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The East Island (2)

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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Mira was always calm before any mission never did she think that today maybe her final battle instead she had the nagging feeling that if she did die then that would be the least of her worry's Nishala the greater demoness who had only arrived months ago had taken a notice to Mira and others the unwanted attention Mira would rather not have a Greater Demoness expecting the best from her at all times but at least it gave her some command and rank Mira had ordered that they would assault the ruins the tribe Batak where hiding in mid afternoon Mira had already looked at the field littered with Tribes and the odd Queen soilder either side unable to get at them for being shot by arrow fire

in the meantime Mira was speaking to the other officers the Siege Breakers had arrived as if by magic they appeared they must of arrived from going the long way around but the result was it took them longer to arrive at the docks

What other forces do we have? Mira asked Fanatics and Shock Troopers There down there the Fanatics are and the Shock Troopers are there The Siege Breaker said they arrived with us  they serve the Queen with such passion and there is a lot of them good Mira said looking at the Shock Troopers walking past  secretly she thought at least there would be less chance of them being hit by arrow if the Fanatics went first the Siege Breaker laughed I thought the same thing and they will be along with the Elite Mira was not sure how the Siege Breaker understood what she was thinking but nodded all the samealt

If you ask me they want to go there getting quite impatient down there Mira looked and sure enough some of the Fanatics  where already standing by the gate eager to killalt

A good start the Shock Troopers standing silently to the side ignoring the fanatics shouting and yelling for Mira and the rest of the officers time flew past and soon they where standing at the gate Mira was ready with the orders We have been tasked with clearing the Tribe's from the Ruins to the East of this fortress with the Ruins clear we can then bring our forces at will!

You have been given the honour of assaulting the tribes first the Fanatics cheered open the gate Mira shouted kill anyone you see and do not stop! with that shout the gate opened and the Fanatics took of yelling get into position Mira shouted to the rest of the Heavy Elite we are going shortly outside the walls now Mira could see the Batak in the ruin had already started shooting at the Fanatics

Go Mira said at a moments notice she and the Heavy Elite took off running across the field passing the first victims from the Batak fire sure enough the Arrow fire was not as thick the Plan had worked a few Arrows landed in the chests of a few heavy Elite but not as many Shields up Mira said raising her's as a Arrow smacked into her shield the run towards the ruins was not a short one but already the sound of battle was echoing though it Fanatics lay dead along a pathalt

in the center was Batak fighting against Fanatics and now Heavy Elite including Mira A screaming Batak yelled jumping at Mira her sword ready Mira's sword easily caught the Batak in mid air knocking her down before it plunged into her body it pulsed in Mira's hand she could feel it Don't Let them escape Mira yelled at the Fanatics who where busy dealing with fallen Batak altsome South Tribes where also here but they would not make much difference in the outcome Mira thought the ruins are all but taken the Shock Troopers would be arriving soon and they would make sure the hard to reach places are all but cleared More incoming someone  yelled as Mira saw just in time a large amount of East Tribe and South Joining in the fray It was at that point Mira saw the Shock Troopers had arrived also with no hesitation they made there way towards the South Tribes Mira would of loved to watch the combat but at that time she had a Batak officer attack her her Black uniform die she cursed Mira was ready swinging but the nimble Batak dodged it striking Mira in the leg the blow was not deadly her armour caught most of the blow  You can do better than that Mira said taunting the Batak who replied with another strike Mira moved from it as the sword clashed into the floor Mira had moments to duck as the Batak brought up another strike she saw her chance and thrusted her sword into the Batak who staggered back a bit before falling to her knee's bitch the Batak gurgled before falling on her face the sword once again pulsed in her hand pleased with another kill for it alt

The Fight lasted well into the afternoon the Tribe's had retreated back to another fortress that was well out of the way of the Ruins the coast was also clear and free of Batak archers the ruins Tribe Free more forces had arrived in that time Light Elite - Heavy Elite Nameless forcess and of course the Siege Breakers no doubt they would be used for the other Fortress's some where still killing off the wounded others claming Batak armour for there own Mira was sure her orders had been followed unsure if she should report back to the Fortress with the her remaining unit she found herself walking around untill she came across a four winged Demoness kneeling down next to a fallen shock trooper and a few South Tribe one who was still alive



  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Saturday, 07 February 2015

    Though the night was gone, a thick mist coming from the sea still covered the shore in front of the fort. Empress soldiers were emerging from sleep, some wearing their unforms others walking slowly to their positions. N hurry, as that part of the eastern island was said to be not directly exposed to Queen army raids.

    However, a South tribe lieutenant arrived to colonel Alexia quarters. Colonel, my soldiers heard strange noises away from our fort. As if people were walking on the shore. Alexia smiled. Calm down, lieutenant, wea are not exposed to the enemy here. That's why training régiments are posted here. Wait until the mist is gone, may be your girls heared the waves on the shore.

    The lieutenant walked back to her observation post. The sun was slowly making its way through the mist. Suddenly, the lieutenant frezzed. Down the fort, thousands of Queen soldiers were walking to her, fanatics, elite, nameless and in the distance shock troopers and even siege breakers. Alarm, she yelled, we are under attack. She had no time to say more. Volleys of arrows arrived on the fort hitting unaware soldiers. Elite archers! a sargent shouted take shelter. The warning came too late for many South tribes and batak. Dozen of bodies were littering the fort. Hearing the cries of the wounded, colonel Alexia discovered what was going on. Archers, she ordrede the batak. Take position and retaliate. The experienced archers did well. Hundred of Queen soldiers got crippled and fell on the grass. But it was not enough to stop the invaders. Whatever the losses, the wave had reached the fort limits and the first Queen soldiers were making their way inside. The South tribes ran tthem with courage, each facing two or three enemies. On both sides, the Swords and spears were busy doig their deadly work. For a while, Alexia thought the Queen troops could be pushed back but more and more poured in, eliminating the South tribes one after the other. Let's go, Alexia said For the Empress! You, she said to a captain, take two soldiers, run to the generals headquarters and tell them about the situation. We urgently need reinforcements We shall try to hold them during your escape.

    Around Alexia, many South tribes and batak were being killed and wounded.On her left she noticed a blond recruit. She had lost her sword and raised her arms to surrender. In vain, the heavy elite officer facing her skewered her body without any hesitation. Alexia had no time to see her dying. A heavy elite officer and two soldiers ware in front of her. The soldiers lost their lives and fell at her feet, the officer recieved a wound on her shoulder before being pierced in the chest. Alexia looked around. Few of her soldiers were still fighting. She saw a batak officer in her dark armor succumbing to the strikes of heavy elites. Our end is close, she thought. She prayed the Goddess of War;; I will die for my Empress, Care for my soul, please. A spear entered her body in the side, she lost her swoed and fell on her knees. Before she fainted two greedy swords went through her cuirass. Die, bitch! a heavy elite officer said. The Empress troops resistance quickly faded, the remaining soldiers dropped their weapons and surrendered. Mercyless elite pushed them against a wall wating for orders. Siege breakers and shock troopers officers arrived and yelled: what are you waiting for? You know our Queen orders. Anybody found carrying weapons on the eastern island must be killed immediatly. The regular elite who had arrived will care for them. The prisoners had no time for prayers and fear. they were skewered within seconds. Strip all theese vermins, a siege breaker colonel grinned. Our Queen will be happy to recieve the trophies we shall take from their bodies.

  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Monday, 09 February 2015

    Look at that vermin, the wingged creature said to Mira. Mira stared at the enemy the demoness was holding by the neck. The Empresse soldier was suffocating. A South tribe officer? Mira replied. Yes, one of the vermins responsible for our losses, the demoness added. But not just an ordinary officer. >She is one of their best: colonel Nashala. She had taken some of our fortress suring our occupation of the eastern island in the past, her sword has taken many lives among the best devoted soldiers to our Queen. It's our luck she is alive. The siege breakers officers and our Queen will be very happy with her capture.

    Nashala was frightened. However, listening to what the demoness was saying, she was relieved about her immediate future. She would not be put to death on the spot as the wounded found in the fort by the Queen forces. It would be the Queen decision. May be she will be exchanged with a captured high ranking Queen officer?

    Shall we strip her? Mira asked with greed. Her beautiful uniform is intact and I... The demoness angrily looked at her. You would dare to spoil a prisonner to be offered to our Queen? Nonsense, officer. You have better to escort her to our camp on the shore wlong with the cuirasses taken from our enemies bodies. Our ship will soon leave with theese trophies for the north island. And you have better hurry as the night is about to come.

    The regular elite were busy picking the Queen soldiers found outside and among the fort. A disturbing task for many of them, fresh recruits who were meeting dead and wounded comrades for the first time. The shock tropers and the siege breaker first, a commandant ordered wih an evident disdain for the fallen elite. Screams could be heared all around the fort from soldiers waiting for help. The losses among the shock troopers were far more important than expected. The bitches had offered unexpected resistance, the demoness said. I hope Nashala will pay for that.

    Meanwhile, a Fallen South tribe lieutenant tried her best among the Fallen Empress soldiers to keep her breath. As the battle was quite over, she had been ordered by Nashala to dive among the dead and wounded. There is no hope to escape, Myrna, she said. Just lay down and wait for the night. If you have luck, they won't notice you and you can escape.

    Nashala was right. The night was covering the fort and the attention was on her capture. Back to the camp, a heavy elite officer ordered. We shall finish to clean the fort tomorrow. Heavy elite entries were posted around the ruins and the place became silent.

    Myrna looked around with precaution. In a distance, she spotted a sentry. She slowly crawled to the elite half aslept. The girl had not noticed anything. In silence, Myrna jumped on her feet, put her left hand on the mouth of the sentry and plunged a dagger into her back. She felt her enemy body becoming forceless and made sure she feel on the ground without any noise. Then she hurried to get of her ownuniform, strip the sentry and wear her armor. Thank you, girl, she said watching around. You are my luck. And she disappeared in the night without any feeling for the young blond elite she had just killed.


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