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Writing about the savage cultures of Amazonia

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

The Amazonian Tribes are primitive, so easily came up with violent traditions to match their violent attitudes towards different clans and, at times, themselves. Fights to the death among Amazonian clan members is a centuries old tradition. Tradition has it that girls who take part in these three way fights are chosen by The Spirits want to cull the weak from the clans. But mostly these matches are a form of entertainment. Every girl looks forward to these matches, even the ones who are in the fights themselves because this increases their fame.

If they lose, however, they are discarded into a pile of bodies with their sisters, discarded like useless meat.

Enjoy ;)


It was my turn.

My turn to step in the circle.

My turn to fight one of my sisters.

My turn to be victorious.

…Or be thrown on to the pile of corpses that was on the side of the circular ring drawn in the sand. Five bodies made up the pile of my dead sisters, young, and old while three made up the periphery. Some of them were my friends (until they died because they were weak!), one of them was my Older Womb-sister* who foolishly turned her back on a wounded opponent and was struck with the dying enemy’s axe.

I was not going to die! I was going to win! Prove I was strongest! Prove I was a warrior!

Standing in a line with two of my sisters, soon to be my opponents, I shivered as I held my tomahawk in one hand and my knife in the other. My red hair shaved in a mowhawk had my hair swept to the right above my right eye.

Our entire clan of Fare Skins sat around the ring, eagerly waiting to see the three of us fight. From the corner of my eye one of my passion sisters* pocked at my older Womb Sister’s left leg with her finger while one of my Passion mothers* pulled her back from the pile.

I gulped, a lump in my throat.

Soon: The older women in our clan began to beat the drums. One by one each of us stepped into the ring, myself entering second.

We trotted around the sand circle three times before taking position evenly in the circle to give us space apart.

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Just a fun example story, will post more soon. This is kind of old, and been posted before. Will start posting new stuff soon

Things to Note:

- This is based off an RP/Story. I have a big stack of stories I wrote for myself. Some are weird, some are super weird. So this is an edit of one of the more normal/recent ones.

- I don't write big backstories and do world building. Since I like playing an expendable thug/thugs it'd be a weird waste.

- I'm a terrible writer, and hate editing my work so get ready for typos.

- I can't write physical descriptions because A- I have zero imagination and B - I'm quite frankly terrible at it. I use pictures to compensate.

Well then... I'm really getting you excited to read!

Me/Narrator/Super tough thug in the story:



The silence was broken as the ferry’s horn blew, and with a lurch the old ferry began to leave port. Nicole turned to us as she pulled out her pistol. A custom gold plated fearsome looking gun… much more impressive than the small knock off Russian pistols we were issued.

“She’s on the ferry somewhere… and we’re going to find her and kill her. Understand?” She said it in a harsh tone, one that we knew meant it as a statement. She was older than the rest of us and was one of the few girls on this mission who had actually seen any combat. She had been given a small squad of rookies… in fact most of us on the mission were rookies, with the experienced girls each leading a squad.


She confidently slid in a clip and cocked her gun with a smile. There were dozens of us on this mission, and I hoped this would mean we wouldn’t see a fight… but I felt a lot better with Nicole leading. She was a pro and had taken out at least a dozen men.

The mob had grown quickly in the last few years as the economy slowed. It was close to impossible to get a good job, so I signed on with the local mafia. At this point they weren’t even being subtle about their operations… keeping large armed groups at their disposal. Most leaders wouldn’t take women, still clinging to their old school ideals, but there were always “Mafia Princesses”. Daughters and wives of major mob leaders. Recently they started hiring their own soldiers almost entirely made up of women. The husband's and father’s preferred this, too many wives and daughters seduced by charming mob foot soldiers I guess. It was a pretty easy gig for the most part, go to some club, keep an eye on her, guard some mansion, make her look tough in front of her friends. But lately they’d been expanding… trying to show that they could do real work. Unfortunately most of us weren’t expecting this when we signed on…

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

The WildCats

The rain hammered on the guards outside the generals tent inside a heated topic was taking place here they go again the guard thought to herself but standing in the rain was better than assaulting a huge tribe fortress many of the guards sisters had been killed and the generals where losing patience it had been many weeks since the echo of the goddess was heard across the land and the Queens better trained reinforcements had arrived but this particular fortress.. was resisting  This fortress will be the death of us! The General said slamming her fists on the table the other officers in the room remained silent we have the power to crush any fortress we so choose she said frowning more but why are they so resistant in this any attempt has resulted in death and failure! our Queen is counting on us and we are failing her!  even with our reinforcements and better trained they all fall... even our siege breakers the general said with some disappointment my only sister! dead at the hands of the bitches inside that fortress but we have no other way of getting into that fortress all our efforts are in vain a officer said Only to be shouted at by the increasing anger of the Generalalt

Wildcat Kirva

Perhaps a different tactic is in order Sky said almost stepping out of the shadows Sky the General and the officers all said what are you doing out here its not safe not safe in a officer tent Sky laughed who is that with you the officer said noticing another Demoness with her Sky turned and mentioned to the Demoness go and get the others ready I have some things to attend to then I will address you all the Demoness nodded before stepping out not before sneering at the General Our Queen has noticed you're failure countless times and has seen fit to send you some assistance... but not that of Women or Elite far better The Tribes may think that there safe inside there little fortress with walls so high our towers and ladders have to reach beyond... but no more come with me Sky said the Generals left the tent and went into a area of the camp the General noticed almost straight away there was no Elite anywhere instead a large group of demoness all with armor are these not the Demoness archers we have one of the officers said Yes but no more Sky laughed WildCats our own kind and they will finish this fortress once and for all the defenders will not know what hit them! But there hardly wearing any armor at all the General said they wont get far in that Fortress Sky laughed  really? you care to face one of them Sky frowned prove me wrong Easily the General said Kirva Sky said show this disgrace of a general with pleasure Come bitch Kirva laughed the General laughed drawing her sword every one watching with  interest the other demoness remained silent watching The General charged at Kirva who stood her ground before jumping at the General who dodged her first strike she was quick her knives hitting her striking but none was doing much against the armor you have to be faster than that! Kirva laughed before flying into the air come down and fight coward the General said with pleasure Kirva said spitting at the general Kirva dropped down dodging the Generals swipe with her sword before getting close die now Kirva said she Jammed one of her daggers into the Generals armpit Arghh she screamed in pain dropping her sword and falling to her knees she then felt Kirva behind her before feeling her neck get sliced open by Kirva gurgling and spluttering before collapsing onto the floor And make no mistake Sky said to the crowd Fail our Queen and meet your death!!  but those who triumph will be greatly rewarded now the remaining of you we have some matters to discus she beckoned to the other  generals who returned to the tentalt

The Plan

Tell me about the walls what can you give us the other Siege Breaker spoke the walls have tribe women paroling it there not Batak the Batak are in towers here she pointed and here and many are stationed in the towers out of sight but they have range of the whole area... there firing is accurate Kirva laughed is that all Batak hiding in towers wonderful Patience Sky said  to Kirva look then then the gatehouse Sky said you know what you must do there they will not give it up easily if you are discovered Sky said to Kirva you will wait till nightfall and then strike once that gatehouse is open you will defend it till the main force can breach that gate easily Kirva said confidently Ready your forces Sky said to the General I cannot accompany you into this battle my Queen was quite clear to only observe but use caution Kirva the tribes are strong so do not underestimate them they will try retaking that gatehouse It will be a pleasure I will slice there necks open Kirva said looking eagerly at one of the Generals in the tent

The Tower

It was getting close to nightfall up on the walls the Tribe patrols where constantly on guard even more so now it was night time the Batak archers where ready for this however on occasion a lit arrow was fired into the darkness of the field only the dead of the failed assaults where there other than a glow from the moon but it was often cloudy. Going into that light means the death of us Kirva said they were hiding just out of the lights range choose you're path carefully my sisters remember our goal is that gatehouse Kirva said but you're task is those two towers remember no one is to raise the Alarm if they do things get more interesting... they saw there chance Go now Kirva said the group split off Kirva was after the tower left of the gatehouse she moved fast stepping over the fallen arrow riddled Queen solders moving closer towards the wall another lit arrow was fired but no one was spotted the demoness had moved on and where now at the base of the wall climb now Kirva said and be quiet she hissed  the climb was slow but the wildcats knew how to be patient avoiding the arrow-slits as often a arrow would fly out of it and being front of one would mean being discovered Kirva could hear the Batak women inside talking I hit that siege breaker she flew so far backwards I saw that it was wonderful that queen bitch should come try take our fortress herself! Pathetic Kirva thought as they passed upwards nearing the top of the tower now Kirva peeked really quickly to see how many Batak where on the tower roof only 4 Kirva motioned 4 with her hands and two other wildcats broke off and went around the tower  one was facing towards them and narrowly missed spotting Kirva if she had then the outcome on the tower would of been very different...


Waiting now for the right moment to strike Hey the Batak above Kirva said have you seen how dark it is out there even with the lit arrows Kirva took this time to look again sure enough the Batak had turned her back the other Batak on the tower had theirs also Kirva made a whistling noise did you hear something the Batak said turning Kirva struck her attack was so fast the Batak had no idea a knife was in her neck with no chance to react she simply fell backwards choking jumping over the wall she grabbed another Batak by her head shoving her knife into the throat of her Bleed bitch she whispered gughahlll...alt the Batak said around her the other Batak on the tower also had there throats cut before being put onto the floor quietly Kirva moved over to the other tower using the blade of her knife she made a quick flash with it waiting... come on she thought do not fail then another flash came across the other tower roof was also taken

Into the Tower

And now Kirva thought looking at the stairs leading into the tower no real idea how many would be down there waiting to see if any Batak would venture up to check on there sisters seemed to be a good option shhh Kirva motioned with her hand Hey whys it so quiet up here did you drop your bow over the side of the fortress again Sian? The Batak came up the stairs but it was luckly dark Hello she said appearing at the top of the stairs He---


Kirva had put her knife into the throat of the Batak dragging her and putting her on the floor Thats one less filthy tribe to deal with she said carefully she moved at the top of the stairs and creeping down looking... there was 3 other Batak in the tower room they hadn't heard the commotion upstairs if they did there would be surely a lot more Batak in here Kirva motioned to the other Wildcats and they slowly moved down the stairs Kirva was constantly watching the Batak that was her Target if she turned around Kirva would have seconds to react the other Batak where busy talking to one another to not notice that death was approaching Hey the Batak said she started to turn have you seen where Niva went - Oh! she called out as Kirva lunghed at her her daggers both entering the Bataks throat coughing and choking unable to speak grasping at her throat before falling still Kirva looked around to see the other wildcats where also successful in killing silently Kirva looked across the way there was a bit of commotion around the gatehouse but the other tower was dark Kirva made another signal and sure enough a flash was seen the others have taken the other tower Kirva said the other wildcats nodded as more appeared from above them now she said the gatehouse... 

I will not die here

A small window had opened for Kirva and the wildcats they had taken the tower with no notice it was now time for the last part of there mission however the gate needed to remain open while the queens forces advanced Kirva Signaled the waiting queens forces there she said to the other wildcats now we have to take the gate a few wildcats remained in the towers just incase more Tribes came into the tower at the top of the tower Kirva and the other wildcats stood waiting we will fly over to the gate and open it make no sound and kill as many of the tribe filth as you can but do it quietly Kirva smiled It would mean having to slit more tribe throats Kirva flew with the other wildcats she could see more tribe and Batak below none of them had any idea Kirva and a lot of demoness was above them they where busy looking out and talking to one another to take any real notice the other wildcats from the tower had joined them Kirva pointed to the Tribes and slowly started to drop then she dropped in straight onto a Batak plunging her knife into the girls throat ahh the other Batak said one managed to fire a arrow into a demoness but she too was killed down into the gatehouse Kirva said move quickly inside more Tribes where talking some had bows ready looking out the arrow slots but one of the tribes turned around to see Kirva and other wildcats readying themselves on the stairs Demoness she cried and soon the quiet gatehouse was now full of fighting Kirva lunged herself at the Batak who was drawing her sword to see a wildcat take a arrow in the throat before falling over Demoness some cried out open the gate Kirva said kill the rest grabbing the Batak she had killed and throwing her out of the door the Tribes on the battlements had now noticed something was wrong and had started to make there way in only to find more Wildcats had started to attack them some Batak and Wildcats where sent screaming over the side of the walls


down below the gate was open now and the tribes had noticed in the courtyard something was wrong as the gate was wide open close the gate Kirva could hear the tribe officers ordering more to the front The Queens army was already close some Elite where just about to enter the courtyard a volley of arrows from the Batak sent a few elite to the floor

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

I Found a Battlefield

I found the Cunt dying in the battlefield.

I came across the immense carnage on my way to Themiscyra. The battle had taken place many days earlier as I could see from the corpses that had started to shrivel up, though they still looked very beautiful in death, as one would expect with the Amazons, with all their lovely charms in full view, for it was most common for Amazons to die with their legs open as a natural reflex when suffering agony and experiencing sexual ecstasy as they lay screaming and dying.



I dismounted in order to gather up as many valuables as I could find. There was not much weaponry left behind but I did find a few nice daggers buried under piles of slaughtered Amazon flesh. I found many that had been planted passionately inside anuses, right up to hilts which was sticking out. I smiled; Greek warriors were indeed very passionate, and would often indulge in such twisted pleasures.  I grabbed the handles and plucked them out in turn, wiping the blood and the offal off the blades in their hair and the flesh of their firm round buttocks. I would take those fine daggers, but all the Amazon offal and the gore would remain with the slaughtered Amazons, thank you very much.

Scavengers had obviously already combed the entire field and there was not much left other than all the worthless meat, but though most had been stripped naked by the enemy, many of them still wore their fine gladiator sandals, so I set about stripping lots of the fine leather from the dead feet. At least these would fetch quite a decent price at the market, for Amazon sandals were by far the product of the best workmanship there was. They had to be, for Amazons marched for miles and miles and fought for hours in their sandals, which thus had to be up to the task. Furthermore the sluts of higher rank would have precious stones embedded in them. These served as their wealth that could be used as currency anywhere and at any time. Even Amazons of lowest rank, often referred to as arrow fodder for their role in the battlefield, had stone studded sandals, but with less valuable ones. But the higher ranking Amazons had been stripped entirely naked, even down to their feet, and taken away to line the battlement walls as trophies of war. But I came across a chariot filled with officer carcasses that had somehow been forgotten and left in the field. But the way they had been stacked up all I could see was their beautiful butts and legs, with all their naked feet just sticking out of the chariot. They had obviously been dumped that way to make it easier to strip their stone studded sandals. There was no dignity left for these hated officers who had orchestrated the battle, as their naked carcasses lay there on top of one another like pieces of meat waiting to be thrown to the dogs or fed to the lions in the arena. How their fortunes had changed, from proud and haughty Amazon Commanders to disposable pieces of meat. The sight of their carcasses brought a smile to my face. I was glad that such haughty Amazon filth had ended this way, like the warloving sluts that they were.  


As I went about taking slender, sandaled feet into my lap and stripping them of their valuables I heard soft moans a short distance away, coming from underneath a mound of flesh. I approached the mound, admiring all its beautiful contents, with lots of long legs draping downwards to leave sandaled feet dangling helplessly and motionlessly in the air. A couple of pairs of round buns adorned the top of the pile, one of them with the point of an arrow sticking out in erotic conquest of the warrior woman's most intimate chamber. I yanked the 2 heads up by the hair and shoved them off the pile to fall clumsily with their legs immodestly splayed. I pulled away the other carcasses, sensuously placing my fingers in the meaty cracks of round buttocks and using battle bulbs affixed to once proud chests as soft malleable handles to pull and tug away at the dead meat. I had always found the handling of flesh extremely arousing, and found myself getting rock hard in an instant.

I grabbed fresh fistfuls of hair to pull more heads out of the way, as corpses rolled off the heap, folding up awkwardly as limbs limply followed torsos to settle in their new positions. I found a writhing Amazon lying face down at the bottom of the pile with legs apart. I grabbed her sandaled feet and yanked her away from the pile, causing the flaps of her tunic to slip away from her moon shaped posterior meat presenting me with a fine view of her swollen pubic mounds which now brushed against the grass. She squealed and howled as the stretching of her entire body started to open up the wounds in her chest which also scraped along.

I dropped her sandaled feet back down to the ground and grabbed hold of a full head of her long golden brown hair. I tugged away at it somewhat viciously, and yanked her head up by the fistful of hair, causing her to squeal again. I looked into her pale green eyes and suffering face. She had those half closed eyes and vacant expression, with tongue hanging out stupidly from her open mouth that were the signs of exhaustion and long hours suffering. I found that the mere thought of her suffering somehow brought me a strange, twisted pleasure. I found her suffering face enjoyable to behold.

Pieces of meat that were once a fine perky breast just dangled from her chest, covered in dried blood and what seemed like dried milk. It had no doubt been passionately minced by a lusty Greek blade. But her other bulb was in a way still intact although it had been sliced wide open, and the yanking of her hair now caused its meaty gland with all its intricate tubing to spill and dangle out of its fleshy erotic housing. It had been a hard ride and I was both hungry and thirsty, so I instinctively grabbed hold of the gland and ripped it out by its roots with a tearing, sloshing sound. She let out a huge gasp followed by a rasp guttural sound, while begging and pleading in her barbarian Amazon tongue. I stuffed it wolf like into my mouth and started chewing, making sounds of approval as I chewed away at the delicious piece of meat that was still fresh, and remembering how immensely delicious Amazon meat was.

She continued to moan and cry and mutter and beg something in Amazonian, but I ignored her. When I tired of all her pitiable begging and winging I just grabbed hold of her hair once again and slammed her face hard several times into the round buns of an Amazon corpse just next to her, then held her there by her hair amidst her protesting kicking feet, humiliating her as I started to suffocate her in the corpse's soft buns, pressing her nose into her anus and her mouth into her swollen cunt. When I stood up she gasped desperately for air to feed her burning lungs. Then started to whimper and whine once again, so I crashed down hard on the back of her skull with my foot, smashing her delicate face into the lifeless muff and knocking her out as the sensitive bone of her nose cracked against the carcass's coccyx.

Having finally shut her up I started to examine her for any valuables and found some golden toe rings, which I sensuously removed with my teeth. While I was down there at the slut's feet, prizing apart the leather sandals, I decided to munch away, taking time to suck and slurp at the discovery of a lovely set of toes which were sticking out of her fine sandals. I was surprised to discover how delicious she was down there. I could see that she had rubbed her feet and toes thoroughly in jasmine and hyacinth before the battle, as Amazons were wont to do, and the expensive fragrance, mixed with the slut's natural pheromones, had kept them fresh and tasty, and thus ever so kissable ever since.

I could not help wonder who had actually been victorious in battle. Was it the Spartans, who forced the captured Amazons to drag their own slaughtered filth to the awaiting meat wagons to take home as trophies of war? The thought excited me as I visualised defeated Amazons forced to drag their own dead ignominiously by the hair, as was Spartan custom, before being herded off themselves to the awaiting arena.

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

The bugles sounded and 1,000's of beautiful, scantily clad Amazons marched forward as one, their shields raised above their heads to intercept the myriad arrows that would rain down on them at any moment. That dreaded, unmistakable hum suddenly filled the air as 1,000's of missiles of death were sent on their way by the awaiting archers at the top of the hill, in search of female flesh and organs to plunge through and to skewer, in order to cause as much damage as possible and cut down large numbers of fearsome Amazons before they could engage the enemy. 

Then suddenly the first screams rang out as hapless warloving women were mercilessly cut down, until the whole hillside was engulfed in a cacophany of hideous shrieks and abysmal, blood curdling screams as beautiful Amazons were struck high in their proud chests, skewering breasts, lower down through their firm abs, and lower still right in the delicate folds of their swollen and pulsating loins that housed all their passion and most intimate pleasure organs that now turned to seats of unimaginable and unbearable agony.


Amazons rushed forward, stepping onto the soft, quivering flesh of fallen companions as shrieks and abysmal howls filled the air, together with the sweet aroma of female fluids that now ran like rivers at their feet alongside pools of blood, as sandaled feet kicked uncontrollably in the air and lithe bodies arched backwards, thrashing about in their agony. Wave after wave of Amazons were falling like flies, making it hard for those who came after them from rushing forward as feet found quivering flesh of bare buns and breasts and thighs. 

The growing mounds of quivering, writhing flesh slowed down their charge as many, many more fell shrieking and screaming and howling. Finally the first lines clashed head on with the opposing army as the sound of steel filled the air, but the Amazons had already lost 100's nay, even 1,000's, to enemy arrows. The fighting now was immensely brutal as blade sank deep into soft meat, slashing, skewering, slicing, as Greeks and Amazons screamed and died, their life blood spilling out of them along with their organs as victorious warriors on both sides sought not only to slaughter, but also to humiliate, degrade and punish, and to inflict suffering by seeking out the most delicate, sensitive, vulnerable and intimate meat and organs, in a massive orgy of sensuous slaughter.

After several hours of ferocious fighting and tremendous slaughter of so many of their fine warriors, the Amazons finally put the Greeks to flight, but not before the fleeing Greeks tied ropes firmly around the ankles of many Amazon Officers and dragged them away mercilessly by their feet shrieking behind their horses as they rode off.  Vast stretches of the battlefield were now laden with so much mutilated and skewered Amazon flesh, having suffered horrific wounds from battleaxes, large blades and spears.

Many corpses now lay twisted and mangled in heaps, many of them stripped of both their uniforms and their dignity. Many lay sprawled out, spreadeagled, their beautiful long legs immodestly fallen wide open and apart, revealing soft, intimate meat & organs and blood dripping eros holes that had taken enormous punishment as Greeks satisfied their deep and dark sexual needs.

Others had been very passionately disembowelled of all their nether organs, the hot blooded passion of battle getting the better of the blood thirsty Greeks who were no less excited than the Amazons by the indulging in all sorts of sexual excitement, which demanded that intimate organs, both front and back, be not only fully examined and explored, but even gouged from the soft, meaty housing of firm Amazon thighs and round buns.

But now it was the Amazons' turn to enjoy the passionate fruits of battle that they loved so much, as they indulged in hours of endless raw sex - sitting on and pumping the faces of fallen Greeks, forcing them on pain of suffocation to eat out their squirting holes that cried out to be devoured.

When they were finally sated, the Amazons set about gathering up all valuables from the battlefield. Lifeless Amazon feet were unceremoniously stripped of their sandals, chest armour was removed from slashed breasts, helmets were removed, exposing beautiful dead faces, with tongues lolling and hanging out stupidly from open mouths, confirming their brutal and violent death. Weapons were then plucked from cooling flesh, dripping gore. By the time they had gathered up all armour, weaponry & footwear there were just naked piles of hacked meat left, forming huge mounds all across the battlefield. The victorious Amazons were awash with happiness, taking the time to fully enjoy the magnificent beauty of their own slaughtered cunts, and surrounded by the alluring fragrance of female fluids & the strong aroma of spilled & blood spattered organs.

The 5 surviving Generals sat plum in their saddles, masturbating as they watched the morbid stripping of all their dead, their entire bodies still awash in the immense ecstasy of so much passion & slaughter. The loss of so many Amazons that now lay slaughtered at their feet meant nothing to them. They had served their purpose & their death was of no consequence whatsoever, indeed it only served to excite them further. Their flesh would now simply be left to feed the wild birds & beasts of the forest, while those Amazons who were victorious would return home laden with spoils & trophies & the rich pickings of their own slaughtered women who no longer needed their jewellery and their fine, gold laced and stone studded sandals that were the hallmark of wealthy warriors of the Amazon Empire.

The 3 Generals who had fallen in battle had been picked out from the mounds of dead Amazon meat and had been placed back on their horses after being cleaned of all their gore and erotic juices. They lay slumped with arms and feet dangling as battle maidens secured them by tying their feet together under the horses bellies. Only these would be taken back to Amazonia. The rest of the officers were left buried under the mounds of flesh of their slaughtered women. It was long standing Amazon custom that all other Amazons, even of high rank, who fell in battle, were treated as mere battle trash to be devoured by the wild beasts of the forest. This is because the Amazons, to remain strong, refused to mourn their dead. 

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This was the story I wrote while Raul was drawing the 26-picture series he recently posted!

This is the longest story I've posted on here, so hopefully people won't get too bored reading it, haha. This was written in bits and pieces over the span of... awhile, so you may notice the writing change here and there. It's probably because of the number of breaks taken while writing it!



I step off the transport with a nervous gulp. I'm walking with a group of other troopers, all of us marching obediently despite the nervous glances! Fresh recruits, as most troopers were given the short life expectancy, we had never seen such a battlefield before! Large billowing clouds of smoke pour from the cloud city structures. The occasional pang of laser fire breaking the silence. We had taken this part of the city, but there were still bodies everywhere! Cold flesh piled where they fell, tits thrust up and still smoking from the laser that had killed the girl attached to them!

I can't help but blush at the sight, my freckled cheeks reddening with a self-destructive delight at the sight! I step over the body of a blonde rebel, her belly sizzling and her legs spread as she stares up at me with sightless blue eyes! I turn my nose up with a pleased smile; rebel bitch got what she deserved! Even the bodies of my sisters get a smug smile as I pass them, weak cunts clearly didn't have what it took to survive! I was going to be a hero, and they were meat to be processed! My uniform was much nicer as well!

Instead of the usual white and black uniforms, my platoon wore black tops with pink satin panties riding on our hips! I can just feel how cute my tight teenage bum is in and it only makes me prouder to be a trooper! The jetpack on my back, and the backs of the other similarly dressed girls made it clear why we had the special uniforms. My taut panties rippling over my butt as I walk, I notice a few of the other girls glancing back at me; gah, sluts! My platoon had all been in the same graduating class, and we were all as eager to see our bitchy classmates bite the dust as the rebel girls we were going to be fighting! Such rivalries were natural in a do-or-die situation like the clone training camp!

"Alright, bitches!" The sergeant yells out, "We're going to attack from the north! There's no solid ground there, just a garbage incineration module! That means we're going heavy on the jetpacks, and if one of you dumb sluts gets shot down, it's gonna be a long drop into some nasty stuff. It'll eat through soft tissue in minutes, so unless you want to lose ALL of your weight, you'd better stay sharp!"

For the second time, I gulp nervously! My nerves are shaking, red hair trickling free from my white hairband.

Ahead of us the ground drops away, and a large chasm-like opening looms. Far below, rather than the abyss of clouds which had swallowed so many of my sisters, lay a long stretch--at least a mile!--of bubbling green fluid. It was designed to melt down the trash of Cloud City, and I was going to make sure it did just that; those rebel sluts were garbage, after all!

"Alright, ladies. First bitch to die buys drinks for the rest of us in Hell!"

I'm so scared! But I take off anyway, just as desperately horny to see some sluts fry in their jetpacks! Unlike the ground troopers, we don't have cocks, but my panties--smooth and sleek--are still wet with excitement!

The rumble of my jetpack joins those of my sisters. There are nearly 150 of us in the group and we fill the sky as he rush towards our objective. The city stretches out in the distance, but below me there's nothing but the chasm of the city's dump! A strange lake lays at the bottom. It's green, and doesn't look very deep, but the waves rippling across it seem un-natural. My sergeant had mentioned the fluid would eat through all soft tissue... my skin crawls at the thought, but my panties grow a little wetter and I can't help but rub my thighs together slightly.

"Eyes forward, meat" shouts another trooper as she zips past me. I blush and turn my attention back towards the distant buildings we were heading for! The smooth satin of my pink panties ripple slightly in the breeze as we push forward, but at least it keeps the dampness of my own horniness in check! Still, I can feel it in the pit of my trim teenage belly, and watching my sisters in similar uniforms only excites me even more.

It's as I'm checking out the satin-covered ass of T24 that I notice movement in the distance! Small specks are rising from the buildings we were ordered to take, and it takes several seconds for me to realize that they're rebels! They had secured a stash of jetpacks somewhere and now they were going to attack us up here. My heart races and my mouth runs dry, this was it, I was about to have my first battle! I grit my teeth and maintain pace with my sisters, ashamed of the little knot of fear I feel.

"Get ready, bitches! Here they come!"

There's still several minutes before we're close enough to make them out properly. I can see they're wearing special uniforms as well, red panties and grey tops. I lift my blaster, ready to start shooting these sluts out of the sky but they're still not in range. My nipples are rock hard atop my small breasts, pressing out against the somewhat stretchy fabric of my top lewdly. Oh god, I'm so horny I could just cum right here and now!

"Hold your fire! Wait until they're close so we can really show these sluts how easy it is to kill them!" my sergeant yells out. I can hear her easily over the rumbling jetpacks because of a small earpiece communicator.

The rebels open fire first, their discipline not as rigid as ours and they were likely just as excited to start killing us! The more experienced troopers take evasive action, but the young girls like me just keep flying forward!

A blonde trooper with her hair in pigtails takes a stray laser right to her belly. Heat radiates from the wound, smoke curling upwards, even as she lets out a powerful deathcry. I fly right past her and can see the look of pain and horror on her face as she struggles to stay up, but the laser had gone right out her back and wrecked her jetpack as well! Sparks fly as it finally sputters and she falls, screaming all the way.

"AIIIIIIIIE!" the young teen was as good as dead now! Her legs kick and her arms spin as she plummets to her death in the acid far below. A brunette joins her, taking a pair of shots to her perky young tits. "GAAAAAAAH!" she cries out, her flight spiraling out of control even as she cums powerfully into her pink panties, more meat for the acid to devour!

"OPEN FIRE!" the sergeant yells even as she dodges around the falling brunette, not sparing the shrieking girl a second glance.

I raise my gun as ordered, my blaster as hungry as my wet pussy for some rebel sluts to fall shrieking from the sky. I spot my first target even as my sisters open fire! A short-haired redhead is looking right at me. Her lips pulled back to show off her teeth, the girl looks as old as I do, her freckled cheeks making her seem even younger. She raises her gun just as I take aim, but I fire first! Fire erupts in a small lick of flame from the muzzle of my blaster, and even before I release the trigger, I can see her shrieking in pain.

The rebel slut's mouth opens wide, her teeth bared as she drops her gun and clutches at the laser wounds I'd put in her chest and belly. "F-FUUUCK!" The young girl is fried! My breathing grows quick as her body splays out, her red panties filling with girlish cum as her own death drives her to orgasm violently. It only lasts a second or two, but it's my first kill and I savour it. Soon, she's falling, smoke trailing from her jetpack as she falls towards the acid below.

There! Another girl! I twist and fire upwards, my shots slamming into the jetpack of a brunette from behind! I can see her ass clench tightly in her red panties, her head whipping back as a shriek of pain rips from her mouth. "AIIIIIIE!" Another slut blown away! It's clear she has no control of her damaged jetpack and it soon cuts out, leaving her to fall helplessly with nothing to do but scream! My panties are so wet by now that I can barely think straight, my body on fire and the desire to blast more rebels out of the sky all-consuming.

A blonde with a black hairband in her hair fires at me and I can feel the heat of the shots as they zip right by me. She tries to veer away and fly past me but my reflexes are too quick and my training takes over. I put a shot squarely through her chest, her mouth and eyes opening wide in surprise as she realizes she'd just been killed! I can't help but grin, my third kill already. The blonde shrieks as she flies past me, clutching helplessly at the bloody wound. I don't stop moving, but I shudder as I think of her joining the other bodies raining from the sky, her panties full of a final reflexive--and humiliating--orgasm!

"NYAAAAAAAaaahhhhh---" the scream of my latest kill fades as she falls, more young meat for the acid to consume!

Already the acid below is getting its share of troopers and rebels to devour. Though it looks watery from this high up, those that had already fallen into it knew better. It was thicker, like gelatin, and it sucked and grabbed at their nearly naked bodies as they writhed in horror at the fate that had found them.

The brunette whose jetpack I'd blasted hit it with a final shriek of fear and pain. Her legs kicking helplessly, the goo washed over her, holding her tight. It slid across her belly and hips, tingling her nerves at first touch. Surprisingly, her ass hit the bottom quickly. It was only a foot deep! Like a film, the acidic goo encased the doomed brunette, cutting off her air and the shrieks that had been escaping her. All around her other girls were meeting similar ends, some already encased as she would soon be, others just hitting it. There was a constant rain of young bodies coming from the battle so far above.

As it slid over her face, the girl's head snapped backwards, eyes wide with fear. Her small tits thrust upwards, the girl soon found herself completely cocooned in it, her arms bent at the elbows and her legs spread. There was no air, and no sound. Within minutes, all that would be left of the cute little brunette would be a brown-haired skeleton wearing her uniform, all of her soft tissue eaten up by the corrosive slime, one of many casualties of the vicious air warfare! She was expendable though, and eventually the slime would be dredged of all of the sluts who'd perished in it.

A trooper who lay in the goo only several feet away from her tried desperately to push herself up, facedown in the sludge and straining to escape it. It cocooned her just as thoroughly as the brunette. The black-haired trooper's ass quivers in her pink panties, the girl feeling it sliding over her youthful body. Knowing she was dead, the girl couldn't but cum again! "I'm a goner..." breathed out before the exertion finally took her and she collapsed into the muck, half-conscious as it slid over her, watching through half-lidded eyes as more of her sisters fell screaming into the acid to join her as meat.

Even as my sisters perish below, I'm still fighting above! A group of rebels had begun to move away from the main battle, looking to find somewhere safe that they could pick us off one at a time. I fire at them as they retreat and manage to score a kill! A blonde clutches at her back as her head whips backwards, "GYAAAAH!" Her sisters don't bother look back as she falls out of formation, spiraling towards the acid below.

Nearby, I see a trooper get blown away. The short-haired brunette had been in my class, and she'd been a real bitch! Always quick to brag about how she was going to be the best, and that we were just going to get in her way, I can't help but smirk smugly as I see her cute features crinkle up in pain. A pair of holes in her belly showed where she'd been hit, her body arching forward, ass tight in her pink panties as her hips buck helplessly in mid-orgasm. "So long, slut!" I think. Her lips are pulled back in a grimace of pain, and I hope she knows I'm watching as she falls out of the sky.

I find myself wondering what it felt like...

I force myself to turn my attention back to the fight. Things are still going strong despite the number of casualties on both sides already! My heart is racing and as I shift position to veer to the right, I can feel the dampness between my thighs. I was hornier than I'd ever been, and now I needed to kill some more rebel sluts!

I open fire on a small group, smiling a satisfied smile as I blast a young brunette right out of the sky. She shrieks as smoke gushes from her jetpack, her hands clutching her trim belly as she fries! I fly by her even as her body bucks and jerks before beginning to fall, and I can see the large dark spot on her panties grow as she orgasms powerfully into them. Her friends take off, leaving her to her fate as she plummets towards the ground.

"AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEeeeeeee----" her screams grow fainter the farther she falls, but I'm not listening much anymore anyway!

Nearby I spot a redheaded rebel, a blue barette in her hair, which is long enough to flow in the air rushing past her slightly freckled face, but short enough to give her a cute tomyboyish look. I gasp softly and feel my young pussy tremble with excitement. I wanted to be the one to kill that bitch! Through the confusing mess of bodies flying back, and occasionally contorting in pain as they soak up some other bitch's lasers, she sees me too! The way I'm looking at her must be obvious, because she turns towards me.

Our gazes set, we move, but don't reach each other. She's forced to turn as one of my sisters opens fire on her. The blonde trooper is another of my classmates and I gasp! No! She was -my- kill! The rebel fires smoothly though and the trooper is toast! Her small tits bounce free from her uniform as her back arches, gun dropped and both hands lifting to her breasts.

"GYAAAAAAAAAH!" the pain in her voice is easy to hear! Her blue eyes clenched shut, her teeth bared as she shrieks in pain, I watch my sister meet her end and find I'm happy to see it. The dumb slut had almost stolen my kill! The trooper's pink panties are a mess now, full of cum and rippling in the air as she bucks and thrashes out her final few futile seconds of life. Then, like the others, she's falling, already forgotten as the rebel turns back towards me.

I fire a few pot shots, but am forced to zip right by her, expecting the heat of her lasers in my own belly any second... but they never come! From behind me though several lasers nearly strike me. I see them fly by a few inches from my head, and feel their heat. Shit! I had someone on my tail! My ass clenches in my panties, tension filling my belly as I veer off and try to shake my pursuer. More shots! I pull up, kicking my feet a bit as though I were swimming. More shots!! I'm all nerves now, all it'd take was one lucky shot and I was dead meat! Biting my lip, my hair whipping about in the wind, I cut my jetpack suddenly. The roar of its engine dies, and after a brief second of weightlessness, I start to fall.

The rebel behind me is caught off guard, thinking that maybe she'd hit me after all. As I turn towards her, I open fire even as I fall!

"Scream and die, bitch!" I call as I plummet towards her. She tries to turn, but the black-haired girl is too slow and my lasers pierce downwards through her chest, erupting out her lower back.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK" she howls in pain! Agony tears at her youthful features as I finish her off! My engine starts back up as grey smoke billows from her jetpack, pieces of it falling away as the girl bends backwards, giving me a beautiful view of her cute firm belly and her spread legs.

"AYYYYYIIIIIIiiii---!" and she's gone, more girl-meat for the acid!

A trooper who was flying beside me forces me to look away from the falling rebel bitch I'd just blown away. She's hovering, firing wildly at a clump of rebels, her blonde hair trembling underneath the pink barette she wears.

"Scream and die, bitches!" I remember her from when we'd been preparing for this fight, she'd been so quiet and nervous then! T02 (She was in the first picture you drew for this series, I think she's adorable!) had scored a few kills of her own and was as eager as I was to get a few more! Her panties are dark between her thighs and the smell of her arousal isn't hard to miss. She's only a few feet from me and I turn to help her just in time to see her die.

The young teen, so horny to kill more enemies, becomes someone else's next kill as laser fire tears up her belly and small tits. "GYAAAAAAAAH!" Her back arches, and I see her firm young ass clench in her pink panties. The fabric ripples slightly as her hips buck and her arms fly outwards. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is open, the girl's tongue sticking out in a stupefied look of pain and surprise as she sees her kill fly towards her; it was the redhead in the blue barette! T02 buckles backwards, tits thrust up almost proudly as she starts to fall out of the sky, smoke trailing from her jetpack as warm cum runs down her leg. "YAAAAAAAAAIIIIiiiiiieeee----" She's gone!

I can't help but feel like I was going to cum too! Seeing the young blonde bite the dust so close to me has me even hornier than before! I lift my blaster and open fire on the redhead, but she fires back and nearly sends me screaming into the acid as well. Both of us miss though; maybe she's just as excited as I am, I don't know! As she flies towards me, I kick my jetpack into gear and head towards her, lasers blasting so close to our vulnerable bodies, knowing that at any second one of us could send the other to an early death. We're so caught up in our little fight that neither of us notice that we're about to collide! Only at the last second do I get my hands up, our bodies striking each other and tumbling frantically in each other's arms.

"You're fucked, slut!" She growls at me

"Ready to die, bitch?" I snap back, both of us grabbing and tearing at each other's bodies. Our hips press against each other's, panties gliding against the smooth, damp fabric of the other's uniform. Legs tangling, I can't help but notice the heat of her trim body and it excites me! Our hearts are racing and all the while we're fighting over the awkward positions our blasters had ended up in.

"You aren't good enough to beat me! I'm gonna feed your corpse to the acid!" She gets her free hand up and slams it into my belly, right on my bellybutton. I moan out in surprise and pain, my teeth clenching as hot pain races up my gut.

"You cunt! I'm gonna blow a hole open in that gut of yours" I hiss, bringing my knee up to try and push her away from me a bit. Our jetpacks sputter and roar as we tumble in the air trading blows. I manage to punch her twice in the tits, which draws a strangled cry from her, her mouth opening in the short yell and showing off her white teeth. She pounds on my belly and I feel like I'm gonna cum each time she does, oh god! It hurts so bad. My stomach muscles are trembling and aching as I get one of my hands caught in her hair and yank it back. She shrieks out in pain and anger but I don't let go!

"Dirty bitch! Let go!" She pushes at me, her body flexing and twisting sexily as she does, but I don't let her go! I force her head to tillt backwards, exposing her throat which I bite almost sensually. I don't bite hard enough to cut through the skin, just hard enough to draw a squeal of pain from her. I can feel the fight leaving her, like prey that had accepted it'd been caught by a predator. We're both breathing heavily and the smell of our juvenile arousal is strong. Finally though, I get my gun pressed against her belly.

"Please! No!" she begs, feeling the heated muzzle of my blaster against her vulnerable skin.

"So long, bitch!" I practically pant out the parting shot before I put two lasers square into her quivering belly.

"FRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Her scream is powerful and long. Her body contorts and I release it, letting her thrash in the sky as I kill her! For all her talk, the girl was now my victim! I put another shot into her chest, causing her shirt to flap open and expose her youthful tits; she wouldn't be getting any more kills today, now she was MY kill!

I watch as the girl's death-orgasm causes her whole body to buck forward, her panty-covered pussy put on display for me as her panties fill with cum. "AH GOD! YOU SLUT!" she screams out as she orgasms powerfully. Blood trickles down her white-skinned belly and the look of pain on her face is too much! As she starts to fall, screaming as she joins the other weak bitches in the acid far below, I realize I'm on the verge of an orgasm too. Killing such a confident young slut is too much for me, and I cum as well!

"Oh! Oh god!" I moan out, feeling my pussy tremble as an orgasm tears through me. "AH! AH!" I'm yelling as I cum! My nipples are rock hard and my free hand pushes between my thighs. I'm vulnerable like this, but oh god, it felt so good. My body writhes gently even as my latest kill vanishes into the acid below. Somehow, I survive it, none of the rebels deciding to put a shot into me as they fight my sisters. Trying to catch my breath, I slowly gather myself, trying to ignore the warm cum caught in my now wet panties and trickling down my inner thigh.

The acid happily embraces all of the young flesh that enters it. Those still alive when they reach it find their shrieks cut short as they collide with the warm goo. It catches them, and traps them, like flies caught on glue paper the girls have no chance to escape. A few fight desperately, weakened from their wounds and from the orgasms that had ripped through their nubile bodies when they'd been blasted out of the sky.

The redhead I'd just killed is no exception.

"AIIIIIIIIEEEEEEeee--" her shrieks as she fell were cut short by the *schlurp!* of her body sliding into the caustic slime. Her body quivers as she struggles against it, her vision already cloudy from pain and bloodloss. Still, she fights! Arching her back, she gets her shoulders off the ground, young perky tits thrust forward as she lets out a final garbled scream, "GRRLBABLBLRRBL"

All around her troopers and rebels die in the acid. Their struggles are always futile, and after a minute, all of them succumb and fall still. A number of the weak bitches have already been eaten away, nothing left but bones and hair laying in their uniforms--which the acid doesn't seem to affect--like some kind of weird preserved bug collection on display beneath the green sheen of the slime.

A black-haired rebel bitch with a white barette who'd been blown away only seconds before the redhead herself, gives up the fight and dies several feet away. Her final laboured shriek masked by the acidic goo filling her mouth. Wide brown eyes grow glassy as the girl falls facedown, her body twitching and shivering before laying still. The redhead watches in horror as she witnesses her fate, green eyes pleading as though the acid would show her mercy. She can feel it eating away at her skin already, pain lancing into her as it fills her blaster-wounds.

T02--the blonde with the pink barette who the redhead had killed herself--is already dead nearby. Tits up she stares upwards blindly, her skin already being eaten by the acid. Soon she'd be just another skeleton wearing a trooper uniform.

More rebels and troopers fall to their deaths in the goo even as the redhead feels her strength giving out. A blonde trooper falls nearby, her body arching up as she too tries to fight the inevitable. For the redhead, she can't help but feel her body start to weaken, falling facedown into the green muck and only able to lay there and wait for death. Nearby another redheaded rebel hits the muck with a splat.

The redhead's body shudders as her eyes half-close. A final orgasm rips through her, her raw pussy flexing and twitching as her hips buck slightly. Even before she's done gushing the last of her juices into her acid-filled panties, however, she dies! The fight continues without her and nobody even seems to notice she's gone. Minutes pass, and she's another set of bleached bones mingling with the remains of all of the other sluts, losers and bitches that had been blown out of the sky!

I steady myself, blushing brightly as I come down from the unexpected orgasm. My belly is still in knots as I shakily turn back towards the fight. It's then that I notice the rebels are retreating! They've begun to drop down lower, seeking some safety above the sticky corpse-filled acid goo as they make a break for what seems to be a bridge in the distance. My sisters and I give chase immediately, all of us achingly horny from the battle and eager to finish off the cowardly rebel sluts trying to escape!

We fly low, only twenty feet or so above the acid. We're close enough that I can see the rebels and troopers caught in the goo's deadly grip much clearer than I could before. My knees press together as I listen to them scream in pain and moan in sour submission as they fight and writhe against the acid eating away at their nubile young bodies. I see a brunette on her back as I fly by, it's a trooper, one of my sisters. She's holding an arm up at us as we pass, her hazel coloured eyes opened wide and a scream escaping her, but none of us can help her now and we fly by.

Rebels and troopers finish dying side by side, many of them ignoring their foes as they finish out the last agony-filled moments of their short lives. I see one trooper who hasn't forgotten her training though. Despite the wound in her side--red blood streaking across her back--she was wrestling with a rebel who had fallen close to her. The two were already doomed, but still they fought! I can't help myself and I stop briefly, hovering as my sisters continue to give chase... I can catch up in a few seconds...

The trooper has the upperhand, it's clear. They tumble and writhe in the green muck with a vigor one wouldn't expect from the dying, their lean bodies tensed and their teeth grinding as they try to ignore the pain. The trooper lands a hit that sends the rebel back into the muck with a splat though, and they both realize it was over! The rebel tries to regain her kneeling position, but the goo doesn't let her. Flat on her back, her tits thrust up, the rebel tries in vain to defend herself as the trooper's legs close around her throat. Her tongue jumps from between her lips as she finds all of her air cut off!

"HRRRRK!" She gurgles out as she finds it impossible to breathe, darkness stealing into the corners of her vision as the trooper stares smugly down at her, as though she wasn't going to be dead soon as well. All around them rebels and troopers die, but the trooper is determined to take one last bitch to hell with her! The black haired trooper's legs tighten even as the rebel's body jerks and thrashes in the muck. Her back archs, tits pushing upwards as green slime trickles down their sides.

"GRRRRGggghhh...." She rasps out, her eyes bulging. Finally, the black haired trooper has had it with this rebel cunt. She twists her legs and I imagine I can hear the snap of the rebel's neck as the trooper deftly breaks it. The rebel's body convulses powerfully, a thick gush of cum filling her panties for a final time. The slain rebel's fingers curl and then she's still, her head lolling back before falling into the muck as the trooper removes her legs. The rebel's head is turned to the side, half of her face submerged in the goo as the other half stares slackly ahead.

"You're fucking meat, bitch" wheezes out the trooper, who quickly realizes she can't get up again either. Her body is worn out, her strength gone. Strands of the acid hang onto her body, and try as she might, she finds herself collapsing into it, She seems me staring and reaches an arm out towards me as though expecting me to help her. I can see the panic in her eyes, as though she hadn't known as soon as she'd been blown out of the sky that she was as dead as the slut she'd just killed!

I watch her for a few seconds before I speed forward to catch up with the sisters, the landscape below me dotted with fallen girls all waiting their turn to become bones bleaching in the sun... the bridge is close now but the rebels aren't getting away that easily. Taking aim... I open fire on their retreating bodies...

The chase continues!

Laser blasts fly back and forth even as we chase down the rebels. We zip over the goo, ignoring the screams of our fallen sisters and enjoying the shrieks of the dying rebels. I fire without aiming, sending shot after shot after the fleeing rebels, hoping to get lucky and hit one.

I manage to blast a redheaded girl right in her jetpack. She looks behind her, smoke and sparks fizzling from the pack as her eyes widen in horror. She doesn't even know who it was that killed her, but she knows she's fucked!

"N-NYAAAAH!" she falls out of the rebel formation, arms and legs kicking uselessly. She hits the goo hard, sending a wave of it as she rolls with the momentum of her short fall. I fly right over her as she struggles and fights, almost entirely covered in the muck.

"Later, bitch!" I call back to her! A blond rebel clutches her tits and falls from the sky as well, *SPLAT* more meat! A trooper beside me catches a laser to her own tits, smoke curling from the heated edges of the bloody wound as she flips and turns in the air.

"AIIIIIIIE" I duck around her as she tumbles from the sky, and I don't look back but I can hear the sound of her colliding with the muck at high speeds. The remaining rebels spread out and our shots become less effective. Occasionally one of the girls gets struck and dies screaming, but it becomes clear we had better targets right below us.

"Target practice, girls!" calls out a trooper as she opens fire on the rebels trapped in the acid! A blonde rebel who had arched her back, trying to escape the grip of the goo, takes two right to the belly. Her head tilts back and she howls out in pain as her cute little gut gets fried by hot lasers! She flops back unmoving into the muck, her tongue hanging out against her cheek as smoke wisps from her wounds and her eyes stare upwards. I open fire as well! I nail a brunette right in her back. She's on her hands and knees in the acid, shoulder-length hair coated in the green slime. Two of my shots cut into her back and she rears her head back, shrieking out as I finish her off. She trembles before falling face-first into the muck, her ass clenching and jiggling in her red panties as she dies!

Something unexpected happens then! One of the rebels in the acid has somehow held onto her blaster! I nearly take one to my chest as she begins firing aimlessly into the cloud of troopers passing overhead. I twist and turn, avoiding the shots. Nearby, T52 (She's in the first picture! Hehe) isn't so lucky! The young redhead takes a trio of shots to her perky tits, her uniform torn open by the deadly lasers.

"URRRRRAAAGH!!" Even as she flies forward, she rears up, her chest thrust out as blood pours down it. Her eyes are clenched shut, teeth bared as black smoke billows from her jetpack. I gasp, glancing back, knowing I couldn't do anything to save the cute girl and relishing the final moments of her life guiltily. She begins to spin out of control, gun flying from her hands as she plummets into the acid. I'm already too far away to see her by the time she hits the acid, and nobody even slows, the fight continues like she'd never been there!

I send a laser into a struggling blonde below, hitting her in the throat and sending her flat onto her back where she writhes and chokes even as the acid eats away at her.

These bitches were just too much fun to kill! My panties are still wet from my earlier orgasm, but I can still feel my own wetness as I kill the helpless rebel sluts writhing in the goo... the bridge is close now though, and the surviving rebels pull up, heading for the top of it.

Unaware of what was waiting for us, my sisters and I follow...

As I head towards the bridge, I can't help but continue to fire at the girls below. Their cries and howls of pain only get my panties wetter; I even start firing on the downed troopers. It's to ease their suffering... or at least that's what I tell myself!

I line up a shot on a blonde trooper, her eyes wide in horror as she watches the ooze glide over her young, doomed, body. I put one right in her chest. The girl's tits press upwards as she thrusts her chest forward, soaking up my laser fire!

"Urrrrgh..." I imagine I can hear the soft moan that escapes her as she dies, falling back into the muck as her body trembles and blood trickles from the blaster-wound.

I fire on a redheaded trooper, her hair partially covering her face as she fights in the ooze, trying to lift her arm but unable to get it far. Already it's more bone than flesh. "Sorry, sister!" I murmur under my breath, as if I weren't thrilled to get to end such a cute girl myself. I fire!

"GYAAAAAH!" hot pain scorches the girl's belly, her legs spreading as she soaks up the lethal blasts. Body bucking, a final shot hits her right in the throat! The girl's deathscream becomes a gurgle as she collapses back into the acid, her eyes still wide open and hair still falling over her freckled face.

The bridge is close now and I pull up suddenly. Leaving the acid further and further below, I forget about my fallen sisters and focus on the rebel sluts flying away from us still. Upwards we rocket, air rushing past my face in gusts that flick and toss my bangs against my forehead. Then we hit the top and--- it's a trap!

The rebel bitches had been waiting for us! Their jetpack troops continue to flee, but atop the bridge there're lines of rebel foot-troopers with their guns ready. Several AA cannons have already been set up. I gasp, my breath catching in my throat as I feel the intensity of inevitable death crash through my thoughts. My pussy spasms gently, as if trying to remind me of how horny I was.


I hear the order, and immediately the sky is filled with deadly projectiles. Large booming shells from the AA cannon mix with the blaster-fire of several dozen rebel infantry. Desperately, we fire back, but they had their hands in our proverbial panties, and there was nothing we could do but scream and die!

A young blue-eyed brunette beside me gets hit almost immediately. Her body bucks and contorts as she falls screaming from the sky. A blonde nearby takes a row of shots to her tits, her uniform torn open and her sizzling breasts put on display as she clutches at them. "AHHHH, FUCK!"

More girls fall as we buzz around in confusion and fear, we're sitting ducks! A black-haired girl with a white bow in her hair dives towards the bridge, as though trying to counterattack. Instead she takes a blast of shrapnel to her back from one of the exploding AA shells. Her jetpack detonates like a bomb! Feet kicking, the screaming girl--her uniform on fire in places--falls pitifully short of the bridge, and plummets to her death in the acid below! "AIIIIIIIEEEEEeeee----"

Three girls open fire, but they're too clustered and a single AA shell detonates. All three are caught in the blast, peppered by shrapnel that shorts out their jetpacks. Their screams mingle together as their panties gush with sudden dampness, "GYAAAAAH---AIIIIEEE--NOOOOO!" blown out of the sky, the girls fall like the others, their well-kept bodies destroyed by the rebels' weapons.

Finally, some of us manage to open fire with some success! Many of my sisters continue to fall around me, swatted out of the air like flies. A redhead several feet away grunts as she takes a string of shots through her belly and chest. I don't even look as she topples backwards, as though doing a flip before letting out a dwindling shriek as she falls! Fuck! I was so horny! Any second now I was going to die... all I could do was wait for it, and hope I took a few of these rebel whores into the acid with me! Somehow... I don't die yet.

My shot strikes a brunette close to the railing. She throws her hands out, screaming out in pain and surprise before toppling against the railing. Bent over it, her ass clenches and wiggles in her panties before she lies still, arms danging down towards the acid so far below. Another rebel nearby runs for cover, but takes several shots to her back. Blood splashes on the cement bridge as she's thrown face-down onto it, blown off her feet by the force of the blaster fire!

"GET SOME GRENADES ON THAT BRIDGE!" shouts T89 nearby, she motions for the reserves to move up with some grenades while we held off the rebels on the bridge. I'm gritting my teeth as I fire at one rebel after another, moving in the air to try and avoid getting blown away myself! I spot a young redhead standing against the railing. Her hair's pulled back in pigtails and the freckles on her cheeks make her look younger than she probably was.

"Gotcha, slut" I say to myself as I fire at her. She's too busy shooting at one of my sisters, so when I tag her with my blaster, she's caught completely off guard. My lasers slam into her chest, smoke sizzling from the wounds as her whole body goes rigid and taut.

"G-GAH! THE FUCK!" she looks down in surprise, blood oozing down her front. Teetering on the edge of the bridge, the girl looks for help desperately from the other rebels, but they're too busy to do anything but try and survive; she's on her own. Eyes rolling back, the girl lets out a pitiful moan before tumbling right off of the bridge, "EEEEEEEEYAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh----" only her gun is left of her now, the rest just more meat for the acid.

I spot another rebel just as she blows away one of my sisters, the blonde trooper not standing a chance as she's raked by lasers. Even before my slain sister has time to finish her scream, I'm filling her killer with lasers! The girl grunts and jerks as I rain death down on her, and finally she falls backwards, landing ontop of some ammo crates. Gasping up towards the sky as blood trickles from her mouth, the girl's body jerks and writhes gently, her legs hanging over the edge of the crate as cum oozes down her thigh and she dies.

"Grenades are ready, ma'am!" Shouts a perky young brunette.

"Good! Let 'em loose!" T89 cries out, hurling one herself.

Almost immediately, the bridge is covered in explosions! Rebels are flying over the edge one after the other as ammo crates explode, and grenades send deadly shrapnel into warm flesh. The screams are loud and constant!

I throw a grenade myself, grinning as it lands beneath an AA gun manned by an unaware blonde with short hair with braids running through it. She's all smiles as she fires on us, but when the grenade goes off, the entire cannon goes up in flames! With her still on it! "FYAAAAAAH!" she's thrown backwards and off the bridge, killed before she'd even knew what'd hit her.

"Suck that, bitch!" I call after her. The bridge was almost clear, the surviving rebels running for safety but easily killed by more grenades, or strafing runs.

The bridge is falling apart as I make a second pass of it, lasers blasting through the chest and belly of one of the rebels still fighting. She stumbles back and falls shrieking off the side of the bridge, the railing long since broken off.

I rub a hand deftly between my thighs as I watch her fall towards the acid so far below. The smooth fabric of my panties is wet with my own lust, and at least one unexpected orgasm, and I grind it against my aching pussy needfully. The rebels were on the retreat now, the bridge thoroughly destroyed as it shed creaking metal girders and screaming rebel sluts into the green lake of acid. The corpses of dozens of both troopers and rebels dot the green landscape, most of them now just skeletal remains trapped inside their laser-scorched uniforms.

How many sluts had I sent screaming down to their deaths below? The thought sends a shiver down my spine, and even as my hand pulls away from my needy loins to once again clutch my blaster, I can feel another orgasm building in me. I grit my teeth against the pleasure, however, and return to the fight.

My sisters are rallying. There're far fewer than when we'd started our assault, but there were still enough to finish off the rebel forces. I rejoin the ranks even as they begin to pursue the fleeing rebels. The smoking remains of the bridge is left behind as we fire on the backs of our enemies.

Occasionally a laser connects, and a rebel whore falls from their formation, clutching and howling out in agony and despair as they plummet to the acid below. Eventually the remaining rebels realize that they weren't going to be able to just run away, and they turn to fight. The far end of the acid pool is well within sight now, and we can see scurrying rebels trying to evacuate before we overtake them. The whores still in the air would try to delay us reaching the others, that was obvious.

When they turn to fight, we don't slow down. Several troopers around me are struck by blaster fire! A blonde rears back as a laser catches her right in the throat. Her tongue jabs out from between her lips as she lets out a desperate choking gurgle, blood trickling from her lips as she clutches at the deadly wound helplessly. She spirals out of control, falling out of the formation even as she bucks and creams her panties almost submissively, killed so easily by some rebel bitch.

Another trooper bites the dust nearby. She takes several laser blasts to her perky young tits. She lets out a guttural cry of pain as she grabs at her smoking breasts. "URRRRAAAGH!", she's fucking toast though. The brunette's body twists in the air, her brown hair held in place by several hairclips as her feet kick instinctively from the pain rushing through her. Smoke trailing from her jetpack, she falls like the other weak sluts that had been killed in the battle so far. I'm still alive though!

I fly around the falling corpse of the brunette and open fire myself. My lasers tag the slim expanse of a neon-green haired rebel girl's belly. A lot of the rebels had begun dying their hair it seemed, probably some attempt to explore their newfound freedom after escaping the Imperial forces; dumb bitches. The green haired slut's belly thrusts forward as it soaks up the lasers, her legs spreading and a thick stream of cum running down her leg as she howls out, "YAAAAAAAAAIIIII!", I stifle a moan as I enjoy sending another bitch to her death.

I see a rebel zap a short-haired redhead above me. From the angle the rebel's at, she manages to trace a line of laserfire right along the poor trooper's pussy and lower gut, destroying her womanhood even as she kills her. Even I can't help but wince a little at the trooper's bad luck, that had to hurt! The slain trooper howls and thrashes in the air as she's sterilized by the hot laser fire seconds before her life is ended by the same. She plummets right past me, her eyes half-lidded and her mouth a little open as she spends the last seconds of her life in shock from the damage done by the lasers.

I kill the rebel slut that'd killed her though. The bitch doesn't even have time to re-aim her weapon before my lasers tear open her chest.


Killer becomes killed, and I score another point as the rebel bitch falls backwards, doubling over almost as blood runs down her front and she perishes.

Then something happens that I wasn't expecting! Hot pain runs through my body as laser-fire erupts from my belly. Blood splatters as I look down in horror,! My whole body pushes forward as my deathscream erupts from me, and I'm helpless to stop it. A final shot bursts from between my small tits and I know for sure that I'd just been killed!

"AIIIIIIIIIEE!!!" Just like the slut I'd blown away after she'd killed my sister, some rebel bitch had just blown ME away! I hadn't even seen her lining up her shot... but that hadn't stopped her from taking it. My body convulses as I try to grapple with the knowledge that I was about to die. My ass clenches in my rippling pink panties, the taut muscles shuddering as my jetpack sputters and chokes with smoke.

I don't see the girl a dozen feet behind me, her pink hair done up in intricate braids and a smug smile on her face as she watches my body convulse. "Gotcha, bitch" she says to herself, smoke curling from the tip of her blaster.

My body arches back as my jetpack sputters to a stop, and I'm falling. The air rushing past my head doesn't drown out the sounds of the fight continuing all around me. My arms are flailing, as though they were trying to grab onto something to stop my fall. I fall away from the battle regardless, however, and I finally get a glimpse of my killer as she watches me plummet... then she turns and fires on another trooper, looking for her next kill already.

It's only then that I realize that I was still screaming. My lungs hurt, and I can feel blood gurgling in my throat. "GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---" my deathcry follows me all the way down into the acid, where I land on my back. I'm quickly wrapped up in the sticky acidic goo. It felt like some kind of gelatin that had been left in the sun too long, slimy but sticky all at the same time. It slithers over me as I reach towards the sky, my shoulders trying to lift.

I can feel it as it sneaks into my blaster wounds, breaking down my tender organs swiftly as I buck and cry out in desperate humiliation and agony. All around me other slain troopers and rebels fight against the inevitable, succumbing one by one. A trooper nearby has already been half-digested, her glazed over eyes staring at me even as I feel another orgasm wrack my ravaged body.

"NGGGHH..." I practically grunt out as cum soaks into my slime-slickened panties. I jam a hand downwards to try and massage the overly tender meat of my pussy, but I notice that my hand is practically just bone already. A final choking sob escapes me as I collapse backwards, my legs spread and my chest thrust up almost defiantly. Even as I watch a rebel fight against her impending death, I perish. My final thoughts are of embarrassment; I hadn't survived, and now my bones would bleach in the acid with the other girls who'd been shot out of the sky... and I'd been so close... so close!

It was hours later that the battle ended decisively. The troopers eventually overtook the rebel position and put down the last of their forces. Several rebel leaders were captured and executed, and the surviving troopers were given an opportunity to rest. Soon enough they were called out once more, this time to dredge the acid pit.

All of the corpses had to be removed from the pit if the garbage disposal system was to remain untainted. Bones were caught up in large acid-resistant nets, and they'd be disposed of later. For now, the bones of the slain troopers and rebels just dried in large bundles of netting, somewhere amongst them the bones of T55's many victims that day... and of T55 herself, another body pending disposal after falling in service to an Empire that saw her as expendable.

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I managed to post this still away but will be home soon and hopefully will carry on
The Wild North
The North Island a place that not many women could say they could live there but the villages dotted around the north are on the borderlands of places that many would not venture into without good reason the main peek of the Island was a harsh land with cold nights and very unstable weather it was a wonder anyone lived out that far but that was where the Queen's main army came from it got warmer the more east you headed on the Island but soon thick jungle would prevent you from moving far however not only that but Fallen Ones and other Demoness often infested the Jungle the surrounding Villages where protected most of the women drafted already but a sign seemly appearing over night caught the attention of Lorna "Wanted All Wilderness Ready Women to report to the North Gate for special training "

Lorna had been not drafted before she was keen to fight for a Queen that all the villages had head about but never had the chance the drafts women often overlooked her and some others in the village saying the Queens army had no use for Wilderness trained women even was turned down for the Wild Elite training but Lorna always said there was nothing about them that was wild Lorna however had spent many nights in the woodlands and surrounding Jungles she was right at home so jumping at this message the North Gate was a few days away Along with a few other women with  after putting on civilian armor They ventured off to the North Gate unaware of what they are being called for the temptation to fight was high what could we be doing Alex asked Lorna she was much like her always wanting to explore the wilderness but with the danger in the woodlands and jungles going too far was forbidden under the guards who protected the villages I'm not sure Lorna said but a chance to fight finally! Yes Alex smiled as they walked as predicted two days had passed and finally they arrived at the North Gate a huge gate fortress designed to stop any tribe army in its tracks thats if the Tribe army even set foot on the Island at the gate entrance there was a Nameless standing next to a barracks should we ask her  Lorna suggested Alex shook her head probably not I hear Nameless don't speak to anyone other than there own maybe we should find a elite whats the harm in trying Lorna said Hey she called out to the Nameless who just stood there ignoring her call Lorna frowned before walking over to her Hey she said again this time waving her hand in front of the Woman's face who then frowned before taking a swing at Lorna who dodged it Lorna grabbed the woman's arm and pushed her to the ground I don't want to fight you she said I just want to ask you something ARghh the nameless roared swinging wildly Lorna however was faster and the Nameless found herself on the ground this time though the Nameless had drawn her sword I am going to kill you bitch! Lorna was not really ready or expecting the Nameless to be so aggressive uh o she thought it was at that stage the nameless stopped dead in her tracks and bowed kneeling down Lorna however was not sure why she did that but turning around to discover a Demoness standing there Oh she said I'm sorry Be quiet the Demoness said Lorna fell silent unsure what to do at this stage What is your name the demoness said My name is Lorna umm mistress? I am assuming you are from the outlying villages then being as you sound so confused and looking at your.. armor  but of no matter I will deal with you in a moment the demoness said pushing past Lorna towards the Nameless who was still bowing alt

Now then Nameless filth being bested by a common villager I find that insulting I find that disrespectful of your queen if she was here to see such failure! with one motion the nameless woman was flung into a wall with a loud thud two other Nameless arrived deal with that disgrace the Demoness said strip her and... make sure she's hanging from that building when I return right away Mistress Nashala Lorna felt her blood turn cold Nashala  the demoness she had caught the attention of was Nashala... the rumor's and stories surrounding the Council of the seven and one of them was standing right next to Lorna Nashala's eyes now turning to Lorna and as for you Not many common villagers without training could manage to do that I am curious why you are here of all places Lorna was unsure if she was allowed to speak or not at this stage You forgot how to talk Nashala frowned No miss I just I've not met a demoness before ahhh it starts to make sense now you must be responding to a message that was posted about wild trained to report to here I was told some of you maybe coming not that it interested me but seeing a lesser villager get the better of.. a Nameless well that does peek curiosity the building you seek is behind me I will remember you Lorna Nashala said turning to admire the hanging nameless


Alex still had the look of shock on her face In there Lorna said walking to the building before anything else happened. the building they entered had a strange feeling about it there was quite a lot of women already inside some looking confused others standing around guess we will wait here then Alex said a few moments had passed Lorna was talking to Alex bout her wired feeling but stopped when the room fell silent up on a higher part Nashala had arrived again seemly out of nothing her eye's scanning the room You have answered a calling to be part of a army that needs you! After your training you will be joining the ranks to the Queens Army as Elite Ranger's! the training will be hard and you will be expected to go where terrain is hard for the Queens forces to get though you will be striking from places the Tribe Filth think no one would be coming from from old ruins to the other side of fortresses and you will be feared! but to start with you all will be trained in combat as some of you Nashala looked right at Lorna maybe be able to fight but against some of the Tribe filth's forces Nashala motioned and said your uniforms are here! Lorna and the other women heard a motion and saw the room was full of helmets swords and shield's and bow's Arm yourself Nashala said after some time the women looking very different now then Nashala said who was patiently waiting go outside now you are armed the women started heading towards the door sounds of surprise being heard Lorna soon figured out why they where no longer in the North Gate instead they where in a new place a fortress that was seemly surrounded by deep forests the tree's towering over some parts of the wall another Demoness was sat on top of a roof grinning look at this place Alex said This place will be you're new home for now Nashala said emerging and standing next to the Demoness on the roof Sky here will be overseeing your training and you will listen to her every word this place is deep within a Jungle in the north island until you are trained you will not leave the fortress the Jungle is full of dangers roaming demoness and Fallen ones are to name a few but we will get back to that this place is well protected however Sky nodding looking at some of the Siege Breakers who where paroling and standing guard

After some time and Sky had said what she needed to say a group of them found themselves exploring the Fortress they where told that the outside was off limits and some rooms where not allowed to enter death would be the price Alex was speaking to some other women from the meeting before as Lorna came over to join them


Hey she said this place is something right? Yes it is Alex said Lorna nodded at the women Hi one of the women said I'm Elsa I'm Lisa the other one said where are you from? East part of the Island the village before the eastern wasteland Lorna replied Oh we are from the north before the North Gate so we arrived first Lisa said gloating I wonder where this place is and are we trapped here? Alex said still looking around I don't know the women all said at that time the group decided that they should rest before the next training started Sky was quite clear it would begin in a days time so enough time to settle in and explore if necessary not that they could go far Sky was also quite clear that speaking or trying to talk to the Siege Breakers would be pointless they would not respond only to Sky much like the Nameless or Demoness forces the Elite however would speak to anyone just a shame that none where present in this place

A Royal Encounter

The Barracks was busy with the other women all claiming areas Lorna and Alex and there new friend's found a spot in the corner I wonder why no one wanted this spot Lorna said to Alex as she noticed it was empty I'm not sure Alex said looking around its darker than most here later that night Lorna would discover why no one wanted it as with most demoness the shadow jump could be used only in darker areas but Lorna and there friend's where unaware of this night time came rather quickly for the fortress and it wasn't long before the only movement was the Siege Breakers along the battlements the gate was shut tight with Siege Breakers now guarding it if anything wanted to unlock the gates without permission it would need to pass the guards but the presence of Nashala and Sky would also be enough to ward of any wandering Demoness in the forest Sleep was always easy for Lorna she could drift off but tonight was different half awake she felt a hand on her shoulder then a all too familiar voice Get up and follow me and make no sound Lorna opened her eyes to see Nashala standing over her she quietly sat up before quietly finding her top and walking to the corner of the room Lorna had no choice The Council members often woke people in the night as Lorna had all heard the stories about them Nashala being one of the most mentioned some dared not even speak of Vashala in fear of drawing her attention to them did I do something wrong Lorna asked with some caution as Nashala could probably just as easily kill her and not give it a moments thought being as she killed a nameless for being bested by her of course not Nashala said now they where what seemed like another room If I wanted to kill you I'd of choked the life out of you while you slept! oh Lorna laughed nervously No no I am speaking to you for another reason I see something in you that I find interesting I saw you best that Nameless but its not that that caught my attention you could of killed that woman but you did not so I wonder why are you fighting? Lorna looked a little surprised at this question I wish to fight for my Village such spirit you have Nashala said Lorna felt suddenly very cold she started to shiver something wrong Nashala said I feel strange Lorna said turn around then Nashala said Lorna being quick turned around to see Sapphire the Queen of the North sitting in a chair with One standing beside her Lorna could not see what she was looking at

One spoke this is what you make me stand here for to meet a lesser elite? calm yourself Sapphire said standing up approaching Lorna who was frozen in place with no idea what to do You may go now Sapphire said You know what the creatures are like in this place less you see me to harm hrmm? hardly One smiled if anything they should be afraid of you One laughed before seemly stepping out of sight Now then Sapphire said I am here as I wanted to see my Elite Rangers before there training is finished and Nashala tells me you of all seemed to show promise so you have the honor of being promoted to a officer by me I expect great things from you Sapphire gave Lorna a look of or else Yes yes I will Lorna finally said You not only fight for you're village you fight for me now remember that Yes yes Lorna said wonderful now wake up a odd thing for a Queen to say but almost instantly Lorna woke up with a start to find Alex next to her with a rather strange look are you okay? she asked yes she said I'm fine still a little confused as to what just happened was it a dream or something all to real...

Into the Wild

What seemed like weeks had past in there time in the safety of the fortress deep within the Jungles of the North all the Lorna and her fellow now Elite Rangers had had training Lorna found it harder than most as she always felt the eyes of Nashala or Sky on her  even during training drills alt

but finally after weeks there was all but one final test to finish They had been told they where to leave the safety of the fortress and travel out of the jungle and arrive at the North Gate it is from there they will be Elite Rangers and deployed into the Queens army but there was the matter of traveling though the Jungle in the time there training had taught them new skills being able to survive long times and keep in one spot for days on end waiting to strike tracking finding there way back would be easy it was the things that lurked in the jungle that would prove a problem but not to you now Nashala said on telling them the task before I see you at the the North Gate Nashala said some final words of advice the demoness that lurk in these Jungles will not hesitate to kill you nor give you any mercy! with that they would be deployed in different squads Alex was ready with Lorna and her Squad you look nervous Alex said to Lorna who's thoughts where elsewhere Not really nervous Lorna said just hoping we make it out we will Alex said we have to right? besides its only fallen ones out there there not exactly quiet very true Lorna said walking to the gate before stepping out into the wild

The Terror Of The Wild

Walking for some time the route they had chosen was quiet no sign of anything or anyone following them Lorna was still on edge however she never was good at relaxing but there was a lot to think about she was a officer now in charge of her fellow elite rangers others had been chosen but she wanted to make sure all of her squad got out alive some already had been claimed by the nameless in the jungles around the fortress but Lorna was not certain it was fallen ones doing Lorna had seen a Fallen one before one had managed to somehow find its way out of the Jungle around her village and it almost took the guards life even when it was wounded it still tried to come at the guards with no sense of danger or mercy but the women who had been killed had been laid out some stripped and hanged upside down a Fallen One would not do that... so something else was out there Lorna was always cautious suddenly she saw a flash a horrible pain struck her mind a creature with fangs glaring at her it was sudden but she saw it Drawing her sword she looked around whats wrong Alex said I saw something Lorna said did you not? No Alex said looking at the other women who where looking slightly confused as to why there officer was behaving strangely it happened again this time for longer Lorna saw the creature with four wings and large fangs red eyes with slits reaching out and a look of laughter on its face Die it said out loud

Lorna looked around frantically are you sure you saw nothing she asked Yes Alex said what is the matter with you I'm seeing something a creature with wings and fangs its only in short bursts explaining as best she could without looking like she had gone mad should we stop for a moment Alex said to the others No lets carry on Lorna said its stopped now what on earth was that and why a I the only one seeing it maybe its because you are the officer Alex said remember Sky told us that the Tribes often go for officers to cause fear possibly but I am not going down without a Fight Lorna said frowning there are more of us than whatever it is out there agreed the women said as they carried on they had there weapons ready now just in case a little down the path they saw a horrible sight the squad before them had been attacked but by what was unclear with no sure sign of what could of attacked them without warning a woman who was still alive gasped help me she cried Lorna ran to her side where is your officer she asked the woman coughed again before pointing behind her Lorna turned to see a the officer impaled by her own sword to a tree What happened? By the Queen look at them there terrified It was a demoness the woman said trying to breath did it have four wings Lorna asked Yes it was so fast we.. did not react in time it was so fast... can you move? Lorna asked we are taking her with us Alex nodded helping her stand up she started to strangle me the woman said but she ran off then you showed up she could be coming back!!


We are leaving now Lorna said watch behind you anything you see report it at once standing now moving cautiously though the Jungle now became a issue with a wounded woman with them and something lurking in the depths

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Nashala walked away from Lissa now her mind set on other things Linn being at Akkara's prison would only make Nashala more determined to free her sister approaching General Sian where is Lissa she asked Dead Nashala said I killed her I have no time for cowards you and your forces are to accompany me understood? Yes of course Sian smiled with excitement anything you wish I can have them ready to move as soon as you request it! Good Nashala said see that you do some time had passed and Nashala and now a large force was once again moving make haste she had instructed they had arrived at the crossing to the Tribe territory by now Nashala was sure that the Tribe Scouts had probably spotted her army she had done her best to send out her own scouts to attempt to kill any Tribe Scouts before they could relay any info of this great force the Fortress is just ahead Nashala said to Sian You are to assault it leave No One Alive in there kill every last tribe you see I wish to see the Tribe Filth Hanging from the gatehouse of course Sian said but what will you be doing? I am to assault something else you are not going to be told what I seek there but it is of great importance good luck then Sian said Nashala had decided to wait for the Assault to start before moving the place she was after was just a little away from the Fortress by now she was sure the Tribes had spotted themalt she was correct in that matter as Arrow fire from the fortress walls had already started to fall it wasn't long as she had hoped the signal and sounds to charge was being sounded with that she and her forces made her way to the side of the fortress as the fortress battle was underway
Nashala made the decision to begin her own assault Arrow fire was starting to now fall harder at Nashala and her forces as the Tribes had probably noticed what was going on Alarm sounds where all over the Fortress A few women hit by the arrows screamed before falling KEEP MOVING Nashala roared as a Demoness was hit close to her it wasn't long before they had moved out of range of the Batak but there was still the matter of dealing with the Guardians and Tribe Defenders in the prison and so it begins she said Charging at the waiting Guardians and South Tribe At the time Nashala had wondered if Linn was present at the Prison or the fortress but either way she did not seem to care She will die all the same Nashala smiled as she ran towards the prison Chaos was correct she could feel Akkara below underground No doubt its going to be a maze down there she thought but thinking would have to wait The Guardians had already moved themselves to a shield wall up the top of the stairs Go kill them all leave no one standing!! Running now towards them Hold the line a Guardian shouted before having her shield slammed into by a Nameless woman Nashala was aware of the spears the South Tribe's had fast and accurate but she was all to ready for them dodging one of a snarling south Tribe  she was hit her sword swinging around to puncture the south tribe woman right in the stomach she screamed in Pain before being pushed off Pathetic Nashala said stepping over her the fighting was fierce there were a lot of Guardians there and South Tribes but no sign of West Tribe or Linn they had cleared there way up to the last steps wherealt Tribes where being finished off No please one screamed before a nameless claimed her life kicking her body aside the door is here she said pointing to a stone door it was wide open
I'm unsure how many are inside if at all Misstress we wait for your orders to go inside Let us go then Nashala said and free her! Deep inside the prison Akkara had heard the noise already and shouts and alarms she smiled laughing at the south tribe who was standing outside her prison She come's for me at last Akkara laughed and you better not get in her way girl I have orders to kill you bitch if anyone but our Forces come though that door she smirked so maybe you should pray they don't come in here! I'd like to see you try Akkara said I maybe chained up but I am sure I don't need my hands to kill you you won't dare try will you? shut up the south tribe frowned In the tunnels was slow but steady as the Remaining Tribes where overwhelmed they where no real match for the Siege Breakers Nashala had sent inside first Nashala walked behind them not making a sound till finally after many try's and dead end she approached a door with a few dead tribe women outside who had tried to shut the door but failed Nashala stepped into the room to see a Tribe woman trying to enter Akkara's prison to kill her as ordered STOP Nashala shouted rushing over to try get to the woman who had got the door open and started to ready her spear into Akkara who was shouting come woman and die much like your sisters! the Spear barely missed Akkara who had moved slightly the woman pulled back readying another thrust but Nashala had caught up and had pushed her sword's though the back of the woman's throat uughhggllgg she chocked before being tossed aside by Nashalaalt

My sister Akkara said I have missed you Nashala said Breaking the Chains Akkara stretched before smiling I was sure you would arrive We are to leave at once Nashala said turning to the door where the  Siege Breakers where standing we await your orders Misstress they said Siege Breakers Akkara smiled I have not seen them in some time she said picking up the south tribe's spear Are there any wounded left alive Akkara asked I don't think so dear sister I ordered to kill them all but there maybe some in the fortress that we have also taken wonderful Akkara smiled I will use this spear then I doubt this filth will mind she smiled stepping over the dead south tribe woman that Nashala had killed but before Nashala left hold on a moment what could you want in this wretched place Nashala picking up the tribes helmet I know you can hear me traitor you think you are safe over where you hide? Who are you talking to Sister? Akkara asked from the doorway our other sister I will break her in two where is she Akkara said entering the room She's not here tossing the helmet a charm Nashala scoffed we must move quickly Nashala said Why! Akkara scowled I wish to fight they will Pay for putting me in a cage like some Animal! maybe so Nashala said and you will get your vengeance but they will surely send there most powerful forces along with Nai no doubt we must be ready for them turning leaving the helmet next to the dead tribe 


Ishala was sitting as normal in her tower she had claimed at the Emerald Gate a place now hardly ventured by the patrolling tribes on the wall it had been quiet for the last few weeks hardly anyone had come to check and see what she was up too maybe they finally know I am on there side she thought she suddenly heard a voice of someone very familiar I know you can hear me traitor  a wash of dread and fear fell over her she looked over at the helmet No she said rushing over to a mantle with a helmet on it  NO! she called out again impossible how did she... Leaving to the Emerald Fortress flying as fast as she could practically breaking down the door Let me see Emerald at once she said to the Guardians Please Certainly not filth the Guardian said with disgust remove yourself from here at once the other one said You don't understand I have to see Emerald! she was making quite a lot of noise and it had happened to catch the attention of Nai who opened the door What is with all the noise out here she said before noticing Ishala What is it you want She wants to see our Empress Miss the Guardian said  I have to see her Or you Nai Well what is the meaning of this? Nashala has Freed Akkara!!

Nai said get in here at once Let her pass Ishala entered the room and you are certain of this how? They said walking to the Emerald Chamber When Akkara was captured I cast a charm on a helmet of one of the guards to the prison where she was being kept it acts as a warning if the wearer is killed or any disturbance around the prison it would warn me and it has Akkara is free! I even heard Nashala talking to me  How is this possible Nai said entering the chamber to find Emerald and Ruby both sat What is the matter Nai Emerald asked with some concern  I am afraid I bring dire news Nai said I have been informed that Akkara is free what? Emerald said Ruby Gasped how is that possible after Ishala explained again we have to send a force to see if this is true Emerald nodded hopefully the Charm you made is false and she is still locked up never to see the light of day again I will head there at once Nai said I will go with you Ruby said No Nai said you will not Akkara is dangerous and having you with me could be dire If I am to go myself then I can only worry about my safety if she is indeed free she will most likely try to return to the Queen's Island this we cannot allow I agree Emerald said Ruby you will stay here with  me what about me Ishala asked do you wish for me to come? No Nai said You have you're uses Heading to the door to leave If I can find Vera or Carla I will ask them to accompany me Ishala seemed to look a little uneasy go back to your tower Nai you have done your job I think I should come with you Ishala said as you wish Nai said but maybe you should get your armor first I have some armor? Ishala said well of course Nai said I thought no one really cared about me for that sort Well not true you maybe a demoness but you have shown you are useful at least to some of us Nai laughed great Ishala said follow me we shall see what we can find I am sure its here some place I will try to find Carla and Vela  Nai frowned just when I need them the most they are not here they must be on another errand for the tribe I will have to go myself Ishala was ready and followed silently behind Nai a reasonable sized force was following Nai Ishala was slightly nervous as she caught a few of the tribes frowning at her worried she was going to catch a spear or a arrow in the back relax Nai said they wont harm you you are a demoness after all Nai said so they obviously will have some hate towards you but they will not harm you unless I say so the army was moving quickly with hardly any time to rest they had to move as they could not allow the evil that was once more free to be released or free to leave the East Island as it would surely rest then return with force they walked for what seemed like hours but they made it the fortress where Akkara was being held was in sight Nai looked no sign of any attack or assault on the fortress she said at first glance but she could not see at this stage what was going on inside the fortress walls...

Nashala and siege breakers had the remaining garrison who had not died WHERE IS LINN Nashala roared at the Batak you feel that Nashala smirked that is your spine bending any more pressure and it will break Arghhh the Batak cried with pain leave her alone the Batak Officer spoke Silence Batak filth She can end it all she has to do is tell me where Linn is Quickly now Nashala said putting more pressure do so and you live along with your tribe sisters here! Please Stop Arghh the girl cried I'll talk stop stop please! Well I am waiting Nashala said easing up her foot she escaped along with her guards in a effort to trap you and Akkara here that's all I know Nashala now satisfied with the information plunged her sword into the girl's stomach before turning to the Siege Breakers Kill them all But you said we can live the Batak called out before her throat was slit by the waiting Siege Breaker


I lied Nashala laughed walking away to Akkara who had just finished with two Batak women who lay dead at her feet feeling better Nashala asked her sister she nodded much I long for more Tribe to kill Nashala was about to say something when the General Sian arrived pardon me Nashala she spoke but a Tribe army has been spotted with a Demoness among them Nashala smiled ah that would be Nai no doubt along with surprising my sister... What Akkara roared we will kill them at once Nai too No Nashala said we are leaving You will get your chance and you Sian are now in charge of the retreat your army will be enough to protect our escape and when that is done you will follow the same route we took to get here at once Sian said rushing off to ready the deference's and how exactly are we to get of this filthy island Akkara asked easy Nashala said heading towards the keep I wish to fight I wish to kill them all for what they did to me Akkara roared not run away like some coward just as Nashala turned to reply arrow fire started raining down around them there starting there attack already! Nashala yelled to get inside the keep but Akkara was hit already with a arrow that was burning Arggghhh she roared with pain as fire started to cover her Nashala muttered some words and almost as easily as the fire had started it was put out now come with me before and we will address the tribe filth for what they have done now Akkara now in a lot of pain from the fire covered her face as she walked into the keep with Nashala as she shut the door

On the other side of the fortress walls Nai hoped that the fire arrows had done there job and made the Queen's defenders scatter to try and fight the flames she had no idea that one of them had struck Akkara now the fun part Nai said advance she called out to the guardians and tribes there busy with the fire! Charge! after some fighting the fortress was retaken but much to the confusion of the tribe attackers who arrived on the walls to find tribe women some dead from the arrow fire and some still unable to move from being tied up and left to stand in the open it was all a trick Nai frowned but not without even more bad news as more Guardians arrived Nai and... your companion the Guardian officer spoke there is no sign of Nashala or Akkara the keep is empty! She has escaped then Nai frowned but not without Injury a tribe woman said the arrows you fired had caught Akkara she was in flames I saw her burn It does not matter Ishala said she is free now and no doubt will make a move on any tribe forces the fortress was only a distraction....

Far away in the depths of the north island a wounded Akkara lay being tended to by the Death Seekers get off me she said pushing the Death seekers hands away Rest Nashala said you need to recover your injury's will kill you if you are not treated I am fine Akkara flinched trying to move the flames had done damage but that would change as the air began get colder Welcome back my last council member Sapphire smiled arriving what happened to you? Fire arrows Nashala said oh no matter Sapphire laughed Come with me Nashala at once Nashala not sure what Sapphire wanted but left Akkara alone What is it you ask of me now my Queen nothing yet but give your sister some time to recover I am sure you will like the results a few hours later Nashala was sat in a yard wondering what Sapphire had in mind the results where astounding Left in the room Alone Chaos had arrived and given Akkara a gift restoring her Wings her Rage still remained and the marks of war Nashala smiled on seeing Akkara restored with her wings and how do you feel now Akkara Sapphire asked with a smile All tribes will die for what they did to me!alt

Rightly so you will begin your assault very soon Akkara turned her fist tightening and Emerald and Amy will die!


This story was delayed due to personal issues but its out now so can start on the other stories and such Akkara's revenge will be felt by every Tribe they have reason to be worried now!

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Haha, I hope these aren't getting boring! I just can't help but write scenarios using Raul's troopers.

This one is gonna have a part 2 as well I think! There's a secondary force of scuba-troopers waiting to use the main landing as a distraction while they sneak up a nearby cliff, and I feel it's in everyone's best interest that I have them do that. :)



There was no feeling like it.


My belly is in knots. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m horny as fuck. I’m about to die.

The soft roll of the small ship I’m on, as waves lap against its bow, is soothing and nauseating at the same time. Around me my sisters are bunched together; we’ve been packed like sardines in the small naval landing-craft, and the sound of gunfire was getting closer. The large exit ramp blocks our view though; all we can feel is the gentle spray of misting water that sneaks over the edge of the ship.

 My body is squeezed between a blonde and brunette, our thin uniforms doing little to minimize the sensation of warm flesh pressed against our nearly naked bodies. My white panties are already damp at the crotch, and I’m blushing even as I try hard to hide any emotion on my face. A few roaming hands had been quickly stamped out by our sergeant, S67 looming over us as she stands on a mid-height platform.


“Remember, sluts. Your job is to distract those rebel bitches while the other divisions flank them. If you run out of ammo, don’t let them know, just keep firing! We want them thinking you’re a threat! We’ll take the beach as best we can, but your job is to be a target, not a hero!”


I swallow nervously. That knot in my belly tightens at the sergeant’s reminder. My hand slides over my own bare belly, as though checking for any lumps that knot might be forming. I feel another hand slide over my ass and I bite my lip as the casual fingers of one of my fellow troopers takes out some of her anxiousness by teasing me with gentle strokes. S67 ruins the moment by bellowing out a final warning.


“Here we go! Get in that water and take that beach, you slugs!”

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Above and Beyond

That day Ashlinn fell still ever present in Linn's mind she saw her fall but could do nothing powerless to stop her the demoness who threw her sister over the bridge Nashala all Linn could see was her laughing her smile of joy of what she had done turning while on the bridge Oh you must be related no one looks at me like that without some form of relation to whoever that was I killed such a shame maybe you would like to join heralt DIE linn roared Nashala however had other ideas this battle is won she said taking off maybe you should do yourself a favor and run away like a good little girl Get down here Linn shouted and face me! Nashala was out of reach picking up a axe from a fallen Beserker don't you dare Nashala shouted back Linn threw the Axe as hard as she could but it missed slightly grazing Nashala I will remember you Bitch! Nashala said nowhere will hide you what is your Name so I know who I kill next time my name is Linn And I will kill you first You and your kind!!! I'd like to see you try Nashala yelled before going out of sight Linn! we have to go heavy elite are comingalt Nisha said we have to fall back Arghh Linn cried in rage lets go she said as shouts of retreat sounded along the bridge The Batak will cover our retreat we have to go Linn wanted to look for her sister but with the Queens forces now advancing it would be foolish to even try there was a way down to the bridge below in the ravine but it was on the Queens side and no doubt there would be Queen forces down there looking for any survivors The other side of the bridge now hurry back as predicted the Batak where covering the Queens forces who had stopped probably to regroup this was the only way across this part of the territory to a fortress that had seen its fair share of battles as constant fighting in the region The Queen's forces where relentless every week there would be some form of a push Linn did not know at the time that Ashlinn had survived barely but luckly another tribe who lived nearby in the ravine they did not want anything to do with the war that was raging above them the Queen's forces had sent path finders to venture into the territory of these tribe women in hope of making them join the Queen but they would be piled up at the ravine entrance altThey never killed the Tribe forces however only gave them a warning to not return again so now the Tribes do not venture into the area As for the Queen's forces they guard the ravine entrance and dare not venture into it for nowalt

Linn was quite upset Why can't we go into that area she shouted at Nai the tribes there made it quite clear they do not want to be involved they may of sent bodys of Queens forces and told us to leave but they could also kill our forces but my sister! I'm sorry about that Ashlinn was a good fighter She was killed by Nashala Linn frowned upset and angry A vile thing Nashala is Nai said one of the council members her presence at the bridge means they could be looking to advance across that ravine pass this is most troubling Nai said pointing at the map Natalin and her Batak are doing a fine job keeping them away for now but with Nashala around things may get dire Nai could see that Linn was full of rage and anger at the moment and not thinking clearly I think there is a possible errand you could run for me Linn what is that well some time ago now Nai said leaning closer Akkara was captured yes I heard about that Linn said Akkara is Nashala's sister! along with Ishala what Linn said So I need you to go to Akkara's prison and guard it maybe you will learn about Nashala and her dark secrets Linn pondered this for a moment yes she said with pleasure use caution though do not get close to Akkara she is strong and maybe chained up but do not give her any window but what about the front here I will assign Natalin and Vera to here they should be able to keep the Queen filth from crossing it was around that time that Nashala had started to set out for the Prison holding Akkara

Linn had arrived at the prison a fortress far out of the reach of many being assigned here was bliss to some of the forces as nothing ever happened since the Queens forces could not get into the area but that was about to change Linn entered the prison down into the place where light barely made into it and there at the end of the hallway was Akkara chained to the wall her eye's fixed on Linn oh another vermin come to look at me like I am some ANIMAL she roared trying to break free of the chains You are a monster said Linn If I had my way I would let you die slowly but I need information Like I would tell you anything wretch you will have to come in here and make me tell you Akkara laughed I need to know about your sister Ishala? Akkara frowned she is a traitor and deserves more than death painfully slowly minutes become days hours years ahh such pleasure it would give me No Linn said the other one Nashala Akkara stopped for a moment what do you want with her girl

Information she took something from me and I want vengeance you will not get it from her girl do yourself a favour and let it go Nashala will break you much like I would do except you are chained to a wall Linn smirked and I am able to leave as I please tell me about her Akkara laughed I told you I will not tell you anything my sister is just as ruthless as I am death often follows in her wake so do not chase after death or you will wind up dead not that I mind Akkara smiled again maybe so Linn said but I will end her life for what she did to my sister Linn realized that saying that to Akkara was probably not a good thing to say a wicked smile came across Akkara's face so that is the true reason why you think that killing your sister's killer will grant you peace? or vengeance you are wrong girl dead wrong and I would love to see you learn that lesson you are pathetic and will never kill my sister I can only hope she will kill you and before you die you realize your stupid mistake! hahaha Akkara laughed Linn simply said maybe so but at least I get to leave now Linn turned leaving Akkara alone and saying You can't hold me here forever I will break free!! You hear me and when I do you will all - Linn shut the door drowning out the sound of Akkara's voicealt


Break The Fall

what happened to Ashlinn when she fell over that bridge after recovering she managed to bring the tribe that helped her into the war this some of the events that took place while Linn was finding vengeance Ashlinn was finding ally's

Ashlinn fell for what seemed for endless till a massive thud her whole body shook as if she had run into something hard at full force she had landed on another woman who did not share the same fate her world spinning she was in and out of conscious little views here and there followed by the sound of more women falling how much time had passedalt

Ashlinn could not tell she was in pain had she hadn't fallen on the woman she would of probably died she awoke once more to see there where other women near her now wandering around checking the body's piling them up for a cart they had there Armour was not anything like Ashlinn had seen it was different where they tribes? or Queen's forces Help Ashlinn called out one of the women heard her Look here she called this one's alive and more women came Ashlinn saw one standing over her now Well what do we have here she said looking up You fell a hell of a long way down can you move? Ashlinn tried to get up but she was shaking with the pain Bring her with us then A red haired woman said she may live Kinva will know what to do with her at least Ashlinn felt some relief that they where tribes Ashlinn felt herself being picked up altUrgh she moaned before passing out it felt like days to Ashlinn she awoke briefly a few times with flashes of what was going on around her women standing over her talking she has not healed yet who is she and how did she survive the fall then at last she awoke with quite a start take it easy a woman said at the end of the bed sat in a chair her feet on the bed Ashlinn tired to move again I'd not advice against it She said standing up you fell a long way my name is Kinva I lead these women and the tribe and you are? Ashlinn my name is Ashlinn I am from the West Island ahh such a strange island Kinva smiled I visited it there many moons ago the Beserker's there are quite something I am guessing you are one of those? Yes I am Your skills in combat are not unknown to us The West Island has been overrun by the Queens forces The Queen? Kinva said those women who come into our lands and demand we fight for them? yes we have seen them many times but they stopped coming the moment we kill there forces and leave there body's and armor at the entrance to our land Kinva laughed We do not treat the Tribes though the same way but we will not join anyone I'm afraid that will soon not be the case Ashlinn said The Queen will not stop until she has all the lands and the tribe forces are scattered to the winds her and a seemly endless army of demoness and foul council members demoness? Kinva said those winged women we found below the bridge? Yes One of there members threw me off the bridge I can still see her laughing at me as I fell so the winged creatures are in a council strange and what is the name of this demoness?

Nashala Ashlinn said the room seemed to drop in mood whispering could be heard in the dark corners the room itself was quiet well lit Kinva noticed the room had suddenly gotten colder strange mentioning that winged creature has caused some strange noises she said getting up well of no matter I do not fear anything that goes bump in the night demoness or woman! when you are able to move about come outside I wish to show you something before we send you on your way back to your war

Ashlinn was unsure what to make of the tribe leader who clearly showed no interest in joining them but that was about to change as unknown to Ashlinn and the Kinva and her Tribe The Queen had some interest in these women and if they did not join this time death would be there only option Now that the bridge and the way into the Tribes territory clear The Council had decided to send in Fallen One's if the Queens envoys did not return alive or shown any respect they deserved Siege Breakers would be sent first then fallen ones who would wipe out everything and anyone they came across

What is it you wanted to show me Ashlinn said emerging from the Room she was staying in Ahh good Kinva said Ashlinn saw she was holding a large Axe fearing the worst what is it Ashlinn said with out any warning Ashlinn saw Kinva throw the axe right at a tree slamming into the tree with a massive crunch Try and get that out of that tree Kinva said the other tribe girls standing around her laughing Ashlinn put her hand around the tree and pulled with all her strengh but the Axe was not moving it was firmly stuck in the tree Pulling again it slightly moved but still could not get it out of the tree your strength is amazing Ashlinn said That's a training axe Kinva said the one's we use are smaller but throwing them is a last resort never throw unless you have to Ashlinn saw the woman had a smaller Axe in her hand this one here is what we use once you are able to get a decent throw on a bigger heavy Axe then you are ready for these ones Ashlinn walked over to Kinva who gave her a large Axe now throw it at the tree Ashlinn threw it but it hardly made the same impact as Kinva's throw it did stick in the tree but it was easily removedalt

Before you go Kinva said you will learn how we do this and maybe then you can teach other tribes and leave us alone as I have said we have no interest in your war with this Queen

Join Us Or Die!

Ashlinn said nothing they could of sent her on her way but this gift could prove useful for the Beserkers her training started almost instantly throwing Axes twice the size of the ones they used at targets Armour scavenged from the bridge It was tiring but Ashlinn was determined to master this for the good of the tribes a few weeks had passed and sure enough Ashlinn had managed to throw with the same force any Axe or sword she thew would be stuck in armor and tree's alike well done Kinva said to her your time here well spent but with your new found skills I hope you will manage to.. Kinva a few women said rushing over there are some strange Armour women coming down the path How many Kinva said A few there not like Queen forces we have seen before or Tribe for that matter Ashlinn come with me dashing off towards sure enough they carefully approached the path ahead of them sure enough very heavily armored women where ahead of them they had not noticed them Siege Breakers Ashlinn said and they are? Kinva said looking again there they are very heavily armored women for the Queen's forces

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Nashala was standing alone in her chambers on the North Island a horrible place for non demoness it had been months since akkara was captured and hidden away from the world her other sister Ishala now classed as a traitor the other demoness's in the council did not seem to care about akkara Vashala mentioned it once but Luvala had dubbed it unnecessary to even look for her so it fell down to Nashala it seemed and her only or so she thought sitting down now she felt a presence in the room with her.alt
Turning to see Chaos smiling at her not with your council members she smiled Misstress Nashala said bowing what brings you to see me Chaos smile widened akkara she said
What Nashala said surprised I have found her she is locked away in a Tribe vermin Jail on the East Island it took me months to break though the spells that are around the Jail but I am certain she is there! We must go at once Nashala said Do not simply rush in Chaos frowned you will need a force to break though it will not be easy She is one of the council members Nashala said with anger my sister she is all I have other than that traitor bitch! Watch your tone with me Girl Chaos snapped you maybe one of my higher generals but do not think I will not snap your neck I'm sorry Nashala said bowing again I will need a small army she said well do you not think I have not seen that chaos said go out to the balcony Nashala cautiously made her way to the balcony to be greeted with a impressive sight a huge force of demoness Siege Breakers Elite who let up a cheer FOR OUR QUEEN! behold Chaos said your army needed and You will be leading it against any resistance and you will be given your own armor for your needs a chance to fight for you and my sister! Nashala said I welcome it go down to the armory at once Nashala found herself putting on armor some Nameless where there getting themselves ready also they saluted as soon as they saw Nashala we will follow your command Nashala felt like she was the Queen with the army she had a small thing that questioned her mind aa  but that was soon answered My mistress Nashala said to the woman standing in a Siege Breaker uniform how has our Queen given permission for such a force? That is simply Chaos said pointing Nashala turned to see Sapphire standing there My Queen Nashala bowed again Rise Nashala Sapphire said I have granted you this army to bring back my last council member but do not forget who allowed you to have such a force I expect victory from you these women will follow your lead and I will check in from time to time to see how it goes Chaos and I expect great things from you so do not let me down yes my Queen I shall not disappoint you! The East Island will not hold akkara any longer! but before I go there are some weapons a general must be equipped with sure enough there where two swords waiting for there owner to pick them up Nashala picked up them and smiled they will kill many tribes for taking her away from me she said Sapphire had already gone See that it happens Chaos said before turning to leave your forces await your command to move out do not disappoint me or your queenalt
With that and now Nashala leading a force that would help with the capture of territory on the East island but there main focus was where akkara was being held a prison underground beside a fortress so the fortress would need to be sized first from what Nashala could understand that the area surrounding the Fortress was being fought over so her army arriving would be a welcome sight to assist the Generals already fighting but to keep the real reason why the army was raised to only a few key members in order to stop any attempts of akkara being moved now was the travel of such a force to the Island it would take a few days by sea only to arrive at the dockyards held by the Queens forces but as always a risk of being fired upon from the cliff edges that where always crawling with Batak
Mind yourself along the cliff's Nashala cautioned the archers in her boat as they made there way past the cliffs it was quiet along the coast for a change but that was soon interrupted as arrows began hitting the boats and women get down! a nameless archer said to Nashala who ducked as more arrows thundered into the boat hitting a woman square in the chest sending her flying over the boat side Return fire Nashala yelled Fire order's where heard along all the boats alta volley of arrows flew upwards towards the cliffs Nashala smiled on seeing a few Batak falling down to the rocks belowalt Die she thought you scum The boat was still taking heavy fire but it had lessened as they approached the end of the cliff the docks of the Queenalt now in sight as they continued are you alright a nameless officer asked Nashala who nodded I am fine we suffered minimal losses she said looking a few dead women laying in the boat a pity Nashala said but with that stepping off the boat finally off that thing Nashala frowned I hate boats there slow walking as a General approached Nashala she saw her coming over Hail she said bowing a I was informed that you would be arriving it is a honour to see you here a member of aa the council and advisory to our Queen here! I am here for a reason yes yes the General said I have been informed your army is to leave for the front as soon as you are off the boats and ready to leave the docks
I will be joining you with my Wild Elite and other forces the General said looking behind her at the busy Fortress yard there where hundreds of women going about there duty's gathering weapons go and see to your forces then Nashala said I will let you know when we are ready of course the General said walking away
a demoness approached Nashala who is that general her armor is different to those around her what makes her so special that General is one of the few who have lasted and done great things for our army and forces Lissa Is her name and she has been rewarded for her services nether the less we have a lot to do of course Nashala left the docks and found Lissa again in the barracks You have quite the reputation around here Lissa smiled You are as ruthless as they say Nashala I look forward to seeing you in battle I am when I have to be Nashala replied how greater of a force do we have as a strong force to deal with anything the Tribe filth throw at us we will get your sister back Lissa said pointing at the map once you are ready to leave we shall travel to the fortress here and then from there assist in taking the fortress first then here is where akkara is being held my scouts and path finders have already said the battle taking place there is showing no signs of ending but our arrival will make a big impact good Nashala said looking at the map my sister will be free! she said tightening her fists and those who dare stand in my way will suffer!
a fair distance away Linn was addressing something troubling I saw scouts around the area near the ruins a panting south tribe had said This is not a issue another woman said there are always scouts in that area nothing ever comes from it the battle there has been going on for weeks now! Maybe so Linn said but we cannot risk the prisoner being released or worse Who is down there the woman said I hear its someone valuable it is of no concern to you Linn said we cannot risk information like this being released as far as the Queen filth know this fortress a is of no tactical advantage and it will remain that way Linn was unaware of the force of some size heading towards there position and by the time she knew something was wrong it would of been too late to even retreat or move akkara from her prison Freedom was the only thing on Nashala's mind and soon it would be so or she would die trying
We are ready to move on your order miss the officers are all ready and have there orders to assist the fighting we will go on your mark very well then Nashala smiled we shall move now Go and bring joy to those who see us arrive and fear to those who stand in our way!alt
it was a strange feeling walking with her army but Nashala was quite content with it so this is what it feels like she thought her bodyguard consisting of Siege Breakers and Nameless walked around her in silence there job was to protect Nashala with there lives above them demoness archers aa flew around aa there was no danger yet of any arrow fire as they where deep in Queen territory they would arrive at the battlefield in a few hours General Lissa had already moved to boost the forces fighting along the lines they would break of suddenly and advance on the fortress containing akkara with out little warning there would be no way the tribes would be able to move her without being spotted but the task of the fortress and guards within it would be of no easy feat they had ladders and siege towers to be made at a instant but there would be a constant threat of Batak archers and south tribe and guardian advances while such things would be constructed the sky was grey and overcast once more the marching was going quickly it was a rare chance for Nashala as she often traveled by flying but this was important to walk as her bodyguards could not also fly the weight of the Siege Breaker amour would be hard to even get off the ground let alone fly around but for once Nashala did not mind she had her thoughts elsewhere more so the upcoming battle she was unaware of the outcome but seeing her sister again watching as she walked the plants and grass dying in her wake she was much like Vashala and that her presence often killed living plants and other things it was one way the tribes could track the council members as normally where they where things died... Nashala a Wild Elite Path finder said Just ahead of us there's a battle taking place the General is also in the battle I saw her what should we do? We will assist them quickly now Nashala said the cheer of fighting going along the march sending the Wild Elite and Nameless in first to assist whatever remains of the army this General needed Go! Nashala heard as officers yelling to keep ranks as they charged around the corner unaware of what they would be running into almost instantly arrow fire began thundering down around them Shields Up almost the Nameless and Sige Breakers where instant in raising and following the Command the wild elite where slightly slower causing a few to be hit instantly cries of pain and shock echoed around Nashala she did not mind she quite enjoyed it stepping over the fallen women heading around the corner to see Tribe and South Tribes fighting the battle was far from over it seemed Nashala's forces had arrived just in time from what she could see the General right in the middle of the battle Charge! Nashala saw South Tribes advancing at a fast pace towards them Finally the first Tribe filth will die! dodging a spear thrust before pushing her sword into the south tribe die! Nashala roared knocking a blonde south tribe to the floor before cutting her throatalt
fighting there way towards the General who was down but alive Nashala had heard the tribes sound of retreat they had some time before the Batak would probably start shooting at the Queen's lines to pick off any survivors Nashala approached the downed General who was still alive with a arrow in her side and leg she saw Nashala and smiled it's a honor to see you! alt
*Cough* a General Lissa was right *cough* I hoped I would of seen you under better circumstances but Tell me what happened here We where told to fight for the ruins behind me as they are a good place to setup another Base Camp *cough* but the Tribe forces where stronger than expected victory was assured but with a surprise attack from a group of Guardians and South tribe Nashala bent down next to the General you have done well You have not failed your Queen nor me Nashala smiled some Death Seekers drifted over towards Nashala not saying a word as they approached before stopping orders? one of them aa said Tend to this General at once Nashala said bring her and any survivors to Nashala looked around hoping to spot the Generals camp where is your Camp General? Its now in the ruins we just captured she said trying to point General Lissa should be there her forces *cough* where flanking Bring her there then Nashala said to the Death Seekers I shall have a word with General Lissa
Sure enough Lissa was in the ruins sat down on the remains of a building she saw Nashala approach Greeting she said standing I am glad you made it safely You left that General to die at the ruins entrance Nashala snapped you could of gotten her killed I was certain she would live and she did the General said standing now You left her to die I did not the General said again how dare you accuse someone so loyal to the Queen of such a thing I can accuse do you know why? Nashala smiled I can see you for what you are General a coward and not worthy of a general title am I right? No That other General also know's your secret and you hoped she would die in that battle so it would be safe but I know it know and you are not going to stop me from freeing akkara are you Lissa frowned before grabbing her sword she was fast but Nashala was faster and without a moments pause she stabbed the General who slid down the ruins before landing on the floor die now Nashala said making sure she was deadalt
did you really have to kill a General? Chaos said appearing behind Nashala she was no General but a coward a fake fair enough Chaos said I guess that means your army is now bigger good news I am here to also tell you Linn is also present at this fortress you are due to attack soon and she still has some strange vendetta against you still?

Wonderful Nashala said standing Linn typical she would be here but no matter West Beserkers are not much of a threat Use caution Chaos said there will be some battles that need to be won before the fortress and Linn will stop at nothing to see you dead remember that yes Misstress Nashala said stepping over Lissa and walking off to see the Other General

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Another story inspired by Beancooler/Raul's great take on Imperial Troopers. With Zoey (and a Stephy cameo, hehe) for good measure!

I decided to write out T94's side of the battle to defend the Imperial cruiser her and T55 were stationed on. :)

Hope you guys like it!



T94 was proud.

Proud to be a Trooper.

Proud to have been entrusted with the duty of defending the airlock

Proud to serve the Empress.

But most of all she was proud to be given the chance to kill some rebel sluts.

The petite redhead savoured the scant minutes left before the fight would begin. She moved down the hallway with T100 and T44, while barely acknowledging either of them. Her pert breasts pressed against the slightly stretchy fabric of her black crop top, and the soft click of her bootheels on the reflectively polished floor of the hallway brought her a slice of calming rhythm before the storm; words would have only spoiled it.

The young trooper's braided pigtails bounced against her shoulders as she marched, and a smile beamed from between her freckled cheeks, and below a likewise freckled nose. She had the look of a girl, but the mind of a killer. That she could be dead in mere moments was a thought left to linger in the depths of her subconscious, rejected out of sheer impossibility and ignored out of a fear she would never admit to.

As the three troopers rounded the final turn before the airlock, they found themselves facing a rather large contingent of sister-troopers. There were twenty of them or so, all kneeling behind the ribbed support beams that ran down the smaller branch-hallway, or pressed against the smooth white plastic which covered the walls. All of them had their weapons raised, their silent muzzles pointing towards the airlock at the end of the hallway.

"Get in position, sluts! If you survive this, remind me to give you each a whipping for your insolent tardiness!" The commander was a tall blonde, her body pockmarked by several scars and at least one old puckered blaster-wound just below her left breast. T94--Zoey, she liked to call herself in the dark, when no-one but her closest bunkmates were listening--knew better than to even consider questioning either order and snapped a salute.

"Ma'am!" Her response was quick, her body stiffening as she raised a fist to her chest in respect for her commanding officer. The sudden jerk of her body caused the fledgling trooper's ass to jiggle slightly in the white briefs she wore. The other two followed suit, and all three quickly found space amongst the troopers already in position.

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I wake up to the sounds of klaxxons blaring. Red light sweeps across the barrack room me and my sister-troopers had been assigned.

 "Incoming Rebel Attack" a robotic voice declares, its monotone expression sounding disinterested. The message repeats as I push myself out of my bed, my naked body trembling with excitement.

"Come on, bitches! Battlestations!" My commander's voice prompts me to move faster as she steps into the room. I slide the white briefs of my uniform up my legs, settling them across my firm ass and hips even as the commander storms across the room to ensure we weren't slacking. "Those rebel sluts think they can just take our ship? We'll show them what the Empire thinks of their shitty little plans!"

We dress quickly, though several girls get a sharp crack of the commander's baton as a reminder that the Empire didn't tolerate lollygagging. As I pull my black top over my head, settling it across the humps of my B-cup breasts, I can't help but notice the way my hard nipples poke through the otherwise smoothly drawn fabric; I couldn't wait to kill some rebels!

"T44, T94 & T100. Report to Airlock 54 and join-up with the defending force there. Those sluts are gonna try to board us, you make sure they don't." Three girls snap quick salutes and hurry from the room. "T55 & T63, they need extra gun crews on the starboard side. Get over there and fry anything that comes within range of the ship" I stand up tall and salute, though I hadn't even had time to get my boots on. I hurry out wearing only the black stockings that normally went under our armoured boots; I wouldn't need them where I was going anyway.

The ship is large, one of the new Imperial cruisers meant to supplement the larger Destroyers. We weren't as well armoured, but the ship could repel most attacks on its own. I had been assigned to it only a week earlier, fresh from the training center and eager to distinguish myself in battle! Now the entire place was in an uproar. Red flashing lights bathed the scene with a blood-like tint that only heightened the peak of adrenaline coursing through me.

A small troop of girls in black leotards and tall boots march past me in one of the wide corridors, all of them holding helmets under their arms; pilots! Their designations match those of us troopers, but the T replaced with a P, and their heads held higher; I wanted to be one so badly! I watch them go before T63 pushes me along, "Hurry up, stupid, before they discard us both for dereliction!" I shudder at the thought; dereliction of duty by a clone-trooper was usually punished by immediate disintegration... I'd seen a few girls be discarded, nothing left of them but smoking ash-filled boots... I hurry.

The gun battery is in full operation by the time I arrive, and the commanding officer quickly has us in place. The guns are manned individually, each girl sitting back in a bucket-reared seat facing a control panel and a pair of large sticks, each capped by a blinking red button. As I sit, the control panel crackles to life and I'm looking outside the ship! Enemy fighters are everywhere! Our own fighters are marked by green outlines to ensure we don't fire on them.

"Fire at will, bitches!"

I do just that. My seat rumbles a little with each shot, bringing a blush to my lightly freckled cheeks as I focus on what I'm shooting at. I can't see the pilots of the ships, but as I put a stream of red-coloured laserfire through the hull of an enemy fighter, I can only imagine the look on the pilot's face. I gasp softly as the fighter explodes, sending chunks of debris sprialing lazily away into space.

There! Another one! I open fire and I'm rewarded by the fighter dissolving into a streaking fireball, the girl inside it no doubt shrieking in horror for the second or two she's given before the entire thing explodes, and she's reduced to space-dust.

I fall into the flow of it easily. Fighter after fighter falls to my lasers, but there're so many more to replace them! Our own fighters continue to fight, but the number of green-lit ships on my screen begins to dwindle. I think of the pilots I'd seen heading for their ships on my way to the guns; the way their bodies had been shaped by the tightly stretched lycra-like leotards they'd worn, the small pistols bouncing in their leg holsters, the way they'd carried themselves so proudly... were all of those girls dead yet? I shiver in my seat even as another blast of laser fire causes it to rumble beneath me. I can feel the slight dampness of my panties as they cling to my aroused skin; this was even better than I thought it'd be!

My inattention nearly costs me. An enemy fighter squadron had been assigned to quiet our guns! They open fire, sending torpedoes and laser fire directly into our array of weapons. I open fire once more, but it's too late to stop them! A girl several seats over shrieks out a submissive, "NYAAAAAAHHH!" as her gun is destroyed, sending electrical feedback through her system and filling the short blonde's body with deadly electricity. She's cooked on the spot! Her body shakes, tits jostling in her tight top, and her tongue hanging out of her mouth stupidly as she stares wide-eyed at the crackling monitor. Finally, she topples forward, face-planting into the controls.

A brunette nearby suffers a similar fate, jerking and writhing in her chair as her deathcry fills the air. "AIIIIIIEEE!!!" Gritting her teeth, the brunette dies with a look of agony on her face, slumping back in her chair with her legs wide and her panties soaked by a final humiliating orgasm.

Nearly 10 of our 24 guns are destroyed, the girls manning them screaming as they die. Each of us continues to fire, however, as though unaware of the girls dying around us. Each look of determination remains solid until it's that girl's turn to shriek and dance in their seat.

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Just something I wrote quickly as a present for Raul in return for all of his fantastic Imperial Trooper vs. Rebel pictures. :)

I thought I'd share it with you guys as well!




It's hot! The heat surrounds us, sticking to our skin tighter than the black tops and white panties we wear. My armour is stifling as I trek through the jungle with my sisters. Swatting at bugs, I grumble in annoyance.

"What was that, slut!?" Yells an older trooper near the front of our column, the sergeant looking back as she shouts. I fall quiet immediately, but I'm not the only one getting fed up of trekking through the mud and bugs!

I swat at a mosquito the size of my fist and resist the urge to use my blaster! We were supposed to be sneaking up on the fort of a native species to this planet though. The primitive bitches wouldn't clear out when we showed up, and now the Empress wanted us to remove them by force!

There are a couple of hundred of us, but it shouldn't take that many. The amazon sluts didn't even have guns! They still used bows and arrows, this was going to be a cakewalk.... if we ever got there!

"AIIIIIIIE!" A shriek from nearby has everyone raise their weapons, ready to fight... but there's no enemy! A blonde trooper, her young perky tits heaving against her black top had been grabbed by a hefty snake-like creature hanging from a tree.

"Help me!" she cries out as the snake-thing wraps its long body around her, cocooning her in its tight embrace while holding her by the neck as she's lifted off of her feet. She's practically crying, but the sergeant raises her hand... we're not to help her; if we fired, it may alert the amazons to our presence! The blonde girl cries out again as the snake begins to squeeze her violently, her arms up to try and pry it away but it's too strong. I can only watch--feeling the dampness in my panties--as she's slowly hauled up into the foliage far above.

About halfway up her struggles stop, her eyes staring down blankly as her tongue hangs out of her mouth; she was snake food now, and the dribble of cum running down her inner thigh glistens in the light. I shudder with a taboo excitement at the thought of the snake devouring the young blonde...

We've lost a number of troopers to predators along the way, and a small squad had gotten their dumb selves caught in quicksand. We still had plenty to get the job done though!

Arrows suddenly fill the air though! These were from predators of a different sort.

"URRRRGH!" a trooper takes an arrow right between her plump breasts, her finger squeezing the trigger of her blaster as it spasms from the pain filling her body. She falls to her knees, then falls face-down in the mud. I jump over her body, looking for cover as more arrows fill the air!

"YAAAAAAI!" A tall brunette beside me with a green barette in her hair takes an arrow to her belly, her eyes wide as she looks down at it in surprise and shock! A second arrow takes her quickly in the throat, and she gurgles out a trickle of blood as her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses backwards. The girl's legs kick up a bit, her white panties marked by mud and cum as she dies on her back like the slut she was!

Girls are dying all around me now. I slide into cover behind a fallen tree, but behind me over a dozen troopers are dead in the mud. A blonde's blue eyes stare at me silently as she lays across the body of a dying redhead, and I stare back, trying not to notice the arrow sticking out of the girl's back.

"Form up, return fire!" shouts the sergeant, firing wildly into the trees as she does. The arrows are coming from above us! I look up and see movement. I raise my blaster, but the target disappears before I can fire. Frantic, I look about as the deathscreams of my sisters fill the air.

"GRAAAAAAAG--" a black-haired trooper clutches at the arrow buried in her guts, only to have a second and third one plunge into her chest, spearing her tits and killing her instantly. She falls back into a pile with three other dead troopers, the pile of cooling meat providing cover for another trooper who had thought to duck behind it.

"FIRE YOU DUMB BITCHES!" cries the sergeant again, and I follow her order!

My lasers blast into the trees and I'm rewarded by a high-pitched shriek as a body tumbles nearly thirty feet to the muck below. She's tall, blonde, and almost naked! The girl wears only a grey loincloth as she writhes in the mud and soon dies. Fried one!

The surviving troopers soon spread out. We'd have reinforcements in minutes, but for now we were on our own! We fire, and start getting kills, but continue taking losses.

A redhead who looks a year or two older than me slides into cover right beside me. As she sits up to fire, she takes an arrow to her throat! I glance over, but continue to fire, as she chokes and clutches at the arrow. Her eyes look to me, as if I could help her! Soon, she falls forward over the log we'd been behind, her ass in the air and her head and arms dangling downwards. She dies like that, and I can smell her climax as her twitching body finally falls still! I can't help myself and slap her dead ass with a smirk, and take her gun in case I needed the ammo!

"T55! T02! T94! T63 & T88!" the sergeant cries out, "Push forward! Break out of the ring they've formed and flank them!"

I gulp as the other troopers called move into position. Even as an arrow whizzes past my head, I hurry to follow them. The rest of my sisters continue to hold their positions, firing into the trees and occasionally striking one of the beautiful amazon girls who were slaughtering us! I can see several corpses caught in the branches overhead, smoke rising from their scorched, naked flesh.

Jumping over several trooper corpses, their young bodies flat in the mud and their clean uniforms soiled by dirt and blood, we push forward! Suddenly, arrows are flying at US! We don't stand a chance!

T02, a young blonde with a pink barette in her long hair, takes an arrow to one breast. Her charge falters, her scream loud and piercing before a second arrow slams into her belly. Her panties are dark with cum as she thrusts her hips forward, "URRRRRAAAA!!!" she howls as she falls into the mud.

T88 doesn't get much farther, the brunette taking a pair of arrows to her chest, and a third to her shoulder. She spins as she falls, her blaster flying from her hands. "AIIIIIIE!" She lands ontop of T02, their bodies twitching and heaving as they die.

The three survivors, myself included, panic, our charge broken as we stop to fire upwards. T94 takes an arrow between her shoulderblades. Her chest thrusts forward as she screams out in pain, blood running down her back. A second arrow hits the small of her back, and her knees buckle, "GAAAAAARRGGGH...." her guttural cry cut short by a third arrow hitting her neck from the side. The braided redhair of the trooper flips about as her neck twists to the side and she falls sideways into the mud.

I clench my teeth, my panties soaking wet with anticipation now. Then I'm hit! An arrow hits me right below my right breast. My whole body seizes up as I gasp out, then I'm hit again in the belly!

"N-NYAAAAAAH!" I can't hold in my shriek as I realize I'd just been killed! My blaster goes off twice more as my hand cramps up and my muscles tighten. My eyes clench shut as I feel my balance give way, pain exploding in my mind as I fall backwards! I land on something soft, but I'm too busy cumming hard to wonder what it is. My panties are a mess, the white fabric clinging to my skin.

The position I'd landed in makes a spectacle of my poor cum-soaked panties, my legs spread and my hips lifted as I lay atop the bodies of T02 & T88. I gasp and choke, staring at the arrows jutting up from my body even as my vision starts to darken! Oh god! I was in a bodypile. A second orgasm rips through me as I realize I was going to die piled up like meat with the other two girls!

Grinding my teeth against the pain, I realize my blaster has fallen out of my hands, my whole body seems heavy I could just... relax... here... my hands fall limply to my sides, my head falling back to rest on the belly of T88.

"Fuck! Stupid bitches!" the sergeant yells as she watches T55's twitching, arrow-riddled body stop moving. T63 goes down last, an arrow in her throat for her to choke on as she dies. "T44, T24, T78, T90 & T97! Your turn! Try not to fuck it up like those sluts did!"

I'm already dead though, and can't hear them. The battle is eventually won for the Empire, and the fort is taken... but with heavy casualties...

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Today was a good battle, thought Little Panther as she scavenged across the sight of the great battle that had occurred three hours ago.

The young Dark Skin warrior walked amongst the bodies of her fallen sisters and the dead red skinned amazons that littered the ground outside the walls of the abandoned fortress her sisters had occupied after the women from the Kingdom across the ocean had been all killed off.

Her sisters were once three hundred strong, but they had lost twenty good sisters today as they defended the fortress walls from their neighboring rivals from a red skin clans who wanted the fortress as well. But the red skin amazons lost four hundred of their sisters, just trying to scale the wall and break the wooden door.

Little Panther was one of three of her sisters scavenging the fields in front of the wall. The two sisters were much older than Little Panther, who was still young and foolish. The teenager's breasts were still small, but she was old enough to be a warrior. Her hair was tied into several smaller braids that went passed her shoulders. She wore a loincloth that barely covered her front side, making her a easy target for lustful amazons, her petite frame left her even more exposed.

The young dark skin walked aways a way from the wall, approaching a cluster of dead red skins who had been carrying a ladder, but none of them made it far. Little Panther saw one dead Red skin, her age, who was neither thin not heavy but still beautiful, laying on her side, clutching her stomach where an arrow struck her.

Little Panther pushed the arm of a red skin off of the younger red skin's shoulder and flipped the dead girl on her back, removing the arrow, allowing the young dark skin to examine the body that was adorned in red war paint.

Grinning at her find, the dark skin pulled her flint knife out, and cut the dead girl's loincloth off and proceeded to fling the girl over her shoulder, and walked quickly back to the fortress with her prize.

That night: Little Panther was on the wall, looking out at the night covered plains with her older sisters, who she laughed with. All the while she say on her prize, enjoying the feeling of the red skin's skin touching her butt. When it was time for bed: she lay on top of the body, feeling the girl's hair and imagining her when she was alive.


The next morning: Little Panther was awoken with one of her sister's shaking her shoulder urgently. Little Panther shook off her fatigue, grabbed her spear and stood up, looking over the wall that now had the bodies of some of the red skins and her sisters who died yesterday, acting as additional cover.

Standing beside her sister, who was heavy set and a year older than Little Panther: She saw a sight that made her, and all her sisters, blood run cold. Assembled before the fortress yards away were thousands of red skins. Little Panther swallowed as she flung her prize from the other day over the wall, stacking her on top of a red skin who had a mohawk.

When the chiefs of the thousand warriors signaled the warriors to attack: the sound of a large echoing war cry filled the air as the warriors, on foot and horse back, charged.

Little Panther and her heavy sister and their sisters on their wall stayed on their position on the walls, shooting arrows at the warriors that threatened to get close, knocking over ladders and women to the ground.

Eventually however Little Panther's heavy sister ran out of arrows, forcing the fat woman to drop her bow and go over to a near by spear rack and pickup a spear. Only for a red skin woman to manage to climb up the wall while Little Panther and the rest of her sisters on the wall were busy and run up behind her, and smash a hatchet into the back of the fat woman' shoulders. The fat woman screamed, alerting Little Panther, who sent an arrow into the red skin's throat. Both the fat woman and the red skin fell to the floor, the red skin laying on top of her victim.

With the death of their fat, but beautiful, sister: more dark skinned sisters began to die as they became overwhelmed. Even with the arrival of the chief to their wall was not enough. With only six sisters left on the wall, Little Panther became frightened, hiding behind the red skin's body she had collected yesterday, she felt a strong hand grab her, she looked to see it was her chief, a young and brash chief that had gotten all of her sisters into this mess. She was bald but wore a feather headdress.

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The Air Stands Still

Siege Breakers the heavy unit made for one purpose alone to break though any lines fortress with minimal effort there armour a curse? Siege Breakers take more fire from tribe arrows than any of the other forces in the Queens army there training throws everything at any potential siege breaker from the very start to the end of there life or the war that has claimed thousands of lives with no end in sight...alt

You Are Chosen

Kimi stood along with other women slightly confused she was in a elite unit just hours before after they had attacked a small tower only 10 of them somehow managed to stop any tribe from escaping the tribes had double the numbers of them and by some chance they came out victorious she was told to remove her elite uniform and now along with a few other women standing in basic armour wondering they all looked around at each other What is going on why are we standing here a woman next to Kimi said I am not sure she said I was told we are being informed about a special force and we should be honoured by who the woman said a demoness a high ranking one Kimi said Sky I think her name was that made the woman look even more nervous she is a member of the council of 7 I heard she was a Tribe beforealt

I was Sky said dropping seemingly out of thin air her wings folding back her eyes looking right at the women beside Kimi your name is Sky asked Koi miss she said standing to attention and you? Sky said to Kimi Kimi she said also standing to attention very well you both and the rest of you are here for a reason you have performed well and thus Sky smiled shall be rewarded the honour of the Siege Breaker Training will be given to you but Sky paused it is not for the weak nor for those who show any sign of hesitation so you get one chance to walk away and one chance only! a Blonde woman who was standing next to Koi suddenly moved backwards I don't want she never finished speaking Sky had already stabbed the woman woman she lay on the floor

Anyone else? Sky said looking around no one moved or said anything wonderful you all will remain here until Lurvala arrives to continue with what is to come and I suggest you do not upset her and get rid of that sky said pointing to the blond woman before taking off leaving the group of now 9 women

Siege Breakers?! I thought they where picked personally by our Queen this is fantastic! there armour is such a joy to see the women chattering to each other after removing the body Koi was speaking to other women Kimi sat down her mind racing Siege Breakers where indeed wonderful to see but something bothered her the training being hard what else could happen? they had already killed someone for simply saying no none of that seemed to bother anyone else who where all talking excitedly Lurvala arrival was eventful to say the least she arrived with another group of women at least 30 of them where now standing outside in a yard behind Lurvala was a building with a door bolted shut it did not dawn on Kimi that it was even there a wicked Grin had spread over Lurvala's face as she looked around she was blind but it was obvious she could sense the women there no one dared speak Lurvala had a short temper and killed or wounded people without any pause the only people in the army she would not dare speak out of turn to the Queen or Niashala behind me Lurvala spoke as you may of noticed with your eye's is a door you will go inside that door as soon as I am done talking make your way though there and exit out the other side I will see you there Lurvala smiled again Questions? No one spoke nor said anything in fear of being killed Good now get on with it she said flying over the building and out of sight

Live or Die

The door just opened slowly the women started heading inside the building what was waiting for them inside was anyone's guess Kimi started to make there way inside she was at the back so lucky for her she thought as she passed thought he door Kimi could hardly see inside the other women had gone ahead she thought but that was not some lay dead on the floor in front of her Kimi could see the cause of the death a fallen one relentlessly stabbing the woman just in front of her shit Kimi said with hardly any time to react the fallen one had already turned around and jumped at her spouting words in a tongue Kimi could not understand she dodged the attacks before ramming the fallen ones head into the wall that was enough to give her time to pick up the fallen ones weapon it had dropped before planting it into her back and twisting to make sure well at least I am armed now the other women behind Kimi had seen Is that a fallen One?!alt

We are supposed to fight them to get though the building Kimi said pick that weapon up and lets go the other women nodded Kimi looked around the corner and saw Koi had also managed to kill a Fallen one she was standing with two swords she turned to see Kimi looking You are alive as well thank the Queen this place is full of Fallen ones! I know Kimi nodded we have to get though here duck Kimi said Koi instantly ducked and a fallen one missed shrieking before falling silent as Kimi's sword had found its way into the Fallen One's throat that should silence you Kimi scowled more weapons the other remaining women picked up the swords come on Kimi said looking around another corner her heart was racing it was a door with light on the outside the way out she thought being hesitant carefully making her way over some dead women with arrow's in there side stop Koi said traps maybe? Kimi carefully put her feet on the floor slowly she thought checking for every step she got to the door after what seemed minutes and opened the door... it was the way out Lurvala was waiting on the otherside Kimi was sure she was disappointed on seeing  them emerge from there Sky stood next to her she had probably told Lurvala You 5 come here at once Sky said Kimi and her group made there way down drop your weapons Sky said you have no need for them... yet

There where fallen ones in there Kimi said forgetting who she was speaking to Sky smiled again approaching Kimi and you are the first one to kill them and by the looks of things lead the group very well You are to be a Siege Breaker officer but watch your tone with me girl I have killed for less you are lucky that a important task has shown itself for you fate such a wonderful tool

Kimi kept her mouth shut yes there where fallen ones in there they where to weed out the weak those who do not deserve such a honour! your first lesson Be ready for anything that will be thrown at you Lurvala laughed you are lucky it was just fallen ones in there If it was me there would be a different story going on this day Kimi was standing waiting for more orders when she could hear something inside her head it was not her thoughts this voice had a mind of its own you have done well as mentioned you will be rewarded it waits for you now it longs for you to wear it Kimi shook her head the others in her group had started to move so Kimi just followed them ignoring the voice it felt like days had passed but only a small walk to a nearby fortress that seemed abandoned but here was a armory in secret below the main building wait here Sky said as a door opened Nashala with her eyes as black as the void itself emerged from the doorway we are ready Kimi and her group had also been joined by other women who had survived the first test

Inside they found armour the siege breaker armour it was all apart from weapons they were told to stand next to armour Kimi was asked by Nashala to stand next to a different colour armour than the rest a few more where like it as Kimi approached it she could hear the voice again burning its way out of her mind It awaits for you it wants you pick it up feel it enjoy it Kimi did like the armour as it looked back at her These are now your armour for the duration of the training from here on out you all will be named as Siege Breakers the most feared unit in our Queens army!alt

Kimi looked at the armour it shined you can hear it can't you Nashala who was behind Kimi now no need to lie to me girl I can see it Yes I can who is it speaking? Nashala laughed Chaos she does enjoy watching new Siege Breakers learn everything Chaos..? Kimi had never heard of such a thing The Demoness's where about the only creature she had seen but something more powerful than them? a worrying thought Harmless unless you provoke her Nashala smiled again you may have the honour of meeting her but shall we? put it on All of you gear up Nashala said  at last the voice said put it on! Kimi reached her hand the chest sitting there the moment she touched it it felt as cold as the land in the frozen north undoing the buckle Kimi put it on and without warning a burning feeling on her back argh she jumped at the sudden pain What is that attempting to take the armour of but Nashala had stopped her I would not do that girl It will only last a moment more I promise the burning continued Kimi gritted her teeth

alt And then it stopped What was that what happened to me Kimi asked Nashala just smiled You have been marked now with our misstress mark a marking on the armour that fuses with its wearer that armour is now a part of you and should it ever be removed by anyone but you then the cost is dire Nashala said pointing behind  Kimi could see a demoness with a mask and red eyes fixed on her Hunters Nashala said they protect the armour any break in the seal they will not stop until who caused the break is dead this hunter will now be your watcher any armour in your unit broken the hunter will kill them its best to assume they are a shadow  Kimi could not stop looking at the Hunter luckily the Hunter did not seem to be to bothered about being looked at hi Kimi said to the Hunter who continued to frown at her Its best you don't talk to them really Nashala said they are not trained to speak and I am almost certan you are beneath her for her to even consider replying isnt that right? Nashala said The Hunter just nodded Yes Nashalaalt

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The Nameless outskirts

The woodlands now a sight of death and war a once peaceful woodland now has slain tribe and queen forces dotted around the Batak all but gone back to the fortress Mira and her forces had managed to live although the trip though the woodland was eventful and many paid the pricealt

Elite and Nameless forces had arrived along with a Nameless general her name was Fia not that it was used often being part of the nameless core often means your name was forgotten along with many others the training was tough and many did not make it Elite often where singled out for the training special forces there armor was light and designed for speed not protection and in many cases speed for the nameless solider was life or death Fia was a veteran for plenty of Ruin fights Sieges all with sights that she herself had seen death was always on her mind be it her or any one of her allies standing in the back of a old village that was now being used as a base sentry towers along with walls built around in seemly a matter of days and looming a fortress still belonging to the Tribes but not for long as it would seem Sapphire had set her eyes on it the East Island the last remaining free tribe island the place was so vast it would take a huge army to even control it not to mention the tribes where not giving any inch of the East Island without a fight the village was just out of arrow fire range so the forces there could relax a bit knowing a Tribe arrow would not come flying into them but at that range the arrow would have little affect on the armor if anything Fia knew this she herself had been struck with a arrow a few times the pain was hard to forget much like the first time she felt a woman die on her sword or the feeling she got stepping on and over fallen tribes she never felt any sympathy for any of her foes it was her or themalt

it looked as if the Elite Officer was coming her way Fia hated talking to the Elite officers for the reason of they always tried to look impressive towards them after all the Elite where below the Nameless in terms of skill and training so a nameless officer was someone of high rank even the Heavy Elite where to address the Nameless first Mira was one of the few Fia had to respond to mainly as Mira had a very evil and powerful ally who was always not far away

Hail the officer said Fia nodded my forces are ready to take the outskirts she said pointing behind her don't speak to me as If I am blind Fia said I know what outskirts you speak of I am to assist with my forces great the officer smiled I look forward to fighting alongside you yes I am sure you will be Fia shrugged the very idea of Elite working with nameless made Fia uneasy Elite where easy to show where to fight and how to do it but Namless forces are used to fighting with only other nameless the idea of a lesser trained group covering them did not sit well but orders where orders maybe it was a trial run to see if joining certain forces would work one force that should never be joined would be the fallen ones Fia had seen them before and the storys behind them where not rumours they did fight among themselves and getting them to do anything but kill was next to impossible they had to be kept under heavy guard at all times as a few times before killing anyone foolish to face them only one or two demoness could control them making them stop what ever they where doing and stand there Vashalla and Nishala and of course Sapphire well go and make sure you are ready to move Fia said yes right away the officer said nodding and running off

Fia turned to move towards where the other nameless where another officer who was tightening her wrist guards looked up hail she said Fia nodded she was not sure what her name was either as most of them never really did exchange names or what sort of things they like to do in spare time I saw you speaking to that Elite officer Yeah fia said looking forward to working with us Fia laughed ill bet the officer smirked she will catch a arrow no doubt before we even get to the ruins I expect so Fia said rubbing her wound from a Batak arrow the memory of the pain still present in her head oh well less chance of us being hit right Fia nodded the Nameless women all standing around armor on weapons ready the outskirts was a small ruin and a few run down buildings that would be the perfect cover while the siege towers where built the problem was that the tribes knew this also so had a heavy defense present there according to the scouts the order to attack had not been given but fia knew it was due to be issued soon Fia could hear the Elite chatting to themselves why waste your energy talking Fia thought looking around the other nameless where standing some frowning others simply ignoring the elite next to fia was a young elite officer who was looking around she caught Fia looking at her I'm Alria she smiled at Fia who just nodded you don't say much do you No I don't Fia said looking forward again waiting to hear the charge order then she would be at least running Fia could hear Alria talking again but to another Elite we will be fine Alira said there arrow fire wont be a issue like it was look she said Fia turned to see her pointing at a flag the wind is different now the arrows will have a hard time fighting with the wind id expect the Batak wont waste there arrows at that range Fia was amazed a Elite had figured that out more so that Fia did not notice things like that also she probably would of done if the Elite had not been so distracting! You Fia said to Alria come with me at once leaving the waiting elite and nameless Fia and a confused Alira marched to a old building with a flag on it the flag was of a high command inside Mira along with other generals and a dark part of the room Fia could see a four wings sticking out of the shadows so it must be Niashala what is it Mira said we are due to attack soon I will be heading there soon Fia looked at Alria speak and say what you told that elite Alria was looking a little scared having all these eyes on her including the terrifying demoness sat in the corner well the wind she said nervously its changed meaning the Batak arrows wont be used till we are much closer and you are sure of this Mira said yes Alria said again nervously

What Mira means is a raspy voice spoke from the shadows spotting this may help us but being cautious as ever you better hope you remain correct as if this turns out to be false you better hope that you die during the assault less I get my hands on you girl  now begone from here less you wish to add anything else right away Alria said rushing out Fia turned to leave but Nisahala spoke again and you wait a moment Fia turned around again and stood she could see Nishala looking at her I will hold you responsible for that loudmouth officer! Fia nodded it probably would not be a good idea to say no to something as evil as Nishala leaving the command post great Fia thought I have to watch some loudmouth she said grumbling back to where her and Alria where waiting standing back her unit still standing silently even the Elite had stopped talking the silence before the storm Fia had spotted Mira we will be attacking soon she said that ruin is to be taken from the Tribes there are Batak and Tribe's in there we do this for the Queen! the Elite cheered Fia was not in a cheering mood more so having the doubt that if the wind changed during the assault she would be blamed Fia went and stood next to Alira who looked around leaning in Fia spoke you better hope you are right for your sake and mine Alria gulped I guess we will find out soon as Mira called for the advancealt

Some of the Elite and Nameless started moving the others followed Fia went Alira who had also started to move they slowly began picking up speed turning from a jog to a run so far so good Fia thought there had been no signs of any arrow fire Fia sometimes hated thinking things would go smoothly no sooner as she had started to move faster shrieks of pain started echoing around her a elite in front of her was hit in the throat she stumbled over Alira yelled for shields up Fia did not need to issue that order the Nameless had already done so more arrows started to thunder around them as they went and more lives lost Nameless elite all falling some still moving around on the floor only to be hit by a second arrow that finished them off so much for the wind Change Fia hissed at Alira as they continued to advance stepping over the first row of dead elite and nameless


Fia saw the officer who said Alira would catch a arrow before dead a single strike in the throat her eye's empty now of life

The wind had changed meaning the arrow fire was not coming from both the fortress and the ruins the ruins however the Batak there were making it very hard for the advancing forces Fia wasted no more time in advancing she could see the Batak already readying themselves for Melee combat south tribe women where also there with what looked like basic tribes Charge!! a few officers called out as the first women clashed into one another


The sounds of swords hitting and death echoed around the once quiet ruins Fia ducking a south tribe sword a rare thing to see one with a sword they always often carried spears she died just the same gasping bitch before falling down to join the dead Fia had lost sight of Alira there where other Elite and Nameless fighting the tribes altFia stepping over the fallen Elite and Nameless suddenly felt a familar pain in her shoulder Looking sure enough a arrow sticking out of her shoulder Argh she cried falling over the Tribe who had shot the arrow appeared a Batak Die scum!! she yelled jumping at her Fia had still the use of her shield clang as the sword hit it then Fia felt the Batak on her shield she rolled off dead her face still angry alt Alria had killed her still yelling orders to the second wave of Nameless and Elite she kneeled down to help Fia don't pull that out Fia said still laying down I won't Alria said I will help she suddenly looked supprised Fia saw Alira had a arrow in her chest she looked at Fia before falling forward her face still showing the conserned face that she had her helmet fell off and rolled a little away from Alria  Fia's world was starting to fade the arrow in her was becoming a burden looking upwards towards the sky Fia's last bit of concious was looking at Alria thank you Fia mouthed before it went darkalt


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The East Forest

Mira her mind was elsewhere knowing she had command of some very heavily armored fighters there name unkown but Mira was sure she would know there full name soon It had started to rain on the appoach to the forest the battle for the ruins was now over with only the dead being removed by the pushers who had arrived last Marines and other forces had also arrived so things where busy with other forces gearing up to move out the East Island was huge and with only a small part taken


Mira liked the rain always had it seemed to rain a lot whenever there was a demoness around but this one was unlike any Mira had seen before Nisahala was far from average Mira did not know her orgins she did know that she had been noticed and given a sword already but her plans for Mira or anyone could be anything thats provided Mira lived long enough a officer in her own right was a prime target for any keen eye'd Batak Mira had done well keeping herself alive sure she had to kill to defend herself fighting in a war death was bound to happen turning into a killer changed many women Mira knew but every time she had done so she never was botherd about it it was either Her or them The rain was getting heavy now for a warm Island it did rain a lot the North Island never used to have as much rain or snow as it did but since Sapphire or the Queen had taken over it was constantly wet it was a very good way to tell who was nearby as if the weather suddenly changed to snow Sapphire was close


Mira had the honour of meeting Sapphire a few times before mostly for her efforts Sapphire or The Queen her very pressence pure dread cold swelled around her her movements and voice made Mira's blood turn cold more so the things that Sapphire was rumored to have done to Tribe women and that Sapphire was not what she seemed that another evil entity had taken her over and that was the true ruler of the vast army's and lands a troubling thought


The outskirts of the forest they had to go though Mira with her band of Heavy Elite had stopped just before the way that was clear a few dead Fanatics and Tribe forces lay around going though like this is a foolish plan one of the officers said send our lighter units in to clear the way looking at Mira Thoughts? You are the one who's Naishala's eye has caught Move our light forces they can clear the way for our heavy forces no doubt the Batak are hiding in wait this place is ripe for a Ambush Mira said looking around There was a pause the other officers there nodding in agrement the Elite and our Scouts would be better suited for the forest ahead once we clear though it we can focus on the Castle


The Area was being made into a forward camp before the forest itself Elite Marines had arrived along with the scouts as word was now moving along the Elite officers to move cafefully though the woodland there has been no sign of the Batak or southtribe forces yet the area was clear Scouts would return Mira along with the other officers had decided to wait till the Elite had managed to get though the Forest and then they would advance so for now they had to wait. The weather was still grey and raining Mira was sat under the armoury roof watching the rain drip off the roof and fall around she was still thinking about what awaited her and her unit in the forest hopefully the Elite would of cleared it just the castle battle left to worry about then Mira had noticed though now the rain was freezing now Mira knew Sapphire was near.... Mira stood up moving away from the armory sure enough Sapphire was there surrounded by Demoness's they glared at Mira as she approached ahh and here is the officer Who was responsible for the Ruins and the foothold we have on this island now! Nishala smiled Sapphire looked at Mira she felt herself getting cold well done your Queen is pleased with the progress I'm sure the Forest and the filth dwelling within will be of no issue? Not at all Mira said Sapphire nodded good see to it then I will return when there is more area's to vist this place offends me The Council will arrivle shortly I decided to check for things myself Sapphire grinned her eye's soild blue  with that she seemingly vanished soon as that happened the rain went from being cold on Mira's face back to warm Nishala had also gone with Sapphire wherever but the news of the Council arriving gave the Officers near something else to worry about Nashala and Vashala both of them where still hunting for Akkara who had been missing now for some time and they where clearly getting angry with the situation taking it out on anyone who fails them

The Council great that will give the demoness more of a reason to order us around a few officers started talking Mira did not mind the Demoness they never bothered her ever since Nishala had started showing some intrest in her

Into The Forest

Almost two days had passed since the orders to march into the woods to clear it for the heavy forces in that time deadly skirmishes had broken out Scouts and Batak fighting one another with arrows seemly firing out of bushes alt

The Batak where doing a exelent job of delaying the Forces but there advantage quickly faded The Batak and Tribes had resorted to hanging patrols from tree's in a attempt to scare some of the Elite and other forces it had worked mostly on the Elite as they where easily shaken but the Demoness seemed to love the Decoration as they called it


happly walking among the tree's smiling then doing the exact same to any Tribes they came across stringing them from tree's the woodland once a peaceful place was now the sight of war Mira had got word that the Forest was clear the approach to the other side of the Forest was now safe well safer than it was The Batak where still around resorting to ambush tatics so keeping a very sharp eye out while moving was needed Luckly the Council member that had shown up was Sky along with Vashala who wasted no time in setting up herself in one of the towers at the Fortress overlooking the Ruins already a mist had started to form around the tower Mira was supprised to see Sky so close to the front lines after her transformation she was a lot bitter and cruel to any tribe she came across they always spat at her before she either killed them on the spot or used them as a target board for her Demoness Archers with them helping out keeping the Forest clear while the heavy forces move though it The other officers where hesitant to approach Sky she was still a Council member afterall and her temper was very short So of course they sent Mira to speak to Sky Typical Mira grumbled as she walked towards where Sky was  Sky a Blue haird Demoness said theres a lower officer here to see you What is it Sky said turning Mira saw what the Demoness's where doing looking at a Batak woman riddled with arrowsalt

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(This is also a side story from the main events currently The rise of Sapphire (One) and the different forces that arrived Elite , Siege Breakers , Nameless and Demoness's along with the Council's Ishala is a different story as she breaks away from the Queen and eventually sides with the Tribes  as with Sky and leaving the Tribes to join the Queens army)


She was not always this way nor was she a tyrant at least as long as I can remember her. Four Empresses of a Tribe known as the Gems of the Tribes Amber Emerald Sapphire and Ruby when they where ready the Tribes would of been brought into a new age of peace with the West South And East being made as one the Tribes would of been a force that would of meant war against such a force would be foolish thing but it was not to be Sapphire had already noticed there was four of them and only 3 area's to rule over what about the North Island? she asked That land is forbidden the council spoke harshly No Tribe is ever to set foot in that forsaken place the stench of evil from there if only Sapphire had listened

With the warning and the fate of the Empress said Sapphire began to distance herself from her sisters Ruby and Amber did not notice much but Emerald did Emerald often asked what was bothering her sister during the days nothing Sapphire would always reply but the truth was Sapphire had been planning her escape a voice a calming one had started to work it's way into Sapphires mind tempting her baiting her to leaving the confines of the Tribe world and venture into a more promising place Where is this place Sapphire asked The North Island a chill was sent down Sapphires spine the one place she was told never to venture never to set foot on and yet something was telling her to go to it Where is Sapphire the alarm had been raised but it was to late Sapphire was nowhere to be found Emerald Amber and Ruby all had no idea where she was at the docks a disguised Sapphire had found a boat sail me to the North Island The woman on the docks was surprised to hear such a request not many people venture to that place willingly a violent place

 I'm sure you would be better off elsewhere I can pay you Sapphire said handing the woman a small bag you will get another one when I arrive there on the way Sapphire sat quietly listing to the waves and the sea and the voice no one is to know you are on the Island she must be silenced it was the first time the voice had said something like that to Sapphire but she was not worried the woman and the crew would all need to be silenced less word gets back or the women is questioned back at the East Island docks the women would be some of the first victims to the voice and her murderous ways As they approached the North Island the lights from the docks shined well we are here as you can see the captain said now about that payment Sure thing Sapphire said standing the payment of Death! alt she said her sword entering the woman's stomach quickly taking the other crew members out pushing one into the sea with no hesitation no empathy of what she had done letting the boat crash into the dock wall leaving the body's of the women who had helped her Sapphire entered the city patrols of guards and the odd villager trying to keep out of the way of the armed women altSapphire with ease sneaked past them overhearing them about the woman in charge once again the voice she will be gone soon and you will rise but first you must go to the location I have told you it is not far from this place! walking into the depths of the North Island a desolate place with many City's villages scattered around no wonder the Tribes kept there distance from this place Sapphire thought to herself as she went a slight push from a leader will result in the world falling at whoever gave the push's feet the voice said It seemed like hours had passed Sapphire new the way to go with the voice explaining to her soon Sapphire found herself standing in front of a Cave inside go now and claim your right to rule with me I will assist you I will make you a Queen of not only this Island but the world! Sapphire went inside the promise of the world was all to tempting the Cave had a hole in the roof as something had smashed into the center there lay in the middle of the cave was a necklace it glowed gently there it is the voice said your salvation your answer! its just a Necklace Sapphire scoffed put it on the voice said and you will see Sapphire picked it up all around her now the light darkened other voices could be heard Whispering Run! Escape!

Sapphire lifted it over her head and put it on she felt the necklace land between her breasts nothing happened Sapphire turned to move but then found herself surrounded by a light it threw her into the air Arrghh she screamed in Alarm Help she called out landing now with a crash she could hear the voice no longer looking up she soon saw she was no longer alone in the Cave another woman was there with her Hello Sapphire she smiled you may call me One Sapphire tried to move again but the woman had her hand on her face before long she felt herself falling soon it was just Sapphire alone once again but she was no longer in control of her body her mind was still racing instead another power had taken over One's voice echoed throughout the cave  you have done well and now I will make this world my own!

Evil had taken her over and now was going to start a war and there was nothing she could do about it Sapphire now only her thoughts I needed a host One said walking towards the exit to the cave and you brought me just that Sapphire could see her Shadow of what was her body along the wall but it then moved and shaped into a woman it looked just like her yes mistress it spoke find me that commander in the nearby town do not kill her I  need to know some information! right away she smiled before vanishing into thin air Who was that Sapphire thought to herself She is my other self a shadow if you will the perfect tool for killing and finding what I need to know before I act! why did you need me could you not of taken anyone else Sapphire thought simple really you are part of what I needed either you or your 3 sisters would of done it but you had other ideas you wanted more and I have given you more! but I can't move well that is unfortunate but you are lucky I have given you your thoughts still there would be much I could learn from you and you from meme leaving the cave now heading towards the town I will mold this Island into a war machine fit to conquer but we will have some other assistance Sapphire could see herself in a puddle her eye's had changed solid blue waiting on the outskirts of the town now Sapphire could only watch as a Shadow emerged the woman you seek is holed up in a building there she said pointing to the tallest building in the town excellent witness this now She laughed(ctd)


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Approach Nishala said still with her hand around the south Tribes throat you have done well the ruins are ours once more and so much death to go around with it! Stop your struggling wretch Nishala said standing up with the tribe still trying to free herself Such weakness in these tribe women Nishala said her eye's narrowing at the Tribe who was now fixated on Nishala do you not agree? they seem to have a thing for the Siege Breaker's This one was trying to take the armour off when I arrived the things I could do to you but alas I do not have time and without a second thought Nishala snapped the girls neck letting her drop down to the floor


and now there is a lot to speak of but I will be breif for you that fortress that is beyond that forest Mira nodded the one the tribe forces had orginaly retreated to that is our next target! but this time it will be a larger matter for this we will need... towers and a lot more of our forces to take it properly but that is where things become intresting! meet me back at the fortress as inside the walls I have something intresting to show you and before I go how are you finding your weapon I trust it has proven itself useful? Yes Mira nodded the sword still throbing in her hand unlike the other swords that one is uniqe as it is bound to me where It goes I can follow its how I can keep a eye on your progress it pleases me greatly now I will see you at the fortress Mira turned to leave stepping over the dead Tribe women as she was leaving some pushers had arrived to remove the Siege Breaker armour Mira still had not really seen them fight before but from the looks of things they could handle themselves if it took 3 tribes to down one Siege Breaker Mira had joined some of the other officers who had surrived the fight on the walk back some where talking about the fight others where just quiet most of the Fanatics had stayed at the ruins as orders from Nishala where given but Mira was focused on the one she had been given and what could be waiting for her at the fortress



A lot had changed in the time Mira had been away a lot more forces had arrived Elite Nameless Marines and Demoness among a few and more where still arriving from the boats now that the coast was clear Mira still had no idea what Naishala was so keen to show Mira but when she just sat down for a moment a Demoness arrived You she said pointing at Mira report to the Armoury at once my misstress does not like to be kept waiting Mira sighed standing up again leaving the other officers there walking towards the armoury she could see Elite and Nameless all getting ready probably to clear the way in the forest for the main force ahh good Nishala said I was worried you would be late I will forgive the delay this time but look at what I have Nishala moved to the side to show two women standing in what looked like very heavy armour  they are to be used for the upcoming assault not only are they able to fight they have no fear nor do they feel pain Mira could see the womens eye's had no pupils and they follow commands to whoever holds this sword Nishala said showing her weapon or that sword you are carrying Mira I look forward to seeing them and you in combat! alt

(ctd short one today as time limits me part 4 soon)

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