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The WildCats (Kirva)

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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The WildCats

The rain hammered on the guards outside the generals tent inside a heated topic was taking place here they go again the guard thought to herself but standing in the rain was better than assaulting a huge tribe fortress many of the guards sisters had been killed and the generals where losing patience it had been many weeks since the echo of the goddess was heard across the land and the Queens better trained reinforcements had arrived but this particular fortress.. was resisting  This fortress will be the death of us! The General said slamming her fists on the table the other officers in the room remained silent we have the power to crush any fortress we so choose she said frowning more but why are they so resistant in this any attempt has resulted in death and failure! our Queen is counting on us and we are failing her!  even with our reinforcements and better trained they all fall... even our siege breakers the general said with some disappointment my only sister! dead at the hands of the bitches inside that fortress but we have no other way of getting into that fortress all our efforts are in vain a officer said Only to be shouted at by the increasing anger of the Generalalt

Wildcat Kirva

Perhaps a different tactic is in order Sky said almost stepping out of the shadows Sky the General and the officers all said what are you doing out here its not safe not safe in a officer tent Sky laughed who is that with you the officer said noticing another Demoness with her Sky turned and mentioned to the Demoness go and get the others ready I have some things to attend to then I will address you all the Demoness nodded before stepping out not before sneering at the General Our Queen has noticed you're failure countless times and has seen fit to send you some assistance... but not that of Women or Elite far better The Tribes may think that there safe inside there little fortress with walls so high our towers and ladders have to reach beyond... but no more come with me Sky said the Generals left the tent and went into a area of the camp the General noticed almost straight away there was no Elite anywhere instead a large group of demoness all with armor are these not the Demoness archers we have one of the officers said Yes but no more Sky laughed WildCats our own kind and they will finish this fortress once and for all the defenders will not know what hit them! But there hardly wearing any armor at all the General said they wont get far in that Fortress Sky laughed  really? you care to face one of them Sky frowned prove me wrong Easily the General said Kirva Sky said show this disgrace of a general with pleasure Come bitch Kirva laughed the General laughed drawing her sword every one watching with  interest the other demoness remained silent watching The General charged at Kirva who stood her ground before jumping at the General who dodged her first strike she was quick her knives hitting her striking but none was doing much against the armor you have to be faster than that! Kirva laughed before flying into the air come down and fight coward the General said with pleasure Kirva said spitting at the general Kirva dropped down dodging the Generals swipe with her sword before getting close die now Kirva said she Jammed one of her daggers into the Generals armpit Arghh she screamed in pain dropping her sword and falling to her knees she then felt Kirva behind her before feeling her neck get sliced open by Kirva gurgling and spluttering before collapsing onto the floor And make no mistake Sky said to the crowd Fail our Queen and meet your death!!  but those who triumph will be greatly rewarded now the remaining of you we have some matters to discus she beckoned to the other  generals who returned to the tentalt

The Plan

Tell me about the walls what can you give us the other Siege Breaker spoke the walls have tribe women paroling it there not Batak the Batak are in towers here she pointed and here and many are stationed in the towers out of sight but they have range of the whole area... there firing is accurate Kirva laughed is that all Batak hiding in towers wonderful Patience Sky said  to Kirva look then then the gatehouse Sky said you know what you must do there they will not give it up easily if you are discovered Sky said to Kirva you will wait till nightfall and then strike once that gatehouse is open you will defend it till the main force can breach that gate easily Kirva said confidently Ready your forces Sky said to the General I cannot accompany you into this battle my Queen was quite clear to only observe but use caution Kirva the tribes are strong so do not underestimate them they will try retaking that gatehouse It will be a pleasure I will slice there necks open Kirva said looking eagerly at one of the Generals in the tent

The Tower

It was getting close to nightfall up on the walls the Tribe patrols where constantly on guard even more so now it was night time the Batak archers where ready for this however on occasion a lit arrow was fired into the darkness of the field only the dead of the failed assaults where there other than a glow from the moon but it was often cloudy. Going into that light means the death of us Kirva said they were hiding just out of the lights range choose you're path carefully my sisters remember our goal is that gatehouse Kirva said but you're task is those two towers remember no one is to raise the Alarm if they do things get more interesting... they saw there chance Go now Kirva said the group split off Kirva was after the tower left of the gatehouse she moved fast stepping over the fallen arrow riddled Queen solders moving closer towards the wall another lit arrow was fired but no one was spotted the demoness had moved on and where now at the base of the wall climb now Kirva said and be quiet she hissed  the climb was slow but the wildcats knew how to be patient avoiding the arrow-slits as often a arrow would fly out of it and being front of one would mean being discovered Kirva could hear the Batak women inside talking I hit that siege breaker she flew so far backwards I saw that it was wonderful that queen bitch should come try take our fortress herself! Pathetic Kirva thought as they passed upwards nearing the top of the tower now Kirva peeked really quickly to see how many Batak where on the tower roof only 4 Kirva motioned 4 with her hands and two other wildcats broke off and went around the tower  one was facing towards them and narrowly missed spotting Kirva if she had then the outcome on the tower would of been very different...


Waiting now for the right moment to strike Hey the Batak above Kirva said have you seen how dark it is out there even with the lit arrows Kirva took this time to look again sure enough the Batak had turned her back the other Batak on the tower had theirs also Kirva made a whistling noise did you hear something the Batak said turning Kirva struck her attack was so fast the Batak had no idea a knife was in her neck with no chance to react she simply fell backwards choking jumping over the wall she grabbed another Batak by her head shoving her knife into the throat of her Bleed bitch she whispered gughahlll...alt the Batak said around her the other Batak on the tower also had there throats cut before being put onto the floor quietly Kirva moved over to the other tower using the blade of her knife she made a quick flash with it waiting... come on she thought do not fail then another flash came across the other tower roof was also taken

Into the Tower

And now Kirva thought looking at the stairs leading into the tower no real idea how many would be down there waiting to see if any Batak would venture up to check on there sisters seemed to be a good option shhh Kirva motioned with her hand Hey whys it so quiet up here did you drop your bow over the side of the fortress again Sian? The Batak came up the stairs but it was luckly dark Hello she said appearing at the top of the stairs He---


Kirva had put her knife into the throat of the Batak dragging her and putting her on the floor Thats one less filthy tribe to deal with she said carefully she moved at the top of the stairs and creeping down looking... there was 3 other Batak in the tower room they hadn't heard the commotion upstairs if they did there would be surely a lot more Batak in here Kirva motioned to the other Wildcats and they slowly moved down the stairs Kirva was constantly watching the Batak that was her Target if she turned around Kirva would have seconds to react the other Batak where busy talking to one another to not notice that death was approaching Hey the Batak said she started to turn have you seen where Niva went - Oh! she called out as Kirva lunghed at her her daggers both entering the Bataks throat coughing and choking unable to speak grasping at her throat before falling still Kirva looked around to see the other wildcats where also successful in killing silently Kirva looked across the way there was a bit of commotion around the gatehouse but the other tower was dark Kirva made another signal and sure enough a flash was seen the others have taken the other tower Kirva said the other wildcats nodded as more appeared from above them now she said the gatehouse... 

I will not die here

A small window had opened for Kirva and the wildcats they had taken the tower with no notice it was now time for the last part of there mission however the gate needed to remain open while the queens forces advanced Kirva Signaled the waiting queens forces there she said to the other wildcats now we have to take the gate a few wildcats remained in the towers just incase more Tribes came into the tower at the top of the tower Kirva and the other wildcats stood waiting we will fly over to the gate and open it make no sound and kill as many of the tribe filth as you can but do it quietly Kirva smiled It would mean having to slit more tribe throats Kirva flew with the other wildcats she could see more tribe and Batak below none of them had any idea Kirva and a lot of demoness was above them they where busy looking out and talking to one another to take any real notice the other wildcats from the tower had joined them Kirva pointed to the Tribes and slowly started to drop then she dropped in straight onto a Batak plunging her knife into the girls throat ahh the other Batak said one managed to fire a arrow into a demoness but she too was killed down into the gatehouse Kirva said move quickly inside more Tribes where talking some had bows ready looking out the arrow slots but one of the tribes turned around to see Kirva and other wildcats readying themselves on the stairs Demoness she cried and soon the quiet gatehouse was now full of fighting Kirva lunged herself at the Batak who was drawing her sword to see a wildcat take a arrow in the throat before falling over Demoness some cried out open the gate Kirva said kill the rest grabbing the Batak she had killed and throwing her out of the door the Tribes on the battlements had now noticed something was wrong and had started to make there way in only to find more Wildcats had started to attack them some Batak and Wildcats where sent screaming over the side of the walls


down below the gate was open now and the tribes had noticed in the courtyard something was wrong as the gate was wide open close the gate Kirva could hear the tribe officers ordering more to the front The Queens army was already close some Elite where just about to enter the courtyard a volley of arrows from the Batak sent a few elite to the floor


But the battle on the walls was getting heavy as more tribes arrived up the stairs stepping over the downed women and demoness die Kirva said picking up a red haired batak and sending her screaming to the floor below a hiss of arrows and screaming demoness as the Batak tried to retake the towers and gate but it was to late the Elite and Nameless had started to enter the fortress some where now fighting with the tribes in the courtyard Kirva felt a sharp pain in her arm and saw a arrow sticking out of it the Batak the batak that fired it was now charging at Kirva her sword drawn Kirva ducked the swing Die you filth the Batak snarled you first Kirva hissed barely missing another sword swipe Kirva jumped at the Batak stabbing her in the side arrgh she cried falling over Kirva and her both fell to the ground alt

Just because you have hit me filth does not mean I can't still make you bleed! Kirva said stabbing the Batak in the throat Die Die Die she snarled before turning around just to see a fist from another Batak hit her then quiet death...?

Not just a trophy

Kirva woke up with a start some time later but she was not on the battlements anymore well look who finally woke up Sky said where am I Kirva said well being treated for a arrow wound but you have healed quickly as demoness do the fortress is ours your Queen and Vashala are most pleased How many tribes dead? Kirva asked plenty but some survived and now our prisoners Kirva frowned they should all be dead Yes Sky said but we do need information but afterwards they will be I might even turn some over to you Yes Kirva smiled for now the Wildcats have proven a useful tool of capturing fortress your Queen as mentioned is most pleased and Vashala will be arriving shortly to see the fortress you have captured for our Queen go see to the other wildcats they where quite worried about you they saw you go down in the gatehouse they tell me but not without quite a fight I only wish I was part of it instead of hiding bah Sky frowned go now Kirva got up and left without much of a word she didn't need it her job was done the fortress was taken and the Wildcats proved to be of use outside the pushers had started piling up the elite and nameless and a few wildcats And in another Tribes Kirva frowning at a dead black haired south tribe being put on the other women Kirva had found the other wildcats just near the newly captured barracks some where sharing trophy's of weapons they had taken from the tribe soldiers Kirva a demoness named Niasa called you have recovered! Yes Kirva said what is that you have there? I took it from a Batak bitch after I killed her she fell from the battlements I dropped her myself nice Kirva said looking at the sword she still had her daggers why do you not use a trophy? Another Demoness named Ilah these daggers mean something to me Kirva said holding them with these I have killed many tribes and defended myself when the time was... right And because they have a stronger meaning Vashala said all of the demoness bowed we are honoured you are here Very Kirva said I am pleased Vashala said you have made Demoness still something to be feared! And you Kirva have done well once again even if the odds where against you I sense your wildcats have questions about why you hold onto such... weapons with care maybe I should tell them hrmm? Kirva nodded as you wish Mistress Kirva said walking off the other demoness where shocked She has her reasons Vashala said more so daring to leave without my say so but Vashala said those weapons are he's for a reason listen well my sisters When this war was only just starting and our Queen had granted our race to assist her Kirva and Kiana both sisters and both eager to fight they where sent to the West Island a wretched place full west berserker's and other types of filth you know as the tribes but not without its dangers after a few uprisings and battles it was all but clear the West Island was now under our Queens rule however... Vashala frowned not all was taken without resistance and one place that was under heavy Demoness ruling was attacked they came in the night butchering anyone they saw a demoness claming the island would be Demoness free! Our sisters fought bravely but many where slain the few remaining alive where taken prisoner but many Batak joined the fight and these vermin women seek to remove our kind from this world and many where killed... however Demoness go though a change if there wings are removed as we all know Akkara being the only one to survive the ordeal and as my Fallen Ones stand as a warning to anyone caught in there wraith They started cutting wings off the Wildcats listing gasped filthy bitches one said Quite Vashala paused it was at that moment Kiana was taken and in front of Kirva her wings removed But something's you should never do Vashala said and defying a sister of a demoness in front was one of the things a dark and powerful rage consumed Kirva that day from what I was told when we found her afterwards she had killed many West and Batak filth! And saved countless demoness's and the area of the West Island But... also Kiana she had no choice in the matter her sister or both of them and it is with those daggers she carries around for a reason they where used to cut her sisters wings and also kill her so take trophies if you well my daughters but make better use of them than the scum that you claimed them from! The other wildcats looked at each other so that's why she fights with such fury Niasa said correct now my daughters enjoy your victory I have matters to attend to Vashala said turning to leave


a while away Kirva was sitting on top a building watching the tribe pile get bigger Filth Kirva thought to herself she had done well this day but more battles where to come..