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Starship Trooperoulette

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Starship Trooperoulette

It was the 23rd century and mankind was already colonising planets in other galaxies. During the colonisation another intelligent life form was discovered, big arachnoid's that looked like a mix between spiders and crabs up to 3 meters tall.
The Bugs, as they got called, appeared to be extremely hostile and once humans came too close to their planet they started to attack. Their technology couldn't match those of the humans, however due to their build a single Bug could take out ten men alone using it's massive size and sharp beaks and claws. And variations of the Bugs, creatures looking like scorpions, even had the ability to shoot glowing acid balls into outer space that melted through men and steel alike.

It was the first encounter with the Bugs that had cost the Federation first dozens of soldiers who got massacred on the ground while exploring the planet. Second had been two giant spaceships orbiting the planet and thousands of people on-board, as the Bugs shot them with their artillery from the planets surface.
The Federation marked the planet as hostile territory and it was classified as never to return there. Until four years ago, when Bugs started to appear on one of the colonised planets and massacred the entire population, mainly consisting of farmers.
It began the war with the Bugs. Since then they appeared on numerous colonised planets, neutral and military alike, causing chaos and destruction. Federation intelligence tried to figure out how the Bugs operate and it was assumed they had a Queen Bug, like with a queen bee in a hive.
Since then the Federation had increased it's recruitment program, recruiting everyone from old to young to fight in the war against the Bugs.
The goal was to push their expanding borders back and reach their original planet again, to find and terminate the supposed Queen Bug…

The Present
The year is 2345. The three friends Julia, Zoey and Ester had just finished high school together and where walking across a fair. News about an attack from the Bugs directly on Earth a few days ago was still all over the news and the Federation announced an all out attack on the home planet of the Bugs.
While the friends walked across the fair, a billboard behind them announced that everyone could join the Mobile Infantry and help the Federation in it's war against the Bugs, claiming the final attack to end this war was close.
They stopped and Julia, a French brunette with long hair, looked at Zoey.
“Zoey, honey, there is something I have to tell you.”
The redhead Zoey stopped and looked confused while Ester grinned slightly.
“What? Did I miss something?”
Julia touched Zoey's shoulder, turned slightly and pointed at the billboard with the other hand.
“I've enlisted with the Federation. They came to me! They said given my grades I would have a great future, piloting and maybe even commanding one of the Federation spaceships!”
Zoey's yaw dropped.
“I'm sorry chéri, I should have told you sooner, but I only know it myself since yesterday when they knocked on my door. And I also have to leave tomorrow already. But I feel it's the right thing to do.”
Zoey was stunned.
“But… But, I thought we would go and work for the company of my uncle together. He already arranged everything for us! Ester! Did you know about this already?”
Ester grinned more.
“Well, yes. She told me earlier today, because as you both know, I enlisted a while ago already.”
“I can't believe it! And what about us? Julia, we wanted to rent a flat together!”
Zoey bristled with anger, but Julia just looked at her, her eyes a mix of sorrow and happiness.
“How about you just come with us? Come with us tomorrow and we all sign up to join the Federation. Then we can explore Space together and help end the Bug invasion.”
“I… I don't know. Do you really think? I'm not a fighter like Ester.”
Ester still grinned and slapped Zoey playfully on her shoulder. She was almost as short as Zoey, had short black hair and her body looked well toned.
“Look over there, there's the tent of a Seer. Why don't we pop in there and you ask, how your future with the Federation would look like. You know they even employ Seers in the Federation by now.”
Zoey's face lightened up a bit.
“Okay, I will ask. But if she tells me that I'll be dead on my first mission, you can both do whatever you want, I will stay here!”
Ester and Julia nodded and pushed Zoey inside the tent and waited outside.

The interior of the tent was pretty gloomy, dark rugs with all sorts of golden symbols embroidered on them hang from the ceiling and covered the floor. There was only a small table in the middle of the room with a bowl and a glass ball inside, and two cushions on either side of the table.
On the far one an older woman with long white hair sat cross-legged. She smiled faintly at Zoey.
“Come in child and sit down. My name is Val, and yours is Zoey. What can I do for you?”
Zoey gasped and slowly sat down on the free cushion.
“How do you know my name?”
“Well, I'm a Seer, my child. Guessing people's names is the easiest thing.”
Zoey nodded. Although she wasn't happy to be called 'child', being 20 years old. But then again that woman could've been her grandmother she thought.
“I wish to know my future with the Federation. Would it be a bad idea for me to sign up?”
Val leaned slightly forward and closed her eyes, humming softly.
“Give me your hands.”
She took both of Zoey's hands in hers and twisted them back and forth, muttering softly.
“Yes… yes, I can see you… wearing a Federation Trooper's uniform. Hmmm… yes. Yes, you will be well known. Ohh… yes, you will be seen and known by millions of people. They will all get to know your name… Zoey…”
She went silent for a moment and mumbled to herself before she continued.
“But… I must warn you Zoey… there will be obstacles in your way. You will have to make sacrifices… but you must overcome them and be strong. Don't leave out any chances, for you must build your own path… don't be afraid. Face the challenges when they seem to take you forward. No matter what they are, you have to succeed. Then your time with the Federation will be well rewarded…”

As Val slowly opened her eyes again, she saw the girl sitting across her beaming with delight.
Zoey jumped on her feet.
“Thank you Madam Val. I know what I have to do now. Sign up with the Mobile Infantry! Watch out world, you will all know me soon!”
She turned around on her heels and strutted towards the tent entrance but stopped as she heard a loud cough behind her.
“I might be a Seer, but I also need to make a living. That'll be twenty dollars my dear.”
Zoey blushed and handed her the money before she went back outside the tent.

“Mon chéri, what happened to you? You look like she just told you that you will win the lottery!”
Zoey grinned at her friends.
“I have decided my friends, and I will come with you tomorrow to sign myself up. I'll join the Mobile Infantry and will do my share to get rid of those Bugs!”

The next day at the local Federation recruitment building the friends Ester, Julia and Zoey stood in line with hundreds of men and women, waiting to sign up to do their duty.
When they got to the recruitment desk an older man in Federation parade uniform looked up to them. The name tag on his counter said “Lt. Ed”.
“Next! What can I do for you?”
Julia stepped forward and did a sloppy salute.
“Ensign Julia reporting. I'm here to catch my flight for the pilot academy.”
Ed rolled his eyes and grunted.
“I need a little bit more than. Flight School, alright, what's your last name?”
“X. My name is Julia X.”
Ed tapped some keys on his keyboard.
“Good, I got you. I hope you make a better pilot than you do your time management. Your flight leaves in ten, so you better hurry up. Gate 5. Next!”
Julia stepped aside and ignored the time. She wanted to see her friends sign up as well.

Ester stepped forward and gave Ed a sharp salute.
“Ester Cat, Mobile Infantry, reporting for transport, Sir!”
Ed smirked and saluted her back and tapped some keys.
“Mobile Infantry, very good. We're the true heroes of this war, Trooper. Fighting eye to eye with those Bugs. Your squad will be regiment 632, Sergeant Fawn Lee. Your flight leaves at Gate 3. Good luck trooper. Next!”

Zoey stepped forward and looked over the counter at the man with the short brown hair that started to turn grey.
“My name's Zoey Chester, Sir. I'd like to sign up with the Mobile Infantry, like my friend.”
Ed looked at her and smiled.
“No problem Miss, just give me your ID and we'll have you signed up in no time.”
Zoey handed Ed her ID and waited while he worked on the keyboard.
A couple minutes later he looked back up.
“Okay Trooper, you're signed up. Regiment 674, Sergeant Jaegger. Your flight also leaves at Gate 3.”
It took a moment for Zoey to process the information.
“Wait, I'm not in the same group as Ester?”
“No, the computer assigned you to this group. Is that a problem Trooper?”
“No, yes. I mean, I would like to be in the same group as my friend… Can't you do anything about it?”
Ed leaned back in his chair and sighed.
“Look Trooper, we have a war to fight. If everyone wanted their special wishes addressed then the Bugs would've already overrun us!”
Then he sighed again as he saw the girl with the red braids in front of him looking sad.
“But maybe I can do something… if you're ready to do your duty right here.”
Zoey looked confused to her friends. Julia looked confused back but Ester just winked at her and nodded. Zoey turned back to Ed.
“Yes Sir, what do I…”
Ed rolled a little back with his chair, revealing his full body behind the counter. He pulled the legs of his suit up a bit, revealing artificial legs.
“While fighting the Bugs one of them snatched my legs. But I can assure you, everything else between those legs is still working just fine. It just needs some oiling from time to time.”
He stared at Zoey and waited.

Zoey turned to her friends again and blushed deeply. Ester tried to hide a chuckle behind her hand while Julia gestured with her finger in her mouth.
Slowly Zoey turned back again to Ed, who was still waiting. She walked around his desk then knelt under it and slowly opened his fly as Ed rolled forward again in his chair, trapping Zoey under his desk.
He sighed as he felt the girl taking his slowly hardening cock in her hands, and then between her lips.
Then the speakers in the hall went live.
“Last call for flight at Gate 5, leaving for the Flight Academy. Last call for flight at Gate 5!”
Julia twitched and gave Ester a hug. Then she blew a kiss towards Ed.
“I have to run, good bye chéri, I'll miss you!”
Zoey heard her, but she couldn't answer while sucking on Ed's cock. Ester continued to chuckle as Ed just handled the next recruit standing in front of him, calling 'Next' like nothing would happen.

He handled two more recruits until he gestured the third to wait, rolled his eyes back and let out a groan. Then he reached below his desk, something zipped and he slowly rolled back in his chair.
Zoey crawled out under it, a little bit of cum dripping from her lips.
She stood a little dazed beside Lt. Ed who punched a few keys on his keyboard, then turned to her.
“Good job, Trooper. Your regiment now is 632, Sergeant Fawn Lee. Gate 3. Good luck fighting the Bugs!”
Then he just turned back to his screen and shouted 'Next'.

Zoey slowly walked back to Ester who continued to laugh and slapped Zoey hard on her back as they went on towards Gate 3.

At the Academy Zoey and Ester met their new comrades, an all female squad. Except for one tall man named Sonny, who turned out to be a trans man. He looked like a man, muscular build and good looking, but still had been a woman.
During a hand-to-hand combat training class, the squad instructor Sergeant Fawn Lee, a small Asian woman with a black ponytail, fought everyone of her recruits herself and defeated every one of them, except Sonny.
This got everyone to respect him and soon it was clear that he became the Squad Leader, who directly reported to their instructor, Fawn Lee.

But not everyone was happy with Sonny as their group leader.
A few days into training the squad had to split into two groups and charge against each other with stun rifles. The Asian Trooper Theodora was in the opposite team and she wanted to become Squad Leader.
During the match she sneaked on top of a vantage point and took aim for Sonny, planning to take him out and then lead her team to victory. But Yzzy, a clear follower of Sonny, saw Theodora's sniper attempt and with a loud scream she charged against Theodora.
As she tackled into her, both girls fell down several meters off the vantage point and the tumbling ball of two troopers crashed with loud screams on the ground below.

The training was interrupted, but the medics could only diagnose the death of both troopers. Theodora had landed on Yzzy in a 69 position, both girls had their faces buried in the other girls crotch. Yzzy broke her back while Theodora broke her neck on the landing, and despite the shock of their deaths to everyone's amusement Theodora dripped wet on Yzzy's face when they got separated.

It was the last day of the only two week training before the squad was about to embark on their mission towards the Bug home planet.
During a group shower, Sonny entered the stall with a strap-on cock stripped around his waist and walked in the middle of the room while steaming hot shower water washed over his comrades all around him.
“Can I get everyone's attention please? I know that the recent death of Yzzy and Theodora made everyone wary, but I can assure you. I as your Squad Leader will lead you in the battle against the Bugs, and we will face the Queen Bug! As my prophesy told me! So who is with me?”
The room echoed with 'Hooaahh' as the troopers around Sonny shouted in union.
Then it went silent in an instant as Sonny dropped the soap on the floor. Only the sound of the water splashing on the girls could be heard.
Zoey sent out a silent prayer that it wouldn't be her to pick up the soap. She knew the Seer had said she would have to overcome obstacles but not this…

Suddenly a girl was pushed forward, with an auburn pixie haircut. She fell on her knees right in front of Sonny. Chloe looked up to Sonny, gulped and slowly picked up the soap. Sonny quickly grabbed her arm and shoved her back against the wall, then directly plunged his strap-on into her.
Chloe moaned as Sonny banged into her again and again, and everyone kept watching, getting randy themselves.
Eventually Chloe came in a shuddering orgasm. Sonny pulled out of her and she collapsed on the floor of the showers, the water continuing to splash down on her from above.
But it wasn't over yet.

Later that evening the troopers were in their barracks, most of them running around only wearing panties and tank-tops, preparing for their journey the next day. Some cuddled together in their bunk, some silently praying, others lively chatting.
Zoey was in her bunk, staring at her little notebook. The screen flashed and showed Julia's face who was aboard a spaceship. Zoey smiled as she saw Julia dressed in a Federation Pilot dress uniform.
“Hello, it's good to see you!”
“Hello chéri. Are you doing okay?”
“I'm good, except that we're going bug hunting tomorrow. I'm not as convinced anymore that this was a good idea.”
“Don't worry, I'm sure you will do your best and will be victorious… Zoey, there is something I have to tell you.”
“Of course I will do my best! But how about you? I bet you are already commanding one of the big spaceships! Will do command our ship tomorrow for the Bug planet? That would be awesome!”
“See, this is one thing I wanted to talk to you about, I've piloted a ship and...”
Julia saw a shadow approach behind Zoey. A man with short brown hair and playful sparking black eyes came up behind her, grabbed her by her shoulders and dragged her out of her bed. On second glance Julia noticed that it wasn't a man, but a manly looking woman with a strap-on cock. She heard several other troopers yell and cheer as the man forced Zoey down on all four and plunged into her, taking her doggy-style.
Julia watched, heard the cheering now mixed with intense moans, and her own hand slid under her uniform skirt. Just in time as a real man appeared in her room behind her, leaned down next to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.
“Wow, what are you watching there honey?”
“That's Zoey, I told you about her...”
The man next to her chuckled.
“It looks like quite a party.”
Then a face appeared close up on the screen. It was Ester who grinned wickedly.
“Hi Julia! Bye Julia!”
Esters face disappeared again and in view came an exposed crotch with a finger slipping in and out of her pussy. A few seconds later she came and squirted right on the camera, blurring the whole image.
Julia took a deep breath, disconnected the video session and turned to the man.
“Maybe we can have a party of our own…?”

The next day Zoey and the other members of her team embarked on the landing shuttle that brought them to the Bug's home planets surface. The shuttle was filled with female troopers only, except two man who sat down across Zoey. They also wore trooper combat armour, but one of them had a hand microphone and the other, a man in his fifties with stunning green eyes and short grey hair, shouldered a video camera.
The man noticed the little redhead staring at him.
“Hey there, trooper. I'm Vern.”
Zoey blinked for a second then smiled.
“Hello! I'm Zoey! What are you doing here?”
“What does it look like to you? We're here to record your landing and attack on the Queen Bug's lair. It's even going to be streamed live! Isn't that nuts? But Command said it would be the best propaganda to show the raw fight and the uncut victory of your mission. Live to millions at home watching!”
“Woooaahh… so you will film our attack?”
“I guess so. But mostly I will be filming Mike over here.”
He pointed at the man next to him with the microphone, who gave Zoey a sloppy two finger salute.
Zoey saluted him back properly and turned to Vern again, her mind racing.
Could this be her chance? The Seer had said she'd become known to millions of people. And this man could do a live broadcast of her heroic fight against the Bugs!
“Say Mr. Vern… is there a chance you could point that camera on me?”
Zoey ogled at him.
“Well, uhm...”
Vern was interrupted by the shuttles speaker coming to life.
“This is your shuttle captain Julia speaking. We're making our descend to the Bug planet, please make sure you're sitting and are strapped in for the entry. Thank you!”
Zoey looked at the speaker, then at Ester.
Ester shrugged and looked at the shuttle cabin door.
“It sounded like our Julia to me.”
“I have to check!”
Zoey jumped to her feet and approached the cabin door. She took a deep breath and stepped into the small cabin.

“Hey, no one allowed in here! Wait… Zoey?”
Julia stared at the trooper standing in the door.
“Hello! It's me!”
Zoey looked puzzled at the brunette girl, wearing a normal Federate Pilot uniform. Then she rushed forward and kissed her on the lips, but Julia didn't quite reply.
“Julia… what are you doing here? I thought you would be up there, commanding the spaceship?”
“I wanted to chéri, but I made a mistake. Crashed a ship slightly into a space station… they said I wouldn't be allowed a second chance for quite a while.”
“I'm so sorry to hear that! I really believed you would be perfect as Captain! I still do!”
Someone cleared his throat behind Zoey, who turned around and looked at a handsome young man, also dressed as Federate Pilot.
Julia took the word again.
“I'm sorry, where are my manners. Zoey, this is Lewis. He's my boyfriend.”
Zoey's jaw dropped.
“Wait, he's your what? I thought I am your...”
Lewis chuckled.
“I'm her boyfriend. The one who's been shagging her for the last few weeks. And now you better get back there, Trooper. We have a planet to land on. Julia, prepare for landing!”
“I'm sorry chéri, I really wanted to tell you sooner...”
Julia looked at the speechless Zoey for a moment, then turned to her controls.

Zoey was furious as she stepped out of the cabin and got back to the others. She stomped back to her place but instead of sitting down she faced Vern.
“What is it Trooper Zoey?”
Zoey's furious face turned red on her cheeks. The Seer said she'd become famous. But she had to overcome the obstacles in her path.
“As I asked before… Is there any chance you could… point the camera at me?”
“I, uhm, I should keep it on our reporter. But of course I could do some pans, was planning on doing so. Show some action! After all the world should see how you ladies get the Queen Bug. But I'm not planning on recording anyone in particular. Why should I do that?”
Zoey leaned down to him and whispered in his ear.
Vern's face brightened with a wicked grin.
“I make no promises Trooper, but you have to earn that a little first.”
He shifted a little in his seat, spreading his legs slightly more. Zoey's face blushed more, but without another word she dropped on her knees, put her helmet down, then with trembling fingers unzipped Vern's uniform trousers.
The other troopers began to cheer as she took out his erect cock and began to kiss it, then closed her lips around it and sucked. Vern leaned his head back and closed his eyes, letting out a sigh.
The reporter Mike next to him rolled his eyes, muttering.
“I'm the reporter! I should get the girls...”
The troopers continued to cheer for Zoey and Vern, as suddenly the ship was rocked by an explosion.
Then a female voice shouted on the speakers.
“We've been hit! Bug artillery! Hang on, we're crash landing!”
The ship was rocked by another explosion and Zoey fell on her back. The last thing she saw was Vern cuming, his cum raining down on her before she blacked out.

As Zoey woke up from Ester shaking her. Zoey croaked.
“Buhhh, what happened?”
Ester grinned at her.
“You put on quite a show. Then we got hit by that artillery and when we landed you spun around the room like a lifeless doll. Come on, get up! Time to be a hero!”
Zoey took Esters hand and got back on her feet. Ester dumped Zoey's helmet on her head and pushed her towards the big hatch.
“What about Julia?”
Ester shook her head.
“They're both dead. Cabin looks like a crushed can. Let's go!”

Zoey and Ester stepped out and blinked for a moment in the bright sun that illuminated a vast canyon area which they had crash landed inside, surrounded by high dry rock walls.
Vern and Mike stood by the side, Mike nervously reporting the situation to the camera.
Sonny had gone a few steps down the canyon and now waved to the others.
“Come on, the Queen Bug's this way!”
Chloe went to the far side of Sonny, yelling.
“Are you sure, oh fearless leader? Because I don't see a single stinking Bu--uuccgggkkk!”

The mighty claw of a Bug appeared out of the ground and impaled Chloe from below! Then it retracted it's claw and emerged as whole from the sandy ground. Chloe fell face first like a stiff plank on the ground.
“Bugs! Buuugs!”
Ester shouted and the others tuned in, then she rushed away from Zoey over to Chloe, firing her rifle at the Bug. It twitched and twisted from the impact of many bullets and finally cringed legs up on the floor.
As she reached Chloe, the trooper was already dead. Ester shook her head, then the air around her trembled and four more Bugs emerged from below, enclosing her.
She screamed and fired her rifle, the other troopers fired blindly at her as well but two bugs shielded her off with their massive bodies.
The next thing Zoey saw of Ester was her body being torn apart by the Bugs.
Sonny threw a grenade which landed perfectly between the Bugs and a second later they exploded into bits and pieces.

As the dust settled down it was silent for a moment. Shocked troopers stood scattered all around, everyone staring at the hole in the ground and the torn bug limbs around it.
Vern was filming the whole thing.
Then Sonny raised his voice.
“Let's go! The Queen Bug is still this way!”
“But… but what about Ester and Chloe? We have to check on them!”
Zoey stammered, still standing next to the shuttle. She noticed Vern now training his camera on her. That would be her line. She knew it. Her soft side showing, caring for the others!
“We have to check if they're still alive! We owe them!”
“Nonsense Trooper, they died for our mission, and our mission is to find the Queen-- woah, watch out!”
Before Zoey could turn around, the earth behind her trembled and another Bug appeared. She turned her head just in time to see a sharp claw coming at her. She felt a sharp pain as it pierced her back armour like wet paper and emerged out of her chest again.
The trooper with red braids was lifted off the ground and her whole body twitched, causing her finger to tighten around the trigger of her rifle. Unintentional she sprayed a hail of bullets at her fellow troopers, hitting several of them including the reporter. Then her trousers turned dark around her crotch and a stream of pee made it's way to the dusty ground.
Vern kept his camera trained on the scene, both the record and live icons blinking in the upper left corner of his viewfinder.
The troopers opened fire and quickly caused the bug holding Zoey to collapse, ending with her sitting on the floor, eyes wide open, legs spread, a Bug claw sticking out of her chest.

Then all hell broke loose. Dozens of Bugs appeared at the top of the canyon walls and began streaming down at the troopers, screeching loudly.
“This way! Run! Ruuun!”
Sonny began running down the canyon, away from the shuttle. The other troopers and Vern followed, shooting blindly left and right at the bugs. Many twisted, cringed and died, but the Bugs came closer, ripping trooper after trooper apart.
Suddenly something sharp hit Vern in his back and threw him in the air. He was dead when he landed with his face in front of the camera.
The camera shifted focus for a moment, showing Vern's horrified dead face before it shifted back again to show Sonny and the last few troopers fighting off waves after waves of Bugs, but one after another the troopers got ripped apart.

After a few moments only Sonny was left alive and the screen began to fill with Bugs.
Sonny was turning back and forth on his heels and stopped shooting.
“No! No, this can't be! This can't be the end! I was destined to find the Queen Bug! My prophecy said it! I must find the Queen Bug!”
The Bugs enclosed him but stopped about a meter away from him, hissing and screeching.
Then a massive Bug head appeared from the ridge behind Sonny, with a thousand eyes staring at him, followed by a massive mouth.
Sonny began to laugh hysterically as he saw the Queen Bug rise behind him. He got his grip again and raised his rifle.
“Time for you to die!”
But before he could fire, the Queen Bug opened her mouth and a big glowing blue ball appeared. She spat it out and hit Sonny, enclosed him and vaporised, leaving only Sonny's boots behind…

“Turn that off! Cut that live feed! Who's stupid idea was it to broadcast this directly?”
President Grace was furious. She sat at a round table in the War Council with the other Head Masters and Generals of the Federation.
A hand slowly raised.
“You said you wanted a new propaganda to promote more encouragement for the Federation. To recruit more new troopers for the war against the Bugs. So a live transmission of our final strike against the Queen Bug, to take them out once and for all, would've been the best propaganda to think of.”
“Only it turned out a disaster, you moron!”
Another voice came up.
“I think we should stop the ground attack immediately and turn to Plan B. Nuke the entire planet. Make sure no Bug gets out alive, so we end them once and for all!”
“Let's open the vote for Plan B!”

Later that day another live transmission took place, showing the Bug Home Planet from outer space. Dozens rockets appeared on screen, aimed for the planet. After they disappeared from view, multiple giant explosions appeared on the planets surface.
The citizens of Planet Earth celebrated the day the Bugs finally had been eliminated.

Seer Val had followed the events of the day on her television throughout the evening, until her doorbell rang.
She went for the door and found a saw a well known face. An older man stood in the door. Federation Dress uniform, brown short hair and hazel eyes.
“Lieutenant Ed, what a nice surprise. What brings you here?”
“The same as usual Madam Val.”
He handed her an envelope. A quick look inside showed hundreds of dollar.
“Your usual under-the-hand payment from the Federation, for convincing hundreds of young people to join the Federation. We owe you thanks for your services, especially now that the war is over.”
Val smiled weakly.
“You know I'm not doing anything special.”
“Of course you do. You're a Seer. But I always wonder. I know what you've told me when I was a young man, but what do you tell them nowadays? Promises of riches and fame? Because the Federation is very thrifty with both.”
“I don't make up what I tell them, Ed. I tell them what I see. What I see in their heads. And this is what I tell them. I tell them the things they expect, the things they want to hear. It's their wishes and desires, I don't make any of it up.”
Ed nodded thoughtful.
“So, Lieutenant Ed. You say you still remember what I told you a long time ago? Would you like th share that memory?”
“Indeed I remember. I was told, when the war is over, I will have a happy ending. And now the war is finally over.”
Val nodded and flashed a smile.
“Say, why don't you come in and close that door behind you…?”



  • phreep
    phreep Sunday, 04 October 2015

    Great story Zoey! One thing should start keeping your safety on, so your rocket gun doesn't lay waste to all around you if you get speared by an evil alien thing. Hmnn? Ha!
    Thanks for writing this, I enjoyed it thouroughly.


  • Zoey
    Zoey Monday, 05 October 2015

    I'll try to remember this, haha! :)

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