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Vex Malleus

Vex Malleus

Reality is perception, but how do you know what you perceive is real?

Posted by on in Torture

Mental Death

Then for some real fun, he decided to admit himself to a
mental hospital claiming homicidal and suicidal ideation. He
went through the admittance procedure, filled out forms, the
normal routine, then was brought to the unit. Right away he
walked up the nurse station but an old hag pushed him trying to
get to the station first. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked
her head back into the cement wall cracking her dome, along with
the cement. He then jumped onto her leg breaking the frail bone
with ease. She cried out in agony and Lance laughed and enjoyed
her suffering.
Five huge hospital techs then tried to wrestle Lance to the
ground. He easily dodged the first attack and tripped the clumsy
fools. Then he used a special back hand strike and broke one of
the men's necks with hardly any effort. He stomped the others to
death with his metal reinforced, spiked boots.
A female patient screamed at the ghastly site and Lance
punched out a piece of plexiglass and used one of the shards to
slice the bitch's throat. Then he drank her blood as it flowed
out in a clean, even pace.
Another female patient, with jet black hair and medium
breasts, saw this and laughed, herself a victim of sadistic
thoughts and impulses. Lance grabbed her and drove a knife into
her chest and twisted the blade and shoved it upward severing all
major organs until finally protruding from the girl's throat. He
let her guts spill to the floor then dropped the fresh corpse on
the ground next to the other bodies.
The nurses, who had been watching in horror, had no idea
what to do. Then one of them, an older woman with long grayish
hair but still very attractive, tried to inject Lance with
thorazine. He grabbed the needle out of her hand and rammed it
into one of her eyes. The woman screamed in pain and he punched
her in the stomach and yanked on her hair pulling the miss to the
ground. She clutched her eyeball which was half hanging out and
shrieked in agony. Lance laughed and spit on her, then took one
of the other nurses, laid her across the counter top, and raped
her. He rammed his hard cock deep inside the woman's mature
pussy and slammed her good. After banging the bitch for awhile,
he picked up the older woman off the ground and raped her as
well. She cried and begged for Lance to stop but he merely stuck
his thumb into her eye socket and squashed the already damaged
eyeball. Lance slid his immense cock in and out of her over and
over, giving the bitch a good pussy workout. As he fucked the
bitch, he hacked up the other nurse with a machete and tossed the
pieces around the room. He soon shot his jizem up her tight
snatch and pulled out his tired cock. "You like that, bitch?" he
said to her as he squeezed her aging tits.
"Please, no more, I plead you." she whimpered. Lance just
laughed and pissed on her face. He squeezed her sagging breasts
then tore off her shirt and repeatedly stabbed her in the chest
with a small pocket knife. Now bleeding and in immense pain,
Lance threw the nurse to the floor and stomped her to death.
But suddenly he heard whimpering sounds. He went to
investigate and found a delectable brunette restrained in the
quiet room. She was laying on a bed with her wrists and ankles
secured, making her helpless. Lance got excited and entered the
room pretending to be a nurse.
"Can I please get out of here now, I'm much more calm." the
young woman said.
"Sure, but first there is something I need to do." Lance
replied as he pulled down his pants and let his erect rod pop
"What the fuck are you doing??" the woman shouted.
"Shut up bitch." said Lance as he got on top of her.
"No, please stop!" she screamed, struggling against the
tight restraints. Lance pulled them even tighter, ensuring that
his meat would not escape. Lance grabbed the woman's throat and
held it still as he kissed her cheek and ears. "Uhh...please,
don't!" she cried, tears flowing from her sexy brown eyes. The
girl was hot as shit and was about 19. Lance was gonna fuck her
good, besides, she has misbehaved and was getting just
punishment. Using his teeth Lance tore off her tank top
revealing a seductive black bra.
"Bitch, your time is about up. You will spend the last
moments of your life in extreme pain. That is after I rape you
of course."
"She's cute, isn't she?" said a stranger's voice.
"What the fuck?" said Lance as he got off the girl and
pulled up his pants. He turned around and saw a small guy
standing in the quiet room doorway smiling. "Who in the fuck are
you?" yelled Lance, pissed that he was interrupted. "You trying
to give me blue balls or something?"
"Ha, ha, ha....that's pretty funny. I'm a friend, that's
all you need to know for now."
"Whatever. Here, help me with his bitch." Lance said as he
released the girl from the primitive restraints. She tried to
get up and run but the stranger punched her in the face and threw
her down. Lance then went and got a pair of blood ladened
panties from one of the dead nurses and shoved it in the young
patient's mouth. She tried to spit it out so he took a chain and
wrapped it around the back of her neck and through her mouth. He
pulled it tight, pinching her flesh, and secured it with a
padlock. Then his new friend held her arms down on the floor as
Lance removed her shorts and panties. The girl struggled and
tried to kick him which only made Lance even more horny. He let
her fight, knowing she would not escape as she moaned and tried
to scream but the blood soaked gagged would not allow it. Every
time she tried to speak the chain pinched her skin harder causing
more pain. Lance just stood back and looked at her, then
suddenly ran up and stomped her right in the crotch. She groaned
in anguish and the stranger's face looked grim. The girl's
struggling subsided and Lance finger fucked her for awhile and
rubbed her stomach. Then he took some more chain and wrapped it
around her waist and then down between her legs and around her
ankles making an interesting pattern. He attached padlocks to
the shackles and pulled them taunt further pinching her virgin
flesh. He then spread her legs apart wide and invaded her cunt
with his throbbing dick and slammed the girl real nice like. She
cried and cried, moaned and groaned, unable to resist as the
stranger held her arms down with unseen strength and spit on her
face all the while Lance was banging her without mercy. Lance
slammed her for a good half an hour then rammed it in as deep as
he could, put a chain around her neck and started choking her as
his cum began flowing out into her shredded pussy. But Lance
couldn't help it and started pumping her again and tightened the
chain around her throat, then sighed deeply as he finished his
ejaculation. His orgasm lasted for quite some time filling her
whole twat with thick cum. He groaned and began slamming her
some more. A few minutes later he finally pulled out, the chain
still wrapped around her tender neck. By this time she was
deceased and Lance grabbed the sides of her head and twisted it
until her neck snapped and he laughed.
Just as Lance was getting up the stranger tried to choke him
with some excess chain. He grabbed the traitor's arm and spun it
around so quickly that it snapped without the guy even knowing.
Then a few seconds later he cried out in terror and stared at the
deformed limb while Lance laughed. He picked up the screaming
fucker and threw him into the triment wall with a vengeance. His
body contorted and bones cracked upon impact after which his
flaccid torso fell to the ground where Lance immediately began
stomping on his already fractured skull crushing it into jelly
easily. "Fucking asshole!" screamed Lance in anger, then noticed
a hospital band around the dude's wrist that said disassociative
identity disorder so he figured the guy must have flipped out or
Lance left the quiet room and gazed upon all the dead,
bloody bodies and smiled intently. But then six police officers
approached him, guns drawn. With lightening speed Lance pulled
out his rapid fire modified Ozi and sprayed the cops with a
barrage of black talon bullets shredding them instantly. The
razor sharp special purpose ammo tore through their soft bodies
hurling liters of bright red blood all over the walls and
ceiling. None of the officers got off even one shot and Lance
was quite pleased with his quickness. He left the patient area,
making sure to step on the dead bodies and went to the intake
area. Several doctors looked at him then suddenly ducked as a
stream of bullets rocketed towards Lance. The attack was
deflected by his shield and he turned to see more cops standing
with their guns pointing at him. "Aw man, what is this crap?" he
said as Lance simply fired his Ozi again, decimating all of them
in seconds. The incredibly high speed bullets whizzed from the
tip of the barrel at amazing velocities cleaving their bodies
into chunks of red meat. But a few cops survived, protected by
high strength armor. It was time for the personal touch so Lance
put away his weapon and prepared for hand-to-hand combat. He ran
towards the two men and put one of them in a head lock and
squeezed so hard that his dome cracked like an ocean clam,
spilling brains and blood on the floor. The other cop attempted
to jump Lance but was thrown back by his shield.
"What the fuck??" the dude exclaimed out loud. He tried to
escape but Lance tripped his legs and after the man fell to the
ground shoved a machete into the back of his neck severing the
cop's spinal cord.
Lance then looked up and saw the doctors and secretaries
panicking and running in all directions. He pulled out his .44
longslide and picked them off one by one with devastating shots
to the head. He raped a few of the dead female secretaries then
quickly exited the building only to find even more cops. "Jesus
Christ!" screamed Lance as he got down on the ground pretending
to give up. The officers ran over to him with handcuffs and as
soon as they were all crouched around him he overloaded his
shield sending a searing blast of energy into their faces burning
them. All of the pigs were incapacitated instantaneously and
Lance got up laughing and walked away. Using a neural interface
he set his personal shield back to normal with just a simple

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Posted by on in General


A creation of the most ultimate, darkest science imaginable. He exists in a time very far
into the future, the end of the 13th millennium. The last millennium of civilization many
believed. Biomechnio technology is contained in everything. Formerly known as cybernetic, it
is used to merge and blend the artificial, the constructed, with naturally occurring organic life.
All interfaces are completely neural interlinked and communication to any corner of the universe
is possible instantly with the myriad of hyperspace connections and triax gateways created by the
super civilization that also created him.
Ultra science explains everything that needed to be explained and replaced old fashioned
religions. Such beliefs withered away as radically advanced, nearly incomprehensible technology
unraveled the universe's ultimate mysteries.
The Nova9 Connexion, an ultra civilization with ultimate control over space, matter, and
even time, combined with many other galaxies, formed a highly organized union called simply,
the "Infrastructure", and controlled at least 75% of the known universe. Everything was
connected by constructed hyperspace quantumhole tunnels which were strictly accessible only by
Infrastructure members, or those who knew their ways around the advanced security systems
protecting each tunnel. Few opposed the Connexion itself and no one dared come against the
Infrastructure, although foolish groups have tried and always failed.
Some say they know of his existence and what he does. He is considered to be what they
used to call eons ago, an urban legend. A ghost even, appearing and disappearing, whose true
existence is hailed to be nothing more than the talk of crazies. Although some view him as a god
and the stories of his sadistic deeds are told proudly by the few who dare speak of such things,
despite warnings from hidden, shadowy figures that lurk almost everywhere and are almost as
ghostly as he is.
A small group of Connexion members created him many centuries ago. They gave him
all their technology which was, even back then, beyond the ability for many now in modern day
to accept as possible. He is nearly invincible, as close to immortal as you can get, with no
predetermined length of life. He uses the most advanced weaponry conceivable and has equally
advanced defensive abilities both ingrained into his very flesh and more so in the countless types
of armor and weapons he wears and uses.
The rare few that truly know he exists think it is some sort of experiment in ultimate
sadism, pure darkness expressed and embodied by an unstoppable monster and created to act out
the wishes of the most evil minds who have ever existed in the entire history of life in this
universe. Or perhaps the most sane, in a bizarre twist of nature and technology.
He is an extreme monster, an ultimate, limitless sadist. He thirsts for violence and must
indulge his twisted, perverse desires constantly. He resides on a hidden planetoid named
Acropolis. It is contained in a very remote, and barely charted asteroid field on the out stretches
of the Sefrally system, a collection of galaxies spanning more than 10 billion light years and at
the outer most edge of Infrastructure space.
He leaves his planet daily and travels to distant worlds which he plunders. Getting there
is easy using his Zotax drive which is equipped on both his starship and supercar. Using this
wonderful and advanced technology, he pillages and ravages helpless planets and their
inhabitants, bypassing the Infrastructure's quantumhole tunnels, which are routinely monitored,
in order to commit his evil deeds undetected and unchallenged.
It is the 13th millennium. The last millennium of any modern civilization and advanced
life. Technology is god. There is no religion. There is only science and those who embrace it
and those who fear it. In the deep recesses of secret research facilities a small team of evil men
and women have created the ultimate sadist. Given unlimited power and control over time and
space itself he travels the Universe killing at will. He has no conscience or morals of any kind
and harbors an extreme bloodlust. His name is Lance and this is his Saga.

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Posted by on in Bloody Death

I wrote this for a female friend in 2006.  She enjoyed it!! :)

Taimarra's Torture

I suddenly saw her walking to some coffee shop as I stood looking around on the corner
one night in a nameless town I traveled to that morning. I was easily hidden in the shadows. No
one saw me. No one knew me or what was on my mind. But she certainly will very soon. It was
really late too, almost 11pm. Who the fuck drinks coffee that late? Good, it will keep her more
aware as I torture her. If she happens to pass out, I got plenty of uppers in my bag of tricks.
I watched her as she ordered what looked like a 24oz cup. God damn this bitch is gonna
suffer. She began walking back to her car which was nicely concealed in an unlit parking garage
way on the other side of the street. I saw no other cars, no other people. Nothing. It was just this
worthless stupid whore and me.

From just her walk I could tell this was the case. She had almost a defiant look about her.
Like she would fight back. Most do I've found. Except once or twice those who submit to me
rather quickly. I usually keep those pieces of meat alive at my place and they do anything I want.
Eat my shit and piss, degrade themselves in front of me. It's quite fun. This cunt however may
not even submit at all. I actually considered for a moment taking her as a slave but my needs this
evening were insatiable and beyond my ability for rational control. It was decided. She's gonna
die tonight.

I doubled around the back of the garage, still out of sight, and entered through a side door.
I saw her leaning on her car. She appeared to be talking to someone on her Bluetooth.
She must be really stupid as I was now standing on the other side of her car just watching
her. I put on my steel knucks and jumped out in front her. She seemed quite surprised and I
punched her in the stomach full force at least five times. She instantly gasped, the air driven
from her lungs and fell to her knees. I told the guy on the phone that next time he wanted to talk
to her to call the county morgue. His voice seemed strangely familiar and I disconnected the call
then grabbed some speaker cable from my back pocket and wrapped it around my hands.

She was nearly flat on her stomach now, starting to lean forward from the original
kneeling position. But just before she did I got behind her and put the shielded wire around her
throat. I pulled it as tight as I fucking could, cutting off all air and most blood. I knew I could
easily kill her at this moment and nearly did. My face was pure rage, my eyes cold and heartless,
as always. I choked her without mercy for about 30 seconds, maybe more, only stopping as I
suddenly realized she was about to die and I smelled urine leaking from her cunt, maybe even
some shit from her ass.

My sadism had now completely overwhelmed any sense of reason an ordinary person
would have. But I am far from ordinary, very far. The feeling of complete, ultimate control, her
life, however worthless it was, in my hands, got me so fucking hard I almost nutted right then. I
let her go and this time she dropped on her side, flaccid and unconscious. I bent over her and
managed to bring up some piss even though it hurt, and sprayed it on her face.

I violently kicked her ribs until several were broken and I saw blood trickle from between
her blue lips. She eventually stirred as I impatiently paced back and forth.
"So, you are awake, fucking cunt!!!" She weakly coughed, and in pain from the broken
ribs and bleeding internally. She laid there like a worthless disgusting cow. Taking her hair in
my hands, I began to bash her face into the cement. I was very careful not to cause life
threatening damage but she got cut up real fast. "Do you want me to kill you whore???!!" I took
a serrated steak knife out of my bag and after yanking her head back, pressed it into her throat
right on the bruises from the wire. "Well????" I pressed it harder until I saw blood. Harder still
until her flesh began to part. "I'm not playing cunt!!!!" Just before I did it, she spoke..
"No." she finally said after her throat was nearly slit. I laughed. In anger, she cursed me.
"Fuck you!" she said. I laughed again, yanked her head back by the hair, and spit on her
face then carved into her forehead with the knife. Releasing her hair and again using the steak
knife, I stripped her, cutting away her clothes including bra and panties.

"You worthless fucking stupid whore!!" I took a pair of pliers also from my bag and
clamped it on her left ear lobe as I now straddled her back, pinning the bitch down with her arms
to her sides under me as well. She tried to struggle but to no avail. I slowly pulled the flesh of
her ear but she made little noise. I opened it and then clamped it again, this time grabbing hold
of the entire ear, including cartiledge, and violently yanked and twisted until it was ripped away
in a disgusting process. I definitely heard noises now, such as screaming, and it turned me on.
"That's what I thought whore!!!!!!" I yelled and jabbed out her eardrum with an ice pick. Her
screams of agony continued.

I bound her arms behind her with duct tape, wrapping it around her wrists and elbows so
much so that I'd have to use a blade to free her. But why? I'll leave her just like this and the
only thing I'll free her from is her pain when I decide to kill her.
I turned her onto her back as best I could and stood up to look at her. She was sexy, her
face all messed up, neck clearly abused, and her one ear gone. She moaned in unending pain but
still seemed to have a strong will. "Now, what is your name?"

"Fuck off!!"

"You stupid fucking worthless piece of shit!!!!. I'm gonna fucking hurt you so fucking
bad bitch!!!! I'm gonna fucking break every fucking bone in your body cunt!!!!! Do you hear
me??? Only one thing will save you from the most incredible agony you've ever felt. I'll ask
you one last fucking time and if you don't answer the right way I'm gonna gag you, rape you
until your ass and cunt are ripped, and torture you until you die!!!" Just so this bitch knew I
wasn't fucking around, I used the same pliers as her ear, and began to remove chunks of flesh
from one of her tits. At least a 8 or 9 pieces I ripped off in a cruel, slow way, and finished my
lesson by tearing off the nipple. I had to twist it around and around until it finally gave way and
dislodged. I threw all the pieces of skin and nipple at her, then punched her face about 30 times
knocking out lots of teeth and bruising her horribly. She winched and cried in pain the whole
time and even I saw tears now. I took a scalpel and skinned her entire tit since it was already
mutilated and then poured a quart of 91% rubbing alcohol on the exposed meat underneath. Oh
she really fucking screamed now, non stop in fact between pants of labored breath because I also
choked her manually and sat on her stomach.

Letting the alcohol seep in and as her cries got louder, I got off her and searched her
clothes. I found a pack of cancer sticks in her pants pocket. I threw them away but grabbed the
Zippo lighter I also found and showed it to her. My eyes went from the Zippo to her raw, bloody
breast and back again and I made sure she noticed. I flipped it and waved lit the flame in her
face. Then my eyes went to hers. "Last chance. After this you do nothing but suffer and die." I
waited a moment for her to think about it. "Okay, what is your name?" She looked away and
said nothing. "Fuck you whore!" I flipped completely now and burned her entire raw tit with the
flame, holding it for no less than 45 seconds on each section of meat unit it was smoking and
burnt to the third degree and parts even ignited as some of the alcohol remained.
She not only screamed now, but shrieked in total agony even as I stopped the torture 20
minutes later. Her eyes were closed and the tears she tried so hard to prevent seeped from
between her eyelids which battered as her suffering was paramount.. She thrashed now, shaking
violently and was just all out screaming. "You had your fucking chance worthless fucking
cunt!!! Your name is WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled at her but doubt she heard me.

I took some quick pictures and a movie with sound of this scene, including macros of her
flaming breast with my HP R707 digital camera, then beat her on the head with a short wooden
club until she was knocked out cold then hit her a couple more times for fun.

When whore finally awoke she was in my motel room an hour or two later. Her arms
were bound with exposed, stranded wire to the opposing metal bed posts and so tight her hands
nearly became severed but I made sure enough blood was still reaching her fingers to keep the
nerves alive because I had ideas later for them later.. I secured her ankles in a similar fashion,
spread far apart, except I used lengths of razor wire which had been heating in the gas oven for
say 3 hours.

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So I'm back.  I wa trying to decide between here and Motherless, but some of the users on Motherless are retarded, so here I am.  I've reopend my extreme fantasy forum (now using Xenforo). It's been a success with 60+ members since Feb. 22nd, over 1500 pictures posted, and 6 hardcore videos.

In other news, I got a cool R/C monster truck. It kicks ass!  I found an awesome place to run it, a large dirt field.  The truck has finally been brolen in and is dirty as fuck. lol

Anyway, that's all for now.  Time to make some friends. :)

The Tortured Soul:

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