian, but I ignored her. When I tired of all her pitiable begging and winging I just grabbed hold of her hair once again and slammed her face hard several times into the round buns of an Amazon corpse just next to her, then held her there by her hair amidst her protesting kicking feet, humiliating her as I started to suffocate her in the corpse's soft buns, pressing her nose into her anus and her mouth into her swollen cunt. When I stood up she gasped desperately for air to feed her burning lungs. Then started to whimper and whine once again, so I crashed down hard on the back of her skull with my foot, smashing her delicate face into the lifeless muff and knocking her out as the sensitive bone of her nose cracked against the carcass's coccyx.

Having finally shut her up I started to examine her for any valuables and found some golden toe rings, which I sensuously removed with my teeth. While I was down there at the slut's feet, prizing apart the leather sandals, I decided to munch away, taking time to suck and slurp at the discovery of a lovely set of toes which were sticking out of her fine sandals. I was surprised to discover how delicious she was down there. I could see that she had rubbed her feet and toes thoroughly in jasmine and hyacinth before the battle, as Amazons were wont to do, and the expensive fragrance, mixed with the slut's natural pheromones, had kept them fresh and tasty, and thus ever so kissable ever since.

I could not help wonder who had actually been victorious in battle. Was it the Spartans, who forced the captured Amazons to drag their own slaughtered filth to the awaiting meat wagons to take home as trophies of war? The thought excited me as I visualised defeated Amazons forced to drag their own dead ignominiously by the hair, as was Spartan custom, before being herded off themselves to the awaiting arena.

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

The bugles sounded and 1,000's of beautiful, scantily clad Amazons marched forward as one, their shields raised above their heads to intercept the myriad arrows that would rain down on them at any moment. That dreaded, unmistakable hum suddenly filled the air as 1,000's of missiles of death were sent on their way by the awaiting archers at the top of the hill, in search of female flesh and organs to plunge through and to skewer, in order to cause as much damage as possible and cut down large numbers of fearsome Amazons before they could engage the enemy. 

Then suddenly the first screams rang out as hapless warloving women were mercilessly cut down, until the whole hillside was engulfed in a cacophany of hideous shrieks and abysmal, blood curdling screams as beautiful Amazons were struck high in their proud chests, skewering breasts, lower down through their firm abs, and lower still right in the delicate folds of their swollen and pulsating loins that housed all their passion and most intimate pleasure organs that now turned to seats of unimaginable and unbearable agony.


Amazons rushed forward, stepping onto the soft, quivering flesh of fallen companions as shrieks and abysmal howls filled the air, together with the sweet aroma of female fluids that now ran like rivers at their feet alongside pools of blood, as sandaled feet kicked uncontrollably in the air and lithe bodies arched backwards, thrashing about in their agony. Wave after wave of Amazons were falling like flies, making it hard for those who came after them from rushing forward as feet found quivering flesh of bare buns and breasts and thighs. 

The growing mounds of quivering, writhing flesh slowed down their charge as many, many more fell shrieking and screaming and howling. Finally the first lines clashed head on with the opposing army as the sound of steel filled the air, but the Amazons had already lost 100's nay, even 1,000's, to enemy arrows. The fighting now was immensely brutal as blade sank deep into soft meat, slashing, skewering, slicing, as Greeks and Amazons screamed and died, their life blood spilling out of them along with their organs as victorious warriors on both sides sought not only to slaughter, but also to humiliate, degrade and punish, and to inflict suffering by seeking out the most delicate, sensitive, vulnerable and intimate meat and organs, in a massive orgy of sensuous slaughter.

After several hours of ferocious fighting and tremendous slaughter of so many of their fine warriors, the Amazons finally put the Greeks to flight, but not before the fleeing Greeks tied ropes firmly around the ankles of many Amazon Officers and dragged them away mercilessly by their feet shrieking behind their horses as they rode off.  Vast stretches of the battlefield were now laden with so much mutilated and skewered Amazon flesh, having suffered horrific wounds from battleaxes, large blades and spears.

Many corpses now lay twisted and mangled in heaps, many of them stripped of both their uniforms and their dignity. Many lay sprawled out, spreadeagled, their beautiful long legs immodestly fallen wide open and apart, revealing soft, intimate meat & organs and blood dripping eros holes that had taken enormous punishment as Greeks satisfied their deep and dark sexual needs.

Others had been very passionately disembowelled of all their nether organs, the hot blooded passion of battle getting the better of the blood thirsty Greeks who were no less excited than the Amazons by the indulging in all sorts of sexual excitement, which demanded that intimate organs, both front and back, be not only fully examined and explored, but even gouged from the soft, meaty housing of firm Amazon thighs and round buns.

But now it was the Amazons' turn to enjoy the passionate fruits of battle that they loved so much, as they indulged in hours of endless raw sex - sitting on and pumping the faces of fallen Greeks, forcing them on pain of suffocation to eat out their squirting holes that cried out to be devoured.

When they were finally sated, the Amazons set about gathering up all valuables from the battlefield. Lifeless Amazon feet were unceremoniously stripped of their sandals, chest armour was removed from slashed breasts, helmets were removed, exposing beautiful dead faces, with tongues lolling and hanging out stupidly from open mouths, confirming their brutal and violent death. Weapons were then plucked from cooling flesh, dripping gore. By the time they had gathered up all armour, weaponry & footwear there were just naked piles of hacked meat left, forming huge mounds all across the battlefield. The victorious Amazons were awash with happiness, taking the time to fully enjoy the magnificent beauty of their own slaughtered cunts, and surrounded by the alluring fragrance of female fluids & the strong aroma of spilled & blood spattered organs.

The 5 surviving Generals sat plum in their saddles, masturbating as they watched the morbid stripping of all their dead, their entire bodies still awash in the immense ecstasy of so much passion & slaughter. The loss of so many Amazons that now lay slaughtered at their feet meant nothing to them. They had served their purpose & their death was of no consequence whatsoever, indeed it only served to excite them further. Their flesh would now simply be left to feed the wild birds & beasts of the forest, while those Amazons who were victorious would return home laden with spoils & trophies & the rich pickings of their own slaughtered women who no longer needed their jewellery and their fine, gold laced and stone studded sandals that were the hallmark of wealthy warriors of the Amazon Empire.

The 3 Generals who had fallen in battle had been picked out from the mounds of dead Amazon meat and had been placed back on their horses after being cleaned of all their gore and erotic juices. They lay slumped with arms and feet dangling as battle maidens secured them by tying their feet together under the horses bellies. Only these would be taken back to Amazonia. The rest of the officers were left buried under the mounds of flesh of their slaughtered women. It was long standing Amazon custom that all other Amazons, even of high rank, who fell in battle, were treated as mere battle trash to be devoured by the wild beasts of the forest. This is because the Amazons, to remain strong, refused to mourn their dead. 

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