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Posted by on in General

Hi, It's one of my story. The characters are Zoey (I think you know her ^^), Grace X, SeaQuester, Dev and me. They are all my friends on FetNoir :) I hope you like this story :)

The Ultimate Combat
"Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our big fight to the death in the evening! Today we have a shock fight: champion, Grace, who has 348 victories against the leader for the title of champion: Julia, who has 153 victories. I remind you the rules: there is no law to objects on the ring, and the fighter wins, require that his opponent is no longer alive. "So, dear Viewer, this evening Grace or Julia will die. '' Shouts the commentator. "And now, behold the combatants! Grace goes on the ring, accompanied by his girlfriend, Zoey and her manager, SeaQuester. She wears a black bikini one-piece with a Crown in gold on the head, meaning that it is the champion. Grace is a large Brown, lean but muscular. Her face is truly sublime and she has a beautiful body. Zoey is a small redhead cute, much less muscular than his girlfriend but beautiful. SeaQuester is a handsome man, tall and muscular. He is the coach of Grace for several years. After a sensational entry of the trio, here is Julia, a French small who arrives on the scene, accompanied by his sidekick Jon, a much larger man and that muscular women.
Once the two combatants are facing in the ring, we can compare the templates and many think that Julia has little chance to defeat Grace. Zoey laughs because she is convinced that the fight is going to be fast. The bell rings and the battle begins. The crowd began to bet (especially for the victory of Grace). The combatants were observed and Grace eventually attack. It darkens on Julia. Julia dove into the side and connected with a punch in the back. But Grace does not respond, turns and dark on Julia. Julia re dodges and restores punched in the back. This irritates Grace. She decides to dive on Julia by grasping it by the size. 2 women themselves ashore. Grace is recovering first and takes Julia by the hair. It a it record and sends it on steel poles, in the corner of the ring. The shock was brutal. Julia crumbles to the ground. Grace takes Julia by the hair and the blocks before the ring post. Julia is sounded. Grace runs in its direction and crashed into it. Julia is blocked between Grace and the post. Then Grace loose taken; Julia falls on the ground. The public knows that Grace has won and that it won't delay to give the final blow. While Julia is ashore, Grace is celebrating its future victory and mocks Julia. What she does not know, is that Julia regains consciousness and arrives to recover. While Grace is trying to celebrate his victory, Julia rises and moves in the back of Grace. Zoey tries to warn Grace but Grace do not hear It means that the crowd that screams. Julia comes behind Grace and gives a great kick between the legs of Grace. Her vagina was awarded the kick. Grace let out a huge scream and fell on his knees while his sex. Grace cared more combat, it was too bad. Julia took the opportunity and went behind Grace. She caught him the shot with both hands, while Grace had her hands in her panties and stood her vagina that made him very badly. She had no time to react, Julia was by train from the strangled. Grace struggled without a win. Julia held her neck and does not let go. Zoey was screaming "Go through, you can get out you of it and beat this slut!". But Grace did not hear She was too busy trying to survive and she had much evil to her vagina. SeaQuester was stunned by the ferocity of Julia, and Dev was overjoyed. Julia dropped not blow from the champion, despite his kicks and punches. The face of Grace began to become red, his eyes closed, Zoey was crying and Dev applauded. Julia dropped neck of Grace when the latter was not breathing. Zoey was in tears, SeaQuester and the public were amazed. Everyone expected a quick victory of Grace but Julia had demonstrated that she was formidable and had to earn the respect of everyone. It gave the Crown of champion Julia and Dev came to the ring to join her friend. Julia approached the corpse of Grace and he took off her panties, revealing her vagina which was still red of the kick it had given him. The drooling out of the mouths of Grace. Julia stroked her vagina and then returned a finger inside. Zoey who was crying, lives the scene; She climbed on the ring, angry, and will run in the direction of Julia. Julia was too busy having fun with the clitoris of Grace. Zoey arrived behind Julia, she put a hand on his forehead and another on his chin. She turned to a quick his hands and broke the neck of Julia. The body of Julia fell, inert on the body of Grace. The head of Julia arose between the two breasts of Grace. Dev turned and saw his friend getting killed by Zoey. It will run in the direction of Zoey, while she started to undress Julia. She had time to remove the panties, revealing her butt and vagina of Julia. Dev lunged on Zoey and took the head, then... CRACK. Zoey neck broke. The body of Zoey had fallen to the floor. His head rested on the vagina of Julia. SeaQuester and the public wasn't the scene with amazement. On the ring, single Dev was standing, with the body of Grace as well as Julia and Zoey. The scene was really erotic that Dev couldn't help to finish naked corpses of 3 women and presentations to the public. The audience that was mostly composed of men, was very happy to discover the bodies of 3 beautiful naked women. Then Dev plaça corpses in an erotic position: Grace was sitting against the post while the head of Zoey was on her vagina and Julia was suspended above Grace with her vagina that touched the head of Grace. The drooling out of Grace and Julia's mouth while the bladder of Zoey was being let go. Dev left the ring leaving a magnificent scene that was very pleasure to the public. Meanwhile, SeaQuester was still under the shock, Grace lost and Zoey were dead. He realized that Dev had humiliated these 3 women, including two who were her friends. He swore that it vengeance. Then he left the ring edge, not daring touched the corpses at the risk of being booed by the audience.

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Photo shared by on in General

Jason was very careful as he moved toward the school. He stepped inside seeing that the halls were empty as he had antcipated with all of the students and teachers already in their first classes. His eyes moved up as he began to hear the sounds of sneakers squeaking down the hall. He moved behind a wall watching closley as the person got closer. He spotted a female student walking down the hall. Blondish brown hair a skinny girl in tight jeans red sneakers. He didn't know of the girl very well not having her in any of his classes but he knw that her name was Sammi. 


Jason waited until Sammi got closer enough and then knelt down on the ground holding his ankle rocking back and forth a bit "owww" he groaned.


Sammi blinked seeing a boy on the ground in the hallway that seemed to be hurt "hey are you alright"? she asked a bit freaked out.


Jason shook his head "come her help please" he begged.

Sammi nervously moved over toward the boy kneeling down "hold on i'll go get a teacher or someth....mmmmmm!"

Jason waited watching as the skinny girl came over kneeling beside him. He quickly moved grabbing a hold of the girl making sure to cover her mouth and moved behind her. He kept a tight grip on her head as she kicked out struggling and then with one twist and sickening snapping sound he snapped her neck to the side.

Sammis eyes glazed over and her head slumped over to the side her arms falling limp to her sides.

Jason dragged the light girl by her hair toward the bathroom. He bent down unlacing her red sneakers letting her small black socked feet hit the ground doing the same to the other foot. He placed the two red snakers outside of the bathroom in hopes of drawing a quick other victim inside out of curiousty.


Jason stepped back inside dragging Sammi limp body up against the wall and waiting.


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