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The Hello Kittycat Corporation

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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“Dear Hello Kittycat friend,
you've been chosen to participate in a new experience of the Hello Kittycat franchise.
This is a special offer, tailored just for you. There's no requirements, we know you're the right person for the job we're offering you.
Join us and become a member of our growing cat family and help spreading love and cuteness throughout the world.
Just visit us at the address you find at the bottom of this card. But don't wait too long, or else we will have to assume you're not such a big fan as we think you are!”

Upon opening the card, the little Hello Kittycat face at the bottom right corner had sprayed a special chemical drug into the air to make her more affectionate, but it had hardly been required.
Zoey's excitement had already peaked when she found the card in her mail. She read it on her bed, surrounded by dozens of Hello Kittycat plush figures, in all sizes, lots of default appearances as well as numerous Hello Kittycat figures in specific job outfits.
After reading the card three times, she turned to her plush friends with a broad smile, checked her clock and headed out. It was still early enough to get to the attached address.

At first she wasn't sure when she got closer to the address, the area was rather run down and not very appealing. But once she saw a friendly kitty face at one of the doors, she knew she was right.
Humming a cheerful tune she buzzed at the door and was instantly allowed inside.
After climbing a flight of stairs she entered a simple office, white walls, a window, a simple office desk with a computer and a closed wooden door leading out of it. And dozens of Hello Kittycat plush figures in two shelves as well as a almost man sized one on a sofa.
Zoey stared at them just for a second when she heard a faint bump from behind the wall.

“Hello? Hellooohoo?”
The young redhead nervously twirled a finger around one of her braids.
There was some shuffling behind the wall, then some clear steps, a clack and the door opened.
A man in his fifties, short brown hair and a nice suit with an Hello Kittycat patch on the left chest stepped out with a smile.
“Hi there! Zoey, right? I've been expecting you.”
“Yes, uhm, that's me. I got this card...” Zoey was confused for a moment, but the drug from the card showed it's effect. The man saw her dilated pupils.
“Perfect! Your timing couldn't be better. I've just finished interviewing another applicant. My name's Ed! Nice to meet you! How do you like my office? Would you like one of the plushes? You can pick one if you like. It's yours!”
Zoey blinked rapidly, then smiled broadly at the comment and immediately went to grab a Hello Kittycat plush dressed as soldier from a shelf.
“I like this one.” she said with her cheeks blushing.
“Little soldier, eh? Perfect, perfect. If you'd now follow me into the back room please? I know it said on the card that there's no requirements, but we have to make a simple and quick test to make sure everything's in order. Follow me.”
The girl nodded and followed the older man into the dimly lit back room. Several lockers filled one side of it, a mop leaning against them, and in the middle of the room was a single chair with a screen in front of it. A bright spotlight illuminated it.
“Wow, what is this?” Zoey asked with wide eyes.
“Oh, it's simple. Just sit on the chair and look at the screen. You'll see some images on it, and I'll monitor your reaction. We'll have your dream job determined within the Hello Kittycat family in no time.”
“Is it safe? It looks so strange.” the girl looked at Ed saucer-eyed.
“Perfectly! Just try not to blink too much, okay?”
Ed watched as the redhead, clutching to her plush, sat down and the sequence on the screen started. It only took a minute before the screen stopped flashing and the girl sank unconscious back into the chair.
Ed relaxed and slid the garotte he had previously taken out back into his jacket. This subject behaved perfectly.

“Cadets! Welcome to the Hello Kittycat group! My name's Roberta and next to me is Johanna.
You've been chosen based on your skills and recommendations, and are now part of the Hello Kittycat Task Force!”
Zoey felt like she just had snapped out of a daydream. In front of her stood two short women, one with short raven hair, the other with a blonde ponytail and glasses. The raven haired named Roberta was speaking again with a slight Italian accent.
“Look around you. These girls are your new sisters. You will all live together, train together, and serve together. Your life now belongs to the Master Kitty! And if you do well, you might get to meet the Master Kitty itself!”

Zoey blinked and noticed she held something in her hands and looked down. She held a huge beige and dark blue assault rifle in her hands. A sling was attached to it and hung over her shoulder. Suddenly it felt heavy.
She was wearing a light blue long sleeve shirt and a beige short sleeved shirt over it, with a wicked looking Hello Kittycat in a suit patch on her right sleeve. Her name “Zoey” was written on a small white patch over her left breast. Looking further down, she was wearing dark blue leggings and beige combat boots. Also a beige belt hung around her waist and attached to it and her right leg, a beige pistol holster. There was a gun in the holster as well!

Zoey couldn't remember how she got here or when she dressed up like this. Especially how she got those guns! But somehow it felt right to her.
Her view went to her left where she saw several other girls, all dressed the same as her, some taller, some a few years older, but all with the same slightly confused look on their faces.
The two women in front of her wore the same outfit, although instead of beige shirts they wore dark blue.
They were all standing in what looked like an underground barracks room, with beds and lockers all around them. Some Hello Kittycat posters hung on the walls, and on each bed sat a plush next to the pillow. Zoey spotted one wearing a soldiers uniform and felt like this was her bunk bed, although she wasn't sure why or how she knew it. Her attention went back to the other girls.
Immediately to her left stood a taller woman with an auburn braid over her shoulder and fierce green eyes. She looked down to Zoey, gave her a smile and extended a hand.
“Hi, I'm Chloe.”
For a moment, Zoey stared at her, then shook her hand. “I'm Zoey. Nice to meet you.”

Now the blonde girl with glasses, Johanna, was speaking. Roberta just nodded to her and left the room.
“Alright! You girls have time to get to know each other better in a bit! For now, eyes on me! You've all been issued with a FN SCAR assault rifle and a 9mm Glock pistol. Before we proceed any further, I want to go over the basics with you. I don't need any of you shooting one another!”

Roberta entered a command room. It looked rather run down, but it did it's job. After the last time failure they had to expand quickly and big to get back on track. This time, no secret infiltration.
The normal franchise production went on as usual, nothing bad to report on that end. But the secret branch with their micro chips and drugs that accompanied the normal franchise, produced at this secret facility now, had to spread quickly before any other organisations would get notice of their plans.
So the Master Kitty's orders had been clear.
Establish a base of operations. Recruit faithful people to guard it. Crank up the production of Hello Kittycat merchandise. Flood the world with it. Then take over the world. The usual.

“Roberta! How are you? And how are the new cadets doing?”
Ed stood next to a tall, dark haired woman. Grace, leader of this operation. He gave Roberta a kiss on both cheeks.
“Nice to meet you, Ed. They should do, although they appear rather dim-witted.”
“They better be.” Grace said. “We need some personal to guard this place, and we don't need people like you and me for it. We need someone who doesn't ask too many questions or demands money. This recruitment technique is perfect.”
Ed gave a slight bow. “Thank you Grace. I'm amazed what you can do these days with technology. Track the sales, pick out those customers fitting the required profile, study their social network activity and behaviour, make sure no one will miss them, give them the invitation and a little drug, some automated brainwashing by a series of fitting images, and done.”
“Well, they clearly fit the requirements we had. Although I was expecting one more on this group. What happened?” Roberta raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, you should read Ed's report on that. It's quite entertaining.”
Grace handed a folder to Roberta. She quickly read it.

“Subject Julia X had entered my office late afternoon. Brunette, early twenties, long straight hair. She held the invitation card in her hands. Was a little nervous.
I did the usual pep talk to lure her in. Drug seemed to be effective. Relaxed a lot once she picked up a plush wearing a police uniform. Told me about how the world needs to be more secure and loving for everyone.
Brought her to the chair. Everything's been fine up to this point. Started the projection.
Half-way through it, subject Julia screamed and jumped out of the chair. She seemed clearly confused and demanded an explanation why she was here and what I was doing. Apparently the subject was immune to the behavioural brainwashing through the monitor or something else had stopped it on her. She insisted on leaving and threw the plush at me, threatening to call the police.
I tried to calm her. Then slipped a garotte around her neck. She tried to scream and punch me but I had her good. Then the buzzer went off, indicating someone else was entering the office. I had to act quickly. Subject Julia was gurgling and gasping for air. I had to snap her neck. In the process her bladder emptied and she made a mess on the floor. I dragged her to one of the lockers and stuffed her inside. Then quickly moped up the puddle before greeting the next subject.
After the next screening, I went back to the locker. Fucked subject Julia long and hard. Both ways. Then I dumped her body a few streets away in a dumpster. Made sure she looked like a rape victim.
End of report on subject Julia X.”

Roberta looked up from the report and gave it back to Grace without a word. Her brown eyes stared at Ed.
“I think your report has some details missing which I think we should discuss. In private.”
Grace just grinned wickedly as Roberta left the room, pulling Ed after her.

A few weeks later at an unknown location.
Inside a dark room at the centre was a oval table, dimly lit. Around it several chairs, people sitting in them. Somewhere off a large screen showing the Hello Kittycat logo flickered off. Squeaking of chairs.
A man in his fifties stood up. His green eyes sparkled in the dim light as he took the word.
“Gentleman. Gentlebears.”
He nodded in general, then in the direction of a chair where a grey haired bear sat that looked more like a life-sized children's plush.
“I say it's time to strike. We have gathered enough intel on Hello Kittycat's new facility and we're certain that the Master Kitty itself is going to be there tomorrow. The Great Grey Bear wants this unwanted competitor out of the market rather now than later. The market's getting flooded with those Kittycat toys and children all over the world start to favour those evil things rather than the traditional teddy bear.
Gentlemen, you all have been called here because you the best on your fields. It's time you earn your money. Any questions?”

Some quick looks were exchanged across the five men who sat around the table. One of them leaned forward, a men in his thirties wearing a sharp, black suit.
“I just want to confirm something, Vern. All of us here, including you, are experts in infiltration and espionage. We certainly won't have too much trouble taking down the leadership of the operation, however as your intel showed, they're expanding their security daily. The Kittycat guard staff must be in the hundreds by now. We can't take all of them out ourselves without risk.”
The man who spoke before cleared his throat.
“Certainly, Mr. Quester. The Great Grey Bear will support the mission with loyal Bear Troops. There will also be a squad of Black Grizzly Bears to assist.”
“And what about the Osos Amorosos?” Carlos Quester asked.
Vern looked at the Great Grey Bear sitting at the head of the table. It shook his head very slightly.
“We don't know yet if they will get involved or not. Be prepared to proceed without them.
If there are no further questions, then I suggest all of you get packing. We'll strike at sunset!”

The sun was slowly sinking just above the tree line on the nearby forest surrounding the area the Kittycat facility was located at.
A 19 year old guard with short curly black hair named Alexandra was walking the grid fence around the compound. Like all the guards of Kittycat, she wore a light blue long sleeve shirt and a beige short sleeved shirt over it with the “Hello Kittycat” patch on her right sleeve, combined with dark blue leggings and beige combat boots.
Alexandra stopped her steps when she heard a snapping sound and some rustling of fence. She turned around towards the noise when two black gloved hands wrapped around her face. In one smooth move she was lifted off the ground and spun around. Her neck snapped violently, then the hands released her body again which slumped down on the ground like a sack of potatoes.
Vern pressed his hand on his earpiece and spoke with a hushed voice.
“Badger Den, this is Badger One. The infiltration has begun.”
Behind him four men, mostly clad in black fatigues, slipped through the split fence and ran off quietly in different directions.

Kirstin stood guard outside one of the back entrances of the facility. Suppressing a yawn, she thought about taking a shower when her shift would end in half an hour. Her hair looked like a mess she thought and arranged her white ribbon once again that kept her red hair in check.
Another yawn come over her and she quickly pressed her flat hand against her gaping mouth.
Suddenly something thin and hard pressed against her hand from behind her back, her hand being pulled inside her mouth.
The veteran Erich Jaegger chuckled. This was even better than just around her throat as he kicked his knee in the back of the Kittycat guard and pulled the garotte wire harder, making the girl suffocate on her own hand that got stuck inside her mouth.
With her other hand she tried to pull the wire away but she didn't had enough strength to do so. Quickly she started to fill dizzy, gasping for air but only biting on her own hand instead.
Erich waited a little longer until the girl in front of him had a few last hiccups, then threw her over his shoulder and dumped the body a few meters away behind a crate.
As he did, another man called Khalid, a tall African American with a bald head, stepped in front of the door and had it unlocked in mere seconds with his lock pick. He pushed it open for the others to enter, then went to a ladder beside the door to climb up to the rooftop.

On top of the building he had a good view and could see the front gates, where two machine gun nests were located on each side of the road coming from the gates. They'd have to take them out first, before the main attack began.
But other things first. Ducking behind a ventilation exit he heard the chatter of two guards. Again female, like all the guards in this place. Something about psychological whatever that made the girls more susceptible to the Hello Kittycat stuff or whatever. Khalid hadn't listened to that part on the meeting. Taking out dozens of girls on a mission? Hell, why not. They'd all joined willingly in the first place, brainwashing afterwards or not.

Peeking over the edge of the vent, Khalid could see the two guards. A short one with long brown and a taller one with brown curly hair. They just talked about the use of a curling iron and if the short one could use it to get some nice curls herself.
Khalid slid out one of his throwing knifes from a belt he kept around his thigh. With a spin of his heels he got up from behind the vent and tossed the blade towards the guards. As expected it hit. Perfectly.
The short guard, Stephy, staggered and let out a deep groan. Her eyes rolled up and tried to focus on the blade sticking out right between her eyes. Her legs quivered and she took a few steps to the side while a dark stain started spreading between her legs. Then she fell over the edge of the building and landed with a thud.
Yzzy just stared with wide open eyes and a dropped jaw as her partner wet herself and stumbled over the ledge. For a second she thought how this was even possible with the knife in her brain, but then she thought about headless chicken that still walked. She didn't even know why she thought about these things. It just distracted her from the fact that Khalid came rushing at her.
As a former wrestler, Khalid used the confusion of his enemy as he tackled her right in her stomach, then used the momentum to lift her up in the air and over his shoulder and slammed her head first into the gravel floor the ceiling was made of.
The girl was out cold. Way too easy, Khalid thought.

Carlos Quester had made his way to the back of the facility where the main power generators had been located. Of course this facility had it's own power, they had been that smart. But not smart enough to guard it properly.
The main door to the generator room wasn't even locked, and as he stepped inside, Carlos heard the sound of a girl moaning. Carefully he went inside and quickly found them.
A short young redhead with braids and a taller mid twenty girl with an auburn ponytail. The short one was on her knees in front of the taller one who pressed herself against one of the generators that hummed softly. Her pants were down to her ankles, and the redhead was busy with her tongue between the others legs.
After sneaking around the girls and carefully placing small explosives on the generators backside, Carlos decided to give them a few minutes. He didn't want to interrupt the finale and enjoyed the show.

Sonny was making his way through the building towards the main barracks. He was carrying a silenced pistol, although he had a large calibre machine gun strapped to his back. As he reached a large corridor, he knew he was at the right place. He set down the machine gun and started to assemble it. No one would come through this corridor alive he thought to himself with a wicked smile on his face, then spoke in his microphone.
“This is Badger Five, I'm in position and ready for the show. Badger Three, turn off the lights when ready.”
Carlos Quester's answer cam as a whisper that got amplified by his micro.
“Badger Three here, just a minute...”

Khalid knelt on the rooftop of the facility and watched the two gun nests in the courtyard below. None of them seemed to suspect anything yet.
Suddenly he heard a yell right below.
“What the hell?! Get up! Get your lazy bum up, Stephy!”
As he looked down he saw a girl with a black ponytail standing above the body of Stephy and kicking her in the side.
Fawn was furious. She couldn't believe that Stephy just went for a nap out in the open. And why didn't she wake up? She's in deep trouble now and I'll oversee her punishment myself, Fawn though. But something was odd…
Several meters above her, Khalid hurried towards the knocked out Yzzy. He slapped her once to wake her up, then dragged her towards the ledge.
“Huh… what?” Yzzy murmured as she came to her senses. She saw his tall, bald man holding her, then he shoved something that looked like a grenade into her belt.
“Give this to your friend below.” Khalid said, chuckled and then tossed her over the ledge.

Screaming at the top of her lungs Yzzy saw the ground beneath coming closer. Fawn looked up and saw the girl falling down towards her. Some man yelled “Catch!” over the scream. Then Yzzy crashed on top of Fawn.
Struggling to get on feet, her eyes focused on the grenade that rolled aside from Yzzy's body. “Shit...”

A loud explosion rocked the courtyard. Khalid tumbled backwards. Black smoke rose from below in front of him.
“Uh, this is Badger Two. Badger Three, we could really use that distraction now...”
“Badger Three, I'm on it!”
A loud siren started wailing across the facility…

At the generator room Chloe was almost at her climax. She was moaning loudly, her hands busy groping her own breasts while Zoey's tongue was frantically exploring the interior of her pussy.
A faint wailing sound suddenly rose above the hum of the generators. The two girls were too distracted to actually notice it.
Carlos took his silenced pistol, stretched his arm and aimed. His shot hit Chloe in her head. The girls' eyes rolled up.
Between her legs, the other guard suddenly squealed as a stream of pee shot in her face. “Ick! Chloe, what-?!”
With wide open eyes, Zoey stared up to Chloe, then saw her crossed eyes and blood running down her face. Chloe's mouth just opened, then she slid down against the generator and fell on her side. The redhead crawled on all four towards her friend, then shook her arm.
“Chloe? Chloe, come on! Chloe, what happened?!”
Carlos had to laugh out loud. Jeez, they really had great security here he thought, then casually fired three shots at the redhead, hitting her in her back.
The girl jerked on each impact, then let out a deep groan as her head sacked down between Chloe's legs. Her bum twitched once, then a dark stain spread on her leggings.
Amused, Carlos watched the scene, then looked at the detonator in his hand. With his thumb he pushed the red button. There was a loud bang, then everything went dark for a moment, before some battery backup turned on and a few emergency bulbs started illuminating corridors in a dim light.

“Get up! Get up you maggots! Move! We're under attack!”
The blonde bespectacled Johanna was running around the barracks, screaming and shaking each of the sleeping Kittycat guards awake. As they assembled and took their guns, Johanna split them up in groups.
“… you, you, you, and you. With me!” she pointed and shouted, then turned and ran off down a corridor.
Still sleepy and unsure what was actually happening, the brunette Kei was holding her rifle in her hands with unease and followed the other guards who ran down the corridor after Johanna.
There had been a loud explosion sound and then the lights had turned off. Right now Kei wasn't so sure anymore that she liked this “experiment” as she had called it herself. Working for the Hello Kittycat corporation had sounded like fun, and this military style drill and comradeship with the other girls had been a blast the last couple weeks. It felt like she had a place in life here.
But right now she wasn't so sure anymore and felt rather scared. All the screaming, shouting and dim light was more like a bad horror ride on a fun fair.

Sonny had assembled his gun and was kneeling at the end of a long hallway. He heard the sound of many heavy boots approaching and cracked his neck to both sides once, twirled his shoulders, then flipped the safety off and took a step forward, turned ninety degree on the corner and saw them.
A group of about twenty something girls, all dressed in the Kittycat guard uniform, approached him.
The one in front, a short blonde with glasses and a ponytail looked like she saw her doom as Sonny turned the corner.
“Oh shit-!” was all she could get out before Sonny opened fire.

The deafening sound of his machine gun echoed through the corridor, drowning the shrieks and screams of the girls he mowed down. They twitched and crumbled to the floor like little dolls.
Kei had only a few seconds to realise what was going on. In front of her bright flashes appeared and girl after girl shook violently then dropped. She stopped and turned on her heel to run away from this madness but the two girls following behind her didn't react like she did.
They just bumped into her, arms and legs tangled to a ball.
She felt a bullet hitting her, a burning pain in her hip. There was a loud scream, her own, the one of another girl. She dropped hard on her back, and another girl crashed down on top of her.
Her whole body felt like pain, a warm wetness spread on her hip and a different one between her legs. She couldn't move, only wheeze and cry. A sound that filled the air now that the shooting had stopped. Girls all around her were groaning in pain. From her position she could only see a boot next to her face, violently twitching every few seconds.

Among those sounds another joined. A single pair of boots walking down the corridor.
Sonny had shouldered his machine gun and was slowly moving in the direction the girls had come from, careful not to step on any of them. He enjoyed the sound of their cries and groans.
As he came across a brunette that was buried beneath two other girls, tears in her wide open eyes that stared up to him, Sonny just gave her a wicked smile and a short wave of his hand, then he moved on, leaving Kei alone in the dark…

Nervously Gemma's sweaty fingers held on tighter on the grip of the stationary machine gun in front of her. Her brown hair hung in streaks down her face. To her right stood Theodora, an Asian girl with long black hair. Her fingers were loosely holding the ammo belt for the gun.
Both stared forward to the gates, into the darkness. The flood lights that once illuminated the courtyard had been disabled, yet they thought they saw movement in front of them.

The ground started to tremble softly, and a slowly rising rumble filled the air. There was like a dark grey cloud approaching the gate. Suddenly it hit the gates, which started bending inwards, then smashed open with a loud metal creak.
The two girls realised what the grey cloud was about, as they started to make out silhouettes.
“Are… are those teddy bears?!” Gemma stammered.
“I… I think so?! And… and they're coming our way!” Theodora replied agape.
A booming sound of the machine gun in the other nest let them shake off their confusion.
Gemma pulled the trigger as well and started aiming her gun towards the approaching mass of grey teddy bears.
She hit one, then another one. White stuffing poured out of the bears who simply dropped and others rushed over them. Some raised their furry paws, others carried what looked like wooden spears.
They didn't speak nor screamed as they got shot one by one and dropped in the hail of bullets that Gemma and Theo unleashed upon them, leaving a trail of fluffy stuffing.

On top of the facility Erich Jaegger had joined Khalid to watch the assault. He looked down the scope of his rifle, the crosshair aimed at the girls in one of the machine gun nests. His finger slowly curled up around the trigger of his rifle, when Khalid placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Shouldn't we help them?”
“No… let the bears do their thing, okay? Just watch.” Khalid replied with a chuckle.

It felt like a never ending stream of grey plush with hundreds of black spotty eyes that slowly came closer and closer. This is just a nightmare! Gemma thought to herself.
“Shit!” Theodora hissed next to her.
A split second later the remains of the ammo belt vanished in the machine gun, the last bullet left the barrel, and the gun didn't fire anymore. The barrel was glowing slightly and smoke trailed off from the tip.
Theo reached for her service rifle that was stashed in the MG nest, leaned over the sandbags and fired off bursts towards the charging teddy bears.
“Help me!” Theo turned her head and shouted at Gemma, who slowly stepped backwards, then turned and ran off towards the facility.

Theo fired her magazine empty, then grabbed another one. Just as she pushed it in her gun, the bears were upon her. The first one jumped in her face, causing her to stumble and fall backwards.
Another one came over the sandbags and let its fluffy form fall on Theo. They weren't really heavy, but as soon as Theo pushed them off a dozen more jumped at her. And more.
Before she knew it she got buried under grey plush, unable to move. One teddy bear pushed his fat nose down into her mouth. She gasped for air, but the bears made it impossible to breathe and slowly suffocated her beneath them.

Gemma was hurrying back to the facility. In her panic she was more stumbling then running.
She got halfway across the courtyard when the double doors of the entrance sprung open and several Kittycat guards rushed out, knelt down and opened fire. Behind them Gemma saw two of her superiors, the blonde Laura and the redhead with curls, Karin.
Laura carried a rocket launcher while Karin held a grenade launcher. She pushed it against her hips, then fired. There was a loud thud, then a booming explosion behind Gemma.
She was startled for a moment, turned her head and saw fluffy teddy bears flying through the air, white stuffing floating around like smoke. But the other bears didn't seem to care and continued running towards her.

“Now you might want to help.” Khalid said to Erich who shouldered his rifle again and took aim at the girls right below them. His shoulder jerked back slightly as he pulled the trigger and sent a bullet right into the skull of the blonde girl with the rocket launcher below.
Laura didn't even feel the impact. In her last move, she launched the rocket but it spun upwards, flying right up into the dark night sky where it exploded.
For a moment the courtyard was lit up and Gemma could see not only the two figures standing atop the facility but also hundreds if not thousands of teddy bears rushing behind her.

“Sniper! Snipe-ACK! Urrrrhhhh...” Gemma shouted towards the other girls, but her warning turned into a long groan.
Something sharp had hit her back. She stumbled forward and looked down, seeing a crude wooden spear poking out of her chest. She dropped to her knees.
In front of her, the entrance of the facility. A bright flash came from top of the building. Karin went down, then an explosion followed right at her feet, sending the other Kittycat guards tumbling through the air.
Gemma groaned and fell to her side, her hands clutching the wooden spear. She tried to push it back out of her chest, and it suddenly was removed very quickly. She looked up and saw a teddy bear, looking down at her with empty black eyes. Then it ran off, forward to the facility, followed by many others.
The Kittycat guard was just left there while dozens of plushy feet rushed past…

Sonny had his large rifle pressed against his hips as he walked along the many cold grey concrete corridors, looking for the command centre. He heard shouting and movement coming towards him.
Pressing his back behind a nearby door frame, Sonny waited until another group of Kittycat guards came rushing towards him. With ease he mowed them down, their painful screams echoing along the corridor.
“Way too easy...” Sonny chuckled to himself.
The click of a gun being cocked came from his left, the door. It was open and the impish grin of a mid-twenty woman with short black hair looked at him, holding a rifle at his head.
“Indeed, too easy. Any last words?”
Surprised, Sonny looked down at her.
“Yeah, I...” he began but was cut off as Ester pulled the trigger, and with a loud bang Sonny's brain plastered over the floor.
“Really, I don't care.” she finished.

Just as Ester leaned down to the body, she saw movement from the corner of her eye. A shadow behind the window.
As she looked up, the window got smashed as a dark, furry bear wearing a black leather mask over his face jumped into the corridor. It made a snaring sound and from his furry paws some claw like long blades extended.
“Ha, what the fuck?!” Ester laughed, raised her gun and shot the black grizzly bear in it's head. The big fuzzy bear just fell backwards.
Suddenly there was a sharp pain in Ester's back. The sound of a slicing blade later, she saw the tip of five claws extending from her chest.
“Oh… shit...” Ester murmured, then her arms lowered and she collapsed into the hold of the extended arm of a black grizzly bear standing behind her.
Unlike her, the bear didn't make any remarks as it pushed her body off its claws. It just silently vanished into the darkness of the corridors.

The Master Kitty was furious. It stood in the command centre and watched on many monitors how its facility got invaded by fluffy teddy bears.
Grace watched it as it watched the screens, its big paws rested on a desk. The Master Kitty stood like a human, wearing a suit. However its body was covered with dark fur that had a slight blue glow to it and its feet and hands were paws, and a furry tail protruded from its pants. And its head was that of a cat, although it was about 4 times as big as a normal human head.
The whiskers twitched.
Of course, it's been the bears, Grace thought. Of all the enemies the Master Kitty had, the teddy bears were the worst. They'd never let it get away with stealing all the kids and girls from their market share. The teddy bears didn't accept anyone else next to them as the main companion and friend for kids. Especially not something as “new age” as Hello Kittycat.

“Master Kitty, Sir. I'm sorry, but I can fix this. We'll restart at a new location, like we did before. With better security next time!” Grace plead, watching the impatient waggling of the Master Kitty's tail. It slowly turned around now to face its facility chief, Grace. She had beautiful long black hair, although now it looked slightly tousled as she had nervously moved her hand through it over and over again.
Grace gulped hard as she saw the Master Kitty's face, little movements of the snout making its whiskers twitch.
“We just have to go now, before they get here. Curse those teddy bears, but we can beat them! We just need more time!” Grace continued.
The Master Kitty slowly shook its head in response. The ears slowly lowered, then with the speed of light its front paws slashed forward and long sharp claws stabbed Grace were she stood.
She groaned as she got lifted off her feet.
Second in command, the short raven haired Roberta who stood by the door, now took a step backwards. She watched as Grace suddenly slumped down on the floor, not moving anymore.
“Sir, we, uhm… we can fix this, Sir. I'll just… I'll be outside, fending off the attackers, yes?” Roberta started stammering as the eyes of the Master Kitty fixated on her.

A loud rumble shook the building. The Master Kitty leaned its massive head back and let out a shrill shriek that made Roberta cover her ears.
Suddenly something happened to the Master Kitty. Roberta just watched, her hands still covering her ears as the cat human started to transform. It grew in size and its whispers became dark and long, like tentacles, hanging down over its snout. The suit ripped apart as the body grew bigger and bigger, wings suddenly extending from its back. Furry paws grew into large claws and the already black eyes now seemed to devour any light.
Within seconds the Master Kitty had grown in size to break its way through the ceiling of the facility. After about 20 seconds it had grown double the size of the facility.
Roberta just stared at it through the broken ceiling of the facility. Then she saw a giant claw forming a fist that just hammered down on her, destroying half the facility with one massive blow.

“Holy shit, what is that?!” Erich Jaegger asked with wide open eyes.
The veteran had seen a lot of weird stuff already, but that beat everything.
The remainder of the assault team assembled next to him, all now staring upwards to the massive black creature with tentacles in its face.
“It's… Cathulhu.” Vern said.
“Cathulhu… like, Cthulhu, that made up monster that lives under the sea?” Carlos asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Yes, just… a cat.” Vern replied.
“We're screwed.” Khalid said to no one in particular.
“Let's try to kill it first!” Erich commented, picked up the grenade launcher one of the Kittycat guards had dropped before and fired a round at the creature.
There was a long second pause while the projectile flew across the sky. There was a big explosion and the creature screamed with a terrible high pitched noise.
Then its claw slashed down and tore through a line of grey teddy bears like they were paper.

The assault team all raised their rifles and fired until all their magazines had been spent, however none of the bullets seemed to have any effect at all.
A group of black grizzly bears tried to climb up the leg of the Cathulhu but were squashed like flies in an instant.
“Now we're screwed.” Carlos commented as the creature turned its head downward, its dark eyes staring at them.

Suddenly a bright light appeared in the clouded night sky.
A colourful cloudy car emerged from the sky and tacking some turns in the air quickly landed next to the men. A group of bears, all in different fur colours and weird symbols on their white chest jumped out of it.
“The Osos Amorosos! You have to be kidding me!” Vern gasped.
“Oi! You need any help with that?” the leader of the group, a bear with brown fur and a big red heart on its chest said.
Behind them Cathulhu screamed and stomped on another group of grey teddy bears.
“Uh… yes?” Carlos said and they all stared upwards to the creature.
“It's alright, brothers. We got you covered!” the leader bear of the Osos Amorosos said.

The five bears waddled forward and formed a line.
Holding each others hands, they screamed in union.
“With love and care, we help you, oh Cathulhu. Osos Amorosos love you!”
Bright rainbow light shot out of their chest symbols like lasers that shone through the light. The colourful lights gleamed and enlightened the whole facility courtyard.
The man of the assault team just stood there, watching as Cathulhu twisted and turned as it got hit by the laser lights, its whole body blinking in all colours of the rainbow. Above it a equally colourful light shone, breaking the clouded sky.

After what felt like a visual drug trip the Osos Amorosos stopped shooting their lasers.
“It's done.” the leader bear said to the men, then they all hopped into their car and drove off, up into the sky.
The four men looked at each other in surprise and disbelief of what had just happened. The Kittycat facility was in ruins, the courtyard littered with plush teddy bears and stuffing. And between all that was an empty crater like area. Empty, except for something little moving inside it.
Carefully they approached the centre to find a very small black cat with a shimmering blue fur. As they stepped in front of it, it let out the cutest meow.
“Well… that's it, I guess.” Vern said and picked up the cat. “Time to get our pay cheque. I'll keep this one as a bonus.” he added with a grin.

The men laughed as they left the ruins of the battlefield behind them.