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Posted by on in Bloody Death

This is an old story of mine, but comments and criticism are still welcome. A male assassin takes on a squad of female ninja and their leader. This story is meant to read like a scene out of a yakuza novel.

From a Hypothetical Yakuza Novel, Scene 1

The moonlight streaming in through the skylights gave the ordinary warehouse an eerie gray appearance. The young man's footsteps were oddly silent as he moved through the hallways formed by stacks of crates, gun drawn. He looked like he was dressed for a job interview rather than combat, in a gray business suit, but his upcoming interview had but one motive: revenge.

He paused, his senses taking in his surroundings, and knew that this was the moment of truth. He knew approximately where she was and how many were with her. All that was left was to take one step forward. He stepped. Then, flicking his wrist, he slapped aside the throwing knife that was flying at him with the barrel of his gun.

They all attacked at the same time. There were six of them, two leaping down at him from above, four breaking cover and charging. They were six female ninja, all looking in their late teens. Each was dressed in a short, tight wrap going down to just below her buttocks, and white panties. The wrap was open in front but belted at the waist by a narrow belt, and the panties showed between the flaps of the wrap. White bands of cloth were wrapped around their forearms and lower calves. All were barefoot. Their hair styles, too, were identical, each girl's hair going down to the small of her back, and held back by a headband. Each wielded a tanto: a single-edged knife with a foot-long blade. That meant that his was the only gun in the vicinity. He would have to budget his ammo.

He jumped forward, pushing off at a slight angle to spin in the air. The one leaping from above and to the right slashed and missed. She landed in a crouch. He twisted in the air, to point his gun at the other ninja, who had jumped from her perch behind him. He fired one shot. It hit her low in her right breast, blood splattering over her top. He continued to rotate, rapidly firing once at each of the two ninja that were originally to his left. The first one was shot through the heart. She gasped as the wound between her breasts spurted blood. She managed two more steps, but her life was over. The second one tried to roll to avoid the shot, and was hit in her left shoulder.

He rolled as he landed, passing under a slash from the ninja on his right, firing twice at the ninja in front of him as he rose. The first shot hit her to the left and below her navel, snapping her belt. The second shot hit her in the upper abdomen, just under her left ribs. She was momentarily stunned, as her no-longer-restrained bloodied top flew open, revealing what little it had been concealing of her athletic figure.

The ninja on his right lashed out again with her tanto. He blocked the slash with the barrel of his handgun. He aimed a punch at her right temple as he rose, gun still locked against tanto. She tilted her head to avoid it and lashed out with her left hand to strike at his right flank. His swing was merely a distraction, however, and her fatal mistake was forgetting that the barrel of the gun was not as dangerous as its end: he pivoted the gun, with the tanto as the fulcrum, until it pointed at her face, and pulled the trigger. Her attack was aborted, droplets of blood and brain spattering on his gun hand.

The dead ninja pitched back, messily shot between the eyes. He continued his motion, narrowly evading a thrust from behind, from the ninja he had hit in the shoulder earlier. It opened a long gash in his suit, though not his flesh. He turned again and fired at her as she was recovering from her thrust, having overextended herself in trying to reach him faster. She was half-turned, so the bullet struck her in her lower-left ribs, lodging in the upper abdomen. He retreated, as the remaining ninja tried once again to encircle him, but then, he spotted his real target.

He had only seen blurry photographs of her before, and now she was standing on a container, watching the fight below. The woman looked slightly older than those he was fighting, and was about his height, with a narrow face, and commanding bearing. Her skimpy clothes were of the same cut as those of her minions, but her wrap shimmered slightly, being of fine silk. In the moonlight, he could not see the colors, but he knew that it was jade green, with dragons embroidered in gold thread. He guessed that the pedicured toenails of her bare feet were painted the same color.

He had a momentary clear shot, but when he shifted his gun just slightly, to begin to aim for her form, she read the motion and ducked behind another crate. In the next moment, he paid for this distraction, as a jump-kick from the left and behind caught him completely unprepared. It was his only unharmed attacker: the ninja that had tried to ambush him from the right. He rolled with the kick instinctively as her foot made contact with his ribs, knocking him forward. As he hit the ground, he could feel that at least one rib was cracked.

He used the momentum of his roll to get back up. Two of his foes were on him as the as he regained his footing. On his right was the girl who had jumped at him from behind, bloodstain growing over her right breast. On his left, the girl whose top was open. A stream of blood flowed down her abdomen, not obstructed by cloth, and another lower, soaking her panties. He dodged the slash from the one on the right and pistol-whipped her. Her head rocked back, a few drops of blood flying from the split lip. This gave him a chance to block the slash from the one on the left with the barrel of his gun. She surprised him, letting go of her weapon and grasping his wrist, pushing off with her feet to tackle him. Her left arm snaked around his right shoulder, in almost an embrace, her bared breasts pushing against his chest and their faces inches apart, as he staggered back, trying to stay on his feet.

He pulled the trigger, the bullet ripping into her stomach at a steep angle. She held on, her pretty face set in a mask of determination. He managed to heave her to the side, interposing her between himself and the other attacker to buy himself a few moments, wincing as his ribs reacted to the exertion. In the meantime, she managed to bring her arm into a stronger embrace, pressing herself against him harder. He could feel the girl's labored breath on his face, a drop of blood appearing on her lip. He fired again, and the girl's legs jerked once and went limp: the bullet damaged her spine. She maintained her hold, but her strength was waning rapidly.

Not rapidly enough, as the ninja who had jump-kicked him rejoined the fray. He was attacked from two sides, but his back was to a container. Desperately he jumped away from the new threat and her slash passed inches away from the back of his neck. His luck held as he barreled into the other girl, pushing her dying teammate into her and onto her blade. She fell back. He shifted his weight, passing her on the side. His arm stretched, firing into her temple as she fell. She was killed instantly, with the almost point-blank shot, her brain splattered on the side of the container.

Only two minions remained alive, one wounded in the shoulder and lower ribs, the other unharmed. His gun's magazine was almost empty, however, and they would hardly give him a chance to reload. At the same time, he noticed that their leader was once again observing the battle, standing atop another crate. Yet, he knew that she would hide at the first sign that he was targeting her. He had a better idea.

The unharmed ninja pursued him. Over a few seconds, he parried her attacks with the barrel of his gun. She was careful to keep it from pointing at her, and the fact that her weapon was bladed and his was not gave her some control over this, though she was suspicious that he was holding back for some reason. Through parrying and dodging, they had switched positions, so that the other surviving minion was running at him from behind, and he had retreated to where his previous two kills lay. This suited her fine. The twice-wounded ninja reached the fray, thrusting at his back.

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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

Just something I wrote quickly as a present for Raul in return for all of his fantastic Imperial Trooper vs. Rebel pictures. :)

I thought I'd share it with you guys as well!




It's hot! The heat surrounds us, sticking to our skin tighter than the black tops and white panties we wear. My armour is stifling as I trek through the jungle with my sisters. Swatting at bugs, I grumble in annoyance.

"What was that, slut!?" Yells an older trooper near the front of our column, the sergeant looking back as she shouts. I fall quiet immediately, but I'm not the only one getting fed up of trekking through the mud and bugs!

I swat at a mosquito the size of my fist and resist the urge to use my blaster! We were supposed to be sneaking up on the fort of a native species to this planet though. The primitive bitches wouldn't clear out when we showed up, and now the Empress wanted us to remove them by force!

There are a couple of hundred of us, but it shouldn't take that many. The amazon sluts didn't even have guns! They still used bows and arrows, this was going to be a cakewalk.... if we ever got there!

"AIIIIIIIE!" A shriek from nearby has everyone raise their weapons, ready to fight... but there's no enemy! A blonde trooper, her young perky tits heaving against her black top had been grabbed by a hefty snake-like creature hanging from a tree.

"Help me!" she cries out as the snake-thing wraps its long body around her, cocooning her in its tight embrace while holding her by the neck as she's lifted off of her feet. She's practically crying, but the sergeant raises her hand... we're not to help her; if we fired, it may alert the amazons to our presence! The blonde girl cries out again as the snake begins to squeeze her violently, her arms up to try and pry it away but it's too strong. I can only watch--feeling the dampness in my panties--as she's slowly hauled up into the foliage far above.

About halfway up her struggles stop, her eyes staring down blankly as her tongue hangs out of her mouth; she was snake food now, and the dribble of cum running down her inner thigh glistens in the light. I shudder with a taboo excitement at the thought of the snake devouring the young blonde...

We've lost a number of troopers to predators along the way, and a small squad had gotten their dumb selves caught in quicksand. We still had plenty to get the job done though!

Arrows suddenly fill the air though! These were from predators of a different sort.

"URRRRGH!" a trooper takes an arrow right between her plump breasts, her finger squeezing the trigger of her blaster as it spasms from the pain filling her body. She falls to her knees, then falls face-down in the mud. I jump over her body, looking for cover as more arrows fill the air!

"YAAAAAAI!" A tall brunette beside me with a green barette in her hair takes an arrow to her belly, her eyes wide as she looks down at it in surprise and shock! A second arrow takes her quickly in the throat, and she gurgles out a trickle of blood as her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses backwards. The girl's legs kick up a bit, her white panties marked by mud and cum as she dies on her back like the slut she was!

Girls are dying all around me now. I slide into cover behind a fallen tree, but behind me over a dozen troopers are dead in the mud. A blonde's blue eyes stare at me silently as she lays across the body of a dying redhead, and I stare back, trying not to notice the arrow sticking out of the girl's back.

"Form up, return fire!" shouts the sergeant, firing wildly into the trees as she does. The arrows are coming from above us! I look up and see movement. I raise my blaster, but the target disappears before I can fire. Frantic, I look about as the deathscreams of my sisters fill the air.

"GRAAAAAAAG--" a black-haired trooper clutches at the arrow buried in her guts, only to have a second and third one plunge into her chest, spearing her tits and killing her instantly. She falls back into a pile with three other dead troopers, the pile of cooling meat providing cover for another trooper who had thought to duck behind it.

"FIRE YOU DUMB BITCHES!" cries the sergeant again, and I follow her order!

My lasers blast into the trees and I'm rewarded by a high-pitched shriek as a body tumbles nearly thirty feet to the muck below. She's tall, blonde, and almost naked! The girl wears only a grey loincloth as she writhes in the mud and soon dies. Fried one!

The surviving troopers soon spread out. We'd have reinforcements in minutes, but for now we were on our own! We fire, and start getting kills, but continue taking losses.

A redhead who looks a year or two older than me slides into cover right beside me. As she sits up to fire, she takes an arrow to her throat! I glance over, but continue to fire, as she chokes and clutches at the arrow. Her eyes look to me, as if I could help her! Soon, she falls forward over the log we'd been behind, her ass in the air and her head and arms dangling downwards. She dies like that, and I can smell her climax as her twitching body finally falls still! I can't help myself and slap her dead ass with a smirk, and take her gun in case I needed the ammo!

"T55! T02! T94! T63 & T88!" the sergeant cries out, "Push forward! Break out of the ring they've formed and flank them!"

I gulp as the other troopers called move into position. Even as an arrow whizzes past my head, I hurry to follow them. The rest of my sisters continue to hold their positions, firing into the trees and occasionally striking one of the beautiful amazon girls who were slaughtering us! I can see several corpses caught in the branches overhead, smoke rising from their scorched, naked flesh.

Jumping over several trooper corpses, their young bodies flat in the mud and their clean uniforms soiled by dirt and blood, we push forward! Suddenly, arrows are flying at US! We don't stand a chance!

T02, a young blonde with a pink barette in her long hair, takes an arrow to one breast. Her charge falters, her scream loud and piercing before a second arrow slams into her belly. Her panties are dark with cum as she thrusts her hips forward, "URRRRRAAAA!!!" she howls as she falls into the mud.

T88 doesn't get much farther, the brunette taking a pair of arrows to her chest, and a third to her shoulder. She spins as she falls, her blaster flying from her hands. "AIIIIIIE!" She lands ontop of T02, their bodies twitching and heaving as they die.

The three survivors, myself included, panic, our charge broken as we stop to fire upwards. T94 takes an arrow between her shoulderblades. Her chest thrusts forward as she screams out in pain, blood running down her back. A second arrow hits the small of her back, and her knees buckle, "GAAAAAARRGGGH...." her guttural cry cut short by a third arrow hitting her neck from the side. The braided redhair of the trooper flips about as her neck twists to the side and she falls sideways into the mud.

I clench my teeth, my panties soaking wet with anticipation now. Then I'm hit! An arrow hits me right below my right breast. My whole body seizes up as I gasp out, then I'm hit again in the belly!

"N-NYAAAAAAH!" I can't hold in my shriek as I realize I'd just been killed! My blaster goes off twice more as my hand cramps up and my muscles tighten. My eyes clench shut as I feel my balance give way, pain exploding in my mind as I fall backwards! I land on something soft, but I'm too busy cumming hard to wonder what it is. My panties are a mess, the white fabric clinging to my skin.

The position I'd landed in makes a spectacle of my poor cum-soaked panties, my legs spread and my hips lifted as I lay atop the bodies of T02 & T88. I gasp and choke, staring at the arrows jutting up from my body even as my vision starts to darken! Oh god! I was in a bodypile. A second orgasm rips through me as I realize I was going to die piled up like meat with the other two girls!

Grinding my teeth against the pain, I realize my blaster has fallen out of my hands, my whole body seems heavy I could just... relax... here... my hands fall limply to my sides, my head falling back to rest on the belly of T88.

"Fuck! Stupid bitches!" the sergeant yells as she watches T55's twitching, arrow-riddled body stop moving. T63 goes down last, an arrow in her throat for her to choke on as she dies. "T44, T24, T78, T90 & T97! Your turn! Try not to fuck it up like those sluts did!"

I'm already dead though, and can't hear them. The battle is eventually won for the Empire, and the fort is taken... but with heavy casualties...

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

Notes on setting, Character and story
The situation is as my last story was. Women chased down in a fantasy situation and their bodies judged for "points" in a deadly blood sport like none other.
The setting is an abandoned summer camp that has been acquired by a private hunting lodge and converted into closed sporting area.
Ken and Amanda, a young couple with a interest in the bizarre new game have taken to the field as hunters.
Ken is a young experienced hunter who normally hunts deer in Kentucky.
Amanda, Red headed young woman with an athletic volley-ball build waivers between feminist outrage, curiosity, and sometimes outright excitement, though she hides this from her boyfriend.
Our doomed heroine this time will be the popular Brittany-girl (No obtrusive sexuality)
. We join her in her final exploits early morning inside the camp. The hunters are hosting a pre-season warm up game and Brittany finds herself being pursued by a group of enthusiastic men looking to score some points by successfully bringing down the skinny vivacious DS vixen.
When I say "girl" I use shorthand slang for women in their 20's. No acceptations.

The girls had been gathered in the reconstructed meeting hall of the camp. In the center there was sets of clothing laying out, all following the color scheme of light brown, the lining or hemming white. "don't worry ladies." A voice over a speaker said. "we wont make you go out there dressed in bright pinks or reds, we actually prefer to not lose very much of you after all. We don't want to spend money to acquire new talent." Brittany dug through the pile and found what looked like a "tank-kini" bathing suite. A cross between the bikini bottoms but with a more modest matching tank top. Like the other clothes it was light brown and trimmed with white.
She excused herself to a corner and switched into the suite. It was surprisingly comfortable, made out of athletic material for jogging or sports play. She next walked over to a pile of tennis shoes, all brown with white to match the outfits and selected her size.
"These actually are pretty good shoes!" she gushed. A few of the other girls stared at her strangely. "even if they are kind of ugly, I mean comfort counts. Right?" She suddenly felt very silly and stopped herself form adding anymore.
The voice from the speaker was suddenly back "Three minutes" .
The girls where all waiting in a fenced in area outside the gathering hall now. A horn sounded and two large gates swung open. A flock of young women gushed through the opening. Chattering and whispering good lucks in low voices. Brittany jogged along a group of three other girls. All wearing the same colored clothing. But the clothing itself was different styles. One girl had short jogging shorts and a t-shirt, another was wearing a one-piece athletic suite like a gymnast. Still a third had a tank top and a short tennis skirt. As she jogged and the wind teased the skirt up her matching brown and white bloomers could be seen complimenting her over all outfit.

They had jogged for about five minutes when suddenly there was a loud "clang". The girl in the skirt yelped and fell over. All three other women stopped and stared at the girl on the ground. "OH NO! WAS SHE SHOT?" the girl in the one piece asked.
"No I'm fine, I'm fine. My ankle is stuck in something." Kelly was already looking at the offending object. A kind of rubber guarded bear trap with no metal teeth. The girl's ankle was unharmed but held firmly by the gripping rubber coated mouth.
"does it hurt?!" The girl in the shorts asked.
"No, it doesn't hurt at all, didn't even break skin. I'm just stuck." She tried in vain to open the grip on the trap. "what a stupid trap," The one piece wearing girl said. "If it can't kill us then what's the point of having it here?"

Brittany had a sinking feeling. "To slow the rest of us down". The other three girls looked at her. Kelly began to explain. "She's not hurt or dead, so we wont want to leave her behind. This way when the hunter comes back for the trap well all be right here. waiting…"

Their eyes were all wide open now. "Wait no!" the stuck girl suddenly realized what the implications were. If the others wanted to live they would have to leave her to the hunters. Brittany could already here a group approaching. Before she could talk herself out of it and get herself killed Brittany turned and bolted up a small hill on the far side of the trail and hid behind a tree. The girl in jogging shorts came quickly behind her, pumping her legs fast.
The one piece girl though stayed with the stuck skirt and tried prying at the trap. Kelly watched a tense group of three young men cautiously approaching the two girls in the middle of the trail. "Oh this next part is going to be bad sweetie" Brittany said to the jogger.
The three hunters had gotten off the trail and were approaching the girls through the woods running alongside the road. They looked like frat brothers from some silly Delta Omega campus home or something.
The pretty girl in the one piece was still bent over the trap. Her long red hair fluttering in the breeze. Her brown eyes flitting over the mechanism that held the skirted girl down. She was unaware a quick end to
her existence was now imminent. Now one took aim. Kelly winced and bit her lower lip. There was only a short pause.
There was a loud pop and the red head jerked. The bullet struck her just underneath her left breast. She placed her left hand gently over the wound. Here eyes were squeezed shut and her lips pressed together in pain. She remained in her sitting position, not attempting to get up or run. Here eyes lulled slightly and her lips were ever so slightly parted. The hunters were approaching now casually.
The red head fell backwards, her one hand still held against her wound the other arm flung away slightly from her body. Meanwhile the skirted girl struggled uselessly with her ankle trap. They were about ten feet away now. One of the hunters stopped and aimed again at the dying red head. He fired and the bullet struck her in her upper stomach. The girl arched her back in pain. Her heals dug into the dirt and every muscle in her body tensed and held. With this dramatic motion her one piece was pulled close to her body, clinging to every curve. Kelly could see her figure was near perfect. Her thighs were toned and taught with muscle, her stomach had the soft two outline curves of feminine stomach muscle and her breasts where firm and full.
The girl held the arc position for a amazing five seconds, then sudden she let out a long slow moan. Her muscles relaxing and going slack against her will. She seemed to deflate almost, slowly melting into repose. Finally her entire body was limp and spread out on the ground. It was over. Her mouth hung just barely open and she closed her eyes. She could almost have looked like she was sleeping.
Seeing her comrade's end the skirt girl jumped up to her feet and began pulling her leg up hard and fast in a attempt to dislodge the trap from the ground. Her skirt flying wildly.
Another hunter took a kneeling position and aimed. There was another pop and the skirt girl jerked with the hit. The bullet struck here directly between her breasts. For a brief second here pretty straight brown hair fluttered with the wind and her big blue eyes crossed hard. A look of shock across her face. It could almost have been comical.
Now suddenly her eyes uncrossed and rolled up in her head. At the same time here eyelids closed shut. She let out a brief loud, girlish sigh and collapsed. First to her knees then she fell to her right side. Her skirt flew up and rested above her waste. Her brown and white bloomers pulled taut against her buttocks, the soft curve of her bottom displayed perfectly and the exposed white skin along the edges of her rump where the bloomer did not cover played well with the colors of the fabric.
The hunters came forward. Whooping and cheering. The one who took the skirt girl got to his kill first. He slowed down and prodded her thigh just underneath the buttock with his gun barrel. The girl's body rocked back and forth gently but she did not move. Her eyes were also closed now and her tongue had lulled out and rested limply against her bottom lip.
The hunter put his gun barrel underneath the girls wrist which was lying against her stomach and lifted her arm slightly above her body. He directed the limp arm up higher and away from her torso then let it flop to the ground. Satisfied she was dead he called for his friend to take his picture. He kneeled behind her and lifted her upper torso up for the camera with his left hand and held her head so her face was visible with his right. The photo was snapped and he gently laid her back down. "pretty little thing isn't she!" he exclaimed.
The other hunter walked up to the dead redhead. "She has perfect hip proportions. I love her eight figure!" He exclaimed.
"Poor brave redhead" Kelly though.
He bent down at her upper torso and leaned over her. He took her chink in one hand gently and put his other hand against the back of her head . he gave it a small jerk quickly and there were to little snapping noises (click, click). "Just to be sure, Don't want her suddenly regaining consciousness on the way back to camp.
The Third hunter took out a clipboard and a small length of measuring tape. He handed it to the hunter with the redhead. The hunter leaning next to the skirt girl took out a pair of calipers. The girl in the traps skirt still rested above her hip and the hunter bent down near the middle of her body. He pinched the female's buttocks through the soft fabric of her bloomers and measured the flesh between his fingers with the small device. "she's only two percent body fat on the rump!" he announced.
Meanwhile the other hunter had wrapped the tape measure around the dead Red heads calves, then her thighs. He very gently rolled her onto her belly, and now measured the diameter of her butt. He rolled her over again onto her back and measured her hips and the deep curve at the center of her eight figure. "damn near perfect". He exclaimed. He jotted his measurements down on a piece of paper. "she had to be a nine at least!" he shouted back to his friends. And now he turned to measure her ample bosoms. "These are gonna be a ton of points right here too!" Kelly watched the hunter recording the dead girl's measurements and felt angry at those sexist pigs. "OUR LOOKS! IS THIS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!" she whispered angrily. At least the red head still had that peaceful serene look on her face. Eyes gently closed.
The trap killer had pulled the skirt off of his victim and had finished most of his measurements too. "This one could beat your chick I think!". He now hefted the dead girl over is shoulder with his right arm and balanced her there. He gave her rump a light smack with his opposite hand. "Hardly anything on this little gazelle other then woman toned muscle."

The other hunter now lifted the one piece girl over his shoulders. Balancing equal amounts of her upper and lower torso over each shoulder so the bend of her lower stomach was pressed against the back of his neck, her legs bend forward and hung down on his right side her upper torso hung on the left and her arms dangled under her.
"Lets get these ladies back to camp and on display, I want to hear what the other guys think". And they carried the dead women away, their limp bodies rocking slightly on their shoulder. Red's arms swung limply with the motion.
They waited till they were out of sight, then Brittany and the jogger headed away from the kill site.

Brittany and the shorts girl rushed down the other side of the hill. "Holy CRAP!" the golden blonde jogger exclaimed. "Look out!". Brittany looked across the field in front of them and saw a young couple wearing hunting gear staring at them in utter shock.
"OH KEN LOOK! THERES TWO!" the red haired woman shouted. The jogger ran to the left and Brittany Took off to the right.
"just my luck". Brittany thought. "I stumbled right into some". The hunters were just as surprised as the girls. And watched both young ladies run in different directions. "Which one?" the man asked. Kelly listened as she ran. "The dark haired one!" the other girl gushed. Brittany Felt a sudden rush of panic "Me?! Why me?!"
"OK lets get her!". Brittany glanced over her shoulder and to her horror saw that the hunters were ignoring the blonde who's ponytail bobbed in the air as she ran, making her escape. They were both running full out after her.
Brittany ran towards a group of cabins. If she could get into one she could then run out the back and give them the slip. She crossed the field with all the strength in her legs. Pushing herself to speeds she didn't know she could get to. She looked over her shoulder and the man had dropped to his knee and was now aiming his bow at her. The woman looked like she was cheering on her favorite team. "Don't let her get away!" Amanda whooped.
"Too late to shoot at me" Brittany thought. I'm already at the door. She reached out and grabbed the handle…only to find it locked. She stood there shocked for a moment. The other cabins! She had to get to one. She turned around for a moment to plan her next move and in the same split second she faced her pursuers Ken let a arrow fly. Brittany watched stunned and unable to move as a dark streak zipped towards her.
Suddenly a force pushed against her so hard it almost made her stumble. There was suddenly a burst of pain in her stomach. Brittany looked down expecting the worst. There was an arrow stuck in her alright. Maybe a inch above her navel and another inch to the left. It had entered her body at slight angle and sunk in at a slant. It had sunk in deep but not exited from the back.
"YES!" Amanda screamed. "WE GOT HER!"
"A DAMN GOOD SHOT WASN'T IT HONEY!" Ken yelled back.
Suddenly Brittany's mind thought back to what the other hunters had said over the bodies of the other girls. "Lets get these ladies back to camp and on display…"
"I don't want to be put on display!" Brittany thought to herself hysterically. That's when her mind shouted back an answer to her. "THEN RUN GIRL! RUN! " Brittany could feel an energy rising up from the back of her thighs and into her buttocks. Before she even knew it she was sprinting with even more strength then she had when running to the cabins. She headed for the trees and the forest ahead. Making it into the cover of the woods before he hunters could follow.
Amanda looked perplexed. "I can't believe she could do that! Just run away! I thought she was going to fall down and die."
Ken turned to her. "its harder then that to bring one of these chicks down. She might have been short and slender dear but she was almost all muscle. But don't worry we want her to run anyway."
Amanda turned to him. "we do?"
"yes" can said with a smirk. "Those arrows are hollow on the inside. The arrow head had a tunnel leading to the shaft and out the back of it. The pressure of the arrow hitting her causes a suction that starts literally sucking her blood out, its like she's running away with a vampire on her back.
"Oh, I see. So do we just follow her?" Kelly said
"Yup! After awhile she'll get really tired and sleepy, then we can catch up."
"and then we…" Amanda made the motion for a bow and arrow firing.
"She might already be dead by the time we find her, we just gotta keep her running and wasting energy."
Amanda felt suddenly excited. Sexually charged and aggressive. She suddenly could almost excuse men for objectifying women. This was a thrill! Her and her boyfriend hunting down that pretty dark haired girl. "and her wearing that cute little outfit while we do it!" she thought. This whole scenario was… well kind of sexy. She was going die in something that wasn't much more then underwear. Vulnerable and exposed.
"well lets go get her!" Amanda said with noticeable excitement.

Brittany couldn't convince herself to slow down. She was out of breath and had given herself a headache from all the running but her legs wouldn't let up. It was the pain that finally brought her to a halt. Her entire belly now felt like it was on fire. "OooHH" she moaned and sat down on a log, nervously looking around. She couldn't see her pursuers so she turned her attention to her stomach again. The arrow was still there, sunk in deep into her body. She timidly put one hand on it and tried to give it a tug. There was a ball of sudden pain deep within her. "agghhh!" she let the arrow go. She studied her belly again. It was then that she noticed there didn't seem to be any blood on her athletic tank top. "where's the blood?" she whispered to herself. She put her hands on the wound then under it. Finally she quickly swiped them over the front of her bikini bottoms and pivoted her hips, glancing over her shoulder to see if it had dripped backwards and down her rump as she ran.
She was perplexed when suddenly she heard some dripping and turned her attention to the arrow itself. It was then that she noticed a steady stream of blood coming out of the arrow and dripping away from her body and onto the ground. "that's so strange" , she thought drearily. Then a thought hit her hard. "This means I've left a trail! That they could follo…" It was then that she heard a branch crunch somewhere behind her and Amanda yell "There she is!" Brittany Jumped to her feet and was off and running again.

Ken turned to his girlfriend. "Just a little bit more now Amanda. Not much longer at all!"
Amanda was following the girl with her eyes, watching her legs pump and her rump work under the fabric of her bottoms. Amanda felt fully aroused and more predatory then she ever thought possible. Brittany running made her want to chase more then anything else. And so she did. Her and Ken both.
Brittany found herself slowing down in spite of her urges to go faster. Her stomach still hurt badly. Her legs were now going wobbly and she almost tripped. Suddenly she realized she couldn't get away. She slowed to a walk and found a soft looking patch of grass and fell to her knees. She now knew the hunters trick with the arrow. The more she ran the faster she bled. Her own heart had been used against her to smuggle out her very life without her knowing it. They were keeping her running to help the job along. "so sneaky" she said dreamily.
"I see her!" Amanda yelled from a short distance behind her. Brittany groaned. They were going to get their dead girl to display after all. Brittany's legs now gave up suddenly and she collapsed to her side, then rolled onto her back facing up. Her stomach was still hurting. She now found herself wondering how many points the couple would get for her. More then the skirt girl? Tie with the Red head? Now she looked up and the couple was above her. The girl looked down on her with a look of stimulated excitement. The man stepped forward. "lets finish the poor girl off."
"How do we do it? Amanda asked?"
Ken walked forward. The female had run father then he ever felt possible. With all that blood loss her heart must be weak now. A good sudden shock of pain would stop the beating. He bent over her and grabbed the arrow. Brittany moaned lightly. Now he gave it a quick jerk and pulled it out in one motion.
"UUUUGGHHHHH!!!" Every muscle in Brittany's body tensed With the sudden pain. She arched her back and pulled her one leg in close, she stuck the other out hard, straight along the ground, muscles incredibly tense. Her heart fluttered wildly, then stopped without any warning. "This is it…." Her last thoughts said. This is….." She let out a low moan as she died. "mmhhmmm…"
Amanda watched the girls last minute writhes. She watched the muscles in her stomach and legs and chest tense so strongly. Amanda was holding her breath suddenly as the girl moaned. She was still holding it when every muscle in the woman's body, very slowly, went completely limp. Her eyes closed softly and her head turned to the side. Brittany's limp tongue slowly rolled out of her mouth. There was a final soft sigh. "That's it!" Amanda thought. "She's dead!" Amanda suddenly let out her breath and breathed in hard again. She had a sudden tremor in her mid-driff and she realized she had a mini-orgasm.

Amanda was still breathing hard. "Ken get the camera." She said. She walked over to Brittany's body and got into a kneeling position. She then pulled Brittany's body up into frame and held her by her shoulders. Ken snapped the photo with Amanda triumphantly holding the kill.
Ken bent down and draped Brittany's body over his shoulders.
Amanda turned to him " Lets get her back to camp and on display… I want to see what the judges think!"
Ken smiled. "Sure"
Amanda eyes watched the dead girl rocking slightly on Ken's shoulders. Her eyes followed the kill from the feet, up the calves, over the thighs, and to the curve of the butt where her suit bottoms had pulled tight making it look like she was wearing a half thong.
"I bet we get a lot of points" Amanda said. "she has a great little butt". With that Amanda reached over and gave Brittany's rump a light smack.
Ken smiled. This was a perfect girlfriend.

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The young women had followed after the doe for their third hour now. A lovely and busty young blonde woman with big blue eyes. She did not know the hunters were there, it was a simple habit and maybe some sort of six sense intuition that kept the girl on the move.
She seemed relaxed enough, taking the time to frolick among the soft star-moss and grass and drink from a small stream before skipping further away from her hunters. An almost effortless choir for her but a terrible burden for the women hunting her. They had to keep pace with their quarry at a brisk pace, all the while keeping concealed in thick foliage and taking care to move silently through twigs, broken branches, and loose rustling leaves.

The two women hunting the nude doe were cousins, College sorority girls through and through who secretly harbored a little wild outdoorsy bend with a taste for more un-restrained stimulation. That is why this un-lady like sport with a cruel predatory twist held such allure for them. A chance to be one of the boys and experiment with small budding sadistic tendencies.

They both attended the same college. The first girl was a vivacious and lusty redhead. A nineteen year old college freshman and a sporty type of girl, she had participated in archery in high school and it was her who had suggested the hunt.

Her cousin, a more girly-girl type had been fascinated with secretly sneaking out for a hunting expedition over her three day weekend and then quietly returning to her classes, internship, and party life with none of her friends being the wiser. A twenty one year old junior she was just as blonde and shapely as the woman the girls were trying to hunt. They closed in on the blonde woman and she knelt to study some particularly attractive wild flowers growing in a spot of light that seeped in through an opening in the deep woods foliage. Suddenly she had lost interest and raising her curvacious nude form back up she skipped merrily out of range again.

The older huntress shook her head and blew a gust of air up and over her forehead, knocking her blond bangs out of her eyes. "This is not at all what I was hoping for, Why don't we just let this one go and track down some of those brunettes we saw awhile ago?"
The younger woman grimaced. "Their not as pretty, and besides the point of 'hunting' is to hunt. You get the excitement and the rush from finally making a kill that you thought you couldn't get.
Laura the blonde rolled her eyes. "We've been staring at this chicks rump all day as she keeps moving and we haven't gotten to take a shot".
Her cousin returned a sympathetic smile. "I know but I want to take her. She's whats called a "trophy doe". When we bring her back to the lodge her body featured will be measured and recorded. Good legs, butt, and boobs not to mention low body fat will tell us how many points she's worth. We might even win a prize for bringing a girl with her figure back."
Laura sighed. "So we follow this frolicking bimbo all day and hope she dies of a stroke?" Amanda, her cousin rolled her eyes now. "We wait until were close enough... to take her". "Just get into the mood. Don't think about time or discomfort. Get excited and use the stimulation to enjoy the hunt."
"See?" Amanda pointed at her green tanktop. "my nips have been sticking through my shirt for the last ten minutes, we must be getting close to making a kill." Laura chuckled a little and followed her cousin as she silently darted after the blonde.

They found the leggy blonde in a small clearing, lying on her stomach and watching as small gathering of butterflies.

"Oh thats it sweety enjoy the view" Amanda whispered. Laura crept next to her cousin and responded in the hushed whisper tone they suddenly had started using. "What cup size do you think this girl is?"
"I don't know" Amanda responded under her breathe. " I doubt she would either. Doe's rarely wear clothes and it wouldn't be totally unheard of for one to live out her whole life without ever putting on some panties or a bra."
Laura suddenly felt a small tightness in her chest and found she was breathing a little heavier. "This is the longest time she has stopped yet!" She was still whispering in hushed tones. Amanda was fixed on the girl with her brown eyes. "She seems to go straight north, then west, then north, then west. She just went North if we sprint ahead and west we should be able to catch her coming towards us."
Laura Watched the young woman in the field. She was still laying on her stomach and her ankles were bent up into the air and back over towards her body. She peddled her legs closer to her buttocks and then back away playfully as she stared, deep in thought at the butterflies.
"If we don't kill her with the first shot will she get away?" Laura asked her younger cousin.

"Its pretty common that if even we hit her she will run for awhile. These women are pretty athletic and will usually sprint until their tired. Then we can close in and finish her. With that she stood up "Come on lets get into position"

The two women sneaked a distance to the west of the doe then quickly sprinted through the brush until they could barely see the light from the open clearing the woman was resting in. "Both girls were breathing hard and Amanda explained to Laura how to slow down her breathing and relax her body tension to regain quick composure." They had just managed to return to a resting state when they saw the bobbing figure of the girl as she pranced towards them, every now and then glancing over her shoulder to were the hunters would have been had they not switched their course. Even without knowing for sure if her would-be killers had ever been in the area the doe was a cautious and impish girl who usually trusted any suspicous inklings she received. This had served her well all twenty three years of her life and had dutifully given the female a small jolt of caution and energy. However Elly had over-thought her instinct. Trying to guess and maneuver on her own she stuck to her pattern and moved west away from where she assumed a theoretical hunter might be and closer to the two waiting young women preparing to take her.
---------------------------------------------------------------The approach
"Here she comes." Laura whispered with a rushed breathe. She could suddenly feel herself gulping in ragged bursts of air and could feel a cold sheen of perspiration on her forehead. Before she could understand what her body was telling her her nipples suddenly pushed into the soft fabric of her green T-shirt. "Oh this is weird," Laura spoke in a soft hushed tone. "I think I just got a lesbian boner or something".
Amanda looked over at her cousin and noticed the knitted brow and lilting eyelids. Indicative of sexual arousal. She felt it too and had for some time. "Its not all that uncommon to be turned on by the prospective of a kill. It gives you a shot of adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphines which can boost you reaction time and physical endurance and concentration. Don't shy away from it let yourself have the whole experience it will help you.
Amanda watched the girl as she came closer. Her large full breasts and flat stomach were taut and toned. Her powerful and athletic looking thighs would tense and relax each step and her well splayed hips gave her a seductive bikini model gate to her stride. Amanda found herself suddenly muttering like a old drunk hunter from the outdoor sportsmen channel "oh here we go, here she comes. Come on sweety get a little closer, thats a good girl, a little close cutey".
Laura was still breathing in short spastic breathes. "Shes a little hottie and a half, the boys are going to miss her tight little package."
"That is the truth if anything is! Amanda whispered back".
Amanda put a arrow into her bow and now she rested her rump on the side of her foot in a resting position. There was just enough room to pull the bowstring all the way back for a shot. Laura readied a arrow too, then turned to the younger woman. "I'm shaking a little bit and feel kinda buzzed, Do you want to take the shot?" Amanda adjusted her weight but never took her eyes of off Elly as she approached. "Yeah. I'll make the shot, just be ready if I don't hit, you shoot next. We need to at least tag her with a arrow to weaken her."
---------------------------------------------------------------The KiLL
Elly was only now the length of a small parking lot away and within bow range. "I'll try to hit her in the upper torso somewhere close to the center, I'm hoping for a chest shot." Laura watched fixated and nodded for a reply. "She's already close enough but I want to be sure." Amanda could hear laura's heavy breathing coming out with quick jerks and pauses.
She waited for as long as she thought she could without giving themselves away. "This should do, Amanda whispered. "I'll take her now". With that Amanda took aim at Elly's center and slowly relaxed the muscles in her fingers until the bowstring slipped free and fired the arrow in a straight and true line at the young college girl.

Elly had stopped just suddenly when she heard a strange "thwang" sound and was only waiting a moment before the arrow struck the girl just to the left and a little above her navel.
Amanda watched her arrow strike the woman. Elly's eyes shot wide for a moment and she let out a almost comical yelp, like someone had splashed cold water on her. She bounced on the heels of her feet and jumped a little into the air. Her hands were at her sides and palms out for only a half of a second and suddenly and with surprising agility she turned a whole one hundred and eighty degrees and sprinted away, sometimes skipping gracefully and leaping like a ballerina over fallen trees and rocks.
"We got her!" Laura yelped. "She's sprinting like the dickens!" Amanda replied. "Will that arrow be enough?" Laura said popping to her feet and storing her bow over her shoulder. "I think that was a good shot it felt good and looked like it went in pretty good. I think thats enough to take her, we have to chase her down though and see where she falls." With that both girls took off after dying doe.

Elly still had no clue what had happened. She was just skipping through the woods enjoying a good cold breeze on her inner thighs when suddenly someone had punched her in the stomach. Or it felt like someone had. The air had been knocked out of her and it felt like electricity had shot through her from her head to her feet. Elly Fawn did the one thing that came naturally to her. She sprinted away. She was strong and graceful and nimble and that had never failed her. Not once.

However now she had only run a short distance and the young and gentle naive blonde realized something seemed very different. Instead of hopping over large rocks and trees she was going around them. Instead of letting a little hop and spring into her step she was just now jogging with the methodical plodding of a woman running on a treadmill. She was not out of breathe like she had been running a long time but tired like she had woken early in the morning after a sleepless night, and something more. She did not feel like she was getting a full breathe of air when she inhaled and the muscles in her stomach felt hot and sore. Not just sore but tired and exhausted like she had done a million sit-ups.

"Ouch" Elly spoke out loud and dreamily. She slowed to a jog and ran her fingers over her forehead and moved her long blonde hair out of the way. She now slowed to a stroll She looked down now at her flat tummy and only now discovered the arrow embedded into her firm abs. She kept walking and lightly laid a hand on the arrow. Letting out a soft moan and knitting her eyebrows in pain. "Oh my". She said to no one in particular. Secretly Elly had always believed her whole life that she would be just too cute to shoot. Surely her little tight figure and sweet face coupled with her girly mannerisms and feminine movements would deter a hunter from bringing her down. She could not believe one had been so cruel as to go through with a hunt on her. To bring it all the way to the end and then finish it. "So mean." She whispered now. Not being entirely sure why she whispered. She felt tipsy and buzzed like she had binged on some wine coolers. " No really". She muttered wonderingly to no one at all. "That was so mean."

Suddenly she felt like she wasn't there at all. Her eyes crossed for just a moment and Elly allowed herself to sink to her knees. She brushed her hair over her shoulders and behind her ears again. Then let her weight sink to her right side and steadied herself with her right hand. She whimpered a little at the thought of running away from her pursuers in this state. It seemed totally undignified to keep scrambling away from her hunters with a ungraceful butch swagger and gimp. Elly took pride in her femininity, Her girlish ways. She was not one of those die hard survivalists from popular TV shows. She was a graceful wisp of a girl and now still in this dire moment she decided she would not trundle on. She straightened her hair for the third time and stretched out her legs slightly to better rest her weight. She lay down and leaned on her elbow so she could rest. She could hear the snapping of twigs and the rustling of foliage as her pursuers rushed upon her. "Fair game". Elly stated. She was feeling incredibly tired and tipsy. She winced at the though of what was about to come next but wanted to die with grace "Oh I hope this next part is quick. '7 She thought to herself. Suddenly she didn't feel much like even propping herself into the pseudo sitting position and allowed herself to lay on her side as the hunters closed to finish her.

"There she is!" Amanda could see the blonde had slowed. Suddenly the doe halted . lowered herself to the ground. Almost in slow motion she collapsed first to her knees. Then to the side of her thigh, then to her side on the ground. "She's down!" Laura chirped and they both rushed forward.

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