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The Chronicles of Vicky and Jessika(the escape)chapter1 Reply with quote

Chicago March 14th 2011

Three thirty in the afternoon, on a icy cold Monday, kneeling together, in a small alcove, at the end of the hallway. Two professionals, now fighting for their lives.

Jessika peeking over Vicky’s shoulder, whispered Christ Vicky, their every where.

The hallway reverberated with echo’s of gunfire, as chunks of plaster, and dust filled their hiding spot, Vicky telling Jessie get that damn door opened, as it wouldn’t budge, even with the handle shot off.

As yet another burst of fire, shredded the opening. Causing them to press back against the door, banging at it in frustration, both thinking that this could be the end.


December twenty fourth, 1990.…………… Rolling Rock woman’s penitentiary, ten minutes after the ten o’clock bed check.

Christ, Jessie get your ass in gear, Vicky whispers through the open window, we don’t have all f***ing night. As she holds the window open for her best friend.

Jessika peeks through the window, and gives her a big smile, whispers Merry Christmas, hope you like your present, and tosses a home made knife out into the fresh fallen snow.

They both smile, and Jessie slithers out the window to freedom in the snowy ice cold night.

Searching through the snow, Vicky comes up with the knife, which wasn’t a knife but a screw driver, with a broken handle and a sharpened point, but it would do the job.

Then they both started crawling toward the wire fence, they had big plans, and a job waiting for them, on the outside, and they were hell bent for freedom.


But something happened, the car that was supposed to pick them up with a change of cloths and a ride to mom’s wasn’t anywhere around, they had to play it by ear, they figured that they were going to steal the first car that would stop for them, and then head for moms.

Miranda Stokes, a cute twenty year old blond, with big dark blue eyes, a straight “A” student at Brad Muar collage was leaving her after school job, heading home for Christmas Eve night, to be with her family, in her old rusty Nova, all her friends teased her about what a piece of crap, it was, but Miranda fondly called it Homer, and it was all she could afford.

Miranda seeing two girls, standing on the roadside, in the cold north wind, shivering, snow covering their hair and shoulders, nether one was wearing a coat, both in blue jeans, and navy blue shirts, she slowed down, and stopped, yelling out to them in a welcoming voice, to get in the car. Asking where they were going, they told Miranda they were going to moms.

Miranda asked did your car break down? And laughed, saying Homer breaks down all the time.

Vicky smiled saying yeah, a little ways back, and sat back trying to get warm, said thanks for stopping we were freezing out there, Miranda asked do you work around here, I mean your both dressed alike, Vicky just smiled and slid closer to Miranda.

Looked back at Jessie, and nodded her head, then told Miranda, were taking your car, pulling the screwdriver, and pressing it to her side, telling her to stop the car.

The sh*tty old car was all Miranda had, her folks were poor, and she bought it with money she earned after school. She felt the tip of the screwdriver pinch into her side even with her coat on.

She started to stutter….whhhhhy…..I…I……ddont…….unnderstand.

Miranda was terrified, feeling a trickle of blood run down her side from the point of the screwdriver, and her tears started to flow, after slowing and stopping, Vicky said it’s alright baby, just do what we tell you, and you won’t get hurt…… She cried…. Please…please don’t hurt me, Jessie asked how old are you?

Miranda sobbed out…..twenty, Vicky laughed and said I’ll bet you’re still a virgin, Jessika got out of the car told her, come on baby, you set in the back with me, and pulled her out of the car.

Vicky said you two behave back there, and drove to the first intersection, and pulled onto a gravel road, going about a mile, seeing no lights around from any houses, pulled over.
Looking back at Jessie telling her, we got to hurry, moms expecting us, Jessie telling her, we have a few minutes don’t we, look at her Vicky, you going to pass this up? She’s so tight she squeaks.

Vicky smiles says well maybe just a few minutes then, climbs in the back and starts by removing Miranda’s coat.

Jessie murmuring in Miranda’s ear do you like girls? Then caressing her breasts, oh come on baby, Vicky cooed, lets see what you got under that sweater, they both helped her off with the sweater, and Vicky started to unbutton her jeans, while Jessie unsnapped her bra. Miranda started to struggle as Vicky pulled her tight jeans off her legs.

Begging, crying out no, no, please! Jessika giggles in the side of her neck, then whispering in Miranda‘s ear, have you been laid yet?

Vicky looked up as she was licking Miranda’s thigh, and rolling her red nylon panties off her ass, finally getting them off her legs, her breathing coming a little rushed now, as she resumed licking her thigh, and entered her with her finger, soon to be followed with her tongue.

In just moments Miranda stopped crying, Jessie was sucking on her one nipple and rolling the other between her thumb and finger, Vicky was using her tongue as the greatest instrument of pleasure, that Miranda had ever felt.

Miranda stopped fighting, and widened her legs as much as she could in the cramped backseat, raising her self to meet Vicky’s tongue, and low moans of pleasure was now escaping her lips, and when Jessie, put her lips on Miranda’s she didn’t pull away, but gave as good as she got.
The three, changing positions in the cramped car, clothes being discarded every where, in their haste to pleasure each other.

The urgency of getting to mom’s now deep in the recess of their minds, arms legs, breasts, and pussy’s moving in a round robin festival of lust

The windows were all fogged over, the car rocking on it’s springs, moans of pleasure, and screams of delight were echoing off the roof of the little car. There was no fear now as Miranda showed she was no stranger, when it came to loving girls. She may have been a virgin to the cock, but she wasn’t when it came to the tongue of a woman.

When the last moan of satisfaction, ebbed away, and the noise of putting their clothes back on ended, and the smiles of satisfaction had faded, Vicky looked at Jessie, knowing they had a problem, and a hard decision to make.

They both got out of the car, Jessie asked what are we going to do with her?

Vicky, said what choice do we have, we can’t let her go, and we can’t take her to Mom’s, it’s her or us, you want to go back to prison? We get rid of her, what else can we do?

We get to Mom’s we’ll have new identities, and we got that job in Chicago to do. Jessie says yeah, your right, she’s just so damn young, Vicky said yeah it’s her bad luck, she shouldn’t have stopped. Jessie went to the other side of the car, and crawled in beside Miranda.

Vicky entered and sat down on the other side or her, Miranda’s fear started to swell, looking at Vicky she started to cry once again…..pleading please…I won’t….I won’t….tell any one….oh God please.

Jessie just said, sorry baby, hooking her arm around her throat, her other hand pressing on the back of Miranda’s head forcing her throat into Jessie’s arm as Vicky grabbed her hands, Jessie leaning back, bringing Miranda’s body with her.

Her feet were kicking the back of the driver’s seat, she was trying to wiggle her body away from them, her hands were trying to reach Jessie’s arm to pull it away, Vicky wouldn’t let her, telling her not to fight it, just to let go, it’ll be easier for you baby, as she wrapped her leg around Miranda’s to keep them from kicking.

Miranda was a fighter, she had worked hard for everything she had in life, her family were poor, she worked, and went to school, and was on the Deans list, she wasn’t going to just let go, she wanted every second of life allotted to her.

She struggled with everything she had to struggled with, but the lack of oxygen was starting to take affect.

Jessie could see she was slowing, her fight wasn’t as hard now, talking softly in her ear, saying that’s right baby, just let it take you, don’t fight it and the pain, will all be over with.

Vicky dropped Miranda’s hands, they were just twitching, and fluttering in the air, still trying to fight, but no longer doing any damage, trying to talk her through it, Vicky knew she was getting close as her tongue peeked out of her mouth, and her face had turned red.

Tears were rolling out of her eyes, a look of panicked resignation etched on her sweaty face

Miranda’s eyes started to fixate on a spot that only she could see, both Vicky and Jessie softly whispering don’t fight it baby just let go, it’ll be easier that way. Saliva was dripping from the corner of her lips, mixing with the sweat and tears, that was rolling off her face and out of her eyes.

As her body slumped, Jessie hung on for another minute to make sure she wasn’t coming back.

Then letting her go, Miranda’s head and shoulders fell in Vicky’s lap, Jessie said sh*t, she peed on me, and the smell of urine permeated through out the small car.

Vicky said God that stinks, open the windows, and get some fresh air in here, lets put her in the trunk, when we get to mom’s, Albert will have both her and the car crushed, problem solved.
Taking as little time as possible, with out drawing the attention of any cops, they got to mom’s, a little late, but in one piece, that is except for Miranda, who had stiffened like a chunk of ice, Vicky patted the trunk in goodby as she left the Nova, setting in a dilapidated shed, waiting for Albert and the wrecker.

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