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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Just a fun example story, will post more soon. This is kind of old, and been posted before. Will start posting new stuff soon

Things to Note:

- This is based off an RP/Story. I have a big stack of stories I wrote for myself. Some are weird, some are super weird. So this is an edit of one of the more normal/recent ones.

- I don't write big backstories and do world building. Since I like playing an expendable thug/thugs it'd be a weird waste.

- I'm a terrible writer, and hate editing my work so get ready for typos.

- I can't write physical descriptions because A- I have zero imagination and B - I'm quite frankly terrible at it. I use pictures to compensate.

Well then... I'm really getting you excited to read!

Me/Narrator/Super tough thug in the story:



The silence was broken as the ferry’s horn blew, and with a lurch the old ferry began to leave port. Nicole turned to us as she pulled out her pistol. A custom gold plated fearsome looking gun… much more impressive than the small knock off Russian pistols we were issued.

“She’s on the ferry somewhere… and we’re going to find her and kill her. Understand?” She said it in a harsh tone, one that we knew meant it as a statement. She was older than the rest of us and was one of the few girls on this mission who had actually seen any combat. She had been given a small squad of rookies… in fact most of us on the mission were rookies, with the experienced girls each leading a squad.


She confidently slid in a clip and cocked her gun with a smile. There were dozens of us on this mission, and I hoped this would mean we wouldn’t see a fight… but I felt a lot better with Nicole leading. She was a pro and had taken out at least a dozen men.

The mob had grown quickly in the last few years as the economy slowed. It was close to impossible to get a good job, so I signed on with the local mafia. At this point they weren’t even being subtle about their operations… keeping large armed groups at their disposal. Most leaders wouldn’t take women, still clinging to their old school ideals, but there were always “Mafia Princesses”. Daughters and wives of major mob leaders. Recently they started hiring their own soldiers almost entirely made up of women. The husband's and father’s preferred this, too many wives and daughters seduced by charming mob foot soldiers I guess. It was a pretty easy gig for the most part, go to some club, keep an eye on her, guard some mansion, make her look tough in front of her friends. But lately they’d been expanding… trying to show that they could do real work. Unfortunately most of us weren’t expecting this when we signed on…

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