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New Quick Story: Jungle Ambush!

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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Just something I wrote quickly as a present for Raul in return for all of his fantastic Imperial Trooper vs. Rebel pictures. :)

I thought I'd share it with you guys as well!




It's hot! The heat surrounds us, sticking to our skin tighter than the black tops and white panties we wear. My armour is stifling as I trek through the jungle with my sisters. Swatting at bugs, I grumble in annoyance.

"What was that, slut!?" Yells an older trooper near the front of our column, the sergeant looking back as she shouts. I fall quiet immediately, but I'm not the only one getting fed up of trekking through the mud and bugs!

I swat at a mosquito the size of my fist and resist the urge to use my blaster! We were supposed to be sneaking up on the fort of a native species to this planet though. The primitive bitches wouldn't clear out when we showed up, and now the Empress wanted us to remove them by force!

There are a couple of hundred of us, but it shouldn't take that many. The amazon sluts didn't even have guns! They still used bows and arrows, this was going to be a cakewalk.... if we ever got there!

"AIIIIIIIE!" A shriek from nearby has everyone raise their weapons, ready to fight... but there's no enemy! A blonde trooper, her young perky tits heaving against her black top had been grabbed by a hefty snake-like creature hanging from a tree.

"Help me!" she cries out as the snake-thing wraps its long body around her, cocooning her in its tight embrace while holding her by the neck as she's lifted off of her feet. She's practically crying, but the sergeant raises her hand... we're not to help her; if we fired, it may alert the amazons to our presence! The blonde girl cries out again as the snake begins to squeeze her violently, her arms up to try and pry it away but it's too strong. I can only watch--feeling the dampness in my panties--as she's slowly hauled up into the foliage far above.

About halfway up her struggles stop, her eyes staring down blankly as her tongue hangs out of her mouth; she was snake food now, and the dribble of cum running down her inner thigh glistens in the light. I shudder with a taboo excitement at the thought of the snake devouring the young blonde...

We've lost a number of troopers to predators along the way, and a small squad had gotten their dumb selves caught in quicksand. We still had plenty to get the job done though!

Arrows suddenly fill the air though! These were from predators of a different sort.

"URRRRGH!" a trooper takes an arrow right between her plump breasts, her finger squeezing the trigger of her blaster as it spasms from the pain filling her body. She falls to her knees, then falls face-down in the mud. I jump over her body, looking for cover as more arrows fill the air!

"YAAAAAAI!" A tall brunette beside me with a green barette in her hair takes an arrow to her belly, her eyes wide as she looks down at it in surprise and shock! A second arrow takes her quickly in the throat, and she gurgles out a trickle of blood as her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses backwards. The girl's legs kick up a bit, her white panties marked by mud and cum as she dies on her back like the slut she was!

Girls are dying all around me now. I slide into cover behind a fallen tree, but behind me over a dozen troopers are dead in the mud. A blonde's blue eyes stare at me silently as she lays across the body of a dying redhead, and I stare back, trying not to notice the arrow sticking out of the girl's back.

"Form up, return fire!" shouts the sergeant, firing wildly into the trees as she does. The arrows are coming from above us! I look up and see movement. I raise my blaster, but the target disappears before I can fire. Frantic, I look about as the deathscreams of my sisters fill the air.

"GRAAAAAAAG--" a black-haired trooper clutches at the arrow buried in her guts, only to have a second and third one plunge into her chest, spearing her tits and killing her instantly. She falls back into a pile with three other dead troopers, the pile of cooling meat providing cover for another trooper who had thought to duck behind it.

"FIRE YOU DUMB BITCHES!" cries the sergeant again, and I follow her order!

My lasers blast into the trees and I'm rewarded by a high-pitched shriek as a body tumbles nearly thirty feet to the muck below. She's tall, blonde, and almost naked! The girl wears only a grey loincloth as she writhes in the mud and soon dies. Fried one!

The surviving troopers soon spread out. We'd have reinforcements in minutes, but for now we were on our own! We fire, and start getting kills, but continue taking losses.

A redhead who looks a year or two older than me slides into cover right beside me. As she sits up to fire, she takes an arrow to her throat! I glance over, but continue to fire, as she chokes and clutches at the arrow. Her eyes look to me, as if I could help her! Soon, she falls forward over the log we'd been behind, her ass in the air and her head and arms dangling downwards. She dies like that, and I can smell her climax as her twitching body finally falls still! I can't help myself and slap her dead ass with a smirk, and take her gun in case I needed the ammo!

"T55! T02! T94! T63 & T88!" the sergeant cries out, "Push forward! Break out of the ring they've formed and flank them!"

I gulp as the other troopers called move into position. Even as an arrow whizzes past my head, I hurry to follow them. The rest of my sisters continue to hold their positions, firing into the trees and occasionally striking one of the beautiful amazon girls who were slaughtering us! I can see several corpses caught in the branches overhead, smoke rising from their scorched, naked flesh.

Jumping over several trooper corpses, their young bodies flat in the mud and their clean uniforms soiled by dirt and blood, we push forward! Suddenly, arrows are flying at US! We don't stand a chance!

T02, a young blonde with a pink barette in her long hair, takes an arrow to one breast. Her charge falters, her scream loud and piercing before a second arrow slams into her belly. Her panties are dark with cum as she thrusts her hips forward, "URRRRRAAAA!!!" she howls as she falls into the mud.

T88 doesn't get much farther, the brunette taking a pair of arrows to her chest, and a third to her shoulder. She spins as she falls, her blaster flying from her hands. "AIIIIIIE!" She lands ontop of T02, their bodies twitching and heaving as they die.

The three survivors, myself included, panic, our charge broken as we stop to fire upwards. T94 takes an arrow between her shoulderblades. Her chest thrusts forward as she screams out in pain, blood running down her back. A second arrow hits the small of her back, and her knees buckle, "GAAAAAARRGGGH...." her guttural cry cut short by a third arrow hitting her neck from the side. The braided redhair of the trooper flips about as her neck twists to the side and she falls sideways into the mud.

I clench my teeth, my panties soaking wet with anticipation now. Then I'm hit! An arrow hits me right below my right breast. My whole body seizes up as I gasp out, then I'm hit again in the belly!

"N-NYAAAAAAH!" I can't hold in my shriek as I realize I'd just been killed! My blaster goes off twice more as my hand cramps up and my muscles tighten. My eyes clench shut as I feel my balance give way, pain exploding in my mind as I fall backwards! I land on something soft, but I'm too busy cumming hard to wonder what it is. My panties are a mess, the white fabric clinging to my skin.

The position I'd landed in makes a spectacle of my poor cum-soaked panties, my legs spread and my hips lifted as I lay atop the bodies of T02 & T88. I gasp and choke, staring at the arrows jutting up from my body even as my vision starts to darken! Oh god! I was in a bodypile. A second orgasm rips through me as I realize I was going to die piled up like meat with the other two girls!

Grinding my teeth against the pain, I realize my blaster has fallen out of my hands, my whole body seems heavy I could just... relax... here... my hands fall limply to my sides, my head falling back to rest on the belly of T88.

"Fuck! Stupid bitches!" the sergeant yells as she watches T55's twitching, arrow-riddled body stop moving. T63 goes down last, an arrow in her throat for her to choke on as she dies. "T44, T24, T78, T90 & T97! Your turn! Try not to fuck it up like those sluts did!"

I'm already dead though, and can't hear them. The battle is eventually won for the Empire, and the fort is taken... but with heavy casualties...


  • RAUL
    RAUL Tuesday, 29 September 2015


  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Tuesday, 29 September 2015

    Haha, you saying the others aren't as good!? ;)

  • RAUL
    RAUL Tuesday, 29 September 2015


  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Tuesday, 29 September 2015

    That's good to know! I'll write more for you in the same style as this one then. :)

  • Zoey
    Zoey Friday, 02 October 2015

    Wonderful story Kirstin! :)
    And thanks a lot for including me ;)

  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Friday, 02 October 2015

    Haha, was a short cameo, but I couldn't resist!

  • phreep
    phreep Sunday, 04 October 2015

    So that's a 'ESS'. Please continue to write these Kirsten. They make my day.
    And Thanks,

  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Monday, 05 October 2015

    Wow. Thank you, Phreep! Maybe I'll give you something particularly nice later today. ;)

  • pistaccio
    pistaccio Thursday, 28 July 2016

    wow! That's a beautiful story. It's amazing how you hit all the right buttons every time, describing all the features I love most about Amazon combat stories;
    i. I love how you cut to the chase, without lots of intros, or beating around the bush, and almost every sentence is a gorgeous description of how the next warriorwoman dies,
    ii. I love how you emphasis all the shrieks and screams of the dying, which render the kills and the whole action so much more exciting, bringing us the various sound effects as the sluts are being slaughtered,
    iii. I love the way the officers show disdain and even contempt for their troops, showing no compassion and referring to them as sluts and bitches.
    iv. I love the way you do likewise in the narrative, showing no care for your dying comrades, and actually drawing uncontrollable erotic pleasure from their suffering and slaughter.
    v. I love the way you describe how their bodies fall, twist, roll, crash down onto their faces
    vi. I love the hallmark of your warriorwomen, that they always explode in uncontrollable battle cum, either as they enjoy the slaughter all around them or go through their own death throes, spasms and convulsions. This is really a fantasy I share with every erotic death.
    vii. I love the way most warriors are described according to their colouring and height, giving a nice personal touch to an otherwise anonymous slut who just screams and dies.
    viii. I love the bonanza of so many beautiful throat shots and the callous way you described how one such victim
    ix. Love the description of the warrior "as she dies on her back like the slut that she was", showing how totally desensitized the narrator is in combat,

    I'm listing some things you might consider to your future super erotic Amazon combat stories:
    a. Some nice shots to the crotch and ass,
    b. some descriptions of micro skirts without any undies, with nice accounts of the dying girls' battlecum squirting uncontrollably out of them in fountains, rather than soaking further their cum rich panties.
    c. some nice descriptions of ancient warriors wearing gladiator sandals that are stripped off their corpses' feet, or soft leather boots that are pulled off after lots of tugging.
    d. some nice graphic descriptions of horrific dragging scenes, dragged by the feet or the hair, sometimes intentionally by an enemy warrior, or even a warrior mate, sometimes as a foot or hair get stuck, to a horse's stirrup, to the wheel of a chariot etc.
    e. some nice graphic descriptions of beautiful buns and furry crotches that we all love so much.

    Tks for considering...

  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Saturday, 12 November 2016

    Thank you for the feedback! I'm really sorry I didn't spot it sooner... I wish this site gave us a notification when we got comments... or maybe it does and I just don't have it turned on.

    A lot of what you're saying are things I like, so I make sure to include them. Deathscreams are big for me, there's something so submissive about letting out an instinctual shriek as someone kills you... dunno why, but it definitely turns me on!

    I use height & hair colour as identifiers because it helps keep things clear. It provides a quick little visual reference, and also helps me differentiate between all the different warriors with a quick little descriptor. :)

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I can't promise anything about the requests... being a girl, bare vaginas aren't a turn-on for me. I love skimpy uniforms, and the thought of wearing them more. So pantyless crotchshots aren't really my thing. The boots & dragging though I can totally do sometime!

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