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From a Hypothetical Yakuza Novel 1

Posted by on in Bloody Death
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This is an old story of mine, but comments and criticism are still welcome. A male assassin takes on a squad of female ninja and their leader. This story is meant to read like a scene out of a yakuza novel.

From a Hypothetical Yakuza Novel, Scene 1

The moonlight streaming in through the skylights gave the ordinary warehouse an eerie gray appearance. The young man's footsteps were oddly silent as he moved through the hallways formed by stacks of crates, gun drawn. He looked like he was dressed for a job interview rather than combat, in a gray business suit, but his upcoming interview had but one motive: revenge.

He paused, his senses taking in his surroundings, and knew that this was the moment of truth. He knew approximately where she was and how many were with her. All that was left was to take one step forward. He stepped. Then, flicking his wrist, he slapped aside the throwing knife that was flying at him with the barrel of his gun.

They all attacked at the same time. There were six of them, two leaping down at him from above, four breaking cover and charging. They were six female ninja, all looking in their late teens. Each was dressed in a short, tight wrap going down to just below her buttocks, and white panties. The wrap was open in front but belted at the waist by a narrow belt, and the panties showed between the flaps of the wrap. White bands of cloth were wrapped around their forearms and lower calves. All were barefoot. Their hair styles, too, were identical, each girl's hair going down to the small of her back, and held back by a headband. Each wielded a tanto: a single-edged knife with a foot-long blade. That meant that his was the only gun in the vicinity. He would have to budget his ammo.

He jumped forward, pushing off at a slight angle to spin in the air. The one leaping from above and to the right slashed and missed. She landed in a crouch. He twisted in the air, to point his gun at the other ninja, who had jumped from her perch behind him. He fired one shot. It hit her low in her right breast, blood splattering over her top. He continued to rotate, rapidly firing once at each of the two ninja that were originally to his left. The first one was shot through the heart. She gasped as the wound between her breasts spurted blood. She managed two more steps, but her life was over. The second one tried to roll to avoid the shot, and was hit in her left shoulder.

He rolled as he landed, passing under a slash from the ninja on his right, firing twice at the ninja in front of him as he rose. The first shot hit her to the left and below her navel, snapping her belt. The second shot hit her in the upper abdomen, just under her left ribs. She was momentarily stunned, as her no-longer-restrained bloodied top flew open, revealing what little it had been concealing of her athletic figure.

The ninja on his right lashed out again with her tanto. He blocked the slash with the barrel of his handgun. He aimed a punch at her right temple as he rose, gun still locked against tanto. She tilted her head to avoid it and lashed out with her left hand to strike at his right flank. His swing was merely a distraction, however, and her fatal mistake was forgetting that the barrel of the gun was not as dangerous as its end: he pivoted the gun, with the tanto as the fulcrum, until it pointed at her face, and pulled the trigger. Her attack was aborted, droplets of blood and brain spattering on his gun hand.

The dead ninja pitched back, messily shot between the eyes. He continued his motion, narrowly evading a thrust from behind, from the ninja he had hit in the shoulder earlier. It opened a long gash in his suit, though not his flesh. He turned again and fired at her as she was recovering from her thrust, having overextended herself in trying to reach him faster. She was half-turned, so the bullet struck her in her lower-left ribs, lodging in the upper abdomen. He retreated, as the remaining ninja tried once again to encircle him, but then, he spotted his real target.

He had only seen blurry photographs of her before, and now she was standing on a container, watching the fight below. The woman looked slightly older than those he was fighting, and was about his height, with a narrow face, and commanding bearing. Her skimpy clothes were of the same cut as those of her minions, but her wrap shimmered slightly, being of fine silk. In the moonlight, he could not see the colors, but he knew that it was jade green, with dragons embroidered in gold thread. He guessed that the pedicured toenails of her bare feet were painted the same color.

He had a momentary clear shot, but when he shifted his gun just slightly, to begin to aim for her form, she read the motion and ducked behind another crate. In the next moment, he paid for this distraction, as a jump-kick from the left and behind caught him completely unprepared. It was his only unharmed attacker: the ninja that had tried to ambush him from the right. He rolled with the kick instinctively as her foot made contact with his ribs, knocking him forward. As he hit the ground, he could feel that at least one rib was cracked.

He used the momentum of his roll to get back up. Two of his foes were on him as the as he regained his footing. On his right was the girl who had jumped at him from behind, bloodstain growing over her right breast. On his left, the girl whose top was open. A stream of blood flowed down her abdomen, not obstructed by cloth, and another lower, soaking her panties. He dodged the slash from the one on the right and pistol-whipped her. Her head rocked back, a few drops of blood flying from the split lip. This gave him a chance to block the slash from the one on the left with the barrel of his gun. She surprised him, letting go of her weapon and grasping his wrist, pushing off with her feet to tackle him. Her left arm snaked around his right shoulder, in almost an embrace, her bared breasts pushing against his chest and their faces inches apart, as he staggered back, trying to stay on his feet.

He pulled the trigger, the bullet ripping into her stomach at a steep angle. She held on, her pretty face set in a mask of determination. He managed to heave her to the side, interposing her between himself and the other attacker to buy himself a few moments, wincing as his ribs reacted to the exertion. In the meantime, she managed to bring her arm into a stronger embrace, pressing herself against him harder. He could feel the girl's labored breath on his face, a drop of blood appearing on her lip. He fired again, and the girl's legs jerked once and went limp: the bullet damaged her spine. She maintained her hold, but her strength was waning rapidly.

Not rapidly enough, as the ninja who had jump-kicked him rejoined the fray. He was attacked from two sides, but his back was to a container. Desperately he jumped away from the new threat and her slash passed inches away from the back of his neck. His luck held as he barreled into the other girl, pushing her dying teammate into her and onto her blade. She fell back. He shifted his weight, passing her on the side. His arm stretched, firing into her temple as she fell. She was killed instantly, with the almost point-blank shot, her brain splattered on the side of the container.

Only two minions remained alive, one wounded in the shoulder and lower ribs, the other unharmed. His gun's magazine was almost empty, however, and they would hardly give him a chance to reload. At the same time, he noticed that their leader was once again observing the battle, standing atop another crate. Yet, he knew that she would hide at the first sign that he was targeting her. He had a better idea.

The unharmed ninja pursued him. Over a few seconds, he parried her attacks with the barrel of his gun. She was careful to keep it from pointing at her, and the fact that her weapon was bladed and his was not gave her some control over this, though she was suspicious that he was holding back for some reason. Through parrying and dodging, they had switched positions, so that the other surviving minion was running at him from behind, and he had retreated to where his previous two kills lay. This suited her fine. The twice-wounded ninja reached the fray, thrusting at his back.

Then, it happened. In a single fluid motion, he dropped below the slash, turning around as he went down on one knee. At the lowest point, his gun was pointing between the wounded girl's legs. More importantly, between her legs lay the line of sight between himself and his real target. He fired once, but even before his vision registered whether it was a hit or a miss, he was already falling to the side to dodge a knee that had lashed out at him, though he twisted and fired one shot at a steep angle, into the second girl's solar plexus, and through her heart. She staggered back, mouth agape, dropping her weapon. But, even as he hit the ground, his leg lashed out, striking the bare foot of the remaining minion, making her lose her footing momentarily. His fingers closed around the handle of the tanto dropped by the minion he had just shot as it was falling to the ground. The girl had recovered and was crouching to attack him on the ground. In a final burst of motion, he rolled over, the tanto thrusting into her gut. He pushed off with one hand, once again wincing at his ribs, disemboweling his foe as he rose.

She staggered back, the large vertical gash in her abdomen revealing her innards, seemingly eager to leave her body. The tanto had also cut her belt, baring her from the front. Clenching her teeth, she thrust her weapon at him in an all-out suicidal attack she knew was doomed to fail. He pushed her tanto aside with the barrel of his gun and almost causally slid his blade across her throat. More blood spurted over his hand and sleeve as the girl staggered back and collapsed. He turned, and saw that his gambit had been a success.

She was standing opposite him in a fighting stance, less than three yards away, her tanto drawn and ready. Behind her, her silk top was fluttering to the ground. A skylight above sent a beam of moonlight to illuminate the relief of her lithe body, nude except for the cloth on her forearms and calves and her panties. A stream of blood had already started to stain them, having made its way down in a neat line through the groove between her abdominal muscles. It was flowing from a bloody hole which had replaced her navel. He idly noted from the pattern of blood smudges that she had shed her top after his bullet had snapped her belt. Her sizable breasts, tipped with engorged nipples, bounced slightly as she breathed. He noted that her breathing was somewhat accelerated. He doubted that it was from the pain, because she seemed to be ignoring the wound as she licked her lips and smiled. Was she going to try to seduce him this late in their game?

"You are even better than I thought. You've managed to kill my retainers so quickly and efficiently, and even had one bullet left for me." Her voice was slightly husky. "Oh, I am so very much looking forward to fighting you."

"I am afraid I cannot say the same about you," he replied darkly, "your minions could have given their lives so that you could get away, but instead, they had died in vain."

She licked her lips again. "You've come to avenge your uncle, I presume?"

"Your death alone cannot avenge him, though it will be a fair start. Your method was clever and your execution was flawless, but you are but a weapon."

If she was insulted by his statement, she did not show it.

"Oh yes, it was some of my best work. A binary compound poison, one part on his wife's lipstick..."

"... and the other in his toothpaste," he interrupted, with an annoyed tone. "If we hadn't figured that out, I wouldn't have known to be here."

Her smile widened into a cruel grin. "It required perfect timing, so I did it myself. He died kissing his loving wife. So romantic!"

He replied slowly, coldly. "I have not derived entertainment or pleasure from killing since my beloved did not return from a mission. I have derived no joy from killing your minions," he motioned towards the nearest body. "Your death, however, will be the first death I shall enjoy since then."

"And I shall derive much pleasure from this fight. Your blade against mine."

He raised an eyebrow. "How can you be so sure?"

"Your gun is empty. That magazine holds twelve rounds, and you’ve used them up, so don’t bluff."


She smiled again and her tanto shifted slightly, glinting in the moonlight.

"We are both weapons. Let's see which is more sharp."

He smirked coldly. "Someone who risks so much for so little cannot be too sharp."

She frowned at his evaluation, but then her grin returned. "A bullet in the stomach is a small price to pay for testing myself against a legendary assassin like yourself."

"You are flattering me."

A shot rang out. The woman's eyes flew open and her free hand flew to her neck as a spray of blood came from the damaged artery; her mouth was wide open in a silent scream, or simply an attempt to breathe. Shot through the throat, she could not even gasp, but her eyes posed the silent question as she took one step forward, groping against air, and collapsed to writhe on the ground.

"Before counting rounds of a semiautomatic, learn how one works," he spoke, and ejected the spent magazine. He then reached into his suit, taking out two full magazines. He inserted one and cycled the slide to chamber the first cartridge. Then, he ejected that magazine and inserted the other, still full, magazine, before putting the first magazine away. Sometimes, one extra shot could make all the difference.

His ribs ached again as the adrenaline subsided. He went around, carefully checking for the pulse on each of the dead. The police would know not to get involved, so he was in no hurry as he walked to his car. The battle was won, but the war just starting.