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Failed Mafia Hit

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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Just a fun example story, will post more soon. This is kind of old, and been posted before. Will start posting new stuff soon

Things to Note:

- This is based off an RP/Story. I have a big stack of stories I wrote for myself. Some are weird, some are super weird. So this is an edit of one of the more normal/recent ones.

- I don't write big backstories and do world building. Since I like playing an expendable thug/thugs it'd be a weird waste.

- I'm a terrible writer, and hate editing my work so get ready for typos.

- I can't write physical descriptions because A- I have zero imagination and B - I'm quite frankly terrible at it. I use pictures to compensate.

Well then... I'm really getting you excited to read!

Me/Narrator/Super tough thug in the story:



The silence was broken as the ferry’s horn blew, and with a lurch the old ferry began to leave port. Nicole turned to us as she pulled out her pistol. A custom gold plated fearsome looking gun… much more impressive than the small knock off Russian pistols we were issued.

“She’s on the ferry somewhere… and we’re going to find her and kill her. Understand?” She said it in a harsh tone, one that we knew meant it as a statement. She was older than the rest of us and was one of the few girls on this mission who had actually seen any combat. She had been given a small squad of rookies… in fact most of us on the mission were rookies, with the experienced girls each leading a squad.


She confidently slid in a clip and cocked her gun with a smile. There were dozens of us on this mission, and I hoped this would mean we wouldn’t see a fight… but I felt a lot better with Nicole leading. She was a pro and had taken out at least a dozen men.

The mob had grown quickly in the last few years as the economy slowed. It was close to impossible to get a good job, so I signed on with the local mafia. At this point they weren’t even being subtle about their operations… keeping large armed groups at their disposal. Most leaders wouldn’t take women, still clinging to their old school ideals, but there were always “Mafia Princesses”. Daughters and wives of major mob leaders. Recently they started hiring their own soldiers almost entirely made up of women. The husband's and father’s preferred this, too many wives and daughters seduced by charming mob foot soldiers I guess. It was a pretty easy gig for the most part, go to some club, keep an eye on her, guard some mansion, make her look tough in front of her friends. But lately they’d been expanding… trying to show that they could do real work. Unfortunately most of us weren’t expecting this when we signed on…

And that’s what today’s mission was… some former soldier escaping with some files… I didn’t know much else… she would probably sell them to some other gang or government. Neither were good for us I imagined.

Nicole led us up to the top deck, it was almost empty… this was a rarely travelled route. I had a feeling the amount of women suddenly on the ferry would have given away our intention, but at this point we were in the water… no escape.

My heart sank as I saw the target… There was a lone woman, fully clad in leather smoking in a suit...she was much older than I thought… maybe in his mid forties? Nicole was in front… the rest of us nervously following…I could feel the rest of the girls getting nervous too… we started to bunch up...


“Spread out… this should be easy…” She said confidently, not looking back.

She walked up slowly, starting to raise her custom gold plated pistol… As she did, the woman in one fluid motion turned and fired a shot, almost without aiming… The shot hit Nicole square in her throat… she dropped her gun, clutching her wound. She turned to us, eyes wide in fear and horror. She tried to say something… I could see tears running down her cheek as she fell to her knees, momentarily before falling to her side kicking and gasping for breath… we all stared dumbfounded.

It seemed like an eternity… but I imagine it was only a few moments… Suddenly there was another loud shot. I didn’t see it, but I turned and saw Sarah cry out as she grabbed her shoulder, the force twisting her around and knocking her back into the railing. She tipped over railing… we could all hear her terrified screams, cut off suddenly as she fell into the water.


We all snapped awake and started to scramble for cover in a disorganized panic… as I ran behind a large storage box I could hear Christine scream in pain as a shot went through her leg. She fell forward, gun flying out of her hand. I watched as she twisted and cried on the ground… she looked around frantically, then saw me…

“Please help! Please!” she begged through tears, hand reaching towards me… she was a few meters away so I couldn’t reach her from behind my cover.


I stood at the edge of cover watching her, trying to build up the courage to run out and pull her back. I could do this… I told myself. Christine was my friend. We hung out, we shopped together. I wasn’t going to fail her. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

I got read to move… she looked relieved as she saw me peeking around in prepration. As my eyes scanned the battleground I saw Nicole kicking and crying on the ground, hands wrapped around her throat in a vain effort to stop the pain.

I froze.

Oh god. What do I do? I can’t end up like that… my body trembled… I felt my panties suddenly becoming wet… a warm liquid running down my thighs. I looked down, confirming that I was pissing myself. I whimpered… looking at Nicole and shaking my head. She started to mouth something but two more bullets fired, each entering her left breast. She cried out again, the force knocking her on her back. I ducked further behind cover, holding my gun in my shaking hands.

Jamie popped out from cover from across the deck. She started to fire… I couldn’t see at what though… I had completely lost track of the target. Her engagement ring shone in the light as she did. A single shot fired back in response, and she grabbed her stomach, sinking to the ground sobbing.


I saw Beth move out of cover, firing her gun as she moved to get a better position… she stumbled on her heels as she did though, pausing for only a second… that’s all it took. A shot fired out hitting her square in the forehead. Her body continued the her last movements, stumbling forward another step before falling twitching on the ground.


I peeked over my cover, watching him as he reloaded a clip, the started firing at someone else. Madison screamed, and I looked over to see her dancing back and forth as a series of bullets entered her body… across her breasts and stomach… she cried out in pain with each shot, eventually falling onto her back

I kept behind cover… I heard the click of her leather boots against the deck over the pained moans of my friends… somehow she lost track of me…? But she’s coming closer. I looked around, seeing the hatch to the lower deck. I eyed it… I could make it… but… I peeked again… she was just a couple meters from me, maybe I could? She turned as he saw Christine trying to raise a gun. She quickly turned and kicked the gun out of her hands. I saw my chance… I could do this! I stood up, heart racing… she turned, I could see the shock on her face. I aimed, closing my eyes and pulled the trigger.


I opened my eyes and stared at her dumfounded. Pulling the trigger again.


She quickly walked up snatching the gun from my hand.

“Dumbass…” she mumbled, flicking the safety and turning the gun on me.

“Wait no! “ I cried out, but she didn’t hesitate for even a moment. She fire a single shot into me, just below my belly button. I wailed in pain, “Oh god…” as I sunk to the ground, falling to my side. Clutching my wound slowly shifting into the fetal position. She tossed the gun over the edge of the ship, then moved into the hatch leading down. After a few moments I could hear more gunfire and other girls screaming.

I lay there, the ferry continuing its route. I sobbed, holding my belly… “H-h-help…” I whimpered… I could hear the other girls crying too, Jamie cried out for her husband…

Heels clicked against the deck as another group of girls came upon us. There was a few cries of shock and horror…

One girl leaned down to help me…

“No!” An authoritative voice said… I think it was Samantha, another squad leader, “We can help them after... “ The girl trying to help me looked up at her, then back at me…

“Please… it hurts… oh god… please help me…” I begged, my eyes welled up with tears. She looked unsure, but followed her orders, standing back up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back to help you…” she assured me confidently as she moved with the rest of her squad.

I lay there as left down the hatch followed shortly by more screams and gunfire.

Soon everything was quiet except the dying moans of my friends… I lay there for the rest of the trip crying, holding my wound until I slowly bled out… I tried to crawl but it hurt too much… Nicole was still now… and everyone’s else’s moans became quieter and quieter.

I didn’t know how long it was… it seemed like hours, but I heard the ferry horn again… the ship pulling into its destination… my vision slowly blurred and everything went dark, my eyes staring blankly at the rest of my squad sprawled out on the deck.



  • fstaber
    fstaber Thursday, 09 February 2017

    good one but its too brif.but love your idia an still. thanks

  • fstaber
    fstaber Friday, 10 February 2017

    good one but its too brif.but love your idia an still. thanks

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