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Amazonus: Gladiatrix Tribal Battle 2

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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The Amazonian Tribes are primitive, so easily came up with violent traditions to match their violent attitudes towards different clans and, at times, themselves. Fights to the death among Amazonian clan members is a centuries old tradition. Tradition has it that girls who take part in these three way fights are chosen by The Spirits want to cull the weak from the clans. But mostly these matches are a form of entertainment. Every girl looks forward to these matches, even the ones who are in the fights themselves because this increases their fame.

If they lose, however, they are discarded into a pile of bodies with their sisters, discarded like useless meat.

Enjoy ;)


It was my turn.

My turn to step in the circle.

My turn to fight one of my sisters.

My turn to be victorious.

…Or be thrown on to the pile of corpses that was on the side of the circular ring drawn in the sand. Five bodies made up the pile of my dead sisters, young, and old while three made up the periphery. Some of them were my friends (until they died because they were weak!), one of them was my Older Womb-sister* who foolishly turned her back on a wounded opponent and was struck with the dying enemy’s axe.

I was not going to die! I was going to win! Prove I was strongest! Prove I was a warrior!

Standing in a line with two of my sisters, soon to be my opponents, I shivered as I held my tomahawk in one hand and my knife in the other. My red hair shaved in a mowhawk had my hair swept to the right above my right eye.

Our entire clan of Fare Skins sat around the ring, eagerly waiting to see the three of us fight. From the corner of my eye one of my passion sisters* pocked at my older Womb Sister’s left leg with her finger while one of my Passion mothers* pulled her back from the pile.

I gulped, a lump in my throat.

Soon: The older women in our clan began to beat the drums. One by one each of us stepped into the ring, myself entering second.

We trotted around the sand circle three times before taking position evenly in the circle to give us space apart.

I eyed my future enemies.

One was younger than I, her breasts small. Her brunette hair tied in individual braids. She wore a loin cloth, like mine, which only covered her front but left her ass exposed. She wielded a spear, giving her reach. This would be a problem…but I have spied on her since the Spirits announced our duel. She only chose the spear because she cannot fight anyone up close. She was weak. I would save her for last. Could not wait to take her body into my family’s tent for her final rites. Always thought she was cute…

The other one I was not certain about. She was big. Raven colored hair that was cut short. A leather band wrapped around her head and she wore a loincloth made of tiger skins. Her weapon was a two handed axe. Her breasts were big and beautiful and bounced when she moved. Many Pit Girls* hopped to be mated with her. If I killed her…Maybe I could get some wives for myself.

The drums stopped. My heart’s beat quickened. It was time.

“AYH! AYH! AYH!” The three of us shouted…before lowering into a crouch and stalked around each other.

No longer were these girls my sisters, but enemies the Spirits fated us to attack and kill!

The Raven haired girl attacked first, stepping towards the spear wielding red head. The girl yelped as she japed her spear forward, attempting to keep the raven haired girl at bay. But she simply brushed the spear strikes aside with her axe, and made a strike downward with her axe. The youngest girl would have had her skull split in two, but she narrowly avoided the strike.

Seeing my opportunity I shouted a war cry.

“OWAOWAOWAOWALLLAAAA!” I shouted courageously as I prepared to impale the raven haired girl with my knife. But when she spun around I dug my bare feet in the sand and backed away as she lashed out at me.

Narrowly missing the strike I remained crouched down as we both waited for the next move. From the corner of my eye I saw the young red head rush me. But I turned, causing her to stop as she nervously held up her spear.

It was a three way deadlock now. If one of us attacked the other, then another girl would attack one of the two girls fighting. I was not going to be the one to die first!

I eyed each girl. Occasionally one of us would make a fake step forward to fool the other girls.

The stalemate ended when the raven haired girl rushed me. Widening my eyes I lashed at the girl’s left arm with my knife, cutting her left hand, causing her to drop her axe. But she was close to me now. Reaching out with both of her hands, she almost lifted me up as she dragged my feet through the sand!

Suddenly I felt an unbearable sharp pain in my back!

“HHRRRAAAAAAYYAAA!” I screamed as the red head’s spear struck me. Next I felt the raven haired girl toss me into the sand.

I lay motionless in the sand, my eyes began to glaze over as I stared expressionlessly at my clan as they cheered the fighting, ignoring my dying moments. The last thing I feel is a finger pocking my foot repeatedly.

Moments after I died, the Raven haired girl’s body would topple on top of mine, our bare breasts pressing against each other as the girl’s head pressed into the sand and touched my chin. The young red head screamed a victory whoop as she stood over out bodies.

My body would be tossed onto the pile but role off to the side of the pile, on top of my dead Womb-Sister.

While more fights happened, I would be buried by my sisters…not that I could complain.


*Womb Sister: A biological sister who was born from the same mother.

*Passion Sister: A sister born from a different mother, but related to the woman who is the Amazon's "Father."

*Passion Mother: A mother who is not the one who birthed you, but is one of the wives to a “Father” (the woman who did not birth you but still took part in your conception.) Amazonian warriors can have many wives, this helps strengthen the Tribe’s numbers since Amazonian tribes are constantly killing each other.

*Pit Girls: Amazonian Women who are not warriors but are mothers and take care of the village, children and menial duties.


If you guys have any requests, do not hesitate to ask. Also if any of you would like to make art on based on these stories, you are free to do so.