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The Lance Saga Snuff Novel Introduction

Posted by on in General
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A creation of the most ultimate, darkest science imaginable. He exists in a time very far
into the future, the end of the 13th millennium. The last millennium of civilization many
believed. Biomechnio technology is contained in everything. Formerly known as cybernetic, it
is used to merge and blend the artificial, the constructed, with naturally occurring organic life.
All interfaces are completely neural interlinked and communication to any corner of the universe
is possible instantly with the myriad of hyperspace connections and triax gateways created by the
super civilization that also created him.
Ultra science explains everything that needed to be explained and replaced old fashioned
religions. Such beliefs withered away as radically advanced, nearly incomprehensible technology
unraveled the universe's ultimate mysteries.
The Nova9 Connexion, an ultra civilization with ultimate control over space, matter, and
even time, combined with many other galaxies, formed a highly organized union called simply,
the "Infrastructure", and controlled at least 75% of the known universe. Everything was
connected by constructed hyperspace quantumhole tunnels which were strictly accessible only by
Infrastructure members, or those who knew their ways around the advanced security systems
protecting each tunnel. Few opposed the Connexion itself and no one dared come against the
Infrastructure, although foolish groups have tried and always failed.
Some say they know of his existence and what he does. He is considered to be what they
used to call eons ago, an urban legend. A ghost even, appearing and disappearing, whose true
existence is hailed to be nothing more than the talk of crazies. Although some view him as a god
and the stories of his sadistic deeds are told proudly by the few who dare speak of such things,
despite warnings from hidden, shadowy figures that lurk almost everywhere and are almost as
ghostly as he is.
A small group of Connexion members created him many centuries ago. They gave him
all their technology which was, even back then, beyond the ability for many now in modern day
to accept as possible. He is nearly invincible, as close to immortal as you can get, with no
predetermined length of life. He uses the most advanced weaponry conceivable and has equally
advanced defensive abilities both ingrained into his very flesh and more so in the countless types
of armor and weapons he wears and uses.
The rare few that truly know he exists think it is some sort of experiment in ultimate
sadism, pure darkness expressed and embodied by an unstoppable monster and created to act out
the wishes of the most evil minds who have ever existed in the entire history of life in this
universe. Or perhaps the most sane, in a bizarre twist of nature and technology.
He is an extreme monster, an ultimate, limitless sadist. He thirsts for violence and must
indulge his twisted, perverse desires constantly. He resides on a hidden planetoid named
Acropolis. It is contained in a very remote, and barely charted asteroid field on the out stretches
of the Sefrally system, a collection of galaxies spanning more than 10 billion light years and at
the outer most edge of Infrastructure space.
He leaves his planet daily and travels to distant worlds which he plunders. Getting there
is easy using his Zotax drive which is equipped on both his starship and supercar. Using this
wonderful and advanced technology, he pillages and ravages helpless planets and their
inhabitants, bypassing the Infrastructure's quantumhole tunnels, which are routinely monitored,
in order to commit his evil deeds undetected and unchallenged.
It is the 13th millennium. The last millennium of any modern civilization and advanced
life. Technology is god. There is no religion. There is only science and those who embrace it
and those who fear it. In the deep recesses of secret research facilities a small team of evil men
and women have created the ultimate sadist. Given unlimited power and control over time and
space itself he travels the Universe killing at will. He has no conscience or morals of any kind
and harbors an extreme bloodlust. His name is Lance and this is his Saga.