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Amazon Combat

  • Castle Siege

    Thursday, 27 November 2014 pistaccio
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    Castle Siege At the crack of dawn all my Amazons were up. They went to the river to bathe and cleanse themselves thoroughly inside and out, then rubbed precious oils inside their private parts, toes and feet and prepared themselves for battle. It was very important to them to remain smelling good and desirable at all times, even as they lay for days, or maybe weeks butchered in the battlefield....

  • Chronicles of Vicky and Jessica

    Monday, 09 May 2011 Administrator
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    The Chronicles of Vicky and Jessika(the escape)chapter1 Chicago March 14th 2011 Three thirty in the afternoon, on a icy cold Monday, kneeling together, in a small alcove, at the end of the hallway. Two professionals, now fighting for their lives. Jessika peeking over Vicky’s shoulder, whispered Christ Vicky, their every where. The hallway reverberated with echo’s of gunfir...

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