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Writing about the savage cultures of Amazonia

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(This will be edited over time)

Amazonia: A world inhabited by only female humanoids.

in one region of Amazonia: the entire continent is largely inhabited by tribes of fierce and proud, and beautiful, Amazon women. These tribes of women wear mostly loin clothes made of animal fur or cloth. Likely this piece of clothing is the only clothing she will wear her entire life. Chieftesses of a tribe will wear headdresses of feathers, to symbolize their status As the one leader of her clan. But this status can be short lived: as any woman I the tribe can kill the Chieftess for the headdress and the role of Chieftess. When killed: the new Chieftess parades around her tribe, carrying the corpse of the past chief, and keeping her body as a trophy. 

Beauty is respected above all else in Amazonia. Both in life and in death. When a Amazon dies: likely an Amazon will lay the corpse down and indulge in a night of pleasures with the body, allowing the spirit to move on. A enemy warrior may take the body of her fallen for and use it for her own purposes: whether this is giving her her final rites, flipping the body over to use her butt as a cover or draping the body over her horse.

Warfare was common among tribes. But raids were likely to be weekly. A single tribe would raid their neighbors for non-warriors, the desire to scalp a warrior or the desire to count a coup. Before a raid or conflict: young unmarried non-warrior women stripped themselves of their loin clothes and wore beads around their waist and would dance in front of her warrior sisters hopefully leading to her first night of pleasure. The next morning: warriors adorned themselves in war paint and rode off to battle. In battle: amazons use their stone hatchets, bows and arrows and other tribal weapons. 

The hope of warriors young and old: was that if they were to die, they would lay dead beautifully.

Marriage between two women was not judged by age. A girl could marry a woman far older than her. Marriage regarding a Chieftess allowed her to take multiple wives. 

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A creation of the most ultimate, darkest science imaginable. He exists in a time very far
into the future, the end of the 13th millennium. The last millennium of civilization many
believed. Biomechnio technology is contained in everything. Formerly known as cybernetic, it
is used to merge and blend the artificial, the constructed, with naturally occurring organic life.
All interfaces are completely neural interlinked and communication to any corner of the universe
is possible instantly with the myriad of hyperspace connections and triax gateways created by the
super civilization that also created him.
Ultra science explains everything that needed to be explained and replaced old fashioned
religions. Such beliefs withered away as radically advanced, nearly incomprehensible technology
unraveled the universe's ultimate mysteries.
The Nova9 Connexion, an ultra civilization with ultimate control over space, matter, and
even time, combined with many other galaxies, formed a highly organized union called simply,
the "Infrastructure", and controlled at least 75% of the known universe. Everything was
connected by constructed hyperspace quantumhole tunnels which were strictly accessible only by
Infrastructure members, or those who knew their ways around the advanced security systems
protecting each tunnel. Few opposed the Connexion itself and no one dared come against the
Infrastructure, although foolish groups have tried and always failed.
Some say they know of his existence and what he does. He is considered to be what they
used to call eons ago, an urban legend. A ghost even, appearing and disappearing, whose true
existence is hailed to be nothing more than the talk of crazies. Although some view him as a god
and the stories of his sadistic deeds are told proudly by the few who dare speak of such things,
despite warnings from hidden, shadowy figures that lurk almost everywhere and are almost as
ghostly as he is.
A small group of Connexion members created him many centuries ago. They gave him
all their technology which was, even back then, beyond the ability for many now in modern day
to accept as possible. He is nearly invincible, as close to immortal as you can get, with no
predetermined length of life. He uses the most advanced weaponry conceivable and has equally
advanced defensive abilities both ingrained into his very flesh and more so in the countless types
of armor and weapons he wears and uses.
The rare few that truly know he exists think it is some sort of experiment in ultimate
sadism, pure darkness expressed and embodied by an unstoppable monster and created to act out
the wishes of the most evil minds who have ever existed in the entire history of life in this
universe. Or perhaps the most sane, in a bizarre twist of nature and technology.
He is an extreme monster, an ultimate, limitless sadist. He thirsts for violence and must
indulge his twisted, perverse desires constantly. He resides on a hidden planetoid named
Acropolis. It is contained in a very remote, and barely charted asteroid field on the out stretches
of the Sefrally system, a collection of galaxies spanning more than 10 billion light years and at
the outer most edge of Infrastructure space.
He leaves his planet daily and travels to distant worlds which he plunders. Getting there
is easy using his Zotax drive which is equipped on both his starship and supercar. Using this
wonderful and advanced technology, he pillages and ravages helpless planets and their
inhabitants, bypassing the Infrastructure's quantumhole tunnels, which are routinely monitored,
in order to commit his evil deeds undetected and unchallenged.
It is the 13th millennium. The last millennium of any modern civilization and advanced
life. Technology is god. There is no religion. There is only science and those who embrace it
and those who fear it. In the deep recesses of secret research facilities a small team of evil men
and women have created the ultimate sadist. Given unlimited power and control over time and
space itself he travels the Universe killing at will. He has no conscience or morals of any kind
and harbors an extreme bloodlust. His name is Lance and this is his Saga.

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Hi, It's one of my story. The characters are Zoey (I think you know her ^^), Grace X, SeaQuester, Dev and me. They are all my friends on FetNoir :) I hope you like this story :)

The Ultimate Combat
"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our big fight to the death in the evening! Today we have a shock fight: champion, Grace, who has 348 victories against the leader for the title of champion: Julia, who has 153 victories. I remind you the rules: there is no law to objects on the ring, and the fighter wins, require that his opponent is no longer alive. "So, dear Viewer, this evening Grace or Julia will die. '' Shouts the commentator. "And now, behold the combatants! Grace goes on the ring, accompanied by his girlfriend, Zoey and her manager, SeaQuester. She wears a black bikini one-piece with a Crown in gold on the head, meaning that it is the champion. Grace is a large Brown, lean but muscular. Her face is truly sublime and she has a beautiful body. Zoey is a small redhead cute, much less muscular than his girlfriend but beautiful. SeaQuester is a handsome man, tall and muscular. He is the coach of Grace for several years. After a sensational entry of the trio, here is Julia, a French small who arrives on the scene, accompanied by his sidekick Jon, a much larger man and that muscular women.
Once the two combatants are facing in the ring, we can compare the templates and many think that Julia has little chance to defeat Grace. Zoey laughs because she is convinced that the fight is going to be fast. The bell rings and the battle begins. The crowd began to bet (especially for the victory of Grace). The combatants were observed and Grace eventually attack. It darkens on Julia. Julia dove into the side and connected with a punch in the back. But Grace does not respond, turns and dark on Julia. Julia re dodges and restores punched in the back. This irritates Grace. She decides to dive on Julia by grasping it by the size. 2 women themselves ashore. Grace is recovering first and takes Julia by the hair. It a it record and sends it on steel poles, in the corner of the ring. The shock was brutal. Julia crumbles to the ground. Grace takes Julia by the hair and the blocks before the ring post. Julia is sounded. Grace runs in its direction and crashed into it. Julia is blocked between Grace and the post. Then Grace loose taken; Julia falls on the ground. The public knows that Grace has won and that it won't delay to give the final blow. While Julia is ashore, Grace is celebrating its future victory and mocks Julia. What she does not know, is that Julia regains consciousness and arrives to recover. While Grace is trying to celebrate his victory, Julia rises and moves in the back of Grace. Zoey tries to warn Grace but Grace do not hear It means that the crowd that screams. Julia comes behind Grace and gives a great kick between the legs of Grace. Her vagina was awarded the kick. Grace let out a huge scream and fell on his knees while his sex. Grace cared more combat, it was too bad. Julia took the opportunity and went behind Grace. She caught him the shot with both hands, while Grace had her hands in her panties and stood her vagina that made him very badly. She had no time to react, Julia was by train from the strangled. Grace struggled without a win. Julia held her neck and does not let go. Zoey was screaming "Go through, you can get out you of it and beat this slut!". But Grace did not hear She was too busy trying to survive and she had much evil to her vagina. SeaQuester was stunned by the ferocity of Julia, and Dev was overjoyed. Julia dropped not blow from the champion, despite his kicks and punches. The face of Grace began to become red, his eyes closed, Zoey was crying and Dev applauded. Julia dropped neck of Grace when the latter was not breathing. Zoey was in tears, SeaQuester and the public were amazed. Everyone expected a quick victory of Grace but Julia had demonstrated that she was formidable and had to earn the respect of everyone. It gave the Crown of champion Julia and Dev came to the ring to join her friend. Julia approached the corpse of Grace and he took off her panties, revealing her vagina which was still red of the kick it had given him. The drooling out of the mouths of Grace. Julia stroked her vagina and then returned a finger inside. Zoey who was crying, lives the scene; She climbed on the ring, angry, and will run in the direction of Julia. Julia was too busy having fun with the clitoris of Grace. Zoey arrived behind Julia, she put a hand on his forehead and another on his chin. She turned to a quick his hands and broke the neck of Julia. The body of Julia fell, inert on the body of Grace. The head of Julia arose between the two breasts of Grace. Dev turned and saw his friend getting killed by Zoey. It will run in the direction of Zoey, while she started to undress Julia. She had time to remove the panties, revealing her butt and vagina of Julia. Dev lunged on Zoey and took the head, then... CRACK. Zoey neck broke. The body of Zoey had fallen to the floor. His head rested on the vagina of Julia. SeaQuester and the public wasn't the scene with amazement. On the ring, single Dev was standing, with the body of Grace as well as Julia and Zoey. The scene was really erotic that Dev couldn't help to finish naked corpses of 3 women and presentations to the public. The audience that was mostly composed of men, was very happy to discover the bodies of 3 beautiful naked women. Then Dev plaça corpses in an erotic position: Grace was sitting against the post while the head of Zoey was on her vagina and Julia was suspended above Grace with her vagina that touched the head of Grace. The drooling out of Grace and Julia's mouth while the bladder of Zoey was being let go. Dev left the ring leaving a magnificent scene that was very pleasure to the public. Meanwhile, SeaQuester was still under the shock, Grace lost and Zoey were dead. He realized that Dev had humiliated these 3 women, including two who were her friends. He swore that it vengeance. Then he left the ring edge, not daring touched the corpses at the risk of being booed by the audience.

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Photo shared by on in General

Jason was very careful as he moved toward the school. He stepped inside seeing that the halls were empty as he had antcipated with all of the students and teachers already in their first classes. His eyes moved up as he began to hear the sounds of sneakers squeaking down the hall. He moved behind a wall watching closley as the person got closer. He spotted a female student walking down the hall. Blondish brown hair a skinny girl in tight jeans red sneakers. He didn't know of the girl very well not having her in any of his classes but he knw that her name was Sammi. 


Jason waited until Sammi got closer enough and then knelt down on the ground holding his ankle rocking back and forth a bit "owww" he groaned.


Sammi blinked seeing a boy on the ground in the hallway that seemed to be hurt "hey are you alright"? she asked a bit freaked out.


Jason shook his head "come her help please" he begged.

Sammi nervously moved over toward the boy kneeling down "hold on i'll go get a teacher or someth....mmmmmm!"

Jason waited watching as the skinny girl came over kneeling beside him. He quickly moved grabbing a hold of the girl making sure to cover her mouth and moved behind her. He kept a tight grip on her head as she kicked out struggling and then with one twist and sickening snapping sound he snapped her neck to the side.

Sammis eyes glazed over and her head slumped over to the side her arms falling limp to her sides.

Jason dragged the light girl by her hair toward the bathroom. He bent down unlacing her red sneakers letting her small black socked feet hit the ground doing the same to the other foot. He placed the two red snakers outside of the bathroom in hopes of drawing a quick other victim inside out of curiousty.


Jason stepped back inside dragging Sammi limp body up against the wall and waiting.


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So I'm back.  I wa trying to decide between here and Motherless, but some of the users on Motherless are retarded, so here I am.  I've reopend my extreme fantasy forum (now using Xenforo). It's been a success with 60+ members since Feb. 22nd, over 1500 pictures posted, and 6 hardcore videos.

In other news, I got a cool R/C monster truck. It kicks ass!  I found an awesome place to run it, a large dirt field.  The truck has finally been brolen in and is dirty as fuck. lol

Anyway, that's all for now.  Time to make some friends. :)

The Tortured Soul:

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A recent Korean period drama got me rather inspired to write. Something to note, since this is based on Korean royalty, characters are dressed accordingly. All females wear a variant of the traditional female attire, the 'hanbok'. Naturally, the royalty wears something significantly more ornate in design. For the hair, you should take reference from the first image.

Refer to this image for an idea on the attire of the time

As you may imagine, the most prominently featured lady is royalty. Attire for members of royalty are typically ornate. Concubines wear something similar to that in the image. The Queen, however, could and typically wear something more like this:

Of course, concubines are not necessarily disallowed to wear those, but when in presence of the Queen, who dares to do that!

The two female ladies standing closest to the royalty are usually her maidservants, those that serve her directly. Whatever instructions she has, they carry them out, passing on orders to lesser servants (those ladies behind in blue and white).

About the attire though, you should have noticed by now. It's super thick. The Korean traditional attire comprises of several layers (7, according to the official Korean tourism website). But that's rather extreme, and I'm just writing a short story, not a novel so this image should do fine:

Their rooms are typically something like this:

Whoever's of higher rank usually occupies the seat the person in the image is sitting at. Others (if more than one) would line up perpendicular to the table, with the highest rank of the visitors taking the seat directly in front of the table. By default, maidservants never get to sit directly in front, usually at the side.

And assassins? Well, I don't know for sure, but drama logic suggests this:

I ain't even complain' :)

And that's about all you need to know for the story! I must say I rather enjoyed the (initially unintended) lesson! But without further ado, the story.

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Alright, I've been asked to post more of my stuff over here, so I will begin with my Pulp Noir storyline: 

Pulp Noir


A man with an attache case in a heavy coat walks the streets of Paris: the City of Light. He moves in specific patterns, avoiding attention, talks to men and women at cafes in hushed tones. He visits a library by night, avoiding the watchman. He stays at a cheap hostel and makes visits cheaper bars by night. It is a story of cloak and dagger, a story of the dirtier more dangerous side of the city on the eve of another world war. It is story told a dozen times over. It is my story, or the start anyway.

I met the girl in a seedy dive by the water on my last night in Paris. She was a beautiful brunette with a smoky voice and bedroom eyes. Normally I'd be suspicious, especially on the way back to her hotel, but she was a bombshell broad and her dress, with that plunging neckline and those great gams of hers showing through the high slit of her dark green dress, well, I'd face the whole Nazi war machine myself for a night with her. She was a fine scotch, worth a taste whatever the price. Besides, I had time to kill until my boat arrived and I'd rather spend it in beautiful woman's arms than doing anything else.

I watched as she got up from the bed and made her way over to the bathroom. The sway of her hips as she moved reawakened a hunger in me that I thought was previously sated from our long evening in. The sounds of the Paris night floated in the with cool air of the open window. That was when I noticed, a several quick flashes of light from the street. It was code. It wasn't directed at the bedroom window, just near it, the same floor. Almost too late, I surmised that it was a signal to the current occupant of the bathroom.

When she burst back in she was still wearing nothing but a smile, but this time she was armed with a MP 40, hands gripping it firmly as she fired from the hip. I managed to dive out of the way as she poured hot lead into the bed were sharing just moments ago. Fortunately, I rolled to the side that contained my clothes. My backup revolver was tucked inside.

She looked gorgeous even with the evil grimace she wore as her body moved and shook in pace with the recoil of the submachinegun. There wasn't any time to appreciate that though, only to act. Three .38 slugs riddled her chest and the fourth went dead center in her forehead. She dropped backwards onto to the bathroom tile with a surprised look on her face. The dame was dead before she hit the floor.

I got up without hesitation and dressed quickly. This kind of racket was bound to draw attention. Hell, I'd bet there were German SD agents on their way up already. They'd been after me since Hamburg and I didn't know how they knew to find me in Paris or about my weakness for beautiful women, but it wasn't time to worry about that. I went over to her for one last look and to grab the gun; I might need it.

She was a beautiful corpse, naked and lying in a pool or red from where my bullets went out her back. Her eyes looked up at me glassy and her mouth was open, asking a question she never quite got out. It's a pity, but I'll wager she was a professional. I hadn't noticed a trace of German in her accent, so she was probably a turncoat or freelancer. Either way, she'd chosen the wrong side to lay down with and the wrong person to try and screw.

I grabbed my things and made for the stairs. The MP-40's clip was still half full, and I had my revolver with its two rounds tucked into my trousers. Now all I needed to was get out of this hotel and out of Paris before whatever else German intelligence had in store for me got the chance to do it, and I knew it was the Germans like I knew the Yanks were going to beat the Reds in the Series this year. They'd been hounding me since Morocco no matter how much I tried to put them off my trail.

They weren't exactly regular German SD. They were with the Thule Society, one of a handful of splinter factions within the Nazi party dedicated to the study and acquisition of occult knowledge, and I knew what they wanted. They were after a scrap of paper I'd torn from a dusty tome in the Arsenal Library. They thought it would lead to a mystical artifact that would give them and Nazi's terrible occult power for whatever nefarious plans, and if the scrawls I read in the ancient ruins beneath Tangier are to be believed, they were right.

The creak of the floorboards outside the room let me know they were already almost on top of me. I listened to the sound of their footsteps outside and then sprayed the wall with bullets. The pained grunt followed by a thud I heard when the magazine ran empty let me know I'd gotten at least one of them. The door burst open moments later and two men scrambled in, letting me know I wasn't entirely lucky.

One was a beefy Teutonic brute with a scar on his cheek and meaty hands. He wielded a knife. His partner wasn't any prettier, but he was better armed. He was holding a Luger. It was pointed at the ceiling as he shoved his way into the room. I had just a second, but it was enough. I pulled the revolver and fired off my remaining two shots.

The thug with the gun went down, two shots in his chest. Now I had his friend to deal with. It was a pity I had just fists left to bring to our knife fight. That wasn't entirely true until I threw my empty revolver at his head. It stunned my would be killer long enough to let me get back to pick up a nearby chair.

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The Bank Robbery

Starring: Grace, Hitomi, Ira, Karin, Kristin, Laura, Roberta, Stephy, Theodora, Zoey
Also starring: Dev and Ed

Enjoy! :)


It was 1:30 PM as Dev entered the Stonetown National Bank. Usually he only went there on Mondays, and today was Wednesday. But Dev wasn't following his usual routine.
He stood in the entrance. She wasn't at her usual spot, next to the door, but instead a girl with brown eyes and long brown hair. Her name was Stephy. She nodded friendly as he looked at her and he nodded back, then he let his view wander around the room.
To the left was the huge window front with some advertisement banners. In front of him the two counters with the staff only rooms behind. Both counters had been open, young ladies behind them and a row of four customers in front of it. To the right the room expanded further with a lounge, several settees with small tables, some flower pots. A billboard on the wall, next to it a corridor that lead to the toilets and staff only rooms...
There she stood. The reason he was here today. Zoey, a security guard for the bank. She wore her uniform, same as every time he saw her. Black military boots up to her ankles. Blue cargo pants, tucked into her boots. A black belt with her pistol holster and a radio. A black tie over her blue dress shirt, tucked in her pants, and a blue beret on her head. She looked cute in them. But more important to him was the girl that wore the clothes.
Zoey, a girl from the UK, 19 years old. She had long red hair that she wore as little pigtails, and freckles on her face surrounded her nose and blue eyes. Usually she stood by the door and always smiled when he entered and left the bank. Greeted him with a friendly   “Hello Sir!” in her British accent.
If she has noticed him entering the bank, she didn't show. Dev went to get in line for the counters. Usually on Mondays he got here to transfer some money back home to India, to pay back for his education and the opportunity to travel to the USA to work there. He didn't had any business here today and just wanted to check his bank account until he had figured out how to approach Zoey.

Every time he talked with his family at home, sooner or later the question came up if he had a girlfriend already, and Dev continued to deny it. He hadn't found that special girl yet he was looking for.
But he had been watching Zoey for weeks now. Every time he was at the bank she greeted him with that friendly smile of hers. He didn't know much about her, until last Monday, when he had the courage to ask her out. She seemed slightly surprised to be asked out by him, but quickly accepted.
Dev had been researching on the Internet what a British girl might like and invited her for tea instead of coffee. She was delighted.
When he picked her up after work she still wore her uniform. Dev thought he would see her in casual clothes, but it didn't matter to him and she looked way too cute in her uniform to bother. They spent the late afternoon drinking tea and talking about their home countries and ambitions in life.
Dev had offered to walk with her to her flat. After a few blocks she pulled him into a side street and started kissing him. Hesitant at first, then more eager. Dev was caught by surprise but enjoyed her smooth lips on his, and even more when she pushed her tongue in his mouth and french kissed him. Suddenly Zoey slid down the wall behind her and stopped with her head in front of his waist. She trembled slightly as she pulled down the zipper of his trousers and unbuttoned them, revealing his shorts. As he realised what was about to happen he put his hands on her shoulder and stopped her. He mumbled something about being sorry, zipped his pants in front of her again and quickly left the side street, leaving her behind.
It was all too fast for him, but now he felt sorry for his reaction.

Zoey saw Dev finishing his work at the counter and slowly moving over towards her direction. He wore black and white sneakers and beige trousers with a white and a striped tie. He looked handsome, dark eyes and short black hair, about a head taller then her. She loved his Indian accent, he was well educated and only a year or two older then she was. Her heart when slightly faster as he approached and she clutched her hands together behind her back.
“Hello Sir!”
Zoey greeted him and looked up with a smile as he walked to her.
“Miss Zoey! I'm glad to see you. I wanted to apologise for my behaviour the other day.”
“I wanted to apologise as well. It's just that I saw all these American movies with girls doing it as reward on their dates that I thought you would be expecting it.”
“I'm sorry, it's not that I think you're not attractive but I just would like to get to know you-”
As soon as Zoey heard the word sorry she decided to just give it another shot and put her right index finger on his lips. Her left hand wrapped around his tie and she tugged him towards the girls room. Dev followed her surprised.
As Zoey pushed open the door to the girls room and stopped for a second, looking over her shoulder towards the senior guard, Tara, who stood behind the counters. The older woman nodded slightly, grinned and put her hand above her eyes, shielding them, and looked away.

Zoey pulled Dev inside the girls room. She really liked him and would like to spent more time, but she also was anxious about a bet from the senior guard Tara. Stephy and Zoey had been the two new girls, and Tara had told them whoever got laid first wearing her guard uniform would get the first raise in her pay check. And Zoey was determined to win this.
She leaned against the wall next to a basin, white tiles covering the whole room. Dev stood in front of her, still slightly confused, as she pulled his tie lowering his head down to her and french kissed him again. Zoey let go of the tie and while continuing to kiss she took Dev's hands and placed them on her breasts. Through the fabric of her shirt Dev could feel Zoey's hard nipples, she obviously didn't wear any bra.

“All right girls, everyone ready to get rich?”
They stood in a side street, next to the bank. Grace looked at her three other gang members.
There was Karin, red curls framed her face, black sunglasses. Laura, wearing her blond hair in a ponytail, and Roberta, an Italian girl with short raven-black hair. Grace herself wore her black long hair open, her eyes concealed by large black sunglasses. They were all in their early to mid-forties, and all had been determined to improve their lifestyle a bit.
The fifth member was Vicky, with brown long hair and blue eyes, who just left with their escape vehicle. An old black van, full of dents and scratches but enough room for all five of them and their loot. Vicky's task was to pick them up as soon as they contacted her over radio.
The women all wore black high heel boots covering up to their knees, black tights and black leotards, as well as a harness with various utensils attached to it. Above them they all had long black trench coats, covering their equipment and guns.
Laura carried a M4A1, Karin a P-90, Grace brought two Uzi's and Roberta a Benelli M3 Shotgun, all well hidden under their long trench coats.

Standing next to the entrance Security Guard Stephy decided too late that the four women dressed in black that entered the bank at the same time could be a threat. They stood in a semi-circle in front of the counters and flipped their coats open, pulling out their guns at once.
Laura fired a burst of her assault rifle into the ceiling, shouting:
“Everyone get down, this is a robbery!”
Roberta flung around on her heels, shotgun in her hands, facing guard Stephy. The young girls eyes widened in terror as she looked at the shotgun barrel pointed at her. Roberta let Stephy flip her holster open before she pulled the trigger, hitting her right in the belly. The impact pushed Stephy several feet away until she hit the wall behind her. Her hands clutched her belly, blood quickly staining her shirt. She dropped on her knees, her face expressing terror and pain, then her eyes rolled back and she wet her pants before she simply dropped face first on the ground and didn't move any more.
Guard Tara fired her M1911 pistol from behind the counter, missing Karin's head only by inches, the bullet crashing through the big advertisement window. Karin responded quickly and fired a burst of her submachine gun, hitting the blonde woman several times in her chest. Her pistol flew across the room and she stumbled back against a copy machine where she collapsed on top of.
The three customers and two clerks behind the counters threw themselves on the ground. The thirty years old clerk Maggie reached for the silent alarm button under her desk before she put her hands behind her head.
Grace waved her two Uzi's around and strut among the customers lying on the floor, then leaned over the counter, pointing one of her guns casually at Maggie.
“Open the vault for me please?”
“I can't Ma'am! The vault is time controlled, I can't open it myself!”
Grace sighed.
“All right, Roberta you got the floor. Open the vault for us please.”
Roberta nodded and jumped over the counter. Grace sat on it and then slowly lifted her legs over it, smiling and always keeping her eye on Maggie.

“Uhhh... That sounds like shooting!” Zoey moaned and pushed Dev, who was kissing her neck, slowly away from her.
“I don't know, but it sounded brutal. We should have a look.”
Dev let go of Zoey and stepped back. Zoey went to the door and walked right out on the corridor. She saw Tara's bloody body laying on the copy machine and two armed women standing in front of the counters. Quickly she got her pistol out and aimed at Laura and Karin.
“You there! Don't move and drop your weapons!”
Laura and Karin looked at the young guard and almost burst in laughter as they noticed her tie hanging sideways and her shirt had been all crumbled but her nipples poking against it, and a young man stepping out of the bathroom behind her.
Zoey turned her head to Dev and hissed at him.
“Dev, stay back! I don't want you to- URGH!”
Laura had fired a single shot at Zoey, hitting her right in her navel. Zoey blinked and dropped her pistol, clutching her belly. She stumbled backwards against the corner of the wall. Her blue cargo pants turned dark around her crotch as she peed herself, groaning in pain. Laura and Karin began to laugh as the redhead wet herself.
“Zoey! Oh my god!”
Dev shouted and grabbed Zoey by her shoulders, slowly sitting her down.
Laura walked over to them, picked up Zoey's M1911 and aimed it right at her head. Dev turned to Laura and positioned himself in front of Zoey.
“What are you doing? She's already shot! Please don't kill her!”
Laura hesistated for a moment when Karin shouted from behind.
“Leave the lovebirds Laura! It's two more hostages we might need to trade later! Roberta, hurry up! That girl's staining the carpet!”
Dev got on his knees and put Zoey's head in his lap while she whimpered and groaned. He whispered in her ear.
“It will be all right! Help is on the way!”
Sirens wailed in the distance and quickly the bank got surrounded by police force. Grace knew this would happen and when one of the phones in the bank rang she answered it and started negotiations.
They had several hostages and demanded the backyard of the bank to stay free of police so their escape vehicle could pick them up. Otherwise they would simply kill all the hostages.ground
Meanwhile Roberta was rigging the vault door with explosives...

Ed was part of a special unit and on duty that day. He was a sniper, wore all black including a black cap. His M24 between his legs, he got his instructions while driving in the back of the transportation van. Armed bank robbery, multiple hostages, one wounded guard. A paramedic was allowed to enter the bank and provide medical assistance. His job would be to cover the scene from a rooftop. He wasn't allowed to fire unless the situation got out of hand.
In that case one assault team would charge the building to take out the robbers quickly. That team sat on the opposite of him in the van and he knew them well.
The two Asian girls with their black hair and black eyes, Theodora and Hitomi. Kirstin, with her brown hair and brown eyes, and the young Ira, a blonde girl with blue eyes. They all wore a black uniform like him but had light bullet proof vests and MP5 rifles.
When they arrived at the scene, the assault team readied themselves and waited behind the van. Ed saw one of the paramedics being instructed. A pretty young girl that wore her light brown hair in a ponytail and had a medic bag around her shoulder. She nodded a lot while Ed's boss talked to her, unease on her face. Ed was hoping she knew what she was going in for while he climbed one of the surrounding buildings, taking position.

After the explosion of the vault door Roberta had quickly collected what was inside the vault while the other three had kept the hostages in place. Now she dropped a bag full of money dropped in front of Grace's feet. Dust swirled around.
“That's all the money from the vault. I'm going to have a look at the strongboxes now.”
Roberta grinned as she saw the clerk Maggie cough from the dust.
“Sorry for the mess! If you'd just opened the door, I wouldn't have needed to blow things up.”
Grace nodded and watched the street through the big glass window.
“Hurry Roberta, we've got a lot of company outside. And I think we're getting a guest. Karin, would you let her in?”
A young girl in a bright green uniform and a bag around her shoulder slowly walked towards the entrance. Karin opened the door for her and bowed slightly, grinning.
“Welcome Miss!”
Heather was pretty nervous when she saw a woman with red curly hair in the door, wielding a submachine gun as she bowed to her. She took a deep breath and stepped inside. Carefully she stepped over the body of a dead guard who looked like someone tried to blow a hole in her chest. Her pants were soaked, she probably had peed herself after death. Nothing uncommon, Heather thought. Wide opened eyes, it meant she had been dead within seconds.
One dead at the door, Heather counted silently. Then she saw three female hostages lying on the floor in front of the counters. They looked scared but uninjured. Behind the counters was a tall woman with black hair and black sunglasses, holding two Uzi's. She couldn't see the woman's eyes, but she knew she was staring at her. Behind the woman was another blue uniformed woman sprawled over a copy machine. Heather was sure that guard was dead as well.
Then she saw another woman wearing a black trench coat and wielding a big assault rifle. The woman stepped aside and gave view to another guard lying on the floor on her back, her head propped in the lap of a young man. Heather could hear her whimper.
“Is that the only injured person in here or are there more behind the counter?”
Heather spoke loud and clear as she had been instructed to do. There was a small listening device hidden in her bag.
“Just the lass you see there.”
Grace answered with an impish smile on her face and waved one of her guns in Zoey and Dev's direction. Heather walked past Laura and kneeled next to Zoey. She could feel the eyes of the women behind her on her back. She put her bag next to her and looked at Zoey.
One stomach wound, heavy blood loss. Wet pants, uncontrolled bladder release, signs of stress and fear. Messy uniform, hard nipples, blushed cheeks, cute young man holding her. Signs of sexual arousal.
Heather opened her bag, her blue eyes laughing as she smiled and looked Zoey in the eyes.
“Hi, I'm Heather! I'm here to help. What's your name?”
“Z-Zoey.” the redhead croaked.
“Please help her!” Dev plead.
Heather poked with a finger against Zoey's navel wound.
“Does that hurt?”
Zoey cringed and cried out.
“Bloody hell! Uuugghh!”
“I thought so.”
She pulled out a syringe from her bag, rolled Zoey's left sleeve up and stung it in her arm. Zoey groaned but Heather just smiled. She turned to her bag and began searching in it.

Dev watched the young paramedic and for a second thought he glimpsed a small pistol in her bag. Was that girl some kind of undercover agent?
Heather tried to act as normal as she could while she got out adhesive tape and the small camera the special police man had given her. She turned her body quickly towards Zoey and tossed the small tube away from her, grabbing the tape with both hands.
Unfortunately Laura was watching and walked over, picking up the tube.
“What's that? Hey! Is that a camera? Are you trying to spy on us?”
Her face filled with fury as she tossed the tube down and cracked it with the heel of her boot.
“What? What do you mean? That's not mine! I don't know what that is!”
Heather was panicking. What should she do now? The tall blonde woman was furious. She blew it! It wasn't supposed to happen!
“Fuck you, bitch!”
Laura screamed, cocked her M4A1 rifle and pulled the trigger. She riddled Heather at close range, filling her body with bullets. Her body jerked for several seconds as her green shirt got ripped with holes, blood spraying from them. Laura's gun clicked dry and Heather slowly fell forward, landing with her face on Zoey's pee soaked crotch.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Stupid bitch! Grace, they're setting us up!”
Laura shouted, reloaded her gun, then walked across the room and pulled one of the hostages, a blonde woman, up by her hair, pressed her back against her own chest and put the rifle against the woman's head.
“I agree, we better get out of here. Roberta dear, hurry up! We're leaving.”
Grace responded slow and calm. She leaned down to Maggie and whispered in her ear.
“Sorry Miss, it looks like we're not taking all your possessions.”
Karin took her radio and called for their driver Vicky.

“Shit! The medic girl blew it! We have a situation, I repeat! We have a situation. One of the robbers now has a gun pointed at a hostage. Requesting permission to fire!”
Ed had watched the whole scene and wanted to take out the blonde robber right now.
“Negative Ed! Wait for the Assault Team to breach in before you fire!”

Vicky had the escape van parked in a side street a couple of blocks away from the bank. Sitting leaned back in the drivers seat, she was listening to some smooth chilling music while a vibrator was stimulating her pussy and her hands rubbed her clit and breasts.
When Karin called her on radio, she started the engine but kept the vibrator in place. She drove down the street, softly moaning. It turned her incredibly on knowing that all the people she passed on the street didn't have a clue what she was doing in that van while she was driving.

Inside the bank Karin jumped over the counters on Grace's side to take cover. Four girls, special police units, approached the bank in a cluster formation but stopped close to the entrance.
“Ha-ha, they don't dare attack us! They know I have you with me!”
Laura felt the warm body of the girl she held hostage against her chest. Smelled her perfume mixed with the smell of fear. It aroused her. Her nipples got hard. She took the left hand of her hostage and directed it between her tights.
“You feel that girl? You're making me hot!”
But the girl Laura rubbed her breasts against didn't respond. Laura was horny and it made her angry. She pushed the blonde away from her and lifted her rifle, pointing at the blonde.
“Fuck it! I'll just shoot you anyway!”

Dev couldn't believe his eyes. The blonde bank robber was about to execute the other girl. He made a decision in a split second. Time seemed to slow down for him as he leaned forward, reached inside the medic bag and pulled out the hidden Beretta M9. He clutched it with both hands and aimed at Laura.
“Get away from her!”
Laura spun around on her heels, shouldered her gun and took aim at Dev. He pulled the trigger of his pistol and hit her right in her navel. Laura groaned and staggered, clutched her belly with her left and held her M4A1 rifle with her right. She fired a single shot, hitting Zoey right under her left breast. Zoey screamed, her whole body twitched, then her limbs fell back down limp.
Dev screamed and fired his pistol in rapid succession, emptying the whole magazine. Laura got hit multiple times, her body jerking around with each hit. She stared at Dev with wide eyes, then lost grip of her gun which fell on the ground. Her body shuddered and slowly she began falling backward, landing on the floor with a thud. Then her body twitched a few times, hips up in the air. As she stopped moving Dev could see right between her thighs, saw the thin strip of her black leotard that covered her pussy and glistering juice squirting out of her around it.

Something smashed through the big glass window and exploded in a smoking cloud, covering the whole front of the bank. Karin quickly decided for herself that the situation was messed up and ran past Grace, grabbed the bag with the money and headed for the back exit.
Grace also decided the situation was messed up and climbed on top of the counters, waving her Uzi's in front of her.
Four people appeared in the smoke cloud below her, the assault team from the special police. The two Asian girls in front and behind them a blonde girl and one with brown hair. As they noticed Grace standing above them on the counter, they all pointed their MP5's at her, but Grace shot first.
She fired both her Uzi's, the girls bullet proof vests useless against the hail of bullets, but they managed to fire several shots themselves.
Grace got hit several times but she continued to stand on the counter and fired until her magazine's been empty, unlike her attackers that got pushed back by the many bullets that hit them. They stumbled over one another. Ira dropped first, landing on her back and dead within seconds. Kirstin groaned and grabbed Hitomi by her shoulders, trying to keep on her feet but fell down nevertheless, pulling Hitomi back. The Asian girl smashed with her back against the big glass window and crashed through it, landing with her back on the street and her feet dangling over the window frame. Theodora got spun around by the immense amount of bullets that hit her and fell face first through the window as well, upper body on the side walk, hips against the wall and legs dangling to the sides.
Grace laughed like a maniac as she riddled the special police force but when her magazine's ran out of money she coughed blood and simply fell backwards off the counter. When she hit the ground she was dead already, but still had her shades on and a wicked smile on her face.

Ed was paralysed by the whole scene he had been watching and only snapped out of it as a woman with raven-black short hair showed up behind the counters, a bag around her shoulder and a shotgun in her hand. Ed didn't hesitate again and fired a single shot.
Roberta didn't knew what had happened as she ran out of the vault. She saw Grace's body on the floor, riddled with bullet holes. Before she could decide what to do she heard a loud bang from outside and something hitting her right between the eyes.
Ed watched satisfied as the woman crumbled to the ground.

Vicky entered the street leading to the backyard of the bank. To her surprise several female special forces stood in her way, but it had been planned they all would back away once she would arrive to pick the others up.
When they saw the approaching van, they raised their guns, aiming at the van. Vicky accelerated and drove down the street. Bullets penetrated the van, the wind shield shattered, Vicky got hit several times but she didn't notice any more. She had the orgasm of her life as she drove over the cops, hearing their screams and the dumb thuds as they got hit by her car.
She raced past the bank and crashed into a house wall, but at that point she was dead already. When the police opened the driver cabinet they saw the still running vibrator in her pussy with cum juices all over the seat.

Karin finally opened the lock of the door leading to the backyard. She could hear more special forces entering the bank behind her, but it didn't matter. She had a bag full of money and Vicky was waiting on the other side.
She kicked the door open and faced the barrels of ten rifles, all pointed at her. Karin flung her own rifle from her shoulder and immediately got fired upon. Her body got riddled with bullets, her body jerked around as the bullets also ripped the bag with money open and bank notes flew around her as she danced in the hail of bullets.
When the shooting stopped she simply fell forward and money rained down on her, covering her body.

Dev was still slightly confused. Zoey lay dead in his lap, he still had the gun in his hands he had used to shoot one of the robbers and didn't realise several special police forces aimed at him and been shouting at him to drop the gun.
Finally someone grabbed the gun from him and was about to cuff his hands as the blonde women that had been held hostage before jumped between him and the officer.
“Don't! He's a hero! He protected us all and he has saved my life!”
The woman flung her arms around Dev and kissed him on his cheek. Dev blinked.
She was right. He had tried his best to protect Zoey, but failed. But instead he had at least saved that blonde girls life!


Today was Freddy’s lucky day. A whole bunch of dead girls from a failed bank robbery.
He felt like a little kid in a sweets factory as he unwrapped all the bodies. He had been given access to the police photos of the bodies and had a hard on already just from looking at them.
Freddy decided to start with the young girls first. He had two young guards from the bank and one paramedic. From the photos he had seen that the paramedic had laid with her head at the crotch of the redhead guard. He propped them up together and partly undressed them, posing them in sexy positions together and took several photos with his smart phone. The internet would love these.
Then he turned his attention to the girl with the long brown hair, Stephy. He pulled down her pants and noticed her panties still being wet. He ripped them apart, quickly undressed himself and began to fuck her until he shot his cum deep inside her tight pussy.
Little did he know that with his action he had just made Stephy win the bet for the first post mortem pay check raise between her and Zoey...

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This story is based on JGNs beautiful female nazi images and inspired by JGNs and Capricorns fem-nazi story.

Please not that this story is supposed to be satire!

Starring (on the image):

Fulll size image here

From left to right: Hitomi, Heather (back), Zoey (front), Stephy, Roberta, Grace, Sonny, Terry, Niki, Karin, Vicky, Kristin, Nikki, Silvia, Theodora, Ira, Laura, Jennifer

Also starring: Ed and Juan

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to write this story.
Special thanks to Juan for his images and Capricorn for his little german lesson!
Juan was so kind to create a wonderful image with the characters! Thank you so much!


Female Nazi story: Leadership meeting in the bunker

Today was a special day. At least Jennifer was told it is. But she wouldn't get to see any of it as she was assigned to guard the main power plant this morning. Several high ranking officers should arrive today to have a strategy meeting in this bunker complex, secure from espionage and any listening devices.
But being stuck in this side building of the complex, the only things she would see and hear all day was the huge generators and their humming noise. Jennifer yawned. No one would care if she took a little nap until changing of the guard. She walked into one of the old offices next to the main generator and pulled back the chair from one of the desks. She wondered what this office had been used for before they turned it into a power plant for the bunker.
Jennifer placed her rifle on the desk, straightened her white dress shirt and black skirt and sat down on the chair. Weariness overcame her and she yawned again. She fiddled with her black tie and wondered what the officers would look like that arrived today.
Frau Niki, the leader of this facility, had said that both Herrin Grace from the west division and Herrin Vicky from the east division would be here, accompanied by Frau Nikki who led a special training camp. Maybe her own records would qualify her for joining this special program soon, but right now she was stuck in this dusty boring facility. Fantasising about becoming an important officer and wearing one of those black coats soon, Jennifer dozed off.

Ed had watched the young nazi girl with the long black hair for a while who obviously had fallen asleep now. For a moment he thought about just setting the charges and blowing this place up together with her. But he couldn't take that risk, after all she might wake up before the assault began.
Ed checked his watch. He wore a black skin tight suit with a harness containing all sorts of equipment he required for this job, including his favourite silenced pistol and his combat knife. It's been a while since he did a job like this last, but the resistance paid good for his services. Being in his mid-forties by now he was surprised by himself how easily he had climbed the cliff side of the hill the complex was placed on. And although security was supposed to be tight today, he only had to kill two nazi sluts so far to get into the generator building. The first one he had dragged back through his hole in the fence and pushed down the cliff. The second body was tucked away in a small room in this building. He was just that good.
He checked his watch again. Time to get to work.

Ed leaned against the side of the open doorway, took out his knife and whistled.
The nazi girl budged in the chair, her head slowly looking around. Ed whistled again. The girl jumped up, knocking the chair over with a loud bang.
“Shit!”she cursed and looked around frantically.
“Is... is anyone there? Hello?”
Ed peeked around the corner and whistled a third time.
“Darn! Is this one of your jokes again? I wasn't sleeping!”
Jennifer just talked to herself. She quickly straightened her skirt again, picked up her rifle from the desk and slowly walked towards the doorway.
“You better not try to hide from me, or I might shoot you by- UGGH!”
Jennifer stumbled back, feeling sharp pain in her chest. She let her rifle fall to the ground. Looking down herself she saw the handle of a knife sticking out of her chest. Red colour started to stain her white dress shirt. She felt dizzy. Her view went to the doorway where she saw a huge man, wearing some sort of commando gear. His hazel eyes looked at her brown eyes with a slight hint of pity.
He walked over to her, grabbing the knife and pulled it out.
“Sorry girl, but I need that back!”he laughed.
Jennifer's mouth opened but she couldn't scream. Ed pushed her slightly against the shoulder with his hand and made Jennifer fall on her back. Everything went dark around her and her body twitched for a last time, then her arms and legs went limp.
Ed dragged her by her black boots behind one of the desks, left the room and went to the generators.
Quickly he had planted all the explosives around the power generator and took out his radio.
“Eagle Eye, this is Anaconda. Package is delivered. What's the status of the Queen?”
“Anaconda, this is Eagle Eye. Ant Hill is getting busy. The Queen Bee is about to enter the hive. Unwrap package and prepare our welcome gift.”
“Understood Eagle Eye.”
Ed set the timer on the explosives and walked back into the office, standing over Jennifer's body. He looked at his watch again.
“Shame. You might help pass the time, but I only want a good view, not the front row seats.”
Ed turned around and went down the hallway towards the exit.


The sun was starting to settle down. I felt my nipples poke clearly visible against my shirt. Uniform regulations made wearing bras and panties optional and most of us wore neither.
“Are you cold or do you just enjoy looking at my butt?”
Heather leaned against the railing next to me, her skirt showing off the curves of her butt. Her light brown ponytail dangled down her side as she looked at me, giggling.
“Bloody hell, I've been randy all day! Sorry, I can't help it. I just love seeing you in that uniform.”
I scanned her from bottom to top. Like me she wore the normal nazi soldier uniform, black knee long boots with heels, black tights, a short black skirt with a large black belt. The white dress shirt with a black tie. And like me she was 19 and joined the army not long ago, and I really liked her. Today she wore her hair in a ponytail while I had made myself two pigtails this morning. Heather looked at me and made a face.
“Herrin Grace and Vicky should be here any minute. Aren't you excited to see the Herrinnen? Look at all the others down there, standing straight awaiting their arrival. I'm just glad we got assigned on this tower so we can see everything from up here before they go inside.”
I looked at the gathering in the courtyard below. Dozens of Soldatinnen had mustered in lines in front of the bunker entrance. The facility itself was surrounded by a ten feet tall fence with barbed wire on top. The hill had a steep rock slope on three sides and thick forest below. The flat side had a clearing in front of the gates, only a small road leading down through the thick forest. We had two wooden guard towers on the edges of that side, us standing on one of them. The courtyard was mostly empty, except some MG nests towards the gate, a parking lot, an old office building and the bunker entrance. The office building housed the power generator while all the other facilities been located below ground in the bunker.
“I am, Heather... but it's only the parade thing, we trained it for days. I imagine the really exciting things are happening in the bunker and we won't be there. How about we just go to the far side of the tower and make out? No one will notice.”
“Damn it Zoey! We're supposed to be on guard here! You might have scored some good points with Unteroffizierin Roberta for running that obstacle course fastest, but I don't want to screw up!”
Heather yelled at me, but I knew she didn't mean it as she immediately leaned towards me and whispered in my ear.
“Listen, how about we crash in your bunk after duty?”
I smiled at her, feeling joyful, and gently nodded.

“Soldatin Zoey!”
Unteroffizierin Roberta yelled my name as she ran up the wooden stairs of the watchtower.
Heather and me quickly turned around, snapped to attention and saluted her.
The Italian looking woman was in her mid-forties and had short cropped black hair. She wasn't much bigger then me, but the way she build up in front of me she sure looked intimidating. Also she was in charge of our squad, reporting directly to Frau Niki.
“Come with me down in the courtyard. Frau Niki wants you behind her at the reception.”
“Bugger me! What did I do?”I asked surprised.
“She wants an exemplary soldier to present to Herrin Grace and Frau Nikki. She had a last minute look at the latest exercise results and your sorry ass was on top of one of them. Now stop asking stupid questions and get moving!”
Roberta glared at me with her brown eyes but I didn't notice. Frau Niki had chosen me as exemplary soldier! I knew I would become a great officer myself one day, but I didn't expect to have such a chance so quickly. Heather nudged me in the side and pulled me out of my daydreaming.
“Yes Ma'am!”
I shouted full of pride and couldn't hide a smile as I strut past Roberta and down the stairs.

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And the wait is pretty much over.

I am sorry for all those patiently waiting for an update on my comic series so tonight here are some good news and bad news.


Bad news. Part 2 first death scene is not quite finished yet and i will not upload it on SA til it's done.


Good news... For the impatient ones i have made a directors cut of the first half of part 2 and uploaded it to DEVIANT ART!. :D


Here are the links to 2 pages worth of story. Enjoy first half. (Just to prove i have not been lazying about all this time :D)


First page

Second page


There is a lot more after, but it will not be uploaded until the staking scene is complete. And the wait will be worth it guys and girls. :)

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I am happy to announce that I have made a lot of progress on episode 2 yesterday.

Half of episode 2 is complete now.... All rendered and captioned + Post work.
That's the intro fully out of the way. 12 pages of it. Now I got a soft-core lesbian porn scene to do before the first staking....Also I am picking out the outfit for Vanessa... She is still pretty nekkid. :D

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Just a Dream

by Alice

I find the sensation of cold wind on a feverish forehead orgasmic. I often wish I had a fever simply to experience the sensation; nothing in life is comparable. Even today, after lying in bed for nearly two days, wracked with fever and malaise, I yearn to open my bedroom window. I know it’s not good for me, that it probably makes things worse, but I still lust after it. Only the presence of my caring, and more logical, lover is hindering me from doing so. Every time I get out of bed – accompanied by its squeaks and groans – she runs in to make sure that everything is okay. My one opportunity, my one hope, is when she goes out around three to run her daily errands. When she leaves and I’m sure she’s gone, that’s when I’ll do it.

Time drags on as it only can whilst you’re in bed and unable to move. My stomach seems to have settled down, but I still feel hot and achy all over. To pass the time I watch the discovery channel, whilst every once in a while casting a forlorn glance at my window, which has frosted over from the cold. After an eternity of waiting, the red analog numbers on my clock finally read three, and I hear Van stir in the other room. Her footsteps down the hall each sent shivers down my spine as my anticipation grows. Her face appears in the doorway.

“Hey, Miss Sick, how are you feeling?”

“I’m still alive,” I say, attempting a smile.

She grimaces sympathetically, “I’m about to go and run some errands. Anything I can get you before I go - glass of water, some Tylenol, or maybe put on a movie for you or something?” She moves closer, sits on the edge of the bed.

“Nope, I’m okay for now.”

She puts her hand on mine, “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m feeling a little better, in fact.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I’ll be back in an hour or two; do you want me to pick up anything for you while I’m out?”

“No thanks Vanessa, I’m alright. Have fun!”

She laughs, “I’ll try. You just stay in bed. Get better!” She leans in and kisses my forehead. “Oh, you’re still burning up,” she says, “One sec, I’ll be right back.” She leaves and I can hear her footsteps go into the bathroom. She comes back with a face cloth soaked in cold water. “Here you go Lapin,” she says and puts the cloth on my forehead.

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