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The East Island (3)

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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Approach Nishala said still with her hand around the south Tribes throat you have done well the ruins are ours once more and so much death to go around with it! Stop your struggling wretch Nishala said standing up with the tribe still trying to free herself Such weakness in these tribe women Nishala said her eye's narrowing at the Tribe who was now fixated on Nishala do you not agree? they seem to have a thing for the Siege Breaker's This one was trying to take the armour off when I arrived the things I could do to you but alas I do not have time and without a second thought Nishala snapped the girls neck letting her drop down to the floor


and now there is a lot to speak of but I will be breif for you that fortress that is beyond that forest Mira nodded the one the tribe forces had orginaly retreated to that is our next target! but this time it will be a larger matter for this we will need... towers and a lot more of our forces to take it properly but that is where things become intresting! meet me back at the fortress as inside the walls I have something intresting to show you and before I go how are you finding your weapon I trust it has proven itself useful? Yes Mira nodded the sword still throbing in her hand unlike the other swords that one is uniqe as it is bound to me where It goes I can follow its how I can keep a eye on your progress it pleases me greatly now I will see you at the fortress Mira turned to leave stepping over the dead Tribe women as she was leaving some pushers had arrived to remove the Siege Breaker armour Mira still had not really seen them fight before but from the looks of things they could handle themselves if it took 3 tribes to down one Siege Breaker Mira had joined some of the other officers who had surrived the fight on the walk back some where talking about the fight others where just quiet most of the Fanatics had stayed at the ruins as orders from Nishala where given but Mira was focused on the one she had been given and what could be waiting for her at the fortress



A lot had changed in the time Mira had been away a lot more forces had arrived Elite Nameless Marines and Demoness among a few and more where still arriving from the boats now that the coast was clear Mira still had no idea what Naishala was so keen to show Mira but when she just sat down for a moment a Demoness arrived You she said pointing at Mira report to the Armoury at once my misstress does not like to be kept waiting Mira sighed standing up again leaving the other officers there walking towards the armoury she could see Elite and Nameless all getting ready probably to clear the way in the forest for the main force ahh good Nishala said I was worried you would be late I will forgive the delay this time but look at what I have Nishala moved to the side to show two women standing in what looked like very heavy armour  they are to be used for the upcoming assault not only are they able to fight they have no fear nor do they feel pain Mira could see the womens eye's had no pupils and they follow commands to whoever holds this sword Nishala said showing her weapon or that sword you are carrying Mira I look forward to seeing them and you in combat! alt

(ctd short one today as time limits me part 4 soon)


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Friday, 13 February 2015

    It took some time to lieutenant Myrna to convince the South tribes sentries she was not a soldier of the Queen. Of course, her elite uniform made her a suspect and she had to wait for the testimony of a batak officer who was trained with her to be identified and cleared.

    She had hardly tme to wear a south tribe uniform before she was sent to Xih and Gawaher quarters. The two generals wanted to have informations about what happened.

    What Myrna told them was far beyond what they feared. We have been surprised and the Queen forces outnumbered us, she said. That's not all. Elite and Nameless were positioned in thick ranks at the limit of our archers range soand did not run away when some of them fell. On the cntrary, each hit soldier body was removed for anoither one to step forward and recomplete the line. Including officers standing with them and not hiding behind. Whe the mass of the Queen infantry was ordered to charge, they were two many and though suffering tremendous losses, they manage to arrive very close to our positions. Then the remains of the elite and nameless where pushed forward by shock troopers walking behing them. It was a carnage on both sides and aour garrison was cleaned. The elite and nameless lost thousands of soldiers, the shock trooper were far more difficult to kill but I think more than two hundreds of them have been downed. When I left the ruins, I noticed more ships were arriving unloading reinforcements. Generals, this invasion is the worse our island has ever experienced. We must crush them before it's too late.


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Friday, 13 February 2015

    All were stunned. Myrna added: you have to be warned about another problem. If our arrows and blades are still effecient to take lives among our enemies ranks, I saw that many of our soldiers had been hit or skewered easely through their cuirasses. Even by the elite and the nameless. Something new as up to now, our sisters were well protected by their uniforms. Our engeeniers must be informed as soon as possible to improve our armors and my suggestion is to avoid any battle in open field and hide behind the walls of our fortresses until its solved.


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Saturday, 14 February 2015

    Myrna left the generals quarters. On her way to the regiment she had been told to join she saw a guardian officer walking to her. Lieutenant! the officer said, tell me about my sister she was in your regiment in the ruins. I heard you have faced an invasion can you tell me.... Wht is your sister name, officer? Wenda, a tall red haired South tribe who was about to join the guardians and trained as officer. she had exceptionnal skills in sword combat.

    I see, Myrna answered. We were in the same regiment. A brave soldier. Unfortunatly... You mean... Yes she is dead as quite everybody who was posted there is by now.. I am sorry...

    The guardiand officer refrained her sorrows. Please, tell me what happened.

    Myrna took some time then... I remember.. she was not among the units guarding the limits of the ruins. but in the reserve. I was too. We saw many elite and demoness killed and wounded by our batak archers arrows. We never imagined any enemy could reach the ruins. But endless waves of Queen soldiers kept marching to us regardless of the losses and some managed to start body to body combat with our defense line. Our soldiers has ben very brave but they were outnumbered. our reserves had been quickly called in and when it was our turn to face the enemy, not only elite and nameless had started to step into our position but shock troopers, engaged for the first time.

    Wenda was not far from me. She had already skewered many elite including one of their heavy officers. A clean action. I remember too she pushed her sword into the belly of the officer getting thru the non steel part of her uniform. How easely the blede penetrated her body. the elite soldiers steppes backwards, amazed by your sister's skills, fearing for their lives. Whatever her success, it took no time to a shock trooper officer torally her soldiers and the elite to resume the charge. Wenda and her comrades had to face dozens of them. The same for us. Wenda may have retreated to get shelter among the ruins. She did not. She decided to face the enemy walking to a shock trooper captain. One of her soldier jumped in front of her captain. A nonsense move against such a skillfull swordswoman. She recieved a strike in the shoulder, yelled her pain and withdrew, giving way to another soldier immediatly pierced in the chest. Wenda move was succesfull but her comrades paid the price of her little victories. So soon, Wenda and a handfull of South trbes were surrounded by te enemy. A hopeless situation. Surrender, I yelled to Wenda. She looked at me and laughed. Surrender? Never! Please pray the Goddess for us, lieutenant.

    Wenda resumed her fighting, taking many elite soldiers lives in no time. An angry shock trooper officer decided to stop the slaugter and pointed t Wenda. Follow me, soldiers, she ordered. She ran to your sister. She was a good fighter too, killing two South tribes in no time. Then it was a direct combat with Wenda.The shock of the swords on the armors and shields sounded far on the battlefield. The issue was unpredictable. Suddenly, Wenda managed to hit the shock trooper officer into her right arm. The offcer moaned , looked at her arm. A mistake. The way was wide open to Wenda blade. The sword entered the officer armor under her left breast finding its way beetwen two plates. I noticed Wenda face, she was beaming. When the officer body reached the ground, Wenda jumped next to her and opened her helmet visor. I want to see your life leaving your body, she triumphed. Die! bitch of the Queen. Wenda saw her enemy dying with satisfaction and withdrew her sword. Your poor sister did not take avanatge of her victory for long. A diege breaker officer had arrived pointing toher. I want this vermin dead at my feet, she ordered. The elite and shock troopers ran to Wenda, one or two got killed but in the same time, two swords had penetrated Wenda's armor. Your sister colapsed on the ground, the siege breaker officer gave her a coup de grace in her chest to make sure she was dead. After that, I can't tell you more. I decided to dive on the ground, pretending to be dead. When i dared to look around, many of our dead sisters bodies had been looted and removed.

    The guardian officer looked at Myrna. Thank you, lieutenant. I can be proud of my sister. I swear many Queen sodiers will fall from my hand in her memory


  • Bootslutgirl
    Bootslutgirl Saturday, 14 February 2015

    The Shock Troopers watched from a safe distance as the Queen's forces attacked the fortress. The Queen's forces outnumbered the defenders; so there was little doubt as to who would be victorious. But the arrows raining down on the Elite and Heavy Elite took so many lives, that it became clear that a more powerful force would be required.

    The Siege Breakers, in their sleek black armor, had always been somewhat disdainful of the Shock Troopers. While both tended to get sexually excited during the battle, Siege Breakers were taught to be more discreet, touching themselves inconspicuously, especially when watching their own forces die. Sexual moans do echo from their ranks, but it is generally anonymous given their visors and helmets. The Shock Troopers are quite different, which earns them the opprobrium of the Siege Breakers. A Shock Trooper will openly masturbate, throwing her visor back as she gasps for breath, immodestly flaunting her arousal as she watches the armies fall upon one another. In truth, sexual arousal seems to serve both the Siege Breakers and the Shock Troopers well: they yearn for battle, and each new death excites and spurs them on.

    The order was given for the Siege Troopers to advance, and they did so with confidence. The Shock Troopers watched in stimulated delight as the Siege Troopers approached the walls of the fortress over the bodies of the Elite and Heavy Elite who had fallen; occasionally stooping to mercifully impale an ally who was begging to die. But what they did not know as they approached the base of the walls is that they had marched into a trap from which few would emerge. It was an ingenious ploy, completely unexpected by the overconfident and highly aroused Siege Breakers. The Siege Breakers, with only the loss of two girls, had managed to surround dozens of the Empress's forces; they had thrown down their arms, and the Siege Breakers were occasionally lashing out and killing one of their helpless foes, feeling their arousal grow with each fresh kill. But then, at a command, dozens of adamantine-tipped arrows flew down at both the captives and the Siege Breakers. The hard tips drove through the armour of the Siege Breakers, and they fell, one after another, screaming, touching themselves in their last breaths. The captives then withdrew weapons they had been hiding: thin metal spikes, perfect for ramming through the visors of a fallen Siege Breaker. Any Siege Breaker who was on the ground was quickly dispatched by one of the captives pouncing on the unsuspective and overconfident Siege Breaker and ramming a spike through the girls visor into her brain.

    The Shock Troopers looked on in horror as the Siege Breakers fell, but at the same time started masturbating furiously at the sight of so many armoured girls being cut down. The command was given, and the Shock Troopers charged, putting to the sword any Siege Breaker who was still alive on their way to the ladders. The Emperess's army was well prepared, and their archers spat down arrows between the breasts of numerous Shock Troopers as the troopers climbed. Their armor was powerless to protect them from the adamantine arrows, and made them easy prey. Trooper after trooper clutched her breasts as the arrowhead and shaft penetrated her armor and flesh deeply; she screamed out as she climaxed, and her body whirled to the ground as she lost her hold on the ladder. The screams of the falling Shock Troopers were cut short as each girl hit the ground with a sickening crunch. Some of the fallen, barely alive, managed bring themselves off as a last act of definace, but most died from a broken neck or back. The rest of the troopers became even more highly aroused as their screaming, orgasming, dying sisters fell around them. The increased their pace, and the pace of the killing and death also increased; but so did the desperation of the defending army as they saw the Shock Troopers gaining on their position, rung by rung. Kill a Siege Breaker, and there is one less girl in sleek black armor trying to kill you. Knock a Shock Trooper off a ladder, and she falls to her death with a clatter, fanatically screaming out and masturbating, and the girl who replaces her is even more turned on, touching herself as she looks at her broken sister, and even more determined to kill.

  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Sunday, 29 March 2015

    The battle had started as the sun emerged from the hills. Xih had sent regiments to block the way to the Queen army arleady busy besieging fortresses. You must destoy as many enemy regiments as you can, she had ordered Gawaher. It's our best chance, if the Queen generals can gather all their forces, we won't be able to resist and will have to withdraw.

    The Queen's army tactics had not changed. Waves of regular and heavy elite were directed to the narrow passwhere the batak archers and the Empress infantry were waiting them. The change was the heavy elite officers behaviour: they were leading their soldiers and not directing them from behind. The first time I see that, a South tribe captain named after Katja said. She was looking at the batak arrows creating breaches into the elite ranks. But the elite waves were endlessly recompleted by fresh reinforcements and the enemy managed to occupy the ground closer and closer to the defense line. Two batak and a guardian soldier collapsed next to her. Siege breaker arrows, a South tribe officer commented. They are marching behind the elite and arrived close enough to fire at us. Everybody get sheltef behind the rocks, she yelled!

    The elite took advantage of the moment to charge. Hundred of them leaded by heavy and regular officers got in contact with the defenders. A last volleyof arrows eliminated half of them, Katja was pleased to see at least two heavy and one regular elite officer hit in the chest. The survivors started sword combat in hope to sweep the defenders. The air was full of matl to metal shocks, yells of attackers, defenders and wounded of both sides. Katja remained away from the combat, sending reinforcements here and there when necessary. I wonder how they accept to march to their death, a lieutenant berserker wondered. The battlefeld is littered with hundreds of their bodies. No wonder, Katja replied. If they don't follow the orders, they will be shoot in the back by the siege breaker archers.


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Wednesday, 01 April 2015

    For Gawaher the situation was serious. They will outnulber us if the elite carry on pouring in the pass. Get the batak archers and dispatch them on both sides of the pass. They will strike the Queen army reinforcements on the sides.

    The tactic did well. Confident the Empress soldiers would yeld soon, they did not pay attention to the other parts of the battlefield. So when elite soldiers started falling from unexpected enemy concentrations of archers, panic erupted among the regiments as many officers were among the dead. Heavy elite officers paid a high price, easy targets as they could not hide any more behind their soldiers. A slaugther. And now the batak archers were directing their arrows against the elite engaged in the pass against the Empress infantry.
    A heavy elite officer was facing Katja. She has already killed many South tribes and guardian soldiers. She was confident Katja would be her next victim. Say your prayers, she teased her enemy. A berserker stepped in to help Katja but the elite officer easely plunged her sword into her body. Katja tried her best to keep her soldiers facing the enemy regardless the losses. You have killed too many of my elite, the officer spat. Your death will avange them. There won't be any mercy for any of you. Her anger managed to wipe away Katja's sword. She looked at her enemy with broad smile. Let's see where is the weak point of your armor, girl.. Katja closed her eyes waiting for the strike.. She heard a yell reopend her eyes and saw the elite officer falling on her knees. Her helmet and sword were falling apart, some blood was on her lips. Suddenly, she realized her enemy's body was pierced by an arrow.... Right in the back...

    Before she could say anything, she heard Gawaher next to her. You may thank our batak archers, they saved your life. Now come with us, we are crushing whet is left of the elite who managed to set foot in our defense line. They are our preys as the enemy is not sending any fresh waves of soldiers. May be their losses are too important. But ours are high too.

    Katja and Gawaher took many lives among the remaining elite terrorized to see their end after being overconfident in victory. No cuirass could stop their strikes, even those of the elite officers. A Young heavy elite was facing four South tribes in a deseperate combat. A blow threw her helmet away, then her shield but she managed to eliminate two tribe soldiers. Leave her to me, Katja ordered. She stepped towards the officer and decided to strike the non metalic part of the armor. She knew that heavy elite officers feared to be hit there and insisted to be equipped with full metallic uniform like the siege breakers. Up to now, their request had been ignored. Katja managed to hit the arm using the sword, her enemy looked at her in dispair. Yes, girl, it's your turn. You will never see the victory of your Queen. The blade entered the leather and easely found the flesh. The girl yelled but her eyes were still wide open. Katja felt pleasure invading her body. She had experienced that many times when killing enemies and that made her able to eliminate the fear of the death. When she got back her sword covered with blood, she hardly refrained the envy to double the strike. But she could not stop her will to push her blade into the back of a heavy elite soldier whatever she was ready to surrender.

    I know what you feel, Gawaher said with a smile. There is some prisonners, If your eny is still inside you, please....

  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Wednesday, 01 April 2015

    As the ersistance f the remaining elite had faded, Gawaher saw a group of girls quite naked arriving to her. They are wild mountain tribes, Katia explained. They never accepted to join us but the can't stand the occupation of theit territory.

    Some girls were carrying helmets and Swords. Taken from elite. Katja went to them and started a discussion. Then the girls dropped what they were carrying and walked back to the forest.

    They came to inform us, Katia explaines. The elite forces had tried to infiltrate their territory to fall on our back. They failed, leaving a lot of dead into the woods. Some are hanging into the trees, tribes do that to celebrate victory and scare their enemies. They brought the helmets and Swords as evidence of what they say. They are not interested in looting dead bodies as they quite only use bows and prefer not to wear uniforms as they often climb into the trees to surprise the invaders.

    Gawaher looked at the helmets, some belonging to elite officers. A bad day for the elite, she muttured. She was still in her thought when a soldier stepped in front of her. The enemy is asking for a truce. They wish to pick the bodies of the dead left on the battlefield. Gawaher saw in the distance a shock trooper officer with few soldiers, raising a white banner. No way, she replied. I know that elite are deseperate to attacck again having to walk over the bodies of their dead and wounded sisters. They will not obey attack orders for some time. Let's se if the enemy dare to send her best battalions against us. I would be so happy to take lives among their ranks.

  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Friday, 10 April 2015

    They will come soon, Gawaher said. Their first assault has failed and the infiltration thru the forest did not work. It's obvious the Queen generals won't accept to be blocked in their plan to reoccupy the island.

    Why don't we withdraw? Katja suggested. They outnumber us. You are right, Katja, but our orders are to stop them at any cost. If our sisters resisting in isolated forts see us running away like cowards, what will they think? And leaving that position would open a large part of the island to our enemies. There is no plan to withdraw.

    Katja remaind silent. She had in mind what her fate will be. Her dead body would soon litter the ground of the pass among many Empress soldiers. She could hear the cries of triumph of the elite, nameless, shock troopers and may be siege breakers finishing the wounded. Her beautiful cuirass would be taken as trophy. A shame...

    Let's get organise before they launch another attack, Gawaher told her officers. I want batak archers positionned on both sides of the pass. They will overlook the waves of Quen soldiers and eliminate many of them. Now, for the pass itself, follow me.

    This is our weak point, Gawaher underlined. We have suffered heavy losses and cannot expect reinforcements before long. But I have a way to block them. Two battalions of South tribes will be posted there to face the enemy. A commandant objected: It will be at least a five to one combat, she pointed, a hopeless fight!

    I tld you there is a way, gawaher replied. First, they will have to charge among the bodies of their comrades killed during the first assault. Second, I will provide you special shields for your protection. The officers were puzzled. Special shields? we don't have... We do, Gawaher laughed. See for yourself, here they are.

    Whjle they were talking, berserkers had arrived pushing hundreds of captured Queen soldiers. Most of them elite, including some officers, regular and heavy as well. All had hands tied behind their back, ankles were tied too, some had lost their helmets. They will be your shields, Gawaher grinned. We shall let the enemy climb the way to the pass half way, then the South tribe will push the prisonners in front of them, keep them up side by side in a line. Some batak archers will be right behind you firing at the enemy, And should any Queen soldier manage to reach our line, your spears will care for them.

    General, a guardian officer interrupted. You are using the filthy tactics of our enemies... I know, Gawaher replied. You prefer we offer the chest of our soldiers to the arrows and swords of the Queen? We have already lost too many soldiers few days ago.

    Nobody argued. Is all clear for everybody? Gawaher asked. So get ready, they will come soon.

    X X X

    In the Queen army lines, the elite were ready for the assault. Regular, heavy as well. The shock of the faild assault had faded this time, they had seen that the shock troopers would follow them. At last, aheavy elite soldier muttured. Our officers won't sacrifice us as fresh meat to for the grinder. It's about time the cream of our army pays its share.

    She stopped her comments as an officer walked among the ranks to check the soldiers. You will have the glory to conquer the pass, she said. The Empress bitches won't offer much resistance as we have killed many of them. And our scouts infiltrated in the forest prevent the to concentrate in the pass. Remain close to your comrades, no stop should one get hit. Get ready.

    Few minutes later, the order was given. Elite battalions started to move up to the pass in thick ranks, followed by shock troopers. Many pink armored girls had not closed their helmet visor. They look very confident, a regular elite officer smiled. Forward, girls. The first to bring me the cuirass of a South tribe officer will be rewarded! Move! move!

    The first elite line was half way to the pass. No reaction of the enemy. Among the attackers, the feeling were mixed, some relieved some anxious about a possible trick. May be they have withrawn? the regular officer said. If so, I will miss the opportunity to skewer many of these cowards, a heavy elite officer next to her replied. They had no time for more guess. Batak had started to send volleys of arrows from both sides of the pass. They remained quite invisible among the rocks so the retaliation of the elite archers did not stop the pouring. The heavy elite officer was hit in the belly and collapsed followed by many of her steel armored sodiers. But the arrows did not stop the waves, officers kept yelling forward! forward! the pass is at hand! Despite the losses, the elite were still moving hoping they would be safe when reaching the pass.

    It was the moment the South tribes pushed forward the prisonners. When the elite discovered their sisters facing them, they got stunned. Batak hidden behind started aiming at them trying to kill as many officers as possible. Hesitation among teh Queen ranks turned into panic. They are our sisters! we cannot shoot at them! An heavy officer shouted: they are cowards! they have surrender! their lives Worth nothing! Charge! She fell, two arrows had penetrated into her chest. A lot of elite started to ran back the slope in total disorder, clashing into the shock troopers following them. The shock troopers officers could not stop them so the assault turned into a total confusion. Batak archers took advantage of the situation to sweep the first ranks of shock troopers totally surprised. Pink armors covered the ground mixed with the elite bodies. The officers were puzzled Carry on? retreat, reorganize and resume the attack?

    Gawaher was watching the situation with delight. It works she beamed. I have not yet seen so many elite officers and shock troopers massacred. She had a look to her soldiers. The losses were limited. Keep on alert, she ordered, they will try to make us pay for that!


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Monday, 13 April 2015

    The Empress officers kept a close eye on the moves of the Queen army. The remains of the battalions sent to the pass have withdrawn, leaving behind many of them piled on the bodies of the fallen of the first assault.

    Katja was looking at the dead and wounded. Cries and supplications were filling the air. Some were crawling in a tremendous effort to go back to their lines. Easy targets for the batak archers. Precise shots nailed them on the ground or on their comrades bodies. Katja felt pity for them. Surrender and come to us, she yelled. Those who will accept my offer will avoid the arrows. She saw a heavy elite soldier crawling to her, trying to stand up in vain. Two arrows had penetrated her led, after few steps, she collapsed among the bodies. Soldiers go and pick her, Katja ordered to two South tribes. But as the girls started to walk to the wounded enemy, Katja saw with horror a shock trooper officer, though wounded, picking a dagger and planting it into the back of the elite soldier. The girls died immediatly, the shock trooper officer yelled: this is what will happen to the traitors. Anybody else willing to join the bitches?

    Gawaher had come back with reserve units to recomplete the defense line. She had changed her uniform, wearing a guardian general one now. I love this golden cuirass, she said So light and resistant. A oresent from our beloved Goddess. She made it from metal of sacrificed siege breakers armors . She is the only one to be able to use that material. If we try ty wear it, we are dead. Sh stopped, noticing Katja's trouble. What is it officer?

    Katja told her what happened to the elite soldier. Not amazing, Gawaher commented. The shock troopers as well as the siege breakers are the most cruel soldiers of the Queen. Not to say anything about their officers. Very few are captured, they prefer to die. She looked to Katja. This officer deserves a lesson, right? Let's share a pleasure, she smiled. Cover us!

    The batak archers took position as Gawaher and Katja left the defense line. They precautiously walked among the bodies to the shock trooper officer who had spotted them. In a helpless move, she sat on the ground and pointed the dagger against the two Empress officers. Katja easely flicked away her small weapon with her sword. She could see the eyes of the officer full of hate. Filth! If only I could fight she spat. Gawaher laughed. So we have a captain here. Not only she sends her soldiers to be massacred but she kills those, wounded, who want to surrender. She pointed her sword to the officer chest. Katja, have your already humiliated that kind of enemy? Never general. So listen to me. First, remove the helmet of our little comrade. I want to see her face. Thick blond hair fell on the shoulders of the officer. She is so young and already so cruel, Gawaher said. I have seen mny of theese bitches when I was kept prisonner. They look like angels but they are trained to kill, our soldiers of course but any of their own soldiers who show any hesitation obeying the orders. For them, all Queen soldier captured is a traitor and must be put to death.

    I may die, the officer resumed. Many others will take over and both of you will be among the dead. We love to kill enemy officers. You want to know what happens to your sisters officers captured and brought in front of my Queen?

    You are tiring me, Gawaher replied. Katja, you wish to keep a wonderful trophy from this battle? You deserve it. She pushed the shock trooper officer on the ground with her leg and kept a foot on her chest. Now, officer, you are at mercy. Katja, unfasten her cuirass and remove it.

    Soon the officer chest was uncovered, revealing large and pale breasts. You have been wounded many times, Gawaher noted at the sight of scars on the body of the officer. Those who did that are dead, came the reply. I remember my last South tribe commandant skewered in the belly as she surrendered. The elite wanted to spare her, she grinned. She could not believe she would be put to death. Her red hair were so beautiful...

    Enough! Gawaher interrupted. She had noticed Katja growing excitement. Are you ready? you will remove the other parts of her armor later. Katja looked suddenly excited, she picked a sword and slowly plunged it beetwen the breasts of the officer. Very slowly, with an evident pleasure. When her victim expired she stood up, fixing her and them suddenly turned to Gawaher. In an unprediectable move, she dropped the sword and Grabbed Gawaher around her body, searching her lips. The two officers exchanged a long emotional kiss, then Katja stepped back, embarassed. Gawaher pulled her to her and they exchanged a long hug. It's good you are not been killed during the battle, Gawaher said. I expected your emoton. I have experienced it many times when killing and love to share it. From now, girl, you stay next to me. Your life is too precious.

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