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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Haha, I hope these aren't getting boring! I just can't help but write scenarios using Raul's troopers.

This one is gonna have a part 2 as well I think! There's a secondary force of scuba-troopers waiting to use the main landing as a distraction while they sneak up a nearby cliff, and I feel it's in everyone's best interest that I have them do that. :)



There was no feeling like it.


My belly is in knots. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m horny as fuck. I’m about to die.

The soft roll of the small ship I’m on, as waves lap against its bow, is soothing and nauseating at the same time. Around me my sisters are bunched together; we’ve been packed like sardines in the small naval landing-craft, and the sound of gunfire was getting closer. The large exit ramp blocks our view though; all we can feel is the gentle spray of misting water that sneaks over the edge of the ship.

 My body is squeezed between a blonde and brunette, our thin uniforms doing little to minimize the sensation of warm flesh pressed against our nearly naked bodies. My white panties are already damp at the crotch, and I’m blushing even as I try hard to hide any emotion on my face. A few roaming hands had been quickly stamped out by our sergeant, S67 looming over us as she stands on a mid-height platform.


“Remember, sluts. Your job is to distract those rebel bitches while the other divisions flank them. If you run out of ammo, don’t let them know, just keep firing! We want them thinking you’re a threat! We’ll take the beach as best we can, but your job is to be a target, not a hero!”


I swallow nervously. That knot in my belly tightens at the sergeant’s reminder. My hand slides over my own bare belly, as though checking for any lumps that knot might be forming. I feel another hand slide over my ass and I bite my lip as the casual fingers of one of my fellow troopers takes out some of her anxiousness by teasing me with gentle strokes. S67 ruins the moment by bellowing out a final warning.


“Here we go! Get in that water and take that beach, you slugs!”

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Today was a good battle, thought Little Panther as she scavenged across the sight of the great battle that had occurred three hours ago.

The young Dark Skin warrior walked amongst the bodies of her fallen sisters and the dead red skinned amazons that littered the ground outside the walls of the abandoned fortress her sisters had occupied after the women from the Kingdom across the ocean had been all killed off.

Her sisters were once three hundred strong, but they had lost twenty good sisters today as they defended the fortress walls from their neighboring rivals from a red skin clans who wanted the fortress as well. But the red skin amazons lost four hundred of their sisters, just trying to scale the wall and break the wooden door.

Little Panther was one of three of her sisters scavenging the fields in front of the wall. The two sisters were much older than Little Panther, who was still young and foolish. The teenager's breasts were still small, but she was old enough to be a warrior. Her hair was tied into several smaller braids that went passed her shoulders. She wore a loincloth that barely covered her front side, making her a easy target for lustful amazons, her petite frame left her even more exposed.

The young dark skin walked aways a way from the wall, approaching a cluster of dead red skins who had been carrying a ladder, but none of them made it far. Little Panther saw one dead Red skin, her age, who was neither thin not heavy but still beautiful, laying on her side, clutching her stomach where an arrow struck her.

Little Panther pushed the arm of a red skin off of the younger red skin's shoulder and flipped the dead girl on her back, removing the arrow, allowing the young dark skin to examine the body that was adorned in red war paint.

Grinning at her find, the dark skin pulled her flint knife out, and cut the dead girl's loincloth off and proceeded to fling the girl over her shoulder, and walked quickly back to the fortress with her prize.

That night: Little Panther was on the wall, looking out at the night covered plains with her older sisters, who she laughed with. All the while she say on her prize, enjoying the feeling of the red skin's skin touching her butt. When it was time for bed: she lay on top of the body, feeling the girl's hair and imagining her when she was alive.


The next morning: Little Panther was awoken with one of her sister's shaking her shoulder urgently. Little Panther shook off her fatigue, grabbed her spear and stood up, looking over the wall that now had the bodies of some of the red skins and her sisters who died yesterday, acting as additional cover.

Standing beside her sister, who was heavy set and a year older than Little Panther: She saw a sight that made her, and all her sisters, blood run cold. Assembled before the fortress yards away were thousands of red skins. Little Panther swallowed as she flung her prize from the other day over the wall, stacking her on top of a red skin who had a mohawk.

When the chiefs of the thousand warriors signaled the warriors to attack: the sound of a large echoing war cry filled the air as the warriors, on foot and horse back, charged.

Little Panther and her heavy sister and their sisters on their wall stayed on their position on the walls, shooting arrows at the warriors that threatened to get close, knocking over ladders and women to the ground.

Eventually however Little Panther's heavy sister ran out of arrows, forcing the fat woman to drop her bow and go over to a near by spear rack and pickup a spear. Only for a red skin woman to manage to climb up the wall while Little Panther and the rest of her sisters on the wall were busy and run up behind her, and smash a hatchet into the back of the fat woman' shoulders. The fat woman screamed, alerting Little Panther, who sent an arrow into the red skin's throat. Both the fat woman and the red skin fell to the floor, the red skin laying on top of her victim.

With the death of their fat, but beautiful, sister: more dark skinned sisters began to die as they became overwhelmed. Even with the arrival of the chief to their wall was not enough. With only six sisters left on the wall, Little Panther became frightened, hiding behind the red skin's body she had collected yesterday, she felt a strong hand grab her, she looked to see it was her chief, a young and brash chief that had gotten all of her sisters into this mess. She was bald but wore a feather headdress.

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She was one of the finest field agents that the intelligence agency had ever seen. She was quick with her hands, an expert in stealth operations and fluent in various languages. She was strikingly attractive, which made her the perfect person to spy on heads of state, other agents, male or female, and was skillful in recovering stolen information. She had no known relatives and was therefore essentially unable to be leveraged. She was very thin but with very sexy curvy body. Captivating eyes and long wavy dark hair. Tonight though, despite her exquisite confidence, Ms Marvel was still nervous as she prepared for one of the most dangerous assignments of her career. She has been assigned to recover some top level information from a brutal militia chief in Abuja, central Nigeria.

Ms Marvel stood in front of the mirror in her hotel room as she slipped into the skintight dark blue mini-dress, thigh-high fishnet stockings and stepped into her 4 inch stiletto heels. She looked at herself in the mirror, her thick makeup really exaggerating her incredibly beautiful features, and though she almost never wore this amount of makeup, she knew that to play the role of a seductive high class foreign underworld informant and escort, she had to be overdone.

She took a deep breath in and out and then grabbed the tube of lubricant on the counter next to her. She then grabbed the small tube of sleeping drug and applied the lube, took another deep breath and inserted the tube, closed, into her smoothly shaved vagina. She knew that even if she was searched, no one would stick their hands up inside of her. Lift her skirt, yes, but not inside her. Her assignment was simple, although highly dangerous. One of the most notorious and brutal militia leaders in Nigeria had a great deal of information that he was selling on the black market. The information would lead to the exposure of several hundred covert agents from several different nations along with security protocols that would make the source of the information easily accessible for any criminal. The militia chief had arranged to sell it to an Eastern European criminal who was going to broker it over to the Middle East organizations. The militia chief had negotiated for the information to be exchanged through a mutually agreed upon escort service. He was currently just a few miles away in a secluded villa. Ms Marvel was going to pose as the escort cum informant that he had hired and who was to be the go-between. To add to the level of danger, there was, in fact, a real informant, apparently another operative, who had been hired by the Eastern European criminal, to actually perform the exchange. Ms Marvel's HQ had intercepted the communication and had transferred a time an hour later to the real informant, giving Ms Marvel an hour to seduce and interrogate the militia chief, gather the information and escape before her second obstacle arrived.

As Ms Marvel prepared to exit her hotel room, on the other side of city, Olga Abiola was dressing in almost an identical outfit. As skillful and perhaps even more than Ms Marvel, a Nigerian native, Olga is taller and has a larger, more muscular frame, an afro hair-do, thick pouty lips and her eyes even more intense than her Asian counterpart. She had an hour before she needed to be at her planned destination, knowing the risks that were laid out in front of her, most importantly that she was going into the lion's den with instructions to get the information at all costs. Thoughtfully, she got dressed in her bright red micro-mini dress. Her heels were also bright red.


Ms Marvel looked at the clock on the nightstand as she inserted the encrypted thumb drive into her shaved vagina. She was still a little sweaty as she stood naked over the now drugged and unconscious militia leader. It took her longer than she had planned and now she was in a hurry. She had discarded the empty tube on the large bed and was grabbing her clothes when she heard the door to the outer chamber open. Fortunately, she had planned for this. She had recorded the militia leader's voice as she had come in the room in the same manner, exactly as instructed by the secret service. "Who is it?" said the gruff voice on the recording. She expected it to be one of his bodyguards, but to her dismay, she was wrong.

"Olga, your date!" chirped the other voice...

She had to now take out this woman as well, not necessarily something she had wanted to do, but she realized that this would help her in that she could now frame this woman for the mishap. She allowed the tape to play. "C'mon in!" growled the recorded voice.

Ms Marvel hid, still naked, behind the door as it opened. She caught a glimpse of the other woman as she entered, also naked, like Ms Marvel she had been instructed by the body guards to remove all her clothes before entering their leader’s room. Ms Marvel went to attack, but the other woman had apparently anticipated Ms Marvel's location and flung the door around, forcing Ms Marvel to compensate and suddenly the two women were face to face, both naked, in combat stances.

"Who the fuck are you?" growled Olga as she sized up her foe, a thin, sexy and apparently trained woman. "I ask you the same." came Ms Marvel's retort as she assessed her enemy, one of the first women she had encountered who was as stunning as she was, and she couldn't help but notice that this local Nigerian woman was bigger, about 2 inches taller, 40 or 50 pounds heavier and rather robust.

"Fuck you" hissed Olga...

"Doubt it..." retorted Ms Marvel...

And they attacked. Trained as they were, the first thirty seconds was punches and parries such that neither landed a solid blow, but then Ms Marvel connected nicely with an open palm to the chin and followed with punches to the chest and torso of the big woman, knocking her backwards. Olga recovered quickly though, with a roundhouse kick that Ms Marvel deflected and then the two engaged in an exchange of punches and blocks again. Again though, Ms Marvel connected, a punch squarely on the jaw of her foe, but her follow ups were readily blocked and Olga connected with a kick to the stomach that sent Ms Marvel flying back on her rump.

Although winded, Ms Marvel was quick to her feet but Olga was also quick driving forward with multiple punches that forced Ms Marvel backwards again. The fight was on in earnest...rights and lefts hooks rained down upon Ms Marvel as she was forced backwards. She judged where she was relative to the wall as she blocked the flurry of punches that was pummeling her.

Despite Ms Marvel’s considerable skill, the black woman penetrated Ms Marvel's defenses and successfully landed several punches to her body. As the wall grew closer, Ms Marvel ducked and swept her foot. The big woman wasn't clumsy though, and she leaped over the leg sweep, bringing an elbow crashing down onto Ms Marvel's head as she landed again on her feet. Ms Marvel tumbled from the force of the blow, and her enemy quickly grabbed her by her hair and threw her violently against the wall. The impact winded Ms Marvel and she was slow to react when two successive hard punches landed into the middle of her soft abdomen. Ms Marvel doubled over almost throwing up before she was flung into the bed frame next to them. Ms Marvel grunted uncontrollably as she deftly regained her footing and faced off her mortal foe.

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