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Witch's death

Posted by on in Bloody Death
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Lone wanderer was walking through the wood. He had gone from city to village but he had lost his way and had been wandering for a several hours trying to find the road. It was getting dark and he almost despaired, when he noticed the light between trees. Hoping that he find a lodging for the night, the wanderer went towards the light.

The forest ended and he saw the big glade. There were several old abandoned houses there. But the nearest house seemed not to be abandoned. In a window there was a light he had seen before.

Wanderer came up to the window and looked inside. He saw the room illuminated by the fire burning in the hearth. In the chair near the hearth was sitting a woman reading a book. He could see only her pointed hat, her long thin fingers with dark red nails and her legs in the fishnet stockings and black high heel shoes.

"She must be a witch" - thought the wanderer. "It will be funny night!"

He knocked the door. Footsteps were heard and door opened. He saw the witch standing in front of him. She had short red hair and blue eyes. Dress with ragged hem tightened her huge breast and her soft slightly convex belly. He noticed that she wear no bra, her big tits almost fell out the tight dress.

The witch was looking at him and smiling.

-Hello - started the wanderer, - I'm very sorry but I lost my way. I need to be in the village next morning but I even don't know where I am.

-Oh don't worry! - the witch started smiling stronger, - it's not far from here. But I see you so exhausted... You may spend the night here and go to the village in the morning.

The wanderer entered inside. The witch invited him for the dinner. When he sat down, she put two glasses of wine on the table. The wanderer knew that in his glass was some special potion that witches use to control the mind. And when the witch turned away, he swapped the glasses.

-So you didn't tell me what is your name - said the witch. She set down near him and took the glass of wine.

-Oh sorry. I'm Jeffrey

-I'm Alice - she smiled again and took a sip

Her face changed immediately. She looked very scared. She recognized that she had just drank a potion. Her eyes extended. She pressed her palm to her breast.

-No I couldn't make a mistake... Oh no...

-I swapped the glasses.

-You? No! You didn't do it! - Alice stood up and took a step backward. She looked very very frightened.

"On your knees!" - Jeffrey commanded to her. The witch couldn't resist. She fell on her knees. "Bare your tits, bitch!" Jeffrey took the knife and cut her right nipple off. Alice screamed, it was very hurt, blood covered her right tit. "No, please!" screamed the witch when Jeffrey brought the knife to her left nipple. But he was implacable, and her left nipple was cut off as a right one.

Jeffrey pulled his cock out. "Suck, bitch!" - he order to her. Her lips was sliding around his cock. Alice's hat fell down to the floor. Jeffrey grabbed her hair... Finally he cummed and pulled his cock out from her mouth. Alice swallowed his cum and looked at him. She didn't say anything but her eyes begged him.

But it was just a beginning!

"Stand up, bitch!" He was looking on her frightened face and her bleeding chest. He was enjoying her fear, her helpless and her humiliation. "Take off your dress!" but Alice didn't obey. "Take it off, bitch!" she didn't do anything. The potion didn't work more, and Alice had understood it. She stepped right to the table where her wand was lying. Jeffrey started to understand what had happened too...

"No, dirty bitch!" He jumped to her and stuck the knife in her soft underbelly with all his might. Alice screamed very loudly. Jeffrey turned the knife in her belly and rip her from the bottom to the top. The big terrible wound had opened and the guts fell out. The witch fell on her knees. She was catching her guts and tried to push it back into her ripped belly. Useless attempts! Jeffrey was looking at her agony for some time and then cut her throat. The dark blood flooded her neck and chest. The witch grabbed her throat and fell forward...