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New Story: Gladiatrixes!

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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This is one I wrote awhile ago! It was originally all-male, and admittedly not human males, but I edited it for content and came up with this. If there's any gender-confusion (him/his/he's showing up), that's why!

I hope you guys like it! And you can thank Zoey for inspiring me to post at least this story, if not more in the future. :)

If people want it, I'll post the original, but will only do it on request since it's off-topic from the site!

Story (c) me <3


The sun beat down on the bare stone arena, as unfeeling and harsh as the girls that stood amidst the blowing sands of the arena floor. They stood resolute, unafraid, and hungry for battle.

“We who are about to die, salute you!” came the shout; each warrior lifted their weapon and spoke in unison. The crowd, a motley assembly of paupers, nobles and merchants, shouted back.

There were twenty fighters in all, their shapes and sizes as varied as the clothing and armor they had selected for ther bout. Some stood nude, their nipples erect and as hard as the weapons they held in their hands. Others wore simple loincloths, barely concealing their own aching flesh. The fight was to the death and as the assembled warriors turned to face each other, each knew that only one of them would leave the arena alive. Around the circular battlefield hung the heads of defeated gladiators, their tongues lolling and eyes closed in eternal repose; soon, nineteen more would grace the walls of the arena, a fitting end for a disgraced combatant.

One stood taller than most, her short black fur only highlighting the lean curves of her muscles in the noon-day sun. Each muscle had been earned with blood and sweat, the girl a statue carved by the arena and each nick and scar in her hide was worn with honour. She had forgotten her own name long ago, however, the years slaying her memories like a sharpened blade.

“Vindicem! Vindicem! Vindicem!”

The crowd chanted their name for her as she readied herself, bending to mutter a soft prayer to the gods before standing tall once more. The others had spread out, forming a ring with their backs to their walls and their eyes on each other. Bodies swayed in anticipation and breaths were held as they all waited for the word that would start the match.


The single word threw the whole building into a frenzy. The gladiators began to move immediately. The stink of fear was rich in the raven haired barbarian’s nostrils as she eyed her opponents, most of them avoiding her gaze in fear that she would choose them as her first target. It was a young looking brunette who threw the first swing, however. The girl, perhaps nineteen years of age, wore only a short silken loincloth which hung delicately between her legs. her gladius was short, not unlike the girl’s legs, but as she lunged towards a nude blonde, the barbarian was surprised to see the brunette wielded it with skill. Others began their fights in short order; the crash of steel on steel was dwarfed only by the roar of the crowd. The barbarian had learned to use the audience to her advantage; they had a clearer view than she did, and their reactions were all she needed to know the flow of the battle, when blood was spilled, and when a fighter fell.

It wasn’t long before the bloodlust of the crowd drew a deafening roar as the first gladiator fell. A stalwart nubian, nude save for the pair of hatchets she wielded, feinted around the guard of an inexperienced pict. The dark-skinned nubian’s hatchet struck true, landing with a meaty thud into the gut of the horrified warrior. The pict’s cream filled the air, barely a whisper to the ears of any but the closest fighters as the crowd thrilled at the sight. The nubian grinned at the sound, basking in both the scream and the crowd’s response, though she didn’t pause to appreciate her kill. A strike with the second hatchet silenced the pict as it landed in her neck, throwing her down into the dust of the arena with wide eyes and a raspy hacking cough which soon trailed off into silence. The arena sands had tasted their first blood of the match, and it wanted more.

The barbarian had already found her first target. A feline-like redhead had decided to stay off to the side, and now drew the barbarian’s gaze.

“Coward” the black haired beauty thought as she moved purposefully towards the smaller male, the greatsword the large horse held glistening, as though anticipating the blood it would bathe in shortly. The redhead saw her coming, her breasts  jostling as she stumbled backwards, eyes wide and fear clear in her features. “Come, girl!”  the barbarian shouted, “Come and test your mettle!” She knew the scared looking girl had no choice but to fight her now, nobody would save her. The imposing woman’s greatsword tore through the air horizontally towards the cowering redhead as the assaulted girl lifted her own blade in an effort to parry it. The simple move saved the girl’s life, but did little to keep her from being taken off her feet by the power of the champion’s swing. The girl landed on her ass, tits thrust up and the breath taken from her lungs as she struggled to get back to her feet before— too late— The barbarian’s weapon plunged down into the downed girl’s unprotected belly. Metal tore through flesh and hot pain threw the crimson covered head back, a scream erupting from her throat even as she felt her body wracked by an unexpected and violent orgasm,  the sudden sensation had been too much.

As her victim painted her own loincloth and thighs with her final excruciating orgasm,  the barbarian withdrew her blade and brought it down once more. The slain girl’s head rolled off of her body, thrown several feet by the strength of the swing which had severed it. The redhead’s eyes were wide, but dim already, and her tongue hung from her slack-jawed mouth as she stared blankly at the sky above. Her body shuddered as it collapsed, more blood soiling the arena sands as the barbarian stood tall over the vanquished combatant.

More fighters fell as the weakest were culled from the herd. A lithe girl with dyed purple hair, slim and serious, downed a petite blonde even as the redhead was ended by the barbarian. The purple haired girl’s quickness brought her inside the blonde’s guard with ease where the short blades the girl wielded made quick work of her cocky blonde victim. Blood splashed as the slain gladiator fell to her knees, her tits dripping with sweat as her dazed mind tried to understand what had just happened. The purple haired gladiator gave the girl only a second to contemplate this before those blades flashed again, slicing open the blonde’s throat and sending her tumbling onto her back to choke out her final few seconds of life in the dust. The victor lifted her blades to the crowd and the crowd showed its appreciation through a raucous cheer filled with stomping feet; their favour would last as long as their new favourite gave them blood, whether it was her or her opponents’ was of little consequence to the mob.

A tattooed slavegirl met a similar fate. Smaller than her opponent— a hulking golden haired barbarian--the girl had been thrown onto her back and pinned as though she were a prey-animal. The blonde barbarian, who posed above her victim as though she were a lioness ready to strike, showed little mercy, but like the other victorious fighters, made up for it with showmanship. The slave could only struggle beneath the larger female standing above him. The would-be lioness’ foot came down on the slave’s chest at last, crushing her ribs and leaving her writhing in the dirt. The girl could see the final blow coming, breath coming in painful fits as she tried not to scream when the blonde’s large axe came down and removed her head. Another vanquished fighter, the slave’s body spasmed in the dust of the arena, her tits bouncing as a gush of cum sprayed even as the girl died; another head for the spikes.

Bodies littered the arena floor as the raven haired barbarian strode through the battlefield, looking for an opponent who wasn’t already engaged. Nearly a quarter of the fighters had already been defeated, and more were falling quickly. Even as the large girl made her way through the melee she saw the small brunette who had thrown the first strike go down on her knees. The girl’s brown hair was splashed with blood, a series of green rings around her thighs and forearms almost obscured because of it. Another brunette stood before her, skin gleaming with sweat as she looked down at the fallen girl. The barbarian couldn’t hear their words, but she could see the look in the kneeling brunette’s face, Spare Me it screamed silently. There would be no quarter given, the crowd demanding the defeated warrior pay with her life. The other brunette, taller than her diminutive counterpart, made her opponent’s end quick. her gladius thrust down, piercing through the collarbone of the pleading warrior and ending her cleanly as the blade cleaved her heart. The small brunette was dead before she knew it, a simple gasp punctuating her life. When the blade was removed, the girl fell forward and landed face down in the dirt.

The victorious gladiator wasted no time, turning to find a new opponent and finding the barbarian waiting for her with a grin. There was no room for indecision, and knowing her chances the girl threw himself at the barbarian. The champion couldn’t help but admire the attitude. Much like the brunette who had just perished, this one bore a series of tribal tattoos on her shoulder and back, no doubt meaning something to those of her clan but of little consequence to others.

“I’ll kill you cleanly” the imposing barbarian assured as she brought her sword up to turn aside the furious strike of her new foe.

“I’ll fondle your corpse” the brunette shot back quickly, grunting as she tried to keep herself from simply being thrown away by the larger female as they locked blades. The struggle was short, but intense, and even the barbarian had to admit this girl was stronger than she looked. Seriousness flooded the northern warrior’s mind as she admitted to herself this one would not be easy. When their clinch broke, it was the brunette who leapt forward to continue the assault. her blade snuck through her opponent’s guard and nicked the female’s side, drawing a surprised snarl from the champion as she fell back a step to regain her composure. It was only the barbarian’s longer reach which saved her, holding the unrelenting brunette at bay as they moved carefully through the blood and body strewn sands of the arena floor.

As the two fought, a scream filled their ears, “Aiiiiie!” the purple haired girl had fought hard against the lioness but her speed had been no match for the large female’s strength and hunter’s discipline. She sat on her knees, staring in disbelief at her own dagger jutting from her belly, the weapon seeming to mimic the hard nipples thrusting up from the nude female’s chest; she was finished, and she knew it! The lioness was panting for breath as she stood behind the kneeling fighter, relishing the victory she had earned with great effort and giving her latest victim a moment to realize what was coming next. The defeated fighter simply sat there, clutching the blade that protruded from her and listening to the screams of the crowd; this time they were for her death, her blood. She didn’t see the strike coming, the dazed girl not even feeling the axe as it decapitated her from behind. her body bucked up, tensing suddenly as her head flew through the air and landed in the dust nearly ten feet away. Cum gushed down her inner thighs, shimmering in the sunlit air even as her body toppled to the side to lie still, her juices still oozing from her as she perished.

How many were left? The black haired barbarian couldn’t tell, but the fallen bodies greatly outnumbered those still standing now. The girl could see the brunette tiring, the large female’s defensive approach to the duel seeming to work as the smaller female continued to throw herself at the backpedalling barbarian. There. The girl saw her opening at last; the brunette’s guard was lowering, blade unable to pull back as quickly after each strike as it had only moments earlier. The trained warrior had taken several hits in the fight already, blood dripping from a number of minor cuts caused by the brunette’s blade, but it was only the final hit that mattered and it would be hers! When the brunette lunged again, the barbarian side-stepped it deftly and brought her weapon up in a dangerous stab that left her wide-open, her chest and belly laid bare by the attack should she miss. The brunette didn’t stand a chance as she tried to bring her blade back only to find her opponent’s enormous blade punching through her belly and out her back. The sword was pushed to the hilt before the warrior relented, lifting the brunette from the ground as she shrieked out in pain and horror.

“So much for a clean kill” the ebony haired warrior thought absently as she relished in the horrified expression on her victim’s face. She simply grinned, holding the brunettein place as she planted a rough kiss on the girl’s lips. “I guess that’s one way to fondle me, fatue!” the girl scoffed as the brunette simply hung limply on her blade, not dead but in shock and dying. When the girl withdrew her weapon in a brutal yank that sent the brunette tumbling to the ground, she brought it down once more and removed the girl’s head in a final humiliation for the defeated warrior; she could respect her slain opponent’s attitude, but she was not here to make friends, she was here to win the match AND the crowd.

There were only four combatants still standing when the girl turned away from the twitching body of the brunette. The nubian, the lioness, herself, and a exotic looking tanned woman who was struggling to hold off the nubian. The barbarian, drained from the bout, remained where she was and rested as the lioness considered her chances of taking the only female to match her in size. Even as the two stared, the tanned woman perished. A low strike from the nubian’s blade, paired with a dagger from the fallen purple haired fighter, threw the olive skinned beauty off balance with a strike to her knee and sent her to a half-kneeling position. She couldn’t stand, the black haired warrior could see it in how she struggled to move, and the nubian came down on her like the predator she was. her dagger drove itself into the female’s chest and drew a scream that was amplified by the relative silence of the other fighters, even as her long-blade cut open the exotic fighter’s gut. Either would have been enough to end the girl but both together drove her into the dirt immediately. She fell with a crash as her iron pauldrons collided with the dirt of the arena, her loincloth falling to uncover her pussy as she perished so unceremoniously and lay still like the others.

Bodies lay about haphazardly, a few laying atop another as though they had been slain immediately after felling the fighter who lay beneath them. Many were missing heads, though they were never far away. Many of those heads were still wide-eyed, while a few looked quite peaceful, as though they were simply sleeping; for the living however, there was no rest. The lioness  moved on the nubian quickly after the nubian’s latest victim expired, clearly deciding she was an easier target than the large barbarian. It worked in the champion’s favour, however, and she allowed the lioness her fun. The nubian, for all her strength and cunning, stood no chance as the lioness brought the haft of her axe over the dark skinned gladiator’s head and down in front of her throat, pulling it tight and cutting off the girl’s breath. Her toned body writhed against the lioness’ as she tried to push the axe-haft from her throat, but she was fatigued from the fight and her muscles were already burning. It was only a matter of time before her struggles began to slow, her body wracked with pain from her lack of oxygen. The lioness could feel it, her grip tightening as she roared out over another fallen opponent! The crowd, undeterred by the dishonourable manoeuvre which had put an end to the nubian, roared back even as the dying girl’s vision exploded with stars and dark colours. Her cheeks were blue beneath her sweat , tongue hanging out and swelling lewdly as her fingers scrabbled in a futile gesture of defiance towards the lioness.

Whens he finally went limp, the lioness released her and let her fall atop the girl she had slain only moments earlier. The nubian’s body twitched, her toes curling of their own accord. Neither the lioness or barbarian were thinking of the panther now, however, both looking at each other. They were the final two standing, and one of them would earn another day of life by the other’s death.  

The black haired girl struck first this time, relatively well-rested by the break she’d taken as the lioness had disposed of that nubian. Her blood-stained sword no longer glistened as she struck, but its edge was no less sharp. The great blade slid past the defense of the surprised lioness and clipped the girl’s shoulder, drawing a thick line of crimson amidst her light skin. The lioness’ axe pulled back, that wounded shoulder pulled back as well as the girl tried to centre herself for the next attack. When it came, a great downwards slash, the golden haired gladiator lifted her axe and parried the blow with its haft.

“They’re gonna need two spikes to mount that head” snarled the lioness as she held the greatsword in place, the simple mockery ignored by the raven haired barbarian as she pushed down on the other’s weapon. The champion was too good, too experienced, too determined to fall for such a simple ruse and as the lioness snarled, the girl acted. A strong kick caught the blonde off guard, the barbarian’s foot striking right inside the other female’s thigh. The champion could feel the lioness’ guard falter with the blow and kicked again; with her arms raised as they were the lioness was helpless to do anything save kick back, several strikes hitting the champion’s hips. Each winced when they were struck, but neither was willing to break the clinch of their weapons lest momentum give their opponent an advantage. Finally, the black haired girl moved. With a final kick square to the already bruised belly of her rival, the barbarian ducked to the side. The sudden lack of pressure against her axe haft caused the lioness to bring her weapon down hard on empty air even as her opponent’s elbow drove itself up into the shocked lioness’ gut. The champion could hear the breath being forced from the other girl’s lungs as she dropped to one knee as though she were submitting; this time, however, she was kneeling before the headsman. The barbarian moved with practiced ease, flowing back onto her feet from her own ducking crouch as her sword raised high above her head. The lioness could only look up in disbelief as the weapon came down, taking her head clean from her shoulders in mid-scream.

The large body thrust itself forward as though it had been pushed, crumpling onto its side before spasming itself onto its back. The lioness’ hips thrust up as her nerves danced, freed from the oppressive yoke of her brain by firing randomly and causing her muscles to spasm and jerk. her pussy exploded with an orgasm that would have shattered her mind had her mind still been connected to it, and coated her thighs and the sand beneath her in the fragrant juices even as the victor looked on, exhausted. The crowd rose to its feet and the sound it made was enough to draw the girl’s gaze away from the vanquished warrior.

She was the only one still moving on the arena floor, standing amongst the bodies of her weaker opponents, their heads destined for display on spikes. It took her  hours to turn and head for the arena exit, though it was only once she’d reached it that she’d realized it had been only minutes; the lioness’ body had not yet stopped twitching.  

Attendants moved from smaller entrances interspersed amongst the stone walls of the arena. They would collect the bodies and drag them below to be fed to the wild animals they held in the lower depths of the Colosseum. Their heads would be mounted and the next batch of gladiators would be brought out. There were always more slaves to replace the fallen, and as the champion vanished into the cool darkness of the building’s interior, she relished the thought that her blade would never go thirsty.


  • RAUL
    RAUL Wednesday, 31 December 2014

    While i'm not really into beheadings you did make it so sexy !. Lovethe way you describe everything so well that i have the images inmy head. I hope you do post some more of your great stories

  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Wednesday, 31 December 2014

    Thank you, Raul! I'm not always big on beheadings, either, but I love heads being taken as trophies!

  • Zoey
    Zoey Friday, 09 January 2015

    Wonderful story Kirstin! I feel flattered that I'm responsible for you posting the story. And I do hope you'll write more in the future! :)
    I'm not a big friend of the beheadings in the story, but they fit well for the scenario. But I absolutely love how some girls end with great last climaxes :)

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