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Abandon Ship (Part 2!)

Posted by on in Amazon Combat
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Another story inspired by Beancooler/Raul's great take on Imperial Troopers. With Zoey (and a Stephy cameo, hehe) for good measure!

I decided to write out T94's side of the battle to defend the Imperial cruiser her and T55 were stationed on. :)

Hope you guys like it!



T94 was proud.

Proud to be a Trooper.

Proud to have been entrusted with the duty of defending the airlock

Proud to serve the Empress.

But most of all she was proud to be given the chance to kill some rebel sluts.

The petite redhead savoured the scant minutes left before the fight would begin. She moved down the hallway with T100 and T44, while barely acknowledging either of them. Her pert breasts pressed against the slightly stretchy fabric of her black crop top, and the soft click of her bootheels on the reflectively polished floor of the hallway brought her a slice of calming rhythm before the storm; words would have only spoiled it.

The young trooper's braided pigtails bounced against her shoulders as she marched, and a smile beamed from between her freckled cheeks, and below a likewise freckled nose. She had the look of a girl, but the mind of a killer. That she could be dead in mere moments was a thought left to linger in the depths of her subconscious, rejected out of sheer impossibility and ignored out of a fear she would never admit to.

As the three troopers rounded the final turn before the airlock, they found themselves facing a rather large contingent of sister-troopers. There were twenty of them or so, all kneeling behind the ribbed support beams that ran down the smaller branch-hallway, or pressed against the smooth white plastic which covered the walls. All of them had their weapons raised, their silent muzzles pointing towards the airlock at the end of the hallway.

"Get in position, sluts! If you survive this, remind me to give you each a whipping for your insolent tardiness!" The commander was a tall blonde, her body pockmarked by several scars and at least one old puckered blaster-wound just below her left breast. T94--Zoey, she liked to call herself in the dark, when no-one but her closest bunkmates were listening--knew better than to even consider questioning either order and snapped a salute.

"Ma'am!" Her response was quick, her body stiffening as she raised a fist to her chest in respect for her commanding officer. The sudden jerk of her body caused the fledgling trooper's ass to jiggle slightly in the white briefs she wore. The other two followed suit, and all three quickly found space amongst the troopers already in position.

Silence followed. A lingering thing, it brought a disquiet that seemed to fill the pensive air of the hallway. Zoey waited it out. She was kneeling behind a support beam, little more than her gun, half of her face, and one knee, exposed.

The first sign that the rebels were coming was the dull thunk of metal contacting with metal. The first transport had begun to dock. The simple sound was enough to send a trembling shiver down Zoey's spine as she nervously adjusted the grip on her blaster. Already the girl could feel her panties growing damp as a steely resolve overtook the fluttering of her racing heart.

The door exploded outwards with a crash, smashing into a support beam and nearly killing the brunette hiding behind it. Her shriek as she ducked into cover was more explosive to Zoey's ear than the charges that had blown out the airlock door! Laser fire quickly drowned out even the brunette's cry of fear and surprise, however. Hot and heavy it tore down the hallway as smoke billowed outwards.

"Fry those bitches!" Came the shout from the commander as she opened fire. Red beams of intensively deadly laser-fire ripped through the air even as the green shots from the depths of the smoke cloud flew back in answer. Zoey's gun lifted and she added her own shots to the chaos, unable to aim at targets that weren't presenting themselves.

Finally, they did. Like some kind of barbarian horde the rebels came piling out of the airlock. It was a massacre! Zoey reveled in it. The first rebels through the door were cut down immediately, their nubile bodies riddled with hot death. A brunette with a green barette looked down in surprise as scorching heat tore through her well sculpted belly. The red panties the rebel wore were soaked through immediately with a masochistic gush of orgasmic pleasure.

"RRAAH-RAAAGH!" she shrieked as she clutched at her ruined body before collapsing facedown into the hallway. The blonde beside her taking a streak of fire across her tits, fragments of her grey croptop flying off as she soaked up the deadly projectiles.

"AIIIIIE!" The rebel bitch's arms flung up to the side, as though making a target of her destroyed breasts before she collapsed ontop of the brunette. Her hips rose and fell once, her ass twitching in the red panties that were now taut against the warm cheeks.

More rebels scrambled over them. Another brunette with her hair cut short let out a guttural cry as she took a single shot right between her breasts before twisting and tumbling off of the small pile of corpses forming in the doorway; Zoey smiled as she lowered her gun slightly to admire the shot, and her kill. The slain rebel stared blankly up the hallway, hanging partially upside down as her legs rested on the pile of fried rebels, and cum trickled from between her spread thighs.

The slaughter continued, but so did the rebels pouring out of the doorway. Soon, despite having difficulty stepping across the wasteland of scorched, bare flesh formed by their sister's bodies, the rebels saw the tide turning.

Zoey continued to fire, stifling a moan with each young rebel she sent screaming to the ground, but even she knew things were getting ugly. The rebels pushed forward far enough to take the first set of support beams, and that's when things turned sour.

The troopers who had taken up behind those beams--including the brunette who had so narrowly avoided being crushed by the door--didn't stand a chance. Zoey saw a redhead press back against the wall, one arm coming up to ward off the barrage of lasers that sent her shrieking to the grated floor, her tits and belly smoking from nearly half a dozen laser blasts; without cover, they were helpless. The brunette let out a pre-emptive cry as she tried to scramble backwards, gun still firing, but she was silenced by rebel lasers and left to writhe out the final seconds of her life even as the rebels stepped over her. Her head thrown back, the brunette died struggling to breath, clutching her breasts and jabbing her tongue out from between her lips like a dog trying to get one last drink.

Zoey could have creamed her panties right then and there if she weren't so intent on surviving! She fired a pair of shots that caused a blonde rebel to go rigid, a pair of smoking holes appearing right in the blasted rebel's gut. The small hairclip holding the blonde's bangs in place fell out of her hair with the force of her reaction to the shots.

"NNNNNGGAAAH!" The scream followed the moment of incomprehension, and the blonde fell back into the advancing rebels behind her, shoved out of the way and left to die.

A trooper somewhere behind Zoey screamed out as she was blasted in the tits several times. Blood splattered the wall behind her, and the trooper fell out of cover, back arching off the ground as she desperately sought her next gasping breath of air. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth as she stared wide-eyed at the ceiling above her, and even as her sister-troopers continued to fight, ignoring her dying moments, she fell still, her head lolling to the side as her half-lidded eyes stared into eternity.

More troopers fell like dominoes, one thrusting her C-cup tits forward as her long black hair whipped around her flushed cheeks. Lasers pounded into the girl's belly and chest as she looked down in horror at her lean body being destroyed by a nameless rebel's fire. The pain hit the trooper all at once, her head thrown backwards as a shriek of agony ripped from her red lips, "GYAAAAAAH!" Pressed back against a beam by the force of the impacts, the girl jiggled and writhed as hot laser burned away her smooth flesh. Gritting her teeth, the trooper died on her feet, body trembling as cum trickled down one thigh. Finally, the grip of the laser fire loosened its hold on her standing corpse, and she crumpled into a pile of useless meat.

Another fell across the growing pile of bodies face down, the white barette in her light brown hair falling askew as she gasped and squirmed atop the slack-jawed corpse of her sister-trooper. She reached out towards Zoey, but T94 wasn't paying attention. There was no help for the dying soldier, and as she fell limp, her ass flexing in her cum-soaked panties before relaxing once more, nobody noticed.

The trooper directly across the hallway was the last straw. The dark haired, slim girl's head snapped back as a puff of blood sprayed from the back of her skull. The girl's eyes were wide, her mouth opened but silent. The gun fell nervlessly from the dead girl's fingers as her body tried to come to grips with its own destruction, despite its brain already being reduced to a scorching remnant of its former self. Her eyes slowly crossing, the nameless trooper fell to her knees heavily, cum spurting in a surprisingly powerful rush of musky juices that darkened the front of her panties as though she'd wet herself. "Glu..."was the only sound she made before she toppled backwards, folding atop her own booted feet as smoke curled from the hole in her forehead.

"FALL BACK!" The cry was not the commander's, but it was good enough for Zoey. The rebels were close now, and over half of her small band of troopers were now smoking bundles of meat decorating the floor. The thought of her own death finally snuck through T94's thoughts of glory and rebel slaughter, and though there was fear... there was also excitement. Zoey's breaths came in short little gasps, her nipples hard diamonds poking against the fabric of her top. Lifting her gun, she fired twice and was rewarded with a scream from one of the rebels creeping from cover to cover, another young body left twitching on the ground.

The rebels heard the cry as well, however, and despite their losses they redoubled their efforts.

"Come on, let's get these Imperial sluts! Once they're toast, the ship's ours!" It was a blonde rebel in a red leotard, her rank emblazoned on one glorious tit; some kind of sergeant perhaps, thought T94. Whoever it was, her words carried enough weight to send the rebels forward over the growing drifts of dead Imperials. Zoey fell back.

Firing even as she moved, careful that she didn't trip over the dead, Zoey nearly tagged the blonde in the leotard, only to miss as the leggy blonde vanished into cover.

More troopers fell around her, but for some reason when Zoey felt the harsh impact of something hot and unyielding against her belly, she was still surprised. A choked gasp rattled from her throat as her stomach pushed forward. Heat spread through her, almost pleasant at first, like a shot of liquor, then increasingly unbearable, as though she were being held over a roaring fire. Pain came next, sharp and powerful. It washed through her even as several more points of heat tore through her body.

"Ah... Ah..." the beginning of a scream welled in Zoey's throat even as her blaster clattered to the floor. The rebels were still pushing forward, and her sisters were still falling back, but she couldn't move. When her hands came up from her belly, and she saw the blood coating them, the scream finally came.

"NYAAAAAAAAH!" She was fried! The humiliation of being killed by one of these weak rebel bitches was enough to bring a flush to her cheeks even as her eyes clenched shut, and her freckled nose crinkled in pain. She could feel the blood sneaking from her, wetting her flesh even as her whole body arched back. What felt like minutes was only seconds, and as she fell to her knees, still screaming, her pussy exploded. The heat of the lasers was matched by the warmth in her panties as she gushed a final time, a tidal wave of primal need, adrenaline, pain, and humiliation, coaxing the powerful orgasm from her in her final seconds of life.

The rebels reached her.

There was no ceremony, just a final shot between her tits. Zoey's body fell back like a sack of potatoes, her chest forced into an arch by the body she'd fallen atop. Her legs were spread, wet panties clearly visible, and her freckled features slack. The girl's tongue seemed to expand in her mouth before pushing from between her peach-coloured lips and falling across her cheek.

She didn't hear the cries of her sisters to retreat, or the rebels to advance. She was long dead by then. She wasn't aware when the ship blew, or felt her body being sucked out into space to be harvested by scavangers picking the battlefield clean.

If anything could be felt by the dead that scattered the hall, it would have been their last thoughts, and for Zoey, those thoughts were of failure, pain, and somewhere buried beneath that, fulfillment.

Her duty was not just to kill for the Empire, but to die for the Empire, and in that, she had not failed.


  • RAUL
    RAUL Wednesday, 02 December 2015

    Wow what a great story ! I loved every minute of it. Poor Zoey just can't catch a break

  • Zoey
    Zoey Friday, 04 December 2015

    A fantastic story Kirstin, thank you so much for writing it from my point of view! :D
    That really got me going, took me a while to go through it. Steaming hot! :)

  • Kirstin B.
    Kirstin B. Friday, 04 December 2015

    You're welcome, Zoey!

    It felt like a tease to have you being sent to the airlocks to fend off the rebel invaders, without showing how that skirmish went!

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