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Posted by on in Bloody Death

Alice was 35-aged brunette with shoulder length hair and big silicone breast. That Saturday afternoon she was shopping in the mall not noticing, that some one had been following her for a long time already...

She was dressed in very short jeans skirt, short dark-red jacket on her naked body (she didn't wear bra at all) and black sandals with 5-inch heels. Also she had piercing in her belly button.

Alice stopped about the shoe shop. She didn't see the man, who was sitting at the sofa on the other side of the hall. But the man was looking at her very attentive. Alice stopped about the shoe shop. She didn't see the man, who was sitting at the sofa on the other side of the hall. But the man was looking at her very attentive. He noticed that Alice was a bit nerves. Stopped about the shop she brought her knees together like she wanted to pee...

But she entered the shop. She chose the dark-red (like her jacket) high heels and set at the bench to put iton. The man was watched her, noticed that she didn't wear not only a bra but a panties too. Alice stood up and went to the mirror to inspect the new shoes. Standing in front of the mirror, she cringed one more time. And a second later she run out the shop, didn't take off new shoes she hadn't paid for. But she couldn't reach the toilet. The man stopped her, grabbed her hand. Alice froze in horror. She looked in man's face with fear, her eyes widened. She understood that she couldn't restrain herself anymore. Man released her hand, but Alice didn't move. She opened her mouth and press her right hand to her underbelly. Seconds seemed like hours to her...

One drop fell to the floor, the other one... Alice was still trying to resist, but this battle was lost. A thin trickle flowed between her legs. At this moment the man took out a knife. Alice did not have time to get scared, as he hit her in the chest. Knife pierced her left nipple. After that killer pierced her right nipple. Alice clasped her chest and stepped back.Killer came up to Alice and pierced knife under her belly button. Alice cried, she grabbed his hand it was useless. The man turned the knife in her belly and than rip her. Alice fell on her knees, her guts fell out into her hands. She wasn't crying anymore, just opened the mouth like a fish. The man was looking at her for sometime and then stabbed her in her mouth. Alice fell forward to the floor lifted up her ass. Killer pulled off one her shoe and put the heel in her anus...

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Video shared by on in Bloody Death

I was sitting at the bar looking for a partner for the coming night. I didn't have to wait. In less than ten minutes the young man set down next to me. I liked him at once and in ten minutes he was cruelly fucking me in the toilet. He also didn't refuse when I offered to continue our acquaintance at my home. When we came I was fumbling with the lock for a long time and he was standing behind me so close that I was feeling his cock leaning on my butt. "This night will be awesome!" - I thought at that moment.

-This is your apartment? - the young man was surprised a bit
-Mmm It is my husbands... was... - I laughed.
-Are you divorced?
-He has died?
-He bore me...

Let's drink? - I suggested. Instead of answering, he pressed me against the wall. Having merged in a kiss, we moved into the kitchen. I was again pressed against the wall. I felt his hand slipped down into my panties.

When he touched my clitoris I was flooded with excitation. I thrown my head back and moaned. I didn't notice his hand slid across the table. A second later... It was a blast. I screamed. Wave of pain swept over my body. My partner stepped back and my legs parted to the side and I slid to the floor. I looked down and saw the knife sticking out from my pussy. No! I couldn't believe it!

Everything in belly was burning. I didn't feel my legs. I couldn't not only cry but even to breathe. I looked at my killer. "Do you like it, baby? I bet, no one has fucked you such before!" - he laughed.

Time had slowed down. Terrible pain wasn't abated, but I felt my legs again. I tried to stand up, but it was very painful. But the guy grabbed my by the hair and and pulled me up. Then he took hold of the knife and cut up my belly. My skirt and panties fell to the floor and after that several intestinal loops tumbled right between my legs. I fell to my knees. I looked down. Huge lump of guts was lying on the floor. It was the last moments in my life. The killer threw back my head and cut my throat. I slumped forward and froze on the floor with cocked ass and with my last breath. Killer looked at my dead body and than picked up the shoe had slipped from my foot and stuck high heel in my anus...

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