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A place to capture your brilliant and creative thoughts!

Art Gallery:  Filters

Filters are built in to the gallery to give viewers the choice not to see pictures that may offend them.  If extreme torture or pee or chloroform offends you, simply choose not to view art with those properties.

July 2010: Currently filters have only one functionality, the choice to censor out peril or combat pics.  The other options like pee/poop, extreme torture, anime etc will be implemented later when I write the software to create category filters in the user profile.


Combat vs Peril

I originally owned two art galleries: "SexyAmazons" based on girl/girl combat and "DarkComix" based on dark peril.  In order to give both groups of artists access to my social network site I decided to combine the two and then allow SexyAmazons viewers to filter out traditional DarkComix material by choosing "No Peril" or "Combat Only" in the menu at the top.  DarkComix fans on the other hand could filter out SexyAmazons material by choosing "No Combat" or "Peril Only".  


A 'Combat' themed pic involves combat of some kind; amazon vs amazon, catfights, female mercenaries, sultry spies etc.   Girls holding weapons are considered 'Combat'.


In a 'Peril' themed pic the woman is simply a victim; bondage, monster sex, murder, chloroform etc.  Bondage automatically makes a picture a 'peril' pic in spite of any other factor.


Examples of pics with neither theme include lesbian sex, blowjobs, girls just posing. 


This pic (by DaleCar) is obviously combat:

Two girls in pitched combat!
This pic (by Bambino Nero) is obviously peril:
Cheerleader massacre


Silenced Sentry or Murder Victim?

Some pics will depict a woman being killed in such a way that it's ambiguous whether she was an innocent victim or a spy/sentry killed by an assassin.  If the text is no help  or contradicts the pic I'll use these guidelines:

  • Peril: Target is under restraint such as bondage, cage, held by ogre (trumps any other clue).
  • Combat: Target is holding a weapon or there is a weapon nearby.
  • Combat: Target is in uniform or armor.









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