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A recent Korean period drama got me rather inspired to write. Something to note, since this is based on Korean royalty, characters are dressed accordingly. All females wear a variant of the traditional female attire, the 'hanbok'. Naturally, the royalty wears something significantly more ornate in design. For the hair, you should take reference from the first image.

Refer to this image for an idea on the attire of the time

As you may imagine, the most prominently featured lady is royalty. Attire for members of royalty are typically ornate. Concubines wear something similar to that in the image. The Queen, however, could and typically wear something more like this:

Of course, concubines are not necessarily disallowed to wear those, but when in presence of the Queen, who dares to do that!

The two female ladies standing closest to the royalty are usually her maidservants, those that serve her directly. Whatever instructions she has, they carry them out, passing on orders to lesser servants (those ladies behind in blue and white).

About the attire though, you should have noticed by now. It's super thick. The Korean traditional attire comprises of several layers (7, according to the official Korean tourism website). But that's rather extreme, and I'm just writing a short story, not a novel so this image should do fine:

Their rooms are typically something like this:

Whoever's of higher rank usually occupies the seat the person in the image is sitting at. Others (if more than one) would line up perpendicular to the table, with the highest rank of the visitors taking the seat directly in front of the table. By default, maidservants never get to sit directly in front, usually at the side.

And assassins? Well, I don't know for sure, but drama logic suggests this:

I ain't even complain' :)

And that's about all you need to know for the story! I must say I rather enjoyed the (initially unintended) lesson! But without further ado, the story.

"Your Highness, I have no regrets."

Lady Ryu, the third Concubine to the King, allowed herself a sigh. Her breath a quickly dissipating mist in the cool winter night. Beams of moonlight shone into the room, as Lady Ryu shivered. Her beautiful face betrayed no fear as she kept her composure, seated solemnly as she awaited the inevitable. Already shrieks broke the silence of the night. The sickening sounds of metal meeting flesh quickly reached her room.

She closed her eyes, just as the doors to her room opened suddenly. "Lady Ryu!" She opened her eyes, realizing it was her serving lady, Suk-ui. "We must escape, assassins have attacked."


Suk-ui, despite being panicked, still remembered enough of her courtly manners to not groan in dismay. Lady Ryu only sighed, her umpteenth time that night as she remarked," Suk-ui, dying for a cause such as this; we have nothing to fear."

"Is it worth it?"

Lady Ryu slammed her palm on the table, her determined expression allowing a trace of anger for the first time. "How dare you," she hissed. "Through our deaths, the Crown Prince… His Highness. He shall have his throne."

Suk-ui bowed low, unable to retort. The sounds of death drew closer as she struggled to keep from trembling. "Now, I pray our assassins shall have dignity," Lady Ryu said as she sat upright once more, looking firmly at the door. A young servant girl, Jangryeol, dashed in front, gasping blood as a figure behind her plunged a sword through her chest.

Her bright blue overcoat was quickly darkened with her blood as her killer laughs gruffly. "Ay, you, you take her before she expires. Me and Hong here will take these two."

Suk-ui whimpers as she scurried back, while Lady Ryu kept her composure. "You uncouth creatures," she shouted, as the men laughed.

"Uncouth, she says," the older sounding man says as he pointed his blade at her. The other, presumably Hong, goes for Suk-ui, seizing her by her arm. She screams as she struggles against Hong to no avail. He pinned her down, already tearing past her layers of garment. Lady Ryu gulped as the older man begins to approach menacingly. "N-no, stay away," she exclaimed, her voice breaking.

The older man only chuckles as he came closer. Meanwhile, the struggling Suk-ui finds a new burst of strength as Hong impregnates her for the first time. Pushing him back, her hands fumbles to just the right place, drawing a dagger strapped to his legs. With no hesitation, she plunged the dagger into his chest, piercing his heart. His pained howls lasted only a brief moment before he fell on the serving lady.

Screaming in rage, the older man turned his blade on Suk-ui, stabbing the blade down in her neck. Suk-ui could only gurgle, clawing futilely at the corpse that pinned her down, its member still plunged into her as she expired.

Lady Ryu saw her chance at that instant, rising and trying to run past the man. The man was hardly distracted, catching her arm as he pushed her back. She stumbled back, tripping over the table back on her seat. Despite the cushions, she could feel the impact spraining her wrists. However, before she could think to get up and make a second attempt at escape, the man grabbed her by her legs, pulling her towards him.

Against his superior strength, she could do nothing as she was dragged up the table. The man began to rip her garments opened, tossing his sword aside to pull out the blade at his legs to cut past the remaining undergarments that concealed her breasts. "No!" Lady Ryu screamed as she flailed at the man.

He ignored her blows as he ripped into her underpants, finally paving the way for himself. "Ah, let's see what's so special about this cunt," the man growls as he thrusts into her. Lady Ryu gasped as the man swung his hips forcefully, finding a quick orgasm which he unloaded within her. "Hey, that wasn't so different now, was it?"

He pulled out, plunging his dagger down on her venus mound. Lady Ryu gasped as she stared down at the hilt, now the only visible part of the dagger that stuck out from her crotch. The man, strokes his still erect member, spewing another load over her chest and face. "Well, you are a price piece of meat. Maybe that's the difference!"

He turned to grab his blade. Lady Ryu froze, recognizing the inevitable. The man wasted no time, his blade making a swift arc across her breasts, a circular stream of red that splattered on the walls behind. Lady Ryu slumped back, her lower torso still unceremoniously atop the table. As if to exacerbate the humiliation of her body, she lost control of her bladder, a steady stream of yellow squirting onto the floor at the man's feet.

Fortunately, she was already dead, her eyes staring into the ceiling. The man scoffed as he turned, his mission accomplished.