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The Air Stands Still

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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The Air Stands Still

Siege Breakers the heavy unit made for one purpose alone to break though any lines fortress with minimal effort there armour a curse? Siege Breakers take more fire from tribe arrows than any of the other forces in the Queens army there training throws everything at any potential siege breaker from the very start to the end of there life or the war that has claimed thousands of lives with no end in sight...alt

You Are Chosen

Kimi stood along with other women slightly confused she was in a elite unit just hours before after they had attacked a small tower only 10 of them somehow managed to stop any tribe from escaping the tribes had double the numbers of them and by some chance they came out victorious she was told to remove her elite uniform and now along with a few other women standing in basic armour wondering they all looked around at each other What is going on why are we standing here a woman next to Kimi said I am not sure she said I was told we are being informed about a special force and we should be honoured by who the woman said a demoness a high ranking one Kimi said Sky I think her name was that made the woman look even more nervous she is a member of the council of 7 I heard she was a Tribe beforealt

I was Sky said dropping seemingly out of thin air her wings folding back her eyes looking right at the women beside Kimi your name is Sky asked Koi miss she said standing to attention and you? Sky said to Kimi Kimi she said also standing to attention very well you both and the rest of you are here for a reason you have performed well and thus Sky smiled shall be rewarded the honour of the Siege Breaker Training will be given to you but Sky paused it is not for the weak nor for those who show any sign of hesitation so you get one chance to walk away and one chance only! a Blonde woman who was standing next to Koi suddenly moved backwards I don't want she never finished speaking Sky had already stabbed the woman woman she lay on the floor

Anyone else? Sky said looking around no one moved or said anything wonderful you all will remain here until Lurvala arrives to continue with what is to come and I suggest you do not upset her and get rid of that sky said pointing to the blond woman before taking off leaving the group of now 9 women

Siege Breakers?! I thought they where picked personally by our Queen this is fantastic! there armour is such a joy to see the women chattering to each other after removing the body Koi was speaking to other women Kimi sat down her mind racing Siege Breakers where indeed wonderful to see but something bothered her the training being hard what else could happen? they had already killed someone for simply saying no none of that seemed to bother anyone else who where all talking excitedly Lurvala arrival was eventful to say the least she arrived with another group of women at least 30 of them where now standing outside in a yard behind Lurvala was a building with a door bolted shut it did not dawn on Kimi that it was even there a wicked Grin had spread over Lurvala's face as she looked around she was blind but it was obvious she could sense the women there no one dared speak Lurvala had a short temper and killed or wounded people without any pause the only people in the army she would not dare speak out of turn to the Queen or Niashala behind me Lurvala spoke as you may of noticed with your eye's is a door you will go inside that door as soon as I am done talking make your way though there and exit out the other side I will see you there Lurvala smiled again Questions? No one spoke nor said anything in fear of being killed Good now get on with it she said flying over the building and out of sight

Live or Die

The door just opened slowly the women started heading inside the building what was waiting for them inside was anyone's guess Kimi started to make there way inside she was at the back so lucky for her she thought as she passed thought he door Kimi could hardly see inside the other women had gone ahead she thought but that was not some lay dead on the floor in front of her Kimi could see the cause of the death a fallen one relentlessly stabbing the woman just in front of her shit Kimi said with hardly any time to react the fallen one had already turned around and jumped at her spouting words in a tongue Kimi could not understand she dodged the attacks before ramming the fallen ones head into the wall that was enough to give her time to pick up the fallen ones weapon it had dropped before planting it into her back and twisting to make sure well at least I am armed now the other women behind Kimi had seen Is that a fallen One?!alt

We are supposed to fight them to get though the building Kimi said pick that weapon up and lets go the other women nodded Kimi looked around the corner and saw Koi had also managed to kill a Fallen one she was standing with two swords she turned to see Kimi looking You are alive as well thank the Queen this place is full of Fallen ones! I know Kimi nodded we have to get though here duck Kimi said Koi instantly ducked and a fallen one missed shrieking before falling silent as Kimi's sword had found its way into the Fallen One's throat that should silence you Kimi scowled more weapons the other remaining women picked up the swords come on Kimi said looking around another corner her heart was racing it was a door with light on the outside the way out she thought being hesitant carefully making her way over some dead women with arrow's in there side stop Koi said traps maybe? Kimi carefully put her feet on the floor slowly she thought checking for every step she got to the door after what seemed minutes and opened the door... it was the way out Lurvala was waiting on the otherside Kimi was sure she was disappointed on seeing  them emerge from there Sky stood next to her she had probably told Lurvala You 5 come here at once Sky said Kimi and her group made there way down drop your weapons Sky said you have no need for them... yet

There where fallen ones in there Kimi said forgetting who she was speaking to Sky smiled again approaching Kimi and you are the first one to kill them and by the looks of things lead the group very well You are to be a Siege Breaker officer but watch your tone with me girl I have killed for less you are lucky that a important task has shown itself for you fate such a wonderful tool

Kimi kept her mouth shut yes there where fallen ones in there they where to weed out the weak those who do not deserve such a honour! your first lesson Be ready for anything that will be thrown at you Lurvala laughed you are lucky it was just fallen ones in there If it was me there would be a different story going on this day Kimi was standing waiting for more orders when she could hear something inside her head it was not her thoughts this voice had a mind of its own you have done well as mentioned you will be rewarded it waits for you now it longs for you to wear it Kimi shook her head the others in her group had started to move so Kimi just followed them ignoring the voice it felt like days had passed but only a small walk to a nearby fortress that seemed abandoned but here was a armory in secret below the main building wait here Sky said as a door opened Nashala with her eyes as black as the void itself emerged from the doorway we are ready Kimi and her group had also been joined by other women who had survived the first test

Inside they found armour the siege breaker armour it was all apart from weapons they were told to stand next to armour Kimi was asked by Nashala to stand next to a different colour armour than the rest a few more where like it as Kimi approached it she could hear the voice again burning its way out of her mind It awaits for you it wants you pick it up feel it enjoy it Kimi did like the armour as it looked back at her These are now your armour for the duration of the training from here on out you all will be named as Siege Breakers the most feared unit in our Queens army!alt

Kimi looked at the armour it shined you can hear it can't you Nashala who was behind Kimi now no need to lie to me girl I can see it Yes I can who is it speaking? Nashala laughed Chaos she does enjoy watching new Siege Breakers learn everything Chaos..? Kimi had never heard of such a thing The Demoness's where about the only creature she had seen but something more powerful than them? a worrying thought Harmless unless you provoke her Nashala smiled again you may have the honour of meeting her but shall we? put it on All of you gear up Nashala said  at last the voice said put it on! Kimi reached her hand the chest sitting there the moment she touched it it felt as cold as the land in the frozen north undoing the buckle Kimi put it on and without warning a burning feeling on her back argh she jumped at the sudden pain What is that attempting to take the armour of but Nashala had stopped her I would not do that girl It will only last a moment more I promise the burning continued Kimi gritted her teeth

alt And then it stopped What was that what happened to me Kimi asked Nashala just smiled You have been marked now with our misstress mark a marking on the armour that fuses with its wearer that armour is now a part of you and should it ever be removed by anyone but you then the cost is dire Nashala said pointing behind  Kimi could see a demoness with a mask and red eyes fixed on her Hunters Nashala said they protect the armour any break in the seal they will not stop until who caused the break is dead this hunter will now be your watcher any armour in your unit broken the hunter will kill them its best to assume they are a shadow  Kimi could not stop looking at the Hunter luckily the Hunter did not seem to be to bothered about being looked at hi Kimi said to the Hunter who continued to frown at her Its best you don't talk to them really Nashala said they are not trained to speak and I am almost certan you are beneath her for her to even consider replying isnt that right? Nashala said The Hunter just nodded Yes Nashalaalt

That will change however when you are done with the training we shall see the Hunter remarked Nashala just laughed The Other women had after a few moments also had there burning Kimi could see Koi in a siege breaker armour as well she had been burned but seemly did not seem to care she was busy sat on the table now adjusting her shin guards after a few startle screams and shocks the women looked very different in there armour but as Nashala had pointed out far from ready you may as well just be Elite

Standing there now in there armour Kimi felt good Nashala had ordered them to go outside again but on going outside they discovred they where no longer on the East Island... it was colder and the sky had changed You are home Nashala said wiht a smirk for now your training will continue here on the North Island our glorious homeland wow Kimi muttered to Koi who was next to her how did we move Koi just shrugged I'm not sure magic I suppose

Now go and rest your quaters is behind me your training will start tomorrow excited chatter among the women as some sat on beds others had removed there armour and where already asleep as for Kimi she had found a space near the end of the room it was dark over here so she could get sleep if she wanted it but there was something on her mind more so the eager voice telling her it had been silent for now ever since she put on the armour Koi was next to her sat on a bed not saying anything but looking up at the roof not a care in the world Kimi thought sitting down on her own bed maybe sleep was a good idea since she had no idea what would be waiting for her tomorrow

Or during the night as Kimi would find out she awoke with the horrible feeling she was being watched sure enough in the darkness she could see a pair of wings casting a shadow she sat up to see a demoness walking away not saying a word nor caring it had been spotted Kimi watched her walk away though the door with no sound altKimi felt a little strange why would a demoness be watching her it made no sense looking over to see if Koi had been awoken by the demoness but she was sound asleep...

Again sleep was easy even though a brief interruption Kimi found herself awaking with a start as a Siege Breaker Officer had come in to the room yelling for everyone to get dressed and ready!  it looked like there training was starting now

After a few moments and some help Kimi found herself along with the others standing in a yard in front of them was a counter archer tied up glaring at them all Sky had arrived and was standing in front of them this wretch behind me is a Counter Archer a coward who think they have the upper hand when it comes to siege breakers they are mistaken greatly Liar the Counter archer shouted Be silent sky said hitting the woman who snarledalt before remaining still infuriating Tribe filth Sky said are they not Sky said Kimi and the other nodded but killing them is so easy and can be done with your weapons and even shields but you have not been given them just yet after this training you will fear nothing nor any fortress that these tribe bitches hide in the Empress know's this and they send these... solders to deal with you your weapons are your main power but your armour is your greatest asset and they will try to take it from you even if you die

Kimi could not stop looking at the Counter archer who was sat quietly now Kimi saw Koi smiling not a single sign of fear on her face it seemed Koi was already used to this sort of thing Sky motioned them to move saying they will return to the prisoner later Kimi found herself given a shield and a sword as soon as Kimi touched it a burning sensation once more this time in her hand the sword was now her's it looked heavy but it was as light as air and very easy to swing around they where given drills running for the most part being shot at by arrow fire Kimi got hit in the shoulder by a arrow it shattered instantly as the arrows they where using where supposed to if struck the armour did its job But be cautious Sky said the tribe arrows are not weak they are designed for siege breaker armour and they often target officers Sky said looking at Kimi so you need to be extra careful! the day was full of running and ducking with each passing hour Kimi found herself learning how to fight with the sword and using the shield and each other as cover and more so to not show any sign of hesitation when it came to assaulting and fighting death happens Sky would say but if you show death any sign of fear it will take you embrace it do not fear it!

Things looked very different from inside the helmet that was given Kimi had most of her hair removed but at this point she didn't mind she was becoming less afraid of what was to come but instead excited that soon the very sight of them would Inspire the Queens forces and terrify the Tribes all though the training however Kimi was certan she was being watched not by Sky but by something else when she was hit by the arrow she saw watching was the Hunter sat on some barrels no emotion in her eye's she didn't even seem to care that she had been spotted and then Kimi was hit causing her to be yelled at by a disspleased Sky focus on what is going on standing around means you wish to get killed!

After what seemed hours they where told to return to the barracks more training would continue for now the women chatted among themselves bonding it was quite commmon for siege breakers to speak to one another out in the field and rarely to other elite or namelessalt

Kimi did notice however that Koi was missing she was nowhere to be seen so rather than go with the others to the barracks kimi went to find her turning a corner she could see Koi and a hunter Koi leaning on a wall Go now she just said turning to the hunter who nodded and took off Koi's helmet was off and strangely all her hair had returned still looking away Koi spoke


Oh Kimi you and your nosy nature you should really put that to better use What where you doing Kimi said roughly  Koi was still looking away so Kimi could not see Koi's face answer me or I will report you to Sky!

I will stop you there Koi said raising her hand Kimi fell oddly silent she could not speak what she put her hand around her throat Koi turned to face her her eye's where blue and changed again to Red Oh you may speak now I see you have questions Who are you what did you do to me! Kimi blurted out all at once Koi laughed I am Chaos Kimi's blood turned cold she was there all along standing next to them training with them the very thing that controlled demoness's and rumours said that was the cause of the war that ravaged the world and now was standing in front of Kimi and she had just tried to threaten her I do enjoy watching Siege Breakers train and often than not I see potential in one or two new Siege Breakers and today that fortune has fallen onto you why do you think I spoke to you before why do you think you are not dead for addressing me in such a way its how you are really your new found bravery has made you into a impressive fighter but mind yourself Chaos frowned I have killed for much left I am kind in some ways and in other ways... Chaos said looking at the still tied up Counter Archer why don't we put your new sword to some use no?

Id like to explain something to you but in order to do so you will have to.. end a life its not as hard as it sounds it can be quite fun so shall we? Kimi walked over in silence to the Counter Archer who was still tied down she saw them approach and frowned let me go or kill me I am not scared of death bitches Quite a mouth on this one Chaos said kneeling down to face her death will come for you and slowly at first then release much like your sisters before you where captured Lisa... Chaos said to the girl she died such a painful death right in front of you and you could do nothing could you Tina expect sit there in your hiding spot and watch as the arrow hit her throat poor girl gurgled and drowned in her own blood you bitch I will kill you! scum she died with honour and I.. I could do nothing Chaos said and now... Chaos looked at Kimi Kill her

but she's tied up that's no honour of course you are right Chaos said but as you can see she's not going to be doing much else don't dwell on your coward acts Tina Kimi approached Tina holding her sword Do it Chaos said DO IT Kimi thrust the sword into Tina's stomach She flinched before groaning deeper feel her death on your hands... Kimi Thrust the sword in more uhgg Tina gurgled and coughed before nothing she slid off the sword and silently on the floor well done Kimi Chaos said you her voice was changed enjoying every moment of what just happened the sword you have every time you kill with it I gain some power I would do it myself but rules are rules Chaos frowned its why I choose those of great talent the more death that happens the power I gain will mean I can finally take my revenge against the Goddess who put me on this world.. but no reason to bore you with the details you Kimi are now part of something greater than fighting for your Queen you are fighting for me!


Kimi found herself once more in the barracks had what just happened a dream looking next to her Chaos was sitting in the bed facing her and now you keep our little adventure to yourself she winked Not to worry though I will be watching and so will she she said pointing to the hunter who was once again sat in the dark part of the room now rest you have had a long day and things will only get better! (continued)


  • kooknyeo
    kooknyeo Tuesday, 11 August 2015

    Killing a defenseless prisonner is a strange way to start a training. No Wonder things will be different when thees newly enlisted will climb ladders under the fire of the Empress archers.

    The trainning of some siege breakers units cannot wave the loss of infantry regiments because of the poor leadership of the Queen generals as decribed in another story. The headquarters have been informed of the massacre but the hide the information, pretending the elite troops had been outnumbered and they have crushed an Empress army base. However, the propaganda did not work as expected. Elite, nameless, black guard regiments were upset, showing nervosity and fear at the anoouncement patrol would resume into the parts of the island under Empress army control.

    Meanwhile, Ekta and the few prisonners are carrying on with their dutuy of strippng their fallen sisters, collecting their uniforms, helmets words and shields. Doing so toi her comrades bodies was a mental pain while taking the equipments of officers did not bring her and her friends emotions. They had too much suffered from them and their crualty to prevent the secret pleasure to see them killed and spoiled. Ekta decided she would not let anybody than herself to remove the cuirass of the fallen heavy elite commandant who had ordered to kill some of her elite recruits for petty matters. She brought the shiny steel cuirass at the feet of a South tribe captain and turned awxay to resume the stripping without a word of regret for her officer.

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