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Photo shared by on in General

Jason was very careful as he moved toward the school. He stepped inside seeing that the halls were empty as he had antcipated with all of the students and teachers already in their first classes. His eyes moved up as he began to hear the sounds of sneakers squeaking down the hall. He moved behind a wall watching closley as the person got closer. He spotted a female student walking down the hall. Blondish brown hair a skinny girl in tight jeans red sneakers. He didn't know of the girl very well not having her in any of his classes but he knw that her name was Sammi. 


Jason waited until Sammi got closer enough and then knelt down on the ground holding his ankle rocking back and forth a bit "owww" he groaned.


Sammi blinked seeing a boy on the ground in the hallway that seemed to be hurt "hey are you alright"? she asked a bit freaked out.


Jason shook his head "come her help please" he begged.

Sammi nervously moved over toward the boy kneeling down "hold on i'll go get a teacher or someth....mmmmmm!"

Jason waited watching as the skinny girl came over kneeling beside him. He quickly moved grabbing a hold of the girl making sure to cover her mouth and moved behind her. He kept a tight grip on her head as she kicked out struggling and then with one twist and sickening snapping sound he snapped her neck to the side.

Sammis eyes glazed over and her head slumped over to the side her arms falling limp to her sides.

Jason dragged the light girl by her hair toward the bathroom. He bent down unlacing her red sneakers letting her small black socked feet hit the ground doing the same to the other foot. He placed the two red snakers outside of the bathroom in hopes of drawing a quick other victim inside out of curiousty.


Jason stepped back inside dragging Sammi limp body up against the wall and waiting.


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Photo shared by on in Bloody Death

Jason headed down the streets making sure to go slow enough that all of the bells would have already rung in class. He savored the look of his lifeless mother laying in the kitchen floor in her pajamas as he walked.

Jason stayed back until he knew that all of the final bells had rang waiting. He kept his eyes focused up ahead toward the school. He looked up ahead as one of the late arriving teachers stepped out of her car in the parking lot where other than her it was completley bare. Jason kept his eyes up ahead as Ms Kennedy bent over inside of her car going through something her brown heel dangling off of her foot a bit as she did.

Jason made his way up toward the womans car "hello ms Kennedy" he said looking at her.

Miss Kennedy jumped a bit as she turned around from her car "oh goodness! you scared me" she said with a laugh and then stared at him for a moment surprised after se realized who it was that had spoken "Jason?" she asked shocked that he had actually talked "um hello" she said with a smile "aren't you going to be late honey?"

Jason shook his head "no maam i'm going in now just wanted to say hello" he said slowly turning to walk toward the school.

Ms Kennedy smiled "oh um okay honey have a good day" she said turning back toward her car and bending over as she reached inside.

Jason turned back toward the woman she she leaned inside her car slowly pulling out a cord from his pocket. Lunging forward Jason wrapped the cord tightly around her throat.

Ms Kennedy gasped stumbling back as she felt the pressure of Jason squeezing her throat with the cord "jas..jas what are..."she choked out clawing at his hands at her throat. 

Jason smiled lightly watching the woman struggle noting the color of her face turning a shade of red.

Ms Kennedy gagged trying to pull at the cord as she struggled one of her brown heels flying off "plees..." she choked some saliva escaping her lips down her chin as she fought for air.

Jason smiled reaching over and closing the womans car door and pulling her over closer to it. Quickly Jason grabbed her by the hair roughly and then slammed her head through the door window.

Ms Kennedys head smashed through the glass window her hair whipping around. 

Jason smiled letting go of her hair looking at her body hanging half out of the car window. Her head and arms dangling inside the car her legs limp outside of it. Jason looked down at her one wrinkled sole and reached over grabbing her brown heel that had come off sliding it back on to her foot before grabbing her. Jason pulled her legs up in the air and oushed them through the window leaving her body curled up inside the car limp.

Jason smiled heading toward the school building.


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