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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Haha, I hope these aren't getting boring! I just can't help but write scenarios using Raul's troopers.

This one is gonna have a part 2 as well I think! There's a secondary force of scuba-troopers waiting to use the main landing as a distraction while they sneak up a nearby cliff, and I feel it's in everyone's best interest that I have them do that. :)



There was no feeling like it.


My belly is in knots. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m horny as fuck. I’m about to die.

The soft roll of the small ship I’m on, as waves lap against its bow, is soothing and nauseating at the same time. Around me my sisters are bunched together; we’ve been packed like sardines in the small naval landing-craft, and the sound of gunfire was getting closer. The large exit ramp blocks our view though; all we can feel is the gentle spray of misting water that sneaks over the edge of the ship.

 My body is squeezed between a blonde and brunette, our thin uniforms doing little to minimize the sensation of warm flesh pressed against our nearly naked bodies. My white panties are already damp at the crotch, and I’m blushing even as I try hard to hide any emotion on my face. A few roaming hands had been quickly stamped out by our sergeant, S67 looming over us as she stands on a mid-height platform.


“Remember, sluts. Your job is to distract those rebel bitches while the other divisions flank them. If you run out of ammo, don’t let them know, just keep firing! We want them thinking you’re a threat! We’ll take the beach as best we can, but your job is to be a target, not a hero!”


I swallow nervously. That knot in my belly tightens at the sergeant’s reminder. My hand slides over my own bare belly, as though checking for any lumps that knot might be forming. I feel another hand slide over my ass and I bite my lip as the casual fingers of one of my fellow troopers takes out some of her anxiousness by teasing me with gentle strokes. S67 ruins the moment by bellowing out a final warning.


“Here we go! Get in that water and take that beach, you slugs!”

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Another story inspired by Beancooler/Raul's great take on Imperial Troopers. With Zoey (and a Stephy cameo, hehe) for good measure!

I decided to write out T94's side of the battle to defend the Imperial cruiser her and T55 were stationed on. :)

Hope you guys like it!



T94 was proud.

Proud to be a Trooper.

Proud to have been entrusted with the duty of defending the airlock

Proud to serve the Empress.

But most of all she was proud to be given the chance to kill some rebel sluts.

The petite redhead savoured the scant minutes left before the fight would begin. She moved down the hallway with T100 and T44, while barely acknowledging either of them. Her pert breasts pressed against the slightly stretchy fabric of her black crop top, and the soft click of her bootheels on the reflectively polished floor of the hallway brought her a slice of calming rhythm before the storm; words would have only spoiled it.

The young trooper's braided pigtails bounced against her shoulders as she marched, and a smile beamed from between her freckled cheeks, and below a likewise freckled nose. She had the look of a girl, but the mind of a killer. That she could be dead in mere moments was a thought left to linger in the depths of her subconscious, rejected out of sheer impossibility and ignored out of a fear she would never admit to.

As the three troopers rounded the final turn before the airlock, they found themselves facing a rather large contingent of sister-troopers. There were twenty of them or so, all kneeling behind the ribbed support beams that ran down the smaller branch-hallway, or pressed against the smooth white plastic which covered the walls. All of them had their weapons raised, their silent muzzles pointing towards the airlock at the end of the hallway.

"Get in position, sluts! If you survive this, remind me to give you each a whipping for your insolent tardiness!" The commander was a tall blonde, her body pockmarked by several scars and at least one old puckered blaster-wound just below her left breast. T94--Zoey, she liked to call herself in the dark, when no-one but her closest bunkmates were listening--knew better than to even consider questioning either order and snapped a salute.

"Ma'am!" Her response was quick, her body stiffening as she raised a fist to her chest in respect for her commanding officer. The sudden jerk of her body caused the fledgling trooper's ass to jiggle slightly in the white briefs she wore. The other two followed suit, and all three quickly found space amongst the troopers already in position.

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So I'm back.  I wa trying to decide between here and Motherless, but some of the users on Motherless are retarded, so here I am.  I've reopend my extreme fantasy forum (now using Xenforo). It's been a success with 60+ members since Feb. 22nd, over 1500 pictures posted, and 6 hardcore videos.

In other news, I got a cool R/C monster truck. It kicks ass!  I found an awesome place to run it, a large dirt field.  The truck has finally been brolen in and is dirty as fuck. lol

Anyway, that's all for now.  Time to make some friends. :)

The Tortured Soul:

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

I'm going to post of few of my more recent ones here as part of my ongoing mission to kill Stephy as many times as possible. She's just too cute not to mount to the hood of your truck to take home and stuff for the mantle.


At the Altar of the Baals

In the town of Sechem, Stephana lived in comfort. Her home was a large structure of strong cedar at the foot of the path up the mountain.

Her days were simple. In the morning she awoke and went to the priestesses of Asherah. There they disrobed her over her evening gown and took her to the hot spring where they cleansed her of the dirt and sweat of the previous day and gently wax off any hair that grew any place but her head with honey. Her long brown hair was treated with sacred oils and brushed until it shown like gossamer and was put up in careful braids.

After her cleansing she would be dressed in a new gown of soft white linen. It was always stitched to her exact measurements, holding to her beautiful figure. From there she was free to do as she pleased until sunset. Often she would walk in the wooded gardens at the base of the mountian, enjoying the solitude. She was the only one with permission to walk there. She was the Blessed Virgin they told her, chosen from birth.

At sunset, Stephana took on her ceremonial role. She was to preside over the rites of the priests and priestesses of Ba'al and Asherah. She sat in her chair in the high place beneath the great tree that served as the Asherah Pole on the top of the mountain. There she witnessed the orgies and sacrifices. The people of the town would come and strip, ravishing each other with passion. At the height of their orgy, the calf would be brought out, unblemished and virgin. It would be sacrificed and dressed, then roasted over the coals on the altar, its juices dripping down and sending up smoke to please their gods. She would feast with the priests and priestesses, enjoying the bounty of the sacrifice.

But lately, Stephana grew worried. The long summer seemed like it would never end. The crops withered, and the flowers of the gardens no longer bloomed. Everyone was worried, and worse, they looked at her. She would hear the whispers as she passed, saw the conspiratorial looks. It frightened her.

Then night came.

They didn't come for the usual ceremony at sunset and no one made their way up the mountain. She waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Then Elzur the High Priest came. He was a tall man, and broad. His face was handsome, but grim. With him were all of the priests and priestesses.

"The time of the Great Sacrifice is at hand Stephana."

"What? I've never heard of such a thing in all my life, what do you mean? What am I to do? Where are the people of the town?"

"They are not to witness the sacrifice. It is not for their eyes. You are to be the sacrifice tonight, my dear. Now be a good girl and come along."


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Posted by on in Uncategorized

A story inspired by Vladiola's profile




Knee-high boots clicked against the wooden floor as the blonde Amazon strode in confidently. Vladiola was her name and her behaviour was not without justification for hers was the winning tribe. She was in a village her tribe had just conquered. Bodies of her enemies laid sprawled in various death poses, each one sporting different death wounds. Having just rained, the village was still relatively free from the stench of death but Vladiola saw no reason to stay outside when there were warm houses.

"Mmm, much better," she notes as she glanced around. Warm and clean, much unlike outside where blood and gore were scattered about. Whilst her Amazon sisters went about searching for remnants of their rival Amazons, Vladiola figured there was no harm 'keeping watch' here. No one will know after all, if she laid low!

She slumped back on the wooden chair, all relaxed as she placed her leg on the table. In her comfort, she failed to notice the real danger. Crouched low, were the same remnants of the rival Amazonian tribe her sisters (and Vladiola, were she not skiving) were hunting. They approached the unsuspecting Amazon from behind, then as a few fanned out to take point at the windows, one of the Amazon plunged her sword up Vladiola's back.

"Ungh," gasped Vladiola as the blade forced it way through, precisely piercing her heart as it  made its way out slightly above her left breast. The blade was pulled out almost as quickly as it impaled her, leaving her to slump back on the chair as blood spurted out from her wound with the beats of her quickly dying heart. She tried to struggle, to muster up her strength to take at least one down with her. Nothing moved; she was utterly helpless as gradually, strength was lost even in her neck and she had to tilt her head back on the chair.

The enemy Amazons began to move, exiting the house one by one. Only the last pauses briefly, quickly returning to Vladiola. She lightly holds Vladiola's chin, directing her face so that they met eye to eye. Giddy and quickly fading from the blood loss, Vladiola registered only her insignificance as the Amazon smirked and left. Darkness took over, leaving the lone Amazon limp on the chair, the wound above her left breast the only indication of her demise. 

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And the wait is pretty much over.

I am sorry for all those patiently waiting for an update on my comic series so tonight here are some good news and bad news.


Bad news. Part 2 first death scene is not quite finished yet and i will not upload it on SA til it's done.


Good news... For the impatient ones i have made a directors cut of the first half of part 2 and uploaded it to DEVIANT ART!. :D


Here are the links to 2 pages worth of story. Enjoy first half. (Just to prove i have not been lazying about all this time :D)


First page

Second page


There is a lot more after, but it will not be uploaded until the staking scene is complete. And the wait will be worth it guys and girls. :)

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

I m still working hard on my major action packed scene for Lucy the Vampire Huntress comic.

I got the strip club, now it's time to fill it with...... That's right sexy vampire strippers.

My cast is getting fuller and fuller... Rest assured for those who've been waiting you will not be disapointed. :D

On another note.... Nikky and Wendy now officially joined the cast.

Wendy is the short-haired sweet brunette that i now named.

Nikki.... Well we all know Nikki. She is a strong, big breasted and tatooed character with a very vicious way of looking at things.

Stay tuned for more cast updates... Perhaps more girls of Dark Peeps shall be joining the fight for the survival of Ariel's stripper coven.

For those of you who just can't wait i already posted a draft of Nikki's death scene in my Custom Artwork album.... Enjoy. :)

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