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Posted by on in Amazon Combat

I wake up to the sounds of klaxxons blaring. Red light sweeps across the barrack room me and my sister-troopers had been assigned.

 "Incoming Rebel Attack" a robotic voice declares, its monotone expression sounding disinterested. The message repeats as I push myself out of my bed, my naked body trembling with excitement.

"Come on, bitches! Battlestations!" My commander's voice prompts me to move faster as she steps into the room. I slide the white briefs of my uniform up my legs, settling them across my firm ass and hips even as the commander storms across the room to ensure we weren't slacking. "Those rebel sluts think they can just take our ship? We'll show them what the Empire thinks of their shitty little plans!"

We dress quickly, though several girls get a sharp crack of the commander's baton as a reminder that the Empire didn't tolerate lollygagging. As I pull my black top over my head, settling it across the humps of my B-cup breasts, I can't help but notice the way my hard nipples poke through the otherwise smoothly drawn fabric; I couldn't wait to kill some rebels!

"T44, T94 & T100. Report to Airlock 54 and join-up with the defending force there. Those sluts are gonna try to board us, you make sure they don't." Three girls snap quick salutes and hurry from the room. "T55 & T63, they need extra gun crews on the starboard side. Get over there and fry anything that comes within range of the ship" I stand up tall and salute, though I hadn't even had time to get my boots on. I hurry out wearing only the black stockings that normally went under our armoured boots; I wouldn't need them where I was going anyway.

The ship is large, one of the new Imperial cruisers meant to supplement the larger Destroyers. We weren't as well armoured, but the ship could repel most attacks on its own. I had been assigned to it only a week earlier, fresh from the training center and eager to distinguish myself in battle! Now the entire place was in an uproar. Red flashing lights bathed the scene with a blood-like tint that only heightened the peak of adrenaline coursing through me.

A small troop of girls in black leotards and tall boots march past me in one of the wide corridors, all of them holding helmets under their arms; pilots! Their designations match those of us troopers, but the T replaced with a P, and their heads held higher; I wanted to be one so badly! I watch them go before T63 pushes me along, "Hurry up, stupid, before they discard us both for dereliction!" I shudder at the thought; dereliction of duty by a clone-trooper was usually punished by immediate disintegration... I'd seen a few girls be discarded, nothing left of them but smoking ash-filled boots... I hurry.

The gun battery is in full operation by the time I arrive, and the commanding officer quickly has us in place. The guns are manned individually, each girl sitting back in a bucket-reared seat facing a control panel and a pair of large sticks, each capped by a blinking red button. As I sit, the control panel crackles to life and I'm looking outside the ship! Enemy fighters are everywhere! Our own fighters are marked by green outlines to ensure we don't fire on them.

"Fire at will, bitches!"

I do just that. My seat rumbles a little with each shot, bringing a blush to my lightly freckled cheeks as I focus on what I'm shooting at. I can't see the pilots of the ships, but as I put a stream of red-coloured laserfire through the hull of an enemy fighter, I can only imagine the look on the pilot's face. I gasp softly as the fighter explodes, sending chunks of debris sprialing lazily away into space.

There! Another one! I open fire and I'm rewarded by the fighter dissolving into a streaking fireball, the girl inside it no doubt shrieking in horror for the second or two she's given before the entire thing explodes, and she's reduced to space-dust.

I fall into the flow of it easily. Fighter after fighter falls to my lasers, but there're so many more to replace them! Our own fighters continue to fight, but the number of green-lit ships on my screen begins to dwindle. I think of the pilots I'd seen heading for their ships on my way to the guns; the way their bodies had been shaped by the tightly stretched lycra-like leotards they'd worn, the small pistols bouncing in their leg holsters, the way they'd carried themselves so proudly... were all of those girls dead yet? I shiver in my seat even as another blast of laser fire causes it to rumble beneath me. I can feel the slight dampness of my panties as they cling to my aroused skin; this was even better than I thought it'd be!

My inattention nearly costs me. An enemy fighter squadron had been assigned to quiet our guns! They open fire, sending torpedoes and laser fire directly into our array of weapons. I open fire once more, but it's too late to stop them! A girl several seats over shrieks out a submissive, "NYAAAAAAHHH!" as her gun is destroyed, sending electrical feedback through her system and filling the short blonde's body with deadly electricity. She's cooked on the spot! Her body shakes, tits jostling in her tight top, and her tongue hanging out of her mouth stupidly as she stares wide-eyed at the crackling monitor. Finally, she topples forward, face-planting into the controls.

A brunette nearby suffers a similar fate, jerking and writhing in her chair as her deathcry fills the air. "AIIIIIIEEE!!!" Gritting her teeth, the brunette dies with a look of agony on her face, slumping back in her chair with her legs wide and her panties soaked by a final humiliating orgasm.

Nearly 10 of our 24 guns are destroyed, the girls manning them screaming as they die. Each of us continues to fire, however, as though unaware of the girls dying around us. Each look of determination remains solid until it's that girl's turn to shriek and dance in their seat.

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Posted by on in Torture

Mental Death

Then for some real fun, he decided to admit himself to a
mental hospital claiming homicidal and suicidal ideation. He
went through the admittance procedure, filled out forms, the
normal routine, then was brought to the unit. Right away he
walked up the nurse station but an old hag pushed him trying to
get to the station first. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked
her head back into the cement wall cracking her dome, along with
the cement. He then jumped onto her leg breaking the frail bone
with ease. She cried out in agony and Lance laughed and enjoyed
her suffering.
Five huge hospital techs then tried to wrestle Lance to the
ground. He easily dodged the first attack and tripped the clumsy
fools. Then he used a special back hand strike and broke one of
the men's necks with hardly any effort. He stomped the others to
death with his metal reinforced, spiked boots.
A female patient screamed at the ghastly site and Lance
punched out a piece of plexiglass and used one of the shards to
slice the bitch's throat. Then he drank her blood as it flowed
out in a clean, even pace.
Another female patient, with jet black hair and medium
breasts, saw this and laughed, herself a victim of sadistic
thoughts and impulses. Lance grabbed her and drove a knife into
her chest and twisted the blade and shoved it upward severing all
major organs until finally protruding from the girl's throat. He
let her guts spill to the floor then dropped the fresh corpse on
the ground next to the other bodies.
The nurses, who had been watching in horror, had no idea
what to do. Then one of them, an older woman with long grayish
hair but still very attractive, tried to inject Lance with
thorazine. He grabbed the needle out of her hand and rammed it
into one of her eyes. The woman screamed in pain and he punched
her in the stomach and yanked on her hair pulling the miss to the
ground. She clutched her eyeball which was half hanging out and
shrieked in agony. Lance laughed and spit on her, then took one
of the other nurses, laid her across the counter top, and raped
her. He rammed his hard cock deep inside the woman's mature
pussy and slammed her good. After banging the bitch for awhile,
he picked up the older woman off the ground and raped her as
well. She cried and begged for Lance to stop but he merely stuck
his thumb into her eye socket and squashed the already damaged
eyeball. Lance slid his immense cock in and out of her over and
over, giving the bitch a good pussy workout. As he fucked the
bitch, he hacked up the other nurse with a machete and tossed the
pieces around the room. He soon shot his jizem up her tight
snatch and pulled out his tired cock. "You like that, bitch?" he
said to her as he squeezed her aging tits.
"Please, no more, I plead you." she whimpered. Lance just
laughed and pissed on her face. He squeezed her sagging breasts
then tore off her shirt and repeatedly stabbed her in the chest
with a small pocket knife. Now bleeding and in immense pain,
Lance threw the nurse to the floor and stomped her to death.
But suddenly he heard whimpering sounds. He went to
investigate and found a delectable brunette restrained in the
quiet room. She was laying on a bed with her wrists and ankles
secured, making her helpless. Lance got excited and entered the
room pretending to be a nurse.
"Can I please get out of here now, I'm much more calm." the
young woman said.
"Sure, but first there is something I need to do." Lance
replied as he pulled down his pants and let his erect rod pop
"What the fuck are you doing??" the woman shouted.
"Shut up bitch." said Lance as he got on top of her.
"No, please stop!" she screamed, struggling against the
tight restraints. Lance pulled them even tighter, ensuring that
his meat would not escape. Lance grabbed the woman's throat and
held it still as he kissed her cheek and ears. "Uhh...please,
don't!" she cried, tears flowing from her sexy brown eyes. The
girl was hot as shit and was about 19. Lance was gonna fuck her
good, besides, she has misbehaved and was getting just
punishment. Using his teeth Lance tore off her tank top
revealing a seductive black bra.
"Bitch, your time is about up. You will spend the last
moments of your life in extreme pain. That is after I rape you
of course."
"She's cute, isn't she?" said a stranger's voice.
"What the fuck?" said Lance as he got off the girl and
pulled up his pants. He turned around and saw a small guy
standing in the quiet room doorway smiling. "Who in the fuck are
you?" yelled Lance, pissed that he was interrupted. "You trying
to give me blue balls or something?"
"Ha, ha, ha....that's pretty funny. I'm a friend, that's
all you need to know for now."
"Whatever. Here, help me with his bitch." Lance said as he
released the girl from the primitive restraints. She tried to
get up and run but the stranger punched her in the face and threw
her down. Lance then went and got a pair of blood ladened
panties from one of the dead nurses and shoved it in the young
patient's mouth. She tried to spit it out so he took a chain and
wrapped it around the back of her neck and through her mouth. He
pulled it tight, pinching her flesh, and secured it with a
padlock. Then his new friend held her arms down on the floor as
Lance removed her shorts and panties. The girl struggled and
tried to kick him which only made Lance even more horny. He let
her fight, knowing she would not escape as she moaned and tried
to scream but the blood soaked gagged would not allow it. Every
time she tried to speak the chain pinched her skin harder causing
more pain. Lance just stood back and looked at her, then
suddenly ran up and stomped her right in the crotch. She groaned
in anguish and the stranger's face looked grim. The girl's
struggling subsided and Lance finger fucked her for awhile and
rubbed her stomach. Then he took some more chain and wrapped it
around her waist and then down between her legs and around her
ankles making an interesting pattern. He attached padlocks to
the shackles and pulled them taunt further pinching her virgin
flesh. He then spread her legs apart wide and invaded her cunt
with his throbbing dick and slammed the girl real nice like. She
cried and cried, moaned and groaned, unable to resist as the
stranger held her arms down with unseen strength and spit on her
face all the while Lance was banging her without mercy. Lance
slammed her for a good half an hour then rammed it in as deep as
he could, put a chain around her neck and started choking her as
his cum began flowing out into her shredded pussy. But Lance
couldn't help it and started pumping her again and tightened the
chain around her throat, then sighed deeply as he finished his
ejaculation. His orgasm lasted for quite some time filling her
whole twat with thick cum. He groaned and began slamming her
some more. A few minutes later he finally pulled out, the chain
still wrapped around her tender neck. By this time she was
deceased and Lance grabbed the sides of her head and twisted it
until her neck snapped and he laughed.
Just as Lance was getting up the stranger tried to choke him
with some excess chain. He grabbed the traitor's arm and spun it
around so quickly that it snapped without the guy even knowing.
Then a few seconds later he cried out in terror and stared at the
deformed limb while Lance laughed. He picked up the screaming
fucker and threw him into the triment wall with a vengeance. His
body contorted and bones cracked upon impact after which his
flaccid torso fell to the ground where Lance immediately began
stomping on his already fractured skull crushing it into jelly
easily. "Fucking asshole!" screamed Lance in anger, then noticed
a hospital band around the dude's wrist that said disassociative
identity disorder so he figured the guy must have flipped out or
Lance left the quiet room and gazed upon all the dead,
bloody bodies and smiled intently. But then six police officers
approached him, guns drawn. With lightening speed Lance pulled
out his rapid fire modified Ozi and sprayed the cops with a
barrage of black talon bullets shredding them instantly. The
razor sharp special purpose ammo tore through their soft bodies
hurling liters of bright red blood all over the walls and
ceiling. None of the officers got off even one shot and Lance
was quite pleased with his quickness. He left the patient area,
making sure to step on the dead bodies and went to the intake
area. Several doctors looked at him then suddenly ducked as a
stream of bullets rocketed towards Lance. The attack was
deflected by his shield and he turned to see more cops standing
with their guns pointing at him. "Aw man, what is this crap?" he
said as Lance simply fired his Ozi again, decimating all of them
in seconds. The incredibly high speed bullets whizzed from the
tip of the barrel at amazing velocities cleaving their bodies
into chunks of red meat. But a few cops survived, protected by
high strength armor. It was time for the personal touch so Lance
put away his weapon and prepared for hand-to-hand combat. He ran
towards the two men and put one of them in a head lock and
squeezed so hard that his dome cracked like an ocean clam,
spilling brains and blood on the floor. The other cop attempted
to jump Lance but was thrown back by his shield.
"What the fuck??" the dude exclaimed out loud. He tried to
escape but Lance tripped his legs and after the man fell to the
ground shoved a machete into the back of his neck severing the
cop's spinal cord.
Lance then looked up and saw the doctors and secretaries
panicking and running in all directions. He pulled out his .44
longslide and picked them off one by one with devastating shots
to the head. He raped a few of the dead female secretaries then
quickly exited the building only to find even more cops. "Jesus
Christ!" screamed Lance as he got down on the ground pretending
to give up. The officers ran over to him with handcuffs and as
soon as they were all crouched around him he overloaded his
shield sending a searing blast of energy into their faces burning
them. All of the pigs were incapacitated instantaneously and
Lance got up laughing and walked away. Using a neural interface
he set his personal shield back to normal with just a simple

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