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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

This was the story I wrote while Raul was drawing the 26-picture series he recently posted!

This is the longest story I've posted on here, so hopefully people won't get too bored reading it, haha. This was written in bits and pieces over the span of... awhile, so you may notice the writing change here and there. It's probably because of the number of breaks taken while writing it!



I step off the transport with a nervous gulp. I'm walking with a group of other troopers, all of us marching obediently despite the nervous glances! Fresh recruits, as most troopers were given the short life expectancy, we had never seen such a battlefield before! Large billowing clouds of smoke pour from the cloud city structures. The occasional pang of laser fire breaking the silence. We had taken this part of the city, but there were still bodies everywhere! Cold flesh piled where they fell, tits thrust up and still smoking from the laser that had killed the girl attached to them!

I can't help but blush at the sight, my freckled cheeks reddening with a self-destructive delight at the sight! I step over the body of a blonde rebel, her belly sizzling and her legs spread as she stares up at me with sightless blue eyes! I turn my nose up with a pleased smile; rebel bitch got what she deserved! Even the bodies of my sisters get a smug smile as I pass them, weak cunts clearly didn't have what it took to survive! I was going to be a hero, and they were meat to be processed! My uniform was much nicer as well!

Instead of the usual white and black uniforms, my platoon wore black tops with pink satin panties riding on our hips! I can just feel how cute my tight teenage bum is in and it only makes me prouder to be a trooper! The jetpack on my back, and the backs of the other similarly dressed girls made it clear why we had the special uniforms. My taut panties rippling over my butt as I walk, I notice a few of the other girls glancing back at me; gah, sluts! My platoon had all been in the same graduating class, and we were all as eager to see our bitchy classmates bite the dust as the rebel girls we were going to be fighting! Such rivalries were natural in a do-or-die situation like the clone training camp!

"Alright, bitches!" The sergeant yells out, "We're going to attack from the north! There's no solid ground there, just a garbage incineration module! That means we're going heavy on the jetpacks, and if one of you dumb sluts gets shot down, it's gonna be a long drop into some nasty stuff. It'll eat through soft tissue in minutes, so unless you want to lose ALL of your weight, you'd better stay sharp!"

For the second time, I gulp nervously! My nerves are shaking, red hair trickling free from my white hairband.

Ahead of us the ground drops away, and a large chasm-like opening looms. Far below, rather than the abyss of clouds which had swallowed so many of my sisters, lay a long stretch--at least a mile!--of bubbling green fluid. It was designed to melt down the trash of Cloud City, and I was going to make sure it did just that; those rebel sluts were garbage, after all!

"Alright, ladies. First bitch to die buys drinks for the rest of us in Hell!"

I'm so scared! But I take off anyway, just as desperately horny to see some sluts fry in their jetpacks! Unlike the ground troopers, we don't have cocks, but my panties--smooth and sleek--are still wet with excitement!

The rumble of my jetpack joins those of my sisters. There are nearly 150 of us in the group and we fill the sky as he rush towards our objective. The city stretches out in the distance, but below me there's nothing but the chasm of the city's dump! A strange lake lays at the bottom. It's green, and doesn't look very deep, but the waves rippling across it seem un-natural. My sergeant had mentioned the fluid would eat through all soft tissue... my skin crawls at the thought, but my panties grow a little wetter and I can't help but rub my thighs together slightly.

"Eyes forward, meat" shouts another trooper as she zips past me. I blush and turn my attention back towards the distant buildings we were heading for! The smooth satin of my pink panties ripple slightly in the breeze as we push forward, but at least it keeps the dampness of my own horniness in check! Still, I can feel it in the pit of my trim teenage belly, and watching my sisters in similar uniforms only excites me even more.

It's as I'm checking out the satin-covered ass of T24 that I notice movement in the distance! Small specks are rising from the buildings we were ordered to take, and it takes several seconds for me to realize that they're rebels! They had secured a stash of jetpacks somewhere and now they were going to attack us up here. My heart races and my mouth runs dry, this was it, I was about to have my first battle! I grit my teeth and maintain pace with my sisters, ashamed of the little knot of fear I feel.

"Get ready, bitches! Here they come!"

There's still several minutes before we're close enough to make them out properly. I can see they're wearing special uniforms as well, red panties and grey tops. I lift my blaster, ready to start shooting these sluts out of the sky but they're still not in range. My nipples are rock hard atop my small breasts, pressing out against the somewhat stretchy fabric of my top lewdly. Oh god, I'm so horny I could just cum right here and now!

"Hold your fire! Wait until they're close so we can really show these sluts how easy it is to kill them!" my sergeant yells out. I can hear her easily over the rumbling jetpacks because of a small earpiece communicator.

The rebels open fire first, their discipline not as rigid as ours and they were likely just as excited to start killing us! The more experienced troopers take evasive action, but the young girls like me just keep flying forward!

A blonde trooper with her hair in pigtails takes a stray laser right to her belly. Heat radiates from the wound, smoke curling upwards, even as she lets out a powerful deathcry. I fly right past her and can see the look of pain and horror on her face as she struggles to stay up, but the laser had gone right out her back and wrecked her jetpack as well! Sparks fly as it finally sputters and she falls, screaming all the way.

"AIIIIIIIIE!" the young teen was as good as dead now! Her legs kick and her arms spin as she plummets to her death in the acid far below. A brunette joins her, taking a pair of shots to her perky young tits. "GAAAAAAAH!" she cries out, her flight spiraling out of control even as she cums powerfully into her pink panties, more meat for the acid to devour!

"OPEN FIRE!" the sergeant yells even as she dodges around the falling brunette, not sparing the shrieking girl a second glance.

I raise my gun as ordered, my blaster as hungry as my wet pussy for some rebel sluts to fall shrieking from the sky. I spot my first target even as my sisters open fire! A short-haired redhead is looking right at me. Her lips pulled back to show off her teeth, the girl looks as old as I do, her freckled cheeks making her seem even younger. She raises her gun just as I take aim, but I fire first! Fire erupts in a small lick of flame from the muzzle of my blaster, and even before I release the trigger, I can see her shrieking in pain.

The rebel slut's mouth opens wide, her teeth bared as she drops her gun and clutches at the laser wounds I'd put in her chest and belly. "F-FUUUCK!" The young girl is fried! My breathing grows quick as her body splays out, her red panties filling with girlish cum as her own death drives her to orgasm violently. It only lasts a second or two, but it's my first kill and I savour it. Soon, she's falling, smoke trailing from her jetpack as she falls towards the acid below.

There! Another girl! I twist and fire upwards, my shots slamming into the jetpack of a brunette from behind! I can see her ass clench tightly in her red panties, her head whipping back as a shriek of pain rips from her mouth. "AIIIIIIE!" Another slut blown away! It's clear she has no control of her damaged jetpack and it soon cuts out, leaving her to fall helplessly with nothing to do but scream! My panties are so wet by now that I can barely think straight, my body on fire and the desire to blast more rebels out of the sky all-consuming.

A blonde with a black hairband in her hair fires at me and I can feel the heat of the shots as they zip right by me. She tries to veer away and fly past me but my reflexes are too quick and my training takes over. I put a shot squarely through her chest, her mouth and eyes opening wide in surprise as she realizes she'd just been killed! I can't help but grin, my third kill already. The blonde shrieks as she flies past me, clutching helplessly at the bloody wound. I don't stop moving, but I shudder as I think of her joining the other bodies raining from the sky, her panties full of a final reflexive--and humiliating--orgasm!

"NYAAAAAAAaaahhhhh---" the scream of my latest kill fades as she falls, more young meat for the acid to consume!

Already the acid below is getting its share of troopers and rebels to devour. Though it looks watery from this high up, those that had already fallen into it knew better. It was thicker, like gelatin, and it sucked and grabbed at their nearly naked bodies as they writhed in horror at the fate that had found them.

The brunette whose jetpack I'd blasted hit it with a final shriek of fear and pain. Her legs kicking helplessly, the goo washed over her, holding her tight. It slid across her belly and hips, tingling her nerves at first touch. Surprisingly, her ass hit the bottom quickly. It was only a foot deep! Like a film, the acidic goo encased the doomed brunette, cutting off her air and the shrieks that had been escaping her. All around her other girls were meeting similar ends, some already encased as she would soon be, others just hitting it. There was a constant rain of young bodies coming from the battle so far above.

As it slid over her face, the girl's head snapped backwards, eyes wide with fear. Her small tits thrust upwards, the girl soon found herself completely cocooned in it, her arms bent at the elbows and her legs spread. There was no air, and no sound. Within minutes, all that would be left of the cute little brunette would be a brown-haired skeleton wearing her uniform, all of her soft tissue eaten up by the corrosive slime, one of many casualties of the vicious air warfare! She was expendable though, and eventually the slime would be dredged of all of the sluts who'd perished in it.

A trooper who lay in the goo only several feet away from her tried desperately to push herself up, facedown in the sludge and straining to escape it. It cocooned her just as thoroughly as the brunette. The black-haired trooper's ass quivers in her pink panties, the girl feeling it sliding over her youthful body. Knowing she was dead, the girl couldn't but cum again! "I'm a goner..." breathed out before the exertion finally took her and she collapsed into the muck, half-conscious as it slid over her, watching through half-lidded eyes as more of her sisters fell screaming into the acid to join her as meat.

Even as my sisters perish below, I'm still fighting above! A group of rebels had begun to move away from the main battle, looking to find somewhere safe that they could pick us off one at a time. I fire at them as they retreat and manage to score a kill! A blonde clutches at her back as her head whips backwards, "GYAAAAH!" Her sisters don't bother look back as she falls out of formation, spiraling towards the acid below.

Nearby, I see a trooper get blown away. The short-haired brunette had been in my class, and she'd been a real bitch! Always quick to brag about how she was going to be the best, and that we were just going to get in her way, I can't help but smirk smugly as I see her cute features crinkle up in pain. A pair of holes in her belly showed where she'd been hit, her body arching forward, ass tight in her pink panties as her hips buck helplessly in mid-orgasm. "So long, slut!" I think. Her lips are pulled back in a grimace of pain, and I hope she knows I'm watching as she falls out of the sky.

I find myself wondering what it felt like...

I force myself to turn my attention back to the fight. Things are still going strong despite the number of casualties on both sides already! My heart is racing and as I shift position to veer to the right, I can feel the dampness between my thighs. I was hornier than I'd ever been, and now I needed to kill some more rebel sluts!

I open fire on a small group, smiling a satisfied smile as I blast a young brunette right out of the sky. She shrieks as smoke gushes from her jetpack, her hands clutching her trim belly as she fries! I fly by her even as her body bucks and jerks before beginning to fall, and I can see the large dark spot on her panties grow as she orgasms powerfully into them. Her friends take off, leaving her to her fate as she plummets towards the ground.

"AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEeeeeeee----" her screams grow fainter the farther she falls, but I'm not listening much anymore anyway!

Nearby I spot a redheaded rebel, a blue barette in her hair, which is long enough to flow in the air rushing past her slightly freckled face, but short enough to give her a cute tomyboyish look. I gasp softly and feel my young pussy tremble with excitement. I wanted to be the one to kill that bitch! Through the confusing mess of bodies flying back, and occasionally contorting in pain as they soak up some other bitch's lasers, she sees me too! The way I'm looking at her must be obvious, because she turns towards me.

Our gazes set, we move, but don't reach each other. She's forced to turn as one of my sisters opens fire on her. The blonde trooper is another of my classmates and I gasp! No! She was -my- kill! The rebel fires smoothly though and the trooper is toast! Her small tits bounce free from her uniform as her back arches, gun dropped and both hands lifting to her breasts.

"GYAAAAAAAAAH!" the pain in her voice is easy to hear! Her blue eyes clenched shut, her teeth bared as she shrieks in pain, I watch my sister meet her end and find I'm happy to see it. The dumb slut had almost stolen my kill! The trooper's pink panties are a mess now, full of cum and rippling in the air as she bucks and thrashes out her final few futile seconds of life. Then, like the others, she's falling, already forgotten as the rebel turns back towards me.

I fire a few pot shots, but am forced to zip right by her, expecting the heat of her lasers in my own belly any second... but they never come! From behind me though several lasers nearly strike me. I see them fly by a few inches from my head, and feel their heat. Shit! I had someone on my tail! My ass clenches in my panties, tension filling my belly as I veer off and try to shake my pursuer. More shots! I pull up, kicking my feet a bit as though I were swimming. More shots!! I'm all nerves now, all it'd take was one lucky shot and I was dead meat! Biting my lip, my hair whipping about in the wind, I cut my jetpack suddenly. The roar of its engine dies, and after a brief second of weightlessness, I start to fall.

The rebel behind me is caught off guard, thinking that maybe she'd hit me after all. As I turn towards her, I open fire even as I fall!

"Scream and die, bitch!" I call as I plummet towards her. She tries to turn, but the black-haired girl is too slow and my lasers pierce downwards through her chest, erupting out her lower back.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK" she howls in pain! Agony tears at her youthful features as I finish her off! My engine starts back up as grey smoke billows from her jetpack, pieces of it falling away as the girl bends backwards, giving me a beautiful view of her cute firm belly and her spread legs.

"AYYYYYIIIIIIiiii---!" and she's gone, more girl-meat for the acid!

A trooper who was flying beside me forces me to look away from the falling rebel bitch I'd just blown away. She's hovering, firing wildly at a clump of rebels, her blonde hair trembling underneath the pink barette she wears.

"Scream and die, bitches!" I remember her from when we'd been preparing for this fight, she'd been so quiet and nervous then! T02 (She was in the first picture you drew for this series, I think she's adorable!) had scored a few kills of her own and was as eager as I was to get a few more! Her panties are dark between her thighs and the smell of her arousal isn't hard to miss. She's only a few feet from me and I turn to help her just in time to see her die.

The young teen, so horny to kill more enemies, becomes someone else's next kill as laser fire tears up her belly and small tits. "GYAAAAAAAAH!" Her back arches, and I see her firm young ass clench in her pink panties. The fabric ripples slightly as her hips buck and her arms fly outwards. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is open, the girl's tongue sticking out in a stupefied look of pain and surprise as she sees her kill fly towards her; it was the redhead in the blue barette! T02 buckles backwards, tits thrust up almost proudly as she starts to fall out of the sky, smoke trailing from her jetpack as warm cum runs down her leg. "YAAAAAAAAAIIIIiiiiiieeee----" She's gone!

I can't help but feel like I was going to cum too! Seeing the young blonde bite the dust so close to me has me even hornier than before! I lift my blaster and open fire on the redhead, but she fires back and nearly sends me screaming into the acid as well. Both of us miss though; maybe she's just as excited as I am, I don't know! As she flies towards me, I kick my jetpack into gear and head towards her, lasers blasting so close to our vulnerable bodies, knowing that at any second one of us could send the other to an early death. We're so caught up in our little fight that neither of us notice that we're about to collide! Only at the last second do I get my hands up, our bodies striking each other and tumbling frantically in each other's arms.

"You're fucked, slut!" She growls at me

"Ready to die, bitch?" I snap back, both of us grabbing and tearing at each other's bodies. Our hips press against each other's, panties gliding against the smooth, damp fabric of the other's uniform. Legs tangling, I can't help but notice the heat of her trim body and it excites me! Our hearts are racing and all the while we're fighting over the awkward positions our blasters had ended up in.

"You aren't good enough to beat me! I'm gonna feed your corpse to the acid!" She gets her free hand up and slams it into my belly, right on my bellybutton. I moan out in surprise and pain, my teeth clenching as hot pain races up my gut.

"You cunt! I'm gonna blow a hole open in that gut of yours" I hiss, bringing my knee up to try and push her away from me a bit. Our jetpacks sputter and roar as we tumble in the air trading blows. I manage to punch her twice in the tits, which draws a strangled cry from her, her mouth opening in the short yell and showing off her white teeth. She pounds on my belly and I feel like I'm gonna cum each time she does, oh god! It hurts so bad. My stomach muscles are trembling and aching as I get one of my hands caught in her hair and yank it back. She shrieks out in pain and anger but I don't let go!

"Dirty bitch! Let go!" She pushes at me, her body flexing and twisting sexily as she does, but I don't let her go! I force her head to tillt backwards, exposing her throat which I bite almost sensually. I don't bite hard enough to cut through the skin, just hard enough to draw a squeal of pain from her. I can feel the fight leaving her, like prey that had accepted it'd been caught by a predator. We're both breathing heavily and the smell of our juvenile arousal is strong. Finally though, I get my gun pressed against her belly.

"Please! No!" she begs, feeling the heated muzzle of my blaster against her vulnerable skin.

"So long, bitch!" I practically pant out the parting shot before I put two lasers square into her quivering belly.

"FRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Her scream is powerful and long. Her body contorts and I release it, letting her thrash in the sky as I kill her! For all her talk, the girl was now my victim! I put another shot into her chest, causing her shirt to flap open and expose her youthful tits; she wouldn't be getting any more kills today, now she was MY kill!

I watch as the girl's death-orgasm causes her whole body to buck forward, her panty-covered pussy put on display for me as her panties fill with cum. "AH GOD! YOU SLUT!" she screams out as she orgasms powerfully. Blood trickles down her white-skinned belly and the look of pain on her face is too much! As she starts to fall, screaming as she joins the other weak bitches in the acid far below, I realize I'm on the verge of an orgasm too. Killing such a confident young slut is too much for me, and I cum as well!

"Oh! Oh god!" I moan out, feeling my pussy tremble as an orgasm tears through me. "AH! AH!" I'm yelling as I cum! My nipples are rock hard and my free hand pushes between my thighs. I'm vulnerable like this, but oh god, it felt so good. My body writhes gently even as my latest kill vanishes into the acid below. Somehow, I survive it, none of the rebels deciding to put a shot into me as they fight my sisters. Trying to catch my breath, I slowly gather myself, trying to ignore the warm cum caught in my now wet panties and trickling down my inner thigh.

The acid happily embraces all of the young flesh that enters it. Those still alive when they reach it find their shrieks cut short as they collide with the warm goo. It catches them, and traps them, like flies caught on glue paper the girls have no chance to escape. A few fight desperately, weakened from their wounds and from the orgasms that had ripped through their nubile bodies when they'd been blasted out of the sky.

The redhead I'd just killed is no exception.

"AIIIIIIIIEEEEEEeee--" her shrieks as she fell were cut short by the *schlurp!* of her body sliding into the caustic slime. Her body quivers as she struggles against it, her vision already cloudy from pain and bloodloss. Still, she fights! Arching her back, she gets her shoulders off the ground, young perky tits thrust forward as she lets out a final garbled scream, "GRRLBABLBLRRBL"

All around her troopers and rebels die in the acid. Their struggles are always futile, and after a minute, all of them succumb and fall still. A number of the weak bitches have already been eaten away, nothing left but bones and hair laying in their uniforms--which the acid doesn't seem to affect--like some kind of weird preserved bug collection on display beneath the green sheen of the slime.

A black-haired rebel bitch with a white barette who'd been blown away only seconds before the redhead herself, gives up the fight and dies several feet away. Her final laboured shriek masked by the acidic goo filling her mouth. Wide brown eyes grow glassy as the girl falls facedown, her body twitching and shivering before laying still. The redhead watches in horror as she witnesses her fate, green eyes pleading as though the acid would show her mercy. She can feel it eating away at her skin already, pain lancing into her as it fills her blaster-wounds.

T02--the blonde with the pink barette who the redhead had killed herself--is already dead nearby. Tits up she stares upwards blindly, her skin already being eaten by the acid. Soon she'd be just another skeleton wearing a trooper uniform.

More rebels and troopers fall to their deaths in the goo even as the redhead feels her strength giving out. A blonde trooper falls nearby, her body arching up as she too tries to fight the inevitable. For the redhead, she can't help but feel her body start to weaken, falling facedown into the green muck and only able to lay there and wait for death. Nearby another redheaded rebel hits the muck with a splat.

The redhead's body shudders as her eyes half-close. A final orgasm rips through her, her raw pussy flexing and twitching as her hips buck slightly. Even before she's done gushing the last of her juices into her acid-filled panties, however, she dies! The fight continues without her and nobody even seems to notice she's gone. Minutes pass, and she's another set of bleached bones mingling with the remains of all of the other sluts, losers and bitches that had been blown out of the sky!

I steady myself, blushing brightly as I come down from the unexpected orgasm. My belly is still in knots as I shakily turn back towards the fight. It's then that I notice the rebels are retreating! They've begun to drop down lower, seeking some safety above the sticky corpse-filled acid goo as they make a break for what seems to be a bridge in the distance. My sisters and I give chase immediately, all of us achingly horny from the battle and eager to finish off the cowardly rebel sluts trying to escape!

We fly low, only twenty feet or so above the acid. We're close enough that I can see the rebels and troopers caught in the goo's deadly grip much clearer than I could before. My knees press together as I listen to them scream in pain and moan in sour submission as they fight and writhe against the acid eating away at their nubile young bodies. I see a brunette on her back as I fly by, it's a trooper, one of my sisters. She's holding an arm up at us as we pass, her hazel coloured eyes opened wide and a scream escaping her, but none of us can help her now and we fly by.

Rebels and troopers finish dying side by side, many of them ignoring their foes as they finish out the last agony-filled moments of their short lives. I see one trooper who hasn't forgotten her training though. Despite the wound in her side--red blood streaking across her back--she was wrestling with a rebel who had fallen close to her. The two were already doomed, but still they fought! I can't help myself and I stop briefly, hovering as my sisters continue to give chase... I can catch up in a few seconds...

The trooper has the upperhand, it's clear. They tumble and writhe in the green muck with a vigor one wouldn't expect from the dying, their lean bodies tensed and their teeth grinding as they try to ignore the pain. The trooper lands a hit that sends the rebel back into the muck with a splat though, and they both realize it was over! The rebel tries to regain her kneeling position, but the goo doesn't let her. Flat on her back, her tits thrust up, the rebel tries in vain to defend herself as the trooper's legs close around her throat. Her tongue jumps from between her lips as she finds all of her air cut off!

"HRRRRK!" She gurgles out as she finds it impossible to breathe, darkness stealing into the corners of her vision as the trooper stares smugly down at her, as though she wasn't going to be dead soon as well. All around them rebels and troopers die, but the trooper is determined to take one last bitch to hell with her! The black haired trooper's legs tighten even as the rebel's body jerks and thrashes in the muck. Her back archs, tits pushing upwards as green slime trickles down their sides.

"GRRRRGggghhh...." She rasps out, her eyes bulging. Finally, the black haired trooper has had it with this rebel cunt. She twists her legs and I imagine I can hear the snap of the rebel's neck as the trooper deftly breaks it. The rebel's body convulses powerfully, a thick gush of cum filling her panties for a final time. The slain rebel's fingers curl and then she's still, her head lolling back before falling into the muck as the trooper removes her legs. The rebel's head is turned to the side, half of her face submerged in the goo as the other half stares slackly ahead.

"You're fucking meat, bitch" wheezes out the trooper, who quickly realizes she can't get up again either. Her body is worn out, her strength gone. Strands of the acid hang onto her body, and try as she might, she finds herself collapsing into it, She seems me staring and reaches an arm out towards me as though expecting me to help her. I can see the panic in her eyes, as though she hadn't known as soon as she'd been blown out of the sky that she was as dead as the slut she'd just killed!

I watch her for a few seconds before I speed forward to catch up with the sisters, the landscape below me dotted with fallen girls all waiting their turn to become bones bleaching in the sun... the bridge is close now but the rebels aren't getting away that easily. Taking aim... I open fire on their retreating bodies...

The chase continues!

Laser blasts fly back and forth even as we chase down the rebels. We zip over the goo, ignoring the screams of our fallen sisters and enjoying the shrieks of the dying rebels. I fire without aiming, sending shot after shot after the fleeing rebels, hoping to get lucky and hit one.

I manage to blast a redheaded girl right in her jetpack. She looks behind her, smoke and sparks fizzling from the pack as her eyes widen in horror. She doesn't even know who it was that killed her, but she knows she's fucked!

"N-NYAAAAH!" she falls out of the rebel formation, arms and legs kicking uselessly. She hits the goo hard, sending a wave of it as she rolls with the momentum of her short fall. I fly right over her as she struggles and fights, almost entirely covered in the muck.

"Later, bitch!" I call back to her! A blond rebel clutches her tits and falls from the sky as well, *SPLAT* more meat! A trooper beside me catches a laser to her own tits, smoke curling from the heated edges of the bloody wound as she flips and turns in the air.

"AIIIIIIIE" I duck around her as she tumbles from the sky, and I don't look back but I can hear the sound of her colliding with the muck at high speeds. The remaining rebels spread out and our shots become less effective. Occasionally one of the girls gets struck and dies screaming, but it becomes clear we had better targets right below us.

"Target practice, girls!" calls out a trooper as she opens fire on the rebels trapped in the acid! A blonde rebel who had arched her back, trying to escape the grip of the goo, takes two right to the belly. Her head tilts back and she howls out in pain as her cute little gut gets fried by hot lasers! She flops back unmoving into the muck, her tongue hanging out against her cheek as smoke wisps from her wounds and her eyes stare upwards. I open fire as well! I nail a brunette right in her back. She's on her hands and knees in the acid, shoulder-length hair coated in the green slime. Two of my shots cut into her back and she rears her head back, shrieking out as I finish her off. She trembles before falling face-first into the muck, her ass clenching and jiggling in her red panties as she dies!

Something unexpected happens then! One of the rebels in the acid has somehow held onto her blaster! I nearly take one to my chest as she begins firing aimlessly into the cloud of troopers passing overhead. I twist and turn, avoiding the shots. Nearby, T52 (She's in the first picture! Hehe) isn't so lucky! The young redhead takes a trio of shots to her perky tits, her uniform torn open by the deadly lasers.

"URRRRRAAAGH!!" Even as she flies forward, she rears up, her chest thrust out as blood pours down it. Her eyes are clenched shut, teeth bared as black smoke billows from her jetpack. I gasp, glancing back, knowing I couldn't do anything to save the cute girl and relishing the final moments of her life guiltily. She begins to spin out of control, gun flying from her hands as she plummets into the acid. I'm already too far away to see her by the time she hits the acid, and nobody even slows, the fight continues like she'd never been there!

I send a laser into a struggling blonde below, hitting her in the throat and sending her flat onto her back where she writhes and chokes even as the acid eats away at her.

These bitches were just too much fun to kill! My panties are still wet from my earlier orgasm, but I can still feel my own wetness as I kill the helpless rebel sluts writhing in the goo... the bridge is close now though, and the surviving rebels pull up, heading for the top of it.

Unaware of what was waiting for us, my sisters and I follow...

As I head towards the bridge, I can't help but continue to fire at the girls below. Their cries and howls of pain only get my panties wetter; I even start firing on the downed troopers. It's to ease their suffering... or at least that's what I tell myself!

I line up a shot on a blonde trooper, her eyes wide in horror as she watches the ooze glide over her young, doomed, body. I put one right in her chest. The girl's tits press upwards as she thrusts her chest forward, soaking up my laser fire!

"Urrrrgh..." I imagine I can hear the soft moan that escapes her as she dies, falling back into the muck as her body trembles and blood trickles from the blaster-wound.

I fire on a redheaded trooper, her hair partially covering her face as she fights in the ooze, trying to lift her arm but unable to get it far. Already it's more bone than flesh. "Sorry, sister!" I murmur under my breath, as if I weren't thrilled to get to end such a cute girl myself. I fire!

"GYAAAAAH!" hot pain scorches the girl's belly, her legs spreading as she soaks up the lethal blasts. Body bucking, a final shot hits her right in the throat! The girl's deathscream becomes a gurgle as she collapses back into the acid, her eyes still wide open and hair still falling over her freckled face.

The bridge is close now and I pull up suddenly. Leaving the acid further and further below, I forget about my fallen sisters and focus on the rebel sluts flying away from us still. Upwards we rocket, air rushing past my face in gusts that flick and toss my bangs against my forehead. Then we hit the top and--- it's a trap!

The rebel bitches had been waiting for us! Their jetpack troops continue to flee, but atop the bridge there're lines of rebel foot-troopers with their guns ready. Several AA cannons have already been set up. I gasp, my breath catching in my throat as I feel the intensity of inevitable death crash through my thoughts. My pussy spasms gently, as if trying to remind me of how horny I was.


I hear the order, and immediately the sky is filled with deadly projectiles. Large booming shells from the AA cannon mix with the blaster-fire of several dozen rebel infantry. Desperately, we fire back, but they had their hands in our proverbial panties, and there was nothing we could do but scream and die!

A young blue-eyed brunette beside me gets hit almost immediately. Her body bucks and contorts as she falls screaming from the sky. A blonde nearby takes a row of shots to her tits, her uniform torn open and her sizzling breasts put on display as she clutches at them. "AHHHH, FUCK!"

More girls fall as we buzz around in confusion and fear, we're sitting ducks! A black-haired girl with a white bow in her hair dives towards the bridge, as though trying to counterattack. Instead she takes a blast of shrapnel to her back from one of the exploding AA shells. Her jetpack detonates like a bomb! Feet kicking, the screaming girl--her uniform on fire in places--falls pitifully short of the bridge, and plummets to her death in the acid below! "AIIIIIIIEEEEEeeee----"

Three girls open fire, but they're too clustered and a single AA shell detonates. All three are caught in the blast, peppered by shrapnel that shorts out their jetpacks. Their screams mingle together as their panties gush with sudden dampness, "GYAAAAAH---AIIIIEEE--NOOOOO!" blown out of the sky, the girls fall like the others, their well-kept bodies destroyed by the rebels' weapons.

Finally, some of us manage to open fire with some success! Many of my sisters continue to fall around me, swatted out of the air like flies. A redhead several feet away grunts as she takes a string of shots through her belly and chest. I don't even look as she topples backwards, as though doing a flip before letting out a dwindling shriek as she falls! Fuck! I was so horny! Any second now I was going to die... all I could do was wait for it, and hope I took a few of these rebel whores into the acid with me! Somehow... I don't die yet.

My shot strikes a brunette close to the railing. She throws her hands out, screaming out in pain and surprise before toppling against the railing. Bent over it, her ass clenches and wiggles in her panties before she lies still, arms danging down towards the acid so far below. Another rebel nearby runs for cover, but takes several shots to her back. Blood splashes on the cement bridge as she's thrown face-down onto it, blown off her feet by the force of the blaster fire!

"GET SOME GRENADES ON THAT BRIDGE!" shouts T89 nearby, she motions for the reserves to move up with some grenades while we held off the rebels on the bridge. I'm gritting my teeth as I fire at one rebel after another, moving in the air to try and avoid getting blown away myself! I spot a young redhead standing against the railing. Her hair's pulled back in pigtails and the freckles on her cheeks make her look younger than she probably was.

"Gotcha, slut" I say to myself as I fire at her. She's too busy shooting at one of my sisters, so when I tag her with my blaster, she's caught completely off guard. My lasers slam into her chest, smoke sizzling from the wounds as her whole body goes rigid and taut.

"G-GAH! THE FUCK!" she looks down in surprise, blood oozing down her front. Teetering on the edge of the bridge, the girl looks for help desperately from the other rebels, but they're too busy to do anything but try and survive; she's on her own. Eyes rolling back, the girl lets out a pitiful moan before tumbling right off of the bridge, "EEEEEEEEYAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh----" only her gun is left of her now, the rest just more meat for the acid.

I spot another rebel just as she blows away one of my sisters, the blonde trooper not standing a chance as she's raked by lasers. Even before my slain sister has time to finish her scream, I'm filling her killer with lasers! The girl grunts and jerks as I rain death down on her, and finally she falls backwards, landing ontop of some ammo crates. Gasping up towards the sky as blood trickles from her mouth, the girl's body jerks and writhes gently, her legs hanging over the edge of the crate as cum oozes down her thigh and she dies.

"Grenades are ready, ma'am!" Shouts a perky young brunette.

"Good! Let 'em loose!" T89 cries out, hurling one herself.

Almost immediately, the bridge is covered in explosions! Rebels are flying over the edge one after the other as ammo crates explode, and grenades send deadly shrapnel into warm flesh. The screams are loud and constant!

I throw a grenade myself, grinning as it lands beneath an AA gun manned by an unaware blonde with short hair with braids running through it. She's all smiles as she fires on us, but when the grenade goes off, the entire cannon goes up in flames! With her still on it! "FYAAAAAAH!" she's thrown backwards and off the bridge, killed before she'd even knew what'd hit her.

"Suck that, bitch!" I call after her. The bridge was almost clear, the surviving rebels running for safety but easily killed by more grenades, or strafing runs.

The bridge is falling apart as I make a second pass of it, lasers blasting through the chest and belly of one of the rebels still fighting. She stumbles back and falls shrieking off the side of the bridge, the railing long since broken off.

I rub a hand deftly between my thighs as I watch her fall towards the acid so far below. The smooth fabric of my panties is wet with my own lust, and at least one unexpected orgasm, and I grind it against my aching pussy needfully. The rebels were on the retreat now, the bridge thoroughly destroyed as it shed creaking metal girders and screaming rebel sluts into the green lake of acid. The corpses of dozens of both troopers and rebels dot the green landscape, most of them now just skeletal remains trapped inside their laser-scorched uniforms.

How many sluts had I sent screaming down to their deaths below? The thought sends a shiver down my spine, and even as my hand pulls away from my needy loins to once again clutch my blaster, I can feel another orgasm building in me. I grit my teeth against the pleasure, however, and return to the fight.

My sisters are rallying. There're far fewer than when we'd started our assault, but there were still enough to finish off the rebel forces. I rejoin the ranks even as they begin to pursue the fleeing rebels. The smoking remains of the bridge is left behind as we fire on the backs of our enemies.

Occasionally a laser connects, and a rebel whore falls from their formation, clutching and howling out in agony and despair as they plummet to the acid below. Eventually the remaining rebels realize that they weren't going to be able to just run away, and they turn to fight. The far end of the acid pool is well within sight now, and we can see scurrying rebels trying to evacuate before we overtake them. The whores still in the air would try to delay us reaching the others, that was obvious.

When they turn to fight, we don't slow down. Several troopers around me are struck by blaster fire! A blonde rears back as a laser catches her right in the throat. Her tongue jabs out from between her lips as she lets out a desperate choking gurgle, blood trickling from her lips as she clutches at the deadly wound helplessly. She spirals out of control, falling out of the formation even as she bucks and creams her panties almost submissively, killed so easily by some rebel bitch.

Another trooper bites the dust nearby. She takes several laser blasts to her perky young tits. She lets out a guttural cry of pain as she grabs at her smoking breasts. "URRRRAAAGH!", she's fucking toast though. The brunette's body twists in the air, her brown hair held in place by several hairclips as her feet kick instinctively from the pain rushing through her. Smoke trailing from her jetpack, she falls like the other weak sluts that had been killed in the battle so far. I'm still alive though!

I fly around the falling corpse of the brunette and open fire myself. My lasers tag the slim expanse of a neon-green haired rebel girl's belly. A lot of the rebels had begun dying their hair it seemed, probably some attempt to explore their newfound freedom after escaping the Imperial forces; dumb bitches. The green haired slut's belly thrusts forward as it soaks up the lasers, her legs spreading and a thick stream of cum running down her leg as she howls out, "YAAAAAAAAAIIIII!", I stifle a moan as I enjoy sending another bitch to her death.

I see a rebel zap a short-haired redhead above me. From the angle the rebel's at, she manages to trace a line of laserfire right along the poor trooper's pussy and lower gut, destroying her womanhood even as she kills her. Even I can't help but wince a little at the trooper's bad luck, that had to hurt! The slain trooper howls and thrashes in the air as she's sterilized by the hot laser fire seconds before her life is ended by the same. She plummets right past me, her eyes half-lidded and her mouth a little open as she spends the last seconds of her life in shock from the damage done by the lasers.

I kill the rebel slut that'd killed her though. The bitch doesn't even have time to re-aim her weapon before my lasers tear open her chest.


Killer becomes killed, and I score another point as the rebel bitch falls backwards, doubling over almost as blood runs down her front and she perishes.

Then something happens that I wasn't expecting! Hot pain runs through my body as laser-fire erupts from my belly. Blood splatters as I look down in horror,! My whole body pushes forward as my deathscream erupts from me, and I'm helpless to stop it. A final shot bursts from between my small tits and I know for sure that I'd just been killed!

"AIIIIIIIIIEE!!!" Just like the slut I'd blown away after she'd killed my sister, some rebel bitch had just blown ME away! I hadn't even seen her lining up her shot... but that hadn't stopped her from taking it. My body convulses as I try to grapple with the knowledge that I was about to die. My ass clenches in my rippling pink panties, the taut muscles shuddering as my jetpack sputters and chokes with smoke.

I don't see the girl a dozen feet behind me, her pink hair done up in intricate braids and a smug smile on her face as she watches my body convulse. "Gotcha, bitch" she says to herself, smoke curling from the tip of her blaster.

My body arches back as my jetpack sputters to a stop, and I'm falling. The air rushing past my head doesn't drown out the sounds of the fight continuing all around me. My arms are flailing, as though they were trying to grab onto something to stop my fall. I fall away from the battle regardless, however, and I finally get a glimpse of my killer as she watches me plummet... then she turns and fires on another trooper, looking for her next kill already.

It's only then that I realize that I was still screaming. My lungs hurt, and I can feel blood gurgling in my throat. "GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA---" my deathcry follows me all the way down into the acid, where I land on my back. I'm quickly wrapped up in the sticky acidic goo. It felt like some kind of gelatin that had been left in the sun too long, slimy but sticky all at the same time. It slithers over me as I reach towards the sky, my shoulders trying to lift.

I can feel it as it sneaks into my blaster wounds, breaking down my tender organs swiftly as I buck and cry out in desperate humiliation and agony. All around me other slain troopers and rebels fight against the inevitable, succumbing one by one. A trooper nearby has already been half-digested, her glazed over eyes staring at me even as I feel another orgasm wrack my ravaged body.

"NGGGHH..." I practically grunt out as cum soaks into my slime-slickened panties. I jam a hand downwards to try and massage the overly tender meat of my pussy, but I notice that my hand is practically just bone already. A final choking sob escapes me as I collapse backwards, my legs spread and my chest thrust up almost defiantly. Even as I watch a rebel fight against her impending death, I perish. My final thoughts are of embarrassment; I hadn't survived, and now my bones would bleach in the acid with the other girls who'd been shot out of the sky... and I'd been so close... so close!

It was hours later that the battle ended decisively. The troopers eventually overtook the rebel position and put down the last of their forces. Several rebel leaders were captured and executed, and the surviving troopers were given an opportunity to rest. Soon enough they were called out once more, this time to dredge the acid pit.

All of the corpses had to be removed from the pit if the garbage disposal system was to remain untainted. Bones were caught up in large acid-resistant nets, and they'd be disposed of later. For now, the bones of the slain troopers and rebels just dried in large bundles of netting, somewhere amongst them the bones of T55's many victims that day... and of T55 herself, another body pending disposal after falling in service to an Empire that saw her as expendable.

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Haha, I hope these aren't getting boring! I just can't help but write scenarios using Raul's troopers.

This one is gonna have a part 2 as well I think! There's a secondary force of scuba-troopers waiting to use the main landing as a distraction while they sneak up a nearby cliff, and I feel it's in everyone's best interest that I have them do that. :)



There was no feeling like it.


My belly is in knots. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m horny as fuck. I’m about to die.

The soft roll of the small ship I’m on, as waves lap against its bow, is soothing and nauseating at the same time. Around me my sisters are bunched together; we’ve been packed like sardines in the small naval landing-craft, and the sound of gunfire was getting closer. The large exit ramp blocks our view though; all we can feel is the gentle spray of misting water that sneaks over the edge of the ship.

 My body is squeezed between a blonde and brunette, our thin uniforms doing little to minimize the sensation of warm flesh pressed against our nearly naked bodies. My white panties are already damp at the crotch, and I’m blushing even as I try hard to hide any emotion on my face. A few roaming hands had been quickly stamped out by our sergeant, S67 looming over us as she stands on a mid-height platform.


“Remember, sluts. Your job is to distract those rebel bitches while the other divisions flank them. If you run out of ammo, don’t let them know, just keep firing! We want them thinking you’re a threat! We’ll take the beach as best we can, but your job is to be a target, not a hero!”


I swallow nervously. That knot in my belly tightens at the sergeant’s reminder. My hand slides over my own bare belly, as though checking for any lumps that knot might be forming. I feel another hand slide over my ass and I bite my lip as the casual fingers of one of my fellow troopers takes out some of her anxiousness by teasing me with gentle strokes. S67 ruins the moment by bellowing out a final warning.


“Here we go! Get in that water and take that beach, you slugs!”

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Another story inspired by Beancooler/Raul's great take on Imperial Troopers. With Zoey (and a Stephy cameo, hehe) for good measure!

I decided to write out T94's side of the battle to defend the Imperial cruiser her and T55 were stationed on. :)

Hope you guys like it!



T94 was proud.

Proud to be a Trooper.

Proud to have been entrusted with the duty of defending the airlock

Proud to serve the Empress.

But most of all she was proud to be given the chance to kill some rebel sluts.

The petite redhead savoured the scant minutes left before the fight would begin. She moved down the hallway with T100 and T44, while barely acknowledging either of them. Her pert breasts pressed against the slightly stretchy fabric of her black crop top, and the soft click of her bootheels on the reflectively polished floor of the hallway brought her a slice of calming rhythm before the storm; words would have only spoiled it.

The young trooper's braided pigtails bounced against her shoulders as she marched, and a smile beamed from between her freckled cheeks, and below a likewise freckled nose. She had the look of a girl, but the mind of a killer. That she could be dead in mere moments was a thought left to linger in the depths of her subconscious, rejected out of sheer impossibility and ignored out of a fear she would never admit to.

As the three troopers rounded the final turn before the airlock, they found themselves facing a rather large contingent of sister-troopers. There were twenty of them or so, all kneeling behind the ribbed support beams that ran down the smaller branch-hallway, or pressed against the smooth white plastic which covered the walls. All of them had their weapons raised, their silent muzzles pointing towards the airlock at the end of the hallway.

"Get in position, sluts! If you survive this, remind me to give you each a whipping for your insolent tardiness!" The commander was a tall blonde, her body pockmarked by several scars and at least one old puckered blaster-wound just below her left breast. T94--Zoey, she liked to call herself in the dark, when no-one but her closest bunkmates were listening--knew better than to even consider questioning either order and snapped a salute.

"Ma'am!" Her response was quick, her body stiffening as she raised a fist to her chest in respect for her commanding officer. The sudden jerk of her body caused the fledgling trooper's ass to jiggle slightly in the white briefs she wore. The other two followed suit, and all three quickly found space amongst the troopers already in position.

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Just something I wrote quickly as a present for Raul in return for all of his fantastic Imperial Trooper vs. Rebel pictures. :)

I thought I'd share it with you guys as well!




It's hot! The heat surrounds us, sticking to our skin tighter than the black tops and white panties we wear. My armour is stifling as I trek through the jungle with my sisters. Swatting at bugs, I grumble in annoyance.

"What was that, slut!?" Yells an older trooper near the front of our column, the sergeant looking back as she shouts. I fall quiet immediately, but I'm not the only one getting fed up of trekking through the mud and bugs!

I swat at a mosquito the size of my fist and resist the urge to use my blaster! We were supposed to be sneaking up on the fort of a native species to this planet though. The primitive bitches wouldn't clear out when we showed up, and now the Empress wanted us to remove them by force!

There are a couple of hundred of us, but it shouldn't take that many. The amazon sluts didn't even have guns! They still used bows and arrows, this was going to be a cakewalk.... if we ever got there!

"AIIIIIIIE!" A shriek from nearby has everyone raise their weapons, ready to fight... but there's no enemy! A blonde trooper, her young perky tits heaving against her black top had been grabbed by a hefty snake-like creature hanging from a tree.

"Help me!" she cries out as the snake-thing wraps its long body around her, cocooning her in its tight embrace while holding her by the neck as she's lifted off of her feet. She's practically crying, but the sergeant raises her hand... we're not to help her; if we fired, it may alert the amazons to our presence! The blonde girl cries out again as the snake begins to squeeze her violently, her arms up to try and pry it away but it's too strong. I can only watch--feeling the dampness in my panties--as she's slowly hauled up into the foliage far above.

About halfway up her struggles stop, her eyes staring down blankly as her tongue hangs out of her mouth; she was snake food now, and the dribble of cum running down her inner thigh glistens in the light. I shudder with a taboo excitement at the thought of the snake devouring the young blonde...

We've lost a number of troopers to predators along the way, and a small squad had gotten their dumb selves caught in quicksand. We still had plenty to get the job done though!

Arrows suddenly fill the air though! These were from predators of a different sort.

"URRRRGH!" a trooper takes an arrow right between her plump breasts, her finger squeezing the trigger of her blaster as it spasms from the pain filling her body. She falls to her knees, then falls face-down in the mud. I jump over her body, looking for cover as more arrows fill the air!

"YAAAAAAI!" A tall brunette beside me with a green barette in her hair takes an arrow to her belly, her eyes wide as she looks down at it in surprise and shock! A second arrow takes her quickly in the throat, and she gurgles out a trickle of blood as her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses backwards. The girl's legs kick up a bit, her white panties marked by mud and cum as she dies on her back like the slut she was!

Girls are dying all around me now. I slide into cover behind a fallen tree, but behind me over a dozen troopers are dead in the mud. A blonde's blue eyes stare at me silently as she lays across the body of a dying redhead, and I stare back, trying not to notice the arrow sticking out of the girl's back.

"Form up, return fire!" shouts the sergeant, firing wildly into the trees as she does. The arrows are coming from above us! I look up and see movement. I raise my blaster, but the target disappears before I can fire. Frantic, I look about as the deathscreams of my sisters fill the air.

"GRAAAAAAAG--" a black-haired trooper clutches at the arrow buried in her guts, only to have a second and third one plunge into her chest, spearing her tits and killing her instantly. She falls back into a pile with three other dead troopers, the pile of cooling meat providing cover for another trooper who had thought to duck behind it.

"FIRE YOU DUMB BITCHES!" cries the sergeant again, and I follow her order!

My lasers blast into the trees and I'm rewarded by a high-pitched shriek as a body tumbles nearly thirty feet to the muck below. She's tall, blonde, and almost naked! The girl wears only a grey loincloth as she writhes in the mud and soon dies. Fried one!

The surviving troopers soon spread out. We'd have reinforcements in minutes, but for now we were on our own! We fire, and start getting kills, but continue taking losses.

A redhead who looks a year or two older than me slides into cover right beside me. As she sits up to fire, she takes an arrow to her throat! I glance over, but continue to fire, as she chokes and clutches at the arrow. Her eyes look to me, as if I could help her! Soon, she falls forward over the log we'd been behind, her ass in the air and her head and arms dangling downwards. She dies like that, and I can smell her climax as her twitching body finally falls still! I can't help myself and slap her dead ass with a smirk, and take her gun in case I needed the ammo!

"T55! T02! T94! T63 & T88!" the sergeant cries out, "Push forward! Break out of the ring they've formed and flank them!"

I gulp as the other troopers called move into position. Even as an arrow whizzes past my head, I hurry to follow them. The rest of my sisters continue to hold their positions, firing into the trees and occasionally striking one of the beautiful amazon girls who were slaughtering us! I can see several corpses caught in the branches overhead, smoke rising from their scorched, naked flesh.

Jumping over several trooper corpses, their young bodies flat in the mud and their clean uniforms soiled by dirt and blood, we push forward! Suddenly, arrows are flying at US! We don't stand a chance!

T02, a young blonde with a pink barette in her long hair, takes an arrow to one breast. Her charge falters, her scream loud and piercing before a second arrow slams into her belly. Her panties are dark with cum as she thrusts her hips forward, "URRRRRAAAA!!!" she howls as she falls into the mud.

T88 doesn't get much farther, the brunette taking a pair of arrows to her chest, and a third to her shoulder. She spins as she falls, her blaster flying from her hands. "AIIIIIIE!" She lands ontop of T02, their bodies twitching and heaving as they die.

The three survivors, myself included, panic, our charge broken as we stop to fire upwards. T94 takes an arrow between her shoulderblades. Her chest thrusts forward as she screams out in pain, blood running down her back. A second arrow hits the small of her back, and her knees buckle, "GAAAAAARRGGGH...." her guttural cry cut short by a third arrow hitting her neck from the side. The braided redhair of the trooper flips about as her neck twists to the side and she falls sideways into the mud.

I clench my teeth, my panties soaking wet with anticipation now. Then I'm hit! An arrow hits me right below my right breast. My whole body seizes up as I gasp out, then I'm hit again in the belly!

"N-NYAAAAAAH!" I can't hold in my shriek as I realize I'd just been killed! My blaster goes off twice more as my hand cramps up and my muscles tighten. My eyes clench shut as I feel my balance give way, pain exploding in my mind as I fall backwards! I land on something soft, but I'm too busy cumming hard to wonder what it is. My panties are a mess, the white fabric clinging to my skin.

The position I'd landed in makes a spectacle of my poor cum-soaked panties, my legs spread and my hips lifted as I lay atop the bodies of T02 & T88. I gasp and choke, staring at the arrows jutting up from my body even as my vision starts to darken! Oh god! I was in a bodypile. A second orgasm rips through me as I realize I was going to die piled up like meat with the other two girls!

Grinding my teeth against the pain, I realize my blaster has fallen out of my hands, my whole body seems heavy I could just... relax... here... my hands fall limply to my sides, my head falling back to rest on the belly of T88.

"Fuck! Stupid bitches!" the sergeant yells as she watches T55's twitching, arrow-riddled body stop moving. T63 goes down last, an arrow in her throat for her to choke on as she dies. "T44, T24, T78, T90 & T97! Your turn! Try not to fuck it up like those sluts did!"

I'm already dead though, and can't hear them. The battle is eventually won for the Empire, and the fort is taken... but with heavy casualties...

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Notes on setting, Character and story
The situation is as my last story was. Women chased down in a fantasy situation and their bodies judged for "points" in a deadly blood sport like none other.
The setting is an abandoned summer camp that has been acquired by a private hunting lodge and converted into closed sporting area.
Ken and Amanda, a young couple with a interest in the bizarre new game have taken to the field as hunters.
Ken is a young experienced hunter who normally hunts deer in Kentucky.
Amanda, Red headed young woman with an athletic volley-ball build waivers between feminist outrage, curiosity, and sometimes outright excitement, though she hides this from her boyfriend.
Our doomed heroine this time will be the popular Brittany-girl (No obtrusive sexuality)
. We join her in her final exploits early morning inside the camp. The hunters are hosting a pre-season warm up game and Brittany finds herself being pursued by a group of enthusiastic men looking to score some points by successfully bringing down the skinny vivacious DS vixen.
When I say "girl" I use shorthand slang for women in their 20's. No acceptations.

The girls had been gathered in the reconstructed meeting hall of the camp. In the center there was sets of clothing laying out, all following the color scheme of light brown, the lining or hemming white. "don't worry ladies." A voice over a speaker said. "we wont make you go out there dressed in bright pinks or reds, we actually prefer to not lose very much of you after all. We don't want to spend money to acquire new talent." Brittany dug through the pile and found what looked like a "tank-kini" bathing suite. A cross between the bikini bottoms but with a more modest matching tank top. Like the other clothes it was light brown and trimmed with white.
She excused herself to a corner and switched into the suite. It was surprisingly comfortable, made out of athletic material for jogging or sports play. She next walked over to a pile of tennis shoes, all brown with white to match the outfits and selected her size.
"These actually are pretty good shoes!" she gushed. A few of the other girls stared at her strangely. "even if they are kind of ugly, I mean comfort counts. Right?" She suddenly felt very silly and stopped herself form adding anymore.
The voice from the speaker was suddenly back "Three minutes" .
The girls where all waiting in a fenced in area outside the gathering hall now. A horn sounded and two large gates swung open. A flock of young women gushed through the opening. Chattering and whispering good lucks in low voices. Brittany jogged along a group of three other girls. All wearing the same colored clothing. But the clothing itself was different styles. One girl had short jogging shorts and a t-shirt, another was wearing a one-piece athletic suite like a gymnast. Still a third had a tank top and a short tennis skirt. As she jogged and the wind teased the skirt up her matching brown and white bloomers could be seen complimenting her over all outfit.

They had jogged for about five minutes when suddenly there was a loud "clang". The girl in the skirt yelped and fell over. All three other women stopped and stared at the girl on the ground. "OH NO! WAS SHE SHOT?" the girl in the one piece asked.
"No I'm fine, I'm fine. My ankle is stuck in something." Kelly was already looking at the offending object. A kind of rubber guarded bear trap with no metal teeth. The girl's ankle was unharmed but held firmly by the gripping rubber coated mouth.
"does it hurt?!" The girl in the shorts asked.
"No, it doesn't hurt at all, didn't even break skin. I'm just stuck." She tried in vain to open the grip on the trap. "what a stupid trap," The one piece wearing girl said. "If it can't kill us then what's the point of having it here?"

Brittany had a sinking feeling. "To slow the rest of us down". The other three girls looked at her. Kelly began to explain. "She's not hurt or dead, so we wont want to leave her behind. This way when the hunter comes back for the trap well all be right here. waiting…"

Their eyes were all wide open now. "Wait no!" the stuck girl suddenly realized what the implications were. If the others wanted to live they would have to leave her to the hunters. Brittany could already here a group approaching. Before she could talk herself out of it and get herself killed Brittany turned and bolted up a small hill on the far side of the trail and hid behind a tree. The girl in jogging shorts came quickly behind her, pumping her legs fast.
The one piece girl though stayed with the stuck skirt and tried prying at the trap. Kelly watched a tense group of three young men cautiously approaching the two girls in the middle of the trail. "Oh this next part is going to be bad sweetie" Brittany said to the jogger.
The three hunters had gotten off the trail and were approaching the girls through the woods running alongside the road. They looked like frat brothers from some silly Delta Omega campus home or something.
The pretty girl in the one piece was still bent over the trap. Her long red hair fluttering in the breeze. Her brown eyes flitting over the mechanism that held the skirted girl down. She was unaware a quick end to
her existence was now imminent. Now one took aim. Kelly winced and bit her lower lip. There was only a short pause.
There was a loud pop and the red head jerked. The bullet struck her just underneath her left breast. She placed her left hand gently over the wound. Here eyes were squeezed shut and her lips pressed together in pain. She remained in her sitting position, not attempting to get up or run. Here eyes lulled slightly and her lips were ever so slightly parted. The hunters were approaching now casually.
The red head fell backwards, her one hand still held against her wound the other arm flung away slightly from her body. Meanwhile the skirted girl struggled uselessly with her ankle trap. They were about ten feet away now. One of the hunters stopped and aimed again at the dying red head. He fired and the bullet struck her in her upper stomach. The girl arched her back in pain. Her heals dug into the dirt and every muscle in her body tensed and held. With this dramatic motion her one piece was pulled close to her body, clinging to every curve. Kelly could see her figure was near perfect. Her thighs were toned and taught with muscle, her stomach had the soft two outline curves of feminine stomach muscle and her breasts where firm and full.
The girl held the arc position for a amazing five seconds, then sudden she let out a long slow moan. Her muscles relaxing and going slack against her will. She seemed to deflate almost, slowly melting into repose. Finally her entire body was limp and spread out on the ground. It was over. Her mouth hung just barely open and she closed her eyes. She could almost have looked like she was sleeping.
Seeing her comrade's end the skirt girl jumped up to her feet and began pulling her leg up hard and fast in a attempt to dislodge the trap from the ground. Her skirt flying wildly.
Another hunter took a kneeling position and aimed. There was another pop and the skirt girl jerked with the hit. The bullet struck here directly between her breasts. For a brief second here pretty straight brown hair fluttered with the wind and her big blue eyes crossed hard. A look of shock across her face. It could almost have been comical.
Now suddenly her eyes uncrossed and rolled up in her head. At the same time here eyelids closed shut. She let out a brief loud, girlish sigh and collapsed. First to her knees then she fell to her right side. Her skirt flew up and rested above her waste. Her brown and white bloomers pulled taut against her buttocks, the soft curve of her bottom displayed perfectly and the exposed white skin along the edges of her rump where the bloomer did not cover played well with the colors of the fabric.
The hunters came forward. Whooping and cheering. The one who took the skirt girl got to his kill first. He slowed down and prodded her thigh just underneath the buttock with his gun barrel. The girl's body rocked back and forth gently but she did not move. Her eyes were also closed now and her tongue had lulled out and rested limply against her bottom lip.
The hunter put his gun barrel underneath the girls wrist which was lying against her stomach and lifted her arm slightly above her body. He directed the limp arm up higher and away from her torso then let it flop to the ground. Satisfied she was dead he called for his friend to take his picture. He kneeled behind her and lifted her upper torso up for the camera with his left hand and held her head so her face was visible with his right. The photo was snapped and he gently laid her back down. "pretty little thing isn't she!" he exclaimed.
The other hunter walked up to the dead redhead. "She has perfect hip proportions. I love her eight figure!" He exclaimed.
"Poor brave redhead" Kelly though.
He bent down at her upper torso and leaned over her. He took her chink in one hand gently and put his other hand against the back of her head . he gave it a small jerk quickly and there were to little snapping noises (click, click). "Just to be sure, Don't want her suddenly regaining consciousness on the way back to camp.
The Third hunter took out a clipboard and a small length of measuring tape. He handed it to the hunter with the redhead. The hunter leaning next to the skirt girl took out a pair of calipers. The girl in the traps skirt still rested above her hip and the hunter bent down near the middle of her body. He pinched the female's buttocks through the soft fabric of her bloomers and measured the flesh between his fingers with the small device. "she's only two percent body fat on the rump!" he announced.
Meanwhile the other hunter had wrapped the tape measure around the dead Red heads calves, then her thighs. He very gently rolled her onto her belly, and now measured the diameter of her butt. He rolled her over again onto her back and measured her hips and the deep curve at the center of her eight figure. "damn near perfect". He exclaimed. He jotted his measurements down on a piece of paper. "she had to be a nine at least!" he shouted back to his friends. And now he turned to measure her ample bosoms. "These are gonna be a ton of points right here too!" Kelly watched the hunter recording the dead girl's measurements and felt angry at those sexist pigs. "OUR LOOKS! IS THIS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!" she whispered angrily. At least the red head still had that peaceful serene look on her face. Eyes gently closed.
The trap killer had pulled the skirt off of his victim and had finished most of his measurements too. "This one could beat your chick I think!". He now hefted the dead girl over is shoulder with his right arm and balanced her there. He gave her rump a light smack with his opposite hand. "Hardly anything on this little gazelle other then woman toned muscle."

The other hunter now lifted the one piece girl over his shoulders. Balancing equal amounts of her upper and lower torso over each shoulder so the bend of her lower stomach was pressed against the back of his neck, her legs bend forward and hung down on his right side her upper torso hung on the left and her arms dangled under her.
"Lets get these ladies back to camp and on display, I want to hear what the other guys think". And they carried the dead women away, their limp bodies rocking slightly on their shoulder. Red's arms swung limply with the motion.
They waited till they were out of sight, then Brittany and the jogger headed away from the kill site.

Brittany and the shorts girl rushed down the other side of the hill. "Holy CRAP!" the golden blonde jogger exclaimed. "Look out!". Brittany looked across the field in front of them and saw a young couple wearing hunting gear staring at them in utter shock.
"OH KEN LOOK! THERES TWO!" the red haired woman shouted. The jogger ran to the left and Brittany Took off to the right.
"just my luck". Brittany thought. "I stumbled right into some". The hunters were just as surprised as the girls. And watched both young ladies run in different directions. "Which one?" the man asked. Kelly listened as she ran. "The dark haired one!" the other girl gushed. Brittany Felt a sudden rush of panic "Me?! Why me?!"
"OK lets get her!". Brittany glanced over her shoulder and to her horror saw that the hunters were ignoring the blonde who's ponytail bobbed in the air as she ran, making her escape. They were both running full out after her.
Brittany ran towards a group of cabins. If she could get into one she could then run out the back and give them the slip. She crossed the field with all the strength in her legs. Pushing herself to speeds she didn't know she could get to. She looked over her shoulder and the man had dropped to his knee and was now aiming his bow at her. The woman looked like she was cheering on her favorite team. "Don't let her get away!" Amanda whooped.
"Too late to shoot at me" Brittany thought. I'm already at the door. She reached out and grabbed the handle…only to find it locked. She stood there shocked for a moment. The other cabins! She had to get to one. She turned around for a moment to plan her next move and in the same split second she faced her pursuers Ken let a arrow fly. Brittany watched stunned and unable to move as a dark streak zipped towards her.
Suddenly a force pushed against her so hard it almost made her stumble. There was suddenly a burst of pain in her stomach. Brittany looked down expecting the worst. There was an arrow stuck in her alright. Maybe a inch above her navel and another inch to the left. It had entered her body at slight angle and sunk in at a slant. It had sunk in deep but not exited from the back.
"YES!" Amanda screamed. "WE GOT HER!"
"A DAMN GOOD SHOT WASN'T IT HONEY!" Ken yelled back.
Suddenly Brittany's mind thought back to what the other hunters had said over the bodies of the other girls. "Lets get these ladies back to camp and on display…"
"I don't want to be put on display!" Brittany thought to herself hysterically. That's when her mind shouted back an answer to her. "THEN RUN GIRL! RUN! " Brittany could feel an energy rising up from the back of her thighs and into her buttocks. Before she even knew it she was sprinting with even more strength then she had when running to the cabins. She headed for the trees and the forest ahead. Making it into the cover of the woods before he hunters could follow.
Amanda looked perplexed. "I can't believe she could do that! Just run away! I thought she was going to fall down and die."
Ken turned to her. "its harder then that to bring one of these chicks down. She might have been short and slender dear but she was almost all muscle. But don't worry we want her to run anyway."
Amanda turned to him. "we do?"
"yes" can said with a smirk. "Those arrows are hollow on the inside. The arrow head had a tunnel leading to the shaft and out the back of it. The pressure of the arrow hitting her causes a suction that starts literally sucking her blood out, its like she's running away with a vampire on her back.
"Oh, I see. So do we just follow her?" Kelly said
"Yup! After awhile she'll get really tired and sleepy, then we can catch up."
"and then we…" Amanda made the motion for a bow and arrow firing.
"She might already be dead by the time we find her, we just gotta keep her running and wasting energy."
Amanda felt suddenly excited. Sexually charged and aggressive. She suddenly could almost excuse men for objectifying women. This was a thrill! Her and her boyfriend hunting down that pretty dark haired girl. "and her wearing that cute little outfit while we do it!" she thought. This whole scenario was… well kind of sexy. She was going die in something that wasn't much more then underwear. Vulnerable and exposed.
"well lets go get her!" Amanda said with noticeable excitement.

Brittany couldn't convince herself to slow down. She was out of breath and had given herself a headache from all the running but her legs wouldn't let up. It was the pain that finally brought her to a halt. Her entire belly now felt like it was on fire. "OooHH" she moaned and sat down on a log, nervously looking around. She couldn't see her pursuers so she turned her attention to her stomach again. The arrow was still there, sunk in deep into her body. She timidly put one hand on it and tried to give it a tug. There was a ball of sudden pain deep within her. "agghhh!" she let the arrow go. She studied her belly again. It was then that she noticed there didn't seem to be any blood on her athletic tank top. "where's the blood?" she whispered to herself. She put her hands on the wound then under it. Finally she quickly swiped them over the front of her bikini bottoms and pivoted her hips, glancing over her shoulder to see if it had dripped backwards and down her rump as she ran.
She was perplexed when suddenly she heard some dripping and turned her attention to the arrow itself. It was then that she noticed a steady stream of blood coming out of the arrow and dripping away from her body and onto the ground. "that's so strange" , she thought drearily. Then a thought hit her hard. "This means I've left a trail! That they could follo…" It was then that she heard a branch crunch somewhere behind her and Amanda yell "There she is!" Brittany Jumped to her feet and was off and running again.

Ken turned to his girlfriend. "Just a little bit more now Amanda. Not much longer at all!"
Amanda was following the girl with her eyes, watching her legs pump and her rump work under the fabric of her bottoms. Amanda felt fully aroused and more predatory then she ever thought possible. Brittany running made her want to chase more then anything else. And so she did. Her and Ken both.
Brittany found herself slowing down in spite of her urges to go faster. Her stomach still hurt badly. Her legs were now going wobbly and she almost tripped. Suddenly she realized she couldn't get away. She slowed to a walk and found a soft looking patch of grass and fell to her knees. She now knew the hunters trick with the arrow. The more she ran the faster she bled. Her own heart had been used against her to smuggle out her very life without her knowing it. They were keeping her running to help the job along. "so sneaky" she said dreamily.
"I see her!" Amanda yelled from a short distance behind her. Brittany groaned. They were going to get their dead girl to display after all. Brittany's legs now gave up suddenly and she collapsed to her side, then rolled onto her back facing up. Her stomach was still hurting. She now found herself wondering how many points the couple would get for her. More then the skirt girl? Tie with the Red head? Now she looked up and the couple was above her. The girl looked down on her with a look of stimulated excitement. The man stepped forward. "lets finish the poor girl off."
"How do we do it? Amanda asked?"
Ken walked forward. The female had run father then he ever felt possible. With all that blood loss her heart must be weak now. A good sudden shock of pain would stop the beating. He bent over her and grabbed the arrow. Brittany moaned lightly. Now he gave it a quick jerk and pulled it out in one motion.
"UUUUGGHHHHH!!!" Every muscle in Brittany's body tensed With the sudden pain. She arched her back and pulled her one leg in close, she stuck the other out hard, straight along the ground, muscles incredibly tense. Her heart fluttered wildly, then stopped without any warning. "This is it…." Her last thoughts said. This is….." She let out a low moan as she died. "mmhhmmm…"
Amanda watched the girls last minute writhes. She watched the muscles in her stomach and legs and chest tense so strongly. Amanda was holding her breath suddenly as the girl moaned. She was still holding it when every muscle in the woman's body, very slowly, went completely limp. Her eyes closed softly and her head turned to the side. Brittany's limp tongue slowly rolled out of her mouth. There was a final soft sigh. "That's it!" Amanda thought. "She's dead!" Amanda suddenly let out her breath and breathed in hard again. She had a sudden tremor in her mid-driff and she realized she had a mini-orgasm.

Amanda was still breathing hard. "Ken get the camera." She said. She walked over to Brittany's body and got into a kneeling position. She then pulled Brittany's body up into frame and held her by her shoulders. Ken snapped the photo with Amanda triumphantly holding the kill.
Ken bent down and draped Brittany's body over his shoulders.
Amanda turned to him " Lets get her back to camp and on display… I want to see what the judges think!"
Ken smiled. "Sure"
Amanda eyes watched the dead girl rocking slightly on Ken's shoulders. Her eyes followed the kill from the feet, up the calves, over the thighs, and to the curve of the butt where her suit bottoms had pulled tight making it look like she was wearing a half thong.
"I bet we get a lot of points" Amanda said. "she has a great little butt". With that Amanda reached over and gave Brittany's rump a light smack.
Ken smiled. This was a perfect girlfriend.

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A recent Korean period drama got me rather inspired to write. Something to note, since this is based on Korean royalty, characters are dressed accordingly. All females wear a variant of the traditional female attire, the 'hanbok'. Naturally, the royalty wears something significantly more ornate in design. For the hair, you should take reference from the first image.

Refer to this image for an idea on the attire of the time

As you may imagine, the most prominently featured lady is royalty. Attire for members of royalty are typically ornate. Concubines wear something similar to that in the image. The Queen, however, could and typically wear something more like this:

Of course, concubines are not necessarily disallowed to wear those, but when in presence of the Queen, who dares to do that!

The two female ladies standing closest to the royalty are usually her maidservants, those that serve her directly. Whatever instructions she has, they carry them out, passing on orders to lesser servants (those ladies behind in blue and white).

About the attire though, you should have noticed by now. It's super thick. The Korean traditional attire comprises of several layers (7, according to the official Korean tourism website). But that's rather extreme, and I'm just writing a short story, not a novel so this image should do fine:

Their rooms are typically something like this:

Whoever's of higher rank usually occupies the seat the person in the image is sitting at. Others (if more than one) would line up perpendicular to the table, with the highest rank of the visitors taking the seat directly in front of the table. By default, maidservants never get to sit directly in front, usually at the side.

And assassins? Well, I don't know for sure, but drama logic suggests this:

I ain't even complain' :)

And that's about all you need to know for the story! I must say I rather enjoyed the (initially unintended) lesson! But without further ado, the story.

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Alright, I've been asked to post more of my stuff over here, so I will begin with my Pulp Noir storyline: 

Pulp Noir


A man with an attache case in a heavy coat walks the streets of Paris: the City of Light. He moves in specific patterns, avoiding attention, talks to men and women at cafes in hushed tones. He visits a library by night, avoiding the watchman. He stays at a cheap hostel and makes visits cheaper bars by night. It is a story of cloak and dagger, a story of the dirtier more dangerous side of the city on the eve of another world war. It is story told a dozen times over. It is my story, or the start anyway.

I met the girl in a seedy dive by the water on my last night in Paris. She was a beautiful brunette with a smoky voice and bedroom eyes. Normally I'd be suspicious, especially on the way back to her hotel, but she was a bombshell broad and her dress, with that plunging neckline and those great gams of hers showing through the high slit of her dark green dress, well, I'd face the whole Nazi war machine myself for a night with her. She was a fine scotch, worth a taste whatever the price. Besides, I had time to kill until my boat arrived and I'd rather spend it in beautiful woman's arms than doing anything else.

I watched as she got up from the bed and made her way over to the bathroom. The sway of her hips as she moved reawakened a hunger in me that I thought was previously sated from our long evening in. The sounds of the Paris night floated in the with cool air of the open window. That was when I noticed, a several quick flashes of light from the street. It was code. It wasn't directed at the bedroom window, just near it, the same floor. Almost too late, I surmised that it was a signal to the current occupant of the bathroom.

When she burst back in she was still wearing nothing but a smile, but this time she was armed with a MP 40, hands gripping it firmly as she fired from the hip. I managed to dive out of the way as she poured hot lead into the bed were sharing just moments ago. Fortunately, I rolled to the side that contained my clothes. My backup revolver was tucked inside.

She looked gorgeous even with the evil grimace she wore as her body moved and shook in pace with the recoil of the submachinegun. There wasn't any time to appreciate that though, only to act. Three .38 slugs riddled her chest and the fourth went dead center in her forehead. She dropped backwards onto to the bathroom tile with a surprised look on her face. The dame was dead before she hit the floor.

I got up without hesitation and dressed quickly. This kind of racket was bound to draw attention. Hell, I'd bet there were German SD agents on their way up already. They'd been after me since Hamburg and I didn't know how they knew to find me in Paris or about my weakness for beautiful women, but it wasn't time to worry about that. I went over to her for one last look and to grab the gun; I might need it.

She was a beautiful corpse, naked and lying in a pool or red from where my bullets went out her back. Her eyes looked up at me glassy and her mouth was open, asking a question she never quite got out. It's a pity, but I'll wager she was a professional. I hadn't noticed a trace of German in her accent, so she was probably a turncoat or freelancer. Either way, she'd chosen the wrong side to lay down with and the wrong person to try and screw.

I grabbed my things and made for the stairs. The MP-40's clip was still half full, and I had my revolver with its two rounds tucked into my trousers. Now all I needed to was get out of this hotel and out of Paris before whatever else German intelligence had in store for me got the chance to do it, and I knew it was the Germans like I knew the Yanks were going to beat the Reds in the Series this year. They'd been hounding me since Morocco no matter how much I tried to put them off my trail.

They weren't exactly regular German SD. They were with the Thule Society, one of a handful of splinter factions within the Nazi party dedicated to the study and acquisition of occult knowledge, and I knew what they wanted. They were after a scrap of paper I'd torn from a dusty tome in the Arsenal Library. They thought it would lead to a mystical artifact that would give them and Nazi's terrible occult power for whatever nefarious plans, and if the scrawls I read in the ancient ruins beneath Tangier are to be believed, they were right.

The creak of the floorboards outside the room let me know they were already almost on top of me. I listened to the sound of their footsteps outside and then sprayed the wall with bullets. The pained grunt followed by a thud I heard when the magazine ran empty let me know I'd gotten at least one of them. The door burst open moments later and two men scrambled in, letting me know I wasn't entirely lucky.

One was a beefy Teutonic brute with a scar on his cheek and meaty hands. He wielded a knife. His partner wasn't any prettier, but he was better armed. He was holding a Luger. It was pointed at the ceiling as he shoved his way into the room. I had just a second, but it was enough. I pulled the revolver and fired off my remaining two shots.

The thug with the gun went down, two shots in his chest. Now I had his friend to deal with. It was a pity I had just fists left to bring to our knife fight. That wasn't entirely true until I threw my empty revolver at his head. It stunned my would be killer long enough to let me get back to pick up a nearby chair.

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A story inspired by Vladiola's profile




Knee-high boots clicked against the wooden floor as the blonde Amazon strode in confidently. Vladiola was her name and her behaviour was not without justification for hers was the winning tribe. She was in a village her tribe had just conquered. Bodies of her enemies laid sprawled in various death poses, each one sporting different death wounds. Having just rained, the village was still relatively free from the stench of death but Vladiola saw no reason to stay outside when there were warm houses.

"Mmm, much better," she notes as she glanced around. Warm and clean, much unlike outside where blood and gore were scattered about. Whilst her Amazon sisters went about searching for remnants of their rival Amazons, Vladiola figured there was no harm 'keeping watch' here. No one will know after all, if she laid low!

She slumped back on the wooden chair, all relaxed as she placed her leg on the table. In her comfort, she failed to notice the real danger. Crouched low, were the same remnants of the rival Amazonian tribe her sisters (and Vladiola, were she not skiving) were hunting. They approached the unsuspecting Amazon from behind, then as a few fanned out to take point at the windows, one of the Amazon plunged her sword up Vladiola's back.

"Ungh," gasped Vladiola as the blade forced it way through, precisely piercing her heart as it  made its way out slightly above her left breast. The blade was pulled out almost as quickly as it impaled her, leaving her to slump back on the chair as blood spurted out from her wound with the beats of her quickly dying heart. She tried to struggle, to muster up her strength to take at least one down with her. Nothing moved; she was utterly helpless as gradually, strength was lost even in her neck and she had to tilt her head back on the chair.

The enemy Amazons began to move, exiting the house one by one. Only the last pauses briefly, quickly returning to Vladiola. She lightly holds Vladiola's chin, directing her face so that they met eye to eye. Giddy and quickly fading from the blood loss, Vladiola registered only her insignificance as the Amazon smirked and left. Darkness took over, leaving the lone Amazon limp on the chair, the wound above her left breast the only indication of her demise. 

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And the wait is pretty much over.

I am sorry for all those patiently waiting for an update on my comic series so tonight here are some good news and bad news.


Bad news. Part 2 first death scene is not quite finished yet and i will not upload it on SA til it's done.


Good news... For the impatient ones i have made a directors cut of the first half of part 2 and uploaded it to DEVIANT ART!. :D


Here are the links to 2 pages worth of story. Enjoy first half. (Just to prove i have not been lazying about all this time :D)


First page

Second page


There is a lot more after, but it will not be uploaded until the staking scene is complete. And the wait will be worth it guys and girls. :)

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I m still working hard on my major action packed scene for Lucy the Vampire Huntress comic.

I got the strip club, now it's time to fill it with...... That's right sexy vampire strippers.

My cast is getting fuller and fuller... Rest assured for those who've been waiting you will not be disapointed. :D

On another note.... Nikky and Wendy now officially joined the cast.

Wendy is the short-haired sweet brunette that i now named.

Nikki.... Well we all know Nikki. She is a strong, big breasted and tatooed character with a very vicious way of looking at things.

Stay tuned for more cast updates... Perhaps more girls of Dark Peeps shall be joining the fight for the survival of Ariel's stripper coven.

For those of you who just can't wait i already posted a draft of Nikki's death scene in my Custom Artwork album.... Enjoy. :)

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