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In The Shadow Of One

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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One was the most loyal of people for Sapphire The Queen of vast lands and conquered islands The West South and North had all fallen to her army's the last Island the East the only true stronghold for the Tribes and where the most part of this war had taken place the armys had clashed on many fronts and lines constantly changing

Sapphire was sat once more in her chambers as she often did brooding her mood was easily seen by the outside and what the weather was doing snow meant she was calm but raging thunder and lighting there was often anger her wraith was often found out many of the guards stood terrified her rage may come across to them as they stood protecting someone who could just as easily kill them but not for Sapphires mood there was another problem with being a guard in the fortress grounds One or Shadow Of One as her reputation had been Sapphires Personal assassin and guardian the most deadly with her wrist blades similar to Amber and sword she had stolen from a fallen Batak general she liked it enough to take it after all the Batak did say to her you can have it when you pry it from my dead hands and One of course obliged She was skilled in fighting with out a doubt and often terrified the Guards and Amber Sapphire did not seem to mind or care what One did really and often laughed when Vashala would speak saying what she had done mindless games Vashala would often spit out
One was sat outside on a run down ruin outside the fortress where Sapphire was able to Shadow Jump a talent very few could even consider mastering able to use the Shadows as a personal way of getting around faster able to respond to Sapphire at any time with ease One liked it for now it was quiet she hadn't been sent on any missions recently but that did not seem to bother her humming to herself before stopping I know you are there she said clenching her fist and what do I owe the visit from you...alt

You would best watch your tone with me One you maybe be Sapphires little pet but with me You are nothing but a idea or a shadow as you so rightly call yourself!
Fine One said slightly bowing And what does the almighty Goddess of Chaos need of me? better Chaos said stepping into view still in that Siege Breaker amour I see one scoffed its to slow for me
Well yes for you but for someone like me its wonderful! but enough I am in need of a certain set of skills and your mistress suggested you why not send one of you're demoness to do it then Oh believe me I would do but this job needs someone who is able to shadow jump and be able to hold there own against Tribe filth I'm listing One smiled good Chaos frowned One found herself In Sapphires Chambers along with Chaos Amber who was idly staring at something Jumped on seeing them appear
Boo! One winked at Amber who just started mumbling something while walking out of the Chamber Chaos laughed I see you found her then Sapphire said hanging around the ruins again no doubt indeed she was Chaos said what is it you wish me to do Mistress one said looking at Sapphire in this case I need you to follow Chaos's wishes as it is of some importance
Chaos nodded I would send the council members but they would not be able to travel there in time and I feel the clock is ticking There on the East Island is a temple that was dedicated to me and my powers the tribes are nearing discovering it and when they do they will surely wish to destroy it and the contents inside! One nodded so stop anyone entering the temple easy enough she smirked Far from Easy if it was that I would of sent Sky or Vashala! or one of my many minions
Inside the temple is a necklace of some power that was used by the high priests of Chaos some of my power comes from that if falls into the hands of that bitch the goddess of war some of my power will surely weaken and I cannot be at half strength anything I have worked towards will fail So It is of Importance you get me that Necklace and bring it back here! sure I can step in and out in no time oh that is the other thing Chaos said The necklace is powerful but with it in your possession you will be unable to step anywhere and will have to make it back here Is that why you can't touch it One Said Agent ruling says that no goddess can touch any artefact under her name its why brining it here for safe keeping is down to you
Sapphire nodded I am aware you can do this you are more than able for this job you will be rewarded if you do Chaos smiled greatly I will do this for Sapphire and you then One said Wonderful Chaos said now You cannot step into the Temple you will have to appear outside of it the location is just west of the Fortress that was recently taken appearing there and moving on from there the Officer in that place has been.. told about your coming time is growing short iv'e been told they have sent a force to the Temple no doubt that goddess of war has informed them standing One nodded ill be back soon she said jumping into a dark part of the room I hope she is as good as you say Sapphire for your sake
Moments later one Emerged from a tower of a fortress leaving a very confused sentry slightly shocked and amazed that One just seemly stepped out of nothing Get out of my way One snapped passing past the woman It was clear something was going on as the walls had a lot of archers on it You What's going on One said to a Officer who was keeling down behind the wall get down she said not looking at who had asked her 

Oh please archers how cute One smirked she didn't even flinch when a Archer beside her was hit and sent screaming over the side of the wall I see the tribes are attacking the officer finally looked Oh thank the Queen you are here I am here on another matter One said but this fortress needs to remain under our control I need to get out to the forest to the West One said at once it is of vital importance well there only shooting at us from the forest at the moment but I am sure you are more than a match for them One smiled as another Arrow flew past her where is the officer in charge of the fortress down there the woman pointed looking over the side she saw a officer laying dead below the wall


bah One frowned Looks like you are in charge then I suppose so the officer said still kneeling down now she is not Sky said landing next to One Oh joy its a Ex Tribe Quite Sky snapped You have a job to do for our mistress do you not? I have been sent to make sure this fortress and its... forces Sky frowned at the officer do not fall


you do that One said I need to get out there Sky turned how many tribes are hiding in the Forest they showed up a few hours after we where able to take the fortress many of the pushers and other things we used where still outside and had not been dismantled so there using them as Cover or against us well there is your cover One Sky said  I will cover you from up here along with the remaining forces we have Siege Breakers down there the officer said but they where to be used for something else? the officer said I am not sure the previous officer said what they where to be used for before she died

I am in charge now Sky said and I have been told what there to be used for so pay no mind to them the tribes retaliation can be met with force and while that is taking place One you can continue with your mission Great plan one said in a  sarcastic tone just try not to lose the fortress while I am gone she said stepping down the ramparts towards the gate leaving Sky and the officer and archers up there
she may mock me sky frowned but I will not let my Queen down by losing this fortress and neither will you Yes now Ready yourself and forces we strike soon....
A few moments had passed and One was standing by the gatehouse looking around the corner to the outside there where still bodies of tribe defenders left over from the previous battle of the fortress the women down below at the gatehouse where also peering around making no effort to remove the bodies they had seen One and where looking at one another  Open the gate oncealt
Sky commands you to One said getting ready to move Right away a woman said calling up the the gatehouse The gate opened slowly One now waiting for the right moment unaware of how many tribes would be waiting outside a small force of elite and skirmishers had made there way down to the gate and charged out One saw her chance sure enough the Tribes started shooting and fighting with the forces that had left the gatehouse running fast West One headed to the woodland laughing as Arrows thundered behind her she could hear the sounds of the battle going on hoping that she would return to find the Queens forces still had control of the fortress Where the temple was by Chaos's instructions she made he way down a old forgotten path without the use the place had overgrown but recent activity had made the path a lot more visabul Could she of been to late? just ahead of her she could see the entrance to a building that was run down unfortanilty South Tribes where standing outside of it
They had not seen One most of them where busy with there backs turned talking probably trying to work out how to get inside the temple
We where told to wait outside while the others ventured into the temple depths lets just hope the battle is a victory for us a red haired office spoke I hope they hurry up this place is horrible another one said scoffing at the sight suddenly the officer said Shh can you hear laughing? they all stood listing for the laughing sure enough there was slight chuckling they all turned around spears at the ready Look there a red haired girl pointed there on the pathway was One now crouched down her back turned to them is that a Queen solider? they asked as they carefully approached why is she laughing Turn around slowly and you will be spared is that a fact? One said standing still why should I surrender to the likes of you There are more of us and we will spare your life Such a shame One replied I wont be so kind to you Turning around weapon now drawn One's wrist blade was very effective the Tribe women had no chance
alt The last Red haired woman now left What are you how can One person beat us she said crawling away from One Help!! she called out No one is coming to help you bitch One said stepping over her sisters I am going to kill you Its been a while since I have killed a south tribe I forgot how weak and pathetic they are! begging for life Beg all you like but No one is coming those in that temple are not coming out again and as for you.. HAH
Spare me the red haired said again But One had already cut the girls throat the girl slumped down gurgling and soon the sound of the distant battle still could be heard One looked towards the temple entrance before hearing a Voice of Chaos in her head Make haste NO ONE is to leave that temple alive! They will regret going in there One Smiled